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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  June 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., on this thursday, june 30, here's what's happening. >> police believe several teens were playing with a gun when it went off killing a 13-year-old
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boy. atlantic city could have casino workers going on strike ahead of a big weekend. >> kerry washington honors the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. >> david murphy has weather, if you want beautiful weather like we had yesterday afternoon, talk to him and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: this is the best day of the week overall. we have sunshine and humidity is low across the region. temperatures are similar to yesterday, 67 degrees currently in philadelphia. 58 degrees comfortable in allentown. that number has dropped a little bit in the last half-hour or so. of 3 in wilmington, 61 in millville. 70 degrees for the early morning stroll down the shore. dewpoints are in the 50s just about everywhere, an indication that the humidity has dropped off a bit. sticky in cape may. you have the nice ocean and the sun coming up next to you. 72 degrees by 8:00 a.m. as you
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head out the door early. humidity low, comfortable early on, 10:00 a.m., 78. noon, 83 degrees, going for a high of 87 at 3:00 p.m. again, humidity low, lots of sunshine cool drinks and you are ready to role. karen we have a change, the high humidity comes back and we could have down shores and showers. >> reporter: we have no weather relace the problems and the construction crews have left the vine street expressway, westbound/eastbound. they will be back later tonight and shut the vine down in both directions. we have a downed tree blocking phoenixville pike stick to 29. northeast extension the crews out there right now blocking the right lane in each direction that's causing a little bit of a problem as you head out.
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light volume on the northeast extension between quakertown and the lehigh valley. schuylkill expressway approaching spring garden we see construction crews heading out there right now. roads are clear and dry, good start to the day, matt. >> thanks, karen. investigators are trying to piece together what led to a gun going off in the city's germantown section leaving a 1-year-old boy dead. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters will what we know about the deadly shooting, annie? >> reporter: matt, at this hour, appears that the teenagers may have been playing with the weapon before it went off killing one of their friends. there are reports that one of the teens turned himself in with a family member to detectives, but we have to learn more from police, just before 5:30 p.m. police responded to the back property of a yard on east walnut lane. >> it was gore, very graphic.
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words were unexplainable. he mind his business go to school. >> reporter: the teen died at the hospital. "action news" was there as the family processed the news, detectives and crime scene investigators focused their attention on the backyard where the young man was found, it is believed he was with several friends. they may have been playing with the gun when it went off. police are investigating how they got the gun. >> what was the gun doing in the backyard, you know what i am, -- what i mean, you're going to ask the question where was the parents. at the same time we have neighborhood thugs putting guns around you don't know where your child is they out there playing innocently an they get their hand on these fire weapons and next thing you know they hurt. >> reporter: that gentleman you heard from is from cease-fire p-a. they will be holding a vigil on the block at 5:00 p.m. tonight
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in germantown. now reporting live outside of police head quarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you, annie. >> new this morning, a 30-year-old man was hit by gunfire in camden, shots rang out on moore street at 2:30 a.m. the victim was shot in the stomach, he is in serious, but stable condition. 35:05, a judge has dismissed charges against a reading police officer accused of punching a woman and lying about why he pulled her over. the video shows him punching her in the face and smashing his cell phone. he was charged with evidence tampering among other charges, but after a four hour hearing, the judge dismissed the charges and withdrawn by the district attorney's office. we'll have more coming up in a
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live report at 5:30. the death toll stands at 42, from the suicide bombings at the istanbul airports. >> we're getting a look at one of the three attackers. he is the man in the baseball hat wearing a winter jacket on a summer's day. we learned that the three attackers used a taxi to get to the airport, the taxi dropped them off in front. they are increasingly convinced that the islamic state group is behind the attacks, although isis is yet to claim responsibility. residents in delaware county went to a public safety forum to help people prevent and survive a mass shooting. participants say it was shocking even though they were warned of the drama. >> i felt my blood pressure go
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up. >> i look understand front to see if there was an and it. that was my first reaction, there's no and it how would i get to the back, he is standing in front of me. >> police say you can do three things in this order, run, hide, fight, run if you can can, hide if you can't run and be prepared to fight the attacker as a last resort. talks go on in atlantic city, unionized workers ready to walk if they can't get a deal. the main casino union is prepared to go all in with a strike on the 4th of july weekend. local 54 conducted a training session teaching people how to maintain orderly picket lines. the union said it wants return of the concessions when finances were shakier, the casinos say they don't want to go back to
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that, but they need a deal that's fair to both sides. auto use on board light rail trains will be discontinued after weighing security bebs against privacy -- benefits against prirve -- privacy concerns. >> it's going to be beautiful today. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan, we are looking at sunshine getting ready to poke up over the horizon, there's center city they are lighting the skyscrapers in red, white and blue in anticipation of the 4th of july weekend. 67 in philadelphia. 63 in wilmington. 58 in allentown and most of the areas you're looking at it feels comfortable with the humidity on the low side. still sticky down in cape may and toward dover, the oppressive humidity is gone. satellite shows you a lack of cloud cover, get the shades
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ready as you head out to the highways and by ways. we're looking at mostly sunny skies, in allentown it's going to be warm and nice, 86 degrees, if you're out there working or running around you probably want to keep cool drinks flowing, hydration is important, but it's not oppressively hot or humid. sunny and pleasant at the shore, 80 degrees, the ocean temperature, 71 degrees. beautiful day on the beach. philadelphia, warm, but nice, 87 degrees. the winds out of the north and west through most of the day and later today they will start to turn out of the south/southwest, but not soon enough to make all those things humid this afternoon. overnight tonight it turns humid with the wind out of the south. 69 degrees, clouds start to develop, it will be on the humid side. early tomorrow morning, perhaps before dawn at 5:00 a.m., there's a chance of development of showers and you will feel as you go outside tomorrow, how much more humid it is, in fact
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as we go later into the day, we could get the dewpoints back up to 70 or so, which is the tropical humidity we had compladz ago, noon -- a couple of days ago, noon, spotty showers, it won't be raining all at once, but there's the possibility of heavy rain and strong gusty thunderstorms. at 7:30 p.m. still looks like there's a bit of this plowing through the region ahead of a cold front. as late as 11:00 p.m. we'll be getting this through the region. tomorrow, bumpy, won't be raining all the time, but a good day to watch "action news" before you head out for your friday night plans. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and warm today, 87. a gorgeous day today. tomorrow, more humid, shower or thunderstorm possible at times, 86. looks like that's all gone in time for when you wake up on saturday morning, saturday is nice, sunny, 84 with lowering humidity, sunday, beautiful, 86. monday the 4th of justify a
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bit of a change, mix of sun and clouds, high of 85. a system coming out of the southwest may be coming faster that means by later in the afternoon or evening, we could be looking at showers and perhaps a thunderstorm and the trend over the last 20 hours has been to move this a little faster in time, so we are under a threat monday, looks like tuesday there will be rain and thunderstorms, then, as well. >> we'll be ready. >> 5:11. all new stories are next on "action news." facebook massaging takes center stage at the trial of a mother accused of distracted driving her car crashed killing three little girls. a mother's hard lesson in crime for one accused thief. >> reporter: no problems on schuylkill expressway approaching conshohocken. we're dry and clear. >> we have some information on tinseltown stars, a little later in the morning buzz.
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>> 5:14, great sunrises during the morning show as the days are the longest of the year in terms of sunlight. that's the platt bridge on thursday morning. >> let's head over to karen rogers to take a look at traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's not a bad commute, it's nice and early, roads are dry, no big weather problems, i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. moving nicely, light volume, 1
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minute ride i-95 to the vine. boulevard, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway light volume and looking good. the one problem we have is in chester county a downed tree blocking phoenixville pike at spring mill drive. stick to 29. on the traffic report coming in from broomall you have an easy 25 minute ride coming into the city no problems or delays coming in right now. let's show you the temperatures, 67 in martins creek, 62 in warrington. 67 in center city. 59 in kennett square. unlike yesterday no problems with humidity. really feeling good with the humidity nice and low. 62 in am -- hammonton, 62 in glassboro, nice day ahead, warm, but not humid, 87 is the high, good summer day tam. >> we are learning about what might have caused egypt air flight 104 to crash. smoke may have been detected in a lavatory in on board moments
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before the plane plunged into the mediterranean sea. the second flight recorder was damaged in the crash. it was recovered earlier this month. a jury found a wisconsin mom not guilty in a case where she sent messages moments before a crash. investigators pointed to facebook records that seemed to indicate she was sending messages on her phone behind the wheel at the same time of the crash. the defense argued that slippery roads and worn tires caused the crash. an ohio mother saw a video of a her son involved in an armed robbery so she turned him in. he pointed a gun at a clerk inside a gaming store and took
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off with the water. his mom called police after his picture was shown on the news, he is facing armed robbery charges. trump such planning a campaign stop in manchester new hampshire to continue his focus on economy. trump blade hillary clinton for the rise of isis. he renewed his call for the controversial practice of water boarding. nra has a new tv ad hitting clinton for being soft on terror. hillary clinton said the uunited states, cannot retreat. she will make her first appearance with president obama next tuesday, she will be a fundraising event in new york city. phillies beat the arizona diamondbacks, 9-8 in ten innings
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yesterday. it was the phillies first sweep at chase field in ten years. manager pete mccannen said he hopes the phillies can build on this mo momentum. there's a new city that tops the list of worst cities to live in. a clear soda of the 1990s is making a big return. ♪
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everybody, time to get up and get going and get ready for a holiday weekend. you have to get through today and tomorrow. 422 eastbound traffic at trooper, the traffic is boring so far. no problems. median elwin line is shuttle busing -- media/elwyn line is shuttle busing through september. everything else is running
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smoothly. >> reporter: we are in the 60s as you head out the door to start your commute. 10:00 a.m., 76. noon, 78. 3:00 p.m., we'll get up to 87 degrees for the high, low humidity, lots of sun and cool drinks, a comfortable day despite the fact it's going to be warm. if you're heading to the airport, let's see what's cooking in the other travel destinations, no major days, all green aircraft that's good. no sign of rain from here to boston and orlando. vice president joe biden upped the pressure on cancer researchers to be more transparent. he said the current culture in research is stifling advances, the veep is set to speak in cleveland today. >> dozens of celebrities make sure we don't forget the victims of the america's worst mass
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shooting. many get stuck on a rollercoaster, but first, america's money. >> reporter: a new study said miami is the worst american city to live in pushing detroit to second place, high median home value and low household income make homes out of reach. chipotle will add spicy chicken and pork sausage. >> the company said it was well received when tested in limit locations last year. crystal pepsi is making a come back. it was launch back in 1992. sales fizzled and it went away. it will back on store shelves for a limited time in early august. that's america's money, have a great day. 9-10, ready or not ...wait...
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> first lady michelle obama is in spain on the final leg of the three nation tour promoting her global girl initiative. she started the tour in liberia.
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>> now, it's time for the morning buzz, and you will recall a lot of controversies during the oscar season during lack of diversity. a batch of new members have been invited, anthony anderson and ice cube they will vote on the oscars. the academy has been criticized and boycotted over the lack of nominees over the last two years. >> akyra murray was on on a trip after graduation she was first in her class and earned a full scholarship, she was the youngest of the victims. >> dozens of celebrities including kerry washington who you just heard, lady gaga and
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cuba gooding junior played tribute to the victims of the massacre in orlando. they read allowed the names and ages and stories about the everyday person who lost their lives. the human rights campaign and director ryan murphy titled the victim stop the hate. the massacre of the popular gay club was the deadlyist mass shooting -- deadliest mass shooting in america's history. a car crashes into a illinois hair salon with 30 people inside. some on social media are questioning whether this officer used excessive force. happening now on "action
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news" a 13-year-old is dead after he and his friends played with a gun. a berks county police officer who was physical with a
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female driver is looking to get clear of the criminal case. proposed new jersey gas tax vote takes place today. >> let's get weather and traffic with david and karen, david is this going to be a ten today? >> reporter: yes, it's going to be warm, if you're outside toiling, it's going to be hot you'll want cool drinks. beautiful day, lack of sunshine on sunshine -- lack of clouds on the way. 60s in trenton and wilmington, 70 for the early morning stroll next to the water in cape may. dewpoints morning are lower in the 50s in most neighborhoods. that's definitely feeling comfortable, 66-degree reading in cape may. 62 in dover. humid to the south, most of us are enjoying a comfortable start. if you want to get out there and


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