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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a massive recall. and a blown transformer leaving hazardous chemicals on the main linux. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is developing news from a retail giant. "action news" has confirmed that ikea is set to announce a potentially life-saving recall
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tomorrow of 27 million dressers. and we have the full story. >> the dressers pulled off the shelves in ikea, although the announcement not expected until tomorrow the manufacturer confirmed that it was the death of a third boy in february that prompted this safety recall. today the store shelves at ikea accepted announcements that more than 27 million chests of drawers are recalled due to tip-over safety following the death of three toddlers in three years including a 2-year-old westchester boy died in 2013 after the chest tipped over pinning him against his bed. in 2015 the consumer product safety commission announced a recall of the malm chest. the customers at the time were asked to install a
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wall-anchoring repair kit. and in a statement released to "action news," ikea stated they distributed 300,000 of the repair kits but said we are announcing this recall today given the recent tragic death of a third child. it is clear there is still unsecure products in customers' homes. and we believe taking further action is the right thing to do. the third child a 22-month-old minnesota boy crushed under a fallen dresser. on check the chest had been removed from the in-store displace at this location and the self-serve furniture warehouse. notices on other models saying it should be secured to the wall. ikea expected to offer customers full refunds in cases or store credit for older products. the manufacturer says they plan to work with the consumer product safety commission on protection and innovations to enhance product safety on all of their drawers and dressers.
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the consumer product's safety commission has been working with ikea to ensure the safety of all of their products, including the various versions of these chests and drawers. they are expecting a joint announcement with much more information tomorrow. life in conshohocken, wendy saltzman for channel 6 news." thank you. and a hazmat situation tonight shortly after putting out a small fire. first responders discovered a leak from a failed portable generator at the apartments on city avenue in winwood. they thought that it might be the chemical tcb, a banned pollutant and carcinogen, but they gave the all clear and nobody hurt. and two workers treated for burns during an electrical mishap at an underground peco substation. a flash fire 23rd and market.
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one worker had first and second-degree burns and the other with burns to the face. both men were wearing appropriate gear. a moment of triumph for all of law enforcement as the folcroft police officer christopher dorman was released from the penn presbyterian hospital. he was shot seven times on friday while coming upon an alleged drug deal. the alleged gunman, donta island is behind bars. and dorman was able to walk from a wheelchair to awaiting char despite being shot in the face, leg and groin. and the police vehicles and fire trucks lined part of the route back to folcroft. and dorman was greeted by a hero's welcome at the fire house. [cheers and applause] >> i'd like to say thank you for everybody for being there for me and my family and my fellow brothers. and everybody supporting me t t
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throughout, i appreciate it. >> this is extraordinary. his frantic radio calls for help went unheard by the call center because a computer failed during that brief window when his life was threatened. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot. >> fortunately, other officers received the transmission and they responded immediately. the glitch happened in new equipment installed just weeks okay at the post of $800,000. an independent investigation is now underway. it is pouring out there now, at least in most parts, or some parts of the delaware valley, and stormy weather on the way tomorrow afternoon. some areas of the delaware valley could get pretty horrid. and getting right to meteorologist adam joseph at the big board. adam? >> and the spike in humidity out there tonight. a stalled front over the next 24 hours that does remain very
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unsettled at times. as we look at double scan. and right in the heart of philadelphia, the delaware valley, and especially just to the west along lancaster avenue and the schuylkill expressway route 1 heading from philadelphia to the delaware county and eventually into chester county, dealing with heavy pockets of rain that continue to move in from the west to the east. and even bumping into cherry hill, parts of burlington county and also an area near bear, delaware down to middletown and south of newark. no thunderstorms whatsoever, but brief, heavy rain passing through parts of the area. and the human has really come up. the dewpoint now at 69 degrees. with that southerly wind, we will stay on the tropical side through the day tomorrow. and that is what will lead to some torrential rain at times. she will pop up anywhere at any time, and there is a very slight chance north of philadelphia, north of the pennsylvania turnpike for some storms to turn
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very strong, if not severe. again, the major threat is heavy rain, but also could contain gusty winds or small hail. when i come back looking at futuretracker on the timing of the pop-ups in the forecast. >> thank you. a 40-year-old former employee of the elementary school marcus forte arrested for having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl. live at the school tonight, christie? >> the alleged incident happened at marcus forte's office and also at the student's home where authorities say he admitted to inadvertently touching the teen inappropriately. police say marcus forte began inappropriately facebook messaging a student identified as m.m. last fall. but took it a step further in april. when the team texted him "home sick" he said come to my house
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and struggle. and after staying the student to starbucks, followed her in her home and began to touch and tickle her. and the seen said he was literally on top of me trying to make out with me, groping her despite repeated pleas to stop. and forte also met with her privately in school hours in his office at least six times. a woman answered the door at forte's listed address but refused to comment. >> it's sickening. i am shocked. he seemed very nice. >> living across the street. what was he like? >> very friendly. i haven't seen him for awhile, but i used to see him just about every morning. >> neighbors are struggling to make sense of the man next door and the disturbing allegations. >> i would never have guessed that anybody like that would be living around here. >> forte is being held on bond
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and has a scheduled court date. >> thank you, christie. a northeast philadelphia man charged with killing his wife of just nine days. the alleged murder weapon, a crossbow. philadelphia police say 40-year-old paul kuzan shot his 42-year-old wife, pamela nightlinger, throughout the chest last night at a home on the 3100 block. and the police say and the neighbors say that the couple were arguing and they saw kuzan standing in the doorway naked, ranting incoherently. and nightlinger had two daughters from a previous relationship that were not at home at the time. >> a flurry of activity at the new jersey state house in trenton. lawmakers and governor christie are weighing the possibility of hiking the state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon to pay for $20 billion transportation fund to fix roads and bridges.
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at the same time, the bill would phase out the estate tax, increase a credit for low-wage earners as well. and the senate passed $35 billion budget and the assembly still has to vote. officials in horsham township say water quality is improving after the water near the air station was contaminated with chemicals. and they said that recent tests showed the water meets or exceeds the e.p.a. standards. 16 municipal wells are still shutdown until there is a permanent fix. delaware's attorney general's office now investigating after a bridal boutique abruptly closed its doors leaving more than a dozen brides-to-be without dresses.
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earlier this month anastasia's bridal closed down and the owner nowhere to be found. and ashley mashington paid $1500 for her dress in full in order to same some money and now has no dress. >> i did call the store, left a message, sent emails to the store's owner and at that time the email was distabled. >> and actions got ahold of the bridal shop's husband saying neither he or his wife are able to comment because of pending litigation. still to come on "action news" tonight, is donald trump changing his tune on muslims coming into the country? plus the supreme court's biggest ruling on abortion in decades and the impact it is already starting to have in the tri-state area. why pepsi is changing its formula for diet pepsi an again not even a year after making the switch. the morning rush tomorrow is warm and tropical for everybody with some spotty downpours around and temperatures around
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70 degrees. and stormtracker after storms fire up and weather. and jamie apody with hall of fame honors for a star flyers center when "action news" continues. ♪
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the u.s. supreme court has given abortion advocates the biggest victory in 25 years. the high court struck down a texas law that sharply reduced the number of abortion clinics over the past three years. require doctors to have operating privilege at nearby hospitals and requiring the clinics to have hospital-like standards for out-patient surgery. the demonstrators gathered outside of the court. the justices rejected a vote 5-3 the argument that the law in texas was needed to protect women's health. pennsylvania is one of states that could be affected by the high court's decision. a law passed in 2011 required free-standing abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards as out-patient surgery centers including costly
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modifications such as wider hallways, new ceiling tiles and full-time nurses. and the state representative leech informed legislators that he will try to repeal the law. people are starting to get a clearer picture of the damage in west virginia. thousands are returning to nothing but debris. the floodwaters were strong enough to knock homes off their foundations. other people who could return home are cleaning up. many dumping furniture on the side of the road. more than 10 inches of rain caused flash flooding on thursday. getting a preview of what could be the democratic ticket, hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren with the first public appearance together today. warren reportedly one of the three finalists on the list of
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runningmate. calling her a friend and leader, saying clinton has brain, guts, thick skin and steady hands, and warren took off on donald trump repeating that he only thinks about what is good for himself. >> just look at the evidence. donald trump cheered on britain's current crisis, which has sucked billions of dollars out of your retirement account because he says hey it might bring more rich people to his new golf course. >> said clinton, i do just love the way that her partner today, senator warren, gets under donald trump's skin. meanwhile, trump may be walking back his plan about banning muslims from the u.s. a supposeperson said he never meant to specify muslims, but all immigrants from countries with links to terrorism. and saying it is only a change if you didn't know what the ban was to begin with.
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and trump softening the rhetoric will mass deportations of illegal immigrants in the united states. even if the british prime minister cameron calling the house of commons that the brexit vote won't send them into a tail spin, standards and poor knocked down their rating to aa. and they will need time before triggering the article 50, beginning the two-year countdown to britain's exit from the european union. the stock market with another pounding on the second day of trading since the brexit vote. and financial and technology stocks did poorly and the price of oil went down. dow lost 260 points today, 1.5% to 17,140. the nasdaq did worse falling
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2.4%. and the standard & poor's stopped 1.8%. "healthcheck" at 11:00, heart disease and you know this, it is the leading cause of death in the united states, at least you should know it. one solution may already be on your dinner plate. an analysis of 19 studies with 45,000 patients found people who ate more omega3 fatty acids cut the risk of deadly heart attacks by 10%. omega3s can be found in salmon, trout, anchovies, sardines and herring. and they are good for blood pressure and levels of fat in the blood. pepsi bringing back diet pepsi with aspartame less than a year after getting rid of it over alleged concerns about cancer. last august the soft drink maker replaced the artificial sweetner with what is commonly known as
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splenda. they are making two versions, one without aspartame and one with it to be called diet pepsi classic, sweetener blend, coming out in september. it is absolutely pouring in parts of the tri-state area. >> and much-needed rain passing especially into pennsylvania where we have been very dry the last month or so, and expecting more on and off through tomorrow. and stormtracker live double scan around the region. again mainly along the i95 corridor at the present time, fired up in the western suburbs near chester county, parts of montgomery county and pushing off to the east. you see the cluster here approaching center city where it has been raining the last hour or so. and again, the schuylkill expressway right here being inundated by heavy rainfall, even route 1 heading into media, chadds ford beginning to temporarily dry out. it continues all wait south to newark and parts of wilmington. and again, kind of around the region here into parts of new jersey.
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a closer look, bryn mawr, the main line soaked. and heading towards darby and philadelphia and center city, and will continue to move into new jersey. temperature-wise we are all right around the same. 72, 73, 74 degrees. again, extremely humid out there as the dewpoints have really spiked over the last three or four hours. this is all in response to a front that has pushed in from the west, and now the front is putting on the brakes. kind of making a home and will not move until early wednesday morning. so with the front nearby it is a forcing mechanism. when you have that tropical humidity out there, the atmosphere just sneezes so to speak, you will literally ring it out. that is what will happening 7:30 tomorrow morning, scattered downpours and thunderstorms around. continue until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. not raining everywhere all day tomorrow, but when the things fire up they release a lot of rain in a short amount of time. even the possibility in the
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northwestern suburbs, gusty winds. but really the heavy rain we will be tracking tomorrow. 5:30 p.m. again scattered around the region. and this continues even into the midnight hour. 24 hours from now we will be watching the front progressing through philadelphia. and finally pushing off the coast early on wednesday morning. so we have the steam bath-like humidity over the next 24 hours. pop-ups anywhere at any time. again, the big concern is torrential downpours and a small possibility some could be strong or severe north of the pennsylvania turnpike, negligencely near the lehigh valley. and the pressure comes in dropping humidity wednesday and that continues into the upcoming weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day seven 84 and tropical tomorrow. some afternoon thunderstorms with downpours occurring at any time in the morning. out of here wednesday, 85
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degrees and beautiful, low humidity, sun and clouds thursday. and friday the warm side 87 to 89 degrees. going into the holiday weekend looking pretty good. upper 80s. and the humidity low, sun and clouds. one thing we do want to watch is saturday night and sunday morning could be a southern system that could clip the shore towns and the beaches in delaware again early on sunday morning. but at this point i will leave it out and we will continue to monitor that after the storm here tomorrow. >> thank you, adam. high school seniors proudly celebrated graduation tonight in camden. students from the leap academy university charter schools got diplomas during a ceremony at the pavilion. and the 12th year in a row the school achieved 100% graduation and college placement. something that this school can be proud of. the week-long wawa festival underway and coming out to franklin square for philly at the movie series.
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watching "finding nemo" and before the movie the franklin institute had live demonstrations and interactive activities from the science behind pixar exhibit. ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. phillies are trying to right themselves in phoenix. >> as we speak they are righting themselves. may 25, five games above .500 and 6-25 since. and trying to turn it around in the desert, and playing rock, paper scissors.
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and velazquez pitching well in the first start. and getting help from the defense in the bottom of the third. the former phil, the fly ball to the left and at first. and the phills just scored 2 runs moments ago taking a 2-0 lead in the top of the sixth. year after year he was passed over. today on the sixth try, the former flyers legend eric lindros voted in. and he won the trophy as the in 1995, finished in the top 10 ten times. and he was a question for the hall of the years because his career cut short due to concussions and he says it is worth the waits. >> it was six years and a bit of time, but i guess you can turn it around saying i am in the hall forever. it is an honor to be part of it
11:29 pm
and i look forward to the celebration in november. >> yeah, i think it's terrific. eric was -- he was obviously a terrific player. i think the size, the skill, the skating package was very, very special. >> join lindros in the hall is pat quinn a record 35-game unbeaten streak in 1979. quinn died in 2014. former flyer mark retke did not get in again. and football arena-style. and out in portland, and mcdaniel up and over the boards for the touchdown. and 21-14 lead, but now trail 31-28 at the half. carmax offers a 5-day money-back guarantee,
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the olympics about five weeks away. one local swimmer headed to rio, kelsi worrell from new jersey. and tonight she won the 100-meter butterfly finishing 56.48 seconds, the second fastest time in the world this year. 21-year-old won the ncaa championship in the 100- and 200-meter fly, participating in the first olympic games. >> a dream come true really. and so special to swim with her now being teammates in rio. and i'm in shock, for sure. i was not expecting that. ahhh, i don't even know what to tell you. finally, history at euro 16, tine iceland knocked out
11:34 pm
england. afterwards the manager resigned. and iceland's manager a partime dentist. >> apparently a good one. and finally tonight, hundreds of people taking part in a tradition going back 42 years. enjoying the annual carnival in williamstown, new jersey. and arriving to games and sweet treats. and the carnival the parish's largest fundraiser and it looks like people had a good time. and "jimmy kimmel live" scene of the accident followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for adam joseph, jamie apody, ducis rodgers, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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tonight -- eric stonestreet, from "uncle buck," nia long -- episode three of "the baby bachelorette" -- and music from alunageorge. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. hello, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. very nice. i appreciate it.


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