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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 7, 2016 1:37am-2:11am EDT

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it isn't pretty. the hurricane hit the islands this morning and they are leaving damage that will take days to calculate. we don't yet know about the human toll. this is a live picture now from south of daytona beach as people in florida are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. according to the experts, the worst could be historically bad. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the soon to arrive hurricane matthew. this could well be a catastrophic storm. millions of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in florida, georgia and south carolina. those who stay behind are being told first responders will not be able to come to their aid. it is buffeted by outer bands. sometime overnight, winds of 130 miles an hour will be moving in along with the possibility of a storm surge that could reach 11
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feet. the storm is currently 75 miles away from west palm beach. matthew's death toll in haiti skyrocketed to over 280. the hurricane left enormous destruction, devastation. officials in florida expect fatalities here as well. let's get the latest information from meteorologist cecily tynan and accuweather. cecily? >> i just received the latest update from the national hurricane center. matthew is still a dangerous category 4 hurricane. winds 130 miles per hour. it's only 125 miles east-southeast of cape canaveral. it's northwest at 13 miles per hour. the bands of heavy rain continue to inundate florida, moving across the peninsula. i want to zoom in and show you a few things. first of all, the eye of the storm is very compact, ten miles across. we have almost a secondary eye. that's where the hurricane force
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winds extend, about 60 miles from the center of the storm. we have these buoys we can actually pull up and show you some of the live data. this shows the buoy southwest of palm beach, wind gusts of 36 miles per hour. this will be intensifying as it moves closer to the coast. there's a chance this storm does not make land fall overflorida. that will keep the strongest part of the storm offshore, but it will also keep the storm from weakening for a while. future tracker showing 7:00 tomorrow morning, that storm close to melbourne, florida. it kind of creeps up the coast near jacksonville by friday evening. the heavy rain extending across the georgia coastline. finally heading out to sea. a lot of computer models show it looping around and perhaps returning to florida in a weakened state as a tropical storm next week. this is a storm that doesn't
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want to quit. i'll talk specifics about which get hit the hardest in the full accuweather forecast. jim? >> we are going to switch live to dann cuellar in philadelphia. you have the story of a large contingent of philadelphia firefighters heading south to help in what is going to be a massive recovery effort. >> reporter: that's right, jim. a large convoy here that makes a pennsylvania task force getting ready to deploy to the state of florida over the last several hours. they have been up here packing up their gear in a large number of vehicles here in the section of philadelphia. over here you will see many of the members, there's about 80 of them that are being briefed as to what their operation will be in the state of florida and to give you an idea, there's some of the members of the group that makes up pennsylvania task force one. they are going to be self-sufficient up there for a
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15, expected to be a 14 or 15-hour deployment. the fema funded group headed on a 15-hour journey to florida where they may be needed to help with whatever problems must remember causes. more from fire commissioner adam teal. >> a lot of them are philadelphia firefighters, emt and other partners. we have people who are members who come from all over. we have folks from baltimore county and harrisburg. this is truly pennsylvania task force one. >> reporter: among the various groups that make up the group are k- teams and water rescue teams. they are one of 11 from across the country headed to florida. >> all the time, everything we do in philadelphia fire department, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. we are proud and honored to be helping out with this incident.
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we hope it will make a glancing glow and won't be as bad as predictions indicate. >> reporter: here is a big 18-wheeler tractor trailer rig that makes up the search and rescue. the guys here that have been loading it up. one of the vehicles behind us as well. pennsylvania task forest one has been head quartered here in philadelphia for 11 years. this is not their first deployment. they are highly trained and ready and prepared to offer assistance to the people of florida, philadelphia and pennsylvania pride headed into harms way to help fellow americans. live here in philadelphia, dann cuellar, channel 6. jim? >> thank you. red cross volunteers are on their way south tonight into the storm. denise and robert have been assigned to feed people in shelters to get in position and
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deploy as needed. we'll be on at 4:30 to bring the developments on hurricane matthew. we have breaking news from chopper 6 tonight. the bomb squad was on the scene of a gloucester county school moments ago. the school is located on a former military base. someone found an old piece of something on the problemerty. we are told it was not near the school building. authorities performed a controlled detonation of the ordinance and everybody is okay. a bank bandit is on the run tonight after striking three times yesterday. the latest was 3:00 this afternoon at a pnc at 4 and taber road. you can see the suspect wears a fluorescent yellow safety vest and blue latex gloves. the fbi tells "action news," he is the same man who tried to hold up another pnc before 1:00
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yesterday at 52nd street between market and chestnut. 15 minutes later, a td bank at 38th and walnut. nobody has been hurt but they consider him armed and dangerous. deadly gunfire in philadelphia where a 37-year-old man was murdered. police are on the lookout for three men. investigators say 7:30 on the 3200 block of north lee street. at least one suspect shot the victim in the back of his head and chest. philadelphia police say a serial rapist struck again in kensington. he rapes them and chokes them or slashes their throat. the most recent attack was saturday. these are surveillance images of the suspect. let's get to the surveillance images if we can. all the crimes have occurred in kensington. the vicks have been prostitutes. the pennsylvania turnpike
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westbound is back open after being shut down nearly seven hours. that's due to the deadly crash. west of the king of prush sh interchange. troopers say a pick-up truck clipped a police cruiser and into a motorcycle. the biker was killed, the female passenger is expected to survive. a philadelphia judge slammed the brakes on uber x and lyft. christie ileto was live in center city tonight. christ christie, as far as you can tell, have they obeyed the judges order? >> reporter: no, they haven't, jim. in fact, this is a look at the lyft app. you can see there are several drivers in center city that are looking to pick up customers. it's the same when you open an uber app on your cell phone. we spoke to a driver who says he
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works part time and helps provide for his family. since the injunction, she's received no notice from either company he needs to stop driving. that could change for part-time driver andre williams after a judge banned uber x and lyft in the city. >> if i get a notification saying i can't drive, i will drive. >> reporter: you are still going to drive and pick up passengers despite the injunction? >> yes. i will be driving tomorrow. >> reporter: they are reviewing the order. late thursday, uber added while the appeal is pending, uber will remain available for drivers and riders. >> we have to wait three and four hours for a ride. >> reporter: a battle over whether services like lyft and uber are legal. >> i feel better. >> reporter: they say they are the ones who will suffer the most. >> trying to get a cab in the
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city is a joke. then, you don't want to -- you don't get there quick enough. at least you can, like, order it from outside, see the person and go. >> reporter: customers won't be fined for ordering the service, but drivers caught could face a $1,000 fine. >> how can they pick my car out from the rest of the cars? >> reporter: they doesn't phase drivers like williams. >> uber is a way of life now. it's just a way of life. >> reporter: now, it's a very bold stance considering the ppa says they will resume enforcing illegal ride sharing services starting tomorrow. uber and lyft hope lawmakers can come to an agreement when they reconvene later this month. christie ileto "action news." a clydesdale at the center of the harrowing rescue yesterday is going to be okay. cyrus is going to get pampering
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and medication over the next few days but then will head home. the owner says a bigger horse spooked him yesterday. while running away, the 1700 pound animal got stuck in the mud at thornbury farms. he looks pretty good. still to come on act news, surveillance shows the smashing spree terror attack at a minnesota mall last month and how an off duty cop brought it to an end. investigators review the surprise from the final 30 seconds before the new jersey transit train crashed. we'll show you the wreckage being removed. hurricane matthew bringing four inches to more than 11 inches along the southeast coast as it moves up. also tracking summer here. te tails on that in the accuweather forecast.
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authorities in minnesota released a video of a knife attack inside the mall last month. federal investigators are trying to determine how he may have been radicalized. police say this video portrays the suspected islamic radical attempting mass murder. he stabbed ten people before being shot and killed by an off duty officer. a train was pulled from the hoboken station. most of the car still intact except for the mangled one up front. they revealed the train sped up in the final moments. the train had been going 8 miles an hour, then accelerated to 21 miles an hour as it came into the station.
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until the engineer hit the emergency brakes one second before impact. the investigation into why could take as long as a year. a home builder that does big business in our area is facing serious allegations that it failed to do right by its customer. the pennsylvania attorney general filed a lawsuit against montgomery county based david cutler group. here is nydia han with details. >> reporter: the bucks county home was built by the david cutler group, which claims to be the largest privately held builder in the delaware valley and pays attention to detail. >> you paid a premium for stucco? >> yes. it's not up to code and wasn't hung correctly. >> reporter: he says his home will rot from the inside out. that's what happened to this cutler home in the knapp farm
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community in montgomery county. the homeowner is one of 79 in the development to sue cutler. this is video of the home being remediated or fixed. the cost of this kind of work? >> we have gotten estimates from $84,000 to $100,000 range. >> reporter: this can be an invisible problem. he checked the moisture levels in his home in 2014 because his neighbors were having issues. >> it's unfair. we have been dealing with it a long time. >> reporter: this lawsuit was filed alleging defective construction and misrepresentation to customers. >> the goal of the lawsuit is to provide relief for consumers. >> reporter: he is hopeful. >> they will use it as a great opportunity to come back and take care of their customers. >> reporter: "action news" contacted the cutler group today but did not get a response. if you feel you have been
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harmed, the attorney general wants to hear from you. you can find a copy of the lawsuit on i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." there was a lot of squawking and probably tweeting this summer about ocean city threatening to jail people caught feeding the seagulls on the board walk. they wrote zero tickets. a police official says officers mostly saw the aggressive birds stealing food instead. the mayor issued a pub lib notice this year that people intentionally feeding the seagulls could be fined $500 and spend 90 days in jail. no tickets this summer for feeding seagulls. >> don't feed them. they can be pests. >> yes. you have a seven day accuweather forecast but of course everybody is thinking about florida, georgia, south carolina and hurricane matthew. >> yes, the latest track keeps
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it just off the florida coast. hurricane force winds extend up to 60 miles. it doesn't have to make land fall. the storm tracker 6 showing we have quiet conditions tonight. it was a beautiful day. the highs, 76. we dropped down to 61. allentown, 52. dover, 60. millville 62, 56 in cape may. satellite 6 showing high pressure over us carving out this slight of night. a stalled front over virginia and north carolina. it will stay to the south and focus heavy rain over north carolina as matthew gets closer. tomorrow morning, future tracker showing low clouds and fog in south jersey and delaware. step outside at 7:00, cloudy. as we head through the day, the clouds dissipate. lots of sunshine. almost a carbon copy of today.
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temperatures in the mid-70s. heading into saturday, cloudy by the morning. a thick cloud deck. maybe a few spotty showers. the main action with the cold front, the same cold front that is going to kick matthew out to sea will bring showers by 4:00 in the afternoon, continuing into the evening. some could be heavy at times, a quarter to half inch of rain. in the meantime, this is hurricane matthew. this is still a category 4 hurricane. talking about the system for a full week now. there is the center of the storm, 125 miles southeast of cape canaveral moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. the hurricane center track just shifted, again, a little to the east. so, there is a possibility this just hugs the coast through the day tomorrow and will not make landfall. again, you get the hurricane force winds extending 60 miles from the center. the coast will take a beating. it will follow the curve along the georgia/south carolina
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coast, gradually weakening as it does. it could make that loop, head back to florida next week. in a weakened state as a weak tropical storm adding insult to injury. the key points to the storm, tabing a track along the coast. that means three states, florida, georgia, south carolina, mandatory evacuations. 550 miles of hurricane warnings. the main problem, the storm surge, the deadliest part of the huhurricane. with the hurricane force winds, catastrophic wind damage. homes lose their roofs, exterior walls. trees and power lines will be down. they could be without power for weeks, if not months. at home, the seven day forecast, a beautiful day tomorrow, sunny, 75 degrees. saturday, cloudy. showers moving in in the afternoon. 72. behind the cold front, cooler and breezy sunday. 68 degrees. columbus day, sunny, 66. tuesday, beautiful, mostly
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sunny, 68 degrees. a dry start to yum k-- i think that's going to be the worst of it for central florida. >> thank you. a new exhibit is opening at the african-american museum in philadelphia. it celebrates the 40th anniversary of a play called for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enough. the play debuted on broadway in 1976. co-incidentally the museum is celebrating their 40th anniversary. an event held tonight, a night in italy took place in philadelphia hosted by the 1492 society. it honored the memory of christopher columbus and the italian tradition. alicia vitar
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former eagles coach was the special guest at a charity event
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tonight to raise money for the ronald mcdonald house and honor 17 special individuals. more than 400 attendees took part in a group photo waving wands for the show your stripes campaign. the new play, rizzo, was the subject of discussion. the writer of the book led the talk alongside friends. all three guests have a rich nfl background. some of the talk was about football as well. rizzo follows the life of frank rizzo as he prepared for the 1991 mayoral election. home fans get to see joel embiid for the first time tonight on home court. >> joel embiid was so worried because he was out so long. he thought hef going to get booed. no. sixers fans gave a standing
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ovation. they love the big guy. sixers fans will take it. you have been waiting how long? two painful, long years to see joel embiid. finally, a first look at embiid in person, at home, for the first time. embiid gets a standing ovation. sixers fans will love this, too. the first basket of the game against the wizards. embiid putting the sixers up 11-0 to start the game. coach wants to see defense. there you go, the block. embiid finishes with five points in 12 minutes. he watches the rest of the game on his ipad. this goes to double overtime. sixers lose, 125-119. carson wentz could become the first rookie quarterback to start a season, 4-0 when they face the lions. the birds are going back to detroit where they were embarrassed. they return with jim schwartz
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who he has eagles allowed the least points. another schwartz return to detroit where he used to be their head coach. >> as far as the lions, i think you would be surprised how much i root for the lions, as long as it's not in direct conflict with the eagles. i want those guys to win every week. i have too many -- too much blood and sweat in that building. there's a lot of guys there that mean a lot to me. >> seven to go. >> college football, temple under the lights in memphis. 27 unanswered points, trailing by 14. trying to fight, fight, fight back. thomas, 61 yards. temple within seven. seconds later, the next play, oh, no. towny powers takes jones kick right back 60 yards. temple currently down 34-27 in the final minute. a full recap saturday on "action
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and we're saying thanks during the last 10 years blinds to go's customer apppreciation sale! buy one get one half off your favorite products. we love our customers and we're showing it. blinds to go. blinds for life. the flyers shorthanded for their preseason game against the rangers. the goalie is away from the team for the birth of his firth child. in the third, the power play. flyers take the lead on the rangers. six minutes, travis.
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the rookie, his third of the preseason. they open the regular season a week from tomorrow in l.a. former phillies star, cole hame hamels, what happened? the rangers pitcher allowed seven runs in game one. it's the most runs hamels ever allowed in a postseason start. they take game one, 10-1. cole hamels only allowed seven runs during his world series run in 2008. seven tonight. >> jimmy kimmel live tonight. jimmy's guests are martin lawrence and clark jr. news tomorrow morning at 4:30. now for cecily tynan, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. katie v/o: she works hard.
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