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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, political shake-up as the democratic national convention gets under way today the chairwoman and party leader announces her resignation. the leaked e-mails that appear to show favoritism toward hillary clinton during the primary. why she is still appearing at the convention and the phone call from president obama that prompted her to step aside. we're live in philadelphia. raging wildfires, houses burned and many more in the flame's path. we have evacuations under way right now as firefighters struggle to get control in dry and windy conditions. tiger attack. a woman leaves a car at a wildlife park. a big cat waiting nearby, the shocking moment caught on camera. a plane goes down slamming into a house, this morning. the homeowner takes us inside to look at the damage.
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and we do say good morning, earn. it is day one of the democratic national convention kicking off in philadelphia this afternoon shrouded though in controversy. >> dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz is stepping down after leaked e-mails showed the party tried to sabotage bernie sanders' campaign. she was spotted though last night checking out the convention stage in philadelphia where she will still play a formal role. wasserman schultz initially resisted resigning. it followed a phone call with president obama. hillary clinton's campaign manager is blaming it on russian hackers calling it an effort to help donald trump win. abc's lauren lyster is live for us this morning in philadelphia with what we're learning overnight, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, you know, we're here in this convention kicks off later today but the person in charge of planning it as you mentioned already heading for the door with that news that debbie wasserman schultz is stepping down at the end of the convention after it ends in the
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wake of those controversial leaked e-mails. just ahead of the democratic convention, thousands of protesters already hitting the streets outside the big event and even on the inside a bo bombshell shaking things up. party chair debbie wasserman schultz center stage resigning coming after a wikileaks dump of thousands of internal democre-mo undercut the rise of bernie sanders during the primary season and hillary clinton in her first interview with senator tim kaine addressing the issue on cbs. >> so i can't speak to what people who were not working for me who were saying whatever they were saying. >> reporter: and sanders while calling for the dnc chair's resignation sunday not backing off his support of clinton. >> we have got to defeat trump. we have to elect hillary clinton. >> reporter: the vermont senator is scheduled to take the podium and give a speech at the dnc tonight.
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>> democrats hoping the appearance of party unity isn't disrupted by complaints in the arena like this. >> democratic party has been colluding with hillary and they're just not being democratic or fair or gave bernie a chance. >> reporter: now with delegates filing in, expect the focus to be aimed at taking on donald trump and the nomination of the first female presidential candidate by a major party in u.s. history. and we're expecting that nomination to come tuesday, as far as the convention tonight in addition to bernie sanders we'll also hear from first lady michelle obama. kendis and diane. >> lauren, it may be hard to get away from this given debbie wasserman schultz may still speak at the convention. what are the highlights hillary is hoping people will focus on. >> reporter: hillary clinton's big speech is scheduled for thursday but in between now and then, a lot of big speakers, president obama, we're expecting on wednesday in addition to hillary's vp candidate tim kaine
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and hear from bill clinton and chelsea clinton during the convention and, you know, debbie wasserman schultz as you mentioned still planning to open and close the convention according to a democratic source that was very important to her. she may even still speak and we did hear from that democratic source the clinton camp reached out to the bernie sanders' camp to get their delegates in line hoping to minimum any booing. >> temperatures outside the arena will feel like the triple digits. i'm thinking indoors. >> it will be hot as well. >> reporter: political landscape very hot. >> lauren lyster, thank you. hillary clinton is getting an unexpected boost from michael bloomberg. >> the billionaire now an independent is expected to endorse clinton in a prime time speech at the convention wednesday trying to make the case that clinton is the best choice. bloomberg is said to be dismayed by donald trump. meanwhile, trump is having a field day as the democrats scramble to unify the party. he tweeted that debbie wasserman schultz was overrated saying the
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democratic convention is cracking up and he said bernie sanders had no energy left. he seems to be quite pleased with his own speech, though, from last week. he posted a video with it applaus applause-o-meter saying there were 24 minutes of pure cheering. >> it was a little dark, it was a -- >> did you think it was. >> no, i thought it was optimistic. to me it was an optimistic speech. >> he took aim at his former rivals saying he is plan to form a super pac against john kasich and ted cruz if they run again. >> our team is in philadelphia and we'll have a special report from the convention tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time live in all time zones. we want to get to breaking news developing overnight from saut florida where there's a defending shooting in ft. myers and according to our affiliate at least one person was killed and more than a dozen others injured. one suspect has been taken into
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custody and the area around the club has been blocked off. we'll bring you more details when they are available. a huge and deadly wildfire is raging out of control near los angeles. so far it's destroyed 33,000 acres in the santa clarita valley and as many as 2,000 homes are in its path. one person already killed found in a burned out car in a driveway and thousands of residents have been ordered to evacuate with others told to be ready to leave at any moment. >> i went through every trailer in my rv park, made sure everyone was out and broke a couple of windows to get the dogs out. >> like a show of just helicopters, everywhere, so i have not gone home. i just have been watching them and they're doing a great job. >> new video shows smoldering homes. everything inside reduced to ash. one of the many homeowners who lost everything is a firefighters for the u.s. forest service who was battling another fire and learned his was burned to the ground as at least 18 homes have already been destroyed. a fire official says the fire is
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just raging through the valley, quote, like a freight train. the western wildfires are being aided by the extremely hot and dry conditions. nearly the entire country is experiencing a heat wave. as i mentioned it'll feel like 10 degrees for protesters outside the democratic national convention in philadelphia. a camera measured 13 degrees on the sidewalks of new york city yesterday. accuweather's paul williams has more. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you, as well, diane, kendis. we have a primary system that will continue to strengthen and force the jet stream to the north turning very hot in the west, now, we've expecting the challenging of record highs down towards arizona and new mexico. an abundance of sunshine, the uv index will be sky high and everybody will need the sun block that's whether you are as pale as frosty the snowman or as dark as me. everyone will need the sun block along with this heat. kendis, diane. >> all right, paul, thank you. still ahead, the deadly crash involving the dallas
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cowboys bus. >> a string of attacks in germany involving syrian migrants seeking asylum. details about the latest attacking a musical festival with a bomb. a college football star being called a hero because of how he says he stopped a sexual assault.
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in arizona four people were killed when a dallas cowboys bus collided with a van. everyone in the van was killed including two teenagers. authorities say it was making an illegal left turn when it crashed that the bus. no football players were on board that bus. germany is reeling this morning from three violent attacks over the weekend. in the latest incident a man blew himself up after being
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demied entrance to a music festival in bavaria. the 27-year-old was a syrian who had been refused asylum in germany. 12 people were hurt when the man's bomb went off. prosecutors say it's not clear whether he intentionally killed other people or was just carrying out a planned suicide. and another syrian seeking asylum in germany has been arrested for murder after allegedly attacking a woman with a machete. it appears the attack was the result of an argument and not linked to terrorism. we're learning new details about the man who went on a shooting rampage in munich leaving nine people dead. police say the 18-year-old gunman had been planning the attack for more than a year and say he suffered from a rank of mental issues. the victims were remembered last night at a vigil near the shopping mall where the attack took place. turning now to business news, it's the end of the road for yahoo! verizon is expected to announce today that it is acquiring the beleaguered internet company for
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nearly $5 billion. it will include e-mail, news and finance. it was an internet pioneer at one point valued at $130 billion. verizon is expected to keep the yahoo! brand. the "star trek" brand beamed up another box office win this weekend. "star trek beyond" had one of the best openings of the summer. it took in nearly $60 million in its debut. "the secret life of pets" was second with 29 million and the new low budget horror film "lights out" tied the big budget "ghostbusters" for third with just under 22 million. when we come back, caught on camera a woman gets out of a dhar inside a wildfilife park. another dramatic scene, a plane know nose-diving slamming into a home. this morning our first look inside the house after the crash.
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if you're flying airport delays are most likely in new york, boston, philadelphia, miami and dallas. well, donald trump is defending his longtime friend ousted fox news founder roger ailes calling him a women. trump tells nbc's "meet the press" he fees bad for ailes and casting doubt on the accusers. >> i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining i know how much he's helped them and even recently and when they write books that are fairly recently released and they say wonderful things about him and now all of a sudden they're saying these horrible things about him. >> well, there are reports that ailes may be planning to join the trump campaign but the campaign is neither confirming nor denying those rumors. we're learning new details about a security breach at dallas-ft. worth airport. newly released video shows a man sailing past a distracted tsa
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security guard with no luggage, no ticket, still able to board a plane toward guatemala. he was charged with criminal trespassing which happened last summer. check out this video showing a private plane plummeting into a house in connecticut. the home owner norman hannanbaum is fine but says the plane barely missed him and thought it was a tree that had fall on his roof. the pilot is expected to make a full recover i. for the first time we're seeing the destruction inside the house, the living room is crammed with pieces of wood and debris. he says he will have to rebuild most of his home but he's thankful that he and the pilot survived. in china a visit to a wild animal park turned deadly after an argument. take a look at this video which is difficult to watch, i should warn you. you can see a woman get out of t the vehicle and quickly attacked by a tiger.
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a man and another woman tried to rescue her. the first woman is in a hospital and the park is closed this morning. >> there's sadness on several college campuses following a weekend car accident that left two athletes dead. nebraska punter sam foltz and former michigan state punter mike sadler killed in that crash. a kicker from lsu was also hurt in the accident. the men had just left a kicking clinic in wisconsin when it happened and it's believed the driver was speeding. a university of florida football player is being praised for stopping a sexual assault. christian garcia was working as a security guard at a gainesville bar when he spotted a couple in the parking lot. he said it was obvious the woman was too drunk to have given her concept and he knew it was his duty to get involved. >> i grabbed the guy by his shoulder. we went into the alleyway. he began to get violent of the he tried to throw a few punches at me but he was too far to even come close to hitting me. he slipped and busted his face on the floor. that's when his friends pulled
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him away and they fled the scene. >> well, the 34-year-old suspect was charged with sexual battery being held on $500,000 bond. i do encourage you to read more about garcia compelling account on our website, russian athletes will be going to the summer olympic games after all. olympic officials rejected a call to ban the entire russian team over allegations of state sponsored doping. instead any athlete who has had a doping violation will not be allowed to compete. the decision has been widely criticized especially given that there's little time to check the backgrounds of those thousands of athletes. so they began their careers at opposite ends of the spectrum but ended in the same place talks about cooperstown and ken griffey jr. and mike piazza inducted into the baseball hall of fame. >> i love this. griffey was number one draft pick. piazza, one of the last that year. griffey sailed into the hall of fame. piazza needed four ballots. both told the crowd yesterday the honor was overwhelming.
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>> they put on quite a show for several, several years. >> apparently one is the highest picked and the other was the lowest picked to ever make it into the hall of fame. >> but piazza the bet hitting catcher of all time. up next in "the pulse" making history. the two delegates in their 90s at the democratic national convention. the new way to travel perhaps on a rideable suitcase? ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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the oldest delegate from ohio. one of the many heading to philadelphia to see her party nominate a woman for the first time and 90-year-old felicia kahn says it's a day she thought she would never witness. >> this is hillary's time and she is going to win and i'm going to be there to see what i never expected to come in my lifetime because my -- >> so well spoken. kahn is on the road from new orleans. it would be her tenth democratic convention. okay, so it's a headache for flyers, no internet, no streaming media on a delayed flight stuck on the tarmac. >> real problems but the flight attendants on one flight found their way around it by asking if anyone wanted to entertain the other passenger. >> as it turned out there were and starting with this gem. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high
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>> that, ladies and gentlemen, was jessica bailey singing "somewhere over the rainbow" and she was followed by a few other performances. it turns out she and some others on the plane were participating in a pageant of some sort. even her 6-year-old daughter performed. >> judy gar land would be proud. all that was missing was perhaps a tiara for those contestants. >> get her a sash. now something that you may soon be seeing at airports everywhere. i introduce you to the moto bag. it's carrying on luggage you can ride and it reaches speeds of up to eight miles per hour. >> so sad. >> that's about three times faster than walking. the bag is now available for about $900 during an ad campaign right now. the founder of moto bag says he's not trying to make people lazy but help them travel with more efficiency. >> did you enjoy the ride. >> i did. look at that. >> that looks pretty cool. how i got to the studio today. >> more news after this.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 a.m., day one of the democratic national convention, the party is formally nominating it's candidate this week and scrambling to recover after a shakeup. a fight outside a popular spot in philadelphia leads to a fight and a murder. get ready for a scorcher, this will be the start of a stretch of steamy days and severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now and moving into the western suburbs and into philadelphia. david murphy has the update next. heading back to the small screen. he is starring in a reality tv travel show with his son. >> so osbourne earned millions of new fans in the mtv reality
4:28 am
show that featured his wife and two of his kids. the rock star is opening up about those tabloid headlines about his marriage. abc's jesse palmer with the details. >> reporter: ozzy osbourne opening up about his marriage addressing his wife sharon's very public announcement in may that their relationship was on the rocks. i know it's a sensitive subject for you. obviously sharon came out publicly and said you guys were separating -- >> no, it's just a bump in the road. some days it's good. some days it's terrible. sometimes we drift apart for awhile but you get back on the horse. >> reporter: drifting on his reality tv show comeback teaming up with jack for an epic father/son show "world detour." >> like a father/son bucket list travel history show. >> do you consider yourselves historians. >> it's about learning about each other as well as learning
4:29 am
about history along the way. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, los angeles. >> good to see ozzy back. the sensors will be busy hopefully in i can never quite understand what he's saying but always find him entertaining. >> just imagine trying to be his censor. a special moment on the convention stage that had nothing to do with politics. >> a dnc staffer added to the excitement by popping the question to his girlfriend who happens to be a fellow staffer. there was a video montage of their photos appearing on the jumbotron. accompanied by the word, will you marry me? and -- >> and she said yes. you better make sure she's going to say yes if you're going to propose in public. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great day. >> good morning it is 4:30 a.m.
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on this monday july 25, nydia han joins us in the 6abc studios, tamala edwards is at the wells fargo center the site of the democratic national convention which begins today. >> philadelphia's moment in the spotlight is beginning and boy j does it come with drama. >> thank you, tam. a fight at a penns landing bar turns into a murder overnight. >> we have


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