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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  June 26, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ >> ben simmons. from melbourne, australia and louisiana state university. >> he is a freak athlete. >> very excited. >> i think he's going to be fantastic. >> i just want to win. that's my end goal. >> play every game like it's your last and they will love you. ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> how about that love for ben simmons. welcome to "action news" sports sunday, i'm jeff skversky with mike from 97.5 the fanatic. and no surprise taking ben simmons, some comparing him to lebron james and others to lamar
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odom. and i ask you this, a big difference between lebron and odom. what player will he be? >> i don't think he is either. i think he is a lot better than lamar odom and i don't think he will ever be lebron james. but i think this kid will be an exciting player for them. a transcending player, doing a lot of things on the basketball floor. he has been the best player at every level he has played off. going to the pros, i am expecting that he will also continue that. >> nba superstar? >> i think he will be an nba all-star. perennial nba all-star. he does so many things on the floor. handles the fall, the point forward type of skill. he can finish with either hand. and people say he can't shoot, but you look at the stroke and it looks good. and you can be taught to be a better shooter at the nba level. lebron couldn't shoot when he came in. >> everyone building him up and you are building him up saying he can be an nba superstar. and the franchise only 47 wins
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in the last few years, too much pressure on him? >> he had a lot of pressure. the best at 9th-grade level, 10-grade level, college, he is used to these expectations. >> this is the nba. speaking of pressure, how much is on this guy? this is what simmons and brian colangelo has to say. >> i have a lot of pressure but i am used to it. i look forward to getting to work and as long as i work hard. >> there has to be some patience rens -- patience to the process and any young player can feel that. we will try to spread it across the team so it is not just on ben's shoulders. >> colangelo says it is not all on this guy. and he said look, he had an opportunity in the draft to move up and didn't like what they saw or the opportunities they had.
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are you disappointed they did not move up? >> i actually am. and what grade would i give the sixers? i give them a b. i could have picked ben simmons. i really expected they would trade and get another draft pick so they can take a young guard. now is the time you have to start doing that. and i know people say we still have time to make a trade, getting a free agent or two. but you have to cycle the perimeter players now and get a young perimeter player to mix with the front-court guys you have and i thought that okafor would be that guy on draft night and he wasn't. >> we will see what happens. they still have the opportunity here and you have to wonder where he may fit in. and make at the point guard, can play all over. and jamie apody going one on with the number one overall pick. >> what did it feel like to hold up that sixer's jersey with your name on it. >> special, having the nba
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jersey with your name on it and then being a sixer's jersey, very special. >> and brown and your family, you go back a long way, even before you were born. >> yeah, he knew me before i was born. it was strange watching film of him coaching my dad, it is funny. >> what has your dad told but him? >> he is a great coach and great person. and that's important, as long as you have chemistry with a coach you can go a long way. >> what do you think you can bring to the sixers? the fans are hungry for a winner. >> yeah, that's my thing, you know. i am a winner. every time i step on the floor i am winning. and it is about getting the w and performing. >> do you think you are ready to step in and play a major role right off the bat? you are a young kid? >> i think so. as long as i am working and putting the time in, that's what i can ask of my self. >> the roster, we don't know how it will shape up, embiid, noel, and okafor, how do you think you can all mesh?
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>> i am very excited. it is a young team, but we have a lot of potential. it is one of the words where you guys can be very good or may not mean anything, but i think we can go a long way? a long way, only four players in nba history picked number one overall have been rookie of the year and led their team to the playoffs. is this a playoff team now with simmons? >> no, they are not a playoff team. >> not even close? >> the back court, when you don't have a back court you can't be a playoff team. and it will be interesting to see how they mix six bigs and what position they will play them at. i don't think that ben simmons will be the point guard, i think he will be the three and ask like a point forward that takes the ball off the glass and gets it down and facilitates for other people. and you need shooters, perimeter player and point guard that can distribute down low. i say they win 22 games next year. 22 to 25. >> ughh.
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>> but help is on the way. do you like his demeanor? >> he is cool and calm, but i want to see more allen iverson. and he has big shoes to fill, and the first number one pick since iverson. >> and as a player in philadelphia you better give everything you got. play every game like it's your last and they will love you. they will love you to death, that's all they want. the greatest fans ever and they just want you to give maximum effort, that's it. >> i miss iverson. i miss iverson. >> i do, too. i do miss him. but 20 years, it's hard to believe it is 20 years since he was picked number one. simmons is not going to remind anybody of iverson, not playing with that kind of fire. but he will be an efficient all-star player, trust me. speaking of iconic players,
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one of the greatest basketball players to suit up in this town passed away. hal lear playing in the 1950s died at 81. still to come what is up with the phillies starter aaron nola? talking about that. first weather with melissa. >> the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. turning more humid as the day wears on monday. the shower and thunderstorm likely by day's end, otherwise a high of 86. still unsettled tuesday and 85 with showers and storms in the forecast. clouds-to-sun by wednesday, and 85 and sunny and nice by thursday, 87. that's the latest from accuweather and "action news" sports sunday continues after the break.
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♪ "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> well mike, the phillies and the giant slump not winning the last 12 series, and have not won
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back-to-back games in nearly six weeks. and going from watchable to unwatchable. what does the team have to do to get your attention? >> nicely done on the "giant slump." they are what they are. nothing you can infuse in a team that is kind of mediocre and young and not ready for prime-time. you watch them, hope there similar provement in some areas. you hope the pitching staff comes back, but nothing really we can do about it at this point. >> hopefully they can get it going. the wild finish in san francisco. back and forth, and ruiz the r.b.i. single and tied at 7-7. but bottom nine, another giant disappointment. conor gillespie facing gonzalez. and 12.5 games back in the division, and tied for first
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just 5.5 weeks ago. among the biggest issues now and most alarming issue has to be aaron nola, the face of the franchise. the face of the future rotation. doesn't get past the fourth inning again for the fourth straight part. 22 earned runs in the last 13 innings. are you concerned about aaron nola? >> he lost his confidence, and he relies on location, and not a guy throwing 95 miles an hour. he is throwing and hoping and you can just see it. he has no idea that -- he is trying so hard to throw a strike now, but everything is down the middle. and then his breaking stuff all over the place. you can see that going on. when a pitcher loses confidence he loses location and that's what he is going through now. and i don't know what it will take to get it back. >> the manager is concerned, saying he is worried about his confidence. and mike, let's do a little fortune telling. looking down the road will it be
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mickey moyiac, carson wentz or ben simmons. who will have the biggest impact. >> it is a two-horse race between simmons and wentz and i am taking ben simmons. >> why? >> i have seen him play and seen his skill level. i have not seen carson wentz at a major level yet, so everything with carson wentz is a guess. i have seen this and the skill set he has, even though he did not have a great college season, you still can see what's on the floor with ben simmons. >> for me it is carson wentz because he has to make an impact because this is a bigger deal for the eagles than the sixers because there are 11 guys on offense and only five guys on the floor for basketball. >> right now the eagles run the city. but you better be right. >> i hope so. for mike, i'm jeff, it's sports
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sunday, good night. ♪
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> it's an fyi wedding special. >> from venues for the nuptials. >> to artful table décor. >> rehearsing for that first dance as bride and groom. >> and a cool way to entertain your guests. >> we have everything you need to get ready for the big day. >> and that includes getting fit to tie the knot. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the ritz carlton philadelphia. >> and we are moving on up to a de-luxe penthouse in the sky. >> the whole hotel has just undergone a 25-milllion dollar renovation. >> or as they call it here at the ritz, a renewal that adds modern pops to the hotel's vintage roots. >> the building was originally a bank and the theme of the makeover is "the color of money."


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