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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ action news, delaware valley's leading news program. saturday night i'm walter per se per se. people of pennsylvania can by wine, man faces serious charges after police say he hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair in philadelphia. but the big story is the investigation into a stabbing
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outside a popular restaurant in philadelphia. the violence happened earlier this morning inside blue martini cocktail lounge. live near the scene with details. >> reporter: walter just as bars were closing -- the man came out of those doors and struggled to make his way across the street before collapsing right where we're standing. tonight, it's unclear if police have a motive or suspect in this case. central detectives arrived late this afternoon at blew martini to investigate the critical stabing that left a 33-year-old man fighting for his life. >> i heard people screaming. >> reporter: parking attendant says he was working at 2:00 a.m. when he saw the man stumble and collapse in the lot. >> feel real bad. still alive or not. >> reporter: police say an argument escalated inside the bar on 2nd near market. the victim was stabbed in the
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neck, he says possibly with a bottle >> he could have died. even the people from the club. we're asking what happened. they didn't know what happened. >> reporter: this isn't the first brush violence for the establishment that builds itself up. the an argument inside in 2011 led to a fatal shooting outside. management tells action news they employ enough. nearby property owners say old city is a safe place but think the city can do more to insure all night clubs are following the rules. >> they have the start citing people for noise violations, nuisance clauses, if you go in there, if you brought the fi inspector in. these are issues they have to get involved with. >> reporter: and this is a popular street for a restaurant and also many surveillance video police no doubt pulling that surveillance video for clues.
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victim's name who has not been released last check was in critical condition. and the bar management here at blue martini says they have plans to beef it up before after tonight. a man is in critical condition following a shooting in north philadelphia. about an hour ago. it happened at about 5:00 in the 600 block of north 12th street. investigators say the man was shot repeatedly. he has been rushed to hahnemann hospital and police are looking for a black colorado vehicle with new jersey tags in connection with the shooting. police in philadelphia also investigating a shooting that ended with three people injured. this one happened this morning at 9:30 on the 100 block of south 55th street in west philadelphia. investigators say two adultses and one teacher were shot at this hour, one of the adults remain in critical condition. at pen presbyterian. the teenager was rushed to saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. police say they have made arrests but no further details have been released at this time.
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police in philadelphia have arrested a man and charged him with dui after they say he sped off after hitting and killing a woman in a wheelchair. on mascher is that your in lehigh avenue in north philadelphia. a pedestrian with the woman was able to identify the driver. he's also been charged with homicide by vehicle. police in bethlehem are investigating a deadly crash up there. it happened just before midnight last night. on route 22 in hand over township. just west of airport road. the driver of a pickup truck carrying seven people lost control,s causing a chain reaction crash. 32-year-old renee was i ejected from the truck and died at the scene. six others suffered minor injuries. moving on to the accu weather forecast. temperatures in the 90's but compared do last weekend, wasn't that bad. now accu weather is tracking changes in the forecast for tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee is live with the big board with the first check of the forecast.
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>> the big change is that the humidity certainly wasn't as oppressive as it has been across the region but still fairly hot. the high today in philadelphia coming in at 93 degrees. right now it's sweet, 88 in the city, 87 in reading, the coast in cape may, there's the nice afternoon sea breeze coming in at 82 and 83 in dover. lots of moisture right now in at the atmosphere. if you look at the due point numbers along thatridor. quite humid. to but off to the north and west, not too bad, due point numbers in the lower 60's, moderate humidity overhead. storm tracker six isolated shower south and east of philadelphia right now pressing to the north of route 70 in north medford and between mt. holly but it should die down. the phils are at home at
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citizens bank park. it is warm and humidity mostly clear as they take on the cardinals. we'll talk about what we can expect. it does turn oppressive sunday, comes the threats of strong afternoon showers and storms in the wake of that we got early release, details coming up with the accu weather forecast. >> we need had relief. stay with 6 for the latest on the he'd and impending storms at your fingertips, be sure to follow each of our meteorologists on facebook and to twitter. for the first time, the people of pennsylvania can now purchase wine at dozens of grocery stores after the state's decision to allow businesses to can expand their liquor licenses but not all stores ready today. action news reporter is live in fairless hills bucks county with details. >> reporter: walter, this one of the 84 new places in
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pennsylvania where you'll be able to pick up a bottle of wine. this store here, the shop rite in fairless hills has wine on its shell now. that's not the case for all the stores with new expanded licenses quite yet >> a they will grilling on this hot saturday. >> steaks and >> this mother of three can pick up a bottle of wine to pair with it at the grocery store. >> it's actually a lot more 15 than having to go from here to the wine store. then home. especially with the kids. >> reporter: the shop rite in fairless hills is one of 84 places in pennsylvania that now have expanded restaurant licenses allowing it to sell up to four standard bottles of wine. while there's a limited selection, being a family owned store allowed them to start sales quickly and plan to expand in the coming months >> just here the other day, this was like a shock, the first day, i guess, pretty cool.
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convenient. >> not outline of the stores we visited are selling wine yet. the manager at this giant in flourtown says they have to find space and shelving and go through corporate offices to carry the inventory, it will likely be 60 to 90 days before you can buy a bottle here, but customers will be ready. >> you're also busy and you have things to do, the make something easy, re pick up everything in one spot. that would be great. >> i believe it makes complete sense. i think the liquor laws here are really backwards compared to the states that surround us. so we ought to be getting with times. >> reporter: we also heard from a spokesperson with seven acme stores that has a new expanded licenses. those stores don't have wine yet either but they hope to soon, if you're cures as to which stores in our area will be selling wine, we have a full list at our website 6 reporting in fairless hills, trish hartman channel 6. one of our region's wonderful veterans was honored
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in a special way this morning in langhorne, bucks county. a group gathered at the identifies on east lincoln highway to present the 86-year-old general with a plaque thanking him. the pennsylvania chapter of a hero's welcome organized the surprise to thank him for his service to our country. parts of i95 in delaware were closed that us morning as dozens of motorcycle riders paid tribute to those who lost their lives on 911. the rally began in newark. action news was there as the rider made their way to the delaware memorial bridge. the group continued on to new york for the annual memorial tribute. makeup more to come on action tonight, we'll show you how some people in bucks county are doing their part to help flood victim in louisiana. also it's almost timing back to school. some local police officers made that a little easier today. we'll explain. melissa. partly cloudy warm still pretty humid tonight. tracking changes for the second half of the weekend. strong showers and storms that will eventually lead to lower
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humidity. details coming up. jeff skversky has sports when action news comes right back.
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good people of bucks county came together to help flood victims in will you describe. action news was there in bensalem this afternoon for a blood drive. a steady treatment stream of people stopped by to donate food and backache items. all he donations will be do louisiana. a grocery store in camden is working on bringing the community together. the price right, right there in cam, host hat summer party today. those who took part got the try the out free samples and also given a chance at winning prizes including bicycles and phillies tickets. please in philadelphia hosted an 18 today to get kids ready for back to school.
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the children's backpack give away took place this morning at the 35th police department right there in logan. police officers hand dozens of free backpack and school supplies. champion from low income families. this event is in its second year. is. find out how the birds are coping without the top wide receiver.
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action news at the willow grove mall this afternoon for an event aimed any timea at getting kids excited to go back to school. it was complete by the abington radars cheerleaders along with the philadelphia institute dance. the k9 unit showed off a few tricks. time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here trying to get jordan matthews back in the game >> the eagles have not looked
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particularly great. they have dropped falls in camp and of course, in this preseason games, maybe they will be back next saturday we'll see. the eagles offense is not been flying up and down at the field as much as eagles fans would like in the preseason, but the eagles have also been without their number one receiver, so will jordan mathews be ready for week one? he says for sure. is that eagles coach or flyers coach dave hextall on hand as quarterba quarterback. he will not push jordan matthews sam bradford and company after suffer agony injury, they're hoping to have him back any day now >> love to hopely get him out here this week, we got to see. of i'm not going to rush him, push him to get back out. i want to make sures he's 100 percent. .
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>> reporter: mathews out who's been stepping set up a up? a guy you probably never heard of paul turner turning heads. it leads the eagles in receiving. undrafted rookie free agent is catching the attention of coach doug pederson as he tries to score a roster spot >> the last couple of weeks doing a nice job. >> just go out there and just, just play, man, just have fun doing it. that's really been my primary focus and that's a wawa i try to can express to each and every one. >> reporter: phillies didn't have a lot of fun last night of after a extra innings and late night, the phillies woke up this morning nine games behind the cardinals for final wild card spots, phils and and cardinals back at it again, jeremy
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hellickson returns to the mound after leaving with back pain, phils skipped hellickson in the rotation, he's lost only one start over last two months. how about former philly center feeler ben revere? he may be having the worst season of his career, revere is not taking it with him in the field. what a catch last night in atlanta. takes a homer away from braves freddy free man, first place nationals revere with the game saving catch. brett brown reiterates joel embiid is on track for training camp and expected to play, embiid missed two seasons now. the union are looking for back to back play, for the first time since march, been five months and two straight mls wins, hosting tornado fc, which would put them in a tie for second place in the standings if they can get a w.
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>> this is league where you can't start to feel too good about yourself because it has a way of humbling you and you get punched in face after you feel like you've accomplished something. good win on the road, have a tough team coming in. presents a very difficult task. >> reporter: wilmington native elana in the u.s. women's basketball team wins gold in the olympics in rio, it's their six and great gold metal. team usa on a beat spain by 29 points, 101-72 the final, 49 straight olympic games now. they're assistant coach on the staff gets yet another gold metal. >> you don't hear enough about them. they're fantastic. you hear a lot about the men's but the women's team stealing re the show. melissa magee has the 65 accu weather seven-day forecast, here's a look at what's coming
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up on world news saturday. >> reporter: the american and that scandal in rio are apologizing revealing what really happened and they are now pointing finger at ryan lochte. al tonight, donald trump's new appeal to african-american voters plus the toddler tossed out of a boat and lost in the water. what saved her life. coming up after action news.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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car and plane thus i didn't have thes took in the sights enjoyed the 45 and annual festival of flight and car shows, antique cars and planes
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on display at the new garden flying feel. plenty of food and craft vendors. in wilmington, the city handed out more than 1,000 free backpacks to children's going back to school. there was live music, games, free food and face paintings. time for a check on the car was forecast. it was hot, but not that humid. pretty nice >> certainly wasn't bad. of it does get hot in the month of august, it hasn't been as oppressive, we're tracking a changes that will bring an end to the heat. we'll show you what's going on, live double scan radar dry no issues with precipitation, we did have a spotty shower in burlington county starting to dry out. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today. there in center city and rittenhouse square at 18th and walnut. a lot of folks walking along the
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streets there along the sidewalk. we got plenty of sunshine and a bright blue sky. because of that we maxed out at 93 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, it's a 87 in reading at the coast in cape may, you're tapping into a nice afternoon sea breeze at this hour coming in at 82 and 83 for both lancaster and dover. here is satellite 6. dry from new england, but you notice a lot of moisture across the midwest, ohio valley and deep south, there's an area of low pressure other than northern illinois and a trailing cold front. this will be working its way eastward as we get to the second half of the weekend. as it clashes with warmth and opposed humidity especially tomorrow would have the likelihood of finding strong showers and storms. call from accu weather, partly cloudy, warm, it is humid, we'll jump down to 69 in the suburbs, 74 in philadelphia for the
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overnight low with to that south easterly wind at five to ten miles per hour. future tracker 6 will take you into 8:30, clouds and sunshine, watch the models closely depending on how much cloud cover or not, it will impact how strong these showers and storms fire up as we get into sunday afternoon, sunday evening, you can see the moisture at 1:00 tomorrow still off to our west, but it will start to grow and intensity as we go throughout the day. at 5:00 we'll max out close to 88 and philadelphia but as cold front comes on through, showers and storms starting to fire up from the poconos down to lancaster. the biggest concern because we do have a very humidity air mass overhead will be drenching do you remembers, that could lead to localized flooding. of gusty winds in the wake of this front as the moisture will start to depart from the west east direction some time about 10:00 tomorrow night. down the shore tomorrow, to humidity day, plenty of sunshine to get the day started. the ocean temperature coming in the 70's, late day showers and storms likely at the shore.
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the bulk of the moisture holds off until tomorrow evening at the coast. the high temperature otherwise coming in at 86 degrees. up in the poconos, it will be humid, re high temperatures coming in at 75. good news i will say in the wake of this cold front that comes in on sunday on back side of it on monday, we've got a nice and refreshing change on the way. of here's an exclusive seven-day forecast. it is humid tomorrow, more so tomorrow than it was today. those evening showers and storms around high temperature in at 88 degrees. again, the biggest concern will be gusty winds, heavy rain, and the possibility of small hail. lower humidity on monday. it's a nice day, plenty of sunshine and 82. beautiful by tuesday, sunshine and clouds during the sky, high temperature of 81, we'll warm up quickly on wednesday with plane of sun, high of 87. sun and clouds on thursday, and at 89 degrees, then turning hot and more humid on friday, a high temperature of 92. humid next saturday with thunderstorms possible, high
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temp coming in at 92. tracking wet weather tomorrow but that will bring nice relief monday and tuesday and might even feel like fall. >> sound good to me. thank you, melissa. tonight star wars flock to the pleads touch museum for a star wars theme celebration. of fans of all ages help paint the falcon before perfecting their lifesaver skills. there's characters. of the one of the most storied franchises of all time. world news saturday is next on 6:00. back here again on 6:00 abc at 11:00. i'm walter perez see you back here at 11:00.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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welcome to "world news tonight." the swimmer at the center of an olympic scandal. ryan lochte facing questions tonight. >> did you admit that you lied finally? >> seen back home for the first time. what really happened at the gas station in rio and why his teammates are now pointing the finger at him. the new donald trump? his appeal to african-americans, saying they should vote for him because they've got nothing to lose. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. pregnant women told to stay away from one of the country's most popular vacation spots because of zika. families going to extremes to stay safe. and the warning, there will be more cases. the overturned boat, the family tossed into the river. the frantic race to save a little girl. >> i have a baby stranded in the water. please, god, send someone now.


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