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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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look at the suspects both of whom last lived in south philadelphia. police identified the pair after a tip to want bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. a reward is being offered for the shooting of a 6-year-old boy, this morning that child is fighting for his life caught in the middle of a gun battle. >> we come to you lord we want
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to rejoyce that the child lives. >> reporter: they were celebration and prayers of despair. as pastor carl day and friends visited the neighborhood that was terrorized by gunman friday night. >> it was not 30 second before the gunshots went off. >> reporter: erica said her nephew left her grandmother's house that went into the car and into him. neighbors found bullet holes in cars and houses. with few leads to go police went public with a plea for information no matter how small. >> we are appealing to people's accepts of compassion to give us information on this. >> reporter: petty said her nephew has undergone several
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surgeries and will have more. she prays that gunmen or those who know them will do the right thing. >> they have to have heart and they have to be hurting too. >> reporter: jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> from our new jersey newsroom, the hard rock cafe is shutting down closing october 5 in the trump taj mahal. despite the closure of trump taj, borgata is doing well. overall revenue at the city's 8
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casinos were up, 7%. the parents take note, the new car seat law is in effect, all children under the age of two must be trapped into a rear-facing seat for the first year police will issue a warning violation. after that, there will be 125-dollar fine. this change lowers the risk of death for serious injuries during a crash. there will be no construction headaches for commuters in east whiteland township, chester county. 300 road project along 202, the road was widened to 6 lanes of highway. there was a celebration yesterday to celebrate the completion of the project. 5:27 is your time if you're
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just waking up with us. mother nature has shut down a fair in chicago. if you're trying to keep cool in this oppressive heat. we have tips for staying safe as temperatures crank up gains the delaware and -- against the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> reporter: don't go out. the good news is, this is the worst of it and things get better over the next several days. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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>> heavy rains and flooding forced illinois state fair to close early last night. people ran for cover as rain started to fall. a concert featuring melissa ethridge and pat benatar had to be canceled. so glad you're waking up with us. meteorologist chris sowers is tracking this oppressive weather. >> reporter: remember a couple of weeks ago i said i was ready for my snow shovel. you know how many people are tired of this? today will be the worst of it, sunday is bad, monday, tuesday, wednesday, things get better, i stress the word "little."
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there's the view in atlantic city. it's muggy down there, we have clear conditions and a bright, sunny day on the sand. it will top out in the 90s even there down the jersey shore. double scan live is clear, we won't see any activity outside an isolated shower or thunderstorm. we have a feels like temperature in the city of 90 degrees. 90.92 inches, holding steady. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. 83 for philadelphia. 80 south and east. mid 70s north and west. trenton, 77. cape may, 80. atlantic city, 81. check out the dewpoints they continue to be a thorn in the side. 65 is considered humid, 70 awful, 75 terrible.
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80 yank think of an adjective for that. there's no other area outside the chesapeake bay that's seeing dewpoints in the 80s. this is stifling air we're seeing overhead. the humidity continues through monday, as well. by monday, the air temperature pool back and we get a break then. satellite and radar we are crystal clear, high pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern. 3:30 p.m., feeling like 108 in philadelphia. 109 in wilmington, 107 for millville and dover. wildwood, 95. atlantic city, 103 and triple digit heat showing up well north and west. tomorrow afternoon, a little bit better feeling like 105 in philadelphia. 106 in wilmington and dover. trenton, 104. monday afternoon, look at that, no triple digit heat at all on the forecast map.
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things will get better over the next 72 hours. today will be the worst of it. a few heat tips for you, check on seniors and pets. your pets are just as sensitive as we are, don't leave him outside for a long period of time. seek the shade and avoid the afternoon sunshine. forecast for today, 98 degrees, the record is 99. forecast models have us topping out at 99. it could be record-setting heat. temperatures range from 105 to 110. if you're heading to the jersey shore, jimmy buffet, atlantic city, 4:00 p.m., make sure you're drinking the water. 90 degrees on the sand this afternoon with a feels like temperature over 100. sunday, maybe an isolated
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thunderstorm. otherwise hot and humid, 92. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, that's highlighted both today and tomorrow in red because of the dangerous heat and humidity, 98 today, 97 tomorrow. 92 monday and tuesday, look at this, the 90s continue wednesday and thursday, 90s both day, 89 on friday. no so no relief at all, not much. >> reporter: they call it the dogs day, but this is ridiculous. >> the dogs are barking. you can find storm tracker 6 live double scan at any time on our website at >> listen to this, chris sowers went down to the jersey shore where he checked out the preparations for the atlantic city air show. the army golden knights parachute team will perform.
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chris spoke to the team for "fyi philly." >> reporter: it was another landing for the golden knights parachute team. sergeant first class joe ablem. >> reporter: 13,000 feet, the doors are open up, you're ready to jump what's going on in your mind? >> our plan is to put put on a great show, but to do the jump right. we're to meet the physical demands of combat, as well. >> reporter: while they are highly trained they take each jump seriously. >> we constantly assess the weather and land on the x. >> reporter: they need clear skies and steady wind speed.
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>> we look at ripples on the water. >> reporter: where's my chute. let's go. >> jump chris jump, you can see it all tonight or not "fyi philly" at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> so glad you're waking up with us saturday morning. 5:49. 80 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse over wilmington, delaware, dangerous heat continues, meteorologist chris sowers says if you have to go out, remember, stay hydrated and let us know if there's any relief later on in the broadcast. in "healthcheck" we're looking at ways to keep you safe as the mercury bubbles toward 100 degrees. registered nurse and ali gorman explains how to stay cool.
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>> reporter: blazing hot sun and high humidity. >> it's hot. >> this is a little bit too hot for me. >> reporter: excessive heat can be dangerous and even deadly. >> this heat is what kills most americans and particularly what's more dangerous it's so long. >> reporter: philadelphia health commissioner, dr. thomas farley said he hopes to prevent any heat related deaths. there were four in the summer during previous heat waves. >> they are activating the hot line for the dparnlt -- department of aging. the very young and old are at risk for problems.
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drink water and limit time outside. check in on neighbors, especially the more vulnerable. >> many people who end up getting very i will or dieing, are isolated they don't have families checking in on them. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> your time, 53:51. experts are working to see if you can ward off peanut allergies with peanuts. immune notice -- immuno therapy can up. there's a disturbing find about children's health, nine out of ten kids eat a poor diet and almost all are ciewj sugary foods -- consuming sugary and
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foods and drink. most don't get physical activity getting only 5 or 10% of the exercise needed. there are no studies that approve cholesterol test are worthwhile, they don't if cholesterol management under the age of 40 prevents heart disease later in life. there's no change in the recommendation for cholesterol screening.
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>> good saturday morning to you, 5:54 your time, 8 approximate degrees, the oppressive heat continues today. -- 83 degrees. meteorologist chris sowers says it will be 98 degrees out there, but it will feel like 110.
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mcdonald's in delaware made a big donation to kids in need. the action cam was this newark where the company handed over a 3,000-dollar check to the food bank of delaware. if you're a soda drinker, this may peak your interest, crystal pepsi has made a comeback to store shelves. it was introduced in 1992, but barely made it a year. it is only available for the neck 8 weeks. there will be two additions to next year's girl scout cookie promotion. they are added two cookie, one includes crispy graham cookie dipped and with a chocolate
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coating, the other a crunchy graham cookie. consumer reports compares some of the best laptops on the market. alicia vitarelli has a way to pick the best laptop. >> reporter: whether it is writing paper or streaming notes, it's important for students to look at laptops toses -- to his what they are need -- to see what they are needed to do. ask the college about what is the best choice. there maybe applications that only run one platform or another. >> on campus you'll see mac
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laptops. you'll they cost $1,000 or more. windows laptops offer much wider range of prices. then there's the size. consumer reports says 13-inch laptops offer a compromise between screen size and weight for students on the go, mac book pro for one thousand dollars. the 14-inch acer inspire is the best buy. they are light and cool and easy to carry. if you're looking to do term papers you'll want to have a larger screen than the little guys afford you. for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. >> you don't have to head to the fair to enjoy a deep fried twinkie. you can get them at your local
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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, august 13. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," the extreme heat will only get worse today and it has prompted philadelphia leaders to keep pools open for relief. plus, a popular south philadelphia cheese steak shop become as crime scene after someone is stabbed overnight. a verdict is in for a man in the lehigh valley accused o


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