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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, november 12 here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," the university of penn campus rocked by a racist cyber attack. authorities are looking for a person who took off in the ambulance that was parked outside of a delaware county bingo hall. it's a sign of a changing season, ice rink at dilworth plaza is open for business. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, skating rink open, that means it's about to get cold.
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>> reporter: it feels a lot colder out there, it feels like the season. looking live on sky6 live hd, the center city skyline, the strong gusty winds for the most part have subsided and the temperatures have dropped off, we don't have much in the way of cloud cover up there. overall it promises to be a nice, quiet weekend. allentown, 34. lancaster, 31. philadelphia, 39 degrees, some areas in the surrounding suburbs dropped into the 20s. 27 in millville. they are freezing in trenton. 29 in atlantic city. and 35 degrees in dover, the 24 hour temperature change anywhere from ten to 21 degrees colder than the same time yesterday on top of that we have windchills in the 20s. a large portion. viewing area. it's blustery out there this morning, you'll need a heavier coat and gloves, but we have no clouds out there. high pressure in control, that means a ton of sunshine expected today. look at the forecast, 46 degrees
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by 11:00. 48 by 1:00 p.m. 50 by 3:00 p.m., wall-to-wall blue skies, mostly sunny skies and breezy, highs near 50. >> 6:02 this morning, police are trying to determine who is responsible for targeting black students at the pennsylvania. this comes after a number of african-american freshman were added to racist group chat without their permission, they speak of nooses and lynching. a number of students held a private meeting last night. >> made a calendar event saying it is lynch day they are going to lynch trying to find any black person they can lynch. >> the social media group appears to be based in oklahoma. protesters hit the streets
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across a divided make america fe third night in a row, marchs were held in iowa city, miami and atlanta and new york city and center city. dann cuellar has more on the protests that happened near city hall. >> reporter: about 250 protesters took to the windy cold streets of center city philadelphia denouncing the election of president-elect donald trump. >> after tuesday it felt like i was living a joke, the joke was on us. >> i couldn't believe it, it's unreal, i don't know what we can do, not much, but i wanted to -- >> i know a bunch of people who voted strongly for trump, because i'm not able to vote i'm going to stand up for my right. >> reporter: corey taylor is
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gender neutral does not identify as he or she. >> many people i love are around me. >> everything is love, love is love, is love. i can't live in a world where love is not accepted while hate is accepted in our country than love. >> reporter: the group you mean matily marched to independence mall the place that gave birth to the nation where free speech was born to add their anti-trump message. >> everybody who not a white man is under the bus. it's not fit to be president or anything like that. >> reporter: various groups including the equality coalition is plans to stage a major rally on gnawings day january 20th. in center city, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> it is now, 6:04 a.m., developing from overseas, the
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taliban is claiming responsibility for an explosion on a military base in afghanistan. four people were killed an another 14 injured were inside bagrham air force. we're following a bizarre crime someone stole a ambulance from a fire department in delaware county. the vehicle was parked inside the woodland firehouse while a game of bingo was happening inside. this is has pennsylvania tags, ev55-789. ridley township police department is investigating this. if you see the ambulance call police. this morning we have newly released video that depicts a struggle between a haddon township police officer and the suspect, the encounter ended
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with the suspect shot after he allegedly tried to take off with the officer in tow. nora muchanic has the details. >> i just thought the cop shot the guy out of anger. >> reporter: but when she saw the dash cam video shooting in front of her house she changed her mind. this is what it looked like on alabama road when he had monday brown took off crashing into a car, a haddon township police officer gets brown out of the car, but instead of following direction, brown runs off, as the officer chases him, the weapon discharges. the officer holsters his gun and struggles to get control of brown who was wrestled to the ground, it wasn't until after that that brown was shot. >> the cop pulled the guy over and the guy kept going, the guy stopped and kept going, the common sense is to stop and do
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what he says to do. i know that and i am 13. the crash left the white car a mess. >> he got shot because he didn't listen. he should have stopped. now we don't have a car, because he wanted to do this. >> reporter: the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave while the camden county prosecutor's office investigates the use of force. the driver is being held in jail $100,000 bail and 0 weapons charge. one mom is praising the results of the dash cam recording. >> you get the whole view of it. nobody can lie, you got the stuff on video. >> in camden, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> 6:07. right now the time, we have sad news to tell you about this
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morning, former temple university president has died after a short illness, he served as president from 2002 to 2006. he was a fro if he iser of law law -- professor of law and science. two aids in the chris christie ben franklin bridge grate trial filed an appeal. chris christie who has maintained his innocence atlantic city not been charged. foreign for bill cosby want a federal judge to fill expense for his performances. he faces lawsuits from women who say he sexually assaulted them.
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he said release of financial information would hurt future negotiations. transportation authority is about to phase in knew i.d. cards for riders 65 and older. a new tap and go system will show cashier the card. photo identification cards will be mailed next week. a popular winter attraction is open and ready for the business. rothman ice rink in dilworth plaza in center city welcomed the first skaters of the season. a whole lot of fun to be had out there. the rink is open from now until february 26th. the white house is for sale. we're not talking about 1600
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pennsylvania avenue. you can soon by this white house and we'll tell you how. the answers for the sixers, alan iverson, the mannequin challenge may have been the lucky charm needed, chris. >> reporter: coming up in weather, it is nice and quite across the condition. we have a warmup on the way in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, details coming up next.
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. so glad you stayed with us, the foresale sign is up at the
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white house, this is a replica of the president's residence in washington, d.c. this is located in texas. the former governor's mansion is a scaled down version built in 1927 features 15 bathrooms, sun room and butlers pantry and walk in refrigerator and whole lot more. it's available for auction december 8. >> what do you think that will go for? >> in texas? maybe 5 million the producer says. maybe 1.5. >> reporter: what would you do with 15 bathrooms. weather looks good, gray, should be another nice weekend just like last weekend, we are expecting a ton of sunshine today and tomorrow. here's a beautiful shot, take a look at this looking back toward the camden skyline. clear skies picking up the sunrise, a nice day, a little
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chilly early on, the temperatures rebound in the 50s in the after. 39 in philadelphia. dewpoint, 21. pressure rising. the wind light out of the northwest at 3 miles per hour. the wind were whipping around yesterday be we had peak wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour in parts of the region. poconos, 38. philadelphia, 37 miles per hour. wilmington, 33. taking a look what else happened as the cold front pushed east and worked out to sea, the wind speeds have eased up a bit. we're replacing the 30-mile an hour gusts with wind speeds out of the of the west northwest at 15 to 15 miles per hour. poconos feels like 15. ebb -- everybody else 20s and 30s. here's satellite and radar, there's the saturday and your sunday afternoon. very, very quiet around here.
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so forecast for today, let's say lots of sunshine, chilly, 51 is the popular number throughout the entire area. 50 in allentown. 51 millville. cape may, atlantic city, dover, 52. toms river, lancaster, 50 degrees, overnight tonight, it's another cold one, temperatures dropping below freezing in some locations, 29 in reading, 31 for wilmington. 36 in philadelphia. millville, 31. closer 40 along the water. because the ocean temperatures is still in the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, seasonable for this time of the year. we'll call it sunny and chilly today. this will be the coolest daytime high so far this season. 49, 50, north and west, sunny and mild for the eagles game, 59. there will be a breeze not enough to feel -- to impact the game. monday increasing clouds 62.
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rain monday night into tuesday morning, we clear up in the afternoon. 58 degrees. wednesday, thursday, friday, combination of sun and clouds, all three days, temperatures close to 60 degrees. not a bad day. >> good stuff, thank you so much. 6:16 members of the u.s. air force from joint base mcguire fort dix lakehurst spent their day at the chosen ministry in spring garden helped those who are less fortunate. it is estimated that 1/5th of our homeless in philadelphia have served in our armed forces.
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update you on the bracing news, news -- breaking news, westbound side of the platt bridge is shut down. you see redlights, but things are easing up a bit. this happened at 5:30 a.m., there were two or three fender benders on the bridge. if you're on the way to the airport or use this route in the morning commute, take the girard point bridge to make it to your destination, we'll keep an eye on this throughout the morning. >> reporter: dunkin' donuts quit offeringenda they are making
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a chinese knock off brand. splenda said the coffee chain's actions are damaging their respect sayings and they want to be compensated for it. toys "r" us is opening at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving and stay open 30 hours through 11:00 p.m. on black friday. macy's is planning to open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving an hour earlier than last year. kohl's plans to open at 6:00 p.m. more than 60% say they will not shop on the holiday. don't look for you for the donald trump line at macy's while you do your holiday
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shopping, because the department store said they are dumping the president election clothing line, they dropped it last year after trump made negative comments about mexican immigrants on the first day of the campaign. macyies said it is if hillary clinton had a line they would not carry it. samsung will offer a virtual assistants on the the galaxy x8. samsung plans to unveil the s8 in the spring. tesla said the unlimited free charging is going away after january 1 buyers will get charging credits for about 1,000 miles a year and after that, customers will have to pay a small fee to charge their vehicles, but anyone who owns or orders a tesla before january 1
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will continue to enjoy the unlimited free charging experience at least for now, the unlimited charging has been the key sell point for tesla's electric cars. >> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, across the country there's not much going on, high pressure sprawling outward across the heartland of the nation, this is the storm track, everything stays to the north not only this weekend, but next week. i've had people over the last several weeks sending tweets and messages on facebook, why is it so mild?
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it's as i explained last weekend, these systems keepbashg milder air across the lower 48. the cold shots stay to the north and then it disappearance. that's what we'll see over the next couple of weeks. there's no sustainable cold out there, it's chilly, but not bad. lots of sunshine, 52 degrees the jersey shore, city of philadelphia, 51. poconos that's chilly, only 44. >> gray. >> thank you for the update. phillies make a trade and the sixers get a first win of the season. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: they were a little overanxious and forget the sixers were in the sixers in the 4th quarter, i said they were going to win, they blew an
6:26 am
overtime lead and guess what, they won. sixers did find a way to lose a late lead and force overtime. in the extra period, brett brown tried to keep them in the house, he led the sixers in a first win, 25 points in 26 minutes career high. flyers go to the hall of fame. leafs come back in the third period to score four straight goals on steve mason. 4. flyers lose the third straight, 6-3. who is the phillies highest paid position player? the answer is howie kendrick.
6:27 am
kendrick spent most of his career in second base. he is a career 289 hitter edger $10 million next year the last on his contract. eagles have lost four of their last five, you can call it the dog days of november, and connor barwin brought his golden doodle to practice today to bring smiles to a team that's on a short leash. >> everybody loves dogs, you've had a tough couple of weeks, i thought bringing him in would lighten the mood a little bit. >> friday night football, the quakers scored two touch downs in the final 16 seconds of the game. quakers won 27-14 giving harvard their first ivy league loss, they are in a position to earn a share of ivy league title.
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dinedynamic duo had their magic working early, nova wins 25-2. temple blew a ten point lead, the owls hold on to win it 97, 92 that's sports, have a great saturday.
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>> fatal crash a driver is dead after his car collides with a septa bus overnight. threatening messages, african-american students at penn are being targeted. we have details on what's fueling the hate. a taste of winter we're waking up to cold conditions, old man winter will not be sticking around for long. >> reporter: one day. >> meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: one day. >> one day we get out of here. >> reporter: he gets out of here and it's nice and mild. let's get you outside and show you what's going on here, live on sky6 live hd down in cape may, hardly a cloud in the sky, temperatures are mild on the water. ocean temperatures in the low to mid 50s, therefore we have air
6:31 am
temperatures which are milder than what's going on inland. 27 in millville. atlantic city the reading is on the airport, you get on the water it's more like 40, 41. cape may, the villas, dellhaven, 41 degrees. bluster and cold 28 degrees in the poconos. high pressure firmly in control, this is the exact same set up we had last weekend. we had all the sunshine. this weekend we're expecting sunshine. sunny and chilly, 51 degrees, somewhat breezy, but by afternoon whatever winds you are seeing should ease up. by afternoon it will feel okay. when i come back we'll talk about milder temperatures in store for us. >> 6:00 # -- 631, one person is dead after a car collided with a septa bus on hog island road
6:32 am
tinicum township, delaware county. the bus was on its way picking up employees finishing up their shift at the upstairs facility. police have not -- ups facility, police have not determined who o was at fault. black students are receiving vicious words at the university of penn. >> reporter: nate morris found himself added to a racist group chat aimed at black penn students. >> they made an events, calendar event lynch day. >> reporter: number of students who were targeted gathered at a private meeting to discuss the
6:33 am
incident. outside many marched in protest. >>s this the last place i would expect anything like this. >> reporter: some connected the incident to election, another account called trump disciples was created by a user named daddy trump. in a statement, university president amy gutman called the account repugnant and said we are saddened that it was aimed at our students or anyone. mayor kenny said it's sad to see this type of activity in the birth of democracy and the city of brotherly love. some students feel the presidential election hasembold. >> they feel confident. university officials say the appears the account is based in
6:34 am
oklahoma. governor tom wolf tweeted a message saying this act is unacceptable. in university city, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> and emotions are running high following the presidential election for a third night. take a look at this here, protesters took to the streets of center city voicing opposition to donald trump's victory that will make him the next president of the united states. men and women made their way from city hall to independence hall. some protesters are part of the lbgt community. >> i can't live in a world where love is accepted while hate is way more accepted in our country apparently than love. >> protests continued nationwide. protesters were rowdy at times in portland oregon. one protester was shot and
6:35 am
police are looking for the person responsible for the shooting. there are some protesters opposing the violence. chris christie is no longer running donald trump's transition team after running the transitions christy was demoted to cries chair. vice president elect mike pence is chair, the team is tasked for identifying people with top white house jobs that will happen likely before trump's inauguration january 20th. the president-elect may be softening his stance on the affordable care act. trump said he will consider keeping part of obama care following the meeting with president obama on thursday, he favors keeping protections for those with preexisting conditions and extending
6:36 am
coverage for young adults under their parents insurance. you can get the latest on the trump transition at, we'll have updates on the scramble for power in the white house and more on the unique issues facing the president-elect as he perhaps to take -- prepairs to take office. a new jersey state trooper's cruiser collided with a car in evesham burlington county. the trooper broke his leg and had to be rescued from the cruiser. two people from the other car are in the hospital. route 70 was closed in both directions for hours, this morning it is back open. a woman was hit and killed as she tried to cross a street in west kensington. chopper 6 hd above the scene on the 100 block of east lehigh avenue last night. the 23-year-old woman was rushed
6:37 am
to nearby episcopal hospital where she died from her injuries, the driver of the car stayed at the scene and cooperating with the investigation. this morning, philadelphia police are trying to track down two dangerous suspects connected to an armed robbery spree. the pair hit four businesses in west philadelphia over the past three weeks. surveillance video shows the suspects armed with guns wearing masks and gloves. in each case they take money and runaway from the scene. the latest incident happened tuesday night the family owned mini mart, we spoke to a victim who did not want to be identified. >> put my hand up, and gave -- i said take whatever you can. >> reporter: police say the criminals targeted nets bar at 54th and master. a family dollar on lancaster avenue, and jay-z tavern on
6:38 am
girard avenue. there's a local race that is still undecided. the delaware apartment of election said it will recount absentee ballots candidate at large because they lost by votes. benjamin coen lost by 0.01% of votes. the manual recount will takes place tuesday morning at the department of elections office in wilmington, of course we'll keep you posted. all right, folks, happening today, boy scouts hit the streets to take on hunger in the area. they will place bags on doorsteps in hopes that the community will make the much-needed donations. the scouts will pick up donations from homes next saturday. the effort is in collaboration with the 6abc did you dunkin' ds
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holiday food drive. we want you to join us on wednesday for the annual food drive event. sarah bloomquist will host the live food bank of volunteers, it will happen from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for more information go to a powerful new exhibit opens at the museum of art, it hopes to inspire essay worthy of a $10,000 prize. it is an experience in response to a letter written byndi to hitler.
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>> consider people with whom we have opposing views as potential friends to have emple --underst. >> you can find more information about the essay contest at you can find it at our 6abc app. the prize for the winner is a ten thousand dollar scholarship, the covering letter will be on display through march 5th. 6abc a proud sponsor of the exhibit and contest. a pair of teenagers in new york have a good person to thank for coming to the rescue after their car ended up upside down new lake. it's all laugh when a family gets together for the holidays, we have almost christmas. and meteorologist chris
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sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... and free delivery. at hhgregg.
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oh, boy look this, thieves used a stolen pick up truck to smash into a subway sandwich shop. they back in and break through the glass, they jump out to grab money and other items from the store. the neighboring business owner said they knew what they were
6:44 am
doing. two teens had to be rescued from a car after it flipped into a lake and started to sink. that happened after the driver hit a utility pole. the car rolled over the dock and plunged into the lake upside down. the 17-year-old passenger describes the panic. >> the car filled up with water, we did not know it was upside down. >> 19-year-old heard the accident from his home across the street. he called 911 and rushed to the lake and jumped in and pulled the teen to safety through an open window. luckily no one had any serious injuries. >> reporter: the if there's a positive to that, it's not january it's not cold. it's mild. >> speaking of cold your voice is going. >> reporter: i got my arsenal, got my throat coat and singers voice and luden.
6:45 am
i will not be defeated. as long as i can talk. >> reporter: there's the view as we get you outside, looking live on sky6 live hd, philadelphia international airport, nice out there, temperatures are chilly, we hardly have a cloud in the sky and the gusty breeze that we had yesterday has worked out to sea at this point and we're lighter wind speeds. double scan live is clear, no issues with precipitation over the next couple of days. there's a chance of rain monday night into tuesday, 51 degrees that's the high temperature for today. the normal is 58. this will be the coolest daytime high we've seen this fall season. some of the numbers north and west are starting out in the 20s. coatsville, 28. oxford you need a heavier coat. 29. kennett square, 29. 32 in quakertown. warrington, 33. frost advisories up for the state of delaware, as well as cape may county.
6:46 am
41 in the villas, glass borough, 34. 33 in cinnaminson. satellite and radar there you go lots of sunshine expected out there today, there's hardly a cloud in the sky. that high controls the weekend weather. somewhat breezy out there today, sunny and very, very quiet, pretty much the same thing as we move into sunday. the high works off the caroline coast that means more sunshine, whatever breeze we have relaxes tomorrow. highs in the upper 50s, close to 60. mostly sunny and chilly today, 51. winds are lighter than yesterday out of the west/northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. 39 by 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 48. 3:00 p.m., we're up to 50 degrees. maybe a couple of clouds from time to time. honestly i wouldn't be surprised if we have a cloud-free sky it looks that nice.
6:47 am
clear overnight tonight and cold, 28 degrees outlying suburbs, 36 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, there's the chance of rain monday night into tuesday morning, could be a period of rain, a small coastal storm is chugging up the eastern seaboard. we're not expecting a tremendous amount of rain, but it's something we need at this point as we continue to see a deficit in the delaware and lehigh valleys. 51 sunshine, sunny,. sunday, mild, high of 59. monday, the rain arrives, up to 62. tuesday, damp, clouds and morning rain 58. wednesday, mostly sunny, 59. thursday and friday, we're doing okay, combination of sun and clouds, highs near 60s. >> you holding up okay over there? >> reporter: doing okay. >> i'll take over from here. i would like to remind you you can get the seven-day forecast at the philadelphia business hall of fame handle members of
6:48 am
the community who -- honored members of the community who give their time to be men they heard from brian taff and sharrie williams who were privileged to emcee the events.
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right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq techonology. plus 36 month special financing. know better sleep with sleep number. 6:50, topping our people scene this morning michael keaton is returning to his super hero roots, this time he will be the super villain portraying the vulture in the spiderman homecoming. the film is slated for release next july. marvel is from disney, the parent company of 6abc. there are several new films arriving in theaters this weekend including an holiday comedy and out of this world
6:51 am
thriller. here's a preview. >> nothing like a proper introduction. >> reporter: amy adams stars in arrival a sci-fi thriller trying to communicate with aliens arriving around the world. all i'm asking is for five days for all of you to act like a family. >> reporter: the holiday comedy almost christmas is said to duke it out for arrival for third place, will a christmas flick fly days before turkey day? it could make $15 million this weekend. >> reality for shut in isn't great, the dark thriller staring naome was watts is expected to t for $6 million. in hollywood, i'm david daniels.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:54, looking at satellite across the country there's nothing going on. therethis is the jet stream, underneath the jet we have an area of high pressure sprawling out like this. as long as you have high pressure in control the air sinks and you can't get any clouds that means nice weather. two-thirds of the united states will experience a ton of sunshine. that's the call for us, sunny, 52 down the jersey shore. in philadelphia. 51.
6:55 am
poconos, 44 degrees. tomorrow, the eagles take on the mighty atlanta falcons and the number one rated passing attack in the conference here, hopefully we can control them. seasonable, winds out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the winds will be seasonable for the game, kickoff temperature, 58. by the 4th quarter, 59. thank for -- thank you fore update. you can raise the roof without ruining your budget and here's how to do it and save thousands of dollars in the do it yourself project. >> reporter: we have a great way to add high visual interest at a low low cost. using faux wood beams you wouldn't think of as a design heavy hitter. >> guess how much that weighs.
6:56 am
it's styrofoam. >> it looks like real wood. >> this is how it comes unfinished which is great because we can do anything you want to do it. well give em this an aged look by painting them gray and then add a dark metallic look. what we're going to do is take scrap pieces of wood and screw them into the studies and the ceiling this slides over the pieces of wood anticipate nail it into the studies. >> good work. these beam raise the bar or ceiling in the room design and they only cost 300 bucks compared to real wood beams that run to thousands of dollars and more difficult to install. for more ideas go to live well
6:57 am
network/knock it off. bedroom vanities like diamonds can be a girl's best friend. >> next week, the diners show you ho to create your own vanity for less than $100. the time 6:57 a nebraska judge is taking a chance at a friendly face to help calm nerves inside a courtroom. the judge's four legged friend has taken a seat under the bench. his preference is meant to ease tension in a stressful environment. the courtroom sees a number of juveniles who are looking for a second chance. he roams and greets defendants. >> that's a high five. >> judge johnson said his k-9 expert has so far worked. that's good news, he has connected to kids and hopefully with some of their parents.
6:58 am
>> we have an hour of "action news" coming your way. impressive feat, the veteran who set a world record to help fellow veterans. a truck rams into a store in the midwest after -- a deer gets out of a store after getting trapped inside. those stories when "action news" returns. >> a pleasant good morning to
6:59 am
7:00 am
you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, november 12. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," the university of penn campus rocked by a racist cyber attack. plus, authorities are looking for whoever took off in this ambulance parked outside a delaware county bingo hall. this is a sure sign of the changing seasons the ice rink at dilworth plaza is opened for business. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers. it must be cold, right? >> reporter: somebody get the weather man some gloves. [laughter]. temperatures are cold, it's blustery we have a breeze, we expect the wind to diminish as the afternoon wears on. it's not as windy as yesterday where we had gusts up to 30 miles per hour and some locations closer to 40, right now it's five to


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