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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 25, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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from massachusetts. proud to be a delegate, she knocked it out of the part. >> what did you think of michelle obama's speech? >> i thought it was awesome. so inspires. a class act. >> and of course she reminded us that hillary clinton eight years ago, four years ago, stepped aside with class so that barack obama could fulfill his destiny and now it's time to put her in. >> but even with all of that tonight, we still had a couple of bernie sanders supporters that were with bernie all way still think that he should have been the nominee. back to you. the politics got a little heated inside of the wells fargo center. extreme heat the issue, exerting itself into the conversation this afternoon. tonight, all about the severe storms intruding on the party. staffers and media had to scurry for cover outside of the wells fargo center. protesters at f.d.r. park had to
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seek shelter because thunderstorms blacked the sky and turned day into night. look at these pictures. and then the dark sky exploded with flashes of lightning. and they let loose a curre current -- torrent of rain. and the check of stormtracker live radar, and here is meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily, a tough night. >> it certainly was. the storms were intense. double scan live showing we don't have any severe weather now. we just have a cluster of some downpours working off the coast. but if you consider this morning the early storms and this evening, this zone in yellow, this is the rainfall totals. and this is where we had anywhere from 2-4 inches of rain. and that caused flash flooding. the flash flood warnings just expired. and we also had a lot of wind damage. winds this afternoon, 68 miles per hour bringing a lot of trees
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down. we also had wind damage in trenton, mount holly, northeast philadelphia. a lot of areas reporting hail. and hail as big as nickels. it did provide temporary relief. the heat index at 7:00 before the storms in philadelphia 104. by 8:00, 75. don't get used to it. i will talk about the return of heat and humidity and more storms on the way in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily. more weather issues here. reporter wendy saltzman told us how flooding game a serious issue, even requiring some rescues. >> the storm moved in fast and furious, leaving thousands without power and others stuck, stranded in rising waters. torrential rain pounded center city streets. the driver found himself stuck in the middle of rushing water. >> driving through, the water was so high i didn't notice it. >> and the rain began to
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slowli slowlily wane. >> and letting them know it is a flash flood zone. >> and toppling trees and on to roads in bucks county. 36,000 without power. in bensalem, several got stalled in a flash flood beneath an overpass. and passengers were rescued by fire and police. in northeast philly. basements soaked as stormwater gushed inside of their home. >> and screaming my husband's name. the basement was flooded. when we came down we couldn't hardly walk. we found our dog swimming. >> rain moved in and then quickly rolls out, and then rolls in again. the hope is that it will be gone before the delegates leave the d.n.c. tonight. tonight's storms chased protesters aware from f.d.r.
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park but not after a long day of exercising their right to assemble and voicing their opposition. and chad pradelli with the story. >> after mother nature unleashed rain and lightning, the park was eerily quiet. [chanting] >> part of the ebb and flow of democracy in free speech. earlier hundreds of bernie sanders supporters marched to f.d.r. >> we are fired of hope and politics. top to bottom, left to right it doesn't matter what party, democrats, republicans, money corrupted our political system. we've had enough. ♪ >> the crowds were spars for much of the day. extreme heat a factor. as the ominous clouds moved in the thunderous support of the green party candidate, jill stein, could be heard across the park. >> we have not done a sufficient job about describing capitals
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and the economic system intend on destrike the planet. >> it appears we did not see the hases in f.d.r., mainly because of the weather. again, there are three more days of the d.n.c. at f.d.r. park chad pradelli for "action news." and walter perez covering it and there when dozens were cited. >> they arrived at the wells fargo center by several different routes, endorsing any number of issues. the hundreds of protesters mostly seemed to share not just a devotion to bernie sanders, but also a destain for hillary clinton. >> and i think hillary clinton is the weakest link and donald trump can beat her. >> and demanding the removal of the mississippi state flag
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including the confederate banner. they removed it a short time later. people were issued code for conduct. and the real concern is making sure people are safe under the oppressive conditions. >> it is very hot out here. not as many people as there was out here yesterday with this group. but very humid, very hot. so we're worried about everybody out here. >> with that said, several reports of protesters collapsing under the heat. police officials tell us that those folks are expected to fully recover. reporting for channel 6 "action news." and another story here, growing concern that the russian government is trying to tamper with the presidential election. sources are telling abc news that officials believe that russian operatives hacked the d.n.c. computer system and
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leaked the damaging emails and now the f.b.i. is investigating the emails that appear to show that the democratic committee favored the hillary clinton campaign. and that led to the resignation of that woman, debbie wasserman schultz today. coming up, star power. the d.n.c. bringing in actors, actresses, and billionaires to join in the convention atmosphere. plus, are you ready for some football? all eyes on carson wentz as the eagles open training camp. and ducis rodgers with that story. and meteorologist cecily tynan returns with more on our week of heat when "action news" continues from the democratic national convention.
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if we want to welcome you back to our continuing convention coverage from the wells fargo center in south philadelphia, which is the epicenter of the political world this week. and this is the view from inside as the first night, which was really a raucous night, has come to a close. hillary clinton must not only unite her own party, which has
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showed renewed signs of division, but also overcome a dislike among many voters of all stripes. and according to a new poll she is going to have a tough time. the cnn/orc survey shows that donald trump has a significant post-convention bounce leading clinton among registered voters, a gain of 6 points from the last poll that had trump before the convention, but still technically within the margin of error making this a statistical dead heat. obviously donald trump has improved his standing in the cnn poll. trump and mike pence at the campaign trail today, the pair were in north carolina tonight. they attended a rally in winston, salem about an hour
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from where hillary clinton spoke today. and the protesters are protesting. >> and bernie sanders is going crazy right now. and he doesn't know what to do. and he is losing his legacy, because he has just sort of given up. i always tell my kids, never give up. never ever give up, and bernie has given up. >> and trump and pence campaigned in virginia, the home state of hillary clinton's runningmate. and the political world colliding with hollywood and plenty of star sighting going on at the convention. and christie ileto live in the media center with the celebrity beat. christie, who have you seen? what's going on? >> jim, we spot add lot of people from dawson to danny glover. and whether the people were on the stage or hitting among the
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delegates cheering, the start of this convention has some strong star power. ♪ >> boyz to men kicked off the convention. and star powered glittered throughout the floor. spotting academy award winner susan supporting bernie sanders. but little to say after dominating headlines for ripping the d.n.c. >> i already talked and had everything taken out of context. >> and kendrick standston says it is his first convention. >> what do you think of being here? >> it's different. different than anything i have ever experienced. >> the billionaire philanthropist sums it up. >> people are generally fired up to go after this election, to beat donald trump and to elect hillary clinton.
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>> congressman john lewis posed for pictures, while new york mayor shook hands in the hall. >> how are you liking philadelphia? >> i have always loved philadelphia. philadelphia is basically where american history got its start. and now we are at a convention where history will be made again, with the first woman elected president of the united states. i love that circle of life. >> surprisingly, some of these stars were a little camera shy. we also got to see ashley judd inside of the convention on our way out. but the big thing is that this is just the beginning, night one and there will be a lot more people coming in. >> it's just the beginning, thank you. tomorrow we are looking ahead to the role call of state, the role call of delegates where hillary clinton will officially be nominated and then the prime time speech from her husband,
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former president, bill clinton. "action news"'s d.n.c. coverage continues around the clock at we invite you to join us every night at 7:30 for our special digital web cast live from the d.n.c. other news at this hour, a rare case of mass murder in japan. 19 people were killed today. at least 20 wounded at a facility for the handicapped near tokyo. the police say about two hours after the rampage, a man in his 20s turned himself in he turned himself he was a former employee of the facility. he gave no reason for the attack. a dance party for teenagers ended in gunfire late last night. two teens killed and hundreds injured. and someone opened fire in a parking lot of a club in fort myers, floor. they say the shooting was not an
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act of terrorism. three people are in custody but they are not revealing the motive around the attack. a fire in los angeles, they are worried shifting wind can make it worse. mandatory evacuation orders issued for 10,000 homes. but in the past few hours, officials announced that the residents will soon be allowed to return. we've had some real weather issues in the tri-state area. we go to meteorologist cecily tynan and the latest from accuweather. >> severe weather is out of here, but our heat wave continues. double scan live showing we still have some lingering downpours, just working off the coast. surf city south of atlantic city, this is moving out. we also had lots of lightning, thousands of lightning strikes and ray posted this on my facebook page, it kind of takesor breath away. and also takes a lot of power. a lot of people without
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electricity tonight. coming off a day when you really needed air conditioning. philadelphia, allentown, reading and wilmington. record highs, trenton close 94 degrees. and dewpoints in the 70s, the heat index, really the highest levels we saw in years. philadelphia, i guess you can say we were feeling the burn today. it felt like 109. millville 107. allentown and reading heat index 104, and dover 114. now this front that moved through that produced the severe storms is basically a dewpoint front. behind the system it is still hot tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 90s. dewpoints dropping into the 60s in the afternoon. the heat index showing it's going to be brutally hot tomorrow. but instead of a heat index above 100, we're looking at just shy of 100. so the heat continues, but not quite as brutal. at least a little relief on the way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast still hot, still humid, but not as oppressive as today.
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95 degrees. we keep 95 wednesday and thursday, right through the d.n.c. thursday night, a good chance of strong to severe thunderstorms with a cold front. some storms linger into friday morning. highway friday 90, and the weekend, finally the heat wave is over. back to the 80s saturday and sunday. 88 degrees. still a chance of some storms. still on the humid side. monday 88 with lower humidity. relief on the way, jim, but it won't be arriving until the weekend. back to you. >> philadelphia promise add hot time for delegate, we're going to get it. >> literally. and project home honored tonight at an event for the democratic national commitee. the amerisource foundation hosted this, and they are a proud supporter of project home for its work to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. ♪
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. ducis rodgers, let's be honest, there are some eagles' fans more interested in what was going on a couple of blocks from here than what was going on here. the first day of the football season. >> and they are very interested in the number three quarterback. new coach, same quarterback, at least for now, and plenty of intrigue of how good the eagles will be this season. the birds opened training camp this morning. sam bradford has 40 days before the opener against cleveland. and how many days before carson wentz is a starter? that is anyone's guess.
11:58 pm
the rookie says it is not his concern. >> it is totally out of my control. we have a long camp ahead of us and a lot of work to put in, and i am focusing on helping the team get better and myself getting better, and i can guarantee when my number is called i will be ready to go. >> carson is very mature who he is, and even through his college days he understands what is in front of him. and in miami to face the marlins. and a scoreless game, and then the double. and franco motors in all the way from first base. and they win 4-0. and flyers news after the break.
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>> brayden schenn and the flyers avoided salary arbitration. signing a four-year deal. he registered career high 58 points. and that's a quick look at sports, back to you. thank you. before we spoke at the convention jim kenney hosted a meeting for the mayors, and at the beer garden in center city. apologizing for the hot weather jokingly saying it is one of the few things he can't control in this city. "jimmy kimmel live" next, and his guests are danny mcbride. and for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner live at the d.n.c., good night.
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tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you. for braving the blistering heat to be here. man is it hot.
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this whole country is like a greased-up george foreman grill and a vikram yoga class. authorities are urging those in areas where heat is intense to stay indoors, unless you have a chance to catch a wiggly tuft in your neighborhood. it's going to be 96 in philadelphia where the democratic national convention is happening. the theme for the democrats today was, united together. which really is the best way to be unite d, together. so much better than being united apart. united together it was not. after the republican convention last week dnc was supposed to be the boring one. it was quite the opposite. every time hillary clinton's name was mentioned there were boos from bernie sanders fans. some of these people are apparently unaware bernie sanders passed away six weeks ago. [ laughter ] even bernie had to ask his supporters to calm down. after a year of telling them not to calm down. it's like chef boyardee telling
12:05 am
people to take it easy on the ravio ravioli, it doesn't work. usually these conventions are a cheerleading event but bernie sanders supporters booed inside the convention and out. >> now taking on a level of civil disobedience to block the delegates from coming into this one particular entrance, as you can see, they are laying down in front of the entrance. they are letting police through and the police -- >> all right, miguel, thank you so much. we're going to cut you off right now. we're going to cover right now boys 2 men performing on stage. >> jimmy: that's right. i'll tell you something, nobody interrupts boyz ii men on jake tapper's watch. [ cheers and applause ] the outrage that people are getting mad, intensefied after wikileaks released thousands of hacked e-mails where democratic
12:06 am
national committee staffers exchanged ideas how to weaken the bernie sanders campaign to help the hillary clinton campaign. maybe the democrats need to stop using e-mail. it might be time to bring carrier pin jocar carrier pigeons back. there are reports russians have hacked the servers, looking at information for a year. if russia did do this, i think we start making them villains in our action movies again. it's time for sylvester stallone to get back to work. if the intent of this leak was to cause a commotion, it worked. all the turmoil overshadowed what was the big news this weekend, which was hillary clinton's choice for running mate, virginia senator tim kaine. this is hillary and tim. they are either bumping fists or clinking imaginary memos sas, i don't know. we learned a lot about tim kaine this weekend. for one thing, he speaks span in. whenever a white politician speaks spanish, it seems that they're bragging. but now that he's been chosen, i guess that means neither trump nor hillary are planning to make
12:07 am
me their running mate. [ audience: aww ] >> no bring me my podium, i have something to say about that, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i do want to speak about this. have been getting tweets and e-mail. my fellow americans, i'm well aware that both major candidates have chosen their running mates and i was not selected to be one of them. but it makes no difference and i'll tell you why. because i never went into this to be someone's running mate. i got into this race to become vice president of the united states. and i don't care who they pick. i will never stop running for that office. i quill keep running until christmas if i have to. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. and i took offense. because -- [ cheers and applause ] i have been running for this office since may. mike pence and tim kaine think they can just stroll in three months before the election and take my spot? who the hell even are mike pence
12:08 am
and tim kaine? governor of indiana, governor of virginia? big deal. arnold schwarzenegger was governor of california. he can't even speak english, how hard could this job? here's the question i would like you to ask yourselves. are you going to waste your votes on no-sense pence and no-brain kaine? [ cheers and applause ] or are you going to double your votes, maybe triple them, and say, gimme jimmy for vice president? [ cheers and applause ] i don't need a donald trump, i don't need a hillary clinton to hold my hand like i'm a baby who can't wipe himself. i am a strong, fierce, proud, independent african-american woman. and i will lead this country into the ocean! if need be! thank you. god bless america. [ cheers and applause ]
12:09 am
by the way, donald trump got a crazy endorsement this weekend from president obama's half-brother malik, malik obama says he's voting for trump. boy, i tell you. you give one atomic wedgie growing and up they never forget it. malik has been a democrat all his life but changed party affiliations after michelle obama made him eat her lentil loaf at the last family dinner. there's malik wearing a make america great again hat, supporting -- if you're wondering who the black guy voting for donald trump is, it's him. now you know. [ cheers and applause ] the election's been fun to watch. more importantly we have a new episode of "the bachelorette" tonight. the finale is next week. tonight jojo narrowed the field down from four identical pretty boys to two. my favorite part of the episode were the periodical reminders that one of the men jojo might
12:10 am
want to marry is a former competitive swimmer. now he just swims so he doesn't drown. there's no competition at all. that was robby. before the season i picked robby and jordan to be in the final two and who's in the final two? >> guillermo: robby and jordan. >> jimmy: thank you very much, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] sometimes i like to check to see if you're awake. >> guillermo: no, i'm listen to you. >> jimmy: over the course of the season, it's weird, a lot of the guys professed their love for jojo but she can't really profess love back or the show's over. we see her say "i love you too," we know what's going on. what do you do when someone says i love you and you don't want to say it back? here's how jojo handles that. >> i've fallen in love with you, jojo. i have. >> thank you so much. >> i am very much in the process of falling for you. it's the best feeling i've ever felt. >> you make me feel happy. >> i don't know how to say it.
12:11 am
i think i'm falling in love with you. i know i'm falling in love with you. >> i'm in love with you and i want you to know that. >> thank you. >> i'm crazy about you, i'm in love with you. >> i'm absolutely falling for you. >> appreciate that. >> i'm 100% in love with you. >> thank you. for telling me that. >> jimmy: which one of you, again? the other person who has to deliver bad news every week is chris harrison. here's how chris harrison gives the heave-ho. >> gentlemen, i'm sorry if you did not receive a rose. take a moment, say your good-byes. >> jimmy: so that's how chris normally does it. this season he's been mixing it up, trying new things. i like the new chris a lot. >> gentlemen? you're losers. and you know it.
12:12 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there, welcome back. danny mcbride, bryce dallas howard, music of prophets of rage on the way. as you may know, the actor matt damon and i have issues. we do not have a good relationship. he's been particularly difficult lately, he's got a big movie coming out friday, "jason bourne." we did this once before. we went to therapy together. it didn't go very well. we decided to try again. apparently you have to go more than once for therapy to work. so we went to see a professional to try to work our problems out like adults. >> jimmy: hi. >> hi, there. >> hi, i'm paul. how are you? >> come on in and join us. >> hello, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi. >> so. you two obviously know each other.
12:18 am
>> and we're off. >> jimmy: thanks. >> that more comfortable for you this way? >> jimmy: yeah, i just like to have -- he beat me up last time. >> he did? >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> how does that feel? >> i didn't beat you up, it was an awkward -- >> jimmy: he beat me up. >> what brought the two of you here now if it ended so poorly last time? how did you get here today? >> there's a story there. >> jimmy: it's court ordered. >> is it, okay. >> it's court ordered because i live in jimmy's place of work. >> jimmy: can i just say right there, he doesn't live at my place of work. >> i live there. >> jimmy: he comes to my place of work, it's technically stalking. >> it's not if you're invited. the judge was very clear about that. if you just stopped inviting me, maybe i wouldn't come. you invite me every day. you say i'm going to be on the show and i've never been on the
12:19 am
show. so i took matters into my own hands. >> is it possible that we can just really clarify what specifically you want to accomplish today? ideally, what do you want to get out of this? >> i would like to be on his show. he's probably going to bring up the oscar special. but there's a story there too. okay? >> jimmy: there is a story there. >> there's a story there. i was nominated for an academy award. okay? that's a fact. >> jimmy: kind of. >> it wasn't kind of. >> jimmy: they opened up the category so there are more nominees now. >> okay, that's not true. i was there at the theater across the street. and jimmy does a live broadcast. >> okay. >> his lead guest was my old friend ben. >> sure, okay. >> i bribed ben to sneak me into his jacket. >> why are you touching me? >> jimmy: i'm not touching you. >> bribed him? >> of course, you think he would
12:20 am
just do that? he was the lead guest on a live show. >> jimmy: now i'm going to have to come in here with ben too, that's betrayal. >> you don't give the lead slot up. >> you feel betrayed? >> jimmy: i feel bat-trayed by batman. >> that was a good one. >> jimmy: so anyway. he snuck on to the show, wasn't supposed to be on the show. even though i told him you're going to be on the next night's show he decided, i'm going to force myself on this show. >> it's always the next night's show, you're going to be on tomorrow, oh, we ran out of time, i've never met somebody who's so horrible with time management. >> so just to clarify -- >> jimmy: that is true, i do have a problem with that, i am going to say i do have a problem with that. >> just to clarify something so that i have a better understanding, you're saying you have been with him literally every single day for many years? >> yes. >> to get on his show? >> 14 years. >> jimmy: not every day. there's weekends. >> right, the show doesn't occur on weekends, i get to go home.
12:21 am
>> i heard you say you wanted jimmy to allow you on his show. >> yes. >> what do you need from matt? >> jimmy: i need some understanding about how a show works, how the production of a show works. >> i understand. >> jimmy: that we have one hour's time. >> yes. >> jimmy: and that i do my best to get everybody on the show. >> you do. >> okay, i will take you at your word that you try. but i just -- i mean, it's -- there's thousands and thousands of evenings that i've been just about to go on and then -- oh, look what happened. it's like you know the show's an hour, could you build in five minutes and just have some time for me? >> jimmy: i'd love to do that but then there are repeated, multiple violations. besides the violence. i mean, forcing himself on the show. i was tied up. i was duct taped on my face. >> this seems like a good opportunity to explain the origin of all the hate read. >> i snapped.
12:22 am
which i do. i snap. >> jimmy: he snaps. so i'm supposed to have a snapper around? >> well, maybe you would snap too if you had to endure what i've endured. i didn't -- i didn't do any lasting physical damage to him. but i did -- >> whose idea was it to come together and sit down and try to work this out? >> me. i'm trying -- i want to get on the show. >> jimmy: and i came -- i'm here. >> i've got a huge movie opening this week, i've got a lot riding on this. >> jimmy: here we go again. >> no, i've got a lot riding on this thing, a whole marketing campaign he thinks is stupid, that he makes fun of. >> jimmy: it is stupid. >> it's not stupid, it's good, i have good ideas. >> it's a stupid campaign. >> i'm not a stupid campaign. i made bumper stickers. can i give you one? >> sure. >> you be the judge. >> jimmy: bumper stickers, like this is 1975. >> you ready? "honk if you're bourny." >> jimmy: i mean, honestly.
12:23 am
setting therapy aside -- >> it's trying to go viral, right? you could snapchat that. put that on your insta gram. >> what do you think? >> jimmy: i think it's the stupidest thing i've ever seen. honk if you're bourny? >> it's excellent. >> jimmy: you both have, again -- what i'm noticing is this pattern developing -- >> are you going to put that on your car? >> i will definitely look at putting this on my car. >> jimmy: do you have any other pillows? >> there's a couple over there. are you feeling unsafe? >> jimmy: i am feeling unsafe. look how hard he puts the pillows down. >> now i'm hitting pillows. >> there's a lot of anger coming across. sometimes there's another method that people will use and they call it art therapy. >> what's art therapy? >> art therapy typically has been more of a method used for kids. >> well, for his maturity level, i think that would be proefl advisable. >> jimmy: i'll do it, i don't mind. >> i'm going to ask you to each take one of these sketch pads here. jimmy, that's for you.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: thank you. >> matt, this is for you. >> thank you, paul. >> here's your pencils. what i want you to do is sketch out how you view each other, how you see each other emotionally, how you feel about the situation. so take a few minutes and just go ahead. >> jimmy: you've got other patients' drawings here. >> i do? >> jimmy: i'm done. >> you're done? >> me too. >> you are? okay. who wants to go first as far as just showing us what you came up with? >> this is my rendition of this show. and its host. this is "jimmy kimmel live." and that's an ass face. >> that's an ass face? >> that's supposed to be an ass. that's how i feel about jimmy and his show. an ass face. i'm done. >> jimmy?
12:25 am
[ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: i just feel like this is -- you know what i think of matt. i think we're done. >> that was good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show music from prophets of rage, bryce dallas howard is here, and we'll be right back with danny mcbride so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by chobani greek yogurt. you can only be great if you're full of goodness. go to to learn more. midsize car and suv. k most dependable. means a lot to me. the green car because i like fuel efficiency.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. still to come, from the new movie "pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard is here. then, a supergroup that unites the forces of rage against the machine, public enemy, and cypress hill. this is their self-titled single, "prophets of rage" from the samsung outdoor stage. you can see them live on the "make america rage again" tour starting august 19th in fairfax, virginia.
12:31 am
tomorrow night, david spade will be here, ozzy and jack osbourne will join us, we'll have music from the strokes, and later this week, andy garcia, greg kinnear, jack huston, dino archie, dana white and music from the go-go's. after four foul-mouthed seasons of baseball on "eastbound & down," our first guest returns with a new show set in the chalkboard-choked world of public school administration. "vice principals" airs sunday nights on hbo. please welcome danny mcbride. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: you're from virginia, right? i just mentioned virginia. >> yes, i grew up in virginia, yes. >> jimmy: are you from fairfax? >> fredericksburg, right down the road. >> jimmy: when you one of those kids running around with a movie camera making films? >> i was, i was into films. i grew up in the '80s.
12:32 am
at the time skateboarding was the biggest thing that everyone was into. >> jimmy: still kind of is. were you a skater? >> i wasn't, not at all. if you weren't good at skateboarding you'd have to pretend like you were, you were a poseur, that's what you would do. so i spent much of my childhood pretending like i could skate. >> jimmy: how do you pretend you can skate? >> you go home late at night and rub rocks on your trucks and stuff to make it look like you've done something. >> jimmy: i was also a terrible skateboarder. i can only go down the driveway and that was it. >> on my knees, yeah. >> jimmy: did the kids believe that you were -- >> you have to perfect your stance. so it looks like you're just tired is the reason why you're not skating more. when i was -- you know, we left virginia in sixth grade. my parents moved us to florida. and i kept in touch with all my friends in virginia. so finally i saw this opportunity to like break the poseur vibe. i started becoming a bigger
12:33 am
poseur by writing letters and telling them how i learned to skate in florida. that somehow by moving to florida everything just like works now and i could do hand planneds and indos, ollieing over my sister, and i was getting letters back from them, everybody was impressed. wow, that's incredible, florida has turned you into tony hawk, that's amazing. and one day i came from school and my parents sat me and my sister down, a solemn look on their face. mom explained to us that they were deciding to separate and my mom, my sister and i were moving back to virginia. and my face just dropped. and i wasn't worried about the divorce. i was like, oh my god, they all think i can skate! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. so i went out to the yard quickly and was like trying to jam all this stuff in, trying to figure it out. my parents thought i was just processing the divorce.
12:34 am
we ended up moving back to virginia. and i got back there and one of my really good friends, it was his birthday and i knew it. everyone's going to have their boards there, this is where it all is going to be exposed. so i came to the party and i had been really losing a lot of sleep over this. and i got there. and i didn't bring my board. and they were like, what happened? where's the skateboard? i was like, since the divorce i just don't skate anymore. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. they're not going to argue with that. >> they can't. >> jimmy: by the way, i really enjoy the show "vice principals." very funny. [ cheers and applause ] it's set, i mentioned in the instroe, it's set in a school and you play the vice principal of the school. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is it based on a person that you remember from -- >> it's not based on anyone in particular. i was a relatively well-behaved kid in school. my sister behaved a little worse than me so she was a good smoke screen for my bad behavior.
12:35 am
>> jimmy: younger? >> younger sister, yeah. >> jimmy: she must have been much worse. to eclipse you as the younger sister. that's a special kind of move. >> she did, yeah. >> jimmy: this was supposed to be a movie? >> it was. jody hill, the guy who created the show with and myself, we wrote it as a screenplay about ten years ago. at an hour and a half it seemed like it needed more. we decided to tell a nine-hour story. >> jimmy: bill murray plays the exiting principal on the show. >> he is. >> jimmy: how did you get bill murray to be in this? >> well, i was in two films that are much beloved by a lot of people. "aloha" and "rock the casbah." and i was lucky to work with bill in both of those films. yeah. so i've met him on those films. and jody and myself were scouting in charleston, sashlg, for the show. i heard someone call my name on the plane. it was bill, he was on the flight with us. for the whole flight he just convinced us why charleston was
12:36 am
the greatest city ever, why we need to shoot there. yeah, we're not going to argue with bill murray. >> jimmy: right, of course not. because you decided to shoot there, you said now you have to be -- >> he convinced us to come here, the least i could do is convince him to be in the show. >> jimmy: did he agree right on the spot? did you send him the script? >> i sent him an e-mail. we have this role, it won't take much time but it would be amazing if you would participate in this. he wrote back this message like i would love to have a hard copy delivered to the river dogs baseball stadium tonight, i'll leave six tickets at the box office for you. it's like, we have our marching orders, this is our shot. so we took a copy of the script, we put it in one of those like silver metal briefcases that cocaine deals are made with. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> thought that was a good way to deliver to it him. we went to the baseball game. we're walking up to the box where we're supposed to go.
12:37 am
i get up there, something's off. there's pas, there's more going on than what was told. what is this? where's bill at? he's right out there, they put a mike on me, miking me up. what have i walked into? i walked out and bill was filming an episode of anthony bourdain's show. i walked right in ambushed if you will. >> jimmy: you became part of the show? >> i filmed the show. they cut me out. >> jimmy: they did? [ laughter ] >> i don't think i was prepared to work. >> jimmy: that's terrible. it seemed to have worked on bill, you got him in your show, which is all that really matters. >> he sent an e-mail the next morning. i'd be honored to play principal what's his name. so we're like, we'll take it, yeah. >> jimmy: i was thinking about you. this "vice principals," the show, you being at school, being a kid, all those things. we decided -- we got in touch with somebody who is from your past. put these up on the screen. we've got four people.


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