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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 2, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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that was a sincere "thanks, babe," 'cause i missed you so much today and i love you. and now we're out of wine. oh, i'm sorry. look, you can have my glass, and i'll go get us another bottle. that's right, buddy. get used to it. (door opens and closes)
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a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. it onlyeveryday item tofor an become dangerous. always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them up. keep them closed. keep them safe. why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish® jet-dry in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry. for drier, shinier dishes. a rescue after an elderly man drove his car into a
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michigan state. good samaritans freed the man. he was taken to the hospital. they think a medical episode led to the accident. >> thank god for those good samarita samaritans. overseas to a very different kind of water rescue. >> over the weekend more than 1,000 people were rescued from mediterranean sea risking everything to flee north africa. we have more on saving lives and catching lawbreakers. >> reporter: this is the front line. a multibillion dollar industry fueling the refugee crisis, and this is operation sophia. the response to bodies washing ashore. 120 on libya's beaches last
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month. here on the flag ship, the itsgirabaldi. the mandate, saving lives and sending smugglers to italian courts. >> we're saving a lot of lives. that's very important. and for the first time we are -- we made one more step. this lieutenant was the pilot flying last week when 120 people were brought on board and three suspects captured, but the big bosses remain out of reach. we're just 40 nautical miles off the libyan coast. this fleet only operates in international waters. these guys are watching and waiting for smugglers to leave the libyan waters so they can close in. the fleet has five ships flying the eu flag and flhelicopters patrol every morning spotting boats and gathering evidence.
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>> i want to set our position in a way that they can intervene if there is any rescue operation to do, but they can also intervene to board the suspect on board. >> reporter: some 80 suspects have been hauled in since the start of the operation last october, and they claim they've saved more than to,000 lives directly. an average of 800 refugees and migrants attempt this route every day. more than 230,000 people have crossed the med train and landed in europe every year. nearly 3,000 dead this year. that's 1,000 more than this time last year. >> reporter: they continue the mission tonight waiting at the gates to europe with calm seas and warm temperatures. thousands more will likely risk their lives and many will likely
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die trying to make it to the other side. molly hunter, abc news, off the libyan coast. coming up, the racial scandal surrounding the newly crowned miss teen usa. >> what she's saying about the offensive language she used years ago in a series of tweets. you're watching "world news now." p?p?o?gv
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the newly crowned miss teen usa is coming under fire for using offensive language in a series of old tweets. >> she's apologizing. she gets to keep her title, but that's not enough for some of her critics. >> miss teen usa texas. >> at the center of a twitter scandal. >> miss teen usa. >> reporter: not long after taking home the title on
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saturday, karlie hay coming under fire after a series of racist tweets from her social media account came back to haunt her. the tweets dating back to 2013 show hay using the n word repeatedly while writing to friends on twitter. the former miss texas teen taking to social media admitting she's used the language publicly in the past. and it's something she's not proud of, and there's no excuse for. citing personal struggles as the cause. the tweets causing an online fire storm. many expressing their outrage. former miss teen usa cammy crawford called out hay, questioning why she left the tweets up knowing she was competing for the crown. crawford tweeting if you win any pageant, first things first, clean up your page. if you're under 2 is, you shouldn't be drinking, and you're white, the n word ain't
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your word. the miss universe organization defended the winner saying she'll keep can her crown and that the organization is committed to supporting her continued growth. the pageant was already facing backlash for the lack of diversity among saturday's finalist after the top five was revealed to include only blonde, white women. and a reminder that karlie hay will be on good morning america later for her first interview since the story broke, but first, he's not blonde. but he will soon be showing some skin of his soon. and scales. and fins. >> because our parent company disney is moving forward with a remake of the 1984 film, splash, but with a twist. channing tatum is playing the mermaid character. >> in the original she rescued a
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young boy and gives the boy the option of life or land or every the sea. i know your choice. he told us how much he love this is film earlier. >> that character was played by tom hanks. now opposite tatum is bell. they previously worked together on 22 jump street. apparently this was her idea. she's one of my favorites. she was "on the night before". she was on one of the best episodes of "curb your enthusiasm". channing tatum is a beef cake and doesn't take himself too seriously. that movie was one of my favorites. not just because of daryl hannah walking around. it was deep. it's a choice of -- it's a forever choice. it's existence. you're not buying this, are you? >> well, i've been watching the
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bachelorette. big decision making. i get it. >> coming up, the millionaire match maker. ♪ susie got all germy
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every time you lysol that. ♪ >> doing my best to get nick jamming. >> dancing. >> after last night's dramatic season finale of the bachelorette, many of us are left wondering if it's that hard for beautiful tv stars to find love. what hope is there for mere mortals? >> now the woman known as the millionaire match maker is weighing in. we're up night with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> i have a present for you. you're going to be accident happened when i decide to accident happen you. >> reporter: finding love on
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television can be tricky. perhaps no one knows that better than patti stanger. >> meet my millionaires. >> reporter: the reality tv queen has spent almost a decade finding matches for millionaires. now the dating guru is taking her talents to we tv, she says she's helping some of her most challenging high profile clients yet. >> seven days of boot camp. >> reporter: she gave us a crash course on coupling up. number one, take a personal inventory. >> what are you looking for? >> reporter: second, try a new look. >> do a makeover. change your hair style. >> reporter: to person who says i hear what you're saying but i warrant to be me. >> good luck. i'm sorry. it's packaging. we brand everything. why wouldn't we brand ourselves? >> reporter: and number three, summer is the season of love. so get going.
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>> when you're on the east coast and it's freezing all the time, you better until you date in the summer. >> reporter: what are your favorite places to meet sun? >> you want to go by the beach. see the guys playing volleyball. >> reporter: that fairy tale ending could be right around the corner. i have a great patti stanger quote here. she doesn't like the woman to do the calling. she says you're interrupting his processing time. he's processing whether he wants to date you or not, and if you interrupt, you become his mother, because now you're telling him what to do. men are simple. if they're not interested, they won't call. >> i disagree. i used to dial and then hang up as soon as they answered. i'm that guy. >> you lost me there.
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this morning a major development in the battle against zika virus. >> a first for the cdc warning against travel within thenitis. the unprecedented move comes as there are more cases of the virus contracted by mosquitos in florida. the urgent steps being taken to stop the disease from spreading. and a big advance for hillary clinton in the race for the white house beating trump in a poll, and could the controversy around trump be behind the dip in the polls? shock and outrage in court. a judge upon learning an inmate had been denied clothing in jail, asked if this is the tie light zone. the judge then calling the jail directly from the bench.
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then the perils of finding love online. critics say tinder is less about the heart, and social media isn't designed to finding your soul mate. could we have stumbled upon the app that's the uber of finding a love match? good morning. i'm nick watt. >> i'm linsey janice. our top story this half hour is the frightening warning about travel right here in the u.s. because of zika virus cases in miami. it's the first time there's been a domestic travel warning from the cdc. >> 14 confirmed cases in miami. the number of inspectors will double from 12 to 32. they're looking for mosquito breeding hot spots. and we have more from miami. >> reporter: workers are
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spraying in the heart of ground zero where that zika outbreak is growing. >> on top of the four cases on friday, we have ten more cases. >> reporter: leading to the unprecedented travel advisory. the cdc recommending pregnant women avoid wyn wood. impossible for this woman who lives a block away from the zone. the cdc telling women who visited the area not to get pregnant for eight weeks. health officials seen going door to door testing hundreds of residents and handing out pamphlets. this man learned he has zika virus. six of the cases are people out symptoms like most who get the virus. and now new concerns mosquitos in the area would be resistant to pesticides. >> mosquito control efforts don't appear to have been as effective as we hoped.
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>> reporter: health officials say they expect for cases. they're experimenting with pesticides in hopes of controlling this mosquito. abc news, miami. >> the zika virus can linger in blood and urine for weeks, and in sperm for months. the infections can cause severe brain-related birth defects, including microreceively. one person who truly understands what's at risk, a 19-year-old from florida. he is begging parents to be careful. >> don't get zika virus. don't get it. please don't. i can't read. i can't write. i can't live on my own. i can't do anything. >> his mother calls ate matter of life and death. the zika virus has led to more than 1800 serious birth defects worldwide. they have asked for a cdc emergency response team.
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overseas where the u.s. has become more deeply involved in the battle against isis in libya. american forces launched two air strikes on the coastal city targeting isis tanks and vehicles. it's amid growing fears in europe that the isis stronghold in north africa could inspire more attacks. more air strikes are expected in the coming weeks. an fbi agent admits to sending sensitive information for the u.s. to china. he worked at the fbi's new york office. the naturalized u.s. citizen had top secret security clearance. he's likely to get a prison sentence of about two years. hillary clinton is enjoying a healthy bounce in support following last week's convention in philadelphia. after the republican convention, trump had the lead.
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now just days after the democratic national convention, a reversal. clinton has opened up a nine point lead. 52 to 43. trump is facing grows criticism over his war of words with the parents of a fallen american soldier. we have the latest. >> reporter: donald trump on the campaign trail. still hounded by these words. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> reporter: the muslim couple condemning donald trump and his proposed ban on some muslim immigration at the democratic national convention. invoking their son who was killed in action in iraq. trump's question by george stephanopoulos. >> what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs.
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built great structures. >> those are sacrifices? >> sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> reporter: that answer drawing more anger from military families demanding an apology. mr. khan asked for empathy. >> you do not malign the whole religion and culture. we are the solution to the dealing with the terrorism. >> reporter: trump says he will not apologize. >> all i did is respond, and i will always respond. >> reporter: and trump insists. >> i do honor their son. i honor all people that were killed as military or otherwise. >> reporter: but republican senator john mccain said in a statement, while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it's not an unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us. other gold star families as well as the head of the vfw have demanded donald trump change his
3:07 am
tone and apologize to military families. now to a disturbing seen inside a kentucky courtroom. a female inmate appeared in court without pants. the woman said she was in the jail that way for days. despite requests for clothing. the outraged judge was having none of it calling the jail from the bench. >> am i in the tie light zone? what is happening? she has requested pants for three days and has been denied. she has no pant and she's in court, and she's also been denied feminine hygiene product. what the hell is going on? >> a spokesman for the jail defended the situation saying the woman was wearing shorts under a long shirt. she was eventually released from jail for time served and was fined $100. >> the president of the olympic committee is defended the water quality following the results of a study that concluded the water is just as filthy as ever.
3:08 am
contaminated with viruses and bacteria. >> it may be midsummer, but that doesn't mean that some big bears aren't starting to pack on the pounds ahead of hibernation season. this big bear in new mexico probably had a meal on his mind when he climbed onto this garbage truck. >> the driver was patient. he even thought of a good way to get the bear off his truck. >> he just backed it right up against the tree and let the bear climb off. time to start looking for a new place to get some food, bear. >> the only thing that scares me more than bears, cows. >> what? >> cows kill a lot of people. >> explain. >> cows kill a lot of people. >> okay. coming up later in the mix, we have more bear action for you. this time the bear actually breaks in and chases a poor man around in his own home. have they no sense of decency?
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time lapsed video showing a growing wildfire in montana. it's already destroyed at least 14 homes and scorched nearly 4,000 acres. residents in about 500 homes have evacuated or been told to be ready to leave. strong dry winds are expected to push the flames today. and a kentucky man banned from flying as he awaits trial for attacking a flight attendant. a video shows the pilot taking the man to the floor. michael kerr faces a long list of charges including assault and being drunk and disruptive. an association representing flight attendants says it's concerned about the rising in your opinion of assaults. new details of the pilot behind the deadliest hot air accident in u.s. history. >> that pilot along with all 15 of his passengers were killed
3:14 am
when the balloon went up in flames in texas. we have the latest. >> reporter: the hot air balloon basket was removed from the scene. investigators learned the top vent was open to release air and the pilot had signalled he was landing. is it your sense he was trying to land and hit the power lines? >> the vent being open would be consistent with the pilot attempting to land. >> reporter: as photos show there were clouds and fog saturday morning. when there was an explosion, the 9-1-1 calls came within minutes. >> the whole thing is in flames. rnch the pilot was convicted of drunk driving four times in missouri. a former girlfriend says he was a recovering alcoholic, sober for many years. and now the pictures, selfies before and during the flight by excited passengers who perished. a new mother of an 11 month old
3:15 am
who was flying with her mother, and this couple, newlyweds, the trip, a gift for the husband. the pilot spent time in prison twice for the convictions. balloon pilots are supposed to self-report convictions. coming up in our next half hour, the major pest control settlement reached between terminix and a family poisoned during their vacation left fighting for their lives. the response from the head of the company. firstfirst, the age old quer love. the best of tinder with snap chat. does it work? nick is going to tell us. you're an expert.
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♪ when we first logged onto the internet with our dialup modems and started checking out chat rooms, digital love was born. >> looking for love is style land mines until maybe now. >> jordan, i love you.
3:18 am
so much. >> are we chat agent the end of this? >> jojo and jordan, or in the flesh as we used to or the new still evolving normal online? >> you got a wedding with that video in. >> i like to dance. >> claire and kevin might never have met. >> the funniest thing about your profile was seeing you pop the bottle. it brings out a fun personality. >> reporter: the newest dating app. a selfie and blurb, a patch work of videos showing your life, not just you. >> a story is a comp administration of video and photos stitched together. we think it creates a much more intimate experience. >> reporter: the new kid, will this be the app that cracks the code, becomes the uber of online loving? it's inspired by social
3:19 am
media apps. not designed for match making but increasingly used by the young and lovely to hook up. >> you're actually watching people in realtime to see their lifesty lifestyle. it's not just the staged perfectly lit photos of them that they have on an online dating profile. this is who they actually are. videos of them doing things that they like to do in their real life. >> reporter: perhaps every singleton should wear a camera 24 /7, live stream it so we can see everything before committing the a date. middle age man rant over. this woman coaches guys like this to perform in this evolving online dating arena. >> you got to hear their voice. you can see how they move and what they look like in their data day. >> i would love to see them in the flesh how they are. >> reporter: is he getting the hang of this? >> it probably wouldn't be a
3:20 am
good idea to send a picture of a girl with me? >> unless it's your sister. >> reporter: are you at heart more of a tinder guy? >> tinder, you go there to -- it's pretty much a have sex site, i would say. >> meanwhile clare and kevin, a love story? she likes his golf video. golf. seriously? >> i could help you on your back swing a little bit, but -- i think you did a good job. >> that personality, i saw it in the app. and it was exactly what it was in the app. it was perfect. >> reporter: is it working too well? i mean, every dating app needs repeat customers to survive. right? >> i mean, i'm not going to be dating app much longer because this is going to well, but -- >> smooth talker. >> what can i say? >> cheers to that. good luck. i met my wife the old fashioned way.
3:21 am
at work, like many of us do. it often strikes me, if there is the man, isn't it a coincidence she happens to work in the same place i do? i think online is the way forward. you broaden your pool. maybe relationships will last longer? >> if you do it all over again, how would you do it? would you be more of a tinder guy like you asked that poor guy? >> i'm not going to do it all over again. >> tinder followed with lively? >> i like this one. what somebody looks like, i mean, i'm sounding so kind of new age and lovely, but what somebody looks like doesn't matter, it's what's inside. >> tinder is a little basic. you look and, i don't know. i'm a married woman, but it's like you're doing it based on a picture. >> yeah. >> that could lead to a lot of time wasted. >> but people who i have spoken to who use it say it's a one-night thing. lively, maybe is the longer thing. i don't know. >> because you can --
3:22 am
>> this is dangerous. coming up, it's national ice cream sandwich day. >> i have more questions. >> plus a bear break. hey, honey? yes, dear? you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand,right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade. introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified.
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a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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all right. it is time for the mix. we start with a major holiday. a food holiday. my favorite kind. isn't every holiday about food? this is national ice cream sandwich day. >> this is a major holiday? >> i'm calling it a major holiday. >> we have enough for everybody here, but my favorites are those dollar ones from the vending machine in the office. >> you probably like the mr. softy truck too. i'm in gourmet. if it costs more money, then i like it better. >> what is that? >> there's enough for everybody. can i have one? >> there's no time for you yet. >> i was told to come invite myself. >> come on. don't do that. >> dude --
3:26 am
>> i'm having one. i'm having one. i'm going to stand right here and eat it. >> the bachelorette analyst thinks he can barge onset. >> i'm thinking you're going to fight me for this. it's the most traditional. >> i like the look of that one, red velvet. look at that. >> that one looks kind of good. chocolate. >> this is delicious. >> we should touch them all that way -- >> that one, that one, and that one. >> i touched that one and that one. >> and i didn't wash my hands. >> gross. >> anyway, we're going to get to these in a moment. we have in the story for you here. a bear, okay, go for it. >> so this guy came back and the bear was in his house, and then the bear chased him up the stairs of his house. >> his roommate left the door open and the bear waltzed in. >> this is in california. apparently this is not uncommon.
3:27 am
this actually happens. >> bears get into homes. >> check out this video. >> he runs up the stairs. >> the wears run after him. and it's all caught on camera. he locked himself in the room for apparently an hour. >> going back to the whole bear thing, we think of bears as frightening. cows, as i mentioned before, donkeys kill 300 people a year. >> that blew me away. there's a weird man on twitter who calls me the bear correspondent of abc. >> that's a good handle. >> we want to tell you about a study that finds, a new study that finds that men are often their favorite experts on any given subject. apparently they looked at a lot of academic papers, and male academics cite themselves to back up -- >> my wife calls it lawyering down. i do it in arguments. i do it because she's
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this morning on "world news now," fighting back. donald trump feeling the pressure of a new poll showing hillary clinton ahead in the race, and overnight calling clinton the devil. >> and see how trump's running mate handled a hostile crowd. the travel warning for all americans. unlike any the cdc has ever made before. we'll have the latest from the current hot spots in florida. and new this half hour, the efforts to stop some from playing pokemon go. >> the governor of new york calling it to ban sex offenders from playing the app. the potential danger at many of the game's places to gather. >> and the wait is over.
3:31 am
decision day has come after jojo finally made her final pick between jordan and robbie. which man won her heart? our senior bachelorette analyst has the complete story in "the skinny." it's tuesday, august 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it was jordan, nick. sorry. good morning. i'm linsey janice. >> and i'm nick watt. we begin with donald trump refusing to back down despite widespread condemnation over his ongoing feud with a grieving gold star family. >> during a campaign stop in nevada, running mate mike pence was forced to defend trump's remarks about the khan family. he was confronted by a woman whose son was serving.
3:32 am
the pro trump crowd immediately turned on the military mom. >> time and time again trump has disrespected our armed forces and veterans and the disrespect for mr. khan is an example. [ booing ] >> do you have a son in the military. how do you tolerate this disrespect? >> it's all right. it's all right. >> don't politicize the military. >> folks, that's what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like. pence said he has never spent time with someone more devoted to the armed forces and military families than trump. meanwhile trump took a hit in a poll that showed hillary clinton with a nine point lead after the democratic national convention, and he has a new name for clinton on the campaign trail outright calling her the devil.
3:33 am
tom llamas has more on the controversy that trump can't seem to shake. >> reporter: within hours of the polls showing hillary clinton with a lead, donald trump declaring this. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. >> reporter: it's after attacking the parents of an american soldier killed in iraq. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. plenty of people have written that. >> reporter: the khan family outraged. >> he is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. >> reporter: mrs. khan explaining why she didn't speak. walking onto the convention stage with a huge picture of my son behind me. i could hardly control myself. what mother could? and mrs. khan breaking down when talking about the last conversation she had with her son. >> he said, mom, i have a
3:34 am
responsibility for my soldiers. i love my soldiers. so i will be -- i will take care of them. >> reporter: but trump won't let it go. >> horrible things were said about me. i think it was, frankly tough. all i did was respond. i will always respond. >> reporter: now his fellow republicans are denouncing him including john mccain. him saying while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it's not accompanied with unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us. and warren buffett saying this. >> i asked donald trump, have you no sense of decency, sir? >> reporter: and to veterans of foreign wars, the vfw coming out against trump. the vfw saying they won't
3:35 am
tolerate anyone berating a gold star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. tom llamas, pennsylvania. our thanks to tom. now to the health alert from south florida. there are now 14 cases of the zika virus all in a specific miami neighborhood. the cdc says pregnant women and all men and women considering having babies should stay away. the mosquito that carries zika has to be attacked on the ground where it breeds. they say this outbreak is only going to get worse. >> this is a mosquito that's found over 30 states. we're going to see this cropping up in other places. the move the cdc is taking is unprecedented. at no time in recent history have they told a group of people not to travel somewhere in america for health reasons. you have to rely on people using repellant, getting rid of free standing water to control this disease.
3:36 am
it's much harder. our thanks to dr. besser. today miami is increasing the number of workers spraying the breeding grounds from 12 to 32. >> in chicago the family of an unarmed teenager fatally shot in the back by police officers is filing a lawsuit. paul o'neal was killed as he got out of what was believed to be a stolen car. a body camera worn by an officer did not capture the shooting for reasons unclear. the shooting is under investigation. july was a particularly violent month in the windy city. there were 65 homicides and more than 360 shooting incidents. the total number of homicides in chicago for the year so far is almost 400 compared with 490 for all of 2015. pokemon go is a no go for sex offenders in new york state. the governor wants to prevent
3:37 am
the nearly 3,000 registered sex offenders now on parol from playing the mobile game. it sends players on a real world hunt to catch digital characters. the state will give the developer a list of registered sex offenders so they can't down load the app. >> it's safe to say the usa men's basketball team is ready to go for the gold in rio. they finished up their exhibition schedule last night by blowing out nigeria. >> team usa went on a 30-6 run in the first half. the rest of the game was pretty academic. usa 110, nigeria 66. the americans head to the olympics as heavy favorites for the gold medal. their first game is saturday against china. >> and this isn't part of the summer olympics. it's pretty cool anyway. a hockey trick shot competition in russia. this guy goes extreme. >> we've never seen that on the
3:38 am
ice before. hockey turning into something of a javelin toss. how does the puck stay on the blade all the way to the net? nick, you don't know anything about that, do you? >> russian. he's not doping, is he? >> no. >> i'm not maligning this guy. that was awesome. well done. >> pretty cool. coming up, a major pest control lawsuit has been settled for nearly $90 million. what we're now finding out about the family that was poisoned by illegal spraying at their vacation condo in the caribbean. >> and the dramatic climax that's concluded a rocky season of the bachelorette. jojo made her pick. our analyst will break it all down in the skinny. first, here's a look at today's forecast. world news now weather, brought to you by united health care.
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♪ kesha has abandoned her lawsuit in california against her producer, but she's still pursuing a similar case. she accused someone of sexual assault and sexual abuse. -- sexual assault and emotional abuse. she's trying to get new music released while appealing two rulings in new york. dr. luke accused kesha of suing to get a better record deal. a major lawsuit settled
3:43 am
between a pest control company and a family from delaware. they are still suffering from the effects of the illegal spraying. >> terminix agreed to pay $87 million for using a chemical last year inside their caribbean vacation home that's been banned for indoor use against 1984. adrienne bankert has the latest. >> reporter: agreeing to terms of the multimillion dollar settlement after being poisoned in 2015 during a vacation. >> they're a family that everyone likes to be around. it's horrible. >> reporter: the family fell ill at this luxury resort after the condo below them was fumigated with a colorlesss odorless gas the husband and son suffering neurological damage. >> it damages the lung so they bleed internally. >> reporter: while it's not
3:44 am
supposed to be used indoors an epa investigation found it was at the resort before. it was banned indoor in the u.s. in 1984. >> it was banned in the virgin island as well, but they used the product. >> reporter: the company saying the incident was tragic, and we deeply regret what happened. >> reporter: the resort could face legal action. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, the man who won the heart of jojo but not without a lot of drama on the season finale of the bachelorette. >> also "the skinny" is next.
3:45 am
3:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> skinny time, and we start with last night's dramatic emotional conclusion of abc's the bachelorette. >> jojo had a decision to make. would her man be robbie or would it be jordan? let's get some answers with the help of our senior bachelorette analyst. jack. >> we made it. that's about all i can say.
3:47 am
the long national nightmare is over. it is not wednesday, november 9th, the day after election day. we have wrapped up another season of the bachelorette. let's roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. we're in thailand. this is jordan meeting jojo's family. there was no chugging of champagne or anything like that like we've seen with jojo's family in previous seasons. all went well. jordan forgot a small point of order. >> an important one. >> an important one, you might say. he forgot to ask jojo's dad for permission for her hand. >> it was the same day he met him. >> you're supposed to do that. >> you are. >> she made it clear she expected him and he said he would, and he didn't. >> whoops. okay. moving on. robbie.
3:48 am
robbie meets with jojo's family. the brothers are unfortunately behaving themselves as they had not in previous seasons. nonetheless, robbie says all the right things. he's hitting all the right notes. he's talking to mom. he's talking to dad. robbie even asks permission to propose to jojo. and he gets permission. >> they love robbie. robbie is a parent's dream. >> absolutely. you're thinking at this point robbie is looking a-okay, folks. well, then robbie arrives at the beach. things were not looking a-okay at the beach. >> she let him talk for a while. he told her how much he loved her. >> she requires all of them to tell them how much they love her, but she doesn't say it back.
3:49 am
>> she slammed the brakes on this whole thing. obviously robbie was emotional. there was confusion. i mean, at this point i was feeling bad for the guy. >> he was shocked. he said it's not your fault. he said just don't settle. so why did she pick jordan? what's your theory, jack? analyst? i have one. >> my theory is basically -- it comes for jordan that it came straight out of jojo's mouth. no she said i'm crazy in love with jordan. >> it's the first time she said it to his face. i don't want to know what happened off camera. i was impressed by the ring that jordan chose. much classier than the ring that robbie chose. my theory is not about the ring. my theory is jordan is exciting. he doesn't know where he wants to live. he's exciting. he also offers a celebrity factor.
3:50 am
robbie was asked what he thought -- what life would be like, and he described a comfy sofa and meat loaf, at which point all the girls i was watching with went that's not exciting. >> or pizza, all that. on after the final rose, anybody who survived to after the final rose, heard that jojo and jordan are moving to dallas together. they also expect to be married next year. and unfortunately, there's great disappointment on the internet for this. there was no announcement about who the next bachelor is. >> is it going to be luke, robbie, chase? >> we'll find out. we'll keep watching. that's the point. >> keep watching. >> he doesn't care. >> i do care. >> at this point, analyst out. >> peace out. >> next, if you think the skin they show on the bachelorette and the bachelor is pushing the limits, wait until you see what they're doing across the pond. >> nick spent the last two weeks watching britain's channel 4, a new dating show that lets
3:51 am
potential mates see each other naked. jojo got to see hers naked first as well. from the waist down before they meet in person, or even see their faces. >> many viewers say they were shocked at the nudity. they were describing it as gratuitous, and yet many of the show's harshest critics admitted to watching the entire hour, including me. >> so what do you have to say for yourself? >> i think it's great. it's warts and all. these are regular people. there's a guy with a prosthetic limb. there's a guy with a tattoo of an elephant around his bits and pieces. these aren't models. i love the show. >> you get the see the bits before you get to see their face? >> yeah, and you can be rejected from the show purely on the appearance of what's down below. >> this is taking superficial to a whole new level. >> yes, it has. >> coming up. for many women they're far from perfect for walking on land.
3:52 am
>> but they look awesome. the search for killer heels that won't kill your feet. the search for killer heels that won't kill your feet. ♪ susie got all germy
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a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. ♪ ♪ okay. depending on what you're wearing on your feet, walking this way is often easier said than done. >> literally for centuries women have been forced to choose style over comfort and often pain when it comes to footwear. now we are on the right lines, the front lines of a high heel revolution. >> reporter: shoe shopping has changed. more wedges and flats, but that doesn't mean the stiletto is dead. >> to me, high fashion women
3:56 am
shoes is abusive, and women are realizing it saying i don't want to hurt. >> reporter: shoe makers are creating new lines with modern design and technology. one trick to make heels more comfortable, reduce the angle. >> in a traditional heel, all the weight of yoush your body is on the ball of your foot. in my heels the weight is evenly distributed. >> reporter: i devised a comparison. i have a standard four inch heel on my right, and one of dr. olaf's on my left. i'm to do one lap around the track and see if there's any difference in the way my feet feel after. the conventional four inch heel didn't make a half a lap. these platforms were more comfortable. and so-called comfort shoes are more fashionable. this is a cult favorite. from easy spirit and rock port, these pairs are nice with so much padding. in fact, i was so impressed that i took these comfort heels from
3:57 am
naturalizer and got extreme. a quarter mile running in three-inch heels and business attire. it was a little confusing for other runners, but the results astonishing. my feet do not hurt. wow. that said, i want my running shoes next time i hit the track. i don't think they're very hot. >> i don't care. running in business attire is awesome. >> we need to make heels for comfortable. they stink. >> i have worn them once. agree. >> i think we have footage of that. >> it was for a story. it was for work, and it was an empathy thing. anyway. enough of that. let's come on. come on.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, travel warning. an historic move by the cdc advising people to avoid an area in the u.s. as the number of zika cases rises. why the concern over this one community and the pregnant women already there on high alert. donald trump stepping up his attacks against hillary clinton calling her the devil as more republicans condemn his comments about a gold star family who spoke at the dnc. we are live in washington. breaking overnight a powerful typhoon slamming hong kong. the major financial hub shut down. this new video as the storm made landfall just in. and a mama bear and her cubs barging into a home chasing a


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