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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  September 4, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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surf and the threat of flooding looms. good morning, it's september 4, we continue to track hermine. >> a tropical storm warning remains in effect along the delaware and jersey coast. it was a picturesque scene along the delaware beach. this is the calm before the storm. the waves were churning yesterday. some people took pictures of hermine. >> reporter: meteorologist chris sowers and david murphy are keeping an eye on hermine, plus we have jennette reyes and annie mccormick and trish hartman at the jersey shore. >> david what's going on with hermine? >> reporter: the one last thing we've seen in the last 12 hours, a shift farther out to sea. now you can see the storm farther out continuing that
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progression off the coast of north carolina. we're expecting the storm to move to the north and cutback in toward the coast tomorrow or tonight into tomorrow. but for now that distant position is improving the forecast in a couple of ways. you can see the main body of rain is well to the north, a little bit of shower activity is pushing to the south and dissipating. in fact as we look at the local view we had showers south of baltimore, they have evaporated and pushed to the south. this may be the way radar looks all day today. if we see any sprinkle or shower it's along the coast. we don't expect much. inland everything is looking good, a little breezy, but a good day to get out and do whatever you want to do. what has not changed is the issues with the heavy surf and coastal flooding. we're looking at 9-foot waves long beach island. 8-foot in atlantic city. 76 -- 7 and 6 in the mouth of
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the delaware bay. that rip current action is continuing along the ocean and you're strongly discouraged from getting into the water today. in a lot of places if the lifeguards see you trying to it they will say don't go in. we have gusts at 28 miles per hour around the mouth of the delaware bay, they are expected to build in later today and tonight. moderate to minor coastal flooding this morning. what hadn't change despite the position of the storm, at high tide tonight and tomorrow we're looking at the chance of major coastal flooding and life threatening flooding if you're not taking proper precautionses and not getting out of the way of this. chris sowers is outside, you have more on how it will evolve over the next 48 hours. >> reporter: just the slightest shift has made for one of the nicer mornings i can remember. comfortable and sunshine and no humidity. as david murphy has been mentioned, the storm is
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anticipatedded to make the left-hand turn closer to the coast later this afternoon that will set up moderate to severe coastal flooding conditions overnight tonight and labor day. here's future tracker 6, we'll show you the left-hand turn it's only slight, it pulls closer to the coast. it's all it takes because there's a tremendous storm surge centered around the storm forcing it inland and closer to the delaware beaches and the new jersey shoreline. we progress along tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the system moves on out of here and conditions begin to settle down again. sustained winds, these are constant wind speeds. as the storm makes a left-hand side turn, the tropical storm force winds gets closer to the shore. it's breezy down there today, it will be windy overnight tonight and windy tomorrow as gusts exceed 50 to 55 miles per hour. what you need to know over the next 48 hours, if you're down the jersey shore or delaware
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beaches, life threatening flooding is a good possibility as we get into the overnight hours with a storm surge of 3 to 5 feet. if you have cars parked in flood-prone area move them to higher ground. the winds will howell at 50 to 55 miles per hour. we'll talk about the tieldz information and see -- tidal information and see the worst coastal flooding down by the beaches. disguise? >> the action cam is live in dewey beach, delaware. many moved their vestle in anticipation of -- vessels in anticipation of the hermine. winds gusts could exceed 5 miles per hour. >> sky6 live hd giving you a live look here, cape may, new jersey, where you see the water is still a bit rough out there, looks like maybe some people or at least one person along the beach. the "action news" team spread out seeing the effects of the
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hermine so far. >> jennette reyes is ocean city this morning, nice right now, but things will change. >> reporter: nydia, it's almost the perfect day at this point. earlier this morning it was breezy and chilly, that was unexpected for a lot of people. now it's warmed up, so it's more deceivingly gorgeous, or the beautiful calm before the storm. take a live look here, behinds me you can see the waves are crashing in, they are a bit rough. we have seen a couple of surfers do the opposite of what officials have been asking which is stay out of the water, because it's few rough. it seems they may have gotten out at this point. i meant to give you a live look at the boardwalk. it's busy, but not as bills as it usually -- busy as it usually is. some of the stores are slower. they were saying the weather scared people off. for those who are here already they asked us a few times, rush that hermine is coming our way,
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rush we're getting rough weather because it's hard to believe. what a lot of stores are -- tourists are doing they are pushing back their departure to the afternoon as opposed to leaving late last night. we talked to a father enson who decided to go bike riding today. >> i was surprised that the sun was shining. >> do you think people were letting their guard dawn because of it? >> i would think so, yeah, it's beautiful out right now. >> reporter: that father came back to me again and said rush you got this right? the weather is nice, but it's going to be the complete opposite later on this afternoon. one thing you want to know if you live in the area, make sure you know your zone, if you're flood-prone this could be dangerous. make sure you have emergency can it with you in case it gets
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harder to get around in terms of transportation and the power outages that comes with this kind of weather. jennette reyes back inside to you. >> important advice, thank you. sky6 live hd looking live at the skies over atlantic city, the sun is shining, casinos are open, and it looks like a beautiful day, but the storm is coming, be careful. >> 9:07 a.m., two beach concerts were canceled for the holiday weekend. live nation said if you bought tickets online or over the phone you will be refunded to the credit card that was used for that transaction. >> trish hartman is in brigantine, atlantic county. >> trish are you feeling any effects from hermine. as of yet we've seen quite picturesque scenes. what are you seeing right now?
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no audio. >> reporter: good morning, guys, sorry, it's a gorgeous morning in brigantine, what we're seeing we're feeling it's windier than normal, the waves are higher than normal. people are saying what happened to the storm? here to talk about that, chief gym bennett with -- jim bennett with brigantine police. you i should voluntary evacuations in brigantine. what are you telling people now that we have an updated forecast. >> we're asking them to maintain, be vigilant is the best way to put it. we did see that the storm moved to the east-northeast probably will spare us the worst of the brunt. it's due to make a turn sometime tonight into tomorrow. we expect moderate flooding and high winds and probably decent rain tomorrow evening. if you're here stay tuned to the
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tv stations and watch the weather and look at our local tv news here and pay attention. >> we're watching the crews you can see behind you there's a do you know blocking over the beach entrances to protect the streets from flooding. how concerned are you about flooding and what areas in. >> we're not too concerned with the ocean flooding, the boons were in anticipation of a storm surge. our flooding concerns are in the back bay areas, the north end of island along the golfer course and places like -- golf course places like that. anything above 7 1/2 feet we get flooding here. >> reporter: as folks prepare for the storm coming later today and tomorrow, officials are reminding everyone, tie down any loose items, move vehicles to higher ground and do not go in the water, it may look pretty on
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the beach now, but that's not something that officials are encouraging people to do in brigantine. for now, we're live at the beach in brigantine, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> looks can be he deceiving trish. >> despite hermine many people in rehoboth beach decided to ride out the storm. they don't appear to be going in the water, but walking to the beach to see the churning ocean up close and personal. >> sky6 live hd looking live over center city. meteorologist chris sowers says you may see showers in the city possibly tomorrow, but most likely the activity will be down the shore where they expect coastal flooding and winds and rain. >> we'll continue to bring you update on hermine on air and online. go to to view the inter active map and check the path of the storm. follow our team of meteorologists on social media for updates. >> stay with us we'll have more
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on our coverage of hermine and the effects of what you will feel in the area where you live. >> live report from cape may county and meteorologist chris sowers will have the latest on the storm's track when we come right back.
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vis a >> hermine may longer be a hurricane, but it doesn't mean it's not still packing a wallop. in virginia, the water did get into homes.
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most residents say they are used to worse. >> the storm is the expected to have an impact on us, annie mccormick is in stone harbor, cape may county keeping our eye on hermine. >> annie you saw surfers in the water, are they out there right now? >> reporter: we're seeing killed playing on the beach than surfers in the ocean. stone harbor officials are telling people not to go into the water. they were saying that since yesterday. like earlier, the surfer that went in, the beach patrol me it's not good surfing conditions, it's i like a washing machine. the conditions are rougher since the first images, even a half-hour ago. they have to have mandatory evacuations, they asked people to leave yesterday who were visitors, they wanted to make sure there was not a mass exodus
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when there could be potential flooding. the high tide will happen later this morning that's the tide they are concerned about. they are concerned about the high tide later tonight because it could flood roads. townsend inlet bridge that connects avalon to sea isle city, that's closed. we're seeing people on the beach, a lot of people are saying it's beautiful we're not going anywhere. we talked to a homeowner who has his home on the beach here's what he said,. >> batten down the hatches and making a decision whether to leave or not. >> what do you think you'll do? >> reporter: we have not decided. it's tempting to stay here, it's beautiful. we're not sure yet. >> they said they were fine turn sandy, they didn't get hit at all.
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they say kids are enjoying every minute. they are visiting family. they have a lot of plans, they say they don't want to go home. some businesses in town are saying they are not getting many customers because a lot of people have returned home already. reporting live in stone harbor, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> chris we've been getting tweets and pictures and you know of the images of the shore, they look nice, but the thing is tonight with the coastline flooding. >> reporter: it's a difficult storm to forecast, most models agree it will make a left-hand turn toward the coast. where they agree, if they stay out to sea, maybe not a big storm surge or no surge at all. with the winds out of the north,
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the storm is slightly farther offshore than what was predicted. look at the result in camden, a beautiful morning, lots of bright blue, high, thin clouds upstairs, it's comfortable and cool, temperatures in the 40s in the poconos. double scan live is clear, no precipitation this morning. could be a shower or two for the jersey shore late this afternoon and especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow. i'll show you that on future tracker 6. philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, closing in on 70 degrees. tropical storm warnings continue for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches and the delaware bay tonight and tomorrow, winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour, maybe as high as 55. this is where we'll see the storm surge as hermine gets closer to the shoreline over the next 12 to 24 hours. here's the latest winds of 65 miles per hour. right now it's tracking off to the east-northeast away from the shore, this cluster right here,
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once it turns back this is the cluster that will start wrapping around on the western side of the storm and will bring the raining conditions to the jersey shore as we head into tomorrow morning. here's the spaghetti plot, each line represents tropical forecast model. here's the difference right here, most of them turn the storm to the left, closer to the coast. this model right here is only 100 miles off the coastline. look at this one right here, it's way offshore. this would suggest nothing happening at all, maybe a foot of storm surge, this could be four or five feet. again, there's a little bit of a difference here, we have to wait and see as the storm pulls to the northeast it will hit the high pressure and slow down and that's when it will make the turn to the left, it will be at that point we get a better handle on how close to the shore it will get. future tracker 6, this is a gorgeous day, sun and clouds, nice breeze out of the north. high temperatures in the 70s
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no humidity. overnight tonight, the clouds lower and thicken, a little bit of rain breaks out first thing tomorrow morning. that will continue for the jersey shore. inlands locations might not see anything at all. rainfall totals, 1 to 2 inches for the jersey shore. quarter to a half inch for interior sections of south jersey. north and west not seeing anything at all. winds gusts we toned this down, as well. gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour for the immediate shoreline, 30 40-mile an hour gusts for interior new jersey. him this could be minor flooding with this morning's high tide and it's tonight's high tide and tomorrow morning's high tide that we are concerned about. for today, look for a combination of sun and clouds, pleasant out there, 79 in
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allentown. 79 in reading, philadelphia, 78, shorepoints low 70s at best starting out with sun and clouds mixed in during the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 degrees tomorrow, labor day looks nice in the city, look for a combination of sun and clouds, there can be a shower around, but it's not going to be a wash, don't cancel the barbecues, 87 tuesday, wednesday, 86. as hermine pulls out, the heat pulls in, 93 for thursday, friday, 94 and saturday, 92. >> it's nice you don't have to cancel the barbecues. >> reporter: unless you're on the beach, there could wet weather, everybody else looks nice. >> 9:20, the action cam was there as crews worked to clean up the benjamin franklin parkway. several thousand jammed the parkway to take part in the two day musical festival made in america festival, many return today to see the headliner cold play, we're back after this.
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on this sunday, 9:23, 69 degrees, the action cam giving you a shot of ocean city, new jersey. on the boardwalk, dozens of folks are out there enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful day this morning. >> our jennette reyes is there and we'll have an update on what's going on there coming up
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on "action news" this sunday morning.
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only from fios. of opportunity. is it working? trump >> hermine showed it's muscle in north carolina. the powerful storm took down a hotel sign in kill devil hills. the storm knocked down trees and triggered power outages and spawned tornados and caused two deaths. hermine has our area in its sights. david murphy is at the big board with the track of the storm. >> reporter: it's a little farther to the east, that's improvement for this afternoon. we're looking at sun and clouds, a little bit breezy. we have a decent chance of a voiding any rain even down the shore until later tonight and perhaps tomorrow. 78 degrees is the high, not all that humid, breezy and refreshing. 65 is the overnight low. if you have plans to get a picnic done today, you can probably get it done okay. the wind is a little bit
9:27 am
bluster, some of the umbrellas on top of the picnic tables might not like that. you have to be careful of branches or television coming down. -- twigs coming down. we have concerns down the shore, there's a tropical storm warning from rehoboth beach through the jersey coastline we're looking at gusts especially later tonight and tomorrow getting up to 40 to 50 miles per hour and today and tomorrow we're looking at the time extremely dangerous rough surf and dangerous rip currents most lifeguards will prevent you from getting in the water, we recommend that you take that advice now and forget about getting if the water today or tomorrow. we're looking at severe coastal flooding. the worst of that will be tonight with high tide late this evening, and again early tomorrow morning where we can be looking -- we could be looking at moderate to major coastal flooding, both the delaware beaches and along the jersey shore. that has not changed. the rain picture is improving.
9:28 am
some models keep us largely dry tomorrow, although we'll allow the possibility of some rain building in along the coast. we'll be back with the top stories. >> reporter: and you'll definitely vote? >> yes, i'm definitely voting. >> reporter: one down. many more votes to get out.
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unpopular are republicans than clinton is among democrats. this is a weakness, not a strength. >> let's >> surf up, but it's not recommended. hermine is showing its effects along the jersey shore by kicking up waves. some are taking advantage of the higher surf. authorities are advising against getting into the water as they keep a close eye on the storm. >> let's look sky6 live hd cape may, gorgeous out there right now, hermine is scheduled to make the left turn hitting the delaware and jersey communities with high surf and rough water. >> we're keeping an eye on hermine as we move into the holiday weekend. chris sowers and david murphy are here to give you up to want minute updates. >> we'll start with david at the big board, hermine will head
9:31 am
westward and coming toward us. >> reporter: it has made it's move off the coast of the carolinas, we're waiting for a shift to the north and eventually by tonight and tomorrow we're expecting a move back toward the coast before it shorvetion off to the east -- shoves off to the east and gets away from us. the question is how far to the west does it go and how close from the impact of the storm makes it here. we're looking at a nice day shaping up, it's a little bit breezy with a mix of clouds and sun out there. as we look at the current radar imagery, no rain out there. sprinkles and showers south of baltimore, they are gone. it will stay dry maybe a shower later tonight with a sprinkle at the shore. what we are expecting at the shore, everything is pretty much on track. the onshore waves have built a
9:32 am
little bit up. the 9-foot wave moving farther up the coast at this point as the storm shifts away from us, we're looking at 6, 7, 8-foot waves along the beach. that's rough surf. most of the lifeguards will tell you nope you're not allowed to get into the water. 28-mile gust helping to pile the surf on the beach. the other issue is the coastal flooding that's on track to become moderate to major in some areas tonight at times of high tide and again tomorrow morning. even though, visually the day may look good, and the winds may not be all that strong you ever to take all the precautions down the shore because we're looking at a concern with flooding and of course the dangerous conditions in the water. >> chris sowers is out on the terrace with how this will he involve in the next 24 hours. the latest on her mean is called
9:33 am
post tropic fabioal, it's packig winds 65 miles per hour. the center of circulation is 325 miles southeast of philadelphia. it's moving away from the coast at 12 miles per hour. this is the latest forecasted track from the national hurricane center, an update will come in at 11:00 a.m. it will make a left-hand turn and shift to the west shortly here maybe over the next ten hours or so turn closer to the coast. that's important because the highest storm surge and the largest swells wrap around the center of the storm. as the center gets closer to the coast, so do the rougher conditions, we're seeing waves in excess of 30 feet. and that's where we'll see the storm surge. it will get closer and closer
9:34 am
still until the center is 125 miles off the coast first thing tomorrow evening and then the storm begins to pull away. it will be at that point where the conditions begin to deteriorate for the jersey shore are we're not talking about heavy rain, we're talking about coastal flooding and beach erosion and power outages and tremendous pounding the jersey shore will take over the next 48 hours. when i come back i'll have the stats on hermine and the next heat wave. for now, it's beautiful morning and comfortably cool. >> hermine is making its presence felt in rehoboth beach, delaware, as the storm gets closer, the waves are higher and the wind gets stronger. businesses along boardwalk are beginning to sandbag their
9:35 am
doors. >> looking live in atlantic city, two beach concerts in atlantic city were canceled, live nation said the credit card you used to purchase the tickets will be automatically refunded. annie mccormick is in stone harbor, cape may county. >> reporter: i can show you the water is creeping up closer to the entrance because we're getting closer to the this morning's high tide which is after 11:00 a.m. here in stone harbor yesterday, officials were asking visitors to leave the island, not a mandatory evacuation, but asking them to leave, balls they are concerned -- because they are concerned if people left during a normal labor day weekend the other high tide that's going to happen later today would make it more difficult for people to leave the island. it's not this high tide they are
9:36 am
concerned about, it's the one later on. now, as you can see in the water, you can see the waves have definitely changed. it's rougher out here than it was when we initially got out of here. all morning i was telling you about the conditions, we are seeing the surfers jump in. they don't stay there for long. there was a surfer dragged out for two miles. they consider the conditions like a washing machine. those are the warnings for people in ton harbor him we'll have more updates about road closures and other things if you're down here coming up in the next half-hour. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> folks need to heed the warnings. we caught up with folks hitting the boardwalk in ocean city. one man was getting in his morning run with a sleepy baby in the stroller. get out there right now and get your exercise or other activities done before hermine ruins those plans. >> it's a nice morning for a
9:37 am
run. >> let's check in with trish hartman in brigantine, atlantic county. >> all right, trish, how is the surf looking like where you are? >> reporter: it's definitely getting rough good morning. let's look at the ocean behind me. technically the beaches are closed. a number of people walking along the beach, it's beautiful and mild. police are not concerned with people walking on the sand, but in the water. that's what they don't want to see, the rip currents are strong, the waves are growing, the swells are bigger than normal. that's what police want to avoid people going in the water. voluntary evacuations have been issued for brigantine. if you flooded during sandy or earlier this year during a winter storm there's a chance your property could flood again. they reached out to those people saying you might want to think about leaving. secure your properties, loose
9:38 am
items, and be vigilant and make sure sure those things are taken care of. beach crews were out here this morning, they did this to all the beach entrances to keep the water from exiting the beach on to the streets to avoid any flooding that way. crews were working very early this morning and working on that yesterday to sure up the dunes to create these mini do you do n the mini beaches. they are hoping that the storm is taking a turn out to sea and hoping they are dodging a bullet so to speak at the shore. reporting live in brigantine, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> now, "action news" reporter, christy a letto rode along with the beach patrol getting a close
9:39 am
up look at the surf. >> go to to viewer our inter active map and follow our team of meteorologists on social media for all the updates. >> 9:39 we'll have more team coverage on hermine coming up next, including a live report from ocean city. >> sky6 live hd giving you a beautiful glimpse over penns landing. meteorologist chris sowers will have an update on the track, plus the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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this under pressure. right now, we have >> taking a live look right now via, sky6 live hd, cape may, new jersey, you can see lots of folks enjoying the beach right now. it looks like hermine will make the westward turn to the coast. the question is how close will it get. our team of meteorologists are tracking it all for you. our meteorologists chris sowers and david murphy are in the studio this morning and checking the accuweather forecast. >> those who live along the coast of new jersey and delaware will be feeling the effects of hermine today and tomorrow. >> jennette reyes is in ocean city, jennette looks like you have company on the boardwalk this morning. >> reporter: now we do, this morning it was a little concerning, because a lot of people weren't getting out. tourist rs pushing back -- are pushing back their exit time.
9:43 am
look on my left side, the waves are rough, the water is rough. we've seen a person in the water surfing. a lot of tourists and people here brought it to our attention. they know officials don't want people in the water it's too rough and dangerous. balls it's so nice out, it's making it difficult to convince people it's not safe right now it will get worse as the day goes on. the boardwalk is very, very busy. people are staying here as opposed to going out on to the beach which is good, a lot of people enjoying the day, a lot of people on their bikes and it will look different in a matter of hours. if you live in the area, know your zone. the reason i'm telling you that, if you experienced flooding before, it's something you will see again. make sure you know where you are and whether or not you are
9:44 am
vulnerable to that. if this is the case, you are encouraged to leave, it's not a mandatory evacuation, if you stay, make sure you have everything you need in terms of medication and emergency can it in case it's difficult to get out tonight into tomorrow morning. jennette reyes, channel 6 "action news," back to you. >> people need to take the proper precautions. >> reporter: you saw folks on the beach, you don't want to go into the water. you look at the strength of a rip current we use the scale of 1 to 10, the normal rip current is a 6. today it's ten-plus. the pull is very strong. the waves are 7 to 10 feet they will continue to increase throughout the day. the rip currents will get worse throughout the day. the winds will pick up, as well. the difference is you're seeing sunshine, i hope it's not fooling people, we expect the
9:45 am
storm to get closer to the coast. it turned out to be a lovely morning up and down the entire eastern seaboard. let's flip it over to the radars which are clear, there can be a shower or two possible for some locations. right now everybody is dry. philadelphia, 70. and atlantic city, 65. here's the storm, spinning its wheels a good 300-plus miles off the coast of atlantic city. all the showers an storms are out here east of the storm. what will happen, as the storm puts on the brakes and makes a jog to the west again this cluster of showers and thunderstorms will wrap in on the oarldz that's what will -- other side, that's what will close in on the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. hermine 65 miles per hour gusts to 70. moving to the east, northeast at 12 miles per hour expected to make the left-hand turn before heading out to sea, tuesday,
9:46 am
wednesday and thursday. how close to the coast does it get? that's the question mark at this point. the closer it is to the coastline, the worst the impact. the farther it is out to sea, the less the impact. right now we're a little up in the air as to how severe the storm will be. we're expecting one thing for certain, the flooding will be moderate to possibly major up and down the shoreline from lakehurst to wildwood. future tracker 6, we'll take a look at it, combination of sun and clouds, nothing going on, a nice comfortable day, overnight tonight, as the storm is getting closer, the outer edges. feeder bands work inland. heavy rains for the jersey shore 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning followed by another one tomorrow afternoon. western suburbs same as today, combination of sun and clouds. location is key. the farther west you are, the better the weather will be. for the jersey shore, waves up to 15 feet. they will build throughout the day. major beach erosion is possible.
9:47 am
moderate to major coastal flooding this morning's high tide will feature minor flooding. winds gusting 40 to perhaps as high as 50 miles per hour. here's the high tide times for atlantic city, this morning 10:07. tomorrow morning, around 10:45 and tonight about 10:17 p.m. this is minor, these two are major. tonight, dangerous storm surge that's when the center of the storm is at the closest to the jersey shore, the dangerous storm surge with moderate to major flooding tonight and tomorrow. philadelphia, sun and clouds, winds, but comfortable, 78 degrees is the forecasted high. those are sustained wind speeds out of the north at 25 to 30 miles per hour, expect to see higher gusts at times. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 degrees for labor day, clouds and sun, breezy day inland locations.
9:48 am
there could be a shower in spots east of physical. areas to the west -- east of philadelphia. areas to the west it's going to be a nice day. monday, 80 degrees sun and clouds. tuesday, turning warmer, 87. wednesday, 86 degrees, thursday, friday, 94, and saturday, 92 degrees feeling like 100 with the humidity. >> hermine winds snapped a huge tree and slammed it into the south carolina home of 9-year-old jean nelson has lived in the town for 60 years. she knows a lot of people there. she expected to get help from some of our friends, what she did not expect was the outpouring of generosity from perfect strangers. >> having these people who
9:49 am
don't know me is what's so amazing. the word is amazing and a blessing, two things. [laughter]. >> we are glad they were there to help you. family members say nelson was one of the first to help a neighbor in need and now she is getting a little pay back. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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9:52 am
cam at ton harbor, new jersey. you see the red flag in the water and the waves are whipping strongly. the red flag means folks should not be in the water. on a day like today, chris sowers said the rip currents are a ten. we ask you to join the action and send us your videos. that's what shane said, from atlantic city is his fifort of the day. -- favorite of the day. here's a photo that was floated to the facebook page. where did the docks go. here are the pictures and videos you've been sending in over the last 24 hours, we appreciate you doing this, use the #6abc action
9:53 am
on instagram, twitter, or uploading them directly to the "action news" facebook page. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion.
9:55 am
mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. baltic sea. back in april, they came dangerously close to u.s. warships there. >> welcome back, the action cam is live in brigantine, new jersey, you can see folks on the beach right now as we continue to track hermine. be advised when hermine pulls out, the heat pushes back in. here looking at a high of 94 on friday, the 7th heat wave of the season. let's get back to hermine with david murphy at the "action news" big board.
9:56 am
>> reporter: hermine is off to the east of philadelphia. so far off to the east we're looking at an improving forecast. doesn't look like anyone will get rain because the storm is off the coast. temperatures are cool and comfortable with a breeze out of the north. spots in the 60s. allentown, 70. 69 degrees in philadelphia. this afternoon we're going for a high in the city of 78 degrees, the humidity on the low side it will be blustery with a gusty breeze. 65 is the overnight low, down the the shore, high around 73 today. at the shore we have a tropical storm warning in effect this will be up today and tonight and through the day tomorrow, as well. it's from the delaware beaches all the way up to our northern most shorepoints and beyond. we are still expecting gusts not so bad today, but potentially getting up into the 40 to 50-mile an hour range later tonight and into the day tomorrow him we're looking at all the same issues at the shore
9:57 am
we've been talking about the last couple of days, even though the sky cover improved and the rain forecast eased back a little bit, you have to be careful on the sands. most lifeguards will tell you you're not allowed in the water, that's good advice. we're looking at coastal flooding some of it this morning, the worst of it will be tonight at high tide and again monday morning. moderate to potentially severe flooding along the areas near the shore that usually flood and some that don't often flood. it's been said any places that flooded during the blizzard last winter those places could flood again and some of those spots were fairly rare. we have a concern about that tonight and again tomorrow morning. we'll be back with the top stories.
9:58 am
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going fob a lot of high tides. >> people at the jersey shore are trying to enjoy part labor day holiday weekend. the coastal community anticipates flooding later today and tomorrow. good morning, 10:00 a.m., sunday, september 4. we continue to track hermine and what the storm may bring to the area. a tropical storm warning remains in effect along the delaware and new jersey coast.
10:00 am
it was a picture erveg scene along -- picturesque scene along the rehoboth beach this morning. this is the calm before the storm. some folks snapped pictures as hermine brought an end to the beach goers fun this weekend. >> meteorologists, chris sowers and david murphy are here to give us the latest accuweather update. >> and we want to begin with david, david what's the latest. hermine is pushing off the coates of north carolina, it's farther to the west. we are expecting it to make a turn toward the north an tonight into tomorrow probably a shift back to the east before it gets out of here, as it shifts to the east it will strengthen a little bit and we'll see issues about coastal flooding and rain with at the shore. the good news about the easterly track this morning it's so far
10:01 am
away it's a nice day across the region. we have clouds and sun in the forecast. no rain today. even down the shore appears we'll stay dry. later tonight into tomorrow that could change. although i will tell you there's model runs that will happen tomorrow. we'll see how it works out. we had showers south of baltimore, earlier this morning i told you how i thought they were going to drift to the south and disappear. that's what happened at this point. balls the weather conditions are improving sky cover wise and rain wise, it doesn't change things along the coast with all the concerns we have about coastal flooding tonight and tomorrow and dangerous rip current and rough surf. the 9-foot waves which are the highest we've seen so far this morning have shifted to the north. in atlantic city we're looking at 7-foot waves down from 8-foot earlier. as the storm moves closer to the coast, the wave heights will continue to come back up, which
10:02 am
generally they need since yesterday. that will continue the rough surf and the rip currents. we're told by the lifeguards to stay out of the water today that's the way to go. the other issue, of course, is the coastal flooding. with the onshore winds gusting up 28 and going up to 40 or 50 miles per hour tomorrow, that's an issue with the onshore flowing piling the water up in the back bays and the ocean front. we're looking at a storm surge of 3 to 5 feet. and serious coastal flooding and severe flooding at times of high tide. chris sowers joins us on city avenue. chris you have more on how this will evolve over the next 24 hours or so. >> reporter: that's right, david are you're talking about potential of moderate to major flooding. it will depend on how close the storm gets to the coast. thislet me show you future tracr
10:03 am
6, thlts -- this is the european model painting a dreadful scenario. it had the storm backing up to the coast and severe coastal flooding. now it's making a lnld -- left-hand turn it gets closer to the coast and that's about it. and then it starts to pull away. how close to the coast does it get before it heads out to sea. it shouldn't be as close as what we thought yesterday, but close enough to bring moderate impacts to the jersey shore if not major. sustained winds overnight tonight, into tomorrow we start to see the tropical storm wins 40 miles per hour that will gust to 50 to 55. you see the red dot those are winds in and he is of 74 miles per hour. here's the call from accuweather. along the coast today and tomorrow, actually it's more
10:04 am
like this evening, into tomorrow. life threatening flooding is a possibility in the flood-prone areas. move cars to higher ground and expect power outages as the winds begin to pick up. you meant to obey local authorities as they try to help you along and improve the situation down there. there's a little bit of a question mark as to the exact track of the storm. the looks like at the very least we could see moderate flooding and powerful waves ripping up the sand. when i come back we'll have another look at hermine and the exact track from the national hurricane center and the tidal cycles and which are the worse. guys? >> 10:04, sky6 live hd giving you a look right here over cape may, new jersey. you can see the water is rough there, as we've been saying don't go into the water. >> our team of reporters are spread out surveying the effects of hermine so far. >> "action news" reporter,
10:05 am
jennette reyes is in ocean city this morning. a nice morning there, but people need to take the proper precaution. >> reporter: you just said it there, don't go into the water. if people are wondering why we are saying that, balls people are going into -- because people are going into the water. there are some who are saying i'm not going to decision not to indiagnostic empt fate i'm not saying and others are saying i'm staying. let me give you a live look at the boardwalk. it's busy, some people are excited about the unexpectedly great weather. take a look at the video from earlier this morning, things were different i know a lot of business owners are happy that it picked up a bit. balls you have to keep in mind this labor day weekend was their
10:06 am
big weemed this was supposed to be their money-making weekend. take a look at what one homeowner had to say about hermine coming this way. >> i have a home here, i will be leaving this afternoon i don't want to tempt fate. right now it's magnificent. i think this is the calm before the storm. >> reporter: you know if there's one thing i can recommend or suggest, under know -- you should know where you stay your flood zone. if we widespread outages, that could impact services getting to you, in terms of of transportation gettingout and emergency -- getting in and out and make sure you have an emergency can it. we'll keep you posts as hermine
10:07 am
comes in tonight and tomorrow morning. jennette reyes, back inned to you. >> sky6 live hd taking paive live look at atlantic city, if you're looking for a place to ride out the storm, the casinos are open and remain open for the duration. the two beach concerts happening in ac have been canceled. >> the storm is expected to have an impact on us in just a few hours, and annie mccormick is in stone harbor, cape may county. >> you've seen the changing conditions, right? >> reporter: we're seeing the water coming up, that's the high tide this morning. there are people playing behind me, the rough surf is what officials want people to stay out of. even though we saw surfers this morning, those surfers got out as quickly as they could. they wanted the visitors to leave voluntary balls they were ceshed -- concerned about
10:08 am
flooding, the flooding they are concerned about is what chris and dave are talking about, is when the storm turns left, high tide flooding conditions will be worse it will be hard for people to get out and leave. take a look at the beach. looks like nobody went home. looks like there's a lot of people who stuck it out. we did talk to a couple of businesses today, they said business is slower than normal. a lot of people did heed the warning. another thing, officials want people to know if you're here, tie down what you have at your home and your vehicles make sure they are on higher ground. annie mccormick back to you. >> many visitors at rehoboth beach were there anyway trying to see what's going on with hermine. people are not going in the water, but they are walking to
10:09 am
the beach to see the churning angry ocean up close and personal. >> sky6 live hd trach ago live look -- taking a live look right now, center city, a picture-perfect morning. >> weep keel up upto date on hermine, go to, follow our team of meteorologists on social media for updates. >> 10:09. we'll have live coverage of hermine including a live report from brigantine, atlantic county. >> looking live can at the comr barry bridge, not a cloud in the sky, david and chris will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
10:10 am
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen.
10:11 am
pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. trump does not allow. we're not banning press outlets from covering public events. and so look, all the time, as
10:12 am
hillary's out >> we're glad you're waking up with us, you should be up,t's 10:11 sunday, sky6 live hd giving us a look at atlantic city, this is are a pretty shot, the water is dangerous and we're expecting coastal flooding overnight tonight. >> let's go to delaware, where the shore is no exception to winds and rain. we're looking into sussex county that's the home of rehoboth beach and dewey beach. >> trish hartman is in brigantine, atlantic county. >> trish, the police are urging people to be vigilant today. >> reporter: that's right you can nydia, they want people to be careful if they stuck around, the winds are picking up and the waves are rougher and the tide is coming in. we're about an hour from high tide in bringing teen. officials are worried -- brigantine, and officials are worried about tidal flooding
10:13 am
mainly later today and tomorrow as the storm moves in. we'll show you video from earlier this morning. the beach is quiet, people are walking along the beach and taking pictures walking their dogs. voluntary vac -- evacuations are in place for those who flooded during sandy or the storm in january. they are asking people to leave after high tide as a precaution. public work crews worked to move the sand to protect the beaches against the storm surge. we spoke to a woman who is visiting from dallas, tax texas. >> time to stand by for an earlier flight they were all full. that's interesting, i'm enjoying the fact there's not that many people here. >> reporter: people are starting to venture out in brigantine
10:14 am
just to figure out what is going on with the ocean, you can see the dune, what the crews ended up up and down the beach access points. police want to remind people that the beaches are closed and they don't want people in the water as the currents are very strong. lifeguards will not be on duty, there will be a few patrolling the beach and vehicles make makg sure sure everyone is staying safe. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> it is high tide later tonight you're really worried about. >> reporter: we're only expecting minor flooding with this high tide. that happens in 3 minutes. it's tonight's high tide and tomorrow morning's high tide that could bring moderate to severe flooding in the flood-prone areas. let's get you outside and show you the jersey shore, we're looking at the angry surf. we're seeing waves in excess of 7 to 8 feet.
10:15 am
we have ten to 15-foot breaksers 100 miles offshore getting closer and closer. you'll see bigger waivings as the day progresses, that's why the beaches are closed. we don't have any rain out there this morning, which was a pleasant surprise. we have sunshine down the shore, thanks to this, the north to northwesterly breeze. that's sinking air that's why you're seeing sunshine. the storm will shift out of the northeast and the rain will move in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. 60s and 70s low humidity levels a comfortable start to your sunday. tropical storm warnings continue for the jersey shore and the delaware bay and beaches. we're 40 to 50-mile an hour gusts are possible within the next 24 hours. here's the water vapor shot. there's the center of hermine right there. you can see how unorganized it is, all the thunderstorms are to the east of the center of
10:16 am
circulation, all this drier air is wrapping in on the backside, it's a delightful morning from maine through the virginias and the carolinas. all those nasty dewpoints are in the sunshine state of florida. it has brought about a nice, comfortable surprise. again we think it will start to make the left-hand side and get closer and closer over the next several hours. the question is if you look at the spaghetti plots how close does it get? this would be the worst case scenario here if it gets into a position 100 miles offshore. that would be the five foot storm surge, if one of these lines plays out, where it's only 350 miles offshore, that's a foot higher than normal or a little bit more than that, there's a question mark how close to the coast this thing will get. future tracker 6 shows combination of sun and clouds, a nice sunday afternoon. low humidity levels. we get into monday morning as
10:17 am
the storm gets closer, some of the outer edges move in across the jersey shore. moderate rain bands push through, that will continue in the late morning hours and the first part of the afternoon. west of philadelphia, you're staying dry with this one. rainfall totals the heaviest will be along the coast where they could pick up one to two inches where you'll see the strongest wind gusts. expecting 40 to 50-mile an hour. there's a possibility that you see gusts higher that just. 55 to 60 miles per hour. 0 to 40 for interior sections of south jersey. high tide the one that is occurring right now we'll see minor flooding with this, potentially moderate in some areas, it's the high tide tonight between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. the first high tide 10:30 a.m., the flooding could be in the moderate to major category before things get back to normal tuesday morning. forecast for today, delightful
10:18 am
finish for the purpose of for te for -- for the weekend, clouds, 70s. 80% of us are enjoying a nice finish to the weekend. 20% of us, that's the jersey shore where they will see rough conditions over the next several days. sun and clouds, tomorrow both days brewsy. tuesday, 87. wednesday's high, 86, 87. high humidity levels, thursday, friday, saturday, humidity will hit you again and the heat temperatures in the 90s. >> 10:18, the action cam was right there as crews worked to clean up the benjamin franklin parkway, several thousand people jammed the parkway to take part in the music festival made in america festival. many return to see the headliner cold play. nearly one thousand fans rushed the stage during one of
10:19 am
the shows, the rapper caused a fuss when he under hundreds of fans to join him on the liberty stage. the performance was interrupted when the security guards could not make the crowded leave. philadelphia police cleared the stage, there were no arrests.
10:20 am
bp wind farms are monitored 24/7 at our remote operations center, so onsite teams can count on
10:21 am
early warning of approaching weather. displl welcome back we're continue to track hermine, looking live in atlantic city, the objection is angry, all morning long viewers have been joining the action by sending hermine photos and videos. i want you to take a look at vo this is dramatic image from shane collin shaffer he captured the waves in atlantic city. nicole peer sent us this photo of the surf. and churned up ocean and dark skies off the coast of strathmere beach. here's the pictures and videos you've been sending in over the last 24 hours. send them #6abc action or upload them to the "action news" facebook page. 10:21 police have arrested two men in connection with the shooting of a atlantic city
10:22 am
police officer early yesterday morning, the action cam was at the scene outside caesar casino. this morning the officer is in critical condition. his name has not been released. we know that 19-year-old markell chism of millville and demetrius cross of bridgeton have been charged with attempted murder. jerome damon of camden was shot and killed by police. one suspected fired shot when two police officers observed a robbery in progress. >> turning to politics, donald trump has received mixed reviews for visit to an african-american church. he was at great faith minute ministries international in detroit. he added that the nation needs a civil rights agenda for our time that every every emphasizes
10:23 am
better education and better jobs. hillary clinton and tim kaine will campaign in pennsylvania and ohio. inside story discusses the latest presidential poll. here's matt o'donnell. >> reporter: coming up on inside story, the 6abc franklin and marshall college poll has the highlights. in pennsylvania, the clinton trump race has tightened. what does that mean? also, the toomey mcgintsy race has widened in favor of the challenging democrat to try to get the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania. coming up on inside what to do about the porngate report. coming up at 11:30 a.m. pennsylvania, the
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
key to a trump victory. we have been tracking the vote >> "action news" continues to track hermine later tonight and into tomorrow. the storm will impact the new jersey and delaware shorelines in the form of rough surf and dangerous rip currents and local flooding. the action cam caught people enjoying the beach and getting into the water in in advance of the storm's arrival. >> flooding is a major concern. >> reporter: i just showed you this a few minutes ago, this morning's high tide which is occurring now we're expecting minor flooding possibility some areas could see moderate flooding. it's the high tide this evening, and first thing tomorrow morning that are expected to be really bad. at the very least we're anticipating moderate flooding with the possibility of that going into the major category.
10:27 am
monday night into tuesday morning, things begin to calm down as hermine works farther sought to sea. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 78 degrees inland today. windy with clouds and sun, for tomorrow, same thing clouds and sun, windy with a high of 80. most locations west of philadelphia. don't see a single drop of rain. they will stay dry the entire time. the city could see showers tomorrow, but it's jersey shore that will be the focus of any significant rainfall. 87 tuesday, wednesday, 86. the neck heat wave starts thursday. >> thanks, chris. >> all right, this week with george stephanopoulos is coming up next. "action news" continues at noon. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, it's a taste of france right here in philadelphia. the philadelphia orchestra is getting ready to kick off its new season and we'll have a special sneak peek. >> our live team coverage continues as hermine moves closer to the area. for david murphy, gray hall, and
10:28 am
the entire "action news" team, have a great morning, our team coverage of hermine continues at noon. than donald trump. >> reporter: and you'll definitely vote? >> yes, i'm definitely voting.
10:29 am
10:30 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. sprint to the finish. a softer candidate beyond our borders. >> mr. president, i call you a friend. >> and that fiery speech when he returned. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> donald trump. bets big on immigration. >> dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. that is not how it works. and for hillary clinton, record unfavorability. and still more e-mail questions. >> that is just one more clinton lie. >> our exclusive interviews with both sides. vice presidential nominee tim kaine. and trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. plus -- >> to the east, to the right is russia. >> as tensions with russia rise, martha raddatz is on the front lines.


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