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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  September 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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saturday, september 3. we're following breaking news out of atlantic city where there has been a deadly shooting. a suspect has been shot and killed, and a atlantic city police officer has shot and critically injured. >> we have a live crew on the scene gathering in fact for you, we'll get a live update in just a bit. >> first we want to bring you the latest on tropical storm hermine. it has left a trail of destruction and now it's heading to the jersey and delaware shores. >> meteorologist chris sowers is tracking the storm. he joins us at the "action news" big board with the latest. >> reporter: it's a shame, because only 30% of the viewing area will see a big influence from the storm. that's the 30% of the viewing area where everybody is traveling this weekend from sandy hook to cape may and wildwood and the delaware beaches. even the delaware bay will see a
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storm surge, one to two feet. tropical storm warnings in effect from long island all the way down to virginia beach as well as cape hatteras, north carolina, this is where the storm currently sits. it's situated right here. it's racing off to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. excuse me. eventually it will slow its speed down as it hits a blocking high right here, at that point it kind of sits and spins and we see the waves going back and the coastal flooding getting worse and worse as the weekend progresses. 74 miles per hour heading toward philadelphia. maximum stained wind 65 miles per hour. racing off to the east/northeast at 21 miles per hour, the pressure is stagged to intensify or decrease. the track takes the storm out to sea following the gulfstream which is boiling. temperatures are the 0 degrees, it feeds off the water.
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it will make a left hand turn sunday night into monday, that's when we see the storm blown back closer to the coast, the bands of rain and gusty winds and it will get on its way thursday and friday and pulls north into new england and everything calms down. heavy rain, there's a moderate risk for heavy rain mainly sunday night into monday morning. coastal flooding, power outages, you'll see all three. it's not a wash, especially for areas west of philadelphia. here's the call for philadelphia, today, 79, lots of clouds. it's breezy out there, it's a comfortable day. tomorrow there could showers, that's late in the day, most of the day is dry, gusty winds and a high of 77. it's the shore that will see the most impact from the storm system. when i come back in just a few minutes, we'll look at the storm track only future tracker 6 and have more accuweather. >> boat owners were urged to
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get their vessels inland ahead of the hermine arrival. homeowners were under to secure their boats or move them to inland marines. boats should be stored in an area that is not prone to flooding. hermine made landfall in florida as a hurricane and the storm left behind devastation, a record storm surge for the island town of cedar key. people there say they are shaken by hermine's punch. >> ferocious, absolutely, unending, unceasing. 325,000 power outages came in along the gulf state coast. hermine was the first hurricane to strike florida since 2005. we'll stay ahead of hermine throughout the weekend at you will see our inter active
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map and check the storm as the moves up the coast and follow our meteorologists on social media for updates when they happen. >> we want to get back to our breaking news out of atlantic city. a search is underway for a suspect in a shooting. one suspect is dead and atlantic city police officer has been critically injured. >> "action news" reporter, trish hartman is live at the scene near caesars. this is an active scene a lot unfolding what have you learned what happened there. >> reporter: atlantic city police and mayor gave us an update, within the past hour authorities say one suspect is dead and atlantic city police officer has been shot and wounded that officer is in surgery at atlantic regional medical center not far from hear. a command center has been set up, as the search continues for two more suspects. we have heavy police preference
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preference -- presence outside the caesars casino. police and swat vehicles surrounded the area at caesars casino 2100 block of pacific avenue. two uniformed officers on patrol stopped three men on food. one open fired on the officer, striking one of them. the other officer return fire killing one of the suspects. the other two suspects fled on foot. it's unknown why the officers stopped the group of men. the injured officer was transported by another officer in the police car to the hospital. he is undergoing surgery. officials would not comment on the nature of his injuries. we got an update just a few minutes ago. >> we're currently looking for two suspects, the investigation is active and fluid. atlantic city prosecutor's office is on scene in an officer-involved shooting they will investigate the incident. they are currently here as well
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as our other law enforcement partners assisting us right now. >> now, pacific avenue is closed between missouri and ohio avenue as police canvass it is area looking for the suspects. new jersey state police are aiding in the search this morning, the atlantic county prosecutor's office here helping with the investigation. troopers have brought in k-9s to track the men wanted in conclusion with the shooting. so far they have been focusing in the atlantic city area. if you have any information call atlantic city police, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for the update our our thoughts with the officer. thank you. dui charges possible for a driver who crashed in delaware county. the back acura was trafficking on i-95 when the driver lost -- was traveling on i-95 when the driver lost control and came to rest on chester pike.
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state police say the driver and passenger were hurt, but their injuries are non-life threatening. another accident on i-95 sent three people to the hospital. this crash happened near woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia around 10:30 p.m. one person inside the vehicle was seriously injured. police have not released details on the other two people. traffic came to a complete standstill in the southbound lanes while the investigation took place. from you're a delaware newsroom, a man is facing his 12th dui charge after crashing his car with a child inside. police arrested charles part son of frank -- patterson of frank formed. there was a 6-year-old child in the car with him. nobody was hurt. also from our new jersey newsroom, get ready to pay in taxes if you live in the garden state and work in pennsylvania or vice versa. governor chris christie pulled out of the decades old
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reciprocity agreement. that allowed state lines to pay income taxes based on on where they live not where they work. after 40 years that's changing. christy said he needs the money to fill the budget hole. it will be tense of millions of -- tens of moles of dollars for new jersey. >> this -- tens of millions of dollars for new jersey. >> this is looks like a movie, but it's sand being pushed across a beach in north carolina. >> reporter: tropical storm hermine getting closer and closer to the lehigh valley. i'll have more from the national hurricane center when we come right back.
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staples has the lowest prices... period. >> 7:11 a.m., you have to come to the screen and take a look at this, it looks like fog, right? no, it's not it's sands blowing across the beach on hilton head island, south carolina, hermine is churning across communities up and down the coast. this is what happens when tropical storm force winds rip along the shore. >> when i first look at it, i thought it was the ocean. >> reporter: hermine is seeing it in the carolinas, it is moving up the eastern seaboard. as we get you outside we'll feel the effects later this afternoon especially down the jersey shore, more so sunday into
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monday. north and west of the city, you might not see much of anything at all. clouds continue to lower and thicken. you may see sunshine out there this morning, i stress the word little. it will be cloudy today tomorrow and monday afternoon. double scan live, we're clear for the most part, a little bit of light drizzle starting to show up across extreme southern portions of delaware. you can see the counter clockwise circulation, the feeder bands red and yellow starting to wrap around the storm. we've turned the buoy reports on, you can get an idea how large the waves are and the winds are. off the coast of cape hatteras we see waves up to 16 feet and winds 45 miles per hour. virginia beach, wave height 13 feet and winds 43. ocean city maryland, winds
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18-mile an hour gusting to 30. we can turn on the wave highlights, as well, the wave heights are starting to increase here. you get the idea what's going to happen, as the day progresses the waves which are 18 feet will build and lift to the north, the water will become unstable and choppy as we march along throughout the weekend. we're seeing 6-foot waves off delaware beaches ascertain e and five pursuit -- and five foot waves moving closer to the jersey shore. the national weather service is expected 9 to 12-foot waves off the coast of atlantic city as we get into sunday and monday, that's when the worst is expected to develop. for today, double barrel area of high pressure holding this storm to bay. it can't escape out to sea, similar to sandy. we have a block to the north. on sunday it will try to make the left hand turn, it doesn't go inland, but we'll seal the
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outer he do here, the winds battering -- we'll see the outer edge also here, the winds will start battering the jersey beaches. the closer the lines are to the coast, the worst the impact. the farther away from the coast, the less impact it will be. you want to see a track like this that takes it 3 to 400 miles off the coast. you see how close the lines are. look what happens up through here, the model doesn't know what to do with the storm, it hits the block and it's planted off the coast of new jersey. how long it sits there, that's up in the air, as well. future tracker 6, lots of clouds out there today. most of the day is dry, don't cancel plans. it's already, breezy, that's about it. sunday, showers for the jersey shore, everybody else is cloudy. sunday night, even though the
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model is not showing it, there could showers and heavier rain bands moving in sunday night into sunday morning. rainfall totals could compete 2 to 3 inches for the -- could exceed 2 to 3 inches for the jersey shore. i-95 corridor half inch of rain. winds gusting up to 06 miles per hour down the shore, 50 to 60 miles per hour western portions of atlantic county and cumberland county. the i-95 corridor, gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. a good 48 worth of pounding for the jersey shore, heavy surf, waves 9 to 12 feet. a lot of that is sunday night into monday. winds again gusting to 06 miles per hour. major coastal flooding is possible for the sunday morning's high tide and sunday night's high tide and monday morning's high tide. minimal impact north and west of the city of philadelphia. low lying evacuations for the
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jersey shore because that's the area closer to the center of tropical storm hermine. 79 degrees in philadelphia. winds roaring down the jersey shore. 76 monday, rain developing late in the day. labor day cloudy breaks of nine, high of 80. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, here we go again, guys, temperatures heating up, temperatures in the 90s, feeling like july all over again. >> what are we done with that? >> reporter: i'm feeling -- i'm doing my best. >> drugs and alcohol is becoming a problem for seniors. >> reporter: jerry kept raps on
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his drinking. >> his daughter couldn't reach him. >> begging pleading. until he was ready, it fell on deaf ears. >> reporter: after retirement he realized how he hurt his children and grandchildren. >> they didn't want anything to do with me. >> his kids were not sure, the grandkids were safe. substance abuse is rising fast among people over age 60. >> there's not enough drug and alcohol treatment centers to keep up with the demand. >> reporter: federal agencies say 20 to 30% of 75 to 85-year-olds have alcohol problems, up to 20% abused drugs mostly prescription medication and some have problems with both. >> alcohol and opioid medicine
7:18 am
medications. >> reporter: seniors take more medications than any other group. seniors can't burn off two or three drinks like they did at 40, to 45. >> seniors have vast differences in how they take in new information, how they hear things. treatment centers have units for seniors. addressing his problem and getting the right help turned his life around. >> it is not a disgrace, it's not an embarrassment, it's an illness, it's a sickness. >> reporter: brenda says he is a super granddad now. >> they love following him around, and showing them different things, all of those things wouldn't have happened before. >> reporter: ali gorman channel 6 "action news." katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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saturday morning, rough surf already, sky6 live hd taking a live look at cape may, new jersey, as we get ready for hermine. 7:21, 69 degrees, move your cars from flood-prone areas and tie down loose objects outside, because they could become projectiles. impact starting tomorrow. >> hermine is not going to blow out holiday plans across the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> we have a look at what's happening around the area this weekend. if do you love food and wine? who doesn't, oaks expo center in montgomery county, summer wine fest. they are made right here in the keystone state. take home souvenirs from
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11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. give back to the germantown community event. there's plenty of food and fun and empowerment. members of the philadelphia police and fire departments will be there, there will be a backpack give way. it gets started at 10:45 a.m. >> reporter: welcome back,
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everyone, 7:24 saturday morning. today starts the beginning of a long unsettled stretch of weather fort -- for the jersey shore. 77 degrees, gust as high as 30 miles per hour. showers later on. philadelphia, limited sun, mostly cloudy, breezy, 79.
7:25 am
the poconos increasing clouds, high temperatures in the 60s nice arena comfortable in the mountains. wind gusting, beach haven, 26, atlantic city, 23. cape may, 25. the wind barbs piling up water along the coast. karen rogers is down the jersey shore, she was surprised at how strong the winds were, she said it was like being sandblasted down the beach. it's not a good day for the beach. i'm not sure if you're ray loud in the water at this point. if you are it's probably just up to your knees. danger rip currents this weekend as large as 1 foot waves possible sunday night into monday morning, the winds will start to pick up in intensity. breezy inland, windy for the jersey shore, sunday afternoon we could see gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. that continues sunday night into monday morning. the storm peaking monday morning
7:26 am
with waves again as high as 12 to 15 feet. it will cause a lot of coastal flooding. guys? >> 7:26 in sports, college football army upsets temple in the owls' season opener. >> the temple coach is challenging his players. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: last year they won a school record ten games, they are the talk of the town. i talked with matt rhule before last night's game, he said he knew expectations were sky high that he said made them ripe for an update. jihad thomas had a hand injury. davidson from allentown, two touchdowns, his first ever game at full back. owls allowed 329 yards rushing. philip walker was picked off 3 times. owls 18 points favorites lose.
7:27 am
>> i still like, i hated this i'm embarrassed by it, i feel terrible for all the people that came to the game. again i give credit to army, but i feel like our kids, if they have any chance of being a good team they are not a good team now, they never will. >> temple football play book airs every saturday morning at 9:45, coming up shortly, matt o'donnell will join ducis rogers to break this down. >> doug peterson has a lot of decisions to make by 4:00 p.m. he has to get the roster down to 53. phillie phanatic, super excited to start the team series. ellis, 3-run blast. 4-0 fills -- phils. they blow the lead in the 5th. 3-run home run ties the game at
7:28 am
4. top of the 9th phils tied not any more. he braves scored 4 in the 9th to beat the phillies. how about penn state they kick off their season today against kent state at beaver stadium. they were 7-6 last year. they have a new look offense and james franklin is excited to get it started. >> you want to get out and show all your hard work what's put you in position to be able to do. i think we're at that point. i feel our team feels very, very confident and prepared. >> hopefully penn state can have a better start than temple. have a great saturday, we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00 p.m.
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>> it is 7:30 a.m., we have breaking news coming in from atlantic city. >> a suspect was killed and a police officer critically injured in an exchange of gunfire near his caesars casino. there's a search for more suspects and trish hartman is gathering details at the scene. of course we are tracking the latest on hermine though. >> right now the entire coast of delaware and new jersey are
7:31 am
under a tropical storm warning. let's get you to meteorologist chris sowers who is keeping a close eye on hermine and where it is heading next and what it may mean for you this holiday weekend. >> reporter: it means a lot of wind from the jersey shore and pounding waves 9 to 1 feet high. some areas could see higher than 12-foot waves. tropical storm warning in effect from long island to the carolinas. this is the first time we've seen since super-storm sandy tropical storm warning for this part of the viewing area. the storm is sitting here north of cape hatteras. the feeder bands are wrapping around the storm slowly drifterring to the north, getting closer and -- drifting to the north, getting closer and closer. jersey shore will not see any wet weather until this afternoon. it will drift to the north an
7:32 am
hit a blocking area of high pressure. that's when things start to get tricky here. right now it's approximately 374 miles south of the city of philadelphia. max -- maximum sustained winds 60 miles per hour. here's is where it hits the brick wall. it makes a left hand turn and strengthens into a hurricane by early tuesday morning with wind up to 75 miles per hour. it's throwing back the huge swells we're seeing the driving wind out of the northeast at 50 to perhaps, 60 miles per hour. there's the block, it's not allowing the storm to escape. i meant just sits off the coast, day after day after day which you think up -- churning up the waters. the winds roaring 50 to 6 miles per hour at the coast. lighter inland, but it's a breezy day for philadelphia tomorrow, as well with winds up to 40, 45 miles per hour. next few days, low impact today, they start to pick up later this
7:33 am
afternoon. the brunt of the storm is sunday into labor day. as it pulls away, the impact goes down for tuesday. inland you may not see a rain drop well north and west of philadelphia. no impact north and west of i-95. jersey shore gets hammered with this, low lying evacuations go into effect sunday night into monday morning. depends on the track of the storm. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll take a look at the track on future tracker 6. we'll have the forecast for you. >> in delaware, people who live along the beach are doing what they can to protect property an possessions. some who use rehoboth beach marine in dewey beach are not taking any chances. action cam was there as workers took boats to higher ground. >> we have a few who want to be safe, so we're pulling them out and getting them ready. >> residents and property
7:34 am
owners should secure objects like trash cans. in philadelphia, peopler hoping that hermine doesn't washout made in america festival, crews have been busy all week. rihanna is tonight's headliner, cold play is the big act tomorrow. there are no weather contingencies in place. 7:34. overnight tropical storm hermine knocked down trees and power lines in eastern north carolina, officials are watching creeks and rivers swollen by 5 to 8 inches of rain. a state of emergency is in effect in 33 counties. hermine is expected to move offshore and possibly strengthen back into a hurricane. "action news" will have continuing coverage on air and online as hermine at our website to view our inter active maps to view
7:35 am
conditions where you live. check the path of the storm as it moves up the coast and following our meteorologists on social media for any updates. we've been telling you about breaking news from atlantic city all morning where a police officer has been shot and critically wounded. let's go over to trish hartman live along the scene at pacific avenue with the latest information. good morning, trish. >> reporter: good morning, gray, yeah, authorities are looking for two suspects this morning and there's heavy police presence here outside caesars. police have set up a command center across the street from caesars as they continue to look for two men. one suspect is dead. an atlantic city police officer in critical condition, the officer underwent surgery at atlanticare regional medical center, a command center has been set up as police continue their search. this is what the seen looked like early morning, police and swat vehicles surrounded the
7:36 am
area. it began at 2:30 a.m. in the area of caesars casino in the 2100 block of pacific avenue. investigators say two uniformed officers on patrol stopped a group of at least three men on foot. one of the men opened fire on the officers striking one of them, the other officer then returned fire killing one of the suspects. two systems fled on foot. it's unknown why the officers stopped the group of men. now the injured officer was transported by another officer in a police car to the hospital. again, we're told he is undergoing surgery and officials wouldn't comment on the nature of his injuries. authorities spoke about an hour ago giving us an update. the mayor praised the quick response of multiple agencies that responded. >> very unfortunate incident 2:34 a.m. police responded immediately. i am very grateful to the several hundred police officers
7:37 am
whether they were on vacation or over duty they immediately responded by 3:00 p.m. there was an active pursuit that's still going on. >> reporter: now, a number of roads in the area are closed as police search for the suspects. they are hoping to reopen the roads soon. new jersey state police helping in the search they brought in k-9s to look for the two men wanted in connection with the shooting. if you have any information you're asked to reach out to atlantic city police. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new this morning, a fire has killed a person in mercer county, new jersey. the victim was found inside a home on coleman lane in hopewell township. police officers got there first, but couldn't get into the home, because the flames and smoke were just too much. firefighters then arrived and found the victim already dead. we are a waiting an update on the cause. and turning now our attention to the race for the white house, republican
7:38 am
presidential nominee donald trump heads to detroit today as he tries to expand support among minorities. >> yesterday trump was in north philadelphia where he held a round table discussion, he salt down with a dozen african-american supporters who praised him to -- for coming to an urban area. in a one-on-one with matt o'donnell. donald trump said african americans have nothing to lose by voting for change. >> these folks reached out to me, they are tired. its the same old thing, it's been run by democrats for 50 years, 70 years, over 100 years, these areas, they come for the vote, hillary clinton will do nothing for african americans, she will take the vote and say see you in four years. >> trump said he will continue the "stop and frisk" policy and the sanctuary city policy only benefits criminals. hillary clinton is coming
7:39 am
under fire over the scrutiny of the private e-mail server she used while secretary of state. fbi released notes in the interview of clinton back in july. clinton told the fbi she relied on staff to not send e-mails containing classified information to the account. clinton plans a campaign stop in illinois on monday. >> 7:39. tropical storm hermine wreaking havoc on hole dui plans in the area -- on holiday plans in the area. we'll tell you what it means for concert plans at the shore. >> chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues after the break.
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7:43 am
>> reporter: depends on where you are, if you're down the shore, yes. today is not too bad, wet weather this afternoon, tomorrow and monday we feel the brunt of the tropical storm hermine. live on sky6 live hd, down in cape may, five foot waves battering the beaches. you can see the whitecaps. winds gusting 25 miles per hour down across the shorepoints, the winds will pick up over the next 24 to 48 hours. look at the currents this is in atlantic city, 73 degrees, dewpoint, 61. the winds are sustained out of the northeast constand wind speeds 23 miles per hour. we have gusts closer to 30 miles per hour. the ocean temperature, 75. i don't think anybody is heading into the water today or tomorrow for that matter. the wind speeds are starting to pick up right now. this is an onshore flow this will start to pile the water up
7:44 am
from monmouth county to the delaware beaches as this storm pulls away like this. it's a winds out of the northeast right now, as the storm pulls away it will shift in a norther direction, the center of the storm is right here, this continues to travel off to the northeast. eventually it will hit a dead end or a block in the road. this is area of high pressure. this is similar to what happened to super-storm sandy it tried to pull away to the northeast, it got stuck and made a left hand turn and we know what happened with sandy. it will make a jog to the left, as i set it in motion, maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour at this hour, but again we are expecting it to strengthen into a category one hurricane over the next couple of days. you can see the slight left hand turn, if this storm never makes
7:45 am
the lnld turn and stays -- left hand turn and meanders about, the impact will be less. the hurricane center suggesting left-hand side turn and slight increase in strength. that's why we're expecting 12-foot waves and 2 to 4 inches of rain. cloudy day today, limited sunshine north and west, everybody else, the clouds lower and thicken. most of the region is dry. tomorrow morning starting out dry, wet weather for the jersey shore, even though the model is not showing it. sunday afternoon, raining down the shore, model keeps it out to sea. most of the viewing area cloudy and windy. sunday into monday, showers, rain band being pushed west back toward the jersey shore, that will continue through monday afternoon. when all is said and done, rainfall totals range from 2 to 4 inches along the immediate coast to under a half inch for the city of philadelphia. i'm not sure you'll see this
7:46 am
afternoon across the i-95 correspond -- that much across the i-95 corridor. winds gusts will roar at 60-plus miles per hour through cape may and wildwood up to atlantic city. 50 to 6 to miles per hour for vineland, millville and hammonton. 40 to 50-mile an hour for places like woodbury, glassboro and pitman and philadelphia, trenton as well. no impact for the areas north and west, the jersey shore gets pounded, major coastal flooding is anticipated. sunday night into monday morning expect power outages, swell. this is the storm surge late today through monday morning, as the storm sits and pins -- spins it throws back a wall water during the normal high tide for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore.
7:47 am
philadelphia, 79 look for limited sun otherwise cloudy and breeze, shore, 77 degrees. poconos, in the 60s increase in clouds. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, winds and rain on sunday that's late in the day for philadelphia. most of the time it's dry. for monday, windy combination of sun and clouds. still picking up gusts as high as 60 miles per hour down the shore, tuesday we start to clear out, 86. wednesday, thursday, friday, say hello to heat wave number 7 with high temperatures in the 90s. >> thank you so much. folks, it is 7:47 if you love ice cream, most people do, tonight's "fyi philly" celebrates the summer treat here's erin, alicia and karen with a preview. >> reporter: tonight on "fyi philly" we're celebrating labor day the last gasp of summer with an ice cream social. nothing screams summer like ice cream. this was made in philly. taste taste favorite ice cream
7:48 am
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staples. make more happen.
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up with us on saturday morning,
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7:50, 69 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a live look over penns landing. of course, meteorologist chris sowers tracking hermine. we'll let you know what it means for your labor day weekend in just a bit. the first new drug to treat alzheimers in a decade is offering hope to millions of americans it has been tested on 165 patient with mild alzheimers. it targets the plaque in the brain. images show years of build up. right shows the dramatic improvement after a year of treatment with the drug. >> not only does the bad preteen that gets in the brain come down by using a drug like this, there's improvement in cognitive function. >> patients experience brain swelling and bleeding, but most of the side effects were managed
7:52 am
by adjusting the dose an. even if the drug wins a. >> 600,000 adults took part in are 12 year study. only one-third of adults viewed weekly marijuana use as dangerous. dozens of states allow it and four states legalized it for recreational use. >> chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're back right after this.
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>> your time 7:54 i want to get
7:55 am
you caught up on breaking news we've been following all morning long. this involves a atlantic city police officer who was shot early this morning. it happened at 3:30 a.m. in the parking garage of caesars casino along pacific avenue. the officer was taken to the hospital by fellow officers, the officer in critical condition. one suspect was shot and killed. this morning police looking for two suspects involved in the situation. we don't know the officer's condition. we know he was in surgery. he was transported in critical. check our website at >> we want to update you on hermine we're taking live picture right now as folks along the delaware and jersey shore get ready for hermine. hermine wreaked after volcano in florida. it will bring rain and wind. hermine lurking off the shore.
7:56 am
i feel like we need a tougher name. hermine is mean. the outer edges are getting closer to the viewing area. sussex county is picking up wet weather the. not in cape may or wild just yet. 80% of the viewing area is already. cloudy and windy, temperatures in the upper 70s. the jersey shore you'll start to see a period of light rain probably around lunchtime. that will continue on and off throughout most of the day. we get into sunday and monday, north and west of the city of philadelphia. you might not see anything at all. we'll post a shower it will be breezy. mixed skies, i-95 metro area, sunday night, sunday night into monday morning there could be a brief period of rain, otherwise it's windy and mainly cloudy. it's the jersey shore that takes a beating, lots of rain and strong winds and flooding.
7:57 am
once hermine gets out of here tuesday afternoon, another heat wave moves in wednesday, thursday, friday, with temperatures in the mid 90s. >> thanks, chris. "good morning america" weekend is next, "action news" continues at 9:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on on for you, we're kicking off the temple football play book. coming up at 9:00 a.m. we're going one on one with temple head coach matt rhule. >> we're following breaking news out of atlantic city where the police officer is fighting for life and the suspect is dead after a shooting outside a casino. now for chris sowers, nydia han and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. we hope make it a great -- we ha great day.
7:58 am
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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good morning, america. new overnight, hermine's fury. the tropical storm battering the south. now marching up the east coast. a fallen tree splitting this home in half. the watches and warnings this morning from north carolina to connecticut. >> we are now offering and have been informed and we are having life-threatening storm surges. >> 20 million people in the crosshairs. team coverage of this dangerous storm and the labor day washout. e-mail investigation. the fbi's secret pages revealed. what hillary clinton says she knew about classified information on her private e-mail server. agents giving her a test, did she know that "c" meant classified. missing on the mountain.


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