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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  August 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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granddaughter to check it out for me, she said it is really warm. >> you have to believe here, it's so hot, the atlantic city ocean is not providing much relief. we're stuck in hot and humid weather. the big story on "action news," the excessive heat has yet to let go of its firm grip on the delaware and lehigh valleys. sky6 live hd looking at the beach in cape may. we have seen people on the beach this morning. there you see what looks like someone may be fishing another person trying to relax and read. the water at the beach is not offering much relief. the latest heat wave is so strong it turned up the heat in the ocean water. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris i see beads of sweat already. >> reporter: i want to give you
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an example i've been out here for three minutes and i am sweating. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like 93 degrees. 90 in millville. 92 in atlantic. 90 in cape may. trenton, 85. look at the dewpoints, this is the way we measure the amount of moisture in the air. if you look toward the top of the screen, there's the scale. 65 is humid. 70 is awful. 75 is terrible. 80 is not on the scale. millville, 80. dover, 81. cape may, and atlantic city, 80. philadelphia, 77 and wilmington, 76. as you take a look elsewhere across the country, the dewpoints are higher here in the delaware and the lehigh valleys than any other location in the lower 48. that's a rarity, usually you traveled to the south and get into the gulf coast states, florida, houston, miami, it's
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very, very humid there. it's more humid here in the philadelphia area than anywhere this morning. 98 degrees, that felt that he is the forecasted -- that's the forecasted high, it will feel like 110. not much relief tomorrow. 98 today. heat index of 110. 97 tomorrow, with a heat index of 107. it gets better next week, but we're in the 90s through thursday. when i come back we'll talk about when the heat wave ends and when we could see showers and thunderstorms. gray? >> the beating sun and unrelenting humidity it's almost impossible to escape that. people out in the excessive heat they are securing for cool relief taking a tip in the water or drinking h2o when it feels like 10 degrees out there.
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>> check on for family and friends and neighbors who may not be able to take care of themselves may not be aware of the risk they are facing. if they are not okay, they do not have air-conditioning get them in a place of air-conditioning. the corporation for aging has volunteers working the heat line, (215)765-9040. that number, also at when you click on the weather link. because of the brutal heat. city of philadelphia is offering a bit of relief for you. 21 public schools were scheduled to close -- 21 public schools were expected to close yesterday, now only 8 will end their season. 13 city pools will be staffed from noon until 5:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. visit throughout the weekend. stay connected by each of our
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meteorologists on twitter and facebook. >> time 7:03. new information a stabbing at one of philadelphia's most famous places to eat. police say a fight outside of pat's steaks ended with a young man stabbed in the shoulder. this morning he is in the hospital and investigators are looking for the other person involved in this. they are sergeant out what started the fight on the 900 block of wharton street. new, a 19-year-old man was stabbed while waiting for a bus. here's whean. he what we know. he was attacked on bridge street around midnight. he is in critical condition. no word on who stabbed him or why. an 18-year-old is dead after an overnight shooting this happened in germantown. we know at least 8 shots were fired and the shell casings littered the scene there. it happened along the 200 block of coalm street.
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police are looking for the shooter and searching for a motive. in time race for the white house, donald trump suggested to his supporters the up coming election in his words will be rigged. he told a crowd in altoona last night the only way he can lose if there's cheating. several recent polls show him trailing hillary clinton in the keystone state by ten points. he did to the provide any evidence why he thinks the polls are wrong. hillary clinton has revealed the 2015 tax returns. she and former president earned $10 million. the clintons donate the more than a million dollars to charity. donald trump still refuses to release his tax return. there's no summer break for the governor of pennsylvania. tom wolf is hard at work crisscrossing the commonwealth as he pushes business key parts of his agenda. the governor stopped by the 6abc
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studios for a one-on-one with tamala edwards. >> this is a disease that's different in everybody. >> reporter: though it was august, tom wolf was not focused on to summer pleasures. instead of stopped into a treatment center. >> 2500 pennsylvanias died in -- pennsylvanians died in drug overdoses. last year, 2300 died of overdoses. >> reporter: speaking of the budget, a lot of people called it a bit of a loss who didn't get a raise in personal income tax or a tax okay fracking. he said that stings a little bit, and he go try again. >> my view it was great for pennsylvania. i was not committed to either one of the revenue streams i was
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committed to a balance budget. >> reporter: wolf argues he not only got a better bottom line, but increased funds for medication and medicaid. you can enjoy one major alcohol change right now. >> people were tired taking a trip to california, saying i can't ship wine from the winery to your house, now you can. >> reporter: wolf's tone turned harsh talking about donald trump and recent comments which some saw as advocating gun violence against hillary clinton. >> that's unacceptable for everybody saying that. >> reporter: if you would like to see our full interview it's at, tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." 7:07. exercising in this brutal heat can be difficult, but local
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seniors have found a way to stay in shape and keep cool all at the same time. plus, homes are threatened by brushfires on the west coast. chris. >> reporter: ray it's going to be another scorcher out there with heat index or feels-like temperatures ranging between 105 or 110. is there any relief in the seven-day forecast? i'll have the answer coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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officer in new mexico is dead after being shot during a traffic stop. police say 33-year-old officer jose which chavez arrived on the when a passenger got out of the car and fired shots. he died from his injuries at a hospital. three suspects in the car ran off after the shooting. they have been caught and are in custody this morning. we know one suspect had a gunshot injury to the thigh. 6 people are dead after a
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small plane crashed in fred drinks burger, virginia. today we'll get an update on who the passengers were and why the plane pulled up at the last second before crashing. it turned left and plowed into trees and burst into flames. firefighters are fighting a fire in northern california in a san jose suburb. no homes burned, the cause of the fire unknown. >> 7:11 already, 82 degrees all already. >> reporter: that's a cooler number. it's a hot and oppressively humid day, as we look at penns landing you can see the haze indicative of all the moisture in the air. temperatures close to 100 degrees. the actual air temperature will be close to 100 degrees, factoring in the humidity it will feel like 110. limit the amount of time up spend outdoors.
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double scan live is clear, there could be one or two areas that pick up a quick-hitting thunderstorm. 82, dewpoint, 77. pressure reading 29.93 inches holding steady. the wind out of the southwest at of miles per hour. the ocean temperature close to atlantic city has dropped into the 60s, you don't have to go too much farther to the south and it is right back up into the mid 70s. a little bit of upwelling here, everybody else is warm. 76 in reading, 77 in allentown. 80s for everybody else. wilmington, dover, cape may, checking in at 81. satellite and radar, what you're not seeing here there's a huge bubble or dome of high pressure sitting off the coast of the carl lines, actually it's -- carolinas, it's more like the virginia capes. it's preventing these cooler fronts from pushing into the delaware and the lehigh valleys. it continues to heat up. there's the cold front. that's our relief. the problem is the high is so
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strong it's not allowing the front to budge. the heat wave continues up and down the entire eastern seaboard. sunday, 20, miles per hour, 30 miles per hour, monday, it nudges closer, tuesday, and wednesday, hopefully wednesday night things get in here and things start to cool down or we see a break from the humidity levels. here's the heat index this afternoon. 108. , 1 -- 109 in wilmington. 107 at the airport. even on the stand you can see a feels like temperature close to 100. poconos going to get up to 92 with the heat index today. tomorrow arch 105 for philadelphia. -- tomorrow around 105 for
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philadelphia. monday, wilmington, 99. philadelphia, 98. it's hot, but a little bit better. trenton, 97 degrees. forecast for today, these actual air temperatures. 98 for philadelphia. 97 in wilmington. millville, 97. trenton, 97. reading, 97. call from accuweather in a word, terrible. spotty thunderstorm later on. shorepoints not much relief, 90s popping up from cape may to atlantic city. there's a moderate risk of rip currents. be careful as we had a lot of reports of rip currents this week and the risk continues today. hazy, hot and humid today, 90 degrees. musikfest in the lehigh valley it's a steam bath maybe a scattered thunderstorm, lady antebellum, 6:30, she is the headliner. 91 by 7:00 p.m. 10:00, 11:00 p.m., we're in the mid 80s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've highlighted today and tomorrow because of the dangerous heat
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and humidity. 98 today. 97 tomorrow. feeling like 110 today, feeling like 107 tomorrow. tuesday, 92. wednesday, 90 for wednesday, 90 for thursday, there's the break, gray, friday, 89 degrees. >> what will it feel like? >> reporter: probably 94. >> thank you chris. 7:15 all the extremely hot weather this summer may be cramping your motivation to get outside and exercise. there's a cooler option that is making a splash with seniors. here's tamala edwards with art of aging. zumba's latin beat is great for raising your heart rate and your spirits. enter aqua zumba which takes the dance party into pool. the aquatic variety gets the heart rate up, but less pounding
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on the body. >> this is for lower impact. the water resistance tones muscle better. you're constantly fighting the floating because water pushes you out, you have to push overalls in to be able to stand. >> reporter: joanne gooding enjoyed cycling and weight training until a spinal injury. >> you have i felt movements and you work most of the muscles. >> reporter: you can adjust the movement to your capabilities. >> you can lift it and move in the water. aqua zumba is offered at most ymca branches in the area as well as community centers and fitness clubs, you can find a class through a link from the story at >> they wanted to things that
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everyone else can do and the water allows them to do that. >> reporter: tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." tens of thousands of people across the delaware valley grew up spending their weekend mornings with captain noah tomorrow we celebrated life and career with a special at 10:00 a.m. we hope you join us to look back at him with clips and stories from those who knew him that made his magical art the iconic show it was. go to we posted several episodes and his magical ark including the pilot episode. you can relive many episodes of the iconic show we're back after this.
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good morning to you, 7:19, 82 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse of cape may, new jersey, see the guy in the green shirt he caught a big old fish. may be a blue fish or flounder. congrats to him. if you're going to the beach, the humidity will feel like 100, the water will not cool you off, it's warm water at the beach. here's a look at what's happening around the delaware and lehigh valleys. bug fest celebrating hundreds of live critters, roach races and bug walks and insect tasting, yummy. check it out at the academy of natural sciences in university city today and tomorrow from
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10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. all facets of the ocean have been captured in art at the under the sea art exhibit in bristol bucks county. food truck festival and touch of pokemon there will be plenty of food to eat, bus two popular pokemon characters that happens today from noon until five at carousel park, pike creek delaware. sports is next.
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for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left. everyone, 7:23 saturday morning, hot and humid today, this is for
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the i-95 metro feeling like 106, 4:00 p.m., 109. we should have a feels like temperature around 110. here's philadelphia, there's an area of high pressure in control of the high. the high has planted itself right here, we would be talking aboute cool temperatures. the high is right here, with a clockwise wind around the high it's pumping in the heat and humidity. there's relief in the form of a cold front out to the west across the western great lakes and the high plains, the problem is it is moving really, really slow. by wednesday, maybe at that point it's knocking on the door. that's a good four days away at this point. about four or five days away, it looks like it's going to be quite sometime before the real
7:25 am
relief gets here. >> relief. great word. thank you so much, it is 7:25. in sports the phillies honor jim tome, ryan howard's grand slam brought him to his feet, at what the big below that caused the phils to win here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, the phillies are back and so is jim tome. he received one of the from franchise' highest honors. phils up 2-1. now tied at 3 in the 5th. bases loaded for ryan howard. >> howard hits it well, deep to right center field, way back there, gone! into the rockies bullpen, grand slam for ryan howard. >> reporter: with tome watching, ryan smashes his 14th career grand slam.
7:26 am
the skipper is giving ryan his due. >> during that course of time he wasn't playing he never stopped working and he kept his chin up and he kept plugging, now it is paying off for him. he is swinging the bat as swell as i've seen him. >> prior to the game, jim tome was honored put on the phillies wall of great many. bobby avertibrae yew unveiled the -- abrau unveiled the plaque. >> to be vote the by the fans, i got to tell you that's something special. i know i didn't play here long, there are so many guys that will be in there that are so deserving, i feel so honored that they would think of me to put me in. >> no practice for the eagles, they had the day off. today they begin to prepare for thursday's preseason game at pittsburgh. as for the victory over tampa
7:27 am
bay, coach found positives and negative tirvels. >> there's a lot of areas to improve on. to start the game with special teams and score a turnover was positive. 11 penalties and things like that can't happen. even in preseason, you have to clean that up. overall pleased with the win, but a lot of work left to do. >> so good to have football back. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers. you have yourself a wonderful weekend. an australian woman showed serious girl power when she caught a fish one handed. nickie hunt a mom of five reeled in 2 1/2 pound catch using a hand line. she injured her thumb back in may while she was fishing.
7:28 am
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>> a philadelphia playground is a crime scoon -- screen as police investigate a deadly shooting. more bad news for atlantic city, a popular restaurant announces it will shut its doors. try to keep cool as extreme heat grips the area. let's go outside so chris sowers, i'm sorry you're out there. >> reporter: you know the saying it could be worse? no it can't, this is the worst. let's show you heat index numbers across the area. already feeling like 90 degrees in philadelphia. dover, 90. feels like 92 in cape may and
7:31 am
atlantic city, upper 70s north and west. it's already a stifling start. later this afternoon, feels like temperature will peak around 110. satellite and radar, if you're lucky you see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm later on. most of us stay dry especially south and east if the city of philadelphia. here's the cool forecast, hot, oppressively humid don't forget the sunscreen you'll see a mixture of sun and clouds, more than likely the skies don't turn threatening. maybe one or two areas see a thunderstorm. is there any relief in the seven-day forecast? not much. temperatures drop into the upper 80s by week's end. high around 89 hot and humid. with that comes scattered showers and thunderstorms. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the dangerous heat and humidity that stays with us throughout the weekend. >> get inside, chris.
7:32 am
the oppressive heat has many people seeking relief. creeks and pools will be hot spots as the heat index rises. >> i'm diving in and swimming. we're here on hot days so we won't be as hot. >> i sometimes bring a little fan so i can cool myself down. >> she's cute. fans are a good idea in the hot weather as are umbrella hats. the excessive heat dangerous as the mercury bubbles toward 100 degrees. we're looking for ways to keep you safe, "action news" health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has ways to keep you cool. >> it's hot, very hot, very thick air. >> i like the hot weather, but this is a little bit too hot for me. excessive heat can be dangerous and deadly.
7:33 am
>> this is the disaster that kills most americans particularly more dangerous if it is prolonged. we're entering a period of several days of high heat, so it's dangerous. >> reporter: philadelphia health commissioner, dr. thomas farley said they are hoping to prevent any heat related deaths, there have been four in the city this summer during previous heat waves. they have activated the heat line through the philadelphia corporation of aging. >> anyone give us a call and we'll see how we can help them out or put them in touch with the medical staff. >> reporter: the very young and very old are most at risk for problems. but everyone should drij -- drink more water and avoid exercise during midday and limit time outside. check in on neighbors, especially the more vulnerable. many people who end up becoming i will or dieing are going to be
7:34 am
isolated they don't have families checking in on them. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> the heat hot line is going to keep talking calls through the weekend amid our dangerous conditions, that number on the screen, (215)765-9040. operators are available today beginning at 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tonight. 7:34 new this morning, a philadelphia playground turns into a murder scene. two young men were shot multiple times at hawthorne and meadow in frankford. doctors could not save one man, the other is in critical condition. police are looking for clues and a move. a motorcycle rider is a victim of gun violence in west philadelphia. police took him to penn presbyterian hospital. he is in critical condition. investigators are looking for the shooter and the gun.
7:35 am
this morning philadelphia police searching for two men in connection with a number of armed robberies at asian businesses. the suspects have been identified as 31-year-old anthony campbell and norman bowen. police believe they targeted store fronts in west and southwest philadelphia. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> when these situations occur it is horrifying for people. we want to get the suspects off the street. there are over 25 victims here. >> take a look at the screen, here's another look at the two suspects. both of whom last lived in southwest philadelphia. police say they identified the pair after a tip through the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. this morning we continue to track a story that has outraged a community and left a family heartbroken. a reward is offered for information in the shooting of a 6-year-old boy.
7:36 am
that child is fighting for his life after being caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. jeff chirico has the details. >> we come to you lord knowing we want to -- >> reporter: they were prayers of celebration and thoughts of despair. >> i'm sadden because this is the norm of our city. >> reporter: as pastor carl day and friends visited the neighborhood terrorized by gunman friday night that left mahaj brown fighting for his life. erica petty said her nephew left his grandmother's house when bullets went into the car and into him. the gunfire came from two vehicles driving along the 500 block of ashmeade street fours were wounded. >> we need help. >> reporter: with few leads to go on police went public. >> we are appealing to people's
7:37 am
sense of compassion to give us information on this. >> to be shot like that with no ak-47. >> reporter: petty said her nephew has undergone several surgeries and will have more. she prays that gunmen or those who know them will do the right thing. >> give us justice, we are hurting, you have to have heart, they got to be hurting too. >> reporter: police say one of the vehicles involved is a a two-toned mercury mountaineer with running boards cull 215686 tips. reporting from police headquarters, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> from our new jersey newsroom, the hard rock cafe inside the trump taj mahal is closing its doors before the
7:38 am
casino shut down. according to published reports, the restaurant will close october 5. more than 100 employees received their notices. the casino will shut down october 10. >> despite the closure of trump taj mahal, the other casinos in atlantic city are doing well. borgata is reporting its best month ever, the top casino raked in $85 million from the gamblers in july. the revenue from the 8 casinos is up 7%. pennsylvania's new car seat law is in effect. here's what that means for parents. all children under the age of two must be strapped into a rear-facing car seat. for the first year we are told police will only issue warnings to violators, after that there will be a 125-dollar fine. the change dramatically lowers the risk of death or serious injury during crashes. 7:38 this is the final weekend for this year's
7:39 am
musikfest in the lehigh valley. tonight's headliner is country music group lady antebellum. ♪ >> sabrina carpenter disney channel star and native of the area was there last night. u.s. declares a health emergency as the zika virus sickens more people. we'll tell you where the emergency has been declared. plus a man makes light of flooding and the olympic games in rain-drench louisiana. sorry to tell you about this one, the heat is on, meteorologist chris sowers let's you say know when the hot weather will let up, is there any relief. he'll let you know in the exclusive accuweather seven-day
7:40 am
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>> strong storms took down trees and power lines in parts of maine. this tree fell on the roof of a home in a person who lives in the apartment in texas was not home at the time, everyone else is okay. the storm caused property damage
7:43 am
in the dallas, texas area. a man in louisiana pretended to be an olympic swimmer there, look at him, stretching there, he there he goes for a swim along the roadside in dirty looking water. the flooding situation serious and dangerous in louisiana. some rivers overflowing and more rain expected. a state of emergency in place in louisiana. >> his form was good. he had good form. not like phelps. >> it's a serious situation. back here a serious situation with the heat. >> reporter: you have to feel for the folks who work outdoors because this is dangerous stuff. when we talk about feels-like temperatures in the 110-degree range that's dangerous. if you're not careful, your body will let you know when its had enough. if you're not careful you could have heat stroke heat exhaustion
7:44 am
or something like that. if you're outdoors you have to take a break. it's important, drink lots of water and seek the shade if at all possible, or move into an air conditioned room. even on the shore, we're talking about highs in the low 90s. double scan live is clear, mother nature may provide relief in the form. thunderstorms later on. just like the last several days, we'll stay dry. on average, philadelphia sees 27, 90-degree days. the prediction is 32. right now we're sitting at 28. sunday, 29, this number will creep up there over the next several days. 98 degrees. we're one degree shy of the record, if we get enough sunshine we hit the record set back in 2002. when you're starting out this
7:45 am
warm you know you're going to finish extremely warm, as well. 82 for philadelphia. 76 in reading, allentown, 77. trenton, 80 degrees, atlantic city, 81. it would not be bad if these numbers were not so high. here's the scale. 65 is humid. everybody is in the mid to upper 70s. some areas are topping 80. 80 in millville. ac81. here's satellite and radar, skies are crystal clear, just a couple of clouds out there in some locations. future tracker these are air temperatures. later this afternoon, about 97 or 98 for philadelphia. with the humidity it will feel like 100 to 110 throughout the area. and then we get into sunday morning, starting out in the low 80s in philadelphia. by afternoon, same thing 97 or
7:46 am
98. with the humidity feels like 107 to 110. monday we start to see a break, monday morning we're in the 70s. 60s north and west, it's humid, though, by afternoon the highs are in the low 90s as opposed to the upper 90s. it's not much, but we're seeing a break in the actual air temperatures. check on the pets and the seniors. i see a lot of people do this, you can't leave fido out there for two, three hours at a time you have to bring them in. it is as hot for them as it is for us stay hydrated with gatorade. for today, 98, with the humidity feels like 110. pop-up thunderstorms in places, most of us stay dry. in the poconos, 89 today.
7:47 am
jersey shore, hot and humid, high around 90. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've highlighted today and tomorrow because of the dangerous heat and humidity, 98 today, 97 tomorrow. 92 monday and tuesday, 90 wednesday and thursday, friday's high, i get choked up, 89 degrees. >> don't cry, chris. >> reporter: with the humidity, even the 89-degree day will feel like the mid 90s. >> so no relief. >> reporter: get used to it. >> 7:47 remember you can get the seven-day forecast check storm tracker 6 live radar at any time of the day at it is special treat down the shore with the return of the atlantic city air show here are erin o'hern and alicia vitarelli now with the "fyi philly" preview. >> reporter: hey everyone here's what's coming up tonight on "fyi
7:48 am
philly." >> reporter: all eyes on the sky as atlantic city air show thunder over the boardwalk soar back into action. meet the dare definition of the army parachute golden knights. >> the boardwalk east like legendary mouth-watering oysters. it's we hope you join us. ♪
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73:50 arc health emergency has been -- a health emergency has been declared in puerto rico due to zika virus. it allows for money and personnel to battle the spread are the virus. puerto rico reported 1900 new cases in the past week. more than ten thousand have been sickened by the mosquito bourn illness since december. more adults are smoking marijuana. one out of 8 admitted to cannabis on a regular basis recreational and medicine. although it's legal in some states, the government lists it as a schedule one drug the same category as heroin. the affordable care act may be paying off better health for
7:52 am
low income residents in kentucky where expanded coverage. they relying lesson emergency rooms for medical care. >> stay with us, coming up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the steamy, scorching accuweather forecast. we're back after this. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together,
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at before, sculptures at the iowa state fair have been made out of butter. this year they are star trek
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replica of star ship enterprise and it's crew. iowa is birth place of the captain. james t.kicker was born there -- kirk was born there 2028. here's the feels-like temperatures later on. 108 to 110 in philadelphia that should peak around 4:00 p.m. 109 in wilmington and 107 for dover and millville. 97 degrees for trenton. tomorrow it's better, not much, 105 in philadelphia. 106 in wilmington, 104 in trenton. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, these are actual air temperatures, 98 degrees today. 97 tomorrow. monday, 92. tuesday, 92. wednesday and thursday we're still in the 90s and by friday things should start to cool down a little bit before forecasting
7:56 am
89. i don't see like this huge break where everyone will go outside and say, ah, i just don't see it. >> tomorrow will be 10 # 5 as opposed to 110. >> 7:00 of we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: another record breaking day for katie ledecky netting another goal. michael phelps was caught in a dramatic three-way tie. plus a state of emergency in louisiana, children had to be rescued after raging waters trapped them in their school. now flood alerts are reaching up to new england, rob is breaking down the severe weather for us. plus the bomb shell ruling from a federal court in wisconsin overturned the murder conviction
7:57 am
from one of the main stars of the documentary making the murderer. we have more about the back to school shopping it's all coming up on your saturday. hope to see you philly. >> back here at 9:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, getting your kids sleep schedule back on track, we have tips as the school year approaches. plus one man dead another fighting to stay alive after a shooting on a philadelphia playground. we'll have the latest as the police continue to search for suspects. for now, for meteorologist chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. records shattered. katie ledecky does it again. >> new olympic record. >> crushing rivals to bring home another gold. >> good the whole way through. michael phelps proves he's human. his three-way silver tie. and the soccer stunner. sweden beating team usa. goalkeeper hope solo lashing out. why she's calling her opponents cowards. "gma" is live in rio. devastating flood. the south under siege. torrential rain, 15 inches in just one day creating disaster. emergency crews pulling off hundreds of rescues. good samaritans saving others. this tanker swept away and the unfavorable forecast. more rain ahead. unmaking a murderer?


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