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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 5, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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lightning. it happened in arizona near phoenix. the guy might have been shaken up, but he was not injured. >> keyword, amateur. that's not fair. i'm glad he's okay. quite a few drivers are getting accident happened by a high-tech car thief. >> it used to be hot wiring a car required mechanical know how. apparently now it takes a laptop. >> reporter: this surveillance footage showing a high-tech car heist in action. watch the man with a laptop creeping up to this jeep, getting in and getting to work. within four minutes, he's driving away. texas officials allege he's part of a duo in custody that have stolen more than 100 fiat chrysler cars in the area. in california this alleged thief using some sort of device to unlock the car and steal the
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owner's belongings. a similar incident in seattle. this security researcher says thieves can put devices like these under cars to capture the unlock code from a key fob and break in. >> when they return, they can take this device, press the button and unlock the vehicle. fiat chrysler asking owners to make sure their vehicles are in a secure place at night. >> there's not a whole lot you can do about it. >> reporter: they say they're investigating whether employees could be selling access to a master database of codes. criminals can match the codes to vin numbers printed on the door and program their own key to bes -- fobs to drive away. >> they say you should -- those old fashion clubs on the steering wheel, that's a good
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idea. i just leave my car unlocked at night. i have a junkie car. >> that's ridiculous. >> i had my windows broken from people trying to get stuff. if they want to go in, fine, don't break my window, and no one is going to steal my car. it's junk. >> i feel like i learned a lot about you. the new admission from ozzy osbourne. >> what he says he's doing about his so-called sex addiction.
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♪ >> 46 years since the sabbath released iron man. >> and now ozzy osbourne is opening up about his sex addiction. >> he says he's undergoing intense therapy. juju chang has the latest. >> reporter: sharon and ozzy osbourne speaking about their recent marriage trouble. his wife revealing on her show he's been in treatment for months. >> it's hard. it affects the whole family, and it's quite embarrassing to talk
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about. i'm proud that he's come out and admitted it finally. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, he says he's mortified at what my behavior as done to my family. he's also apologizing to his mistress who he says took our sexual relationship out of context. i'd also like to apologize to the other women i've been having sexual relationships with. >> pew says her relationship felt like an old fashioned romance being courted. i loved it. >> michelle, of course, says that he was not a sex addict. they had a real romantic relationship for four years. >> reporter: sharon first spoke publicly about the rocky relationship in may. >> i'm 63 years of age, and i can't keep living like this. >> reporter: for months headlines followed the split until the crazy train singer revealed on gma that metal's top couple was back on track.
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>> some days good, some days terrible. some days you drift apart for a while and get back on the horse. >> reporter: sharon changing her tune too. >> i can't think of my life without him. even though he is a dog. he's a dirty dog. >> reporter: and while pew remembers ozzy as really nice, sweet, and funny, she's now suing his daughter. in her suit she claims the younger oz burn slut shame and harassed her in a series of tweets. >> i'm not making judgments. i just have a question. every time this comes up, i suspect that it's not sex addiction, it's use an excuse for an affair. if you're addicted to sex, why not have lot of sex with your partner. >> they don't currently recognize sex addiction as a mental illness.
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tampax. power over periods. time now for our favorite segment of the week, our insomniac theater. >> starting with the latest offering from the d.c. comics universe, suicide squad. viola davis. they try to defeat a mysterious and powerful entity all while contending with the antics of the joker played by jared leto. >> what do we have here? >> what are you going to do? are you going to kill me mr. j? >> oh, i'm not going to kill you. i'm just going to hurt you.
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really, really bad. >> scary. >> the critics are giving this a 28% splat describing it as an underwritten jumbled narrative that tries too hard to connect the story to the comics universe. another writes there's little reason for the joker to exist other than a bothersome complication to the empty goals to the team. and jen calls it a dizying deranged hot mess. >> the joker is jared leto. >> that can't be bad. >> it can't. next, some significantly lighter fair. opening today both in the theaters and on netflix, based on the little prince. tells the story of a little girl being prematurely pushed into adulthood by her type a mother.
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but her neighbor introduces the little girl to the extraordinary world of the little prince where anything is possible. >> once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was scarcely bigger than himself. and who had need of a friend. >> if you study hard and stay on track with the plan, you can spend some time with your new friend, next summer. >> look at that. >> the little prince featuring an all star cast of voices. pulled it in a certified fresh 93% on rotten tomatoes. one calls it a film that everybody should be happy to show their children. it's apparently not just for children. brad wheeler says it's a film for young audiences as well as oldies who have lost their friends. >> it was one of my favorite books as a kid. books as a kid. it's a great stor
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this morning on "world news now," president obama taking on donald trump. >> on the over of his family vacation, the president unleashing harsh criticisms, responding to the assertion that the election could be rigged. as a new national poll shows a huge lead for hillary clinton. >> tornado destruction in new orleans. a half mile part of devastation left in the historic neighborhood. the powerful winds leveling homes and one man pulled from the rubble as rescue workers continue the search. and we all know what anorexia is, but have you heard of big arex ya? we'll meet two men who focussed their life on building up. and forget about treat meat. it's all about office meat these
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days. check out this contraption. an old filing cabinet cooking up chicken and ribs on time for the weekend. it's friday, august fifth. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm nick watt. >> i'm linzie janice. we begin with the race for the white house. and hillary clinton topping donald trump in yet another batch of polls. >> clinton is enjoying her biggest lead yet. 15 points ahead of trump in a national poll and another repoll released yesterday shows trump trailing by nine points. >> trump is slamming president obama over isis and the economy. he fired off a string of tweets last night just after the president dismissed his allegation about a rigged election. it's your voice, your vote. we get the latest from taum yom llamas. >> reporter: president obama mocking donald trump's claim
3:02 am
that the election is rigged. >> what does that mean? >> reporter: trump hammering that theme all week. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. i have to be honest. people are going to walk in and vote ten times. who knows? >> reporter: the president dismissing that as nonsense. >> if he's suggesting there is a conspiracy theory that is being propagated across the country, that's ridiculous. that doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: the president going even further, alluding to the new polls. >> if mr. trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions. that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. >> reporter: as president obama takes on donald trump, clinton is embracing their relationship. >> a great time. here she comes. >> reporter: her campaign releasing this behind the scenes video, clinton walking onto the
3:03 am
convention stage to hug the man she hopes to succeed. and as democrats highlight their unity, for republicans it's the opposite. leaders like paul ryan now complaining trump has been off message since his convention. >> he's had pretty strange run since the convention. you would think you ought to be focusing on hillary clinton and her deficiencies. she's such a weak candidate, and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about. >> reporter: some concern that trump refuses to let things go. five days after this speech. >> have you even read the united states constitution? >> reporter: trump was still lashing out at the gold star family. >> i was viciously attacked, so i think i have the right. do whatever you want. >> reporter: the rally interrupted by protesters waving the constitution. also hillary clinton interrupted by protesters as well. secret service agents climbing onto the stage.
3:04 am
>> keep talking. you handle it. >> reporter: the hecklers, han animal right activists. clinton taking the opportunity to hit trump and his sons. >> trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. thank you for making that point. >> reporter: she's referring to photos like these that have gone viral. don junior and eric trump have been criticized for hunting and posing with some of their big game kills. >> the president was asked during that news conference if he thinks mr. trump is responsible enough to receive the national security classified briefings that the nominees get. here's what he said. if he said if they want to be president, they have to act like president. they need to receive briefings without spreading them around. president obama held that news conference specifically to discuss isis after meeting with his national security team at the pentagon. the president vowed to keep going after the islamic state on
3:05 am
every front saying they're going to be defeated but he warned of more isis inspired lone wolf attacks. he said they'll probably continue to be a threat even after getting ousted from key strongholds in iraq and syria. and in london authorities say there's no evidence that wednesday night's knife attack was related to terrorism. the woman who was killed in the attack was 64-year-old darlene horton. the wife of a professor who was teaching summer classes in london. they were due to fly back to florida yesterday. the suspect who is in custody is a 19-year-old nowhere weekrwegi somali origin. an intense but brief storm pounded new orleans and left a mess in the wake. the national weather service confirms the funnel cloud spotted over the city was a tornado. the storm destroyed at least three buildings. one man had to be pulled from
3:06 am
the rubble of one of those collapsed buildings. gusting wind toppled trees and power lines. no major injuries reported. in california, fire crews say they've got a strong line around the wildfire raging near wine country. but it's far from over. flames consumed about 4700 acres. no structures are at risk. and after burning for nearly two weeks, that wildfire near big sur has grown to more than 79 squi square miles and destroyed 57 homes. >> reporter: researchers say vaccines have proven successful with mice for zika virus. clinical trials for humans are slated to start in october. at least 15 people have been infected with the virus in the
3:07 am
area in miami. mosquito inspectors are going door to door testing standing water. the efforts appear to be working. we have some good news. we can take ten blocks in the northwest corner and say we don't believe there's any active transmission of zika virus. >> the recommendation that pregnant women not travel to the area stands. the president urges congress to take action and provide funding. apple is starting a bug bounty program. they're offering up to $200,000 to hackers who locate security flaws in the software. that may be one of the highest corporate bounties ever. google, facebook, and other tech companies have long offered such rewards. earlier we heard from president obama. he and the first family start a
3:08 am
summer vacation on martha's vineyard tomorrow, and yesterday a milestone for the president. his 55th birthday. last night he celebrated with a meal at an italian restaurant, the vice president wished president obama a happy birthday with a tweet, calling him a brother to me, a best friend forever. he also included a picture of joe and barack friendship bracelets. >> they have quite the bro planplanmans. i want to see the president wearing that bracelet. >> i don't think so in public. >> do you have someone you'd make a bracelet like that for? a bro? >> i've been on a few mandates. i've moved to a new city. parents of kids who -- you know, some are awkward. some work out. >> mandates? i'm sure you've done a piece about that as well. >> i have. >> it's in the works. >> coming up, the major federal
3:09 am
sting that rounded up more than 40 so-called good fellas. what more than three dozen members of several reputed mafia crime families did in a highly unusual cooperative partnership. >> and at what point was striving for muscular perfection become unhealthy? we'll meet one man and how his quest to bulge up nearly killed him. >> and tell us what you think on our facebook page at wnn "world news now" approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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. there's widespread flooding in the central american nation of belize. the storm dumped up to 18 inches of rain in some areas when it made land fall yesterday, winds up to 80 miles per hour. earl has moved into southern mexico where it could deliver a food of rain today. in new york police are hunting for a killer after a jogger's brutal murder. 30-year-old karina went for a job and never returned home. her father was with police when her body was discovered. authorities say she was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. there is now a $10,000 reward
3:14 am
for information. in california, a mayor is under arrest charged with providing alcohol to underage counselors at a youth camp and then secretly recording minors playing strip poker. he denies the charges describing himself as a champion for young people. to the east coast now where a major federal mob bust rounded up more than 40 suspects from new england to south florida. >> the fbi says members of several reputed mafia crime families allegedly formed an unusual alliance, operating as part of a massive syndicate known as the east coast enterprise. linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest mob busts in years. more than 40 suspected mob members were arrested in a massive bust that spanned five states allegedly involves four major new york crime families. >> they were involved in credit card fraud, health care fraud,
3:15 am
firearms tracking, trafficking and arson. >> reporter: one suspect accused of ordering an associate to attack a pand handler outside his restaurant and break his knees. among the suspect airszed, tony the cripple, mustache pat and nikki the wig. kinds of names you've heard from mobster movies. >> jimmy two times. he got that nickname because he said everything twice. >> reporter: also arrested in a second case, the grandson of john gaudty. the grandson was arrested after police said they found 500 oxyco-done pills and cash in his home. >> the racketeering charges from loan sharking to gun running could put them in prison for up to 20 years each. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> 46 arrests. >> i love the details of them
3:16 am
meeting at rest stops along highways. >> and speaking in code language and -- it is like an episode of the sopranos. >> but get the papers. >> jimmy two times. >> one of my favorite movie lines of all time. coming up in the next half hour, the major health worry ahead in rio, we're talking about the water. what we've found about how contaminated the water is where 1400 athletes are preparing to compete. >> first, chasing the image of physical perfection. the obsession for perfection for one man went too far. you're watching "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ as millions get set to watch some of the most athletic people in the world go for gold in rio, there are new concerns about an unhealthy obsession, chasing muscular per fek. >> the two men we're about to meet built their lives around bulking up. for one of them, his obsession went too far. we are up all night line with b. >> reporter: at 18, david is and seen as the poster boy for physical perfection. but just four years ago, david looked like this, just 98 pounds at 14 years old. he says he was bullied in school for being scrawny. now he's a social media celebrity himself. this transformation video
3:19 am
showing his weight gain has more than 14 million views on youtube. he lifts big, sometimes up to six hours a day. and eats nearly 5,000 calories. posting it all on social media. you could call what he does big separation, but for some, the desire to bulk up can be an obsession leading some young man down a destructive path, compulsively indicting and working out, never feeling big enough. for a 29-year-old, the quest for maximum muscle has been a lifelong struggle. at 18 the california native weighed 140 pounds. but in seven years he doubled his size. following intense workouts, drinking six protein shakes a day and spending half his paycheck on supplements. despite getting up to 265 pounds, sporting 20 inch biceps, he says he still never felt big
3:20 am
enough. his infatuation with getting huge ultimately landed him in the hospital. he had gotten so big his blood pressure was so high he had to have his heart shocked back to normal. dylan realized he needed help. his quest for the perfect muscular body was a psychological condition known as muscle dismor fee ya. >> they have a belief or perception that their body is too small or scrawny. that they're not muscular enough. and they have a very strong desire to become bigger. >> roughly 1 in 50 people in the united states have this disorder, and it affects just as many men as women. up to a quarter of those people are believed to be muscle disformic. that's sometimes called the reverse anorexia. people are treated with medication specific to their symptoms and therapy that targets damaging behavior.
3:21 am
>> we help them cut down on the amount of time they're checking in mirror. that helps them think less about their appearance. gradually cut down the amount of time in the gym. help them deal with their fears, that they're going to possibly lose muscle mass or size if they exercise less. help them reframe their ideas about the importance of appearance in general. >> body building videos on social media were a trigger for dylan. there's no evidence they cause muscle dismor fee ya. for people like dylan struggling with their perception of their body, after three years of therapy, he says he's stronger now inside and out. >> i have a greater appreciation for myself. i can now look in the mirror and i am not hung up on these preconceptions of how i look. i don't focus on flaws. i see a beautiful dylan. >> for night line, gio benitez
3:22 am
in new york. >> coming up, the mix and the friday polka. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that.
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we'll start out by talking smoking meat. only in mississippi. or anywhere in the south. josh mcentire has taken a four-door file cabinet and made it into a smoker. it's impressive. he has two drawers of meat, chicken and ribs. >> there's a whole chicken. >> that's your steamer, and then he has his charcoal on the bottom. impressive. six million views it's gotten. >> and that's like a regular filing cabinet. >> exactly. here's the catch. unless you can find a beat up old filing cabinet laying around, you might as well buy yourself a smoker. they cost the same. >> i like it. >> i think you should get a
3:26 am
little egg. >> the green egg? >> i can see it in your backyard. >> i like it. >> moving on, next, dish whiz. have you heard of this? it stands for the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen. one of our colleagues is participating in it. she's doing something with a pineapp pineapple. it lasts far week. you do crazy stuff. her team is vlad the impala. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the world news polka ♪
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. it's lite late at night you're wide weak and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your "world news now" now and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal ♪ every anchor, guy, and gal ♪ do the "world news now" polka ♪ ♪ who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew ♪ ♪ and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ when they yell it's half past three, tell them hey, it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the "world news now" polka ♪ ♪ it's the "world news now" polka ♪ ♪ do the world news polka
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this morning on "world news now" a tornado rips through the big easy. residents were pulled from the rubble of a new orleans neighborhood. that system now moves east bringing plenty of wind and rain with it. accuweather has the weekend forecast in a moment. >> and donald trump under fire. the latest controversy over a plane delivering cash to iran. why the campaign says trump never saw the video. and new, the olympic games gets off to a rough start. >> the results of an abc news investigation showing how dirty the water is there and why athletes are having trouble getting in. and hello, it's her. why adele isn't sending much love to a store in california.
3:31 am
what happened when she tried to pay for clothes with her credit card. that's in the skinny on this friday, august 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." it's not just you that credits your credit card declined. it happens to celebrities too. >> i did the other day. >> good morning, i'm linzie janice. >> i'm nick watt. we begin with severe storms drenching much of the country triggering flash flood warnings from the southwest to the east coast. the city of new orleans was hard hit. winds up to 80 miles per hour. completely destroyed at least three structures. emergency crews had to rescue at least one person trapped under one of the buildings. >> the national weather service is confirming the funnel cloud spotted over the city was a tornado.
3:32 am
it touched down at around 3:30 in the afternoon and left a half mile path of rubble. >> it looks like we have four spots where it touched down. we have all of our teams at the different locations to make sure everybody is safe. everybody is secure. no serious injuries reported. some streets will be closed for much of today so building inspectors can check for additional damage and power crews can restore electricity. and cleanup underway in the parts of the upper midwest where a storm in central minnesota with winds at nearly 70 miles per hour. roads are closed and power is out in some areas. and much of that severe weather is looking to wash out at least half of the weekend in the east. >> oh, no. accuweather cam tran joins us with the forecast.
3:33 am
good morning, cam. >> good morning. it will be a drenching day across the deep south once again thanks to the area of low pressure across the carolinas. we're expecting the thunderstorms to bring us heavy downpours for places like atlanta and tampa today as well as the carolinas. we are getting to need the umbrellas across the midwest. a cold front. we could see damaging winds and hail associated with this. as we head toward the weekend, guess what? that front moves east into the northeast bringing downpours as well as heavy rainfall, and some strong thunderstorms from d.c. all the way up to the bangor area. a soggy start of the weekend. turning to politics, president obama has denied a $400 million payment to iran was ransom for four jailed hostages.
3:34 am
the president reminded the people they announced the payment months ago. it was from a decades old dispute. there are questions about the timing was the payment coincided with the release of the americans. donald trump pounced on the controversy for the second straight day. he claimed to have seen video of the money exchanged between the u.s. and iran, but the video he referenced apparently doesn't exist. >> you know, it was interesting. the tape was made. you saw that with the airplane coming in. nice plane, and the airplane coming in, and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be by the iranians. >> trump said the video was they said he was referring to footage of the prisoners being released in geneva. donald trump has been saying his campaign is more unified than ever, but his campaign manager acknowledged their team is divided over weather to endorse paul ryan.
3:35 am
they tell abc news trump will work with ryan if they both win in november. strump re -- trump is refusing to support ryan. ryan is still backing trump for now. he could change his mind. he says his endorsement is not a bank check. hillary clinton is stepping up her attacks on donald trump for outsourcing pointing out many of his products are made in other countries. she went after trump for his bankruptcies that let contracts and small business owners unpaid. >> i've met people who were destroyed by donald trump. take a look at what he's done not what he says. >> clinton was interrupted by animal rights protesters. she said trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals referring to his son's big game hunts. more trouble for george zimmerman, the man acquitted for shooting trayvon martin.
3:36 am
he was punched in the face at a florida restaurant for allegedly bragging about killing trayvon martin. he claims it started after he complimented a man on his confederate flag tattoos. in south carolina the white man charged with killing nine black parishioners at a church was attacked. he was attacked as he went into the shower. he decided not to press charges. authorities are trying to determine how the inmate managed to reach roof. there may have been an electronic malfunction. police in phoenix are hoping to catch a break for a serial gunman. he's suspected in seven murders. the community is on edge as authorities search for the killer. clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: a mystery gunman being blamed for a ninth serial shooting on the streets of
3:37 am
phoenix. they say this is the suspect. on july 11th, they believe he opened fire on a man and a four-year-old boy in a car. they were not hurt. >> he doesn't care who is in the car. >> reporter: it's the latest in a series of shootings that have terrified the community since march. seven people shot dead. the youngest victim, malia ellis, murdered while sitting in a car in front of her home. two women including her were mother were killed. >> my daughter did everything with her kids. shopped, movies, whatever, they did it together. >> reporter: police believe the suspect is driving different cars. including a white cadillac and black bmw. the lack of more clues has investigators frustrated. >> we know somebody knows who is doing this. >> reporter: agencies including the fbi are helping work the case, and they've increased the reward here to $50,000. a story now to raise the spirits. it's all about a group of teenagers in georgia who just wanted to go to work. >> they're 13 and 14 years old.
3:38 am
they live in georgia. about 70 miles southwest of atlanta. they're tending to a community garden and doing other odd jobs for their local housing authority. >> this is the best part. the kids asked for the jobs because they were approached to join gangs and they said they didn't want to do that. >> pretty great, isn't it? >> fantastic. >> they're getting 7.25 an hour. they're building park benches. apparently their boss is impressed. let's hope they keep it up. >> absolutely. >> good job, guys. coming up, hours away from the start of the summer olympics games. >> what we're finding out about how contaminated the water is. >> and our first sneak peek at christopher nolan's new creation, a world war ii thriller. you're watching "world news now." now." the worst thing about toilet germs?
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♪ introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy.
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every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. this is what happens at the summer olympics in rio when they lose a key to get in. this was captured by a bbc reporter who said this two men were sent with bolt cutters to break their way in. what a start, she tweeted, hash tag, oops. >> turning now to the other big oops in rio, and that major health concern over water contamination. >> we have conducted our own investigation and the results of our test found that the water where some 14 00 athletes are
3:43 am
set to compete would force many beaches in the u.s. to close. >> matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: on the eve of the opening ceremonies, here, a reality check on the water. our chief medical editor took samples on the beach where swimming and beach volleyball will take place. our samples found the water had organisms which would close many u.s. beaches. there was fecal bacteria more than 40 times higher than considered contaminated in some u.s. states. >> my kids, i wouldn't let them go enter the waters. >> reporter: so much of the shoreline looks like this with nothing to hold back the garbage and sewage, and there's the smell, and just around the bend from where we are is where the athletes are competing. >> athletes like brook sweat shrugging off the threat. >> are you not concerned the
3:44 am
virus might get in your mouth or membranes? >> no. >> we reached out for comment to the ioc. they didn't get back to us. but in the past the ioc has said that stadiums like the one behind me and the water out there are safe for competition. yuck to that beach matt was standing in front of. there will be 271 russian athletes competing in rio. many will be staying at the house near the city's famous beach which was formally opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. >> the athletes allowed to repeat were released after reviews took place because of a report that detailed state sponsored cheating among the russians. >> excuse me. do you know the directions to rio, brazil? >> that way. >> that way? thanks. >> that is near the start of a car pool karaoke starring the u.s. swim team. >> that was michael phelps
3:45 am
rocking shades while singing to the zach brown band doing a strange dance. they wore their swim gear for the shoot. let's hope the production didn't cut too much into practice time. they're driving and dancing. hands off the wheel. >> there they are lobsters? >> pretty funny. >> they did something last year with call me maybe. do you remember that song? >> good song. >> well done. and one more sports note, this is a soccer match in europe that could use the hatch tag oops. >> the match was between a team from slovenia and one from scotland. >> the red team gets the ball. a player kicking back to the goalie. swings and misses. it leads to the other team moving on in the competition and my boys from scotland were eliminated. >> they call that an owned goal.
3:46 am
>> do you think they put this story in the program because of you? >> this team is not my team. >> you're not even a soccer fan. >> i support another team, only vaguely. i'm one of the few people from europe who hate soccer, and everywhere i go people hear my accent and they say what do you think, and i say i don't care. scotland is bad at soccer. that's partly why i don't like it. rugby is my game and in the olympics. the u.s. will do well. >> when we come back, the pop icon whose credit card was declined while shopping, and we'll also get our first look at christopher nolan's world war two thriller, dunkirk. ♪ thriller, dunkirk.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ time for the skinny. a major embarrassment for adele. >> happens to the best of us, but not often to the wealthiest of us. >> adele is one of the best selling recording artists in the world. with ten grammys to her name.
3:49 am
she's worth an estimated $125 million. no one was more surprised than she when her credit card was declined. >> it happened while she was picking up a few affordable items in california. the mega star says her card did >> she told fans on stage later that night that she was mortified that nobody knew it was her. they didn't recognize her. >> couldn't she just sing? hello, can you hear me? then they would. >> don't quit your day job, nick. next, taking us back in time to one of the most frightening military operations during world war ii. >> christopher nolan released the first trailer for his latest creation dunkirk. it tells the story of the last ditch effort to evacuate 300
3:50 am
000,000 allied troops in dunkirk. >> the trailer is short and tense and opens on a crowded boat of allied soldiers as an enemy aircraft swoops down on them. >> it's set to hit theaters on july 19th next year. next, jolting us all back into reality. we've been treated to a celebrity home tour on snap chat. >> christy teagan who apparently can't resist showing off her fabulous she is gave her snap chat followers their first peek at the stunning mansion they just bought. >> the couple dropped just over $14 million on the home previously owned by none other than rihanna. >> it looks all right. it's a work in progress. >> it's very unbritish. do the brits do this on social media? show off their fancy homes? >> if i had a fancy home, i would show it off. >> it's not an american thing. >> they are like the rest of us, a bunch of boxes to unpack.
3:51 am
however rich you are, you don't enjoy this process, not really. >> that's true. finally, speaking of the finer things in life, apparently you don't have to look farther than the street in singapore to find some of the best food. >> a street food vendor who sells chicken rice and noodles got a one star michelin rating making him the first michelin star food vendor. >> they are giving it to a street vendor? that's fantastic. and you may recall president obama referenced this guy during the state dinner when he was hosting the singapore prime minister. >> he was saying the food better good because they have michelin star street vendors. >> i love that city. >> i've never been. have to check it out. we'll be right back. ♪ i've never been.
3:52 am
have to check it out. we'll be right back. (sounds of birds whistling)
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♪ we close out another week of headlines this time with politics taking a backseat to mosquitos and contaminated water. >> mother nature's fury and a special celebrity birthday also took top billing this weekend. here's our weekly friday rewind. >> there's a one square mile radius where we believe there's the transmission of zika virus. >> this is sometimes referred to as the cockroach of mosquitos. it can survive about anywhere it can breed in a cap full of water. it's an indoor mosquito. >> no time in recent history has cdc told people within the united states not to go to another part of the united states for health reasons. that's historic. she started snap chatting with me, had pictures as they
3:56 am
were taking off, pictures looking down on the pasture and the snap chats came to an end. >> a lot of the city is built on top of a river. a lot of it is washed away when a flood like this happens. >> he said mom, i have a responsibility for my soldiers. i love my soldiers, so i will be -- i will take care of them. >> she was standing there. she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. plenty of people have written that. she was extremely quiet. >> i wasn't saying -- >> running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect gold star family and gold star mother. shame on him. and attack as he did on
3:57 am
captain khan's mother? >> the republican nominee is unfit. there have been ones i disagreed with, but i didn't have a doubt they could function as president. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. >> to lead our country into this olympics is something i thought i'd never have the opportunity to do. >> i never worked a day in my life because i love with what i do. i love the fact i'm getting away with it. and unfortunately our look back doesn't end here. >> you can check out our facebook page for in case you missed it, including the candid moments that happen on and off air. oh, know, what are they going to show off air? >> that wasn't part of the deal. i thought commercial break time was mine. >> you don't hold back, so there's nothing to -- you know. we want to look forward quickly and tell you what's happening in the coming week. we have some food holidays. those are important. raspberries and cream day. and international beer day.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, extreme weather. ripping through new orleans, a tornado touching down, buildings collapsing and a man pulled from the rubble. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. president obama taking shots, mocking donald trump's claim that the election will be rigged and the new poll that shows trump falling even further behind hillary clinton. we're live in washington. breaking overnight, a cargo plane skidding off the runway stopping on a busy street. the new details just in. and traffic stop scare. a highway officer talking to a driver when another car slams into his cruiser.


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