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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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injury. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he's just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. >> keith don't let them break the window. come on out the car. keith, keith. >> a few moments later you can hear multiple shots ring out. police say scott was holding a handgun and posed a threat because he was not obeying orders to stay in his vehicle and drop the weapon. attorneys for the family say they hope police release their own videos of the shooting. so far they have not done that but the chief has acknowledged there is at least one video he from a body cam and one from a dashboard. additional footage to clear up the vastly different accounts of what happened that night. and our coverage of the developing story continues at 5:00 and six and with live reports from charlotte on world news tonight with david muir right after "action news" at 6:00. >> we are also following a developing story out of camden today. almost a month after an
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eight-year-old girl was shot and killed, police have arrested her alleged killer. it was a lengthy investigation that took detectives all the way to tennessee. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is following the story. jeanette talked to gaby carter's family and joins us now with this development in camden with the latest on the investigation. jeanette. >> reporter: well, sharrie as you know it was a month's long intense manhunt for the person who shot and killed eight-year-old gaby carter. there were public pleas for tips and a record setting reward for information that may lead to her killer and now today finally police have made an arrest. camden county police say this is the man responsible for killing little gabrielle carter way stray bullet while she was playing outside just across the street from her home. >> tyhan brown was located early this morning by the united states marshals down in tennessee, clarksville tennessee. >> reporter: 18-year-old
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tyhan brown was staying at a relative's home in clarksville tennessee and was arrested without incident. at this hour he remains in jail. he faces a first degree murder charge and efforts to have him extradited. >> this is not a moment of celebration. this is actually a moment of notification as we have other individuals that were responsible for incidents that occurred that night and we are going to relentlessly continue our investigation and to bring those folks to justice. >> reporter: gaby was slot in the head august 24th by a stray bullet in what police say was a dispute between 22 gangs. she would die days later. her death was followed by repeated public pleas from the police chief and gaby's parents for information on her killer. earlier this month police arrested and charged the suspect's mother shack key he ya' land and his girlfriend natasha gerald for providing false alibis and hindering the investigation. >> mother always look out for their child no matter if -- what they he did. >> reporter: "action news"
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spoke to gaby's mother minutes after detectives told her they arrested brown. >> it was good that they got them but nothing is going to change the fact that my daughter's gone and i have a loss. >> reporter: i asked the police chief if ultimately they got much information from the community. we have talked about this before in previous reports and they said they didn't get that much from the community. it seems that $76,000 reward did not incentivize many people who knew who shot and killed gaby. as far as when brown will be extradited the chief says it depends on tennessee's law. reporting live in camden jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> jeanette thank you. plea he in delaware county are looking for a new man in connection to a deadly throat slashing. yeadon officials say this is their person of interest seen on surveillance video. they cleared their initial suspect mark epps who's photo was released yesterday. natasha gibson was killed along the 600 block of bailey road. her attacker led a trail of
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blood that led detectives into southwest philadelphia. if you know anything about this man seen here in this video you're asked to call police. within the last hour authorities destroyed a suspicious item discovered in front of a firehouse in center city. chopper6 was overhead as a member of the bomb squad destroyed the item here on the 2100 block of market street. someone reported the object in front of the firehouse just before three clock this afternoon. the building was evacuated. several blocks of market street was shut down "action news" has since learned it was a pipe that fell off of a construction truck and police are trying to locate 18 other pipes that may have also fallen off of that truck. >> well, warm weather today on a friday. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> outside we go to meteorologist adam joseph first weekend of fall and we're looking forward to it adam. >> big changes coming in as well as we continue to stretch out summer though this week. we take a look at those numbers. compared to average in philadelphia our normal is 75 degrees. we were 6 degrees above normal
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on tuesday, 10 on wednesday 11 yesterday and the warmest today so far 12 degrees above norm. we're sitting at 87 right now in the city of philadelphia. the same for pittsburgh baltimore 88 new york city 86 degrees but you can see he a sharp contrast north of the pennsylvania-new york border. 62 in syracuse and just 59 right now in burlington vermont. it is a cold front not a lot of moisture with it. just some clouds and this front will continue to sync isn't from the north overnight tonight so we'll see those clouds increasing an reality check pushing in here for your weekend so saturday afternoon 75 degrees. we're going to only be in there mid 70's here tomorrow, 62 binghamton as well as buffalo and by sunday morning, 8:00 a.m., a chill in the air, 52 in philadelphia, 40's in the northwestern suburbs. so big changes coming in and we'll let you know just how long the chill will last through that seven-day forecast coming up rick in just a bit. >> adam we'll see you back inside. thank you. a crash involving a tractor-trailer and two other
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cars snarled traffic for hours overnight along the blue route in lower merion township. three people are in critical condition and some had to be cut out of their vehicles. "action news reporter annie mccormick explains how it all unfolded. >> reporter: there were two separate crashes on the same stretch of the blue route. it was the second crash where a driver caused a chain reaction and put one person in the hospital. the violent crashes caused havoc in the northbound lanes the blue route near the county line road overpass in lower merion township. it began when a single vehicle accident a jeep crashed into a right shoulder guardrail. then two vehicles including that tractor-trailer on the right stopped to help. everyone got out of their vehicles and ran to help the driver of the jeep. then moments later the box truck on the left caused a chain reaction when it hit a hyundai pushing it into two vehicles who stopped to assist in the first crash. the 19-year-old female driver of the hyundai was trapped under the box truck. emergency crews freed her from the wreckage and she was
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helicoptered to penn presbyterian hospital. the crash happened at 11:30 last night but the northbound lanes of the blue route remained shutdown until just after 5:00 this morning. state police charged the driver of the box truck that caused the second accident with a summary violation for failing to drive at a safe speed. troopers have not said if they believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. according to state police, that woman who was taken to penn presbyterian hospital did suffer broken ribs and head injuries but she is expected to survive. reporting outside of the state police barracks in wynnefield heights, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> the government star witness in the bridgegate trial spent much of the afternoon on the stand. he and baroni talked about the one constituent rule referring to christie as the only person
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they needed to serve. rothstein testified he considered himself the bad cop who would push christie's agenda at the port authority of new york and new jersey. he pled guilty last year to orchestrating traffic jams on the george washington bridge back in 2013. >> it is official. the philadelphia 76ers have taken their training across the river. their brand new facility opened today and it's helping to bring new life to the camden waterfront which has a number of other projects in the works. "action news" reporter gray hall got an inside look at that practice facility and gray joins us live now with the details. hi, gray. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. well, this new complex behind me one of a kind sure to impress. crews actually broke ground back in january of 2015 and today was the big opening day. >> three, two, one, go. >> reporter: camden new jersey's newest resident is the philadelphia 76ers. friday the team officially opened its new 125,000 square
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foot basketball training complex which will be the largest in the nba. >> and to be able to come in here and see our players working and see the building reflect what we're trying to do, it's a fantastic area to develop. >> reporter: the new building is designed to foster team building and unity communication innovation and the spirit of competition. >> today we not only open the doors to a world class training complex but to a new era of 76ers basketball. >> reporter: this is not only an exciting time for the team but for the city of camden. the 76ers setting up shop in the area is the beginning of big changes for camden's water front. a billion dollars complex of office space apartments stores and hotels is soon to follow and is expected to change the future of camden. >> what it means is camden is now a rising tide to lift all boats not just in camden city but also in the entire region. on this waterfront and within this city over the next five to seven years i anticipate somewhere between seven to 10,000 new jobs.
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>> reporter: for now all the attention is on the 76ers basketball operations facility. it includes two nba regulation size basketball courts a 2800 square foot locker room and more. >> i think when you go through some of the hard times that we have been through and, you know, just some of the facilities constraints that we have had it makes us appreciate even more what we now have. >> reporter: all right, so back out live none of the players were able to talk to us today but they certainly looked excited about this new complex facility here in camden and one fun fact for you about this new training complex. some of the wood in the reception area of this building was actually used in the game where wilt chamberlain scored 100 points. that's the latest from here in camden new jersey, gray hall channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> bringing the history into the new. pretty cool, gray. thank you. well, sticking with sports the eagles will face their biggest test of the season he so far when they host the steelers this weekend. the birds are two and o and so is pittsburgh.
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and speaking today head coach doug pederson actually talked about getting ready and said he understands the power of the steelers and what they can do on offense and that the eagles are just focused on making improvements for sunday's game. >> we just have to do our jobs. we have to put our guys in the best position possible. you know, we've got to do a better job in the third down area offensively is. i think we're eight for 30, something like that, i think it's like 26 percent. we got to be a little better on third downs. >> kickoff is 4:25 sunday at the linc. >> should be a good one. >> he oh, yeah. >> and still ahead on "action news," we have new details about skimmers found on an atm in center city and the search for the men who are targeting victims' bank accounts. >> one of the biggest delivery companies in the united states is thinking of using drones to bring deliveries to your doorstep. we'll have the details coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> it is time for the "action news" traffic report. >> friday night let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how we looking, matt. >> well, if we thought that fridays in the fall might be easier than fridays in the summer we thought wrong, rick and sharrie. big problems this afternoon with a crash on 95 northbound side in bucks county right by the off ramp to street road. the accident involved an overturned vehicle. and oftentimes with overturned vehicle accidents like this on the major interstates they just try to get the vehicle out of the way as quickly as possible so they pulled it off on its roof off into the right lane. two left lanes are getting by here on 95 northbound but damage is done. it's a parking lot coming north of academy road through this point at street road. might want to head up route one the roosevelt boulevard instead. update on our walnut lane bridge closure. we had been hearing monday we're going to be back in business on the walnut lane bridge finally.
4:16 pm
now we're hearing it's tuesday afternoon so you have three more rush hours unfortunately without that walnut lane bridge which we have been without since april. major problems in bucks county near perkasie 309 southbound an accident just 2 miles per hour. bethlehem pike or even the southbound northeast extension will be better bets. and just like the overnight we had another accident this afternoon on the blue route. this one was southbound between villanova and broomall. it's gone now but still a crawl coming south of the schuylkill basically the whole way down to 95. here in chester county this is 202 southbound just south of westtown road. accident here traffic just squeezing by on the shoulder so it's jammed coming south of 100 through west chester. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon. minor crash to watch out for along pottsville pike and on ontelaunee township. >> crunch time for the presidential candidates.
4:17 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton are off the campaign trail today to focus on the debate that's coming up monday. they are preparing with their staff behind closed doors. trump had originally planned to at tend rallies today but ended up canceling after last night's rally in chester township delaware county. clinton's most recent event was wednesday in florida. and "action news" will be at hofstra university monday to cover the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. brian taff and i will have complete coverage beginning sunday night. you can also watch the debate right here on 6abc at 9 o'clock monday night. >> well, tomorrow marks a major milestone for a project that's been in the works for decades. the smithsonian's new national museum of african-american history and culture will welcome its first visitors this weekend. it chronicles both the triumphs and the tragedies our nation's journey. president obama and first lady michelle obama recently sat down with "gma"'s robin roberts to talk about what it's like to be a part of history.
4:18 pm
>> the first impression is just you are not just getting a chronological narrative of slavery and the civil rights movement but you're also remindd of how much the african-american experience has contributed to to american culture and american music and sports and film. this will end up being a museum for all americans. >> this is the 19th museum on the smithsonian campus. it has over 3500 artifacts. >> looking forward to visiting there. ups is considering using drones to drop packages off to its customers. ups of course one of the world's largest delivery companies just partnered with a robot maker in massachusetts. the two started test flights yesterday and say the first one was a success. however newly revised federal regulations require commercial
4:19 pm
drones to stay in sight of its operators which would make deliveries legally impossible. drone companies are working with regulators to tweak those rules. a former philadelphia school that has long sat vacant will soon become home for many senior veterans. today was the groundbreaking for a project called help philadelphia in which the old spring garden school here will be convertd into 37 units of affordable housing for vets. various city and state officials like congressman bob brady gathered here and at the north philadelphia location to celebrate the project moving forward. and a number of veterans on hand as well saluting what was called a significant achievement today. >> good weather for them to be outside as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph has been keeping an eye on the temperatures. still feeling a little summer-like adam, hm. >> yes a bit toasty this afternoon. also the humidity has come up as well today so you got a little haze in the atmosphere almost a milky white appears at time to the sky right here on sky6 as temperatures
4:20 pm
continue to run well above normal. still sitting at 87 in philadelphia but we are on the verge of hitting 90 for wilmington lancaster even allentown right now 89 degrees. excuse me. 87 in trenton. 84 in millville. and right along the shore temperatures there in the upper 70's as we have a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in. there's a cold front to the north buffalo he to binghamton. just a couple of sprinkles with it at this present time and not a lot of cloud cover with it but as this sinks in overnight tonight the clouds will be on the increase but not in time for those friday night football games. high school football is back here and you can follow all the highlights tonight after "action news" at 11:00. i'll put the high school huddle game and game of the week as well. mostly clear comfortable kickoff temperature 75 degrees. by the fourth quarter 70 degrees. again, clear then. but then during the remainder of the overnight tonight especially after midnight clouds will be thickening up from the north. it could be an isolated shower at lehigh valley but for the most part we're just going to
4:21 pm
see a wind shift with this front not a lot of precipitation. 61 allentown trenton, 65 philadelphia, 64 in dover and 63 in millville. future tracker temperatures here tomorrow afternoon 75 philadelphia, 72 in allentown, 74 in wilmington, 60's in the poconos. if you're heading to the shore a bit cloudy tomorrow especially in the morning but temperatures there right around 70 degrees and then as we get into sunday early in the morning, quite a chill. 7:30, 43 in allentown, 44 reading, 48 in trenton, 50 philadelphia, 49 in wilmington and early on sunday afternoon, even 2 o'clock in the afternoon, many areas not even at that 70-degree mark the second half of the weekend. 50's up in the poconos in the afternoon so a big change arriving for the better if you like that fall feeling. tropical storm karl is strengthening south of permed 60 miles per hour a couple
4:22 pm
hundred miles away at this point and will skirt just to the south and east of bermuda early tomorrow morning as it strengthens to a category one hurricane and then lifts out into the northern atlantic sunday into monday. your four day at 4:00 forecast looking pretty beautiful here. a lot of clouds to start your saturday and then sun will be returning from north to south in the afternoon of 76. wall to wall sunshine, sunny pleasant 72 on sunday. again the suburbs stay in the 60's for highs on sunday. and then clouds quickly increase monday, 74 and a round of a few showers here on tuesday at 74 degrees. so, the 80's are long gone with those next four days but what about the seven day? i'll let you know in the next half hour. >> thank you adam. >> uh-huh. >> up next on "action news," a local hospital is getting a big boost to help children fight illnesses. >> plus, this teenager was walking hours just to get to work but that is now a thing of the past. all thanks to police officers. his story ahead in big talkers. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> philadelphia police have just released new information about an investigation into skimmers found at a local gas station. they're looking to identify these two men seen in surveillance pictures. detectives believe 33 put the devices on the atm inside the sunoco gas station in center city. the skimmers were found wednesday and thursday of last week. the suspects may be traveling between philadelphia and new york. >> tens of millions of dollars is being dedicated to fight and hopefully cure illnesses among children. the children's hospital of philadelphia announced a $50 million gift to put chop at the forefront of pediatric genetic research. today's symposium announced a major collaboration focused on discovering the genetic basis of complex childhood diseases, correct diagnosis and proper treatments. the goal is to use the genetic info he to provide individual taylor made care to each child. >> we're very excited by the
4:27 pm
opportunities an individualized medicine because we believe this tons formative for child health and the future of our patients. >> well, this generously funded initiative is called the roberts collaborative for jen netter ticks and individualized medicine. >> still to come on "action news" this afternoon we're hoping to save you money. today is freebie friday and we have a long list of family friendly events going on this weekend. >> and a local family is pleading for help after they say their dog was stolen. see the video he that they hope will reunite them with their family pet. plus -- >> despite last week's explosion in seaside park shore towns are continuing their events this weekend though some with stepped up security. i'm nora muchanic. i'll have that story coming up.
4:29 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli sharrie william and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. it is 4:30 i'm rick williams. brian taff has the day off and "action news" of course continues with the arrest of two people connected to several pharmacy robberies in delaware. >> parts of philadelphia are growing -- going to be shut down before cars, why sections of the city are going car free he. >> find out what a police association did to help this teenager who walks for hours get to work. >> but first at 4:30 we continue to follow the latest developments surrounding the explosions in new jersey and new york city.
4:30 pm
today a federal judge denied a public defender's request to represent the suspect ahmad rahami. prosecutors say he has not officially been arrested by federal authorities. rahami faces federal charges for detonating the bombs that exploded last weekend. and charges involving that shootout with police in north jersey. rahami was shot multiple times and he remains in the hospital today. meantime a tribute continues to grow at the site of the seaside park explosion nearly one week later. the bomb was supposed to go off during the marine corps charity race but the race got a late start. >> "action news" reporter nora muchanic has more on the increased security measures being taken this weekend. >> reporter: right here along ocean avenue and d street locals have marked the spot where the bomb exploded last weekend as this quiet shore town is still coming to grips with what happened. >> it is scary. this is an area where that people -- this doesn't happen. this is a safe area for it to happen is kind of hard to wrap my head around it. >> reporter: it was just last saturday that a marine
4:31 pm
charity run in seaside park was canceled after an explosive device detonated in a garbage can. the bomb was allegedly planted by ahmad rahami of elizabeth who was shot by police during his arrest. the spot where that bomb explode is there now covered in american flags and has become something of a tourist attraction. >> we heard this is where they have put the bomb and it's very sad but i just wanted to take a picture to show my support of the united states. >> i will never think that this would be a target at all. it's a beach. it's very scary he yes. >> for it to happen so close to home it is a little unnerving. >> reporter: at around the same time the bomb went off karen and her friends reported to police an unattended backpack on the boardwalk near the edge of town. >> just a regular sized blue backpack but it was suspicious because it was jammed between these two garbage cans and there was nobody around it and, you know, it's in this day and age if you see something you have to say something. >> reporter: it turned out to be nothing but that kind of vigilance is what law
4:32 pm
enforcement is encouraging. both seaside park and seaside heights next door have gunnery moving many of the garbage cans from the beach blocks for safety. there's a big barbecue festival in the heights this weekend and the police chief there says security is being beefed up. >> we'll be doing undercover operations. we will be doing before, after, during dog sniffs. we'll be bringing dogs in that you won't even think are bomb dogs. there's definitely a very high vigilance right now. >> reporter: and as people still try to make sense of this officials tell us security is being stepped up at a number of shore towns as everyone reacts to a terrorist event so close to home. in seaside park i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> a local family is pleading for help finding their missing dog. this is three-year-old joy. the pitbull was last seen wednesday night outside of a rite-aid on the 6500 block of castor avenue in mayfair. andrew collins tide joey's leash to a pole while he went inside the store to buy water
4:33 pm
for the dog. but when he came out, joey was gone. collins 's wife believes their beloved pet was stolen. >> i just want my dog back. he's not just a dog he's family. so it's heartbreaking, you know. today's my son's second birthday and he's going around the house trying to call joey and it's just not the same without him. >> well, a nearby business shared this video of a stranger walking away with the dog. the family has filed a police report and they're hoping someone will volunteer information that could help bring joey home. >> wow. >> well, two men have been arrested for a string of armed robberies. they allegedly targeted at least six pharmacies and convenience stores in newark wilmington and bare, delaware. police caught them on wednesday fleeing the scene of a walgreens robbery. brian branch and michael kolmonen are expected to face more chance. investigators believe they committed robberies in delaware county and maryland.
4:34 pm
>> and police are continuing to search for the person who shot a man this morning. the victim remains in critical condition after being shot several times in the brewerytown section of philadelphia. happened around 1:30 on west master street near 29th street. police say the 25-year-old man was shot three times in the stomach. he was rushed to hahnemann hospital. police have not made any arrests. >> well, there is a new mission to end hunger in pennsylvania. an estimated 1.7 million people don't have enough to eat in the state. today governor tom wolf's administration unveiled steps to bring that number down. they outlined what they're calling a food security plan in center city. they hope to greatly increase the number of children eligible for free or discounterred school meals among other goals. >> all right. adam is back. today was a nice day for guard flingly you a planning some flowers. >> oh, sure you were and then you woke up. [laughter] >> exactly, right. >> dreaming right there. >> did you do any gardening today. >> i did a little bit. >> really. >> and i ran.
4:35 pm
it was beautiful. >> at the same time. [laughter] >> as we take a look outside live right now philadelphia international airport decent amount of blue but notice the sky has almost that milky white appearance to it. higher humidity high clouds coming from the north, very warm 87 degrees. winds out of the northwest 5 miles an hour. the dewpoint it's not horrible at 50. that's really actually decent. but still with those temperatures in the upper 80's, feeling a little toasty out there. in easton here up in the lehigh valley northampton county 89 degrees as we look live there. dewpoint 60, winds west at 5 miles an hour. the heat index at 89 and our winds will be changing to the north for everybody overnight tonight and starting to increase in speed and you can see what's happening in northern parts of new england and even close to the pennsylvania-new york border, temperatures have dropped over 20 degrees from yesterday up there behind a cold front that will be slipping in overnight
4:36 pm
tonight. so, we'll talk about these tumbling temperatures going into the upcoming weekend. i'll let you know how cool it is going to get and if that seven-day forecast will look more fall-like or do we spin back towards summer next week in just a little bit. >> all right adam we'll check back in. thank you. philadelphia's continuing to make the roads safer for cyclists. today mayor jim kenney and other lawmakers cut the ribbon on philadelphia's first two way parking protected bike lane. cyclists are protected and separated from moving vehicles by parked cars in north philadelphia. this mile long stretch is along ryan avenue near abraham lincoln high school. mayor kenney says this is just the start and he hopes to create more protected bike lanes across the city. tomorrow some city streets will be shut down to cars but open to pedestrians. it's part of philly free streets. the idea which was announced last month continues to receive support. the route goes from river to river along south street up along the schuylkill river trail and out mlk drive to the falls bridge.
4:37 pm
streets in west fairmount park will also be closed for activities and be sure to check because in some places cars will be towed starting tonight. >> mcdonald's could be expanding its all-day breakfast menu but this new addition is aimed at kids. "action news" anchor monica malpass live now in the news room with more on this menu addition. hi, monica. >> reporter: hi sharrie, that's right. it's just in the testing phase. nothing is official yet but mcdonald's is looking into adding happy meals to its breakfast menus so all day service. coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll explain what the company is adding to its happy meal lineup exactly, one of the fast food chain's biggest changes by the way in more than 30 years. in health check it is fitness friday. new at 5:00 ali gorman tells us the success story of this woman who turned to surgery to help transform her body. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" it's a 5:00 sharrie we'll see you then. >> he see you at 5:00 monica. thanks. dedication was held for a new renovated lab at a delaware high school. the career lab at bell castle
4:38 pm
technical high school has undergone a $30,000 makeover and it was all led by a former student. the new design is to promote creativity and mimic the environment that students may one day work in. it was part of an effort called green apple service project. >> well, a new jersey boy's school assignment has now gone viral. in today's big talkers the 11-year-old's father explains why he's sharing his son's response. >> and fighting in syria is intensifying. a new im-- and new images show the destruction and heartbreak as rescuers pull a five-year-old from the rubble. >> and a woman says instinct took over when a man suddenly grabbed her purse but hear why she now regrets going after the thief right there. wow. >> on top of the car and everything. >> meteorologist adam joseph will be back with that full forecast. it includes the weekend from accuweather when "action news at 4:00 continues next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> dramatic video shows the moment a young girl was pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building after an air strike in syria. rescuers were able to clear the debris around her and pull the five-year-old girl out by her ponytail. she was covered in dust and blood and then taken away into a van. they say her entire family was killed in that very same attack. a bombing campaign and rubble held districts of aleppo intensified just two days ago. we are learning new details about the workplace
4:42 pm
shooting in tennessee. police say the suspect did have a permit to carry a gun. yesterday he went into the thomas and bets planter and killed two of his supervisors before killing himself. he was a 15 year employee at that plant and police have still not released a motive. >> and now some terrifying moments that were caught on video like this story a homeowner in georgia fought back after three men broke into her home. the video shows the men breakthroughs the door to the home with their guns drawn right here. the woman then rushed from her bedroom and started firing her gun. the suspects shot back. one of the suspects was killed. police are still trying to identify the other suspects. the two other men. police in atlanta are also trying to find out if this home was specifically targeted. and a woman in florida was determined not to let a thief get away with her purse. in this surveillance video you can see her jump on the suspect's car at a gas station. the man was able to get away with her purse but not the woman's wallet. the woman says once she
4:43 pm
realized she was being robbed well her instincts suddenly took over. all throw she now admits that it really wasn't worth it. >> he just kept cursing and calling me names in an attempt to scare me and get me off but i think i literally scared him to death which is what caused him to drive off. >> well, the woman was injured but is expected to make a full recovery. sharrie. >> wow. crazy video he there. to big talkers now. a dad in new jersey issued a heartbreaking plea to parents of his son's classmates. bob cornelius from rock a way posted this picture on facebook. it shows one of his son's school assignments. well, his 11-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum filled out a worksheet bob took a picture of it during back to school night but it wasn't until he got home that he realized what his son christopher had written. when asked to name some of his friends christopher wrote no one. bob posted the picture on facebook and urged parents to
4:44 pm
encourage their children to be compassionate. well, since the post went out monday, it has gone viral and several high schools around the country he have contacted christopher. they are using his post as a lesson and will be sending letters of encouragement and friendship letters now to christopher. now to heartwarming story out of california. a police officer's association bought a bicycle for a teenager after one cop discovered that he walked four hours to work every day. a cop stopped the 19-year-old last week and offered to give duncan a ride home. that's when duncan told him that he is saving money for college and did not have a car or a bicycle. he told the officer he's been walking 8 miles a day since may. >> like i'm a burden to people, so i take the initiative to handle myself and my own ways to where i need to go from point a to
4:45 pm
point b. >> teens outer there that have this dedication and this work ethic and we wanted to make sure we knew how much i actually appreciated what he's doing. >> well, duncan says he was shocked and very grateful. the 19-year-old also got a helmet, a light for his bike and free tune-ups for the future. >> good for glim great story there. >> dedicated young man. >> yup, a nice gesture. let's get another check on the highways and by ways tonight. might need to take a bike to get home here in philadelphia. >> i'm sure some people wish they had one right now. matt standing by with the upday. lie matt. >> hopefully drivers are keeping their gestures nice as they head home on this friday afternoon rick and sharrie. we're live along 95 at woodhaven road. just within the last couple minutes the northbound delay has been thinning out. it was parked here just a minute ago because of the northbound accident at street road which is now gone so with the crash gone, the delay is starting to thin out as well but don't worry there are plenty of other delays around the region. and now there's a crash on the roosevelt boulevard southbound side at langdon street there by the home depot in the outer
4:46 pm
drive. also have an accident involving a pedestrian in the fairhill section of the city at fifth and lehigh by the crown fried chicken and there's a demonstration going on in center city right by the clothes pin at 15th and market so watch out for restrictions in that area. of course the walnut lane bridge is still closed and the update today is now they're saying tuesday afternoon it will reopen. after this 13 more rush hours without it which i know the reopening cannot come too soon. everything is reopened on the blue route 476 southbound. had a earlier crash that's gone gut it's still heavy from the schuylkill down to 95. you don't want to use 202 southbound instead even though the accident by westtown road is gone. it's still a solid line from boot road on down with delays spilling back onto 100 southbound. might want to stick with pottstown pike or else 352 or even 252 instead of southbound two he 02 this afternoon. -- 202 this afternoon. crash on 309 although speeds are increasing. might want to stick with
4:47 pm
bethlehem pike or the northeast extension as alternates. we'll check them again rick and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thanks again matt. it it felt like another summer day but there is about to change. >> let's step outside. sky6 ld giving us the view of center city from the temple cam there. meteorologist adam joseph coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph back now. we're talking about the first full weekend of fall and. >> it's not going to feel like it. >> football weather. >> football weather, chillily -- if you like food. >> yup. >> get a crock of chili going, crock pot on the stove. i'll be doing some this weekend. >> i'll watch football while you cook. >> just bring the ingredients and a few beverages. action cam in fairmount park
4:50 pm
earlier at fairmount water works you can see this gentleman here lounging and he's got the right idea today, lounging underneath the shade because it was very warm in the surgeon -- sunshine and a tad on the humid side as well. storm tracker6 live double scan no precipitation whatsoever. lot of sun today but clouds will be on the increase tonight and to start our weekend on saturday morning but for right now it is very summer-like. 89 allentown, 87 for philadelphia, trenton, 88 wilmington and lancaster, 84 in millville. and in those numbers tumble a little bit right along the immediate shore with the sea breeze. upper 70's but you just head five or and the miles inland and that number quickly jumps any other middle -- into the middle 80's. a couple sprinkles just to the east of buffalo south of burlington vermont. not a lot of precipitation with this but again, turning cloudy overnight. could be a stray shower in the poconos or lehigh valley after midnight, 61 to 65 with that wind kicking up from the north
4:51 pm
seven to 14 miles an hour. as the front continues to progress through here tomorrow morning, if you wake up and it looks very cloudy, don't be surprised 'cause the clouds will win out saturday morning into the early part of the afternoon but once we go after one, 2 o'clock we'll start to see that sun returning from the north to the south. the last place if you're expected to be at the shore tomorrow could be cloudy for a good clunk of the day on saturday but sunday mostly sunny down there. then that high pressure comes in, a very strong one pushing the front all the way into the virginias and the carolinas so as this canadian high drops to the south the coolest temperatures will be arriving from the midatlantic and northeast and even some high elevation frost in part of the cat skills the adirondacks and the northern appalachians. a reminder that those frosty mornings are not too far away. eagles in town again sunday afternoon against the steelers so it's the battle of the pennsylvania boys here as we
4:52 pm
look at gorgeous weather here on sunday. 4:25 is your kickoff temperature, 71 by the fourth quarter 66 degrees and again if you're heading to the shore, expect a lot of clouds here on saturday with late sun of 72 and then full sun, a cool breeze on sunday with your temperature just at 70. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 76 clouds giving way to sun tomorrow and again much cooler. and then very pleasant here sunday, 72 in philadelphia, don't be surprised if the suburbs especially north and west of philadelphia you only stay in the 60's for highs on sunday and then quickly turning cloud he dee monday, story. a weak system rolls through tuesday with some showers of 74 and that reinforces some cooler air for the middle to the end of next week. it is perfect. mostly sunny just a few clouds and temperatures in the middle 70's so that is one good looking typical late september seven-day forecast. >> wow. goodbye summer. >> yeah. stretch of 70's. all right adam thank you.
4:53 pm
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>> well, it is freebie friday. there are lots of event going on this weekend that won't cost a thing. >> also doughnuts too. >> there will be some doughnuts somewhere. smithsonian magazine's museum day live. it returns tomorrow which means you can get free admission to a number of museums. some in our area include the philadelphia history museum african-american museum wood ford mansion and the academy of natural sciences. >> several festivals going on including the mid autumn festival in chinatown from 12:45 to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow there will be a carnival a beijing opera performance and a dragon dance. the festival is at the china friendship gate at 10. and arch streets. on sunday there's the brazilian day vest -- festival
4:56 pm
at penn's landing and the annual chestnut hill fall for the arts festival is taking place on sunday from 11:00 to 5:00 all along germantown avenue. >> and there's more. the when it her wash company he is giving away free travel size kits containing their all over wash, the two in one champ shampoo and the face and body bar, also. and k-mart is giving away a free emoji mini notebook and pencils to kids ages 12 and under. so also mark your calendars for next thursday. here we go. it's national coffee day and you can get a free small coffee he and rick a free doughnut. >> all right. >> of course you can get more information on all these freebies on our web site >> just one doughnut. >> just one. your workout cannot encompass two doughnuts. >> i'm allowed to each one. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff
4:57 pm
rick williams adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at at 10:on phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5:00 monica see you in a bit. >> all right coming up next rick an arrest has been made nearly a month after an eight-year-old girl was killed in the cross five a gun battle in camden. plus the search is still on for a killer after police cleared their initial person of interest in another crime. we're live with the latest on that investigation. and new video of a deadly police-involved shooting in north carolina. the video has sparked days of protests now in charlotte. we'll have those stories and more coming up next at 5:00. >> ♪
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is 5 o'clock and we're following developing news out of camden, new jersey tonight. this man 18-year-old tyhan brown has been arrested in connection with the gun fight that killed an eight-year-old girl. >> nearly a month ago today gaby carter was hit in the head by a stray bullet. she died days later. today brown was arrested in
5:00 pm
clarksville tennessee. "action news" spoke to gaby's mother minutes after she was notified of that arrest. >> it was good there they got them but nothing's going to change the fact that my daughter is gone and i have a loss. >> earlier this month police arrested and charged brown's mother and girlfriend for allegedly providing false alibis and hindering the investigation. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes will have more from gaby's mother coming up tonight at 6:00. >> also developing right now police in delaware county are still searching for a killer after a woman was found with her throat slashed on the front porch of her friend's house. >> officials thought they had a person of interest in mind. well now the investigation is focusing on someone else. the victim was found on the 600 block of bailey road in yeadon around 3 o'clock yesterday morning. >> "action news" reporter chad pradelli live at the yeadon police department with more on this investigation for us. good evening, chad. >> reporter: hey, monica. police have cleared mark epps in this case. now they released surveillance vi


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