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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  July 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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dunkin's savory pork roll breakfast sandwich is back. crave it while you can. america runs on dunkin'. good morning the at 6:00 a.m. matt o'donnell is off nydia han is joining us. >> we are following new information, police arrested a suspect wanted for killing a man in south jersey and briefly kidnapping the victim's son. protesters of police killing of african-american continue across the nation overnight. >> check your train schedules, septa is putting a new plan in effect today to deal with the ongoing regional rails. >> we know you want to know more about that we have matt pellman in for karen rodgers
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to he will you about that but first we have accu weather information contact with david murphy. >> if you like yesterday you will like today fine. satellite shows you a lack of cloud cover, plenty of sunshine get those shade as you climb out, and head out, you can see additional clouds out to the west that might pop in later today generally speaking we are expecting a mostly sunday for mess of the time. 65 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-three in wilmington. sixty-two in trenton. these numbers are nice upper 50's in allentown and reading. you want to be refresh up on there, step outside. 69 degrees. not too shabby. dew points down in the 50's almost every where too. that is an indication of dry air, not all that humid at all. 7:00 o'clock 67 degrees. gorgeous morgue to get out there and do your run or early on if you want. 74 degrees by ten. by noon 81. it will get warm with that high of 87 at 3:00 but with humidity on the low side cool
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drink, sun screen and you should have in problems today. when i step inside we will cover that exclusive seven day forecast but it does get more humid tomorrow and then a lot more sticky starting wednesday, might have oppressive heat before the even of the week. i will have details coming up. are you still talking septa this week. >> it looks lake that sun shacks you you in the face, this morning you will need sunglasses as you just said. yes, we are talking septa because there are more changes in the works, new schedules taking effect this morning, that are supposed to help us out. they are adding 1700 seats to the serve that is we had last week but if you remember we were down 13,000 seats, last week. we are still down over 11,000 seats which is why i still think you will see big delays on the regional rails. already on the paoli thorndale line train 1504 is running 20 minutes behind. one of those delays already kicking in. we will keep you posted as morning progresses and you can get to train view and keep track of the delays
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yourself there or follow septa on twitter. they will post delays there as well. we expect extra people to becoming back from the shore after a nice weekend down there. extra traffic possible on 42 north bound, already we are seeing headlights heading northbound toward 295, and it is busy on 15 and great northeast southbound side stacking from past academy through this point at work zone at cottman and southbound by girard it slows, some people had off all last week and heading back to work on this monday. ninety-five in delco sun glare is an issue. broken down minivan north bound approaching highland but it is off to the side, all roads are opened on this monday morning, tam and nydia. >> thanks, matt. for more on september's awe new plan to hand this will regional rail crisis lets go over to catherine scott. >> she's live in montgomery county, good morning, catherine. hopefully it will help with the morning commute today.
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>> reporter: what happens is when people come early. earlier the better. later more problems crop up. so far this morning in glenside we have seen several trains coming through. among the changes to day is there is additional services between glenside and center city. last week septa lost a third of the regional rail street after serious cracks were found in the suspension systems that translated in to 13,000 fewer seats and that left riders with delays and crowding. some full trains were forced to bypass stations. now a new schedule is out according to matthew mitchell from the delaware val a so, of rail passenger, changing that will benefit most are three additional trains from glenside and bryn mawr and two additional trains on the manayunk norristown line. the schedule change comes after septa announced plans to lease equipment from amtrak, new jersey transit and maryland. eighteen additional cars and three locomotive will heat the
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tracks. >> i'm very happy to report that we will be adding equipment, that will allow us to have three additional train sets out there, with roughly 1700 total seats. >> reporter: this will be the new weekday schedule until further notice. schedule will keep evolving throughout the summer as they start to add more trains, back in the rotation. live from glenside catherine scott for channel six "action news". catherine, thank you. 6:05. protests continue across the nation over police involved shootings in african americans. hundreds occupied key bridge over mississippi river in memphis, tennessee. protest block interstate highway for hours. and in washington d.c. black lives matter protesters held signs and chanted outside of the white house. in bat only ruin, louisiana 30 to 40 people have been arrested at an unscheduled protest over last weeks killing of alton sterling. president barack obama will head to dallas tomorrow, he will deliver remarks at a
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memorial service for five officers shot and killed last thursday. the white house says that the president will also meet privately with relatives of the dead officers and that he plans to quote, personally expressed the nation's support and gratitude, for the services and sacrifice of the slain officers. former president and texas governor george w. bush and his wife, laura will also attend with vice-president joe biden. new information, this morning, a 31 year-old machine has turn himself into police for a fatal shooting and kidnapping in salem county. akeem williams was arraigned on charges of homicide, kidnapping and aggravated assault. williams was wanted for shoot to go death a 24 year-old man around 4:00 p.m. on saturday in penns grove. the day after the shooting williams drove off in the victim's car, with the victim one year-old son inside. and then abandoned the vehicle in philadelphia's northern liberties section and left the boy in the car the toddler is fine. williams is being held on one million-dollar bail. there has been no arrest
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in connection with the shooting late last night in southwest philadelphia. gunfire broke out at around 11:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of up land street. a 23 year-old man was hit in the leg, he is listed in stable condition. good news when it comes to gas price these morning, lets go over to maribell, at the nasdaq in time square. i noticed this week it felt like prices were coming down at the pump. >> that is right, good morning, gas prices are down 7 cents ever last three weeks in fact. nationwide average for gallon of regular is 2.57 according to the lumburg survey. it is lower than a year ago. it comes as oil prices slipped while gasoline supplies remain high. stocks closed out with a rally thanks to a stronger than expect june earnings report. futures also pointing to a higher open. we have reports producer prices and retail sales among the economic news expect this week. finally the ultimate fighting championship has sold itself. ufc is being bought by talent
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agency wmbing, for $4 billion. the u fc has grown in the global sport empire with fights shown in 15,756th countries taking place in all 50 states. the deal could be officially announced as soon as today. that is latees from the nasdaq, now back to you. i have never watched the ufc fight. >> used to produce weather back here, was really into that and would sometimes watch it. i, you know, know. storm tracker six live double scan, good for them, that is a lot of money. nothing showing out there. as we look outside, sunshine coming up over the horizon. we will see high thin cloud but a good looking morning. best of all it feels nice out there. we will get another beautiful summer afternoon today. that is your first forecast high, like today, it will be great with lots of sun, warm but humidity will be low. tomorrow good looking day
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again but it will feel more humid, and then by wednesday we will start to get that sticky feeling back into play, might be oppressive heat and humidity by thursday. 59 degrees, right now, nothing oppress biff allentown's out the door forecast. fifty-eight with some sun in reading. sixty-two in trenton. sixty in millville. sixty-five in dover. cape may new jersey 69 degrees. warmer this morning down by water even though you'll wine up not as warm as this afternoon. satellite shows lack of the real significant included cover shade all the way on area highways and by ways this morning and while it is possible this cloud cover off to the northwest tries to pop up, as we go later in the day overall we will call it mostly sunny day. that is what the call is in the lehigh valley, mostly sunny, low humidity, comfortable high of 85. warm enough for cool drinks out there exerting yourself, down the shore it is relief, no need relief as we did last week but if you get it either way.
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76 degrees in surf sit. seventy-eight in beach haven. highs honor about 80 from ac down through ocean city, sea isle city and cape may. uv index is running high, sun screen important on the peach today. twenty-eight in rehoboth. eighty-four bethenny beach. temperatures in the on's across new jersey coastline and down to delaware. 87 degrees is the high in philadelphia lots of sun. warm enough for a cool drink and a shady break but it will not be all that humid to day. pretty nice as far as things go around here in the summertime. wind northwest at six to 12 miles an hour a nice summer afternoon. tonight mainly clear and comfortable 69 is your overnight low and then tomorrow 87 degrees is your high all over again with you with high pressure off the coast and southerly flow it will get more humid tomorrow. your exclusive seven day, today's high 87, sunny and nice, tomorrow looking good with lots of sunshine high of 87, but it will feel humid. and then on wednesday, it is when sticky air comes back we will get a high close to 90. might be a pop up then are
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storm west of philadelphia then thursday, that looks to be the best chance of a oppressive heat and humidity. some urban centers will feel like 100, 92 is the high and there could be a couple then are storms perhaps strong ones on thursday afternoon. then friday, still hot and possibly oppressive humidity there again with a high of 91. another strong thunderstorm possible, and then, the bulk of that heat and humidity combination then end on friday night, saturday might still be a little humid but partly sunny and better. sunday also lower 90's. >> it is july. >> thanks, david. 6:11. brief jail break we will tell you why inmates busted out of the bars in front of the guard and why they are praised for it. retailers are trying to steel thunder from amazon prime day by offering deals of their own, matt. no delays stealing your time yesterday this morning nydia here on blue route 476 and broken down truck on the northbound side near broomall has been cleared out of the way, we will see if things are clear on the vine street
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expressway talking about an issue in olde city and good news for drivers on 202, all after the break. get a lit good will news to get your monday going, we have got a special couple sharing their surprising engagement with the world guarantied to make you smile.
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welcome back on this monday, it is 6:15. 65 degrees. we are taking a live look at commodore barry bridge, sunnies up, we are getting ready for a great week ahead. >> let's go over to matt pellman with a good commute, what can you tell us. >> for sure, sometimes tough to get going on a monday morning but here are things to be excited about on this monday 7:11. it is free slurpee day, national mohit o day. >> national blueberry muffin day. great idea for breakfast. national cherry day. >> delicious. >> and national cheer up the lonely day. >> ahh. >> good idea. >> all together ahh. >> on the vine street expressway, looking good so far this morning, no big delays, overnight construction, closures, will resume tomorrow, tuesday night, we had a reprieve last week because of the holiday but those closures will be back, starting tomorrow night. nearby in olde city a pole
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came down overnight possibly as a result of the accident on fourth street by wyndham between arch and market. fourth southbound street, stick with second or sixth by the liberty bell as alternates. this is 202 in frazier chester county north bound come headlights through work zone no delays and good news that work zone is in the final stages, penndot now saying that by early august you should have three lanes opened in each direction which is great news for drivers coming out of the exton along 202. northern delaware we have continued work on foulke road that is not closed entirely my base book friend marry lou says just restrictions not completely closed but what will be closed is naamans road in claymont this started 59:00 in morning. it will get through saturday. they are working on the railroad crossing there. stick with blue ball avenue. ramps in delaware closed for construction in new castle, one from 295 northbound to 13 northbound closed, until
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august. tam in. >> thanks, matt. new here on "action news" an argument over black lives matters movement may have led to a deadly shooting in missouri. an off-duty officer shot and killed a man reportedly tried to break in the officer's home in st. louis county. the authorities say the 20 year-old suspect threw a planter through window of the home saturday evening and then went inside. >> he confronts the police officer in the back room of that house, about 10 feet into the house. from interviews, with family members present, they can hear the officer say something to the extent of get down, get down, get down, and then they hear gunshots. >> authorities say suspect and officer knew each other, family members say the two clashed recently on facebook over black lives matter movement. authorities say suspect made a series of threats toward the officer, on the social media site. a tragic scene in spain, unfolded on live tv, a matador was gore to death during a bull fight. they say that has not happened
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in more than 30 years. twenty-nine year-old victor bario seemed to be in control of the bull but in a instant he was tossed in the air with the bull horn right into his chest. he died at the hospital. his wife was in the stand at the time. she later tweet might life is gone, i have no strength. several inmates broke out of their cell in parker county, texas but they didn't do it to escape. instead they did it to help save an armed guard who apparently had a heart attack. at least eight inmates were in the basement when guard slumped over and fell. they got out of their cell and started yell and banging on the doors. other guard were able to give the man cpr and call 911. sheriff says inmates quick response, likely saved, that guard life. 6:18. coming up true love a local company couple is making people smile with their special sows media toast. get ready for prime day.
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amazon's second annual prime day sale is tomorrow with more than 100,000 deals. >> specials are only available to subscribers, to the amazon prime services but you can sign up for free, 30 day trial membership. and then stocks are soaring thanks to the widely popular app, pokemon go. nintendo shares jumped 25 percent in japan adding seven and a half billion dollars to the market value in one days. ate allows gamers to catch virtual pokemon characters, today is july 11th, or, 7/11. >> that means, free small slurpes at participating 7-eleven. it is 50 years old. to celebrate is there a new promotion, by seven slurpes with digital coupons for 11 free ones. >> it should last until the 12th. >> those are your tech by the.
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what is is it. >> it is a ring. >> this is my favorite video this viral video shows ashley green reaction after her boyfriend danny griffith gave her a promise ring and he to the down on one knee. ashley lives in cinnaminson, new jersey. proposal happened two weeks ago while ashley was celebrating her 21st birthday and congratulations, the two were both born with down syndrome and they have been date fog two are years. tan i simply want to spend the rest of his life with his best friend. >> very sweet. >> isn't it. >> i could watch that over and over again. >> that is good stuff. >> i'm proposing that you head out early this morning. >> yes. >> can you handle that. >> yes, here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side a lot of people are heading back to work after the week off last week. the it is busy on the
6:23 am
schuylkill eastbound from the blue route through this point in the curve, again, heading into center city, westbound side backing up from the boulevard out to gladwynn. all delays on the regional rails at this point are zero minutes or rest, we will expect delays to form later and don't forget we are on new schedules today that do involve a little bit of extra service, also increased service on 101 and 102 trolleys on the subways. if you can take those you will be better off. >> yesterday was sunday, beautiful day, hopefully just kickback, enjoyed yourself. today if you have errand to run in problem, it is repeat of yesterday. 69 degrees by 8:00. by ten, 74. great weather to head out to the store to get your shopping down if that is what you need to do today. lots of sunshine, low humidity this afternoon will be on the warm side. by 1:00 we will be up to 85. we will be up to 87 by 3:00 this afternoon but humidity will be low today. lots of sunshine. little bit have the light breeze. really gorgeous afternoon,
6:24 am
building. tam, today is good day to get stuff done because tomorrow will be a tad bit more humid. >> i will do it today, thanks, david. in sports, red hot phillies are celebrating a win as they take a break for all-star game. big win in yesterday's game with the rockies was cameron rupp, the first phillies catcher were four hits and four rbi's in a game in eight years. in the seventh, he hits a mile high two run home run, longest home run in five years. then in the eighth miguel franco hits a three run bomb that goes for 471 feet, that is the longest by a philly since 2009. phillies win that game ten-three. they are back in action on friday, against the mets ♪
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testing. quickly out to the scene pulling people out on the water. thirty-five year-old man of hainesport died at the scene. second victim was treated for minor injuries, and there is still in word on what caused this crash. police in delaware have arrested this man 35 year-old joseph rudge in connection with two attempted a deductionness newark. he put a chemically soaked rag over mouths of the two women while trying to kidnap them. police say he was spotted in surveillance video near the crime scene. we are told he has been in trouble with the law before
6:28 am
and his history includes, a previous, sex crime convictions. 6:27. septa is promising more relief for rail riders this week. we are live with the latest update. new overnight a first responder lead a fire call in the ambulance. details when "action news" continues. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ for over 100 yearsaking of fun. like kraft has,al cheese you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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septa launches ape new train schedule after congestion on the regional rail. one city is in the process of healing while others are in protest. authorities learned more about the dallas gunman as tensions run high. and on the hunt for monsters or potentially in real life danger, we will have have a police warning about pokemon go, that you need to hear. good morning it is 6:30, monday july 11th, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. lets update you with the
6:31 am
latest on septa and with everything matt pellman but first up lets go to david murphy and look at accu weather. >> what a nice morning, low humidity, sun coming up nice and bright over the horizon. looking at satellite no problem with that. get those sunglasses ready. later it is possible some clouds start to streak in but generally speaking we will get with the mostly sunny sky cover for most of the day. 65 degrees is your current temperature. still in the upper 50's in allentown and reading. sixty-three wilmington. sixty-two in trenton. sixty-nine in cape may. dew points in the 50's almost every where and that means low humid air. we are not all that sticky and probably staying that way today. good morning for a run. 67 degrees by 7:00. by 10:00 o'clock 74. really nice morning. this afternoon we will be warm 81 by noon. high of 87 at 3:00 o'clock but with humidity low grab a couple drinks, get sun screen going, shades and you are good to go and get whatever you need to get done. little warm but not humid. it does get sticky tomorrow
6:32 am
and then more sticky last weekend in to wednesday and thursday. matt pellman will have details from that from accu weather but for now pretty comfortable out there. >> pretty good morning for a train ride so far. no huge delays at this point, david but we do expect them as morning progresses. if you are a regional rail rider here's what you need to know, this morning new schedules take effect this morning. check out those schedules at, and they will give us about 1700 more seats then we had last week so that is positive progress but might remember initially we were down 13,000 seats, so we are still without over 11,000 of our normal seats on the septa regional rails. that is why we do expect those delays once again this morning. now we're seeing delays on i-95 in delco, northbound from the state line up to 322, a couple vehicles on the side. there is one here on the skies as well approaching highland avenue and sun glare. couple things, impacting us on i-95 but further north you
6:33 am
will want to stay on i-95 and girard point bridge. don't get in this mess. this traffic is heading to the platt bridge, heading eastbound toward 26th street a head there is a vehicle fire, not seeing any smoke or flames but just a over heated vehicle on the eastbound span of the bridge heading to 26th. one of the two lanes block. go for girard point instead. speaking of the bridges tacony palmyra is up for northbound ship coming our way. head for betsy ross and expect opening at burlington bristol coming up in 45 minutes. tam in. thanks, matt. septa, of course trying to ease pain on the platform, putting those borrowed trains on the tracks while silver line trains are being repaired. lets go to catherine scott at glenside station with more on what you might be able to expect today. good morning, what are you seeing. >> reporter: we are seeing as we get later cars are getting more full as it gets later. we are approaching rush hour time when problems start to crop up. here in glenside we have seen trains coming, pretty
6:34 am
regularly and as part of the new interim schedule, we are expecting additional service between glenside and center city. right now the platform is filling up as riders await the next train. the last week septa pulled 120 railcars from the regional rail fleet due to structural defect and that left riders with longer waits and crowding on the cars that were left. some full trains were forced to bypass stations. now a new interim schedule is out and according to matthew mitchell from the real passengers, the change that he is will benefit passengers most are three additional trains from glenside and bryn mawr and two additional trains on the manayunk norristown line. schedule changes come after septa announced plans to lease equipment from am attract, new jersey transit and maryland. officials say 18 additional cars and three locomotive will ease overcrowding and delays. customers hope it helps. >> it has been okay so far
6:35 am
because it is early enough in the morning. everybody seems to be getting a seat. we will see had happens today. last week was a popular vacation week for fourth of july week. we will see what happens. >> reporter: again, this is supposed to help, supposed to ease overcrowding and delays but not make the problem disappear. we are still urged to use alternate means of transportation, if you can. live, i'm catherine scott channel six "action news". the dallas police department will hold a large vigil tonight for five officers killed in last week's ambush. presidential obama will attend a memorial service there tomorrow. meantime protests over killings of the black men by police continue across the country. authorities in baton rouge, louisiana arrested up to 40 people. marchers in memphis, tennessee shut down a busy interstate bridge for hours. demonstrations here in philadelphia were peaceful for a fifth straight day. back in dallas a mother, wounded while shielding her son and applauded the officers
6:36 am
working the night of the attack. >> an officer jumped on top of me and covered me. they had in regard for their own life. they stayed there with us, they surrounded my son and i. >> reporter: they believe the army vet had planned for an even bigger plot. 6:36. back here fire fighters were injured while battling a a blaze in philadelphia's wynfield section overnight. fire broke out just before 1:00 this morning in the 5300 block of west berk street. crews found smoke coming from under the first and second floor. they were able to get that fire under control in about 20 minutes. we're still working to learn what happened to the injured fire fighter, and how he is doing this morning. it is one of the hottest games, the players on the hunt for monsters in the the video games are facing potentially danger in the real world. pokemon go has only been out for a week but has already become a viral sensation for players and for criminals. in the game, you trap where
6:37 am
you are going and try to catch pokemons. over the weekend suspects in other cities reportedly used the app to track and rob people, playing the game by luring them to certain locations. here's what some local players had to say. >> somebody really wanted to get me they would have got me. >> you have to take some responsibility for where you are walking. >> everybody just don't go in the middle of the night and go to places that are populated. don't be dumb about it. >> philadelphia's 35th district tweeted similar tips over the weekend. governor tom wolf says pennsylvania will have a budget tonight, with or without a plan to fund it. the assembly met for an unusual weekend session to discuss 1 billion-dollar revenue package that would balance spending proposal. if lawmakers cannot come up with a compromise by midnight unbalanced budget becomes law anyway. jay costa says wolf's decision keeps dollars flowing from schools and a other important programs. on the presidential campaign trail republican
6:38 am
donald trump stumps in virginia today. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee is expected to pick his running mate before the republican national convention, and so that has to be this week since they getting next week. people are paying a lot of attention to show is showing up with trump on the trail. today, he will be with chris christie and christie is said to be on the short list but more attention is being seen for trump's stop in indiana tomorrow. he will be join by governor mike pence who is said to be at the township of the list of veep choices. bernie zappedders is set to appear at a new hampshire rally with hillary clinton tomorrow where sources are expecting an endorsement. the announcement will come days after meeting in the democratic national platform committee, the sanders team feeling like they got a victory there on the platform with progressive wording on climate change, health care and minimum wage. it is 6:38. time for accu weather. if you liked yesterday, you will like today. >> absolutely, another
6:39 am
comfortable start. we will start off with radar. there is no rain. then sky six shows you lots of sun over the horizon. a few clouds around but very few, and it looks like a bright start and probably fairly bright finish as we are expecting to maintain mostly sunny skies through the day. your temperatures just 65 degrees and more importantly perhaps the dew point down in the mid 50's. well below that 60-degree threshold for humid air. it feels pretty comfortable out there wind north/northwest light at 7 miles an hour. that is a good direction because generally northwest is an area with you do you not find a whole lot of humidity and that is where the area from which we are grabbing our air today. there is some cloud cover off to the north and west and some of that might try to filth inner later in the day but obviously we are starting out sunny and staying, bright for rest of the afternoon too. 69 degrees by 8:00 o'clock. and by 10:00 o'clock 74. a very comfortable start. if you have plans to get out there and do yard work or anything that you need to get done, exerting nature, you are fine. by noon it is starting to get warm. 81 degrees i.
6:40 am
by 3:00 it will be warm. high of 87 degrees w sunshine and lower humidity pretty nice summer afternoon overall. high temperatures getting warm up in the northern suburbs. maybe five today. eighty-six in reading. eighty-seven wilmington. eighty-five in millville. down the shore we will be honor about 80 for a high. going in closer, mid to upper 70's possible in places like surf city and beach haven but close to 80 in atlantic city, ocean city, sea isle, cape may and warmer down in the rehoboth and bethenny areas of delaware. uv index running high today. make sure you use that sun screen. and then tomorrow we have a little bit of the change. we will be up to 87 for a high. high pressure center moving off the coast. we will get a lit about it more wrap around flow in and out of the south east tomorrow, and that will help raise the humidity a bit. when lou at dew point this is afternoon on the model we will see 50's, and then past 24 hours we will start to get in the 60's and then by 4:00 in the afternoon maybe 60 on the nose. an indication it will be oppressive and more humid. here's the accu weather seven
6:41 am
day. eighty-seven the high. nice summer day. tomorrow more humid but not bad with lots of sunshine and a high of 87. on wednesday it will feel much more sticky. high close to 90. maybe late thunderstorm out west of philadelphia and then thursday that is when heat and humidity will really come back in. ninety-two is height but it will very likely feel like 100 or close to it in urban centers, and strong thunderstorm not out of the question. friday still hot and uncomfortable. another thunderstorm 91. this coming weekend lower 90's. the saturday is humid but not as oppressive as thursday and friday. >> we will get through it thanks, david. 6:41. next up, a rockledge even who gave a audience quite a scare when he stumbled off stage. community rallies around a wal-mart greet shore uses a wheelchair. when they found out why he lost his job, matt. i mentioned an accident on i-95 northbound at 322 in delco, it is on both shoulders, both side of the roadway, causing delays, we will talk about those delays
6:42 am
and problems at the platt and tacony palmyra bridges when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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well come back. we are taking a live look at philadelphia international airport but don't go away, today is probably most beautiful day of the week. stick around and enjoy it. david, what is the high. >> eighty-seven. >> eighty-seven. >> beautiful day. >> sound like a good one. >> yes. >> poor david. >> we'ring bananas on a couple
6:45 am
roads this morning because of several issues on i-95, already tam and nydia. this is north bound side. first off, sun glare, really strong sun glare this morning that would have been slowing us down anyway. then vehicle wreck down north bound approaching high land avenue. then up ahead where 322 comes in there is an accident on both side of the road. you can see three lanes are opened but all these other issues are attracting attention. the north bound i-95 heavy coming out of the delaware up to 322 in delaware county. now further north on i-95, you will want to stay, here by philadelphia international airport because if you get off and get on platt bridge you are hitting this line of traffic. because they are telling us is a vehicle fire on the platt near mid span. we didn't see any smoke or flames but fire crews were out there eastbound, toward 26th street. stay on 95 and girard point bridge instead of the platt bridge. tacony palmyra bridge is almost back down, was up for
6:46 am
northbound ship, now heading for burlington bristol bridge but tacony palmyra should be opened in just a few minutes. on the big picture 95 southbound has plenty of slow speed south of woodhaven and cottman just in the teens. we have a down light pole, stick with second or sixth instead and new crash out on the main line on montgomery avenue at grays lane. the emergency crews are on the scene there. starting date and lasting until october remington road shut down for bridge construction. stick with wynnewood or morris road to get around that. nydia. >> matt, thank you. new you this morning aero smith guitar player joe perry is under going tests at a new york hospital after a illness forced him off stage. rocker was performing with johnny dep and alice cooper on coney island last night. video posted by a fan, shows perry sitting down on stage and then walking off, in the middle of the song. a representative says six five-year old perry is now stable and resting
6:47 am
comfortably. dozens of people rallied behind a disable wal-mart greet shore lost his job. danny oak house who suffers from cerebral palsy using a wheelchair and work as a greeter for 20 years. he was recently let go from his position when they implemented a program called war at the door which would have required him to do things like check receipts, do returns and lift heavy loads. all things he cannot do with his disability. wal-mart says they tried hard to find him another position in their store with you could not find a fit that met his needs at the time. >> i bet they will try harder. >> a live preview of good morning america is next. plus a solar powered plane ends the historic flight. we will be right back.
6:48 am
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time for a preview of good morning america. >> lets go over to ginger zee with what they have got this monday morning. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, to both of you, great to be with you. coming up on gm a we will have the late on the deadly shooting in dallas. city on edge as called for peace and justice grow louder and protest vigil is a cross this nation. we are hearing from that hero mother wounded as she protect her, daughter from a hail of bullets. plus latest on the investigation in the shooter what we know at this hour. amy leading our coverage from dallas. she will there been live. also wild fires from colorado to will california, thousands of acres over the weekend, flames spreading quickly. we have thousands evacuated. i will have forecast and later
6:51 am
on. that. plus death of philano castille minnesota officer who killed him saying there is more to the story. in a exclusive, his girl friend, who live streamed the aftermath of that shooting is joining us, live, with her response. it is all coming up next only on gm a. >> people will want to see all. that we will be tuning in. thanks, ginger. >> more emergency crews are on the scene of the crash in delaware county i-95. fire trucks there taking out right lane. it will be even slower as you come north of the delaware state line through this point at 322. we also have extra slowing this morning on 42 northbound, i told you earlier we expected some shore traffic coming back from the beaches, new is there also a crash, just up ahead north bound approaching 55, on the side, but attracting attention and if you are riding the rails we are seeing some delays and don't forget we're on new schedules once again this morning. david. >> all right, matt. on the big board it will be a nice one with low humidity but warm as we go this is afternoon. great morning to get errand
6:52 am
down. sixty-nine by 8:00. by 10:00 o'clock 74. up to 85 by 2:00 with a high of 87 degrees. that will hit right in there at about 3:00 this afternoon. low humidity, lots of sun. heading to the playground only thing i will tell you is sun screen and cool drinks. not that humid. but you we will be in the mid 80's as soon as 2:00 o'clock. nydia and tam. >> thanks, david. new here at 6:30 solar impulse two is beginning a new leg of the historic flight. plane left spain this morning on way to egypt. crews trying to complete the first around the world voyage relying on solar power. flight to egypt will last 50 hours and 30 minutes, that is a long flight, thinks next to last flight on the journey that end in the united arab emirates. amazing video out of florida shows us the moment a single engine plane crash landed in to a lake near orland he florida last week. the pilot and his nine year-old daughter both survived. two nearby fisherman drag father and daughter from the water moments after their
6:53 am
plane crash landed. we will be right back.
6:54 am
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. here's the top stories on accounts "news 3" one year-old man has turned himself in for a fatal shooting and kidnapping in salem county. hakeem williams was wanted for shooting to death a 24 year-old man in penns grove and driving off in his vehicle with the victim's son inside.
6:56 am
one fire fighter was injured battling a blaze in philadelphia's wynfield section overnight. the fire broke out just after 1:00 on the 5300 block of west berk street. the fire fighter is in stable condition. and septa officials say 18 additional cars and three locomotives will hit the track today to try to ease overcrowding and delays. septa recalled 120 of its new cars last week even, due to cracks in the suspension system. >> despite those new seats we are seeing some delays on the septa trains this morning, scattered on each of the lines. big delco delays as well on i-95 north from the state line through this point at 322, crashes back to being on the shoulder. is there a disable vehicle in the mix, and just cleared. >> good for them. >> good for you anus. all right. speaking of clear, nice this morning, lots of sunshine humidity on the low side. comfortable 69 by eight and 74 by 10:00 o'clock this afternoon will be warm with the high of 87 around three. humidity on the low side. things will change later in
6:57 am
the week. if you have things to get done outdoors today is day to do them. >> we all do facebook live and when you write to us we write you back. now we will send to you g ma. we will see you back here for 30 minutes on updates. is
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. protesters pouring into the streets coast to coast overnight. hundreds arrested over the weekend after rallies turned violent. anger over deadly police shootings is boiling over and now new details on the gunman behind the deadly attack in dallas. did he have a much bigger attack in the works? >> we're convinced that this suspect had other plans. >> we have what authorities found in his journal and his deadly arsenal. and the hero mother hit while shielding her children from the sniper. she's now speaking out. >> i didn't do anything that any other mother, father would have done for their own child. >> joining us exclusively this morning. as president obama cuts short his trip overseas and heads to dallas. >> any violence directed at police officers is a reprehensible


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