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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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i really think you need to mend fences with your brother. you know, maybe learning a little basic spanish would help. all right, i'll give it a try. okay. now to apologize, you say, "lo siento, nestor."
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>> reporter: the book is released today and will teach readers about having a say. there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this hometown hero's talent. >> you got the cat in the hat with thing one and two. what about sam i am? >> where is he? >> just left uncle sam i am out to dry. >> that will be secretary of state. i do love green eggs and ham. >> oh, the places they'll go.
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history made official in philadelphia. >> hillary clinton the first woman nominated for president. a message from clinton to all girls across america, and bill clinton makes a personal speech about his wife as they try to make their way back to the white house. zblen. >> and the mothers of the movement hoping to harness their grief. the powerful message they shared with delegates and a national audience. >> and dramatic videos shows an officer pulling a mother own her children to safety in the middle of a gunfight. police respond to the dangerous scene as a father allegedly hold
3:01 am
his own family hostage. check out this reporter doing her job and an unexpected scene unfolds. a loud man getting arrested. what this reporter did or didn't do that makes her the viral video champion on this wednesday, july 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." so it kind of sounded like a wedding toast. it starts in the spring of 1971 i met a girl. not necessarily how a convention speech begins. >> no, but we know where it goes from there. >> talking about bill clinton's speech at the dnc. >> he shared an up close and personal story of his life in hillary clinton. >> he captivated the crowd at the democratic national convention. it began with the first time they met 45 years ago at yale university. he took the stage a few hours after his wife made history, becoming the first woman to win a major party's presidential nomination. >> in a show of unity, bernie
3:02 am
sanders helped make it official. karen travers joins us with more. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning. this was bill clinton's 10th speech at a democratic convention which is remarkable, but this was different from any speech he's given in the past. the focus was hillary clinton as change maker, and bill clinton told the story of the hillary he knows, and he says the version the republicans are telling is false. this was bill clinton, not as former president but supportive husband. >> in the spring of 1971 i met a girl. >> reporter: 20 years after hillary clinton spoke at his convention, bill clinton returning the favor. a personal sales pitch. something only he could deliver. telling americans there's a big difference between the hillary he knows and the republican version. >> one is real.
3:03 am
the other is made up. the real one had done more positive change making before she was 30 than many public officials do in a lifetime in office. >> reporter: in a surprise appearance, hillary clinton closing out the night with this message to the crowd. >> i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. >> reporter: earlier in the night a fitting ending for a hard fought campaign. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> reporter: the night was centered around the theme, fights of her life. a lineup of speakers highlighting moments in clinton's career. her work for women and victims of gun violence.
3:04 am
a standing ovation and chants of black lives matter as mothers who lost children stood on stage. and an all star lineup tonight. president obama, vice president biden and cloit clinthillary cl running mate, tim kaine. this will be the biggest speech of tim kaine's political career. >> no doubt about it. let's talk about bill clinton's speech. he's been speaking at every dnc speech since 1980. h how effective was it. >> reporter: the crowd loved it. for the purpose he served, it might be the most effective speech. other people can make the experience argument for clinton. he humanized her like nobody else could. and i think one thing that's interesting, think about all of the young voters out there, the people who were born in the 80s and the 90s. they know bill clinton as the
3:05 am
president. they know hillary clinton as the first lady, senator and secretary of state. tonight, last night he filled into the biography, that story that maybe people didn't know the human staory of how they me. >> what was the moment with bernie sanders on the floor like for him to be the one that was to nominate here, and what went into that decision? >> reporter: yeah. this was negotiations between the clinton campaign and the sanders' campaign. it's the culmination of weeks, months of drama on the campaign trail and all of that coming to a boil here in philadelphia this week. bernie sanders moving to close that role call, nominating hillary clinton. it seemed like a ka that is rightic moment. the clinton supporters were cheering. bernie sanders shorteupporters crying. some of them walked out. it's the end of the road, and what a road for bernie sanders.
3:06 am
>> you mentioned there were boos when hillary clinton's name was mentioned during the opening prayer. come tuesday, this past, or yesterday, what was the case? any sort of drama as well? >> reporter: no. things seem to be pretty much in order. i think heading into the roll call vote which took nearly two hours, the idea was this was going to get nasty if the people are all cheering and booing. it really didn't come off that way. it was a moment for everybody to support their candidate knowing that inevitably at the end of all of it, hillary clinton would make history as the first woman as a nominee of a major party. >> and, karen, the night packed star power, a lot of celebrities outside of political circles spoke and performed. what were some of the highlights? >> reporter: meryl streep speaking before hillary clinton. you had alicia keys performing. lena dunham and america ferrara,
3:07 am
and then the montage, the acappella, songs of supporters of hillary clinton. more stars than at the republican convention, and it was only night two. two more nights to go. >> and should be two fun nights ahead. alicia keys started with the song super woman and started with this girl is on fire. >> appropriate. >> karen travers in philadelphia for us. thank you. more star power on the third night of the democratic convention. the theme for tonight is working together. >> you'll have president barack obama, the vice president, tim cain all taking the podium. and you can watch the speeches tonight during a special report at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we want to get to breaking news overnight. the rescue of dozens of people have a sinking fishing seat. the boat was taking on water in
3:08 am
alaska ocean where the ocean temperature is around 48 degrees. a distress call went out. all 48 people evacuated off to three lifeboats. this is a vessel a few years ago when a coast caguard rescued an injured crewman. no injuries reported. the president of france is vowing to win the country's war on terrorism after the latest isis inspired attack. an elderly priest was killed in a church. the young men who carried out the attack were shot dead by police. one was arrested last year for trying to enter syria. back here at home, police say there is no link to terror after an incident at the fbi office in pittsburgh. a man ran nine red lights before crashing a dump truck into the front entrance. he claimed to have a bomb. no explosives were found.
3:09 am
the driver was identified, a man from ohio, and he now faces a number of serious charges. on the west coast, a state of emergency because of the massive wildfire that's burning. the so-called sand fire has burned more than 37,000 acres and destroyed at least 18 homes. containment has gone up to 25%. there is also a smoke advisory for suburbs north of the city because of the unhealthy air quality. quick thinking at a car wash thwarted a robbery. a man aroached a man with a gun. he didn't realize davis was armed with a soap spryer. they both ran away. the carjacking attempt, all washed up. >> the city of sacramento is a little bit cleaner this morning, all thanks to a six-year-old boy. he's ethan dean. yesterday was his day to ride
3:10 am
along with a sanitation worker. >> that's because that was what ethan who suffers from cystic fie bro sis said he wanted to do. the make a wish foundation made it happen. crowds turned out to offer support along the route. >> the day included a stop at a fire house and ended with a special ceremony. it was there ethan reveals he got to push buttons while on the job to control the truck's windows. >> looks like he had a great day. he was diagnosed at 18 days old. he's been dealing this for quite some time. >> he's clearly grown up watching the honeymooners. >> well, good for him. he enjoyed it. coming up, the sheriff's deputy in florida being called a he ree. no how he risked his life to save a mother and her three young children. >> the shared grief of the
3:11 am
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you can't believe your eyes crazy new super sizer fibers mascara from easy, breezy beautiful covergirl this scene was caught on video as a group of teenagers ransacked a convenience store in boston.
3:15 am
police say they took about $200 worth of candy and other items. the owner says she'd like an apology from the parents of the teenagers. zplnchts a deputy is being called a he ree for the brave action to rescue a mother and three young children. >> he ran directly into a gun battle and it was caught on camera. here's linsey janice. >> get a unit to south houston driver. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy runs toward gunfire coming from inside the florida home. >> watch yourself. >> reporter: another officer already under fire. the counterdeputy finding a mother lying in the driveway. moments earlier she called 9-1-1 saying her husband had locked her and her three children inside. and that he had a gun. >> i don't believe he'd do anything stupid. >> reporter: but then in. >> i don't know. he keeps coming closer. >> reporter: by the time she's
3:16 am
found, she's shot in the leg. >> i got you. >> reporter: more shots ring out as she's dragged to the safety of a neighbor's house. >> sir. >> reporter: i know, baby. i know. come here. come here. finally, the kids running into his arms. come here, buddy. come here. the suspect arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder. the suspect has not yet entered a plea. the mother is expected to take a full recovery, and the deputies are being hailed as heros. linsey janice, abc news, orn orlando, florida. >> coming up, the hunt for a buried treasure takes a tragic turn. people searched for a hidden chest of gold and jewels. what police are saying about the fate of one of the hunters. >> first the message from
3:17 am
mothers who took center stage at the democratic national convention. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
♪ ♪ i'll rise up ♪ i'll raise unafraid ♪ i'll rise up and i'd do it a thousand times again ♪ >> i have to say, i love third down version of it. that's a singer singing last night at the democratic national convention. >> it gives you chills. >> it does. >> also rising up and taking their message center stage, a group of mothers who shared a common bond of grief over their children's lives cut short by violence.
3:19 am
here's robin roberts. >> reporter: one of the most emotional moments didn't come from a star speaker but from these women. every day mothers who have lived through extraordinary loss. >> his life ended the day that he was shot and killed for playing loud music. but my job as his mother didn't. >> reporter: they all saw their sons and daughter's lives violently cut short. >> i am here today for my son, trayvon mortartin. >> reporter: they are uniting for the one candidate they believe can make change. >> i am here with hillary clinton because she is a leader, and a mother who will say our children's names. >> reporter: these women and other mothers who have lost children invited to voice their concerns privately with hillary clinton. >> from your perspective, what can we do?
3:20 am
>> i think you can continue to speak out, but you will be more effective if you do somehow ban together. >> reporter: their candid conversation captured in a video. what is it that you want, and there's no room for negotiation, has to change in your opinion? >> background check legislation. keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have guns. >> our leaders need to be accountable. >> she's the first presidential candidate that i'm aware of that has just said this is a national crisis. it has to be dealt with. our communities and families will never be safe unless we deal with gun violence in this country. >> reporter: what is your feeling when you see what we have and how police officers feel that they have been targeted? >> what they feel is what we've been talking about. those are the issues that people
3:21 am
have been living every day. every day. >> we don't hate police officers. you know? absolutely, we don't hate police officers. >> i think a lot of people get caught up on the uniform, but under that uniform is somebody that belongs to somebody who really loves them. >> reporter: and that's what's at the heart of their mission, finding ways to see past what divides us and creating a safer future for all children. >> we might be the seven that are sitting here, but it's so much bigger than us. it's something that's been placed inside us that says listen, you can't help your son or daughters, but you certain can help other children. >> strength, love, and peace. thank you. >> reporter: for nightline, i'm robin roberts in philadelphia. >> and it's a club that no parent wants to be part of. when glaring omission was one
3:22 am
whose son was gunned down in cleveland. she says no candidate speaks to her problem. >> a heavy tropic, for sure. introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click time now for the mix. everybody knows we're a big fan of music. we like to sing along and dance along. i want to take us back to one of my favorite sing along songs. i bring you the queen, celine. >> celine. beautiful. >> so why am i playing the power of love, you might ask? because i want to show you an acappella version of the song. just now getting attention. >> wow. can you hear that? celine sounds amazing. how come i haven't heard this version? >> because that, my friend, is not celine. meet 17-year-old samuel. 17 years old. >> what? >> he's from africa. >> is that really coming out of
3:26 am
his mouth. gaining internet game thanks to celine dion. sounds exactly like celine dion. it's unbelievable. >> i could just listen to him forever just singing that song. wow. >> there's still a part of me that's con vinvinced this is a and they're playing it. >> interesting. we're going to keep with the overseas theme and go down under right now. it's tough being a reporter and you have all the activity in the background going on and trying to concentrate on the camera. she what i mean? like i get distracted, but then i give you this reporter who is talking and doing a live report here on australian tv. in the middle of her live shot, there's all that noise. a man is arrested in the background. and she continues her report without blinking.
3:27 am
>> doesn't miss a beat. >> doesn't miss a beat. >> i love how all the other cameras which were probably there to cover her story are now chasing the arrest. >> that's my problem with this. we're praising her for not missing a beat and she got all the words outright, but i'm thinking she's missing the story right behind her. >> it is possible. if she's in need of another job, i have one that maybe we're all interested in. do you love beer? >> who doesn't? >> do you love craft beer? have you ever dreamed of combining the love of beer with your work? can you communicate well with the public and co-workers? the smithsonian is looking for someone to look at the american brewing history initiative. >> to drink beer? >> in addition to loving beer, you have to be able to interview people. you have to love history. you travel the
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this morning on "world news now," humanizing hillary clinton. bill clinton offering more intimate portrait of his wife. the role her former rival played in that process and why some in philly are having a tough time moving on. >> and the star power continued with elizabeth making a trump--esque entrance. and hearing messages from the hollywood stars for hillary. >> and new this half hour, a famous hunt for hidden treasure turns tragic. >> what we're finding out about what man who was searching for a chest filled with jewels. >> there was plenty of drama on the bachelorette. jojo's reject speaking out in the men tell all.
3:31 am
including our favorite there, my favorite, chad. senior bachelor analyst will join us for a full report in the skinny. it is wednesday, july 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." what's another word for reject? >> reject just sounds so harsh. >> losers. losers. the cling ons. jump offs. the also rands. yes. does that work? >> maybe we should just move on. >> the leftovers. >> we begin with someone feeling a little more victorious this morning. a historic moment for hillary clinton. >> yes, it was. history, cracking that glass ceiling to be the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate. >> bernie sanders had tears as his brother took roll call.
3:32 am
and invoked the memory of their parents. >> tidbits of hillary clinton's political resume. juju chang has the latest from the convention hall. >> what an incredible honor you've given me. i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet. >> reporter: presidents in the past and a dramatic unveiling. hillary clinton addressing the democratic national convention via satellite in a historic triumph. >> if there are any little girls who stayed up late to watch, let me just say i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. >> reporter: the ground breaking nomination, a poetic end to a hard fought primary race. >> and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party
3:33 am
for president of the united states. >> reporter: in a ceremonial gesture, it was bernie sanders who moved to nominate hillary clinton unanimously. >> the show stealer, former president, bill clinton, speaking from his heart. >> in the spring of 1971 i met a girl. she had thick blonde hair, big glasses. wore no makeup. and she exuded this sense of strength and self-possession that i found magnetic. >> reporter: clinton taking the stage to deliver his most personal speech of the campaign. >> she walked the length of the library, came up to me and said look, if you're going to keep
3:34 am
staring at me, we at least ought to know each other's name. >> reporter: he called the birth of their daughter who looked on with pride, the greatest moment of his life. >> my daughter had the best mother in the whole world. >> reporter: the 42nd president of the united states making the case for his wife to become the 45th. >> she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> reporter: he recalled her early days as a child advocacy lawyer. >> women's rights are rights once and for all. >> reporter: this woman has never been satisfied with the status quo. she always wants to move the ball forward. that is just who she is. >> reporter: despite vocal protests and infighting between the sanders and clinton camps, on the convention floor, the parties coming together, and hollywood out in full force. both on social media and on the
3:35 am
convention floor. and the night was filled with hours of testimonials from lawmakers, celebrities and others who vouched for her character and record. >> for more highlights, we go to karen travers. good morning. let's talk about the big speech of the night. former president, bill clinton doing something no other president has done before, speaking about his wife as a nominee. mixed reviews, but in that arena, the reaction? >> reporter: the crowd loved him. they got on their feet as soon as he came out. getting up to cheer him on. it's remarkable. this was his 10th speech had a democratic convention, but this is different than any one in the past. i think if you talk to political reporters they'd say he droned
3:36 am
on and on and it was too long, but this room was electrified. they could have listened to bill clinton give the detail of every year of his major to hillary clinton, and could have sat here all night listening to it. certainly a positive reaction from the crowd. bill clinton knows how to give a speech like that. >> he tended to skip over the elephant in the room with his infidelities and the rough spot they went through. some are criticizing him saying he should have talked about that and talked about how she stood by him. anybody talking about that aspect of it? >> reporter: getting a lot of buzz on social media. he talked about 1997 dropping chelsea off at college, and the next thing was hillary winning a senate race in 2000. a gap in time. and we all know what happened. if he did bring that up, it
3:37 am
would be about him, even though that was a shared experience, it wouldn't keep the focus on hillary. it was debated when hillary clinton ran for senate 16 years ago. should she address it? they decided not to do it. this was a subtle but perhaps powerful message, maybe alluding to all of this when bill clinton said simply that she'll never quit on you. so telling that to americans but also clearly reflecting on himself. >> and he also did mention there was heart break during the marriage, alluding to some of that as well. >> karen travers live in philadelphia. thank you. >> and a reminder tune in tonight at 10:00 p.m. to hear president obama and vice president biden speak, and tim kaine in the biggest speech of his career. overseas and a terror attack inside france.
3:38 am
an elderly priest killed, his throat slashed by two young man reportedly inspired by isis. the two attackers were shot dead by police. the president of france is vowing to win the war against isis. france is still on high alert following the truck attack on bastille day which left 84 people dead. and this fishing vessel was taking on water and sunk in the bering sea. all 46 people on board put on survival suits and evacuated into three lifeboats. they were picked up by two other boats and were being taken to port. no injuries reported. firefighters are making progress against the largest of 30 wildfires in the west. the sand fire is now 25% contained, but it has already destroyed more than 37,000 acres and at least 18 homes. the acting governor has declared a state of emergency for los angeles county to provide more resources to firefighters and fire victims. and firefighters across the
3:39 am
country are not just battling fires but also temperatures of more than 100 degrees. ginger z says there's no relief to the heat wave hitting most parts of the country. >> reporter: the humidity is high. anywhere you see the heat advisory, delaware to south carolina, the next couple of days, not going anywhere in the way of temperatures. these are air temperatures in the 90s and close to 100 for so many of us, and it will feel even hotter than that. when does it end? next week above average. east of the rockies sizzling. thanks to ginger. and in lincoln, nebraska, they are keeping an eye on the skies and someone is keeping an eye on them. >> a hawk used the weather cam for his own audition. he maintains eye contact, enunciates. his feathers not ruffled. maybe we have a new network star. >> absolutely, and probably got
3:40 am
the forecast correct. he stares at you. >> that's his closeup. coming up, the famous treasure hunt in new mexico has taken a hunt. what we're finding out about one of the person trying to find hidden jewels and gold. >> and on the bachelorette, the men tell all. that's ahead in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather. brought to you by vista print. covergirl has big news for lashes!
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3:44 am
treasures. >> one of them for years now thousands of treasure hunters have been flocking in search of hidden treasures. >> one of them vanished earlier this year. we now know his fate. we have disturbing details. >> good morning. that treasure seeker confirmed dead yesterday. this is the first tragedy since the treasure was hidden by an 85-year-old self-professed indiana jones who says over 65,000 thrill seekers have some in search for the millionaire's bounty. >> reporter: the rocky mountains. majestic and dangerous. police say the remains of randy were found along the rio grand. missing since january after going in search of hidden treasure. gold, diamonds and gems hidden by a man who says the trove is worth 2 million. drawing experts and amateurs to the santa fe wilderness from around the world. >> i've climbed into some canyons that i know very few people have climbed in. >> one of my motives was to get the kids off the couches and
3:45 am
away from the game rooms and texting machines. >> fen chartered a helicopter to help in the search for bilyeu. >> friends say randy set out january 5th with a gps device and waders. a day after his ex-wife filed a missing persons report, his dog and raft were found. his remains discovered six months later. the only clues are in a memoir, the thrill of the chase. >> and fin's fans have become a cult following. some mosting condolences on social media. police aren't saying much except for the investigation into the death remains active. >> so, adrienne, the big question, is that treasure still buried there are are the people searching for nothing? >> he says he buried the treasure in 2010 and it's still there. some people have been within 200 feet of discovering the treasure but didn't find it. >> how do they not -- >> he hid it very well.
3:46 am
>> maybe it needs to be a game of hot cold. >> it's a bittersweet story. exciting but not easy. >> adrienne, thank you. >> when we come back, we'll take a look at a little more of the action last night at the democratic national convention. >> and, really, the thing that adrienne is looking forward to, the men tell all on the bachelorette. "the skinny" is next. en tell all on the bachelorette. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
we start "the skinny" off with star power on stage for the democratic national convention. >> quite a bit. actress elizabeth banks spoofed donald trump's dramatic entrance. a silhouette in front of a foggy backdrop but people say her jokes fell flat. >> and then there was meryl streep. she dressed to honor historic women as she praised the grit and grace of hillary clinton. >> lena dunham and america ferrara trumped trump, they say. >> let's put hillary clinton in the white house. >> and let's declare trumps love trumps hate.
3:49 am
>> and a rendition of superwoman. >> a lot of stars there on the stage. >> okay. >> a lot of want to be stars -- >> earlier in the evening on abc. >> at the bachelorette, the men tell all. >> and man, did they tell. >> let's bring in our senior bam lob i have had -- bachelorette analyst who got two hours of his life he'll never get back. >> that's right. we're getting to the end. >> almost there. >> the men tell all was always going to be mostly about bad chad, roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. that was one of the low lights of the night. nick stood up and challenged chad. shockingly enough, nothing happened. anyway, along the way we learned that chad has had some dates with ex-girlfriends of a couple of the guys, grant and robbie. here's what chad had to say about the finalists, our man robbie, and jordan.
3:50 am
>> i mean, according to his ex-girlfriend, all he wanted out of his life was to be famous. >> all i can say is that robbie is not upset about me dating hope. i know he's threatened her. don't talk to anyone, don't do any interviews or, i'll come get you. >> yeah. so there's that little donation right there. so chad is probably either just a jerk as we've said before, or he's bad at playing one on tv. >> i like him. >> to jojo, he kept swinging right away at her men. she wasn't having any of it. >> robbie broke up with his girlfriend days before filming in order to be on the show with you. jordan is a liar and cheater whose brother won't talk to him. i wish you the best of luck in your relationship endeavors. >> he loves the attention and we're giving it to him. so he's not even worth my breath. >> take that. take that.
3:51 am
>> well, whether he was right or not, we got some good material. let's move it along. next, chase. chase basically said he was shocked about being tossed from the fantasy suite. he says he has a lot of love for jojo and he had no hard feelings. next up in the hot seat, actually, it wasn't in the hot seat, but luke. he said he was shocked as well at being ousted on the tarmac. see you, luke. he admitted, he should have said i love you a lot earlier than he did. excuse me, jojo, for her part said she is very happy with things, how things are, so we'll see how it works out. we've given some stick, i guess, to aaron rodgers, the brother of jordan. well, he's now had some comments. >> finally. >> shed some light on his whole thing. he said he hasn't seen the show, so all -- he hasn't been
3:52 am
affected by any of it. >> he wished the brother luck in the competition. >> yeah, good luck. brother luck in the competition. >> yeah, good luck. check this out. covergirl introduces new supersizer fibers mascara 400% volume plus so much length you can't believe your eyes crazy new super sizer fibers mascara from easy, breezy beautiful covergirl introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified.
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♪ >> is that what it is? >> a remix to the harry potter song. >> okay. cool. >> never heard this one. >> i haven't heard. there might be a reason for that. the original was so good. the prospect of a new harry potter story is generating the same degree of excitement as the first one. >> but now harry and his friends are grown up, and we're now learning what they've been up to. here's juju chang. >> reporter: we begin at the ending of harry potter in the deathly hallows. it's 18 years since the death of voldemort, and potter heads everywhere dying to know what happens next.
3:56 am
>> i don't know, sir. >> reporter: clearly one knows that's not going to tell us. we hounded an editor to get the secret scoop, but the only way to travel for a harry potter story, magically. who exactly is the cursed child? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> reporter: this is the muggle responsible for bringing one of the most successful book franchises to america, including the latest story, harry potter and the cursed child. >> the biggest difference is this is a script, so it's really all in the dialogue and the stage directions. >> reporter: in a popular london stage play soon to be released in script form, harry has a day job hunting down dark wizards for the ministry of magic. >> is he having a mid life crisis? is there danger looming? >> you know, you can only imagine.
3:57 am
>> reporter: can you give me the secret ending? >> no. >> reporter: the secret plot twist in. >> no. >> reporter: you'd make an excellent spy. he gave me a tour of some of the harry potter art facts. this trunk carried a first signed copy of the sixth book to america. in what way is this story true to the roots? >> it's really about the question of how do you be a true friend? how do you be a good parent? these are larger things that everyone can relate to and you don't really have to be a harry potter fan. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i'm reading reviews. they're saying they have captured the magic even with the new story. >> are you excited about it? >> i am. i love the harry potter books. >> okay. i haven't read any of the books. i've seen some of the movies. >> they're surprisingly good, and one of the reasons is jk rowling with kill off anybody. >> like "game of p?p?o?gv
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, historic night. at the democratic national convention, hillary clinton cracking the glass ceiling, officially the first woman nominated for president by a major party and bill clinton making a passionate plea for his wife. >> she is still the best darned changemaker i have ever known. >> plus the emotional moment for bernie sanders, what brought him to tears. >> meanwhile, republicans are criticizing the democrats for what wasn't being discussed at the convention on the first night, terrorism. vice president biden is on the defensive in an exclusive interview. caught on camera. dragging a woman to safety while facing gunfire. a deputy's daring rescue. >> and some armed men set out to a car wash to steal a car.


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