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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 24, 2016 2:10am-2:39am EDT

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all new today on "right this minute." a robber with a knife goes after a guy in a pub, but then -- >> here comes his wife. >> see the woman who definitely had her man's back. >> my girl! >> recent flooding in louisiana meant that many animals were left behind, but now they are -- >> meeting their new family. >> the story of good people and a lot of happy endings. new video of a winning pilot at an air race. >> coming in for a landing. >> see how a double smackdown put an end to the celebration. plus, your chance at an ipad mini or flat screen tv. and it's time for grandpa to get
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the gift he always wanted. >> why the surprise under that car cover is going to blow his top. >> even better. >> yes! >> i know about you guys, but i feel like every man should have a ride or die chick in his corner. this video opens up with a man in a hoodie, walks up to this pub. the pub is pretty empty. at this point a couple is still there. here comes dude in the hoodie, rushes right in and he's got a knife. he knocks the guy to the ground and just when it looks like he got the best of the guy on the ground, here comes his wife. she comes running out of the restroom and takes this dude on. >> look at her go, she's not holding back. >> if you mess with a man, woman is coming for you. he got out with about $700. the bar manager takes off and they have yet to catch up with him. this man says his wife would do something like that all over again. she's fast thinking, fast
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acting. >> better be about them diamonds. he better be real thoughtful with some gifts coming up. >> next video takes place in australia. you see them grab that dolly. once inside you see them head out with one load of boxes and the truck heading out, there's another load of boxes. >> we've seen this, people getting off the front of people's houses, but this case it's multiplied by 10,000. >> apparently they have pulled this three or four other times. folks may or may not receive monetary compensation, but this just sucks. >> where's security? to be able to take that much over that much time. >> it's a wide open door, they were able to walk right in and dolly stuff out of there. i can't help but think how much fun it would be to open up all them. >> sit down with amazon prime and order a bunch of stuff for yourself. i know i'm not the only one out there thinking about it.
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believe it or not, we're heading back to the skies over reno, nevada, for the national championship air races. remember we had the footage of the runway collision just the other day. in this case now, here with jeff and his number 23 after the race and he's coming in for a landing. just before he touches down, i'll switch to the cockpit camera, got himself down nice, but what this has done is affords us basically a super structure of the plane right in front of you. the engine and everything completely blocking straight ahead. plus you're now leaning back, so you have to kind of look around to the left and it's pretty clear. well, on the left. >> boom! >> oh, no. you can see, back it up. as he's taxiing down the runway, you can see he's like us looking around to the left. on the right-hand side was another biplane, you'll see it right there. bang! it's not over.
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he spun around, now he's scraping down the runway. bang! there's another big impact. you can understand what happens when you see the rear facing camera. see as it hits that groove in the runway, it completely rips the tail off. initial impact was around 3.5 gs, that one, as well, extra 4.5 gs after he hit, but amazingly just like the last case, no major injuries. >> that's lucky, though. this stuff just shouldn't happen. i'm no aviation expert, but i would think that there are ways to prevent this kind of stuff. it's a very high risk, very exciting race championships to go and watch, there are so many competitors going on, but i'm with you guys, maybe some things do have to be taken care of, but also grateful everybody's fine.
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this is on a highway up ahead on the road, what do you see right here, what's it look like to you? >> motorcycle off to the left maybe disabled. >> no, no, no, not disabled. that thing is still moving. >> i've heard of ghost riding, but this is ridiculous. >> nobody on it? >> look at the handle bars. >> good eyeball. that thing is running by itself. >> what's happening, how did that happen, where's the rider, is this magic? >> where's the rider, what happened to that guy? >> this happened in texas and the poster of the video says he passed a broken down semitruck and a trailer and right next to it was a man with motorcycle gear and some road rash to his face, and as he kept driving he encountered the motorcycle by itself. now to toronto where this video comes from, also on a freeway, completely expected to see autos there, obviously, but not the place you would expect
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someone to walk their dog. >> oh! because that's exactly what this person was doing. >> are you mental? >> this is a very short video, but incredibly unsettling. >> got the dog on the outside, as well. that's crazy. >> not only that, over the line, they are not even completely on the shoulder or at the edge. the toronto police did tweet out they did receive several calls of a woman walking on the right of the shoulder with a dog, but they didn't spot any vehicles nearby. john sergeant, who watches on wewf in cleveland is our latest "rtm" ipad mini giveaway winner. >> keep watching, because you could win, too. and today is bonus day. we're going to be giving away a flat screen tv. >> to enter, be at least 21 years old and be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the
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"rtm" ipad mini giveaway. in late august, parts of louisiana were devastated by flooding. peta had to come to the rescue because there were many animals that were left behind or stranded or left in the flooding. in all, peta rescued one bird, six rabbits, 20 cats, and 35 dogs. >> that could be heart breaking to lose so many of your belongings, your home, and then to have to leave your animal behind or not be able to find your family pet and just wonder what's happening, where did it go. >> peta, when they came in, they joined up with local animal shelters and all 62 animals were transported to virginia. they were able to take these animals in and get them to new homes. that's the good news. and here we see them meeting their new families. >> kind of like noah's ark. did they come two by two? >> oli, yes, some cats were taken two by two.
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lafayette and thibodeau, they went as a pair. that beautiful lucy, she's getting a home. i think she's going to be a lap dog, just guessing there. when people have to relocate quickly, it's hard to have to leave pets behind. in this sense it's good they came in, got pets, and are going to rehome them. >> that's exactly right. these local shelters were overflowing. that's why these animals had to be taken to virginia where they could be taken in. so well done to anybody who helped rescue an animal in a situation like this, because we want them to go to good homes and be somebody's forever friend. >> you're beautiful. and so friendly. what to do when you're in midair. >> watch what they do, yeah, they are playing catch. >> sky diving on a whole new level. and this 85 year old has a great sense of humor.
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>> was she hiding? hiding, hide and seek? >> she is hiding, christian. she's hiding. from the watchful eye of the government. >> what? >> find out why she's paranoid. from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals
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closed captioning provided by -- icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. christian, we have jumped out a plane, we know the exhilaration of jumping out, having the wind rush at you at terminal velocity, but some adrenaline junkies, they need more than that. like these two fellas in this video. yeah, they are playing catch. being upside down, as you can see, there's the earth there. >> look at that. >> so cool, of course it works.
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i wish they were wearing those leather baseball mitts, you know, to catch in midair. that would be pretty rad. >> much more difficult, though, one big hand that has a lot more wind resistance whipping around. >> these guys seem to be having a great time doing what they are doing. the only thing i wish they have were the 360 cameras so you could move it around from a different perspective, but this is pretty dang cool on its own. >> this is the coolest game of catch you've ever seen. come on, look at that. >> it really is amazing. stop and look at the background, it's a beautiful sky, but it takes back seed to what they are doing, and there you can see the earth down below, but they are taking their time before they let their chutes go. this video only 48 seconds long, but hey, i want to see the landing and talk to these guys. >> i can't believe they did it, this is fantastic. >> tennis rackets. doink, doink, doink. >> think of all the sports you could play up there right now. >> this is another thing with
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two sports and combining them to just make a difference. grandma here wants to make a phone call. picks up the phone, but she doesn't continue dialing. love it, she's got the old style rotary phone. she looks around. she's wondering, puts the phone down. there's something very odd. covers herself up here with a blanket. >> is she hiding? >> she is hiding, christian, from the watchful eye of the government. >> what? >> grandma here just finished watching the movie "snowden." >> we are running out of time. [ phone ringing ] >> they are going to come for me, all of you. >> it came out earlier this month. if you're not familiar with the snowden story, snowden was an informant, leaked classified information, basically let the country and the world know the
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nsa is listening to everything. grandma got a little paranoid here. >> what does she think her sheet is going to do, protect her? >> honestly, i think the rotary phone is going to protect her from the nsa. >> also asks the question, what is she trying to hide? >> get out her business. let her live her life. she ain't explaining to nobody. >> i love grandma's sense of humor here. she clearly knows how to make a funny viral video. i'd like to think the cia and nsa have seen this. >> i don't say it often enough, but i love men. i love the two of you, because you provide great entertainment. this dude's up in a tree. >> for now. >> your left hand there. >> as jason is coming down, his friend is trying to guide him a little bit. >> good grab. good grab, bro. >> he's almost there, see him swinging. >> now what? >> oh! he took a polar express side to
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the nose. >> i mean, scratched up all the side. >> are you okay? >> he's fine. he always is. this dude is fine, too. here we go. had to play it secondly there. gets so excited when this happens. it's not funny, but fine. >> oh! >> i'm sorry. >> he cleared it. >> oh! >> stop laughing! time to get inked up. >> check it out. nice, this is cool. shows it off. >> but watch these twins play a trick on their tattoo artist. >> did you use fake ink? >> this is good. plus, it's bonus give away day, so don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv. can do i!
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2:30 am
point, do not try this at home. he does have antivenom. here he goes. oh, gosh, i can't believe you, dude. oh! >> wow, wow, wow. >> oh, wow. >> you can see it in his face. he is miserable. >> he is miserable. >> this is super bad. >> really thinking about his choices right now. >> it feels like i'm getting stung over and over again. >> all these little red dots forming and i'm assuming that is where the venom is spreading into my arm. >> oh, my gosh, look at his arm, it's all red. that does not look nice. >> i can see why they call them cow killers. >> i told you guys, this is the
2:31 am
fourth most painful sting. he's working his way up to number one. >> no! >> one step closer to being stung by the bullet ant. >> genetic fluke to having an identical twin. >> pretty rad. >> also affords you the unique opportunity, this is a good one. one of the twins is down there getting himself a tattoo from toronto. just doing what you usually do when you're getting a tattoo, having a conversation, asking some questions. check him out. nice, this is cool. goes and shows it off. everyone is like nice tattoo, bro. i'll be back in a minute, i'm going to go to the back. of course, there's his identical twin with identical clothes but with no tattoo. this is where they punk everybody. >> this is good. >> the other twin walks out.
2:32 am
he's got a big ink smear. >> that's never happened before. how did they sneak the bro in the bathroom? >> had some help from the other guys in the tattoo store, a few were in on it. >> the tattoo [ bleep ] fell off, dude. yeah, man. >> i know for a fact i did that tattoo. >> is this fake ink, what's going on? >> everyone else asks the question, confused, but the evidence is right there. >> it's not there, it's gone. >> that is a legit question. >> completely baffled. doesn't know what to say. >> perfect timing. comes in, i see that. >> tattoo is missing. >> the place loses it. they've seen a lot of pranks, but for someone to play that kind of switch is legit. >> this is a good one,
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especially with the tattoo, because it's so permanent. you have to really pull it off. time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to and click win ipad. >> yep, enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> friday's buzz word is kinetic. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter friday's buzz word, kinetic. >> and you'll want to enter today because it's bonus give away day. we'll have two winners, one will receive a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. grandpa is about to get a huge surprise. >> 1960s mustang. >> dallas cowboys cheerleaders. >> no, no, and no. >> dallas cowboys cheerleaders. >> no, no, and no. find out what i'm good.? i just took new mucinex clear and cool. what is this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst.
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so don't miss out. call for information, then decide. read about the 30 day, 100 percent money back guarantee. don't wait, call this number now. ♪, and click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. we're big fans of surprises here on "right this minute." and this time it's grandpa's turn as we'll see in this video. >> there's a big surprise waiting for grandpa underneath that car cover, a dream that he's thought about for years, it's finally time for grandpa to
2:37 am
get the gift he's always wanted. mercedes. >> whoa! >> yeah, as soon as the car cover comes off the bumper, grandpa, boom, immediately knows that's a nice car. >> that's a classic. >> it's a classic mercedes 450 sl. grandpa's like, that's a nice car. somebody steps up, grandpa, it's yours. >> they bought it for you. >> you kidding? >> you kidding? knocks him off his feet. now watch. oh! >> grandpa's tears are even better. >> poor guy is staggered by this beautiful present his kids got him. got the red nose all of a sudden, but there's one more cool historic surprise behind all this. listen. >> this car, christie brinkley bought it for her father. >> what! >> i don't think grandpa cares who owned the car.
2:38 am
he owns it now. >> you know what, can't get cooler than that. you want your parents to buy you a car when you're 16. he's getting a car from his kids, he did it right. >> good family and they are paying him back for it. >> beautiful. thanks for watching, has lots more. we'll see you next time. [ duncan grunting ] nick: okay. good. good. you're good. don't forget to breathe, all right? chin down, eyes up. [ grunting ] good. let's go. good. do you know who i'm fighting? rookie from 34. that's all chris said. oh. what happens if i lose?


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