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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  July 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking right now on "action news" nearly a thousand casino workers are going on strike in atlantic city this morning. >> case insist question, there are brand new details this morning on how many dui arrests in philadelphia might be affected by bad breathalyzer tests. live double scan radar is tracking rain for today. david murphy has changing details for the holiday weekend. good morning, 5:30, friday, july 1. matt o'donnell is off, alicia vitarelli is joining us. let's head over to david and
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karen rogers to take a look at traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, surrounded by beautiful ladies on "action news," don't miss matt that much. i probably want a favor later, who knows. we have sunshine early, it is more humid as we step outside. we had thunderstorms that rolled through south jersey a little while ago, they are long gone. later today especially in the afternoon we're looking for spotty pop-up showers and thunderstorms that could produce isolated downpours and gusty winds. 68 in allentown. 68 in trenton. 70 in wilmington. down the shore in cape may, 71. the dewpoints are up. remember if you get up over 60 it indicates humid air. remember how we talked about how it would be comfortable yesterday, but soupier today. it's humid in places like dover and cape may. these dewpoints will hit 70 in philadelphia eventually later this afternoon own this afternoon.
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72 degrees on the thermometer a little humid for the morning workout, you can get it in without threat of rain, 77 degrees, noon, 81. we get into the afternoon, it's going to be warm, high of 87 it will feel worse than that with the high humidity. during the afternoon there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. not everybody sees those, but where they hit, drenching downpours are possible and strong damaging wind gusts. indoors on the lower floors this afternoon and evening if you hear thunder. karen rogers the weekend is looking good, well have the call on the possible rain on the 4th coming up. >> reporter: penndot has a close view of this pour guy working on his car. police are behind him. we have police activity on 476 southbound near mcdade boulevard. we have an accident on the northeast extension southbound near 202. there are injuries on the scene. they are blocking one lane,
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watch for ems crews coming to the scene with someone injured on the northeast extension. new jersey, not many coming into the city, it will be traffic going down the shore. no problems southbound heading to the shore, tam. >> thank you, karen. we begin with breaking news down the shore, taj mahal casino workers getting set to go on strike in 30 minute minutes. not good news for atlantic city which doesn't need any more struggles. let's go over to katherine scott live along the atlantic city boardwalk. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, we are less than half an hour from the strike we're seeing union members starting to sets up for the picket lines that begin at 6:00 a.m. 950 cooks and housekeepers, servers and bellmen are going to be walking out on the job. we don't know how the taj will handle this. let's go to earlier video when
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the union was getting picket signs ready. they are planning to use them for one casino. local 54 unite union said they were unable to reach a agreement on the contract with the taj. it was the only casino of the five the union targeted that didn't hammer out a new deal. bally and seizure and trop struck a deal yesterday. this is comes as the 4th july is getting underway. it's a huge weekend for the casino industry as everyone floods into town. the union said they are fighting for decent wages and benefits and future of middle class livelihood. >> i think the taj lowers the standard in the city and we need to put an end to it. >> it's not in anyone's best interest for a strike anytime during especially during the 4th of july weekend. >> reporter: as far as golden nugget and borgata and resort are not affected by the strike. we're seeing the union members
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showing on the boardwalk. we'll have more for you when the strike is expected to begin in less than an half-hour. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we'll check back in with you. bullets blasted through a moving car wounding the men inside of it. this happened in point breeze after midnight. shattered glass shows where the car was hit. the 2200 block of tasker street. the vehicle went another five hundred feet before crashing into a parked car. the driver was shot multiple times, the passenger was shot in the arm. they are in serious, but stable condition. so far no arrests have been made. gunfire also rang out in the city's port richmond section overnight. in this case, police say one shot was fired at a 28-year-old man on frankford and albright. the bullet hit the cell phone
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and then struck the man in the face hitting him in the lip. that man fled the scene. crews got control of a blaze, the unidentified woman was rushed to a new jersey hospital. we're working to update her condition this morning. 5:36. new information is calling into question beth -- breathalyzer tests an attorney said machine is using old solution. a spokesman said they asked the district attorney's office to review cases involving breathalyzers done this year. police say they will improve efficiency and reduce mistakes going forward. pennsylvania lawmakers have
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approved a new budget now they go back to work to figure out how to fund it. it directs new money to fight the opioid crisis. legislators have to resume the session on a quest to bring up a billion dollars in revenue. now to the race for president we know governor chris christie is being vetted as a potential running mate for donald trump. 72% of new jersey voters would tell the presumptive gop nominee pick someone else. according to the washington post, christy is in second place behind former house speaker newt gingrich. vice president joe biden said bernie sanders told him he will endorse hillary clinton. when asked about the comments,
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he said the two campaigns are working on coming together on a variety of issues. the vice president hits the campaign trail with clinton in scranton, pennsylvania next week. we spoke to the dnc you can see that interview, she said clinton and sanders still harshing out things up to want convention. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry. we had showers in south jersey, it's off the coast of atlantic city, it won't be there much longer. take a look outside, we have a fair amount of cloud cover early. we have sunshine that will break through. it's muggier as you step outside, you will feel that across the region. temperatures in the 70s, the dewpoint in the mid 60s, that's humid territory. the winds, as expected have turned out of a southerly direction. they are calm right now, but
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enough to bring in the humidity. in terms of rain future tracker 6 showing between now and noon we are likely dry across the region. then we get into the afternoon there's a chance with the humid air mass with a couple of fronts in the vicinity of produces isolated drenching showers. by 6:00 p.m. thunderstorms possible, the best support is up to the north at this point. anywhere we'll have to allow for this. if you hear a rumble of thunders take cover because some of the storms could be on the strong and gusty side. by the time we get up to midnight, the action is over. the storms are spotty, if you hear the rumble of thunder keep in mind the storms could produce lightning and downpours and strong damaging winds wouldn't be out of the question and hit of hail. take cover on the lower floor from the storms. 77 degrees by 10:00 a.m., 81 by noon, the high 87 degrees this afternoon it will feel like it's in the 90s with the high soupy
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humidity. high temperatures, 83 in allentown. 84 in reading, 86 in trenton. 87 in wilmington, 85 in millville. not the best day at the shore, mid 70s. ocean temperature in the low 70s, but it will be muggy and as we get into the afternoon there's a chance of shower or thunderstorm. heading down to the royals and phillies tonight, i am, it's fireworks night, the first of two. while we have to post a spotty storm. as you just saw on storm tracker 6 live, maybe the storms miss the ballpark, and we get the game and fireworks in without a problem. check on adam joseph before going to the ballpark and i'll have the storm tracker 6 live app on my smart phone so i can say gets let under the overhang. things get nice on saturday and sunday, at the shore, upper 70s, poconos, upper 70s. on the 4th of july there's a chance of late rain coming in.
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hopefully it holds off until after the fireworks are done. beautiful saturday and sunday, lots of sun, mid 80s in philadelphia. clouds giving way or mixes with sun on the 4th of july. we have possibility of rain coming in late in the day or at night. some models hold it off until after fireworks. i hope it works out that way, but i can't guarantee it right now. as we get into the middle of next week we're back in the 9 hot zone in the 90s. we have more on the 700-pound shark off the north carolina coast. karen. >> reporter: looking outside on the schuylkill expressway no problems just yet, a nice, easy drive in, we'll take you down the shore, check out traffic
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you can't fake steak. waking up, sky6 live hd taking a
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look at the conditions outside. it is shaping up to be a nice day, there will be some showers depending where you live, you will have to check in with meteorologist david murphy with those details, he does tell us the weekend is looking fabulous. going into a holiday, karen, the traffic not so bad, how is it looking today? >> reporter: it's early and we're seeing light volume we're live garden state parkway at great egg toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely through the area, no problems as you head down the shore, because it's early. route 50 from garden state parkway from tuckahoe road. we have construction out there, we'll be watching for that. 130 a downed pole blocking two lanes at highland avenue. traffic squeezing by, watch that as you head out. i have the waze app on the ipad.
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traffic looking good through the area, going into newtown square, no issues there. if you're traveling between there and broomall heading toward easton, no problems, no one reporting issues. it will be humid, we'll see spotty showers or thunderstorms. not as numerous as before, i think many of us will stay dry. 87 degrees today. it's warm and humid, saturday and sunday, beautiful at the shore or the poconos as david has been saying. monday we're watching the chance for showers to move in by especially monday night we'll be looking toward that to see how that develops, tam. a medical team is working to identify the suicide bombers that killed 44 people in turkey. a newly released surveillance video shows the attackers smiling before unleashing their deadly assault. authorities determined the bombers were from russia and two
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former soviet. it is believed isis helped orchestrate the attack. sayed is serving a life sentence for murder of his girlfriend in maryland. judge ruled that he is deserves another trial. an 11-foot shark was caught off the beaches of north carolina. it happened wednesday night, researchers brought the 700-pound tiger shark to shore using a harness, they tagged the shark and released it back into the ocean. a cat and a bear special bond is becoming a new attraction at a northern
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california zoo. zookeepers nicknamed the cat little bear. she showed up at the zoo a few months ago and decided to move in with that guy, a 550-pound bear named sequoia. they are older animals and love the shade and they love each other's company. those two cuties drawing a crowd there. >> wild weather hits las vegas, we have the details. >> reporter: it's going to be a warm one today, 87 degrees afternoon the average high. the humidity is on its way up. spotty storms are possible this afternoon. how do we get the 87? i'll take a look at the day planner coming up. >> new this morning, heavy rain
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and hail shut down roads in las vegas, nevada as a severe thunderstorm moved through yesterday. some vehicles were left stranded in the floodwaters, and fire crews conducted three different water rescues throughout the day. >> reporter: scary scene there. let's look at a new problem we have that popped up on the maps. this is media, baltimore pike between barreling ton road and with a -- darlington road and wawa road. we have an accident with emergency workers on the scene. we have a few problems out there, that's the latest one. septa and patco running on a holiday schedule. routes ten and 125 trolley shujts -- shuttle busing. we have calm winds, but we have a general flow coming up from the south.
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it's warmer down there and it's going to be warm up here. we'll be soupy in the afternoon. the morning might be a good time to get your errands done, because we are not expecting rain in the morning. temperatures are not so bad. noon, 81. 86 by 2:00 p.m. the high 87 degrees at 3:00 p.m. after we get past lunch time there's a chance of a spotty and drenching downpour producing shower in spots and we might see strong thunderstorms. morning the better time to get things done, the later in the afternoon, the better chance there is of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. >> thank you, david. a reminder you can get the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of the day you need it at our website. "good morning america" ginger zee has fancy footwork, we saw her on "dancing with the stars." she has a good arm she threw out the first pitch making it all
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the way to home plate unlike rappers wean seen. even our sports heros have heros, a philadelphia flier was able to pay special tribute to one of his, christopher dorman was presented with a team jersey, the folcroft officer was just released from the hospital this week after being shot seven times in the line of duty. >> i see what's going through right now and see how much of a warrior he is, this guy is walking around it was only a week ago. it's amazing. >> it's awesome to meet somebody like that. >> reporter: how does the jersey fit? >> awesome. perfect fit. >> there are surgeries ahead for christopher dorman, but he is expected to make a full recovery. crews in berks county are working around the clock to fix a massive sinkhole. we'll have an update on the progress. >> google wants you to stay
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save during an earthquake, we'll tell you how coming up at 6:00 a.m.
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philadelphia surrendered after the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl. demetrius williams is the boyfriend of the mother williams is facing reckless endangerment.
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flames video through 6 townhouses on the 3300 block of south second street in white hall township. all of the residents got out safely, but some their pets might not have made it out alive. the cause of the fire is under investigation. crews restored water service to a berks county neighborhood plagued by a huge sinkhole. officials think a water main break may be to blame that opened up on abington drive in wymissing. 8 homes and two nearby doctors offices were without service, they will be under a boil water advisory for the next couple of days. we are following breaking news, union workers at one atlantic city casino are minutes away from walking over the job. urgent warning for anyone with an orderly model honda, federal officials want you to stop driving it right now.
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, july 1. breaking right now. >> nearly 1,000 workers at an atlantic city casino are walking off the job at this very moment after failing to reach a deal. we're live with details. >> you can see the picture on the action cam. breaking new jersey governor chris christie issues an executive order to shut down all transportation projects amid a gas tax stalemate. accuweather tracking an unsettled start to the holiday weekend, but saturday and sunday will be beauties, if you have beach plans good for you. >> let's find out more exactly on what to anticipate and go ov


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