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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 1, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ good morning. i'm nick watt. >> and i'm linsey janice. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." zika virus concerns in south florida. four cases in the same area of miami have the federal government and local officials on the alert. they're also raising fears among potential mothers. full details coming up in a moment. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a strong explosion that rocked the hotel in kabul, afghanistan early this morning. hotels where foreigners stay have frequently been a target of taliban attacks. california homes threatened by wildfires as flames burn. crews try to get the flames under control and a new fire
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raising more concerns. >> and charles koch says he is not supporting donald trump. koch along with his brother, they have said they would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to put a republican in the white house. but the money will now go to helping republican congressional candidates. those are some of the top stories on this monday, august 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this half hour with plans to fight the spread of the zika virus in florida this afternoon the governor is hosting a preparedness round table. >> in the meantime, spraying has increased hopes of keeping the virus contained. this after officials confirmed what are believed to be the first locally transmitted zika cases in the u.s. eva pilgrim has more from miami. >> reporter: south florida on edge, waiting on test results to hear if more people have zika
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virus. >> it's really scary. >> reporter: so far four people confirmed with zika virus. at least four bitten by mosquitos in this one square mile of miami next to downtown. health workers are going door to door testing to see if more people have zika virus. >> i'd rather know. >> reporter: the british government is telling people to avoid travel to florida. the cdc is evaluating the ichgs every day. experts say it's likely the number of people infected will grow. >> have to anticipate there could be others. >> reporter: mosquito control on the front lines in the fight against zika virus. hitting trouble spots hard trying to kill the bugs. >> the cans draw mosquitos to the water. >> reporter: symptoms are mild in most, but can cause severe birth defects. >> i am 25 weeks aide. >> reporter: this woman knows what's at risk for her baby, and
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she isn't taking any chances. >> i douse myself in repellant. i carry it in my purse. i have one in my office. i have one at home sitting there just in case i run out or lose one. >> reporter: zika virus mosquitos don't travel far from where they're born, less than half a mile. that's how health officials were able to zone in on the specific area in hopes of preventing spread. there's a lot we don't know about the zika virus, the outbreak, which is raising concerns. >> and here to fill us in on what we do know and what we should know, abc's chief health and medical expert. >> we know zika virus has been transmitted in one neighborhood in miami. if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you may want to avoid that area. the rest of south florida is like any other area. if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, use repellants.
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at this point no one is recommending any travel warnings for that area. and our thanks to dr. besser. now to the weather. maryland's governor says deadly floods left part of his state looking like a disaster movie. the baltimore suburb remains under a state of emergency. two people were killed when flood waters raced through the streets saturday. residents joined together to save each other. some forming a human chain to save a woman as her car was being swept away. >> that video is incredible. the question this morning, what could that city and other areas expect today. >> accuweather meteorologist, paul williams is tracking it. >> good morning. flooding down pours expected along the east coast where you have new york, philadelphia, and d.c. everyone right along 95. between those cities flash flooding expected.
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massive travel delays. it's going to be a bear trying to travel along 95. particularly into the afternoon and evening hours. a low pressure system that will begin to stay put for us on monday. that's going to create the scattered showers throughout the east coast. that low swinging out of the way. high pressure system stepping in behind it. it will allow things to quell for the ohio valley region. wet along the east coast. and watching out for severe thunderstorms monday night. fargo, sioux falls over toward minneapolis. >> thanks, paul. investigators looking into a deadly balloon crash in texas say the hot air balloon touched high intensely power lines before the accident. all 16 on board died. we have reports from the crash site. >> reporter: this is the actual flight that ended as the deadliest balloon tragedy in the nation's history. ntsb investigators confirming the balloon hit the transmission lines and there may have been
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fog in the area. >> there's physical evidence to indicate the balloon or some component hit the wire themselves and not the tower. >> reporter: these pictures taken as the flight covered the miles. the balloon carrying the 16. at 7:42 the wires some ten stories high are hit. >> you saw a big fire ball go up, and it was just -- it's just praying that whoever was there got away from the thing on time. >> need you enrout fully engulfed flames. >> reporter: emergency crews find fire and death. along with the 15 passengers, the commercial pilot skip nickels, a balloon lover as he told our texas affiliate. >> it's an adventure every time. >> reporter: it's bad enough to lose a fellow pilot. it's much more horrific to lose
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innocent passengers. >> reporter: it was the worry of an accident like this one and several others like these caught on camera which caught the attention of the ntsb, two years ago asking for additional oversight on the growing balloon tour industry. the faa did not take action. >> what does this tell us about what the ntsb recommended to the faa. their response is an unacceptable response. >> reporter: they collected physical evidence, 14 cell phones and three cameras. the hope is they contain pictures or video that shows the last few seconds of flight that led to this tragic accident. abc news, texas. a college student is in custody following a deadly weekend shooting north of seattle. police say he opened fire on a late night party killing three teenagers, including his ex-girlfriend. they say he used an ar-15 assault rifle to carry out the
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attack, even climbing to a roof to get a better shot. he sent a chilling message before the killings, first and last tweet. i've been through it all. to race for the white house. the candidates getting back on the campaign trail. hillary clinton heads to nebraska today after her post convention bus tour across pennsylvania and ohio. donald trump heads to those two states today. as he does, he is trying to move past his latest controversial comments which clinton is taking advantage of. it is your voice, your vote. abc ease devin dwier has the details. >> reporter: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and stepping into the fire storm surrounding donald trump's comments about the family of an army captain killed in iraq. >> an attack, as he did, on captain khan's mother? a gold star mother? i don't know where the bottom is.
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>> reporter: in an exclusive interview, trump, the republican nominee for president, took issue with the khan family after a pointed speech at the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one -- >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i've worked very hard. i've created thousands of jobs. >> reporter: it didn't stop there. trump going onto say this. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: she said grief kept her from speaking. >> running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect gold star family and gold star family. shame on him. >> reporter: late saturday in a statement the trump campaign called captain khan a hero. then he defended his words writing, quote, i was viciously attacked by mr. khan, am i not
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allowed to respond? another person firing back at trump, general john allen. trump criticized him. >> i read a report. he was in there for a number of months. >> if he'd spent a minute in afghanistan or iraq, i might listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: high drama with less than 100 days to go. abc news, washington. two weeks of convention over. but one more. the big star trek convention. the 50th anniversary of star trek first hitting tv screens. >> there will be plenty of stars there and fans can have their picture taken with them. a picture with whoopi goldberg will cost you $150. >> but a photo with william shatner will be $100. that is a good deal. a former member, just $80, and
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lavar burton, $40 per picture. that's a deal. that's a steal. >> i have to tell you -- >> not your bag? >> not my bag. >> even if it's not, you to love it. >> it's an important part of -- >> culture. everyone's culture. >> culture. >> coming up, the backyard tea party honoring a special guest, a fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair across from his pint size guest wearing the frilly peach colored frock with feathers in her hair, and there's quite a story behind it. >> and then there's the stories behind this. >> what is that? >> in honor of his guest appearance this week, we're spotlighting some of the whacky crazy thing that nick watt, or as i call him, nick what does. get it?
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this was the scene in vietnam as a tornado tore through. the powerful winds ripped off roofs and brought down power lines. the strong winds seemed to chase the man recording the scene from inside this car. you see buildings being ripped apart. debris sent everywhere. no one was seriously hurt. >> here at home a dramatic rescue saved the life of a little girl left inside a scorching hot car in colorado. >> it's a somber reminder to parents about how deadly, even just a few minutes can be for children locked inside a hot car. here's abc's marci gonzalez.
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>> reporter: firefighters in colorado shattering a window to rescue this little girl accidentally locked inside a vehicle on a hot day. first responders again reminding parents of the danger. >> even on a 70 degree day, we can see temperatures over 100 degrees temperature. >> reporter: this girl unharmed. in the past eight days at least two other children dying, trapped inside cars in the middle of the heat wave. in texas, a father going into church, later discovering his three-year-old son in the family vehicle. >> i'm very upset for the family. >> reporter: in missouri a two-year-old boy playing outside losing his life after accidentally locking himself in a hot car. already this year 23 children across the country have died of heatstroke in vehicles compared to 25 children in all of 2015. >> it seems easy. i'm not going to forget my kid in the car, but anybody can do
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it. put your purse or wallet in the backseat. it will make you look in the backseat again. >> reporter: and now seeks and car seats come with technology to remind drivers to look in the back before getting of the of the car. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> put your purse or wallet in the backseat. a good tip. >> we'll be right
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♪ >> i can talk now. when i heard that i would be working with the one and only nick watt, i was very excited, of course. lots of questions that i have for you, nick, but before we do that, i want to show our viewers some of the fascinating weird, wonderful things you do in your weird and wonderful career here at abc. >> you're calling me weird? >> and wonderful at the same time. it's a compliment. >> okay. >> check it out. >> did the vitamin c shower make me feel better? i don't know. i feel great, but maybe that's skrus because i'm in vegas. i was ready. >> less nasal. >> perfect. >> ask him his favorite color.
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>> this is the most romantic thing i've ever done. >> hello. >> hi. >> would you like to turn in your cell phones? >> i'm checking my cell phone for the duration of dinner with my wife. >> apparently the scenery is outstanding. >> i got into it and cut loose. >> it cost quite a lot of money to replace street signs and once it's down -- >> wow, he is so boring. i wish i had any cell phone back. >> i enjoyed it without a cell phone. next time maybe i'll try it without a camera crew. >>. >> have you made a mistake already? >> no. >> remember, that when you talk, talk down to us. most of us aren't as smart as you, and talking over our heads is just not polite. >> i'm serious. a vitamin c shower. i'm having mine right now. >> that one was weird, because the camera man got into the
2:51 am
shower with me. he was supposed to film from outside and he got in. >> what did you have on? anything at all? >> move on. >> you had nothing on. okay. and the noises, the gorilla monkey noises? >> that was an april fools. we pretended that guy who was actually my friend, bert, was a primetologist who figured out how primates talk. and we fooled people. but, listen, this california, i now live in california. i'm originally british. it's a perfect place for me. i don't see things like dog yoga has being strange. i've become californian and american. i love it. i also now go overseas to see the weird stuff. i was in scotland, and now i think scottish people are weird. >> what happened? >> the food, it's like eating the diced lungs and stuff. it's kind of strange. and the stuff they wear. my dad wears a tie every day.
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and he's not working. he's retired. >> that's very strange. >> nothing is as weird as that. california, i love you.
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k-y touch. ♪ it was t for two at a backyard tea party outside of dallas, texas. >> but this was no ordinary tea party, the kind that nick frequents. the guest and young hostess were an unlikely pairing brought together exactly one year ago by a frantic 9-1-1 call. >> reporter: a little girl
2:56 am
dressed up to drink tea and at the party as well, wearing blue, a cop named patrick ray. a friendship that began a year ago as a rescue. you can't tell it here. this video tape shows the moment when after swallowing a coin she was starting to suffocate before officer ray got her breathing again. >> it was the most beautiful sound i'd ever heard in my life. >> did he save your life? >> he did. >> reporter: the tea party was her mom's idea. >> this is a day i'll celebrate. because i have her. >> reporter: and so is celebrating the good work of cops. that's why the family prays for his safety every night. >> the night of the dallas shootings, he asked me if officer p ray was okay. i wasn't ready for that question from my five-year-old. >> reporter: and so it is cheers and bottoms up, both because
2:57 am
bexly is here and because, yes, real men do tea parties sometimes. apple jacks and oreos -- that's very sweet. >> real men do tea parties. >> do they? with this ridiculous business? >> you know you're not supposed to put your fingers through. >> you can do whatever you like. i think that is rubbish. >> from the british gentleman. >> however you feel comfortable is what matters. etiquette is rubbish. forget the british stuff. that's the news for this half hour. >> drink coffee. then you don't have to worry about it. >> follow us an facebook at see you in a bit.
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this morning on "world news now," presidential candidates are back on the trail. >> and donald trump's latest round of controversial comments playing right into the hands of hillary clinton. what he's now saying about the family of a fallen muslim american soldier that has many in his own party playing defense. >> extreme weather. heavy rain expected to drench the east as deadly flash floods sent cars floating through a maryland town. meanwhile, crews in california are working around the clock to stop the growing wildfires forcing residents to flee their homes. a car accident that looks just like a hollywood stunt. the vehicle rolls over half a dozen time, and the incredible efforts of good samaritans who jumped into action.
3:01 am
and it's come down to this. two men hoping for jojo's heart and hand in major. before we help her decide who it should be. we'll look back at the twists and turns of the bachelorette. our analyst is here to help us decided on this monday, the first day of august. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm very excited about the patch l bachelorette. you haven't seen it, but we'll tell you about it. >> they both look the same to me, but i can't wait. >> good morning. i'm linsey davis. >> and i'm nick watt. we begin with the race for the white house. the political conventions are firmly in the candidate's rear-view mirrors, and hillary clinton and donald trump are concentrating on battle ground states. >> clinton wrapped up a three-day bus tour across pennsylvania and ohio.
3:02 am
donald trump has campaigned rallied in both these states today. as he hits the campaign trail, trump is having to address some controversial statements. it is your voice, your vote. david wright has the details. >> reporter: rising anger over donald trump's response to a muslim family whose son paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> sacrifice, i don't think he knows the meaning of the sacrifice. >> reporter: the father of a u.s. soldier killed in iraq accused trump of having a black soul for telling george stephanopoulos he's made sacrifices like his sons. >> i've created tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. i've had tremendous success. i think that's a lot. >> those are sacrifices? >> sure. >> reporter: defending himself after this emotion moment at the
3:03 am
democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing, and no one -- >> reporter: trump also called out the soldier's mother who stood by silently at her husband spoke. >> the wife was standing there with nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> i was in pain. if you were in the pain, you fight, or you don't say anything. >> he is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. >> reporter: trump tweeted i was attacked by mr. khan. am i not allowed to respond in he called khan's hero, but insisted this is about radical islamic terror and the weakness of our leaders to e rat kate it. >> he is unfit to be commander in chief, and the latest attacks on the khan family just reinforces the doubts that any american should have.
3:04 am
>> reporter: this controversy has given the clinton campaign a boost as well as common ground with republicans. the house speaker has issued a statement saying many muslim americans have served value yia in our military. sergeant khan was one. >> one more political moment, a major republican donor is turning his back on donald trump. charles koch said they would hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure a republican won the white house, but now koch says he won't support trump, and that the money will go toward helping republican senate candidates in tight races. and breaking news from afghanistan. the taliban says it's behind the morning bombings of a popular hotel with westerners. the taliban claimed it used a truck bomb in the attack in kabul, and that casualties were high, but the group regularly exaggerates the impact of
3:05 am
attacks. the blast follows a suicide attack that killed more than 80 people in july. maryland's governor says deadly floods have left part of his state looking like a disaster movie. a city remains under a state of emergency. two people were killed when flood waters raced through the streets saturday. residents joined together to save each other. some forming a human chain to save a woman as her car was being swept away. >> california wildfires, more than 40,000 acres are in flames as a wildfire near california's big sur enters the tenth day. dozens of homes have been destroyed and thousands more are in danger. one death has been reported. a bulldozer operator working in the fire line, the flames are less than 20% contained. another wildfire north of fresno has forced the evacuation of 300
3:06 am
homes. investigators are saying some part of the hot air balloon made contact with power lines before crashing into a pasture. elizabeth hur reports from near the crash site. >> reporter: new video showing the heart of texas hot air balloon in the sky just before 7:00 saturday morning. then at 7:38, the same balloon captured again in these pictures, flying low over a farmland. just six minutes later, the crash, and the 9-1-1 calls. among those killed, the pilot and the owner of the company that operated the balloon. skip nickels. >> he loved what he did. his utmost, utmost priority was the safety to his passengers. >> it's very, very rare that we see an accident of this magnitude occur in the united states. >> reporter: fellow pilots and friends calling the accident tragic but rare.
3:07 am
but this crash is raising questions again about safety. just two years ago, the ntsb called for more regulation of the hot air balloon industry, siting operational deficiencies in the industry. at the time the faa deemed more oversight unnecessary, and now before those recommendations are revisited, officials say investigating this accident in texas thoroughly is priority. >> we're here to find out what happened so we can keep it from happening again. and that's our purpose in life. >> reporter: in short, ntsb officials say they look at three things. the human, the machine, and the environment. elizabeth hur, abc news, texas. health officials are continuing to monitor the progress of the zika virus in florida. miami residents are also remaining cautious after four people became infected. they're the first known cases of zika being transmitted by
3:08 am
mosquitos in the continental u.s. the transmission area is north of downtown home. solidarity following the killing of a priest. some muslims gathered in a cathedral near where the priest had his throat slit by two teenagers. and the pope said they need to believe in a new humanity, stronger than evil. he cautioned the crowd against concluding that one religion is more violent than another. here's a story eight years in the making. it will result in an emotional reunion. no tomorrow the star of the story is chihuahua, named dash. he disappeared from his owner's backyard in nevada. he was found recently wandering around that city.
3:09 am
we don't know what happened during the years, and dash isn't saying a word. his microchip helped to identify his owner who now lives in oklahoma. dash will fly there tomorrow to presumably live happily ever after sthch after? >> i'd say he's been chowing down. >> you think he looks big? isn't the whole point of the chip that you can find the dog? >> exactly. >> what was he doing for eight years? >> i'm confused. do you have a dog? >> no, but my children are begging. >> don't do it. >> children are hard enough. i don't need a dog. yeah. >> all right. coming up later in the mix. we're going to revisit the cross roads of politics and a dance that will forever live in infamy. >> first, a frightening car crash that could be from fast and furious. however, it was very real. we'll show you what bystanders did to help that driver. and that driver did survive.
3:10 am
later, it's our epic full season recap of the bachelorette. i'm so excited. nick hasn't watched any of it. we'll get to see the look on his face when we take you through the highlights. we'll look at all the losers jojo had to weed out before tonight's big finale. >> and remember, you can find us on facebook, and twitter at abcwnn. no losers allowed. you're watching "world news now." ♪ susie got all germy ♪ a cold, a bug, a flu ♪ when school was back in session ♪ ♪ those germs were shared with you ♪ back to school means back to germs. and every year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. but lysol spray and wipes kill 99.9% of germs... including common cold and flu viruses... to help protect your home and family. and now that lysol is the only disinfectant with box tops, you earn cash for your school, every time you lysol that.
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a terrifying car crash in florida caught on camera, the video showing the moment the car started rolling over and over again. >> the driver survived thanks to quick thinking eyewitnesss. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: this heart stopping crash came out of nowhere. the car flipping over nearly a cous do dozen times. police reviewing this video. good samaritans some of the rescue pulling the man through the window. lucky no one else was hit. the driver taken to the hospital. >> it gives me goose bumps. it's crazy that car flipped so many times and there was somebody in there that survived. >> reporter: bystanders made a life or death decision for that
3:15 am
driver. we're told he's being treated for his injuries, including head trauma. apparently if it happens to you take your hands off the wheel, feet off the pedals, and hope for the best. >> i won't remember a thing if that happens to me. coming up, the man who set a new record jumping from a plane 25,000 feet from the air without a parachute or wing suit. first, we're hours away from finding out who will win the heart of jojo. will it be jordan or robbie. either way, it's been a bumpy ride. we'll be back with p?p?o?gv
3:16 am
3:17 am
it's been a rough ten weeks for the bachelorette. and it will all end with the season finale tonight. season 12 has been a roller coaster. >> jojo having to something to a different guy each night. nick knows nothing about this. we'll tell him all about it. joining us is our senior bachelorette analyst. can you brief this man? >> we'll get him up, first, we have the rose. >> is it the most unlikely bachelorette? >> it's a growing community. as you know, nick, as you said, nick is a complete novice. that's okay. diane and kendis were here the entire season. much like something else going on right you, this season there were tears, threats of violence, desperate pandering. two dudes left. let's see how we got to where we
3:18 am
are. >> the bachelorette is jojo fletcher, quote, bring on the men. 26 of them in all. daniel, this is the traditional drunk guy on the first night. we'll call this weird guy the producer's pick. jordan rogers who is the younger brother of aaron rodgers. jordan rodgers gets the first impression rose. the villian is chad johnson. >> she'll see i'm better than the other guys. >> we'll call him ocho sin koe. they called him a jerk. they said he'd taken the term meat head to another level. off to the wilds of pennsylvania. one on one date with jojo and luke. the real fun was had in a hot tub in the middle of the woods. we'll play football. no one was all that good at it.
3:19 am
the two on one date, alex versus chad. >> alex, will you accept this rose? >> well, so much for chad. where the guys were hanging out, they were partying like ek lang won the european championship. they're talking about jordan's past. he says, i'm going to, quote, i'm falling in love with you. ro robbie, it went really well, especially when you're stripping off on the rocks. robbie goes i'm falling in love with you, jojo. the quarter final round, all taking place in argentina. two on one date, derek and chase, a two-man tango, with jojo playing the ping-pong ball. derek is thankfully gone. ♪
3:20 am
>> there were four guys left. chase, jordan, our man robbie, and luke. this is chase's hometown. he said that he's falling in love with jojo. jordan's hometown. >> where is aaron? >> he's not close with the family. frankly, not that happy. robbie's hometown, things got a little dicey when robbie went to talk to his mom. roommate of robbie's ex was kicking up a fuss that he broke up to go on the show. luke's hometown. luke couldn't get to the i love you part. luke calls a time-out and lays on the i love you thing, and jojo, the melt down. too late, luke. >> bye bye, luke. >> luke has got to go. off to thailand. jojo and our man robbie, foot massaging going on. they wind up in the fantasy suite. jojo and jordan, they were
3:21 am
sweating. things are going well for jordan. jojo and chase, they wind up in the fantasy suite. chase finally lays on the i love you thing. jojo has got to call a time-out. chase, you got to go. rose ceremony. chase makes like a soccer fan and invades the ceremony. by this point it's academic. the analyst is going to say that robbie, the former competitive swimmer, who we saw drinking wine straight from the bottle, robbie is the guy who will be down on one knee proposing major marriage to jojo. >> yeah. how about that? >> you still going with robbie? . >> you got to. i'm this close. >> i'm not going with robbie. >> they all look the same. it doesn't matter, does it? >> if robbie wins, the analyst picked the winner two seasons in a row. >> you have to be a beef cake to
3:22 am
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k-y touch. it is time for the mix. and this morning we're looking back 20 years -- we're just out of convention season, but -- >> this is the clue. >> is it something like this and then you jiggle? >> look at this. so that is hillary clinton and at the democratic national convention. >> look at that. she has less rhythm than me. that does not reflect on her abilities to lead this country. the haircut, the pantsuits, the clap. >> i think she looks fabulous. >> people are going for it. >> yes. >> very wisely, she sat this one out. can you do it? do you remember it? >> i mean, i was, of course, too young. >> it's the end. >> and then this, the jiggle.
3:26 am
i can't do it sitting down. you can imagine the jiggle. >> it goes they all want me, they can't have me. >> do they? >> i was in high school. i was definitely doing this dance. probably at the prom. >> i was a little out of high school and still doing the dance. >> yes. that's what was great about it. don't you wish there was a dance craze going on right now. here's the next one. it's a photographer. wildlife photographer in uganda. he's taking pictures of mountain gorillas. he runs into them. see? >> taking lice out of his hair? >> they surround him, and i would be terrified. the theory is they thought maybe he was one of their own because of his silver hair and black shirt. thank god he was wearing a black
3:27 am
t shirt. i don't know. that's the theory that they thought he was one of theirs so they sniffed him and went along their way. >> that does happen. i think they're chill if you are. isn't that the deal. >> he was pretty chill. i would not be chill. i would be freaking out. >> that is a lifetime experience. next, i believe we're going to japan. that is -- is that godzilla? >> it's japanese godzilla. >> he's trying to take a penalty kick. he misses. some other guy comes in and has to safe godzilla. >> i think this is a famous japanese actor, the other guy. >> the guy that took it? i don't know if you saw it from that shot. his penalty shot was pretty bad. it was basically straight at the goal keeper who had to move out of the way to avoid further embarrassment. >> this is also promoting the godzilla movie. >> okay. >> okay. we got to go.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." flash flood emergency, heavy downpours in the mid atlantic claim at least two lives. the they hope for a break in the rain as the northeast braces for a soaking accuweather. accuweather has the forecast. >> political backlash for donald trump after a controversial statement about the mother of a fallen american soldier. what he said about the muslim woman and the growing condemnation from within his own party. and new this half hour, scary moments at a demolition derby. >> a chunk of metal goes flying into the stanlds, hitting fans and sending some to the hospital. and who came out on top at the teen choice awards. the inspiration message from justin timberlake and the
3:31 am
political theater. the full story is ahead in the skinny on this monday, august 1st. good morning. i'm nick watt. >> i'm linsey janice. flash floods in maryland leave behind incredible scenes of destruction near baltimore. have a look at these images. >> six inches of rain in a two hour period turned streets into rivers. a state of emergency remains in effect today. residents and crews try to clean up. >> the severe weather led to a vacation tragedy for a family in north carolina. a five-year-old boy dead after being struck by lightning during an afternoon at the beach. gloria riviera has some of the deadly weather.
3:32 am
>> reporter: deadly flash floods in maryland. killing two. the water threatening to sweep this driver into danger. one man tries to help her, but is knocked down. moments later a human chain forms as the woman crawls out of her car, pulled to safety. >> there's people in the water. >> reporter: some left desperately clinging to vehicles september away -- swept away by the floods. main street, an historic city turned into a massive river, swallowing up cars and crashing them into one another. the aftermath, cars stacked on top of each other. this suv flipped nose first into a canal. a lot of the city is built on top of a river. when a flood like this happens, a lot of it is washed away. buildings, roads and power lines suffered extensive damage.
3:33 am
>> second floors collapsed into the foundation. sidewalks and roadways were completely washed away. >> reporter: community members are desperate to get into their businesses to assess the extent of the damage. officials saying it is not safe enough to go in. this scene gives you a sense of the force of the flooding. two cars flipped sideways smashed into each other. the smell of gas in the air. search and rescue are on the job 24 hours a day and have never seen anything like this. abc news, maryland. the question now, how many other cities may be in the path of that powerful system. >> paul williams is tracking it for us. good morning, paul. good morning. we're looking for widespread scattered showers throughout the entire northeast. the ohio valley, even toward the southeast. however, for three major cities, new york, philadelphia, and d.c., we're looking for locally heavy thunderstorms. we're looking for the possibility of flooding right along 95 as you go through all three of these major cities. the downpours could last into
3:34 am
the afternoon. >> thanks, paul. now to the presidential campaign trail and the backlash donald trump is facing over his comments about the family of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq. his father spoke of the democratic convention accusing trump of never sacrificing anything. and questioned whether he had even read the constitution. in response, trump said he's made a lot of sacrifices, including the creation of thousands of jobs. trump also took issue with the silence from the soldier's mother at last week's convention. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. plenty of people have written that. she was extremely quiet. >> she is firing back saying she was in pain about her son's death, and that she could not speak at the convention. hillary clinton and the democrats have been attacking trump about the controversy
3:35 am
since it started. >> he is temperamentally unfit, and unqualified to be president of the united states. and the latest attacks on the khan family just reinforces the doubts that any american should have. >> both mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have issued statements condemning any criticism of muslim americans who serve the country. their statements also reject the idea of banning muslims from traveling to the u.s., but they don't mention trump by name. in texas, the hot air boo balloon involved in a crash may have sparked a fire. we're learning more about the 16 people who died. >> reporter: families waiting for word.
3:36 am
coming to grips that their loved ones may never come home. >> it's a lot to take in. >> reporter: jan stuart's daughter and her husband sent snap chat pictures the morning of the disaster. she hasn't heard from them since. >> she started snap chatting with me. i had pictures as they were taking off. pictures looking down on the pasture, and then they came to an end. >> reporter: the couple from san antonio newlyweds, married only six months ago. >> always saw the best in everything and in everyone. she lived life to the fullest. >> reporter: the family of joe and tressa schieffer also fear they are among the deceased, telling abc news the couple cherished spending time with their kids and grandchildren. the pilot and owner of the company who operated the balloon being remembered by friends. >> he loved what he did. his utmost, utmost priority was the safety to his passengers. >> reporter: abc news, texas. >> thank you, phillip. there are new concerns about olympic security just ahead of
3:37 am
the games. a laptop and team shirts were stolen from the australian team's accommodation on friday while the building was being evacuated because of a small fire. this comes after word that the private security firm hired for the games has been fired and is being replaced by the rio police. also in brazil, a kidnapping comes to an end. bernie akl ston's mother-in-law is free. ten days after she was abducted from her home, she was not hurt, and she was released without a ransom being paid. the two alleged kidnappers wanting more than $36 million. both of them are in custody. a major scare at a demolition derby in utah. after one collision the drive shaft from a truck was thrown 30 rows deep into the crowded bleachers. the metal piece about three feet long hit three spectators who were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay.
3:38 am
and the new miss teen usa is keeping her crown despite some racist tweets from a few years ago. she won the title. soon after racist tweets were found on a twitter account with her name. she admitted using language she's not proud of. she has apologized saying she's grown as a person since posting the offensive tweets. she says she'll use her platform to advocate for those involved by drug and alcohol abuse. nasa is going to look at a big rock that could give the earth a big gold. jolt. >> a so-called armageddon asteroid is 1600 feet in diameter and about 120 years it may get close enough that the earth's gravity pulls it right toward us. scientists say if it hit the impact would be 200 times the strength of the atomic bomb dropped in hiroshima.
3:39 am
i think i probably won't lose sleep over this. >> they all the say it's getting close, but close to them is not close to us? . >> it's fascinating tough. >> fascinating. >> i'm not getting my undies in a bunch yet. >> nickers in a twist. i know that one. coming up, a unique tree that is gracing the english country side. somewhere you're familiar with. it appears to be taking on a political stance. can you guess who that is? >> and -- yes, i can. and with the political rhetoric heating up on this side of the pond, the simpsons offered that now infamous question. who do you want answering the white house phone at 3:00 a.m. you're watching "world news now." introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. ylysol with hydrogen peroxide. bleach. for a tough clean with zero percent bleach. lysol that.
3:43 am
check out the smiley face spotted from this volcano's crater during an ongoing eruption. that's incredible. >> is that real? >> yeah. a videographer captured this from a hawaii volcano. it reached the sea for the first time in three years. i feel like the volcano is doing one of those evil laughs. >> that is bizarre, but not as bizarre as this. how about this tree in england? you'd probably be right to say it resembles a certain republican presidential candidate and his famous hairdo. no topiary involved on the tree. it's an old elm tree that a photographer happened to spot in a field he says, quote, it's not
3:44 am
every day that you see a tree that looks like donald trump. it was so odd. our producers told us about this tree, and i trumped them by telling them about this that i saw on social media. back in april, it's a field of what's called bunch grass in norway. it became known as donald trump's field of wigs. of course, he isn't wearing a wig. >> what are they? >> it's bunch grass. i don't think they have coconuts there. >> high above the trees in california, an expert daredevil sky diver achieved a feat no other sky diver has accomplished. >> he jumped from a plane 25,000 feet in the air without a parachute and lived to tell the tale. >> reporter: they're off. free fall. this man in green plummeting 25,000 feet to earth. no parachute.
3:45 am
no wing suit. broadcast live on fox television. the world watching. >> what makes you the most nervous? >> i have a wife and a son. i plan on being here a long time. >> reporter: how did he pull off this feat? a 100 foot wide net 20 stories off the ground his only chance for survival. his helmet beeps and red lights flash if he's off target. dummies drop to test the net. one crashing through. the team makes adjustments. he dropped from a crane learning to angle his body and land on his back. then the practice jumps. how many times have you jumped in the last six months? >> roughly over 200 jumps training for this. >> reporter: speeding down at 120 miles per hour, the dare level nails it. >> he's in. and he's kicking and moving. >> reporter: landing to cheers and relieved hugs.
3:46 am
>> history made as he hugs his wife. >> reporter: luke aiken surviving the ultimate thrill ride. >> i mean, what was going through his head? after he could barely talk. so i don't think he could connect -- >> and so you have a death wish. why do you do this? >> and a four-year-old kid. and a wife. >> i don't get it. thrill seekers. >> no parachute on purpose. silly. when we come back, the surprise appearance by hillary clinton and donald trump sort of, at last night's teen choice awards. >> and simpsons take on the donald himself. "the skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ ♪ >> time now for the skinny. topping the headlines this morning, the year's teen choice awards. >> and the star studded event honored big name stars from movies and tv and music to sports and fashion. all voted on by fans. >> taking top honors for breakout star, daisy ridley for her role in "star wars," the force awakens. >> and the role in neighbors two, sorority rising. >> justin timberlake accepted
3:49 am
the first decade award, delivering an inspirational speech, taking aim at bullies. urging kids to be compassi comp with each other. and as they work their way through the world, their choices, he told them, do matter. >> justin timberlake, a figure that makes me feel old. in a bit of political relief. they took on hillary clinton and donald trump. really rocking the hair, pearls and pantsuit, and justice nailed it with the dark suit and hair. >> very cool. >> the decade award to justin timberlake. >> enough. next, also getting political the simpson. >> they've released a short skit answering that question from hillary clinton of 2008 campaign ad, who do you want answering the white house phone at 3:00 a.m. >> and this is how they showed trump doing it. >> oh, and put my name on the
3:50 am
lincoln memorial. make christy eat a worm for laughs. and make he scrambled eggs on a gold plate. what? fine. i'll be right there. [ bell ringing ] >> the simpsons, by the way, is on a summer hiatus and returns for the 18th season this is the fourth installment of the series premiered last night and right from the beginning it skewered "star wars." starting with the scrolling prologue calling it the forth awakens. >> it featured a healthy dose of "star wars" puns.
3:51 am
alongside tara reid. i'll watch anything involving the hoff. there's fire breathing, nail throwing, sandblasting nightmares. >> in addition to the celebrity cameos, sharknado four featured a cow nado, nado. ail nado and nuclear nado. >> so bad it's good. i will not hear a bad word. and finally, rounding out the fantasy report, some sad news for harry potter fans? >> no more books. j.k. rowling put to rest the rumors of any books on the way.
3:52 am
saying harry is down now. period. end of story.
3:53 am
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a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. ♪ >> blowing it all sky high. in jersey city, new jersey. there are a group of enthusiasts taking drone racing to another level. >> it's what some -- formula one of drone racing? >> reporter: 100 drone pilots right here in new jersey. the liberty cup, the only drone race with new york city in the backdrop. >> it's a mix of video games, vr.
3:56 am
>> i designed the this course so it's like a free wheeling roller coaster ride. the top speeds can be over 100 miles per hour. the key is go fast but don't crash. not always the easiest thing to do. what are your main concerns with racing against these competitors? >> trying to keep it in the air and not crash. >> reporter: do you have a call sign? >> i'm just known as zoo mas. >> reporter: that sounds fast to me. >> it comes naturally. >> reporter: what's your call sign? >> i go with oh my god, and -- >> reporter: oh my god. this looks complicated. >> it's not. we wear these goggles, and whatever we see on here is what the drone sees. this is where all the magic happens. >> reporter: can i feel and see what it looks like. as long as you promise not to fall over. that's happened before. >> reporter: if it's happened, i might do that. ♪ whoa. oh, my goodness. dude, you're making me sick to
3:57 am
my stomach. whoa. oh, my god. that's why they call you that. i'm almost falling over. >> don't fall over. >> reporter: that was unbelievable. i think i like this sport. >> that is pretty amazing. but bad weather, next few days is going to play havoc with that. i have a confession. i was in the park the other day. i hit a guy with my drone, and it was flying around his ankles. he was trying to jump and i was making it worse by trying to land it. but it was taking off. >> did he want money? people usually want money. >> it almost went up the leg of his shorts, but he was very understanding. >> how big is your drone? >> it's a tiny little thing. >> i think i've seen those. difficult to control. >> very difficult to control. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now." informing
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, backlash growing. donald trump's comments about a fallen soldier's family, now a flash point in the campaign. the republican nominee getting blasted from members of his own party an by hillary clinton. we're live in washington. extreme weather. several inches of rain overnight flooding streets in the northeast. the cleanup underway in maryland after a town is devastated by flash floods. plus, tracking the tropics. the storm starting to take shape that could soon become a pr tropical storm. hours after being crowned being criticized for social media posts that use racial slurs. this morning she and the pageant are commenting about the controversy.


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