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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. terror takedown. the dramatic shoot-out with a suspected bomber in broad daylight. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. >> taken down in a gunfight with police, the moment he is chased by two officers both shot during the arrest. and what we're now learning about the suspect. the new surveillance footage as he planted those bombs. his trip overseas and what authorities found in his home. terrorist front and center on the campaign trial. >> we'll have to tart profiling. >> hillary clinton call's donald trump's comments fuel for isis and his son sparks outrage comparing syrian refugees to skittles. the new video revealing the
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tense moments of a police shooting. >> that looks like a bad dude. >> a man apparently with car trouble surrounded by officers, his hands in the air but shot dead. the investigation this morning. and comedian jim carrey hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. accusing him of buying drugs are for his late girlfriend using a fake name and trying to cover up his involvement. the hollywood mystery and the text message at the center of the case. and we do say good morning, america. we are learning new details about the suspected bomber, ahmad rahami, believed to be responsible for those manhattan and new jersey explosives. authorities are now trying to determine if others were involved. >> decisive moments unfolded on live tv. there you see him being wheeled into an ambulance right there. rahami after a shootout with police and wabc was there for all of those moments.
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he looked a little disoriented. quite dramatic. late morning yesterday. >> and if you were in the new york area yesterday you likely saw this alert on your phone monday morning. millions of people got the suspect's name and age sent right to their devices, the first time the alert system was used for something like this. >> appears it was quite effective. amy robach is on the scene where the suspect was caught hours after that alert went out in linden, new jersey. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yes, it all went down behind me. rahami was found sleeping inside a hallway in that brick building there behind me. a concerned citizen called police, they quickly responded, never expecting to ultimately find and capture the most wanted man in america. ahmad khan rahami taken into custody after more than 48 hours of terror. >> that's the terrorist. man, this is crazy. >> reporter: bystanders capturing the moment gunfire erupts as police confront the suspect in linden, new jersey.
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>> it had to be around 15, 20 shots. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. >> reporter: video shows him fleeing on foot, a police squad car nearly ramming him, he makes a run for it gun in hand. >> he began to engage them and they returned fire and no miracle no innocent civilians were hit thank god but took a while to capture him. >> reporter: the sweeping manhunt started around 8 a.m. monday morning after authorities pinpointed rahami as the suspected bomber who planted several bombs in new york and new jersey. >> they just released his information. this is the suspect that's been wanted in the new york city and seaside bombing. >> reporter: obtained by wcvs pulling a suitcase authorities believe contained one of those pressure cooker many bos. it began at 10:30 when the owner of this local bar spotted a suspicious man sleeping in his doorway. shortly before that rahami seen on surveillance camera at this local gas station. responding officers immediately recognized the bearded man as
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rahami. >> the gun toward his left side and presuming the cops said show me your hands. >> reporter: angel padill and peter hammer wounded in the shoot-out. >> it's commendable. i'm proud of him. he's the reason i'm a police officer myself. >> reporter: rahami shot several times. his arm and leg bandaged. >> the bomb suspect right there. look at him. >> reporter: 90 minutes after the shoot-out began, the suspect detained rushed to university hospital in newark where he underwent surgery. right now rahami is being held on $5.2 million bail. he is only charged in connection with the shoot-out that happened yesterday but, of course, more charges expected to be filed in connection with the bombings and word is he is not cooperating with police. guys, even refusing to give his name at this hour. back to you. >> we'll see if that changes over time. thanks very much. more on rahami's past from our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. his travels overseas, a real focus of the investigation. >> reporter: that's right.
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good morning. u.s. officials are pressing for more information about that mysterious year-long foreign trip rahami took two years ago to pakistan and afghanistan and whether that was the turning point for a young man who friends said spent most of his time talking about cars, supports and girls at one time of as a teenager he attended high school at edison high school where he graduated in 2007 remembered as a clean-cut kid. shocked classmates took to facebook to express their outrage recalling this picture of him and good times at a high school pool party. >> someone shared that on facebook, tagged it and said i can't believe i used to be friends with this guy. >> reporter: as a senior classmates say he actually became a father. >> ahmad had a girlfriend who became pregnant who was far along in her pregnancy at the prom. >> reporter: after a year of junior college, rahami endedup working at the family restaurant, first american fried chicken. five years ago his family sued
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the city of elizabeth, new jersey, claiming discrimination against must lips because the city imposed a 10:00 closing time. >> we had some code enforcement problems and noise complaints. >> reporter: rahami appears to have longed for his family roots with several trips to afghanistan and pakistan. in april 2013, officials say he traveled to quetta, pakistan, a known hotbed of extremism then traveled on to afghanistan, not returning to the u.s. until almost a year later in march 2014. causing u.s. officials to question him on his return. >> they're going to look at where he said he went, does it match? or did he go off to some rogue mosque or hook up with somebody that could have trained him to become a terrorist? >> reporter: officials say he claimed he was visiting pakistan to see a wife there who he tried but failed to bring back into the country. and officials this morning tell abc news a number of his relatives remain in pakistan,
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afghan refugees and that his mother left the country here in the u.s., left the u.s. just three weeks ago and has not returned since. >> they think that the bombs are sfris indicated enough he might have had training. >> two different kinds of bombs he used at least. >> we'll talk more about that. for more let's turn to abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas and former police commissioner ray kelly in the studio with us. pierre, what are your sources telling you about the investigation where it stands? what's the latest. >> reporter: sources are telling me the focus is on the last six months to a year of rahami's life. who was he talking to and associating with? they're searching through phones and computers tied to him to examine his social media footprint trying to determine whether he was radicalized by isis or al qaeda. some sources suspect he got his bombmaking design from a deadly cookbook posted on al qaeda's inspired magazine and trying to trace his travel during that 2013 trip to afghanistan and pakistan. they want to know who he made contact with there and that trip was long ago but officials are
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leaving no stone unturned. every aspect of his life is being dissected. >> another question they're asking did he get any help? anybody else involved with these bombings? >> reporter: the official word right now is no evidence of a terror cell supporting him but my sources emphasize it's so early in the investigation, they need to know a lot more about this man and they need to know if there's somebody else out there who knew what he was planning to do. >> all right, pierre, thank you. >> ray, what can you tell us about what law enforcement is focusing on about the bombs. >> well, lots of questions on the part of law enforcement as was said accomplices is what it's all about right now, whether there are family members involved. the bombs themselves were fairly basic but there were two different types of bombs. there was the pipe bombs using black powder and pressure cooker bombs using what's called tannerite. where did he get those materials and where did he bill the bomb? wires were found in the apartment, i'm told, yesterday so these are questions that will be asked by investigators as
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soon as this individual will, if he doesn't cooperate they can't get it from him i was going to say but they'll ask his family and companions. what was the radicalization process for this individual and, again, obviously a little focus on the trip overseas, we know that he went to other places and as was said is he telling the truth as to where he went. did he go to turkey or syria? and obviously these trips are going to be the foundation for much more in-depth investigations. >> hopefully we can get him to open up about those things. thank you, ray. >> thanks, now to how this plays in the race for the white house. just 49 days until the final votes. donald trump and hillary clinton traded sharp attacks all day and abc's tom llamas is in ft. myers, florida, where a fiery rally was held by donald trump. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump out with colorful thoughts about that bombing suspect and how he's being treated right now. but it's his son, donald
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trump jr. who is making headlines this morning. overnight, donald trump sharing his theory of why bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami apparently wasn't on any type of watch list. >> the guy over the chicken stand brought litigation, a lot of litigation against different people and i'll bet you that's why he was on no list. he was on no list, probably didn't want to put him because they didn't want to get sued. >> reporter: railing against rahami against a massive rally in ft. myers, florida, predicting authorities would be coddling him. >> he will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room. and he'll probably even have room service knowing the way our country is. >> reporter: the republican nominee blaming homegrown terror on lax policies and, again, calling for increased profiling. >> i'm saying you're going to have to profile. we'll have to start profiling. >> reporter: hillary clinton focusing her policy on outreach. >> it is crucial that we continue to build up trust
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between law enforcement and muslim-american communities. >> reporter: accusing trump of motivating isis with his words and actions. >> we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden, who made it a very clear point when he said, donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. >> reporter: trump's son don jr. also getting into the debate and drawing some fire for this tweet which reads "if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee problem." the tweet igniting outrage from people saying don jr. shouldn't be comparing syrian refugees to pieces of candy. a clinton campaign spokesperson responding, calling it disgusting. and the mars corporation out with their own statement this morning via twitter. here's the tweet. it reads skittles are candy. refugees are people.
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it's an inappropriate analogy. we respectfully refrain from further comment as that could be misinterpreted as marketing. but, george, this comment and those tweets are blowing up on social media this morning. >> real pattern there. tom, thanks very much. jon karl has more on this. you got tweets blowing up. you saw donald trump at the rally. and he and hillary clinton die mettic tri opposed positions on terror yet they're cleese in our poll, 48% to 45%. >> republicans always have a big advantage on the issue of terrorism going back to 9/11, but in this race it's largely -- our poll, within the margin of error, in some polls he has a slight advantage. in others she has a slight advantage of the they could not be more different on this steady leadership and donald trump channeling that raw emotion at terrorism. >> you know why she's doing it. a big difference on who americans think can handle international crisis. a huge advantage right there. >> she has the big advantage on the commander in chief test.
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it's much closer when it's who can respond to the terrorists. she's also carving out a different spot than barack obama on this. it was interesting to see her come out before the president to condemn these attacks, to brand them as terrorism before the president. she's trying to find a ground between donald trump and barack obama. >> some other political stories out. you saw chris christie, that trial on the george washington bridge scandal. the bridgegate scandal and prosecutors saying he knew about the traffic jams yet donald trump is standing by him. >> absolutely but if you remember during the primary, donald trump came out and said, of course, chris christie knew. he definitely knew. i mean, he was emphatic so perhaps the person least surprised by this allegation is donald trump himself. he's sticking to christie and in doing so he's saying he's sticking to him because christie tuck by him. >> the news is coming from a member of the kennedy family on this next one. >> the two most political families, kennedys and bushes and kathleen kennedy townsend the oldest child of robert and
7:14 am
ethel kennedy visiting with former president bush in maine. she said he said he's voting for hillary clinton. the interesting thing, there's no denial from the bush family on this and the spokesperson said nobody overheard their conversation. >> and jeb bush has said he's not voting for trump but has not said he's voting for hillary. >> exactly. the debate less than a week away. i'll anchor our prime time coverage at 9:00 eastern with analysis from our whole team. turning to that fatal roadside shooting by police in oklahoma. newly released video raising questions about why an unarmed man was shot and killed. abc's clayton sandell is in tulsa with the moment caught on tape. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, those videos are disturbing and police here in tulsa tell me they are so concerned by what they see they've asked the department of justice to help investigate. this morning, there are many questions over how a man would appeared to be having car
7:15 am
trouble ended up shot dead by police. >> somebody left their vehicle running in the middle of the street with the doors wide open. >> reporter: after that 911 call friday night, tulsa police officer betty shelby arrives finding terence crutcher in the street. she radios he isn't cooperating. >> hold traffic. i've got a subject that won't show me his hands. >> reporter: moments later with four officers surrounding him his hands are raised but he seems to ignore their commands. >> this guy is still walking. >> time for a taser, i think. that looks like a bad dude too. >> reporter: hard to make out what happens next. police say he makes a move for something inside his car. one officer fires his taser. officer shelby fires her gun. >> shots fired. >> reporter: crutcher's family believes the shooting is part of what they call an epidemic of unarmed people of color killed by police. >> that big bad dude was my twin brother. that big, bad dude was a father. >> reporter: tulsa's police chief says the 40-year-old was
7:16 am
unarmed. >> i'm going to tell you right here and now there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect's vehicle. >> reporter: crutcher's family says he didn't deserve to die but that officer shelby deserves to be charged. >> i want that officer to be held to the same standard and we just want justice for my brother so he'll know as he looks down on us that his life truly mattered. >> reporter: now the decision on whether or not that officer will face charges, federal or state, could take weeks. in the meantime, that officer is on paid leave. guys, back to you. >> and for the police chief to come out immediately and say there was no gun on the gentleman and no gun in his vehicle right away he made that clear. >> big statement. big statement made. all right. everybody, take a look at this. what you unfortunately might see if you try to get bass in the southeast. a broken pipeline is causing prices to skyrocket and our steve osunsami has more on the
7:17 am
pressure at the pump. >> reporter: for drivers running on fumes it's frightening. these are the signs turning them away from gas stations across the deep south. no service, no fuel. the gas is sold out. >> we tried to get some gas. they don't have any. it's frustrating. >> we don't have no gas right now. >> reporter: adding insult to injury some service stations are having a good time riaising prices. one station charging as much as $4.50 a gallon. the state's attorney general said he heard more than 600 reports of possible price gouging. >> all my money is going to gas. >> i feel like we're being charged unfairly. >> reporter: it all started 11 days ago with a leak along the colonial pipeline in alabama which provides the east coast with nearly 40% of its gasoline. nearly 300,000 gallons spilled into this pond. hundreds of workers are now building a bypass around the leak that they hope to finish by the end of the week. in the meanwhile, six states are officially in a state of emergency, gas prices are up an
7:18 am
average 16 cents a gallon in georgia, up 11 cents a gallon in tennessee and aaa says that will continue until the pipeline is fully restored. >> we have to make sure as we're going from place to place that we have gas, so hopefully they can get the problem resolved. >> reporter: this service station behind me is one of many across this city that has no gas. authorities insist that there's enough fuel supply for everyone but not when everyone is filling up at the same time. the governor here in georgia has issued an executive order against price gouging. >> tough when everybody has to get to work. to ginger and more on those fires. >> this fire has tripled in size. this is bad and erratic winds >> more than 6,000 acres at this point. tropical storm should go into baja and dry lightning parts
7:19 am
of southern california. first though tuesday trivia brought to you by kohl's. >> ♪ >> gong everyone, the rain from yesterday has left and exited the coast. we have a lot of cloud cover in place though. sky6 shows you that. in some areas fog is still lingering. that should be burning off fairly quickly low. temperatures in the 60's in many neighborhoods, a couple spots in the 70's and your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a high of 84 later, clouds, some sun and a spotty shower main in south jersey. tomorrow 86, not as humid, 86 and nice again on thursday.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 now on this tuesday september 20th. let's go over to karen rogers. she's starting on the schuylkill. good morning. >> yeah, we had an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound here approaching passyunk. now, it's clear so the delay is clear and we're back to your normal jam westbound as you can see on the schuylkill from past passyunk to south street. so, eastbound accident on the schuylkill is gone. we also had an accident creating a big jam on the vine street expressway westbound near the ben franklin parkway. now that is cleared but westbound traffic still pretty heavy here on the vine as you head towards broad street jammed from i-95 to the ben franklin parkway and that extra heavy volume kind of spilling out onto the ben franklin bridge so look at everybody trying to get onto the bridge at this point. ben franklin bridge is jammed from the tolls to eighth and vine and you're riding into a little fog as you can see. the major accident we've been talking about out in upper
7:24 am
providence still out there, three vehicles involved, trappe road is blocked at paperbirch drive. use route 29 as your alternate for that one, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. we'll take a short break and come back with accuweather. >> ♪ as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record... and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.
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>> starting out kind of cloudy across the region. some of dealing with fog. temperatures are on the mild side. 69 in philadelphia, some 70's down south and 66 up in allentown. your seven-day from accuweather shows clouds, some sunny breaks today, more sun to the north, more clouds closer to the shore. a high of 84, a spotty shower especially in south jersey and telling wear but mainly dry today. not as humid tomorrow. 86 on thursday. 88 and a little stickier on friday and back down to 82 on saturday way morning shower. and the eagles game 72 degrees and breezy. guys. >> that sounds good. thank you david. that's it for us. we'll sen you back to "gma" --
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send you back to "gma" and see you here in 30. >> ♪ people always say
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about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ it's time to -- welcome back to "gma." look at ryan lochte. he bounced back making a return to the ballroom. of course, that came after last week's frightening incident. you saw protesters rush the stage and last night his dancing co-star supported him in a big way. we'll show you how coming up. >> they had added security last night just in case. also right now, authorities are trying to determine if the suspected new york bomber acted alone. ahmad rahami is now in custody after a dramatic shoot-out with police. investigators are poring through clues looking to are a possible motive. and as you sit down to breakfast there is a big eggo recall. kellogg's voluntarily recalling nearly 10,000 cases of their nutri-grain whole wheat waffles across 25 states after concerns
7:31 am
about listeria contamination. also this morning, tim tebow, the man takes the field. the former heisman winner putting on a mets jersey making his big baseball debut getting a huge welcome. look at all those people. everybody there to see tebow. this was all just practice. just practice, people. practice. >> he gets attention whatever he does. >> we'll find out what he says about it and what will he do if the nfl comes calling? that's an interesting question. we'll find out. >> nice tease. first latest on ahmad khan rahami now charged with five counts of attempted murder after those weekend bombings and a shoot-out with police and back to amy in linden, new jersey, where he was caught. >> reporter: that's right, george. rahami is not cooperating with their investigation into those bombings here in new jersey and new york. surveillance video shows him fleeing the scene on foot during that shoot-out with a gun in his hand. investigators are now focusing on a trip rahami took to pakistan and afghanistan for nearly a year back in 2013.
7:32 am
he claimed he was visiting family but some friends say he came back a changed man with a new devotion to religion. and then there was some trouble at home. his family sued local police officers for allegedly harassing them over reported violations at their restaurant and rahami was arrested in 2014 after police say he stabbed someone in the leg. authorities are combing through all of his personal history trying to determine in he acted alone in these or whether he had any help or training to build those bombs. earlier here i spoke with the chief of police in linden, new jersey and told me he visited both his officers. he says they're banged up but in good spirits and reiterated to me how thankful he was that his officers had on those bulletproof vests. he said they had a meeting that very morning about the importance of wearing vest, a life-saving meeting, i would say. back to you. >> thanks very much. glad they're doing well.
7:33 am
now to that bombshell lawsuit for comedian jim carrey. his former girlfriend's estranged husband blaming him for her suicide. abc's kayna whitworth is in los angeles with all the details for us and carrey's response. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. jim carrey vowing to fight this lawsuit calling it a terrible shame saying there are some moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honor. he's phone for being the funny man of the big screen but this morning jim carrey is facing a wrongful death lawsuit claims he's responsible for the overdose suicide of his on and off girlfriend, cathriona white. white, overdosing on prescription drugs, the coroner ruling it a suicide. now white's estranged husband is blaming carrey for the 30-year-old's death. >> a 30-year-old young lady who was found deceased with medication that is not prescribed to her. >> reporter: according to court documents mark burton is claiming carrey used the bogus
7:34 am
name arthur king to obtain and provide prescription drugs to white. including ambien, percocet and propranolol knowing she was prone to sue identify and depression found in her home. it claims carrey sent a text message to white days after knowing she was already dead as part of a cover-up about her having his medication. you say that mr. carrey took steps to conceal his involvement and culpability in her death and you say that he did that by sending this text message. >> the text message asked in very formal terms do you know where my medication is? i had a full bottle of pills under my sink which was prescribed for my back pain. it is missing. that's not how two individuals who have a personal relationship communicate. >> reporter: at the time of white's funeral reports surfaced
7:35 am
that carrey had offered to cover the expenses, something the lawsuit says was an attempt to paint carrey as a grieving good guy. but burton claims carrey stiffed the family and never followed through. overnight the actor telling abc news, i will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman i loved. cat's troubles were born long before i metry hen sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone's control. now, according to officials white had attempted to take her own life before. she left behind two notes, both of them for carrey along with a box of her husband's belongings. robin. >> all right, kayna, thank you. abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams joins us now. how difficult is it to win a case like this. >> when someone commits suicide, an adult it's very difficult for family members to win because it was the actions of the adult. with that said, they can still move forward with this kind of lawsuit but the most important thing they're going to be able to prove is that he gave her the
7:36 am
drugs, right, because their position is she stole the drugs. his lawyer has made that statement already. so first of all they'll have to say he provided the drugs. secondly they'll have to be able to demonstrate those were the drugs that killed her and, number three, they're going to have to show it was reasonably foreseeable that something like this could or would happen. >> that's a lot to have to try and prove. what about the claim that carrey used a false name to obtain some of these. >> not helpful fact for him, but if he had been using a fake name to get drugs for her, that would be a much bigger problem than using a fake name to get drugs for him. their position, carrey's position is actors do this all the time. celebrities do this all the time to protect their privacy. that's not really a legal defense because you're not supposed to do that. you're not supposed to give a fake name. but that doesn't necessarily mean that she -- that the family wins the lawsuit, that this guy wins the lawsuit just because
7:37 am
jim carrey gave a fake name. >> the family also, they're really banking on those text messages and feel they're damaging. >> you heard it from the lawyer. basically saying that this was a ruse to cover it up. maybe, that will be an important question in terms of did he provide her with the drugs? an important question not the only question in this lawsuit, but that's the most important hurdle for them to overcome first, which is he gave her the drugs, because if they can't show he gave her the drugs they have no case whatsoever. >> i know it's a difficult time for the family. a loss like this. >> absolutely. very personal case. >> very much so. all right, dan, thanks very much. over to michael now and find out what's on the big board. michael. >> all right, thank you, robin. coming up on our big board are you throwing away money at the gas pump? a report revealing how americans are wasting billions of dollars at the pump and the cheerios lawsuit, are their healthy claims misleading? our insiders join us in two minutes. there they are.
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and we're back with the big board. our team of insiders standing by to weigh in on today's top stories including sunny hostin at the table. we begin with a big bang on the hot seat. john stumpf testifying about that fake account scandal and rebecca jarvis has been tracking the story, boy, rebecca, congress just jumped on this. you got 2 million fake account, 5,000 employees fired. the executive in charge leaves with $100 million in an exit package. he's going to have a hard time today. >> yeah, this is going to get heated today, george. the ceo of wells fargo john stumpf will be in the hot seat. he'll make the point that he is deeply sorry that this was not an orchestrated effort but you can believe that the senators on the other side doing the grilling are going to raise questions like, how could this happen and how could the person who was running this division over those five years when all the people were fired, when all
7:41 am
of those fake accounts were created, how can that person have walked out of wells fargo with a kind of pay package in the millions of dollars in compensation that they walked out? they're going to be pushing today for -- they'll say to wells fargo that person should not have left the company with that kind of money. you should take it back. >> rebecca, what can congress actually do? say they say you should take it back. can they actually make that happen, first of all, secondly, what does it do for the customer. >> ultimately this is going to be a pr nightmare for wells fargo. either way. but wells fargo is ultimately the arbiter and make the decision whether that happens and as far as the customer is concerned wells fargo in this whole mess has set aside $5 million to compensate any customer who was impacted by this. they've already paid out $2.6 million and have the $2.4 million set aside but this is really about regaining trust at this point because, of course,
7:42 am
they've lost a lot of it. >> hard to gain it back once you lose it, george. >> it sure is. >> thank you, rebecca. now tay report out about throwing away money at the gas pump. according to research by aaa, america has wasted billions of dollars. last year using premium gas they didn't need and our own abc's david kerley joins us. hello, david. good morning. >> good morning, michael. you know we all like to take care of our cars. >> i'm one of the guys who puts up the pump and i go, you know what, i'll get that 91, that 93, i feel like it does -- but that's billions and a serious chunk of change. >> the high octane you're talking about, the different choices you have, regular or premium and, you know, do you want to give your car ground beef or a steak. give it premium. believe this, 16 million americans are putting premium in a car that doesn't need it and according to aaa, that means they are wasting money, 2$2.1 billion a year spent on premium gas that you don't really need. in fact, 70% of the cars on the
7:43 am
road that americans drive take regular gas and what aaa is saying, guys, is basically that's all you need to put in in your regular gas and it'll work just fine. >> seems like you're wasting all that hall of fame change. >> i know. sunny is over here huffing and puffing like i've been wasting money. >> i'm putting in regular. starting today. >> here's the other side of the story. we have a viewer, nicole, who tweeted on our social site and said she uses it in her older car because it knocks and pings if she doesn't. so can it make the vehicle run better even if it's not required? >> yes, she's probably getting rid of the ping but the problem is the money she's spending if she saved it all and tuned up the car and made it run the way it was supposed to it wouldn't be pinging. what aaa did, they took cars and put it on a treadmill for cars and found there was no increase in horsepower, no increase in performance if you put premium in a regular. the advice from aaa make sure it's running right and put in the regular gas. now, if you have a car like some
7:44 am
of us do that have to have premium continue to put premium in. >> there's your excuse. >> there's my excuse. that new lawsuit about cheerios. general mills defending itself against this and sunny is here with more. a spokesperson said general mills continues to stand behind the quality of these products and the accuracy of the product's labels. what exactly are the plaintiffs complaining about. >> our honey nut cheerios. the complainants are saying, listen, honey nut cheerios is being deceptively advertised so touting all the health benefits saying it can lower cholesterol but highlighting the fact it has a pretty high sugar content saying that is not right. not giving the consumer the right information. >> but there's a growing number of lawsuits against these big food companies and even if this one is successful how does it impact or affect the industry. >> these lawsuits really aren't successful. most of them don't work but i think it sort of shines a light
7:45 am
on this issue and makes sure that the consumer looks a little more carefully at these labels and it also makes these companies better companies. it makes them good corporate citizens so there's not as much duping going on so really a relationship but i always caution people, just read the labels because even though they may deceptively advertise on the front, if you look at the side, the content is there so do your job as a mom, do your job as a parent. look at the label. >> you wanted to stick with those honey nut cheerios. >> i know but you really can't. you got to look. >> i just assume all cereal has sugar and i'm eating it because i want it. plain and simple. sunny, thank you. david, thank you and rebecca, thank you, as well. coming up, tim tebow's big debut on the baseball field. george, i thought you were going to leave here. you were going to play for the mets. i'm confused. >> i got cut in sophomore year. but she always told me i don't care if you turn out to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree.
7:46 am
sometimes i call the house, just to hear her voice. (phone ringing) answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you. (beep) when are they leaving?
7:47 am
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7:48 am
back with tim tebow's debut taking the baseball field. hundreds of fans showing up to watch his first practice with the new york mets minor league team. t.j. fresh off vacation is here with the highlights. hey there, t.j. >> good to be back. you remember when the mes signed him. they said it was not a publicity stunt but for $119.99 you can have your own tebow jersey. people are buying these up and showing up. >> tebow. >> reporter: you wouldn't normally have this many fans or this many reporters or a news helicopter to show up what ams to minor league study hall. but they were all there monday to see tim tebow make his official debut as a minor league baseball player. baseball for the guy who reached icon status as a college football player, won a heisman and spent a few years playing quarterback in the nfl sporting his college number 15. tebow took batting practice, fielded and played catch. a fairly routine start on what
7:49 am
he hopes is his road to the majors. >> the goal is to one day play in the bigs. >> it was definitely a dream of mine when i was a kid. >> reporter: tebow is participating at the mets instructional league where the teams try to mold young prospects. key word, young. at 29 years old, tebow is at least four years older than the 57 other aspiring mets. 'working out with at the camp in florida. and two of his fellow mets wanna-bes are 17. hundreds of fans show up to get a glimpse and tebow was the only player to get his own press conference after practice monday where he made clear an nfl team in need of a quarterback now shouldn't even bother calling him. >> i'm part of the mets family. for me success is going to be defined by giving it everything i have and being the best i can be. >> now, he gets an excused absence every week from camp because he has his analyst gig for -- >> se cnet work. >> he gets -- just four days. he's there a week.
7:50 am
>> 29 not too old for that. >> he doesn't have much time. they develop these guys and has a short window to develop. >> what would be his specialty, home run hitter or -- >> he's a seat filler. >> ooh. >> he brings in the crowd. >> i know what you understood -- no, he's saying he's bringing people in. >> also, come on, guys, he's probably counseling and mentoring these young men. >> they love having him around. >> he's a great guy. >> wear this out. >> 19.99. >> cookic and magic johnson coming up. they sat down with you. >> yeah. m to be successful. i can't imagine doing anything else. ec and magic johnson coming up. they sat down with you. >> yeah. and magic johnson coming up. they sat down with you. >> yeah. a year later i found out i had breast cancer. i told my students, i promise you i will come back. cancer treatment centers of america, i felt like they really cared about me. i met my team of doctors and my care management team. they helped me manage the side effects of my treatment. the most important thing is that miriam
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 now on this tuesday september 20. let's head over to karen rogers. she's starting with the ben franklin bridge. >> look at the jam on the ben franklin bridge. you're jammed the length westbound as you try come into the city and this jam is because the vine street expressway was extra heavy after an earlier accident. those delays spilled on out. you can see you're driving into fog here so be careful for that too. we have a flu problem in he perm. an accident on each shoulder here on 202. this is 202 southbound at 422 so watch for an accident off both shoulders. you can see police kind of partially blocking the right lane. looks like a multi-vehicle accident so we're really jammed slowing past the scene as you head towards malvern on 202 southbound. in upper providence three vehicle accident debris all over. there was two people trapped in the wreckage of this accident as well so he emergency worker's still have trappe road blocked. it's been awhile and that's at
7:57 am
paperbirch drive. stick to collegeville road instead tam. >> thank you karen. >> now let's take a live look there. you're taking a look out across center city and you can see how foggy it is out there. let's go on over to dave murphy. he's got more on that. >> low lying clouds over philadelphia. some areas with some fog that should be burning off a little bit later this morning. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia. and it's a tad on the muggy side. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 84 later. clouds mixing with some sun, more sun to the north more clouds to the south and in south jersey and delaware a spotty shower can't be ruled out. not as humid tomorrow. fair amount of sunshine, 86. sunny and warm on thursday, 86. it will feel like summer despite the arrival of autumn in the morning and 88 on friday. cooling down a bit over the weekend though tam. 82 saturday and 72 and breezy for the eagles on sunday. >> thank you david. the victim of a hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia is fighting for his life this morning. the 49-year-old man was hit at bustleton and bleigh avenues around midnight. police tracked down the striking vehicle but the driver is still out there.
7:58 am
coming up on "gma" robin sits down with magic and cookie johnson. we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪
7:59 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. dramatic shoot-out with a suspected bomber. new details emerging about this man believed to be the mastermind behind the new york and new jersey bombs. something footage now revealed. what authorizes found when they searched his home. the latest live from the scene. ryan's redemption. look at his fellow stars surrounding him as he reveals his heartbreak after last week's protest. >> i look up in the stands and see my mom in tears. and seeing her in tears just -- >> how he's trying to move on. >> i'm an olympian. i didn't six gold medals by quitting. >> fighting for their family. cookie and magic johnson revealing the incredible story you haven't heard. the fears she faced when he told her about his hiv. why cook which was scared to
8:01 am
death and what kept their marriage together. chris pratt and anthony anderson right here live as we say -- >> let me hear you say it. >> all: good morning, america. ♪ such a wonderful crowd we have with us on this great tuesday in times square. we've got both chris pratt and anthony anderson here live. you know, anthony says somebody -- he always gets confused for somebody. he said he often -- hmm. you see the resemblance. >> who? me? >> that's what anthony says. >> it's me in both pictures. which one is me? >> all right. june bug. >> call me june bug. >> and we are celebrating this morning, robin, happy birthday. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> this is the fourth birthday for robin, anniversary of her life-saving bone marrow trance
8:02 am
front from her sister sallie-anne. you'll teach home pow to make their mess their message. >> it's called everybody got something. something my mother always said because we have challenges that we're going through and how do we get through it, paula, with our faith, family and friends so indy ari, the original theme song for the podcast wrote it and sang it >> that's coming up. first we want to get back to amy robach at the scene of that takedown of the bomber in linden, new jersey. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you. ahmad khan rahami, the suspect, of course, in the new york and new jersey bombings is now charged with the attempted murder of those police officers. it happened during a shoot-out right here behind me that ultimately head to his arrest. surveillance video showing the moment he tried to escape with his gun in hand. he is now being held on $5.2 million bail. authorities say they have found more bomb components in his home and agents are now trying to
8:03 am
determine if he had any help building those bombs. they are closely looking at the trip he took to pakistan and afghanistan back in 2013 when he claimed he was visiting family for nearly a year. rahami emigrated from afghanistan as a child and high school friends here in new jersey remember him as a clean-cut kid but some say he came back from that trip ov overseas very religious. abc news learned his mother left the country three weeks ago for turkey and she has yet to return. wanted to show you this morning the cover of "the new york daily news." the headline here, martyr dumb and, of course, "the daily news" referring to the fact that rahami failed to detonate eight out of the ten devices he planned to set and, of course, thankfully no one was killed. back to you. > thank goodness for that. thanks very much. now over to paula. you gave her a shoutout with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. we do have new details about that stabbing rampage at a minnesota mall that left ten people injured. investigators now say that the attacker who was the son of
8:04 am
somali refugees appears to have been a lone wolf with no direct ties to terrorism. friends describe him as a, quote, normal american kid. he was killed during saturday's attack. his family says they are in shock. and there is new outrage this morning in syria after a humanitarian aid convoy that was carrying life-saving supplies for tens of thousands of people was attacked killing at least 12 people, syrian or russian air strikes are being blamed. donald trump jr. is under fire for comparing syrian refugees to skittles. he tweeted this image that read, quote, if you had a bowl of skittles and i told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee problem, end quote. the clinton campaign called this particular tweet disgusting. the fda's approval of a new drug is raising eyebrows. the drug treats a rare muscular disorder and critics say even though the fda's own experts question this drug, agency
8:05 am
officials approved it after hearing pleas from desperate patients setting a dangerous precedent but supporters say the fda's decision offers new hope. and finally college students, they are getting younger every day. we want you to meet will meles. he is taking a full courseload at a community college in pittsburgh. he is headed to carnegie mellon next year. you guys, he is 9 years old. that backpack is bigger than he is. he wants to be an astrophysicist. his father said he was a prodigy at age 2 able to multiply. in case any of us were feeling like an underachiever this morning, congratulations, best of luck to him. >> 9 years old? >> 9 years old. >> i just learned to tie my shoes. >> i'm still using velcro so it's okay. >> wonderful. >> playground for recess. >> i know, be a kid. >> hello, sara haines. >> good morning and happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> do you say birthday or anniversary. >> it's birthday because it's
8:06 am
considered your rebirth and you start from scratch. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. julia louis-dreyfus may have made history with her fifth consecutive emmy award. that doesn't mean she doesn't have trouble staying in character. jimmy kimmel shared some bloopebloop e ers. take a look. >> we're so pleased that you're hosting tonight's academy awards. >> it's the emmys. >> the emmys. oh. >> that's for the blooper reel. >> i feel like blooper reels are often funnier than anything you could write. >> absolutely. >> jeb bush did kill it. >> he did a great job. >> funny. >> yeah. >> did you seat the bloopers? that was even funnier. >> i didn't. >> it was pretty funny. >> got a future. >> can you imagine if you're like i used to run for president. now i just want to do comedy all the time. >> why not. you can do anything in this country. leonardo dicaprio is an oscar winner, environmentalist and now new york tour guide.
8:07 am
the arc was walking his dog in new york city when a couple stopped him but not for what you think, a selfie or autograph, just for directions around the big apple. an onlooker telling "people" magazine he reached out and pointed them in the direction to go and they went on their "you have to wonder when the pair realized they had been helped about i a movie star. >> i bet he loved that that they had no idea who he was. >> one of the best parts of new york city, you never know who is around you and have to be looking. finally, this is being shared everywhere with 6 million views on our facebook page alone in just 12 hours, angela lance burry surprising the audience at the "beauty and the beast" 25th anniversary. listen to this. ♪ tale as old as time ♪ true as it can be . >> lovely.
8:08 am
♪ barely even friends then somebody bens unexpectedly ♪ >> so dear. >> that's sweet. >> it's beautiful. she sounds the exact same. >> a lot of memories. >> so many memories. >> you can listen to that forever, though. such a sweet character in her voice. >> "murder she wrote." >> still. i can't get enough of "murder she wrote." thank you. >> i'm more of a "beauty and the beast" girl but -- >> thank you so much, sara. we'll catch you on "the view." >> yes, yes. oh, my gosh, i have somewhere to go. >> don't go yet. stay right there because coming up, big tensions in the ballroom. ryan lochte looking for redemption after last week's dramatic protests on air and former champ peta is joining us live. cookie and magic johnson sharing the story you have not heard about their highs and lows and why they never gave up on each other. that's coming up. come on back. ♪ "gma's morning menu" brought to you by centrum silver mul
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♪ duck tales >> look at olympic champ laurie hernandez storming the stage last night with val and that put her in the lead on tv night. the stars danced to theme songs from "bewitched" to "the brady bunch" and jesse has all the action. >> she may be on top now but all eyes were on another olympic, ryan lochte. he became the comeback kid last night a week after protesters rushed him on stage. take a look. >> welcome to "dancing with the stars." >> reporter: in the ballroom monday night, just seven days after protesters rushed ryan lochte center stage. >> i think i'm still in shock. >> reporter: ryan lochte opening up about the heartbreak of seeing his mom watch it all right there in the ballroom. >> i look up in the stands and i see my mom just in tears. and seeing her in tears just --
8:14 am
this whole situation has impacted me so much. it's just how far can i put it back in my head and move on. >> reporter: the olympian rehearsing with cheryl. the he could be the comeback last night. >> i never quit. >> reporter: taking to the stage with a song he says makes him smile. ♪ it's time to dress up right >> reporter: the theme to "the muppets". more than the score, big support. the cast members surrounding him with love wearing it right on their t-shirts. >> knowing there's extra security and everything helped me out a lot but in the back of my mind i was still like nervous. i don't know what i was nervous for, dancing or -- >> probably both. >> if something else was going to happen. but we got through it and we'll see if we can keep going. >> reporter: ryan lochte and his co-star seemed much more confident last night but no one is safe ahead of tonight's elimination, george. >> tonight, okay, jesse, thanks very much. let's bring in peta murgatroyd live from l.a. last season's champ. not dancing this season because you got a little baby coming.
8:15 am
how are you feeling? >> hi. i'm feeling really good, thank you. thank you guys for having me. >> absolutely. let's talk about ryan last night. so much pressure after those protesters stormed the scene last week. >> i know. it was a crazy week last week and it was just so unexpected. nobody thought that this would ever happen in the ballroom because, you know, it's such a positive place and it has so much positive energy going and, you know, everyone felt sorry for him. we really did because, you know, nobody really deserves that. >> showed a lot of gallantry and laurie hernandez, so much energy. >> i know. laurie is amazing. laurie and val, i think they're definite front-runners there. she just has so much skill. she is just killing the game with the technique so, yeah, they're amazing. >> olympians always do well, athletes always do well. politicians, not so much. rick perry tonight -- >> yeah, rick perry, he's lovely and he has so much charm and he
8:16 am
tries so hard. but, you know, you just never know. he's on the bottom of the leaderboard so he could be the first to go home. >> peta, thanks for joining us. tonight is the big "dancing with the stars" elimination round at 8:00, 7:00 central. the first booted couple here live tomorrow and coming up right now, robin's powerful interview with magic and cookie johnson. people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something."
8:17 am
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8:20 am
i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back to "gma." we are right here with cory celebrating her 14th birthday. >> do you have he he any special talents >> i'm also standing by because we have a whole lot coming up more with magic johnson. let's go ahead and check the weather a little closer to home. >> all right, we've got storm tracker6 live double scan and we are showing dry conditions this morning. a bit of fog out there, though. so sky6 i should say shows you the low lying cloud cover in center city. fog is little lick thick intersome of the northern suburbs. here's your seven day. moving from the 70's up to a high of 84. clouds mixing with some sun, more sun north, less down by the shore and a spotty shower in south jersey.
8:21 am
not as humid tomorrow and nice, 86. 86 again thursday. some time now has written a new memoir. it's "believing in magic" marking their 25th wedding anniversary. i had a chance to sit down with them recently and they shared the story you have not heard about their private battles, their faith in family and why they never gave up on each other. >> a marriage is a journey and sometimes along the way things will happen. don't be so afraid and run from it right away. you have to keep working at it. just remember that the base of that relationship has to be love. >> look. >> i know. >> where you came from. >> where we came from. >> and what you have accomplished together. >> he does that all the time. he's like, can you believe, you know, we've come this far? >> reporter: college sweethearts cookie and magic johnson met while attending michigan state. magic a basketball star on campus and cookie, a humble young woman from detroit
8:22 am
studying for a career in the fashion industry and over the next decade, the relationship would face its shares of challenges including two broken engagements. emotionally how difficult was it for you, the ups and downs during that time? >> very difficult. it was a huge roller-coaster ride when you love somebody but it doesn't work out and it's back and forth. looking back on it, i think that it was a growing experience for both of us. >> reporter: until now, the public has rarely heard from cookie. >> that's why this book is so important, cookie has always said, hey, that's your life. i don't want to be in the spotlight. you do your thing and then you come home. and now with her telling her life story, her journey in life, it's really empowering to a lot of other women. >> reporter: the couple recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in style. but it was the announcement in 1991 just 45 days into their marriage that sent shock waves
8:23 am
through the sports world and beyond. >> because of hiv virus, i will have to retire from the lakers. >> reporter: behind closed doors and away from the spotlight, the couple struggled to come to terps with their new reality. >> we both fell on our knees and started crying. he said, if you want to leave, i don't blame you. i understand. and then i said, are you kidding me? no. i love you. >> you never waivered with that. >> no, because you know, even though it was hiv and possibly, you know, he caught it, you know, having sex with somebody else or whatever, all those things didn't matter at that time. >> reporter: what did matter to them was the health of their unborn child. and you had to be tested. >> yes, of course, i was scared to death about the baby. finally the results came in and what they told me was that if the mother is negative, then the baby is automatically negative. >> reporter: the couple made it their mission to educate themselves and the public. we got to remember this is 1991
8:24 am
and everybody thought death sentence and there was backlash and you could not play ball anymore. how did you find as a family that strength to say, we are going to fight? >> this woman here, god let me know why i married her because losing her, i possibly wouldn't be here. i probably would be dead. >> reporter: today magic is living a healthy life and together they have raised three children, andre, e.j. and elisa and writes about magic coming to term with e.j.'s sexuality. i think a lot of people will be helped by how you write about your son e.j. who thankfully was born shortly after the diagnosis, healthy, and that you all realized early on that your son was gay. >> ultimately you want your child to be happy but i knew that earvin didn't understand. >> you're very honest that you had a tough conversation with him about it. you didn't want him to be and then you changed and you
8:25 am
apologized to him for some of the things that you had said to him. >> i had to come to realize that this is who he is and he's going to be happy. i knew he was looking for me to accept who he was. and i had to get out of my own way, right. and out of my macho, the whole -- >> and he couldn't let me tell him. he had to come to terps with it, you know, himself. >> how are you? >> reporter: e.j. is now a reality show star. >> he has a combination of both of us. the soul comes from her and his mind-set is like his dad's and that's what i love about him and so we're blessed. >> we know that religion says no and i did have a big problem with that, ultimately i just pray to god and said, god, you revealed about how you felt about this and he was like, love. love your child and that's what i got because, you know, that's what jesus was about is love.
8:26 am
>> love is love. >> that's right. >> and a lot of love between them and a lot of love in that home. they've been married 25 years and have known each other almost 40. >> wow, and been through so much together. >> we rarely hear from cookie and to hear her voice and you do hear it in her book, "believing in magic," which is out today, it's a beautiful read. >> great family. >> sure is. we got your look-alike coming up. who could that be? oh. what?
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:27 now on this tuesday september 20. let's head over to karen to see what she's got in track. good morning. >> we're looking at a jam on i-95. looking live at cottman, first off you can see the fog, kind of spread a little bit more through the area. this is your southbound traffic really jammed past academy to girard on i-95 as you try to head towards center city. driving in the fog and you've got a 35 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. other jams in the area, we've got the schuylkill expressway here at montgomery drive. a disabled vehicle you can see the flashing lights on the shoulder. we've got police and penndot all assisting with this and you see the travel time really jumped up there. 38 minute ride between the vine and and the blue route, only 28 minute ride eastbound. i guess both are heavy but we're seeing that westbound delay particularly jammed right now. and upper moreland we have an accident here with two vehicles involved and they're restricting traffic on
8:28 am
division avenue at overlook avenue. a new problem in hammonton. a downed tree is blocking it and you're watching for that 206 at columbia road tam. >> thank you karen. now let's go over to dave murphy, he's got your accuweather. good morning. >> tam, we've got a cloudy start across most of the region. temperatures are on the mild side. 70 degrees in philadelphia, just 66 in allentown. and it's a little bit muggy. there is some fog here and there. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 84 is today's high. we'll eventually see a mix of clouds and sun with more sun to the north. less sun closer to the shore. and a spotty shower mainly in south jersey. mostly dry today. not as humid tomorrow, 86. and then a nice one on thursday, autumn arrives in the morning but it feels like summer in the afternoon with a high of 86. 88 on friday, maybe a bit more humid. and then for the weekend clouds and sun with a shower around saturday morning the way things are looking now. a high of 82 with temperatures falling a bit in the afternoon and 72 sunny and breezy for the eagles on sunday. >> okay, thank you david. coming up we've got chris
8:29 am
pratt talking magnificent seven.
8:30 am
♪ all right. [ applause ] >> welcome back. welcome back to "good morning america." i'm michael strahan. >> michael strahan. >> we have a great show for you today. yes. >> get out of my seat, man. i leave for two seconds. >> anthony, anthony, go sit over there. >> anthony anderson, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome. are you -- >> what up, june bug. >> cousin june bug. do you often get confused for michael. >> all the time. all -- i have no idea why. >> bring it in. let's see. >> crazy thing. the crazy thing is, once i
8:31 am
changed my hair he changed his. >> this is what i did, look, i'm closing my gap. closing my gap. i'm tired of walking down the street. hey, michael strahan. i am not that sucker. >> you know, happy you're here, man. >> happy to be here. >> we love having you here. >> hold on, michael. before you move on, we found out something about yesterday's guest. >> oh, the dancer. >> yeah. >> the dancing coach. >> yes. >> this guy right here, you know, after the show, my mom texted me and said, you know, michael, that -- he is your cousin. that is your cousin. we are related -- i told you from beaumont, i have a lot of family in beaumont. >> stop it. >> you did not know that. >> i have i had no idea. you know what, it's a lot of -- our seed is spread very widely.
8:32 am
but that is one of my cousins. my mom said big man got some moves, doesn't he? well done, cuz. something -- the thing i'm most excited about today is robin, you're turning 4 today and it is your birthday. [ cheers and applause ] >> so beautiful. >> 4th anniversary of your bone marrow transplant and we wanted to give you a gift that a 4-year-old -- >> ah. thank you. >> 4-year-old would get. >> it lights up and everything. >> it works. >> thank you. you know, sara -- >> your mp3 player. you were asking if it's an anniversary or birthday. >> it is considered your rebirth because you have -- i have my sister's dna. my sister sallie-anne was my donor and had to get immunization shots all over again. you're starting from scratch so thank you very much for this and it'll go -- yes, thank you -- [ laughter ] >> have you picked out your
8:33 am
preschool that you're going to be attending? >> well, you know, happy birthday and many, many, many more. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> kind of lead nothing getting a gift is this first topic i want to bring up. >> do yi have to write a thank you ♪ >> elle macpherson, supermodel elle macpherson has a thing with her kids if they get a gift, they have to write a thank you note within 24 hours or she donates the gift and gives it away. >> ooh. >> oh, she's horrible. >> horrible. >> but you know how many people -- ooh. i wouldn't have anything because nobody writes a thank you card. >> inuntil they heard -- >> emily post gives you a year. >> what are you going to think about it? >> i love -- sorry. let me take this one. so, i love a handwritten thank you and i'm big on those but i give myself more than 24 hours. haven't even gotten to know the toy yet. >> want to say thank you for --
8:34 am
>> you don't like it, you don't say thank you. >> first off, mike, i grew up in the hood. we didn't get gifts so i'm not accustomed writing thank you notes for gifts because i never got them as a child. let's start there. >> oh, man, it's okay. >> you do, you do. >> ah. >> robin, do you write them? >> i do. i write them. i love to receive them. there's something -- i know about e-mail and things like that. how great does it feel when you get a handwritten letter or note in the mail. >> do you do it within 24 hours. >> no, no, no. >> the kids have to -- if the kids don't do it right away they never do. >> as an adult too in my head i'm like, oh, i need to write that note but then it takes forever then by the time -- they forgot they gave you a gift. >> i have a thing of thank you cards and a note of people i owe like -- i just had a baby so you have to keep it going for awhile but it sits on the windowsill to
8:35 am
remind me. >> avenue box of stationary thank-yous, i for 12 years now that i have never written a thank you note on. >> drawing dust. >> i'm good with e-mail or a text. >> okay. >> acknowledgement. >> august 15th. >> your show debuts again tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. are you guys ready? you ready? starts off with the johnson family vacation taking everybody to walt disney world and things go awry. >> they certainly -- well, they always go awry. >> they have to. but, you know, i take the kids there for a vip experience that i never experienced as a kid and that's what we do but i didn't realize there was an expiration date and didn't realize the dude was there for a couple of hours so then we have to -- then we -- then we brought back gen pop,
8:36 am
regular population. >> a little different. >> got in sit in lines, no more express stuff. and we go crazy. >> congratulations on the emmy nomination. >> thank you. >> we saw at the emmys. we saw you at the emmys. we saw you get -- i saw instagram picture getting ready for the emmys with eye mask on. but your mom was a big hit at the emmys >> that's the eye mask. yeah. >> your mom was a big hit and got a shoutout. >> my mother, you know, my mother thinks it's about her. she does. you know, but it is. you know, my mother, a lot of people don't know this but my mother was a single parent and she wanted to be an actress and put her dreams of being an actor on hold to raise an actor. so everything that i do now i do for her an i try to include her in because this is -- this is the dream that she wanted to live and she never got a chance to have that dream realized so now i take her wherever i go and she's a part of it and i have her in the industry now as my
8:37 am
scorekeeper on my game show "to tell the truth." we have other things in the works. she wants her own reality show. >> she could have it. part of the bucket list was to go to disney world and she went with you. >> that's true. my mother never saw me for the seven days i was in walt disney world. i flew this woman first class. she had a beautiful suite at the four seasons hotel and i saw my mother literally 45 minutes in seven days. >> she was out and about. >> having -- >> she wasn't even in disney world. we in orlando and momma, where you at. oh, baby, i'm in tampa playing bingo. what are you doing in tampa playing bingo? with my sister denise. that's why you wanted to come. disney world wasn't on your bucket list. you just wanted a free trip. >> this is your first time with an audience. who has a question?
8:38 am
>> ask your question, man. [ cheers and applause ] oh. >> who are some of the exciting guest stars we can look forward to this year on "black-ish"? >> you know, we've been trying to work this thing out with this guy chris pratt. trying to get him on our show. anybody know who chris pratt is? they say he's a heartthrob. action star hero. so if anybody knows how to get in contact with chris pratt, let me know because i want him on my show. and i'm bringing back cousin june bug. a great episode to have chris pratt and cousin june bug on the show. >> i'll write you a thank you note. >> okay. >> did you write him a thank you note when you were on the show? >> no! >> i text him and gave you a ride back one day from -- he drank my water.
8:39 am
i didn't get a thank you note interest that. >> i didn't know i had to thank people for drinking water. i was hydrated or dehydrated if thank you, anthony. >> 9:30 eastern. thank you. throw it to ginger. >> okay, let's go over to ginger. >> such a great crowd today. i know robin you're going to want to hear this because i know you know amy just told me it is. >> blood cancer awareness month. >> amy comes here every week from new hampshire. she has a birthday card for you and she's hoping for a match, too. a check your local weather coming up. >> storm tracker6 live double scan we don't have rain out there just now but there is a lot of low cloud cover and fog. your exclusive accuweather 7-day he 84, clouds and sun, more sun north, more clouds south. a spotty shower in south jersey. dry tomorrow. watchers. hand delivery, robin. >> oh, thank you.
8:40 am
>> happy birthday. >> i will be sure to send you a thank you note. but bless you, thank you very much you so much. it is a special day and i'm glad to be able to share it with everyone because you all were there for my journey and so as a birthday gift i wanted to give something -- in fact, my sister called wishing me a -- she did the stevie wonder. ♪ happy birthday to you >> i'm launching a podcast today with my good friends at memorial sloan-kettering, four years ago today i was there and here i am today and what i want to do is to share people's stories and something -- little clues that we leave that could help everybody else. here's a look. in college when i wasn't on the court i was in the radio booth. my first big gig was in hammond, louisiana, wfpr 14 country. so from radio to podcasting, hmm, feels like i'm coming home. thank you for sharing your something with us, tony robbins.
8:41 am
>> love you very much. >> it's all about honest and important conversations with everyday heroes and celebrities and some laughter too. [ laughter ] >> good one. >> and sharing how people tap into their inner strength to get through difficult times. tony robbins explained his lessons learned after a tough childhood. >> because i suffered so much i hate suffering. i'll do anything to help somebody not suffer and live a life they deserve. >> i reunited with india.arie and she reveal her story of inspiring resilience. >> i'm worthy and significant and i matter because i exist, period. >> reporter: in 2008 india and i collaborated on "gma's" theme song "a beautiful day ♪ ♪ early in the morning it's the start of a new day ♪ ♪ new hopes new dreams new way >> sing that. sing that, girl. >> reporter: and we're still singing. ♪ chances we've taken lay down
8:42 am
your regrets because all we have is now ♪ >> yeah. >> thank you. >> sang that song. once again india arie is blessing me with her gift of music with an original beautiful song for my podcast. >> everybody's got something and we have -- all have loss and heartbreak but tragedy is we don't take time to understand the meaning. ♪ everybody's got a little something ♪ ♪ so remember to always be kind ♪ [ applause ] >> a knack with those theme songs. >> i let her sing. >> give a taste. who else will be on. >> you saw tony rob witness, delie ya, this wonderful chef with a big heart. tig, same hometown we're from and went through the same cancer -- all these thing, india.arie, having her break down and share so much.
8:43 am
but there are so many people that we're talking to every day. delilah. do you listen to her. ♪ delilah to have her and this is the people that help me put it together. just really excited and our friends at memorial sloan-kettering, thank you for sponsoring it and help share the message. >> anthony anderson. >> we just booked anthony anderson. we just booked him for the podcast. we just booked him for the podcast, thank you. thank you, baby. thank you. >> you know, robin, i think through all of your as you say somethings you continue to give back to everybody. and that says something about you. >> thank you. >> just an person with an amazing spirit. everybody loves you. everybody is so happy it's your 4th birthday and we couldn't ask for anything better. >> i got a lot of thank you notes to write. i do. and i do thank you. thank you, amy. >> we're all excited to download
8:44 am
this podcast by the way and we know you're excited at home. so go to to download this and you guys, hey -- >> thank you very much. >> you'll be better for it. >> make your mess your message. how about chris pratt, huh? >> oh, yeah. [ cheers and applause ]
8:45 am
follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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all right, we're here now with chris pratt who plays a cowboy in "magnificent seven."
8:47 am
take a look. >> whoo, god dang it, i'm good. six pounds of pressure. that's all that's required to kill a man. and they say the nightmares never go away. >> oh, that was nice shooting, man. you grew up shooting. >> yeah, yeah. >> so were you excited you get a western movie and a chance to do it. >> it's a boy's dream, horse, guns, cigars walking around like a cowboy, i couldn't believe they were paying me. >> and you know denzel was here yesterday. denzel loves you. he said i was so happy to be a chris pratt movie. you're very fond of him from my understanding? >> completely. i mean denzel is a legend, you know an a great human being. we had a good time working together and, you know, i mean it's rare you get to work with somebody who's a two-time oscar winner. he's just decorated. like i said he's a legend. >> sounds like a bromance.
8:48 am
>> it is, yeah. going to spin off. we'll do our own road show. we'll take it to the road. >> the d & c show. >> d & c. >> i love you on instagram. you post some great stuff. you posted a picture with your cast "guardians of the galaxy." give us the whole plot. tell us everything. >> marvel will get mad but i'll tell you everything. yeah, it's, you know, it picks up a couple months after the events of the first movie and, you know, all the characters are back. kurt russell is also going to be in part 2 and the soundtrack is off the chain and -- i don't know. i can't say much but it'll be the greatest spectacle movie of all time. i don't want to oversell it. >> you don't want to oversell. >> yeah. >> the greatest of all time. that's telling the truth. it's how you feel. >> from all s up till now and also all movies extended forward. never will there ever be
8:49 am
anything like this again so that's cool. >> i'm completely convinced. >> it is. it is going to be very good. >> you talk about the soundtrack being good. you play piano. >> yeah. >> are you on the soundtrack. >> no, i'm not that good. >> just curious. another thing on instagram, you have your son jack. he's 4 years old. >> 4 years old. >> and but you cook for him. you cook breakfast for him. >> yeah. >> you cooked him a pancake in -- i think we got a little -- what he thinks about your cooking. >> it looks like donald duck. >> he said -- you tried to say it looked like donald duck. >> he said it didn't look like donald duck. i said it did. he was like, i don't know, dad of the he was really kind about it. he didn't want to hurt my feelings but -- i thought i did a pretty good job, you know, i thought he was going to be blown away by my donald duck pancake but not so much. >> kids are hard to please.
8:50 am
>> man, oh, man, they sure are. >> one thing pleasing everybody with this movie, "magnificent seven," you had to learn how to ride a horse. >> yeah, i hadn't -- i had ridden horses a few types when i grew up. i wasn't very good, thrown off and i was scared of them. >> you got back on. >> by the end of the movie i feel much more comfortable than i did before. we rode a lot. we rode for months. it was really cool. it was really cool. i'm a real cowboy now. >> you're a real cowboy now. you can shoot, ride a horse and make a mean donald duck pancake. >> that's me. >> can't beat that, man. thank you so much. all right. don't go anywhere. we'll have more with chris pratt here live. he's not done. this man is staying here. be right back. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪
8:51 am
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8:53 am
bubba gump swag. lego swag. we have a different angle this time. we know you like to fish. >> yes, sflir we got a little something for you. a little gift. a lot of fish. >> i love it. >> oh, yeah, look at these. yeah. nice. >> all i ask is that you share it. i'm hungry. that's all i'm saying. that's what i'm saying. you going to share in. >> yes, i'll share with you. >> that's what i'm talking about. "the magnificent seven" opens nationwide on friday. check out chris pratt. we'll be right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by windows 10. upgrade today and do great things. >> have a day, everybody. thanks for being with us. whistling a birthday song >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:56 now on this tuesday september 20. we'll go over to karen rogers. she's starting on the northeast extension. good morning. >> tam, check out these speeds on the northeast extension.
8:57 am
11 miles an hour. southbound northeast extension an accident past lansdale blocking a lane. you're just crawling along from quakertown lansdale on the northeast extension southbound. stick to 309 southbound instead. this accident in upper providence has been causing problems all morning and the action cam was on the scene. it was involving three vehicles. you can see the wreckage of the vehicles in upper providence. three vehicles involved, two people were trapped in the wreckage for awhile. a horrible accident scene. they had to pick up debris all over the road. they're still investigating. trappe road remains blocked at this point and that's at paperbirch drive. stick to collegeville road or route 29 as your alternate. the action cam was on the scene. the accident is clear on the schuylkill expressway. still looking at good sized delays. westbound a three minute ride from the vine to the blue route as we look live here at montgomery drive tam. >> okay, thank you karen. now let's get that last look at accuweather with dave murphy. good morning. >> all right, tam, right now we've got a lot of cloud cover around. look like the clouds are
8:58 am
starting to lift a little bit. 70 degrees in philadelphia, some of the northern suburbs in the 60's. a tad humid but not too bad with the clouds in place. later on today we're looking at clouds mixing with sun, more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. a spotty shower in south jersey and a high of 84. tomorrow not as humid, 86. mid to upper 80's on thursday and friday and then cooling down a bit for the weekend. tam. >> thank you david. coming up on "action news" at noon a man is in critical condition after getting hit by a car in a bank parking lot. police have located the striking vehicle. we're following the search for the person who was driving it. "live with kelly" next here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday. >> ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:59 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? one pint-sized hero pwas on a mission.vor, looks like somebody's gotta save snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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>> announcer: its "live with kelly"! today from the hit series "gotham," jada pinkett-smith. and star of "ncis: new orleans," scott bakula. plus, jussie smollett joins kelly as cohost. all next on "live." ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and jussie smollett! ♪


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