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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's lead, news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday last day of the month of august. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> we're following a breaking story. a driver is on the run after striking a motorcyclist and taking off from the scene leaving the biker for dead. we are live with the developing details. >> state police find another
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bullet riddled vehicle connected to a shootout near the jersey shore. >> one more hot and humid day before a new month brings a bit of a cool down. >> let's go to dave murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has a look at the roads. >> we're off to a muggier start this morning. satellite shows you we'll wind up with partly sunny skies. there is a little concern this morning of some patchy fog and right now it looks like they've got most of that in south jersey and central delaware. you can see some visibilities a half mile or lower in millville and dover and anywhere you see this gray that's an indication there could be a little problem of seeing some of that in southern montgomery county as well. that should burn off quickly after sunrise. 73 degrees is your temperature in philadelphia, just 62 much cooler and more comfortable up in allentown be pretty much the same story in reading. 66 in wilmington, 72 in trenton and 73 in cape may. dewpoints are up there a bit again this morning. you've seen that southerly flow raise our humidity and anything from 70 or higher is considered oppressive and that's kind of what we have in trenton and philadelphia and down in dover and cape may at this hour. as we roll through the day it
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is going to be another hot one. we did hit 90 yesterday briefly so it means the heat wave continues and we'll probably continue it today. 71 degrees by 7 o'clock, 81 by 10 o'clock and as we plan ahead through the afternoon and early evening 86 degrees by noon and 91 degrees is your high today 3 o'clock before we slide back to 88 at 6 o'clock. some overnight thunderstorms are possible but eventually as we get toward the holiday weekend, conditions really do improve and the weather gets a lot nicer karen. i'll have those details muss the latest on the tropics coming up. >> sounds good. as you head outside right now no weather related problems. david has been talking about a little bit of fog. only a touch of that through the city. this is westbound traffic at this point on the vine street expressway moving nicely. eastbound is just reopened as well. they've got westbound and eastbound on the vine reopened after the construction crews came and went and they'll come back again tonight at 11 o'clock. few problems out there. here's one of them in feltonville. whitaker avenue at lowden
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street. police on the scene of that accident. a water main break only on the shoulder so traffic can get by camp hill road at office center drive in dresher montgomery county. let's take a look at 422. i talked about this accident earlier that was causing a problem in the eastbound off ramp to sanatoga. it had that ramp blocked but crews left the scene, they towedy the vehicle so the ramp is back opened. northeast extension, construction here blocking the left lane northbound between lansdowne and quakertown. other than that you're good to go matt. >> thank you karen. breaking overnight a driver struck and killed a motorcyclist and then took off. it happened in the feltonville section of philadelphia overnight. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live on the 4800 block of whitaker avenue where the victim was left to die. katherine. >> reporter: matt, and police say the motorcyclist was 58 years old. so far his name has not been rehe leased -- released. the motorcycle remains right now here in feltonville on whitaker and loudoun where
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this accident took place. a 2000gmc yukon was found about five blocks away from here in a rear drive way after a responding officer followed a trail of motor oil and antifreeze to the 5000 block of rohrer street. it had front end damage, both air bags deployed. a gmc emblem was found at the scene of the accident. this happened around 11:30 last night. police say the victim was riding the suzuki motorcycle south on whitaker when the yukon traveling north made a left turn into the path of the motorcycle. they collided and the motorcyclist was launched about 30 feet. when first responders arrived the motorcyclist was unconscious. he was taken to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m. the yukon fled west on loudoun. it was found soon after but the driver had already taken off. >> that gmc when police found it did not have a license plate attached. so, there's a possibility that
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the driver removed the license plate in order to elude capture. >> reporter: and back here live at whitaker and loudoun where the road is opened but if you're driving through here use caution because as you can see the motorcycle remains on the scene here in addition to a police officer. they're collecting physical evidence but investigators also spoke to a witness, there's also a rec center on the corner that has surveillance cameras but we don't know yet if there's any footage that captured this crash. live in feltonville katherine scott channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you katherine. another biker collided with an ambulance in newark delaware. this happened at midnight on elkton road and thorn lane. police say the ambulance had just left the station and was responding to a call when it collided with the motorcycle. police say the biker suffered various injuries and is currently in stable condition. no word yet on what actually caused the crash. >> new jersey state police say more arrests are forthcoming in the deadly shootout on the
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atlantic city expressway. only "action news" was there as police recovered a truck believed to be connected to the shooting. the bullet riddled black dodge ram was towed away after being discovered on the 200 block of east oaklyn avenue in pleasantville. five people including a 16-year-old boy have already been charged for their alleged roles in the shootout. the gun battle left 22-year-old osmund octavius dead and wounded four others in egg harbor township. a woman running for office in delaware says she was the target of a campaign crime. candidate for new castle county council president karen heartily nagle says someone has been swiping hundreds of her political signs. hartley-nagl blames her political opponent hollins and says hollins is being helped by county executive tom gordon >> going let the police do their job but he has been identified as a county
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employee. >> "action news" was not able to reach councilman hollins for comment. county executive gordon released a statement denying any wrong do. hartley-nagl is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> we could learn more today about why a dozen delaware middle school students were so late getting to school and getting home yesterday. the action cam was at new road and ohio avenue in elsmere as parents waited for the bus yesterday afternoon. their children attend dickinson middle school. one father tells us his daughter got on the bus at 7:30 this morning and two hours later the school called saying she still wasn't there. school dismissed at 2:45 but the bus didn't drop the children off until nearly 6:00 p.m. parents say things ran smoothly on monday. "action news" reached out to the school district but they never got back to us. the cinnaminson school board heard from parents who are upset about a change to the school calendar. jewish holidays like rosh
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hashanah and yom kippur are being dropped. they had been district holidays for decades. the school superintendent says they decided to drop them because there are fewer than 40 jewish students in the district. those students will not be penalized if they take those days off. >> from our new jersey news room, governor chris christie has vetoed an attempt to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next five years. he announced his decision in a market in pennington mercer county saying such an increase would be a burden for small businesses leading to layoffs or higher prices. democrats who control the state legislature say they'll pursue a constitutional amendment which does not need the governor's approval. >> been awhile since we've seen rain around here. you're saying we might see some later today. >> maybe. i think it's probably going to hold off likely in most neighborhoods until after midnight and then in through the day tomorrow some showers are possible especially in the first part of the day. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are drive. as we take a look outside we
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have some sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon but it will be kind of a partly sunny dane here and there -- day and here and there you might have some fog as you first set out. 73 degrees in philadelphia currently, 62 cool interallentown, 63 reading, 72 trenton 73 down the shore. satellite shows that you cloud cover sweeping in from the we have the. again if we can break up some of the low lying clouds early you'll get some early sun. up in the lehigh valley we're going to go for a more humid day today, partly sunny overall 89 degrees the high there. down the shore you still got an issue with rip currents and that will continue straight through the holiday weekend the way things are looking now. partly sunny, 84 on the beach though and 76 in the water. just don't go in too deep and swim near lifeguards and once the lifeguards call it quits later today no more in the water. partly sunny and more humid in philadelphia today, hot, a high of 91 degrees. winds are light at six to 12 miles per hour. overnight tonight mostly cloudy, again that's where your late night thunderstorms are possible, 72 degrees. future tracker6 picking under story at 12:30 a.m. where
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through the western suburbs and over toward new jersey by 4:30 in the morning again a rumble of thunder might wake you up. and the latest model run just in shows scattered precipitation through tomorrow morning into the early afternoon hours. but some of it could linger a little bit. in the tropics we've got hurricane gaston now a category three starting to get out of here. tropical depression number eight and tropical depression number nine neither of those storms tropical storms yet. this one as we were talking about yesterday did end up not going into north carolina so watches are down there now. does look like it will become a tropical storm and pass us by during the day today keep keeping those rip currents an issue. and as we go farther south of the gulf of mexico, this tropical depression number nine also looks like it will become a tropical storm. slowing down a little bit it now looks like through the day on friday basically is when it's going to be coming through the northern part of florida but then after that we'll have to keep an eye on it. once again it passes us kicks up the surf. looks like in some model runs it wants to curl back in toward cape cod. if you have labor day weekend plans up in new england you'll
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want to keep your eyes on that. if you have plans to head to hawaii, today they've got madeleine going through the big islands and then over the weekend a second storm lester passing by to the north. pretty rare situation to have a couple of big storms like that that close to hawaii but the next several days not great out in the state of hawaii. 91 degrees in philadelphia today. hot more humid. and then those overnight thunderstorms and some showers spilling into tomorrow morning. we're hoping for some afternoon sun though and the temperature does start to top to 84. should be nice for the eagles at night. comfortable on friday, temple opening up at night, great night for football, 83 degrees there. holiday weekends looking great. 79 on is a saturday. 81 on sunday. if you're down the shore that returned and heavy surf issue will probably stick with you straight into sunday and maybe monday as well. tuesday heat and humidity returns. >> okay. we'll be ready. thanks, david. 5:11 now. still ahead on "action news" a midwestern man is accused of murdering a woman after the
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two were involved in a car crash. hear what police say might have set him off. >> police say this man is accused of trying to burn down a gas station over flaming hot cheetos. karen. >> we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway approaching girard. no problems right now. we've been watching for fog. not seeing any right here on the schuylkill so you're doing all right. we're going to take a live look at exton chester county and take a look at i-95 where we have three lanes blocked. all of that when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show that it only provides
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>> welcome back. it is wednesday, right, it is 5:14, 73 degrees, sky6 hd taking a live look at the platt bridge. looks like things running smoothly there. it is had you ever been day, matt. >> it is. what's happening on the roads,
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karen. >> not too much. watching for a little bit of fog in some spots. not seeing any problems also a we look at our cameras. route 100 at commerce drive. traffic is moving okay in exton chester county. no big issues there coming from phoenixville or lionville. we have this accident we've been talking about in feltonville. a serious one on whitaker avenue at loudoun street and katherine scott has been on the scene talking about this fatal hit and run. we have crews on the scene. avoid that area if you can with police on the scene. let's take a look on i-95 southbound. we've got not one, not two but three lanes blocked southbound and that's between christiana and the delaware service area until 5:30 this morning so they're still out there right now but they should be wrapping up pretty short physical you're on i-95. let's look at the visibility reports. we are seeing less than a mile visibility in toms river. half a mile in millville. only .3 of a mile in dover. philadelphia international airport not as bad at 6-mile visibility but just watch for that as you're headed out. it's a another hot day.
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six day of our heat wave. things get better starting tomorrow matt. >> thank you karen. new here on "action news" an ohio man faces murder charges for shooting a woman to death following a car crash. police say 29-year-old matthew desher ran a red light and struck 53-year-old deborah pearl's car. then he fired at pearl with an ar-15 rifle killing her. military records show he served two tours in iraq with the marine corps and suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. >> maine's governor seems to be backing off. the republican said he might consider stepping down. hours later he tweeted the reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated. earlier this month lepage left a foul mouthed voicemail message for gatin.
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a new missouri law will require publicly funded schools to say the pledge of allegiance every day. that's different from the previous rule which required the pledge only once a week. house bill 1750 officially became law on monday. individual students will not be required to say the pledge if they tone wander to. the law also requires though an american flag to be displayed on a school pole at all times. this is also new. a missouri man is behind bars after police say he stole a bag of flaming hot cheetos then tried to burn down a gas station. police arrested joshua crook monday night. they say he punched the gas station employee he who tried to prevent the theft of the cheetos. after that the crook allegedly went outside the station poured a little gas on the ground and tried to start a fire with a cigarette. there were no injuries or damage. >> those cheetos aren't that good. >> yeah, what's up with that picture. >> the phillies and nationals wrap up their three game series tonight. adam morgan will be on the
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mound. the phillies fell to the nationals three to two last night. they have lost six of their last eight to fall 12 games below .500. serena williams cruised into the next round of the u.s. open as she beat katarina makarova yesterday. williams had 12 aces and showed little problem with her sore right shoulder. venus also won her first round match. >> they are pretty amazing aren't they. 5:18. a driver came to the rescue of another driver who was trapped on a new york state highway and now we're hearing from both people for the first time. >> and hear why researchers think being an identical twin can extend one's life. >> ♪
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>> scientists in budapest claim that dogs comprehend and respond to human language. >> well, yeah. >> they recorded brain activities of dogs as they heard various phrases. when dogs heard goo boy or well done they responded than when they heard neutral words like nevertheless or however .
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>> [laughter] >> dogs responded strong to a positive cheerful tone. >> i could have done that study. >> i know. >> do it every day. >> people respond to it well, too. good boy, davey. >> you don't have to spend tax dollars to find that out. >> we've been scanning our cameras talking about a touch of fog here and there. we noticed it on route 42 northbound coming up from deptford or turnersville. it's not affecting traffic too much but watch for lower visibilities in some spots. mass transit is looking pretty good at the moment. we'll be watching for delays with septa regional rails still using their interim schedules. >> if you are dressing the kids and some of are you sending the kids to school already it's shorts and teams. it's a bit more humid. 71 degrees on the bus stop by 7 o'clock. 10 o'clock 77. not too bad temperature-wise early but by noon we're up to 86 and we're going to get a high of 91 this afternoon at
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3 o'clock. hot humid conditions. looks like it stays dry until around midnight tonight when we could see some showers and thunderstorms. big board at the airport all green. no major delays no sign of raring right now in any of our big travel destinations. nydia. >> david thank you. in health check a new study suggests being a twin may add extra years to your life. researchers found identical twins tended to live longer than fraternal twins and most types of types out live men and women who are not twins. researchers say the close relationship could contact as at as a buffer against engaging in. >> the men behind a daring rescue caught on camera are speaking out. >> it's tough. >> it's hard to watch. >> it all started with this massive accident caught on dashboard camera. watch as a tractor-trailer spins out of control in the middle of a binghamton new york highway. >> it was like a demolition derby it really was. >> motorists run straight to
5:23 am
this mangled white car now on fire. >> several cars fire. >> an elderly woman is trapped inside there. >> there was a female trying to get our attention waving her hands frantically. >> while the cabin of the car was getting filled with more and more smoke. >> but as they struggled pull the door opened a burst of flames. >> i know i couldn't live just watching somebody burn to death without me putting a fight up. >> and we'll have more of their emotional story coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm diane macedo abc news, new york. >> this "gma" first look is brought to you by your if you would tri-state cad cadillac dealers.
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>> chris brown has been released from police custody following his arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. the sippinger was in a 14 hour standoff with police at his los angeles area home yesterday. police arrested him over claims that he threatened a woman with a gun. now, in a statement on instagram in a video on there, the entertainer called the situation bogus. >> what i do care about is y'all defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. i am a father. i am one of the best entertainers out here. >> brown just completed probation for assaulting former girlfriend rihanna. he was also charged in 2013 with misdemeanor assault for
5:27 am
hitting a woman outside a washington d.c. hotel. selena gomez is taking a break from her current tour due to health concerns. the singer revealed last year that she has lupus and in a statement gomez says the disease is prompting panic attacks anxiety and depression. it is unclear when she may return to the stage or even the studio. singer gladys knight is suing her son. the lawsuit claims she licensed her likeness to her son in 1999 for a number of chicken and waffle restaurants but then in 2009 she changed the terms of the deal. one of the restaurants recently scored poorly on a health inspection so knight wants to separate her name and memorabilia from those establishments. police arrested hankerson her son on theft charges. nydia. >> still ahead, a woman who caused chaos aboard a subway train by releasing a container of crickets and worms says it was all a prank.
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we'll have that story. >> plus a motorcyclist is dead after being hit by a speeding vehicle. we are live with the very latest. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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>> breaking now on "action news" a driver smashes into a man on a motorcycle overnight throwing him from the bike and leaving him for dead. we are live with a break in this deadly hit and run. >> caught in the crossfire. a 12-year-old girl walked out of a store and into a hail of bullets. >> talk about timing. donald trump plans a surprise visit to mexico today on the same day as his high stakes speech on immigration. good morning, it's 5:30 on this wednesday august 31st. tam is off. nydia han joins us. we also have dave murphy and karen rogers. [laughter] >> there she is. >> okay, so, we are going to get another hot one this afternoon. we did manage 90 briefly yesterday so the heat wave continues. this will be day six and it is feeling mo


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