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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  September 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> rece: let's take a look at our pacific life game summary. virginia tech jumped on top of the vols 14-0 but tennessee has put up 239 yards. josh dobbs taking care of business throwing three touchdown passes and the three fumbles, those are the biggest thing for virginia tech, cam phillips just had a nice gain that went ary at the end when he
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had the football stripped away. some of this, you got to take care of the ball but virginia tech hasn't had luck recovering them. there's a fumble that rolls back to hurd. my point exactly. virginia tech has fumbled eight times in two games this season and lost seven of them. sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way but that's why you need to secure it so it doesn't get on the ground in the first place. >> kirk: we keep talking about how they're running a different system from the system of the past when frank beamer was the head coach. you know, they are opening it up a bit more. you know, but at the same time some of the fumbles are just whether you're running a conservative offense or open approach, it's just playing you got to be able to make and hold on to. >> rece: phillips who has made some good plays and why he's been halted temporarily. edmunds being helped off the field. fine defensive back for the
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hokies. next saturday college game day headed to louisville. florida state and louisville, 9:00 a.m. eastern time on espn. going back to coach korso's old stomping ground. >> kirk: first time ever to louisvil louisville. jackson. one of the hottest -- >> rece: people at home have seen this dude. >> kirk: last year he was a star and first two games, his numbers, off to as good a start as anybody in the country. game day has never been to louisville. >> rece: that will be a great environment. they'll be jacked up. it's going to be a tremendous game. obviously by far the biggest defensive challenge that lamar jackson has faced in louisville state. those guys look dangerous as motuapuaka is there to make the stop for virginia tech on hurd. >> kirk: this virginia tech defense is not giving up on this football game. i know you're under ten minutes and down by two touchdowns. they blew a real opportunity
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deep in tennessee. but if you get the football back, you're going to have pretty good field position. >> rece: third down for the hokies. >> kirk: rushing three and dropping eight into coverage. >> rece: two of them on ekanem to slow him down. hurd swarmed under. >> kirk: that's exactly what you want. when you rush three, if you actually get pressure, it's like icing on the cake. real threes that you rush three and drop eight is to be able to have eight helmets, eight sets of eyes staring at the quarterback and the freshman hill did get in there but see, you have three guys rallying to the football. that's exactly what you want. great leverage on the ball. >> rece: trevor daniel to punt for tennessee. greg stroman hasn't had a lot of
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return opportunities tonight. he came up and i think he muffed the punt. did tennessee get it before it went out of bounds? it was a dangerous play by stroman going up to try to field it in traffic. to take possession of the ball. tennessee had to secure it before it went out of bounds and they did. another miscue and turnover for virginia tech. you have talked a lot about patience tonight and in that particular instance stroman perhaps trying do desperately to make the play. >> kirk: i think he ran into his own man there, curtis williams. >> rece: you know what, if stroman hadn't done that that ball would have probably hit curtis williams in the back anyway. >> kirk: yeah. >> rece: abernathy there to scoop up the loose ball. the fourth turnover of the night
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>> announcer: saturday night football presented by wells fargo. security convenience together. and in part by buick. proud partner of the ncaa. and chick-fil-a. we didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich. >> rece: replay official tom herbert had another look of the muffed punt to see if abernathy of tennessee was in bounds. ruling stood. we looked at several angles during the commercial break. it was tough to tell. i thought abernathy made the recovery before touching out of bounds and the officials concurred as dobbs completes the pass to croom. here's another look at that kirk. >> kirk: this is probably the best look. we were talking about dave
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kataya. not enough evidence to overturn that. >> rece: completion to croom. got nine. tennessee with a two touchdown lead as we wind down toward 8 minutes trying to put this thing away. hurd. noses around. gets the ball forward enough to get the first down. >> kirk: good job just staying north and south. i thought he was going to bounce it and go wide. then potentially you end up losing three, four yards and now it's a third and five. instead he picked up his two or three yards and got the first down. >> rece: dobbs. sideline for assistance. hurd on the other side. >> kirk: eight guys up close to the line of scrimmage. >> rece: hurd cutting it back. boy, he took a hit right in the mid section.
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but still a good pickup on first down. let's take a look at this week's ap rankings brought to you by capital one. clemson only won by six. impressive by ohio state and florida state. would you shuffle them? >> kirk: i think alabama will be up there. alabama, florida state. i think clemson is sleepwalking these first couple games. probably slide down a spot or two. ohio state/michigan look very, very good. >> rece: dobbs pulled it inside the 20. dobbs on his way. touchdown ten seep! >> kirk: when you have a long run like that it takes some great blocks down field. even wolf did a good job. ekanem comes down. pulls it out.
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he's got the speed. one good block. another block right in front there. the receiver josh smith. again he's got the speed when he gets to the second and third level to make you pay for it. again, we knew he would run the ball. he's over 100 yards tonight now running. >> rece: he's had a career record rushing yards by a quarterback. has had a 100 yard rushing night. the big orange up big. welcome to stouffer's fit kitchen. prime cuts of meat. 25 grams of protein.
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>> rece: let's take a look at tonight's all state good hands play. tennessee has had some good hands. >> kirk: tuttle anticipating a quick throw, goes up and knocks that down with his big pa. how about this. kendall vicar is down field knocking that ball loose from cam phillips. >> rece: look who got it. abernathy recovered three fumbles tonight. that is a tennessee record. that is why these people these section are very sad and then across much happier with the brighter shade of orange. and virginia tech takes over. down 38-17.
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all right, kirk, time for your all state street cred. the all state bus joining us here in bristol. >> kirk: handing out streitcred. this week, what a great performance at heinz field by the pitt panthers. it ended up being a competitive game. they were up big and penn state fought back in a rivalry game and pitt, team of the week. >> rece: another football on the ground for tennessee. and this time it's tuttle who beats everybody to the ball. another fumble. another addition for a good hands play. and fuente, at this point i'm not sure what you do. >> kirk: five turnovers now on the night. this ball -- evans never had a chance. look at the big man running. look at tuttle at 311.
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last year broken ankle. they wanted to ease him back in. and we have seen him play a lot of football in this second half. that is a great sign for tennessee vol fans. >> rece: would you like to know that the last three times virginia tech has touched the ball all fumbles. last three plays all fumbles. and here at bristol motor speedway, the volunteers are racing for the checkered flag. and they have spun virginia tech out and put them into the wall along the way. john kelly, young back, very high on and they take the checkered. they might have to run some laps for 6:30 but this baby is in the books as tennessee has roared away. this game was 14-0 and after the extra point this is going to be a cool 45-3 run by the big orange.
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>> rece: sometimes virginia tech which got off to such a good start explains things in nascar, sometimes saying it's just one of those racing dealings. they have had a lot of those deals. fender came off. bumper on the ground. tire blown out. lug nuts falling off. tennessee -- >> kirk: is that bad? >> rece: putting the hammer down. 45-17. i'm terrible at golf.
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man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. you must be gerry, hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with drivewise. it's good to be in, good hands. ♪ >> rece: well virginia tech once upon a time up 14-0. but since the second quarter started, a 45-3 spurt for tennessee. they're on their way to victory and we're on our way to week one of the nfl. sunday on espn 10:00 eastern nfl insider sunday edition, all the early breaking stories. at 11:00 the new sunday nfl countdown. chris, bill, charles, matt and randy carry you to kickoff. always streaming live on watchespn and espn app as stroman gets drilled as he
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crosses the 20 yard line. 6:28 to go and evans and virginia tech have had a disastrous run in terms of taking care of the ball. not putting it on the ground would be a victory here. >> kirk: i know justin fuente is frustrated. a lot of film work to improve. you have got to talk about butch jones and the job he's doing right now in building this tennessee program up. you know, i think he feels that this team can compete. they got off to a slow start in their season against appalachian state. the turning point in their season may be that fumble because it kind of ignited them. not just tonight. but there's so much pressure on them to win and get to atlanta, that sometimes that can affect the team and make them feel like they have to try to live up to some almost unrealistic expectations. this is a veteran team, 17 returning starters off a team 9-4. they have a quarterback that's played a lot of football.
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very high expectations. tonight they finally just played. virginia tech kind of opened the door for them. but they just finally started to play. if i'm a tennessee fan, i'm not only excited about this year, i'm excited about butch jones and the job he's doing in recruiting and the facilities and everything really that they have going in knoxville. a lot to be excited about. >> rece: and that record last year, kirk, it was i think even more than just being 9-4. it's the way they had opportunities to win the oklahoma game, the florida game, the alabama game. all those were opportunities for tennessee to truly have a special season. there's such a hunger among the fan base and within the football program to get back to the level that tennessee has been at in the past and that's the next step. just what they have coming up. they have one on september 24th.
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>> kirk: people forget this program is still learning how to win. honestly. they're 9-4 last year but go the previous seven seasons, they were 40-47. below 500 combined and last year 9-4. so when you're learning how to win -- like when alabama does well, when ohio state does well, it's consistency. it's not an emotional hey we're really high and excited today. next week we're going to be flat. the following week we're going to get excited and next week we're flat. it's consistency. that's what he's trying to find with this team this year. >> rece: inside 5:00 to play as we check in down on the track with dr. jerry punch. >> jerry: you guys were talking about the fact they had trouble finishing some big games a year ago. in the off season butch, when he was talking about coming here, the nascar terminology, he said guys can lead races late. they start looking in their mirrors and thinking about
11:55 pm
what's behind them and they don't win. he said the focus has got to be out the windshield. we got to focus forward on the next play, the next lap. that's how we win races and ball games overcome adversity which is what they did against appalachian state. focusing forward and trying to be able to finish. >> kirk: we have seen it again tonight. sluggish start but he's got to be proud they kept fighting. he has a lot of film work to show them they can get a lot better. that offensive line when they look at that first quarter and pass protection situations, they should want to sprint out to the practice field and into the weight room to try to get better. you know, we have seen florida, they looked pretty good on defense. >> rece: they really do. >> kirk: not to much alabama and the rest of the s.e.c. teams they're going to be playing. >> rece: couple of weeks iowa
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from that showdown with the gators. evans starts to throw it. pulls it down. tripped up. >> kirk: if you're virginia tech it's a transition year with a new coach. there's going to be some highs and lows. one of those kind of years. >> rece: mckenzie lowering his shoulder and sending some volunteer bodies flying. >> kirk: hate all the turnovers but if you look at the team with the skill they have and new offensive system of justin fuente they're going to win their fair share of games. >> rece: mckenzie goes into the end zone. virginia tech score as touchdown for the first time since the first quarter. the fumbles, kirk, we have harped on them because it's the
11:57 pm
biggest part of the game. the fumbles from virginia tech are bad but losing 9 of the 10 having none bounce back to you, some of it's bad luck, too, that you think won't last. sooner or later they're not going to put the ball on the ground as much as they have in the first two games. >> kirk: with a bud foster defense better than they were a year ago, you can already see that. and with a quarterback that's going to give you a chance to compete in their division. >> rece: he's going to -- evans is going to continue to get better. bud foster said fuente told him you don't have to be perfect on defense anymore. he said he doesn't know me very well yet. bud is always going to want perfection and better than tonight. but the fumbles have put them in really difficult spots at different times. 3:30 to go.
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tennessee with a 21-point lead. here's bud foster. we talked about his decision to stay after frank beamer left. and justin fuente took over and among power five teams since 1996 they have set the pace in negative plays or positive plays from a defensive standpoint. sacks, the interceptions, the mentality. the defense. i'm sure most know the story. had it since the mid '90s. put the mission inside and weekly keys and goals and when they get big road wins they carry this old lunch pail around to remind them of the mentality. one that's served virginia tech extraordinarily well as long as foster has been the defensive coordinator and certainly will as we move into this justin fuente era and tennessee with 3:28 left. we'll take over on the 25 after
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the touchback. tonight on espn after the virginia/oregon game "sportscenter" at night. john buccigross and john and earn son will have all the later nfl news and more. "sportscenter" at night on espn and you can watch "sportscenter" at 9:00 on the watchespn and the espn app. tennessee, joshua dobbs' night is finished. i'm not going to lie to you. nothing against normundy. but after jones i kind of was rooting for him to get a snap or two. 13 got riled up when things weren't going well. >> kirk: showed a bit of emotion there 14? there he is. >> kirk: he's been talking the whole night. >> rece: send dr. jerry punch
12:00 am
over there. want to see him take a snap or two here. we joke about it but a teammate who is comfortable enough even though he's not playing to challenge his teammates and root for them when things don't go well, that's what you look for. the coach talks about understanding his players' personalities. sometimes you can affect your teammates even when you're not the star of the team at the time. >> kirk: i remember when jameis winston was red shirting and ej enamel was the starting quarterback. when the offense wound come over to the sidelines he was in their face. he was in their face challenging them more than ej emmanuel. wasn't his personality to do that as much as jameis. >> rece: jameis did it labor


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