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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, atlantic city prepares to host the miss america competition and we're live with the preview. new questions about hillary clinton's health as her emerge her stumbling as
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she left 9/11 remembrance in new york city. the big story on "action news" is decisive win for the philadelphia eagles as they start to the season with a new coach and new quarterback. >> that is right, quite simply bird dominated the browns a and that new rookie quarterback not too shabby. jeff skversky has highlights. he looked good. >> so did the head coach, his play calling and who knew what to expect when you have a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback but this team looked good today. the it has been a soap opera around here since eagle last play a meaningful game. chip kelly fired, doug pederson hired, james bradford traded, and then trade add way bradford. caught up, and maybe drama is a thing of the past with wentz running the show now. open's begins browns, vice-president and eagles fan, joe biden, holding the flag with doug pederson as eagles remember 9/11. carson wentz says he was not nervous. he doesn't look it. opening drive wentz to jordan matthews, touch down, eagles. they were up ten to nothing on
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cleveland. the wentz throws for most yards in eagles history by a rookie quarterback in the first start, 278-yard. and including this in the third, 35-yard score to nelson agholor, 29-ten is the final. went is first rookie quarterback in franchise history to win a season opener, so how surprising is all of this? >> it is not surprising, because of us being myself being around him for so long now and knowing maturity level he has. i'm just so happy for him, his family and team is so exited to get this first win. >> we have to move on. you dream, you want to win. that was goal today. we had a great team win. you know, yeah, it will hit me after the game, you know, i have been dreaming about this since i was a kid but again, it is just first of many, and we will look on to next week. >> what a scene as wentz walk off of the field at the link. eagles fans screaming his name, and if he continues to play like that, they will be
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chanting his name for a long time to come. >> in philadelphia. >> coming up in sports we will have more from wentz and pederson. we will have a live report from jamie apody. >> sound good. today gave fans reason to celebrate they made time to pause for much more serious tribute. today is fifth the event anniversary of 9/11 attacks and fans were excited about the start of the season they made sure to honor those who lost their lives on that terrible day. "action news" reporter trish hartman has that part of our coverage. >> reporter: from dance parties, to parking lot competition, to fresh baked peach pie. >> if you can make it in the oven you can also do it on a grill. >> reporter: eagles fans were out in full force foresees on opener against the cleveland browns. >> i think it is exciting. >> reporter: for veterans in the crowd like david jane and his friend today wasn't just a tailgate but a day toy mark a solemn anniversary. >> 9/11 itself was really, really important to me. being in the military and
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income law enforcement, knowing that so many law enforcement and fire fighters and civilians lost their lives that day. >> reporter: tailgaters flew their flags at half staff during national anthem at kick off 1,211th responders held the american flag on the feel they were joined by vice-president joe biden, and it is first time since biden has been in office that he hasn't taken part in a 9/11 ceremony at one of the attack sites. >> our vice-president is very, very dedicated fan. his whole family. and they represent our country very well. >> reporter: we spoke with one woman in the national guard and this is her very first eagles game. she says there is no where that she would rather be today then, sharing this experience with her mother hoist a veteran and first responders. >> just definitely a mix of emotions, patriotic like we are, our family and super patriotic, and, you know, they just left for basic training. i have been in for nine years. football is america's sport and being here on 9/11 gives
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us the memory, of those that we have lost and gave us the opportunity to be here. >> reporter: reporting from south philadelphia, trish hartman for channel six "action news". all across the region people stopped to pay tribute to those who lost their lives 15 years ago today. from the city to the suburbs, to the shore, communities paused to remember and to reflect. the "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in lower makefield where remembrance is just about to get underway, jeff? report report and czar, it is called remembrance in life and it begins in less than an hour. bucks county lost 18 resident on 9/11. whether you lost a loved one that day or not we were all touched by the attack and it beast came clear that after 15 years, the delaware valley has not forgotten. >> reporter: the national anthem began a ceremony of remembrance in pennsauken new jersey, remembering the community, fire fighters and governmental leaders gathered in the township's 9/11
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memorial to pay tribute. 2,997 american flags were planted to honor each life lost that faithful day. >> ♪ >> reporter: hours earlier at exactly 9/11 runners kick off camden county hero's run at cooper river park. 5k fundraiser supports veterans and families of fallen service members and first responders. in wilmington, delaware bishop w francis, said a special mass at saint headwick church to pray for peace, fire fighters here, rest on the alter a sign of the sacrifice so many made. the and this philadelphia, representatives from the fire and police departments were among those who solemnly processed to the bet thecy ross house, a ceremony followed to honor their new york city counterparts who mayor jim kenney praised for their self lessness. >> today is a day of solemn reflection on and prayer, for those thousands of americans who were off on that faithful day especially for those first
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responders who showed the utmost love, for their fellow men and women by being willing to run into a burning building that were soon to collapse. >> reporter: tribute will include songs, speeches, including one by nick, burger whose father died in the world trade center after saving everyone on the floor, and the ceremony starts at 7:00 p.m. we are live in lower makefield bucks county, jeff chirico channel six a "action news". >> thanks for that report, jeff. lower manhattan thousands gathered right the in the site of the original world trade center for a traditional ceremony, paying tribute to those who lost their lives 15 years ago today. the names of each of the 2,996 people who tied that day read out load. this years ceremony took place beneath gleaming tour of the the new one world trade center. ceremonies also took place at the pentagon and shanksville,
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pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed into a field. there was another head line from today's commemoration in lower manhattan, hillary clinton left the ceremony, early and was spotted stumbling as she tried to leave. that is raising fresh questions about her health. clinton left the event, surrounded by aids, and the secret service. video shows her being held by staff as she tried to get in the van to leave. clinton aid later said that she was feeling quote over heated and short time ago her doctor released a statement saying clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, on friday, and she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her campaign schedule. her doctor adds that she's now recovering nicely. world news sunday will have more on clinton's health as well as a wrap up of the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of 9/11. that is starting at 6:30 right here after "action news". among many communities pause to go pays tribute to the victims of 9/11 was atlantic city. memorial ceremony took place right there on the boardwalk
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this morning. dozens of military members and veterans raised a large flag as families of the victims shared stories of their loved ones. ceremony ended with the current miss america betty cantrail singing god bless america. of course, atlantic city business to host a very special annual event. tonight is miss america competition and "action news" reporter christie ileto is live there now with the the preview, hi there, christie. >> reporter: you know, walter, boardwalk is packed with people inside for the pageant. stashing contrast as many were preparing for the hurricane. this event draws thousands to the area, and many were so excited that they started lining up just before 4:00 o'clock to be seat fillers. >> it took ten hours to get here. >> reporter: ten hours to get here. >> all night long. >> yes, you know. >> i compete thed with her. we have been friend with highs school. she's amazing. >> my first time here, in new
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jersey. >> real role model in my life and i have known her since i was 11. we knew she would be our miss america. >> i think about, you know, just ground breaking event that first lesbian contestant. >> it business time. >> why not, why not. >> we know the family. it is just great. the great that people can be who they want to be and compete, and miss america says, everything about our culture and our community and we have to be accepting of that. >> reporter: now for the last three years new york has taken home the crown, so a lot of our fans of our local contestants are really hoping that this year that streak can be broken. reporting live from atlantic city christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> thanks, christie. watch miss america competition tonight right here on channel six starting at 9:00 o'clock. in other news fire fighters have gotten control of the ruble fire burning in camden. fire broke out around 1:30 this afternoon at emr repsyched egg center near front street and atlantic
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avenue. heavy black smoke can be seen for miles, in fact it was even spotted by fans at eagles game. no one was hurt and fire fighters managed to get it under control about an hour and a half ago. much more to come on "action news" tonight, local communities, paused to reflect otter or attacks 15 years ago today, we will take to you some of those ceremonies. plus eagles fans are feeling pretty good about their team after today's game, jamie apody live at the link with the post game reaction. melissa. sarah, mostly clear, and pretty comfortable tonight, in fact, humidity, stays low for start of the workweek, details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast good that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. celebrated, the special mass, today, to thank men and women who keep them safe. action cam was at holy nativity episcopal church in rockledge for special services honoring first responders. all police, fire fighters, paramedics and emt's were welcomed. lower merion officials held a memorial this afternoon in wynnewood, several hundred first responders attended the event. there was also a cook out, live music for the community, so they had a chance to get to know their local police officers and fire fighters. people in radnor township also gathered for memorial services to mourn 15th anniversary of the deadly terror attack. today veterans park fire
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fighters flew an american flag, between two fire trucks and also a video and music presentation. "action news" reporter vernon odom also spoke at that ceremony. hundreds of motor ike will enthusiast rolled through bucks county today to help a family of fallen heroes and wounded veterans this was seventh annual ride for here's owe fundraiser organized by central bucks rotary. police escort starred at newtown veterans park and travels through west minister township.
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wentz was a top 20 quarterback. wonder what they are thinking now. browns passed on wentz in the draft and he comes back to haunt them today. 278-yard passing, the most ever by an eagles rookie in his first game. wentz gets a standing ovation as he takes the field, for his eagles rookie debut. first in week one in modern day history. he looked like a veteran. how about this against the browns zach ertz one handed. first completion, check. the first touchdown, check. wentz to jordan matthews, eagles up seven to nothing. hand it to the rookie, what an opening drive. eagles up three in the second. cleveland looking to pay take the lead. how about the d accounts robert griffin the third, pick off rodney mccloud flies into grab it. lead to the field goal. eagles up 13-seven. eagles, clinging to a three-point lead. browns go backward, it is a safety. two points for eagles. they are up five. with the ball back. how about doug pederson taking a chance, fourth and four, would andy reid do this?
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wentz to zach ertz to first down. and sets up this very first play. wentz remind him of brett favre. there you go, he air is it off with the favre like throw. nelson agholor the touchdown. the wentz 278-yard passing. the most by an eagles rookie in history, in his first start, eagles win 29-ten. so lets go live to the link to jamie apody, jamie for a quarterback who has in the played in a month because of those broken ribs and for a guy who has not practiced with the starters, only for a week, he looks like the real deal tonight. >> reporter: yes, jeff, it could have been a disaster. the ron jaworski told me earlier carson wentz will get embarrassed at some point all rookie quarterbacks do. but, he didn't look anything like a rookie today. the coach didn't exactly, either. rookie coach threw 37 times, 22 were caught. the only numbers that matter 29-ten the numbers on the scoreboard. here's what the coach said to the kid before the game.
6:20 pm
>> i was a little jittery going out there but i wanted him to relax and just take a look around and just see this. it is a great feeling. >> you know, lot on his plate today and feels good to get the win. >> it has been since he first got here, the poise, you you kn, understanding of how to play the game and having fun. that is what has been so fun for me. >> i don't get nervous. all i do is, kind of calm my nerves and go out and have have fun. it is a game. i try to enjoy it. i have fun. turnout was good. >> we will have much more on the first big win and carson's bay buy on "action news" sports sunday with mike missanelli and ducis rodgers brakes it down at 11:35 after "action news". part of the fun was watching writ will develop between wentz and jordan matthews. the it turns out they developed that rhythm by listening to each other's music and wentz said while kanye is good, he will still tea his country. eagles, they will just take
6:21 pm
the win anyway they can get it. live from the link jamie apody, channel six "action news". >> what a win. pederson, first eagles head coach to win his kay buy at home in 40 years. dick vermeil last to do it. next up chicago bears, monday night. how dot the bears look today? they are taking on houston. how about this, philadelphia native and roman catholic star will ford, a touchdown, and over 107 yards. houston, beating the bears, 23-four. all right. that is it for sports. >> all right. >> phillies lose in washington. >> thanks, jeff. your workweek forecast is up next here on "action news". >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time for a check of the forecast where we're finally catching a break. >> really nice after all that heat and humidity, looking good, and also a look at the workweek forecast. storm tracker six live double scan radar, dry, and precipitation, and that cold front that we had yesterday, to our north and west has moved to our south and east along with the back side which means dryer air and comfortable conditions. we will show you picture outside, action cam was outside earlier today, looking from the new jersey side from the center city side line from the delaware river. beautiful shot of the bright blue sky. boats passing by and a few fair weather cumulus clouds as well. highs today slight liz above average but comfortable thanks
6:25 pm
to low humidity levels. we have maxed out at 85. normal 8o record 98 setback in 1983. lower 90's this morning, as we get in the beginning half of the workweek. northwesterly wind, 83 in the city. eighty for allentown and reading. sixty-eight in the poconos. cooling down there nicely. seventy-eight along the coast in cape may at 83 and beach haven. dew point numbers are certainly on the comfortable side, yesterday we had dew points in the upper 60's, lower 07's. anytime we had numbers of 60 or lower it is comfortable. right the now dew point numbers to the north and west in the upper 40's, lower 50's along i-95 corridor and only place we are picking up moisture right over the coastline but that is because we are getting that moisture coming in off of the atlantic here. here's satellite six with action radar. it is dry, quiet we have a mostly clear sky thanks to the ridge of high pressure, cold front still stalling out for areas over virginia, and north carolina but those showers will stay well away from our
6:26 pm
region and all because of that ridge of high pressure in control. over the next 12 hours here's the call from accu weather. mostly clear. not as warm tonight as it was last night. we will drop down to just 51 in the suburbs and 65 in philadelphia for overnight the low. here is set up for start of the workweek tomorrow. high pressure stays in control and bit of the northerly wind, maxed out at 83 tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, nice start to our workweek. high pressure is contained, its grip across the region and, still, what is happening here is a return flow of the south/southeasterly wind, we will warm up to 85 degrees and turning slightly more humid but nothing unbearable for this time of the year. cold front moves through in the middle half of the workweek. overall we have a pleasant week ahead, dew point numbers tomorrow, we will be in the lower 50's, slightly more humid by tuesday to day 60 degrees but then on wednesday, when the heat returns by then dew point numbers will be on the low side and really comfortable as we close out or workweek thursday into friday.
6:27 pm
here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, mostly sunny, nice tomorrow high up to will three. sunny on tuesday. the slight liz more humid, nothing unbearable at 85. and then, wednesday record tying heat but we hit 92. we could tie the record of 92 setback in 195. cold front approaching and shower, spotty thunderstorm is likely. in the wake of that thursday cooler with low humidity. good looking day at 80. beautiful on friday, with high of 81. and a touch more warmer on the daze in at 85, clouds and sun on the sunday and shower and thunderstorm around in at 86 degrees. other than that 90 on wednesday we are looking better we should feel better then it has. >> yes. >> thanks, melissa. abc world news sunday is next here on channel six. >> join us for "action news" at ten on phl17 and then we're back here at six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, we will see you right back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. hillary clinton's diagnosis. new video showing her wobbling, then appearing to fall. the campaign saying she was overcome by the heat, rebounding about two hours later. but now, word she's also battling pneumonia. tonight, clinton's health and the political fallout. remembering 9/11. the memorials in new york, washington, and pennsylvania. plus, the new heroes emerging 15 years later. deck collapse. two balconies full of people crashing into one another, then into a deck below. dozens of college students trapped. what happened? new warning. what you could hear when you board a plane about the smartphone with the risk of exploding batteries.


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