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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  June 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, walter's off, a man shot six times tries to drive himself to the hospital and then end up in a crash. cities a cross the country boost security, during lgbt pride parades. but the big story on "action news" is an apology from one of country music's biggest stars to a local police officer wounded in the line of duty. kenney chesney mistakenly told the crowd at his concert last
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night that folcroft police officer christopher dorman had died. today, he made things right. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the full story. >> it was a mistake. he made good on it. >> reporter: that mistake was made in front of the thousands of country music fans at lincoln financial field last night. at the request of officer christopher dorman and many supporters of social media,. >> don't forget me. >> reporter: kenney chesney gave a shout out to the police officer shot seven times on friday but he mistakenly said that the officer died. >> but before he passed a way he wanted a shout out. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old dorman is alive and recovering at penn presbyterian medical center. several folcroft officers were at concert. the police department quickly tweeted kenney chesney just say officer dorman passed away. that is false. he ace live and well, following up with make this right. chesney in turn made a phone call to dorman at the hospital this morning apologizing, and
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offering to take him out for beers, and an eagles game. >> no worries at all, i appreciate it. >> we knew as a police department, he didn't do this on purpose. it wasn't done. >> reporter: chesney said he found out about dorman just before he hit the stage, quote i was so caught up in the moment i think the emotions got the best of me and i was than the as clear as i could have been. we found folks at the kenney chesney concert last night and they say they can't believe what they heard during the shout out but they also say they were glad to hear that the inning iser tried to make it right with that phone call. >> i was videoing it and once he said he passed away i turned it off. and the fact he said he was a philadelphia cop. >> it doesn't make it right but it helps the situation. somebody definitely should have told him what was going on beforehand. >> reporter: reporting from folcroft, trish hartman, channel six "action news". now to an "action news" exclusive, some concerning news is emerging from delaware county about the day of dorman's shooting. the radio communication system
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failed momentarily just as officer dorman's fellow officers were trying to get him help. a "action news" reporter jeff chirico has been looking into what happened and joins us live from lima, pennsylvania, jeff? >> reporter: hey, sarah we heard radio calls of an officer shot in our news room but when we called the dispatch center at the base of this communication tower, we were told that nothing of the sort had happened. and it turns out a computer crashed leaving dispatchers unable to hear police at the worst possible time. >> i'm shot, i'm shot. >> shots, fired, shots fired. >> reporter: when officer christopher dorman made this frantic call dispatchers at county communication center never heard him. fortunately sergeant william bear was nearby. >> he was running, talking and he got in my car and i tried to call radio room which didn't happen. >> reporter: bear's calls to dispatch also went unanswered at a critical moment police in folcroft didn't have their
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life line. >> police officers themselves could talk to each other but radio room itself could not hear us. and they could not transmit back to us. >> reporter: delaware county officials a say technical glitch caused a computer to reboot leaving dispatchers unaware an officer had been shot and unable to coordinate a appropriate response. >> i'm told it was six minutes, so the system was down. >> reporter: kelly council issued a statement saying it direct the department of emergency services to investigate all emergency communication systems utilized during the incident. bear says luckily the computer glitch didn't affect the outcome of the situation but he doesn't want to take another chance. >> this is our life line, this is what we're relying on and it is not the dispatchers themselves, they have no control over the system shutting down. >> reporter: we're told system is six months old and that this was the first time that the system had crashed, however, bear tells us it crashed again last night affecting police in darby, county officials declined to
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speak on camera to "action news" about either incident. we are live from lime, delaware county, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. a man is in critical condition after being shot six times in the cities logan section this morning. victim crashed his car while trying to drive himself to the hospital. the shooting happened just before 9:00 in the 1700 block of bellfield avenue. police tell a "action news" that the 29 year-old victim was struck twice in the the leg, once in the right, two times in the groin and once in the back. he was driving himself to einstein hospital when he collided with a koran windram avenue. no arrests have been made. the family of the samuel knowles, junior received the congressional gold medal today in honor of the late marine. the ceremony took place at oak grove baptist church in north philadelphia. the family was presented with a certificate and gold medal, knowles was part of the first group of black marines who broke the color barrier in world war two. he died in 1999.
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congressional gold medalist highest civilian honor bestowed by congress. the big brothers, big sisters organization hosted its 13th annual picnic a at franklin square in center city today. nearly a thousand adult mentors and their little brothers or sisters enjoyed a day of crafts, games, and even got to take a spin on the park's famous merry go round. turning to the weather now. it was a nice day with lots of sun and bit of the breeze with you tomorrow that humidity will make a return as we could see some thunderstorms later this week. meteorologist melissa magee is outside enjoying a nice even to the day and she has your first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> as you mentioned very nice finish to the weekend here, first weekend of summer, we had warm conditions and low humidity across the region. check out the numbers, it was warm but dry over the weekend. yesterday we had a high of 88. today we maxed out at 87. not the a bad normal, normal is 85. at this hour we are at 84 in philadelphia a same thing for trenton. seventy-eight in wilmington.
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it is cooler at the coast in beach haven, only 74 and 73 degrees in cape may as we are picking up up a southeasterly win south facing shores are cooler in comparison to inland locations. humidity does stay in check for the rest of this evening. how it feels outside dew points are below 60 degrees. we have a comfortable air mass overhead. that will be changing, however for the start of the workweek. in fact as we look ahead it will be muggy for us on monies specially as the day wears on. thunderstorms are likely early this week with temperatures maxing out in the most part in the 80's a. coming up we will look closer at the forecast we have future tracker six on stand by to time out those showers and storms and let you know what follows in the wake. details with the accu weather forecast. >> okay, melissa, thank you you. hundreds of people celebrated irish culture in philadelphia's irish festival. >> ♪ >> this day long event took place at penns landing, there
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were two stages for music, including traditional dance and bagpiping performances. crowds check out arts and crafts inn enjoyed plastic irish food, nothing better than shepherd's pie and bankers and mash. in camden, new jersey, people line the street for 59th annual san juan culture. the parade took place at wiggins waterfront park. long time parade aims to bring together groups of various background and regions. at the end of the day, the best float won a $500 prize. >> ♪ >> it was a caribbean celebration today here at the reading terminal market in center city this was third annual caribbean day featuring musical performances, art displays by local artists and cooking demonstrations. the event was held in celebration of the national caribbean heritage month. is there much more to come tonight on "action news", developing news now out of california, where several
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people have been stabbed during a protest at the state capitol. we have the latest. plus stepped up security at pride events throughout the country. why new york's mayor says today's parade was an act of defying. phillies get a win under their belt and they get two in a row now. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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developing news from sacramento, california a at least seven people were stabbed this afternoon outside of the state capitol building. the it happened during a rally held by a right wing extremist group. members clashed with counter protesters. a fire department spokesperson said that some of those stabbed were critically wounded. many other people suffered cuts, scrapes, and bruises. today was a celebration of lb gt pride all around the country. those that took part saw increased security in the aftermath of the orlando
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massacre. new york city marchers paid tribute to the victims, more than a million people were expected to line the parade route, including democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton. new york's mayor says that there is sorrow about what happened in orlando but the answer is not to run and hide. >> i think it is a act of defying on one level to come out and say we stand by our values, inclusion, love, tolerance and we're standing up loud and proud saying we're a community that embraces all people. >> pride celebrations also took place in other cities today, including chicago, and san francisco. hillary clinton has surged to a broad advantage overdone old trump in the latest abc news/washington post poll. clinton has a 12-point lead over trump in the general election a monk registered voters now. two thirds of those asked see trump as by assed against groups such as minorities and women. new high, 64 percent called trump unqualified to serve as president. world news sunday will have latest from the campaign
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trail coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news". a benefit concert today in south philadelphia helped raise money for a local woman battling cancer. >> ♪ >> folks gathered at xfinity live for the fund raising event. the it was all for julie powers, a single mother of three children who is now fighting a second bought of cancer. she's known for her work in the local music and entertainment scene. all of the money raised will go toward powers medical bills and education of her three children.
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♪ >> local dancers got a chance to audition to be on the philadelphia 76ers dance team. the try outs took place at the
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philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine in wynfield heights today. all right. jeff's here with sports. phillies really been struggling. that struggle includes the same for their star pitcher. >> aaron nola has not been able to get to the fourth inning in any of his last four starts going through toughest stretch of his career. phillies trying to win two straight for the the first time in six weeks a among issues for starters, starter aaron nola who lost a career high three straight starts over the span, how about 17 earned runs. aaron nola and in giant trouble in the third inning today in san francisco, again, what in the world is going on. it is pena to load bases. very next batter nola hits connor to force in the run. what is going on. phillies down five-one. third batter he has hit. nola now 22 earned runs in his last 13 innings. giant retaliate in the fourth. miguel franco. both are warn. it angers phillies and wakes
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them up. two runs and two outs. freddie galvis drives in a run. phillies cut the deficit to five-three. in the fifth, fightin phillies comes back. codey asche with the two run single. right now even though they have tied it, the giants have just, retaken the lead, six-five in the sixth inning. boy, the greatest college basketball players to ever suit up in philadelphia has passed away. former temple great hal lear died yesterday, lear was 81 years old. lear started temple in the mid 1950's, and still holds the school record for most points in the season. lear is one of the four players in temple history to have his number retired in a statement, temple coach fran dunphy says hal lear was not only one of the greatest players but one of the greatest people in temple basketball history. so how will ben simmons fit in with the sixers? number one overall pick may be 6-foot ten, he may be a forward, but simmons says play
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me anywhere, point guard, shooting guard, even center and he will contribute. sixers front loaded in the front court ben simmons is expected to play a mix of point guard and forward. head coach brett brown has plenty of time to experiment and figure out but sixers know this, where ever he starts, he will start making an impact right away. >> i think to just hand him the ball and say here's the ball, it is cruel. it is the hardest position to play in the league. he has never really played it but you will see him with the ball in his hand a lot. >> what sticks out to me most is the ability to rebound and push the ball up the floor. not often you can see guys that can grab a rebound and, you know, handle the ball up the floor and make pass toes his teammates and finish above the rim. he is a freak accident. allen iverson's advice for simmons play every game like it is your last and this city will love you. speaking of ai to day marks 20th anniversary of sixers drafting him number one
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overall. where did the time go? it has been two decade. what does iverson remember from that night? here's the answer from the soon to be hall of famer. >> i just remember being nervous, you you know what i mean, knowing that i wanted to be a sixer and knowing i was going to be taken first but not knowing, that was in my head because obviously stranger things happened in my life. >> and can ben simmons be the next allen iverson? we will have much more and we will debate at 11:45. mike missanelli joins me in the studio. finally we are used to seeing fights in hockey but you in nascar, you do not see this every day. after a crash last night, in the truck series, spencer gallagher and john west, what are they hugging there. what are they doing. they had no idea how to fight. can we get those guys boxing gloves. finally a punch, take down. what are they doing man. >> it is so awkward looking.
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>> so strange. >> okay, anyway, thanks, jeff. up next on "action news" tonight it is a test of strength and endurance we will take you to one of the toughest races in the city, tryrock triathlon and meteorologist melissa magee with your exclusive accu weather seven day but first a preview what is ahead on world news tonight. >> sarah, good evening. coming up tonight panic at the amusement park roller coaster ride flying off rails and crashing through the ground, several stabbings at a protest involving white supremacist and stunning new abc news poll, donald trump responding tonight, that is after "action news".
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hundreds of people put themselves to the test today by competing in the tryrock triathlon in fairmount park. the action cam was along martin luther king drive for the race. athletes competed in the olympic triathlon which means they swam short of the mile, biked 24.8 miles and ran 6.2 miles, as well. pretty impressive. >> yes, it is, sarah. >> nice end to the weekend. and warm but nice for summer. >> absolutely we had low humidity. humidity does ramp up, we're tracking a couple of showers and storms earlier this week, sarah we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see no issues with precipitation, it has been dry, not just a cross our region but across all of the mid-atlantic region and up through new england as well. high pressure dominates for the rest of this evening. we will show you picture outside, the sky six live in hd where is everybody? everybody is down the shore in atlantic city a lot of folks
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on the beach and on the sand enjoying a really comfortable evening. it is cooler at the coast. it was a moderate risk for rip currents the at the coast today, so keep in mind we want to be careful out in the ocean or doing any swimming, at this hour. we have got a southeasterly wind, still in cape may at 72. 76 degrees in a atlantic city. seventy-four in beach haven. cooler at the coast with numbers in the 70's. heading inland 48 in philadelphia after a high of 87. well above average for this time of the year but still nice and comfortable. eighty-six in allentown. eighty-two in the poconos. out to the north in lancaster at 81. looking at sustain wind speeds it is not too bad but we have got that southeasterly wind overhead which is why it is cooler at the coast. wind sustained from 9 miles an hour and lancaster as high as 13 in philadelphia and we have a 16-mile an hour sustain wind speeds there in wilmington. nice breeze coming in out of the southwest keeping that humidity in check. here's satellite six with action radar we have clear
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skies from new england down across mid-atlantic region as well, very little in the way of cloud cover as well. looking off to the west, north and west we are tracking a cold front that will move through, actually, earlier this week there will be two cold front we are tracking. one moved through late on monday and then secondary push of moisture pushes in, perhaps lingering in the first half of the day on wednesday. in the near term call from accu weather over next two hours mostly clear, comfortable. we will drop down to 61 in the suburbs. 65 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. here is part of the change for the beginning of our workweek. becoming monday, both monday and tuesday, dew point numbers this weekend have been below, in the 50's, not even reaching 60 degrees in many locations, but by monday we will peak up to 65 degrees. 65-degree dew point and then by tuesday we have a 70-degree dew point across the region. as this frontal boundary gets closer monday and tuesday that will spark off some showers
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and storms. notice by mid week on wednesday dew point numbers are back down in the 50's. we do expect that cold front to pass on by to our east as we get into wednesday and wednesday afternoon. future tracker six showing at 6:00 in the morning we have southeasterly win on the way. the cloud will roll in across the area. this model not showing it but do i believe there will be precipitation moving from the west/east direction throughout the early evening hours. it will continue as we get into overnight monday into tuesday with those showers and storms firing autopsy cross the region and even moisture moving in into tuesday evening. monday and tuesday look to be pretty active day, tuesday more active than monday. the exclusive seven day forecast, tomorrow, evening thunderstorm really by day's end. high of 86. muggy on tuesday. thunderstorms likely throughout the day. high of 85. on wednesday, clouds to start the day and then turning over to some sun. it is nice but humidity dropping, high of 85. mostly sunny not bad on
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thursday, 87. eighty-nine on friday with thunderstorm creeping back on in and warm on saturday, and 89, and 88 next sunday, sarah. >> thank you. fine the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day on the web site. just head to six abc to the come/weather. abc's world news sunday is next here on channel. don't miss "action news" at ten on p hl7 tonight. then we are right back here at six abc at the 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah a bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." panic at the amusement park. a roller coaster flies off the rails, plunging all the way to the ground. the frantic effort to free those riders from the wreckage. breaking news. a stabbing spree at a protest involving white supremacists. the violent pictures just coming in. disaster zones. historic flooding in the east. two dozen dead. the damage tonight, breathtaking. and the dangerous firefight in the west. trump nosedive? our brand-new abc news poll shows hillary clinton opening up a double-digit lead. tonight, how donald trump is responding. and, deadly strike. a woman standing in ankle-deep water at a popular beach, killed by a surprise lightning bolt. tonight, what you need to know when lighting strikes.


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