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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ >> coming up tonight on sports sunday -- carson wentz's injury. we discuss how much it can hurt the rookie's development. >> if you don't have their back, how is that useful. >> and offensive lineman johnson gets offensive about his possible suspension. >> and lined towards right center field. a good sign. >> the phillies are red hot and nothing can cool them off. here we are, welcome to "action news" sports sunday i'm jeff skversky with mike.
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and we'll get into the lane johnson debacle, but carson wentz out with a hairline fracture in his ribs, and hopes to be back against the jets september 1. i have to ask you, people are talking about this. did doug peterson leave wentz in the ballgame against the bucks on thursday too long? >> no. no, no. an injury can happen at any time. what he left in were bad offensive linemen too long, and that got him killed in the game. but we wanted to see carson wentz. we needed to see carson wentz and he needed to play. so no, i don't blame doug petersen too long he could have played. and the problem is we will not see him through preseason and i doubt he will even play the last preseason game. so when he plays, he is going to be playing fresh. like right in there with a lot of preseason experience. >> i agree with you, but you have to look at the fact he was
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getting drilled. lived over and getting hit. and petersen has to say i can't let them kill my preseason quarterback. >> we wanted to see carson wentz and had to see carson wentz. he had to play in the preseason, that's the only time he is going to play the whole season until we get to the eighth or ninth or 10th game when they have to play him. no, i don't think they kept him in too long. >> i agree, i just wanted your take. >> you agree? a big hit with the fans, taking a selfie and signing autographs. they want to know how he is feeling, just a spectator at practice himself right now. >> the ribs are a little sore but they will be already in due time here. i just have to give it time and we'll see what happened. contact limited for awhile. so the goal is hopefully preseason i will be ready to go,
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but you never know with these things. >> wentz saying it is sore with just about everything he does right now. >> it looks sore when he held the selfee up, right? >> he was doing it for the fan. >> all right. >> he loves the philly fan. >> he got it up there pretty high for the hairline fracture. seriously, with wentz out, how much does it hurt his development going forward? >> it hurts him a lot. these games really get him acclimated to the speed of the nfl, jeff. when you get in there in the regular season, you are going in blindly now without really getting a feel for what the speed of what the game is all about i think it hurts him considerably. all right, speaking of protection we have to get to this subject. we have to talk about the lane johnson mess. the eagles' right tackle claims he did nothing wrong to warrant a second failed drug test, but resigned to the fact he will be suspended ten games. johnson says the amino acid that
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he took was approved and he still tested positive. is he 100% at fault? >> he is 100% at fault. i know his excuse is, it is listed as an approved substance. and the only way you know, and they make it clear, if you are not sure, send us the supplement and we will test it and find out if it is kosher or not. and he is the guy responsible for it he can make all the excuses he wants. he was selfish in doing this and he should have got it checked. an easy step, just send it and they will test it and tell him whether it is good or not. >> what we are looking at, johnson says they gave them the app that approves products. he scanned the amino acid and what popped up is the green check. and they say it is not bullet-proof and johnson is still responsible. the problem is that the app, their shield is the largest
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anti-doping independent company in the united states. they have scientists and pharmacists who test these products. so how is it all on lane here? >> you don't know what else is in the product. they may test the product itself, but it is coming from a manufacturer that you might not trust. it is coming from -- i don't know where he's getting it. >> online. >> so he gets it online and he is taking a chance. can you trust the manufacturers? the safest way to do it, and they say it, send it to us, we will test it and figure it out. and he didn't do that. >> lane johnson disagrees. he blasts the players' association, the very union that is supposed to protect him. >> i feel like the players have no rights. i feel it is not regul regular -- regulated and you don't know what is in. and be clear they do not stand
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up for players and you have the supplements. if you test positive they don't care, still getting suspended. again the nfl players use the app that they give us, but they do not test the product. and the last thing i wanted to be labeled as is a cheater. i had nothing to hide from that standpoint. >> there you have it. the nflpa fires back saying his statements are incorrect. they do not approve supplements. as you say they offered to test developments for lane. here is the problem, lane johnson trusting the nflpa that hires an outside company. it gave them a check, did not give them a caution or red flag. and he takes the product, amino
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acid. >> how many times has it happened? it is a simple thing. if the nflpa is willing to test it, send it to them. do you have to take the supplement right away? is there a time limit on it? can they test it in the matter of days and then get back to you? is the supplement that necessary for you to take? take vitamin c and d, just like everyone else done. >> this morning i downloaded the app and i scanned my vitamin c and it was approved. >> it may come from a third-world country. >> you don't think he has a beef with the nflpa, or the manufacturer? >> the manufacturer he has a beef with, but that's not real lit issue. the issue and did he take a supplement not approached by the league? the fact of the matter is he did. he could have solved that problem by sending the supplement to the nflpa. their chemists would have tested
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it and they would have gotten the approval on it or non-approval. he did what he did and now he will hurt the team for it. >> the eagles don't sound like they are responsible, saying you are responsible for what you put in your body. and johnson demoted to the second team. and barber at right tackle. still to come, the phillies red hot. nothing can cool them off this weekend. speaking of the weather, here's melissa. ♪ here is exculusive accuweather forecast. humid monday, thunderstorm is likely. mainly south of philadelphia. the high temperature 94. it is hot tuesday with a pop-up shower and storm at 94 degrees. not as harsh with the heat on wednesday for the a.c. air show otherwise 90. the upper 80s return getting into thursday.
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>> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by -- >> mike and jeff back to you. baseball, now the phillies red shot winning four straight the first time in -- you are giving me a smirk. six out of the wild card! >> i know where you are going with it. >> you don't like it? >> you are going with the wild card -- no, they are not going to make the wild card spot. six is a lot. i don't want to douse everybody's through, they are playing good now, not a playoff team. >> and the phillies sweep the rockies, something they haven't done in almost four years. and the triple shy of the cycle is p -- and he helps out ryan howard. and paredes here going deep. and that was a high five from franco. i wish we had some comaraderie -- i can't even say
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it 100 degrees on the field and ryan howard, the sixth inning herrera into the gap. and watch howard score all the way from first. come on, big guy, get in there phillies win 7-6. nothing cooling them off. scoring 23 rubs this weekend. and chase utley comes to down on tuesday with the dodgers. and rollins got a standing ovation and chase utley should get along one. >> five minutes. >> he will get five times what jimmy rollins got. the arena league, the soul. the fans are praying that the soul are in the arena conference championship. what a finish minutes ago. to reynolds for the touchdown. and the arena bowl next up against arizona. they won 55-50. they are the best football team in town. >> that arizona team is tough. >> they beat them twice. they are up next. for mike, i'm jeff skversky.
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that's "action news" sports sunday, good night. ♪
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hi everybody and welcome to our special fyi air show preview. >> we are at kennedy plaza right on the boardwalk in atlantic city. >> and in just a few days, a thunderous roar will fill the skies overhead. >> and deliver lots of thrills and chills to the crowds here on the beach and boardwalk. >> it is the 14th annual atlantic city air show, one of the biggest events of the summer down the shore. >> this year's show is wednesday. and, as always, it is free! >> among t


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