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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 2, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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to get the flame under control. it is monday night and the story is fire in doylestown. "action news" reporter is live at 636 north main street. the place burned right through the roof. what is the latest there. crews left the scene. now the investigation begins. the business is a total loss. the shop is closed on monday and fire officials don't believe anyone was inside at the time. from chopper 6 you can see smoke and flames through the roof of a remodelling store. it started as nearby workers were heading home. >> didn't look like anything. >> for three hours, 150
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firefighters were to douse the flames, first from inside, but driven out by the intense heat and collapses in the rear of the building. because of the construction, even though it's one story here, there are two separate stories below it, which makes for a very difficult situation. >> it seemed like it was slowing down, then the flames back up again. >> fire officials say kitchen and bath cabinets fueled the fire for hours. tanker trucks called in to help. >> they decided the pressure was starting to drop on the system. they brought in two tanker task forces. >> reporter: the firefighters took regular breaks and checked by ems, a major operation drawing dozens of spectators, some not surprised it took so long to get under control. the original stuff in there.
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it was a good sized building. >> reporter: the neighboring barbershop may have sustained smoke and water damage. five people taken to the hospital, three firefighters and a bystander with heat related symptoms and a pico worker. the fire marshall is investigating, but no word on a cause. live in doylestown, jeff chirico, channel 6 "action news." the flash flood watch for the trenton area has been extended until 6:00 a.m. we continue to be concerned about pop-up storms that could deposit a substantial amount of rain in a short amount of time. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking it all in the double scan radar. >> the downpours are not widespread. those who are seeing them are getting hit pretty hard. zooming, in lancaster is under the gun. we have a cluster of
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thunderstorms crossing downtown lancaster right across 283. not a lot of lightning, only five lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. we have had heavy rain and a cluster up and down that has been breaking up south of redding, crossing the pennsylvania turnpike between 222 and 176. i want to show you the rainfall totals, though. earlier this evening, we had one batch of heavy downpours in berks county. 2.5 inches of rain fell in a short period of time. they have been causing areas of isolated flooding. the flash flood watch continues until 6:00 in the morning for all areas north of philadelphia. these are the areas that got the heavier rain over the weekend. some areas three to six inches. the ground is saturated. if we have one to two inches of rain, it could cause flash flooding. things will clear up tomorrow.
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jim? >> thank you. the "action news" morning team will be monitoring the flash flood watch that continues until 6:00 and we'll see if there's any impact from the rain on the morning commute 6789 they are on the air beginning at 4:30 a.m. officials in maryland say repairing damage from flash flooding over the weekend will cost millions of dollars. a month's worth of rain fell in two hours on saturday, sending rushing water into the streelts and into businesses and carrying away cars. two people were killed when they went out into the storm and got swept away. at least 25 buildings were damaged and roads destroyed. the governor declared a state of emergency. we have learned a 5-year-old boy killed by lightning while on vacation in north carolina was from landsdown, delaware county. it happened on the outer banks yesterday afternoon in the remote beach area. 5-year-old steven little and his
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family were trying to get away from the storm, back to your suv when the boy was struck. they are working through the night to repair a broken water main. the 16-inch cast-iron main burst at 8:00. fortunately, it is not affecting water service for customers. the road is expected to be closed until 8:00 in the morning. police continue to investigate a melee at a northeast philadelphia wawa. it was a different kind of food fight. "action news" reporter, kris kr christie ileto is live outside the wawa. what happened there. >> reporter: i spoke exclusively to the good samaritan to help the employee at the center of the altercation only to get attacked and then in the middle of a brawl. >> the friday night melee
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unfolded in this wawa. >> we was in the store. >> what happened? >> the customers wanted to beat up a worker. >> reporter: what you see in the video are all family members. one or two people began screaming at a wawa employee. >> another customer came to the workers defense and then they started fighting him. then they all -- there was a bunch of them, they were all related. they started tearing the wawa up. >> they started trashing the store. i couldn't get to it. i called the police. i came back and they were trashing the store again. >> actively investigating the incident. >> reporter: it's not clear what started this.
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vandalism in the store. >> people that aren't dealing with a clear head and are irate and acting in the way they are acting. they don't do things that make sense. >> protecting somebody else. everybody else was standing there video taping it. nothing was happening. they were destroying the place. >> reporter: wawa tells us they are working with police. if you recognize the people in that video, you are asked to contact detectives. christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. philadelphia police want to find a killer who gunned down a man in logan. the victim was shot near the intersection of germantown street. he was rushed to a medical center where he was pronounced dead. if you have children, lock up your guns, the message from jewel williams. they are giving away trigger
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locks for free to make it happen. tonight they were handed out at fair hills square park in north philadelphia. it's part of an effort to reduce shootings involving minors, accident, suicide and homicide. more free locks will be distributed at a national night out event tomorrow at 32nd and cumberland, no questions asked. donald trump, tonight, calls hillary clinton the devil. trump was speaking to a rally in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania. >> if you would have not done anything, go home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> earlier today, in columbus, trump called the election process into question. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. >> all this came as trump's feud with the family continued.
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they lost their son in a suicide attack in iraq. trump created a severe backlash against the nominee. in carson city, nevada, mike pence tried to make peace. >> an american hero. [ applause ] >> we cherish this family, we cherish all the gold star families in this country. >> hillary clinton spent much of the day in omaha, nebraska, receiving the endorsement of billionaire investor, warren buffett. he hit trump's bankruptcies and asked why trump won't release his tax returns. he says the audit excuse doesn't hold water. i have news for him. i would be delighted to meet him
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any place, anytime between now and election. i'll bring my tax returns, he can bring his tax returns. nobody is going to arrest us. >> referring to trump's ins insistence he made sacrifices. he said they have not made them like military families. he called trump's comment the final straw. clinton is seeing a bounce in the poll. she's jumped seven points since the last head-to-head match up with trump leading 52- 43% in the last orc poll of registered voters. it came with backing of bernie sanders backers. she was eight points ahead counting the libertarian party and the green party. family and friends mourn the loss of a philadelphia firefighter who died in the line of duty last week.
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the viewing took place at deliverance evangelistic church in philadelphia on sunday. last sunday, lee was found unresponsive by firefighters hours after he responded to a fire. he was working with ladder company 12 in north philadelphia. his funeral will take place tomorrow. probing the deadly shootings last night . neighbors say smith was the boyfriend. they were shot in the forest garden apartments. she shared the yupt with her 19-year-old son. it has been 72 hours and there are still more questions than answers tonight about why a south jersey homeowner and a jersey state police exchanged
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gunfire. they are investigating because troopers responded to the wrong address in deerfield township after a 911 hang up. state police shot 76-year-old gerald psychs inside his home. he fired his shotgun because the troopers never identified themselves and he thought they were intruders. police dispute the troopers did not identify themselves. coming up on "action news," a rare warning for pregnant women because of the zika virus. there is a travel advisory to stay away from a destination in the u.s. also, the end of the line for people trying to get a free ride. enforcing a new fair policy. cecily, you have accuweather. >> the high today, 80. the coolest day in three weeks. we have a tropical humidity. i amtraking drier air on the way. i'll let you know when. the phillies game plan and the trade deadline with
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inspiration. our first look inside the newly biltmore monochurch in philadelphia when "action news" continues tonight.
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tonight, pregnant women are being told to stay away from a section of miami, florida, just north of towntown where more than a dozen people have been infected with the zika virus. the center of disease control issued the warning tonight after announcing there were ten new infections bringing the total in the state to 14. patients contracted the virus from local mosquitos. florida governor, rick scott, asked the cdc to send an emergency response team to the state. >> no time in recent history has cdc told a group of people in
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the united states not to go to another part of the united states. >> zika can lead to birth defects. do not put your head under water is the warning to athletes and tourists heading to the olympics in rio dde janeiro. the study found the water is contaminated with raw sewage and virus and bacteria. they found high viral levels in the sand in the famous beaches. then there's the question of security. members of the u.s. olympic team arrive in rio today, armed personnel are visible across the city. military craft are patrolling the waters and skies above rio and expect 85,000 military troops and police officers will be deployed, which is double
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what london had in 2012. it's not clear who is supposed to be screening the crowds trying to get into the venues. the justice minister announced the national guard would have to take over that function since a private security contractor wasn't ready. american warplanes are hitting isis targets at the request of the u.n. backed government there. the bombings are in the islamic stronghold along the mediterranean coast. they say this is the start of a more intense role. no ground forces will be deployed there. investigators say the pilot of a hot air baa lon that crashed on saturday in texas had four drunk-driving convictions and more than 40 customer complaints. all 16 people on board died when the balloon hit high tension power lines and burst into flames. investigators are looking into the balloon and weather conditions for answers.
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septa riders need to purchase a ticket beforehand. you can't buy one because of a new policy that went into effect as a result of overcrowded trains. >> so many people on the trains the conductors can't get on and off safely. >> the ticketing policy is temporary until they can get the defective rail cars into service. they will have to buy a train ticket at one of five stations in the city. temple, jefferson and 30th street. we got our first look inside pennsylvania's first mormon temple. the newly completed church of jesus christ of latter day saints in pennsylvania is located in spring garden in the 1700 block of vine street featuring crystal chandeliers and furnishings designed to
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compliment historic philadelphia. they say they considered the design of surrounding buildings during construction. >> like taking a step back into the founding fathers when you come into the philadelphia temple. different from other temples in that regard. >> the temple will be open for public tours between august 10 and september 9 after the dedication, only church members considered to be in good standing will be able to center the temple. we have some pop-up weather to speak of. here is cecily. >> with the high humidity, the area is getting storms and heavy downpours. they are isolated. storm tracker 6 showing right now the concentration of the heaviest storms right over lancaster county has been crossing downtown lancaster. it's hitting between 272 and route 30. it's all drifting very slowly to the south and the east.
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it's beginning to lose some of its punch as it does, lightning strikes down to three. they have been dropping heavy downpours as we head through the overnight hours. that has caused the risk of isolated flash flooding. temperature wise across the board in the 70s, philadelphia 73. allentown, 74. dover, 75 and cape may 74 degrees. we have dew points in the 70s. a lot of moisture in the air. we'll keep the moisture through part of the day tomorrow. 76, along with action radar showing the area of unsettled weather. this is drifting to the south tomorrow. the weather is improving. the morning rush, the skies are going to look like it did this morning. plenty of clouds. spotty showers. muggy at 6:00. 72. by 8:00, 73. around lunchtime, mostly cloudy skies with a few spotty showers and drier air gradually filters
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in as we head to the afternoon. the skies will be brightening by 5:30. some peaks of sunshine and the high pressure will really take control on wednesday and thursday. that will bring us very comfortable conditions. tomorrow, still on the muggy side. not as impressive as today. morning clouds. isolated shower possible. cape may 79 and wilmington, 83 degrees. temperatures a little on the cool side. it's august now. this is typically the month when the tropics really ramp up and hurricane hunter will be heading toward this way, the southeast of jamaica to investigate. at this point, looks like an 80% chance that will become tropical storm earl. jamaica already expecting to see tropical storm conditions could be heading toward the camen islands. it will not affect the lower 48. the exclusive seven day forecast, lots of clouds, breaks
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of sunshine and isolated storms. muggy, 82 degrees. a breath of fresh air wednesday, 84, low humidity. nice thursday, 86. friday, humidity begins to creep back in, 88 degrees. music fest begins friday evening. the weekend, kind of a 50/50 weekend, hot and humid saturday. 91 degrees. thunderstorms late in the day with a cold front behind that. we get into a more comfortable air mass. monday partly sunny with a high of 87. of course, we have a few spotty showers tomorrow. we'll be tracking them beginning at 4:30 in the morning. >> thank you. still to come on "action news," the trade dead
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. well, the rookies general manager to see what he does with the trading deadline. >> we are going to see the same thing tomorrow as today. he didn't do anything. they let the mlb trade deadline come and go. the phillies hang on to
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hellickson. >> we have had a lot of dialogue with quite a few teams about, you know, a number of players on our club. never once did i feel the appropriate balance would be struck with the return and the trade. >> the manager pete ma cannen was talking trades. they asked the skipper about the deadline and getting something done. >> how do you think i feel? i mean, i would like to have the best hitting and best pitching in the league. the goal of the phillies right now is to win a series, get back to where we were. i couldn't agree more. we are not going to do something just to do something. the fans are antsy, we are
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antsy. >> plenty of cake. mackanin is celebrating his birthday tonight. the number three quarterback has been getting the pub. the eagles top pick this year. bradford is traini ining to ign the outside noise. he understands the interest in wendt. >> obviously, the second pick of the draft. there's going to be excitement about that. it's good. it's good for the team. obviously, i just have to deal with it. really, i don't think it's that big of a deal at all, to be honest. >> sam is doing great. he's incredibly accurate. really good command of what's going on out there. then the media room, he's been helpful as well. i have been picking up things with him. it's good. >> still ahead, see how fog
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affects the nascar
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at the end of this week with their first practice. they are coming off the first season to get national attention. coaches are looking for more of the same. >> unfinished business. it's where we feel our team is. we got there. we didn't win. we want to do it again. five of the last seven years. there's no reason temple
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shouldn't be a top 25 program. nascar poconos race was rained out yesterday. villanova back on the court today. the wildcat has a summer jam scrimmage. they are headed to an eight-day exhibition tour. >> the fog rolls in. the race is stopped. chris busher is the winner. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6. chris pine, bachelorette jo-jo fletcher. "action news" continues at 4:30 can tamala edwards, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. from the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. from the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good evening.e 50 to 85:
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