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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 1, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's november 1st, time for new viral videos "right this minute." >> for every pumpkin, i'll donate $200. >> a charity bull fight has a famous youtuber on the run. but he's not going to let this challenge beat him. >> see what happens when the bull feels the same way. >> oh! hunters set up a camera that catches -- >> something they never saw coming. >> what had them shaking in their boots. a clerk goes to help a man on a scooter, but -- >> this is just ugly. >> the moment he lungs and his bike pays the price. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a bride and groom's big day. see the surprise has people saying now that's the way to do a wedding. >> this is it.
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>> some people think the prankster on youtube is the devil himself, but in this video he's just dressed like it. he's doing something quite kind and angelic, getting into a ring with a bull. >> stupidest thing i've ever done probably. >> you said there was kindness involved here. >> the kindness comes in the form of ten small pumpkins scattered around the arena. for each pumpkin that he picks up, he will donate $200 to breast cancer awareness. >> yeah, good work. >> release the chihuahua. >> the chihuahua. >> oh, wow. oh, gosh. oh, gosh. oh! >> we're good. we're good. good, good, good. >> come on, right here. >> here he comes again. >> no! >> vitali gets upended, pumpkins go flying, but he's back on his
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feet. >> wait, does it count if he spills the pumpkins, or does he collect them all over again? >> collect them, get out of the ring. >> collect all these. >> ahh! >> oh! >> he's back on his feet, but he's out of the ring. in the end, that bull stomped down on his head, busted his jaw in two places, gave him a concussion, fractured his arm. >> i'm good. i'm fine. >> vitale. i get it, but it's dangerous. >> he does like challenges. even though he failed this one, he says -- >> i'm still donating $2,000 to breast cancer awareness. >> we wish him a speedy recovery. >> hopefully, he doesn't need
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that money for his hospital bill. >> this is just ugly. here you see a woman exiting a snack shop. walks out, gives the man a snack, then he reaches over and his bike falls. he grabbed at her breast. as he reached over to snatch at her, his bike hit the ground. >> the level of disrespect is on display there. he's got his transaction there, perfectly allowed to do that, as well. >> she didn't know it happened. she turned around, he completely missed her. she saw it later on the footage and was going to warn other women in the area, as is common in taiwan for attractive women . police in d.c. are sharing this video, because they want to catch this robber. looks like he puts a drink on the counter, grabbing in his pocket, almost like he's looking for his money, then steps out of frame. that's when you see the clerk on the ground surrendering. this man walks around the
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counter and is demanding money. we see him walk through the door. >> all the money on that security system. >> right. they've got the windows, the window pass throughs, all that stuff, only to leave the door unlocked? >> door was unlocked, robber walks in. he's got a gun in his hand. he drops the clip, and as he drops the clip, the clerk runs at him. >> run at him again, come on! >> i was hoping he'd do the same, but he hits the ground. >> also, it's not your money. it's not even that much money. didn't pay, what, minimum wage. give the guy what he wants. >> he did just that. he's there at the register taking all the money out and now the man has him lying face down on the ground with the register open as he rummages through drawers behind the counter putting his fingerprints everywhere. >> rummaging around back there. >> the cops make that point at the end of this video. fellow gets away, but you have
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several angles of his face. hopefully, they can bring him to justice. >> one of my favorite, okay, he is my favorite animal rescue. i'm not even going to pretend. a swan family was in distress. he says the mom had a lame leg and they were miles, miles from water, and the concern is, that when you have a mom and a dad, five swan babies, the parents might just leave the babies behind. swans, beautiful, lovely, but can be mean and territorial, and they've got a growl. >> is that like a straight jacket for a swan? >> that's exactly what it is. >> swan bags on amazon. >> no. can't get those on amazon. >> kind of a fairytale happy ending for everybody at the end.
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but this one, completely different. this man right there has a frog, he wants the frog to go. let's just say, i'll bet on the frog. >> oh, oh, oh! >> the frog refuses to stay in the pool net. and this man refuses to give up. >> as much as the frog is fighting him, it does need to get out of the pool. all that chlorine is not going to be good. he is trying to save his life. >> yes, he is. finally, he chocks it. >> that's supposed to be a rescue? he hawks it out in the woods? ? what's he supposed to do? >> get a bigger net. i think we need to follow concussion procedures on that frog. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and be a legal u.s. or canadian
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resident. >> "rtm" buzz word coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. a group of hunters in italy went out and set up this camera because they wanted to capture this stunning view, but what they ended up capturing was something they never saw coming. >> earthquake. >> italy experienced a 6.6-magnitude earthquake over the weekend, and these hunters were out in this area expecting to have a weekend of hunting, when suddenly the earth below them started shaking. >> theoretically, this is the best place to be. at least they are out there in the country, but it gives you an idea of the kind of movement happening. >> they were worried this was going to cause more deaths, because if you remember, they've been having multiple earthquakes. the one back in august killed 300 people. fortunately, this one did not. this video captured, one of our
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buddies took 24-year-old christopher out there with his drone to capture these amazing images as they also descend into the mouth of this crater. >> it looks like the earth has heart burn when you look at that opening. oh, somebody throw in a pepsi. >> i really love these shots of them descending into the mouth of this crater, which is where they are going to be camping out. you see the crew here setting up a tent. it's going to be warm. you're not going to be cold. >> yeah, permanent camp fire. >> don't worry, they were fine, but the images that they captured of the lava burning, boiling in that crater, is so stinking magnificent. >> i can't decide, either way, i'm impressed. a police officer leaves his car to take care of some business, but -- forgot one very
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small detail. >> the simple mistake that's holding things up. >> you've got to be kidding me. and, she's heading down underground. >> she's going to go surf. >> what happens when she goes deep into this spooky adventure. >> oh, my goodness. don't go in there. don't walk on there. ime ♪ ♪ the time for harmony ♪ let love be the song ♪ that everybody sings ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bells and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ s.c. johnson, a family company.
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lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. around the world, police have a busy job. paperwork and criminals to arrest. in romania, this police officer pulled up to the local administration office. he's got to run in the building and deliver some of his paperwork, so he parks out front and heads inside. forgot one very small detail. a day full of detail-oriented tasks. >> forgot to set the brake or something? >> that's right, gayle. his police car starts slowly, then picks up a little bit more momentum as it crosses the street right in front of the horse and cart. >> you've got to be kidding me. you've got to be kidding me. >> somebody sees it, tries to stop it. no, crashes into the ditch. that's when the officer starts running out. >> write yourself a ticket. >> exactly. >> you're in violation.
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>> moments later, folks get out of their car and cart and gather around to help officer friendly push his vehicle out of the ditch. doesn't look like there was serious damage. this vehicle in the left hand lane starts to drift over to the right. right after it passes this highway entrance ramp sign, did you see it, 355 to the right. well, that car wasn't quite paying attention. nope, that's not -- no. that's not the entrance ramp. it was just past the area where you just drove into a ditch. >> was this person asleep or drunk or what? >> we don't know that for sure, we have no idea whether this person had other issues or not. if you're a fan of the dark, small spaces, dead things, this might not be the video for you. because allison, when she was younger had a dream -- >> always dreamed of being indiana jones and a surfer. >> opportunity to bring those dreams together is here, because
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she is heading underneath the streets of paris. >> also known as the world's largest grave. >> she's going to surf the catacombs. she's heading below the streets into a 180-mile maze of tunnels filled with 6 million bodies. >> what? >> i didn't realize it was that expansive. >> in fact, they say there's three levels of the catacombs, the lowest ones of which are filled with water. >> hot down here. really hot. very suffocating. luckily, i brought my bikini. >> she grabs her pink bikini and surf board and very illegally under the ground. >> about to surf in the catacombs somewhere. >> as they start heading deep, all pretty normal, bricks on the sides and things like that. then it's a bit indiana jonesy. >> oh, my gosh. look at all these bones. >> don't go in there, don't walk on them. >> leave them where they are at. respect. i'll see you on the other side.
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>> now they are getting deep into the catacombs. starts getting tighter and tighter. what follows is a couple of hours of this. >> there's literally no way out. millions of human bones. >> as she starts getting deeper, you can see finally they start finding some water. which means it's time to bust out that surf board and bikini and get awesome shots by being the first person. >> when i say surf, i basically mean risk hypothermia to get a rad shot of me paddling through the ancient catacombs. >> but to get out, they hadn't quite calculated how deep the water would get. they didn't eventually find a manhole to crawl out of. you know what, if you wantt to e the first person to ever surf the catacombs under paris, you have to take risks. allison, i respect you. combine rock n roll, guitar, and whiskey, this is what you get. >> truly things of beauty.
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>> next "right this minute." and still to come, this barber's got a real flair for hair. >> he uses a candle flame to get his haircut. >> why his technique is so hot right now. >> get that thing away from me. plus, the tuesday buzz word you don't want to miss if you want a chance to win an ipad mini.
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well, this indian barber, he won't be any time soon. but he is all about the flair. >> get that thing away from me. he uses a candle flame. >> tell me it's singed. >> stinks so bad. why would you want to do that all day? cuts all of his hair? >> seems that's a unique technique. takes a handle, puts up against the comb, and goes back and forth as you cut hair. it's drawing attention and folks are sitting in the chair to allow him to do it. they don't seem bothered by it. in addition to having the fake hair is, there's oil. lots and lots of oil. >> ever accidently burnt your hair by blowing up your grill, never happened to me. gets balls on the end, not exactly a smooth cut. isn't it going to be a pain? >> doesn't your hair get waxy,
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too, after this? >> maybe his mom is like, you're not allowed to use scissors. fine, candle! >> do the haircuts look good afterwards? that's the question. >> at the end you see what looks like the final cut, and it looks like any other cut we've seen. >> it does, looks like the other two in the shop. >> blow that whole building down. >> the famous ferrari engine and sound. no longer does it have to stay in a ferrari. why not take a engine and put it inside a toyota gt 86. >> what? >> yeah. that's the famous drifter. he handles cars like a surgeon, but if you're headed up to seema in las vegas this week, the automotive trade show, you may get a chance to see this finished ferrari. >> it's a beautiful sound, but
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imagine being on the streets and hear that sound and looking over. >> coming up next to a ferrari and lambo at the lights and absolutely smashing them. >> this thing is going to be a fire destroyer. lots of impressive engineering. if you want to see the entire build, check out the donut media youtube channel. speaking of roasting tires, it's time to burn a couple here for a very good reason. emily and tyler are expecting a baby, and the gender is beneath tyler's beloved mustang. the tire starts to smoke. their buddy is flying a drone overhead. what's it going to be? it's a girl. once the smoke clears, here's the really cool part, the grandparents are there nearby. the smoke dissipates a bit and you see one of the grandmas running up, you see exactly what she's going to be snuggling with. >> so cute. that girl will probably love mustangs. she'll be burning out in no time. >> it's time to give away
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another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over t to and click win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can do each every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is disrupt. >> get over to, click on win ipad and enter tuesday's buzz word, disrupt. >> later this week, we're going to have a bonus give away. we'll also give away a flat screen tv, so tune in and good luck, everybody. a happy couple plans their own wedding. >> they didn't tell anybody. >> the big surprise when the i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face.
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♪ a wedding is an incredibly special day for the couple that is coming together to become one. so they say. they take such a long time to plan this wedding. you know, you've got to give your family a heads-up way in advance to make sure they can make it. justin and george planned their wedding, but they didn't tell anybody. in fact, all of their guests thought they were showing up to their engagement party. >> this is what i'd like to do, because that way nobody can put in their two cents and get mad. they are just happy they got invited. >> you think, except you do have a problem, because it's just the engagement party. >> so many people, like, oh, we got football tickets that day. we'll just blow that off.
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>> as a matter of fact, best friends had tickets to the raiders that day and said i'm going to go see the game. i will see you later, my friend. >> especially the dudes. engagement party? we'll go to the game. >> because of that, they had to fess up to some of their people, so george has to reveal to his friend that it's actually the wedding, but shhh! so the friend ended up coming to this surprise wedding day. most of their guests found out on the spot with the car that says, surprise, we're getting married today. she had to convince her girlfriend not to go out and run errands that morning so she could help her do her makeup and get ready for the wedding. >> almost seemed it was more effort to try to convince people to come and not miss it. what was the point of their surprise wedding? >> they just wanted to be different. that's it, you're all caught up on the day's best videos. for more, has them. we'll see you next time on "rtm".
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i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. ♪ nelle? you okay? emma's gonna be so mad when she wakes up in the morning and discovers we went through her entire halloween stash. i know. maybe we should just post her reaction on the internet. i'm just kidding. [ laughs ] i'll explain it all to her. i know. she would buy a bridge from you, mom. well, i'd buy swampland from her. [ both chuckle ] i'm just so happy that we were here for trick-or-treating. you know, emma's -- she's made some good friends in berkeley, still feels like port charles is home --


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