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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 30, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ the first nfl touchdown pass by carson wentz. got it! the shot is through he scores! ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ welcome into sports sunday alongside mike missanelli from the fanatic and i'm ducis rodgers and thought we would have a final in dallas with the eagles and cowboys playing tied at 23 late in the fourth quarter under a minute to go in this game what have you seen from the birds this far. >> i thought the eagles man handled them in the trenches and
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made prescott and close them out and bad possession and fumbled the ball and gave points and really hurt them. >> first place on the line and tied at 23 under a minute to go let's talk about the drops and don't want to go negative. >> live drops. carson wentz really got the ball down the field duncin against the team and didn't think he could do it and have to throw down the field a little today and figured how to get it down the field with short passes and had drops but a lot of guys and beckham and agular and erts in the picture and a good sign. >> running back for the eagles and ryan matthews is in the back burner and aaron. >> and good thing he did because he had a jump and did use a
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small one on one play and fumbled the ball and a couple of downs but this was a day they obviously thought sprawls would be the bigger back and hid behind the line and dallas could not get a beat on him as well and played well. >> the dallas cowboys were trailing by seven points to the end of the game and prescot22 yards why can't the eagles draft a guy like giant. >> single coverage and prescot made bad throws and a bad faith earlier in the game and puff ball at the goal line and single coverage and safety and got over a little late on the play and caused him a touchdown. >> tied 23 the final moments of the fourth quarter of this game and headed to over time if it's over before we get off the air we will get you highlights and post game if it ends before we get off the air. let's move on to the flyers how concerned are you just two weeks
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in but off to a slow start. >> it's concerning it is because the same problems that surfaced last year are surfacing this year and really not getting a lot of scoring from the top to the bottom and not really a well balanced team right now and making mistakes on defense, the goal tending has not been stellar early on and concerning and the flyers are a work in progress and not quite there and people think they are a playoff team i'm not sure and are on the cusp of being a playoff team or not. >> flyers highlights earlier today against north carolina hurricanes and down 3-2 and a goal and second straight and tied at 3 and midway through and brian manning does not care and he will score and flyers win 4-3 their home against detroit on wednesday. indians agame game away and
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chicago cubs and chris bryant an solo homer to left center and win 3-2 and the game is tuesday back in cleveland and do you think the cubs or indians? >> chapman for three innings and used up for the rest of the series and we will see and edge to the indians going home and after the break we will give you an update on the eagles and cowboys and first is melissa magee with weather. >> ducis rodgers and mike thank you cooler on monday and high of 58 for the trick-or-treaters and staying dry and tuesday sunshine and clouds 62 warming up by wednesday and sun with 72 and mild on thursday with 74, 60 on friday and hold fair on saturday and action news sports sunday continues after the break. ♪ you out.
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action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens. ♪ welcome back to sports sunday mike missanelli from 97.5 fanatic with ducis rodgers and eagles and dallas about to start the over time period and let's talk about the eagles next four games and it doesn't get any easier after this game. >> no this is the typhoon of the schedule and falcons and seahawks lost in new orleans and always formidable there and packers this is a key game for them to win tonight ducis and have to win in over time and carson wentz has played very well in the game and see if the kid has what it takes in over time and another big task for the kid. >> attempted 43 passes. >> dunking the whole way and got
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mad at the last guy. if they win this game the eagles win this game they will be tied for first place with the cowboys in the nfc east, had to get up early to check out the washington cincinnati and played in london washington down to the 10th and kurt cousin air cousins threw to reed and redskins down and the game goes to over time and washington has it in the bag but kicker misses the field goal. >> don't you love it and want to pound them on the helmet do it. falcons and packers atlanta down six late in the fourth quarter matt ryan will find the rutgers and mohammed for the go ahead touchdown and 11 yards and phil win falcons win. >> matty ice has weapons and will be here in two weeks bills and patriots and appears to be no stopping brady and rob.
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>> our old buddy covering them all week and saying brady was like razor sharp in practice and waiting for this game. >> you get a sense new england heading to the bye7-1 best record in football do you get a sense after the four-game suspension brady after deflate gate kick it to the nfl. >> the best quarterback that ever lived by the way agree with that. >> no argument there. let's talk basketball the sixers off to 0-2 and host orlando on two and they had 20 points against oklahoma and against atlanta and what are the impressions. >> wilt chamberlain with a handle is what he is. i know a lot of people compare him and has the moves and when he is in the post his foot work is so good he also is a great
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shot blocker you see there but getting the ball to him in the post he has great moves and gets to eight foot shot and he is a great foul shooter and fouling him and don't like to see that to be honest with you and i don't know how much i want him on the perimeter shooting threes but since he can do it he is enticed to do it but want him in the block in the eight foot area where he can score the jump shot. >> what do you think obviously looking at ben simmons back in january but what do you feel the team is missing. >> perimeter plays are really bad they really are and cannot get any offense from the perimeter players and that is going to be a problem until we get simmons back and get other players in this mix if they start trading people. you know it's really funny and it's an after thought on the team and a back up to him and have two disgruntled players and will have to move. >> eagles and dallas tied at 23
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and we are in over time the cowboys are driving i don't want to be a negative nancy but someone on twitter called me downer ducis nancy and when they were up it didn't feel up and if they lose how disappointing. >> disappointed and had bad possessions in the end where they could have taken advantage and got the ball down for a field goal and didn't do that so if they lose the game they will be extremely disappointed and they were knocked and beating them up on the line of scrimmage and wentz with the dink and dunks and disappointing. >> and dallas is in field goal territory once again game tied at 23 in over time. we talked a little about the drop passes and let's talk about defense i felt the eagles defense was man handled in the beginning part of the game. >> they straightened out well and wanted to stop the run obviously in the game and for the most part z kelly had a
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couple good runs for the most part and in good discipline and stopped them and they took beasley out of the game and had not been a factor in the game and dez had not been a factor to late and beasley in the middle of the field with something that i were wary about and got away with it tonight. >> cowboys inside the 30 yard line and a couple seconds here does peterson risky at the end right before the half instead of the hail mary quick pass. >> almost has zero seconds on the clock and preserve one second that was a key field goal and give him credit he made the right decision. >> dallas score keeper late. >> he was he hit it extra. >> well we didn't get the highlights for you sorry about that tied at 23 that is our show for tonight. >> we are in over time. >> out of here and getting count 3, 2, 1 and see you next
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