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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, 6 o'clock on this tuesday november 15th and we're following several breaking stories. >> brand new information is just in on a father accused of abducting his daughter down south and they've got some connections to our area. >> a woman is air listed to the hospital after being stabbed overnight in south jersey. we'll have a live report from the scene. >> and let's take a live look here from sky6, the view out over center city. some showers are still going on this morning depending on where you are and that can make for a wet commute. >> karen rogers tracking that and dave murphy has storm tracker6 live. good morning. >> all right, guys, we're off to a dry start here on the terrace but maybe not much longer. take a look at storm tracker. you can see that the eastern half of the area is looking at rain and this is slowly inching its way toward the west. i don't think it gets much farther west than
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philadelphia. but there is that chance of at least some rain out there and occasionally you see some darker shades of green which is a little bit of a steadier rain. as we take a look at satellite and radar, though, once that rain gets past us we are looking at some clearing down south and during the afternoon we'll not only dry out we may see return of some sunshine. 51 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. so not as cold as yesterday morning. but still jacket weather. 45 in allentown, 42 in reading, 45 in wilmington and 50 in cape may. winds have turned out of the north so it won't be quite as mild as it was yesterday but not too bad and winds staying on the light side today. here's how we're going to roll. 47 degrees under the clouds with some of us looking at rain by 7 o'clock. more of the same by 10 o'clock with a temperature of 53. and then by noon cloudy but most of us drying out, 57 and by 3 o'clock, your high of 59 degrees rides in and we could see some sunshine breaking out by then. back to 53 by 6 o'clock. karen, it looks like a great stretch of weather arrives starting tomorrow. i'll have details on that coming up in the seven-day. >> all right, dave, we've got more on our breaking news
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right now. a a car carrier caught on fire. it's happening on the new jersey turnpike just south of route 73. that's exit four on the turnpike. as you're heading southbound all lanes blocked because of this car carrier on fire here. traffic squeezing by on the shoulder. speeds about 26 miles per hour. avoid the new jersey turnpike with all lanes blocked southbound. stick to 295 instead. a major problem right now in mount laurel burlington county. let's go outside and show you what the roads look like in new jersey where we have that rain. we're looking live here on 295 and this is camden county in haddon heights right here at route 30. this is one of the areas we're not getting the heaviest of rain right there but you can see the roads are damp so you're going to need to be careful as you're heading out there. we had an accident in an area where we had the rain in franklin township main road at dutch mill road. that just cleared but weary placing it with a new accident
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here coming into us in up bear delaware county on garrett road near clear brook avenue so watch for that. we're hearing there are people injured on the scene. one more live look starting to get a little damp right now on i-95 at cottman. already jammed southbound past academy to cottman matt. >> thank you karen. breaking news on an amber alert. authorities trace planned suspected of kidnapping his own daughter from virginia all the way to our region by tracking his cell phone. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has been working on the phones and updates us live from the satellite center. annie. >> reporter: matt just to give you some backgrounds virginia police did issue an amber alert for little girl who possibly could be in our area, possibly new jersey or pennsylvania. last week the child went missing with her father and police just told us, police in virginia they say that it was last thursday that they actually traction his cell phone to bucks county specifically in dublin pennsylvania. they also believe that he may have been somewhere in bensalem. they are still looking for him and for the little girl. they also say that the father
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has a hometown of williamstown, new jersey is where he is from which of course is in south jersey. police fear that four-year-old annabelle doretha hope richardson could be in extreme danger after her father dylan james richardson took her last wednesday. now, according to authorities in virginia her father who does not have custody was allowed to see annabelle as long as he stayed drug free and when authorities wanted to drug test that is when he allegedly fled with the child. last week however an amber -- that happened last week. an amber alert though was issued just last night. now, we are told the reason for that is because there's a specific criteria that you need in order to issue an amber alert and there are -- somebody had told police that he may have a weapon. richardson is driving a burgundy chevy van, 1995 with virginia plates vmg2332. now on a facebook page presumed to be dylan richardson's he states they did not kidnap his own child. he plans on filing for custody and he did what was in the
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best interests of his daughter. the facebook page lists williamstown, new jersey, as his hometown. now, back out here live the father is also traveling with his mother, her name is jacqueline mckenna but at this hour there is no picture released of her or a description. of course, if you see this duo or trio, you must call 911. for now reporting live in the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> okay, hope everybody looked at that information. thank you annie. we've got some more breaking news this morning. police were called to a scene finding a woman with a bleeding head bound to burlington county and she was in such bad shape she had to be airlifted to the hospital. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in mount holly with more. good morning, katherine. good morning, tam. investigators have been here on the scene throughout the night after a woman was assaulted and stabbed and you can see that they still have the road closed off here in that mount holly for this investigation. this happened around midnight on the unit block of west monroe street. police say the victim was bleeding from her head. she was stabbed. she was airlifted to capitol
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health regional medical center in trenton. while we're hearing she was alive, police have not released her condition. as to what led up to this, what the motive was, that all remains under investigation. they have not released her name yet. so far there's been no word on any suspects or witnesses. we're expecting to hear more information from the burlington county prosecutor's office later on this morning. we are live in mount holly, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. and new this morning, heavy fire damaged a montgomery county school overnight. the action cam was at the lakeside school in horsham township. it took crews about half an hour to get this under control. there are no reports of injuries. officials say the fire was contained to one classroom. they say the blaze appears to be mechanical. >> new on "action news," a berks county business owner hopes pictures from his brand new surveillance system will help police catch a thief. the cameras caught clear images of the burglar walking around the business.
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police say he was on the property for almost 30 minutes and loaded up an suv with hundreds of dollars worth of batteries and scrap metal. the burglar also caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> chevrolet is celebrating a big award. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with more on that. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey good morning tam. chevy volt named motor trend's car of the year considered the first relatively inexpensive long range electric vehicle it's expected to go on sale by the end of the year with prices starting about 37,500 it gets down to 30,000 after federal tax incentives. motor trend's editors says even if it were gasoline powered it would be good small hatchback car. tech shares sold off. dow managed a slight gyn close another record high. futures pointing to a higher open. reports on retail sales and business inventories due out later today. nike self lacing sneakers will sell for $720 a pair. the model is called the hyper
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adapt .0. a battery charges the shoe and a button on the tong lets you tighten or loosen laces. mike kerr hyper adapt one points zero goes on sale december 1st. as much as my smartphone i should be able to text with my feet. >> you should be able to think it and it pops up maribel. >> wait a couple weeks. >> right,. >> they'll figure it out. >> we're going to figure out some rain okay. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows that you about half the reason -- region i should say is a little bit damp and we'll go in tighter on this in a moment. as we take a look at sky6 cloudy skies overhead across the region and in some cases we do have a little bit of rain falling. there's the commodore barry bridge and there you see those clouds. the two dimensional view again shows that you there is some rain, most of it light highlighted in lighter shades of green, although every now and then you get a little yellow or darker shade of green and this is trying to push into philadelphia but i don't know how much farther west it's going to make it. it might push briefly into center city before it kind of
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wraps away from us. couple of other little smaller showers here and there down by dover and out to the west of us. we're going to be dealing with this off and on shower activity in areas anyway where it's falling right now up until about midday and then it should be pushing out. 51 degrees in philadelphia, 45 in wilmington, 45 in allentown, 48 in trenton, 50 in cape may. and future tracker six shows that you between now and 9 o'clock it's possible that we still have some of this shower activity lingering close to philadelphia. it may be pushing a little bit to the west. by the time we get to midday most of that rain is beginning to move off to the north and east. later in the afternoon we may actually break up the clouds a little bit and get some sun back in. high temperature today in allentown is going to be on the mild side, 58 degrees, mostly cloudy with afternoon drying as you just saw. down the shore we're going to get pretty quick drying later this morning, 54 degrees is the high, mostly cloudy otherwise. and in philadelphia, we'll call it mostly cloudy with clouds in the morning. afternoon drying. and maybe some sun coming back later and a high of 59. the winds will pick up out of the northwest about eight to
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16 miles per hour not all that strong. tonight we clear out. chilly with light winds. 41 the low in philadelphia. some outlying suburbs down into the 30's and then tomorrow a bounce back. the rain maker for today is pushing off to the northeast. cold front is off to the east of us and we get up to 62 degrees with a lot of sunshine returning and even though there's another little front coming in, we are going to maintain mild afternoon highs tomorrow and straight into the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a high of 59 today. mostly cloudy skies with some sun coming back later after we dump the rain. partly sunny and mild on wednesday, a high of 62. and still very nice on thursday with a high of 62. but friday takes the cake. 66 degrees, lots of sun. heading into the coming weekend we've got the philadelphia half marathon on saturday and it looks like great weather for that, partly sunny a high of 66 degrees. the full marathon on sunday not exactly ideal conditions. it will be windy and chilly, a high of 49 degrees and there is the chance of some showers on sunday.
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staying cool on monday, too. >> okay. >> all right. thank you david. it is now 6:-- almost 6:11. a client feels like her consultation was flying by. then she realizes she's been hypnotized and assaulted. >> an airline pilot zigzags through the sky to avoid hitting what app beers to be a drone. karen. >> we can see a little building volume eastbound. still dry on 422 but not elsewhere. we're going check on that tractor-trailer fire that's been closing the new jersey turnpike when "action news" comes right back. (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started the new beneful recipe.
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>> thanks. >> welcome back. taking a live look here the view of the airport. it is 6:14, 51 degrees as they get throws planes ready. >> breaking news traffic wise. >> yeah, this is a big one. the new jersey turnpike southbound is shut down. a tractor-trailer with a car carrier and some of the cars caught on fire. the fire itself contained but all lanes have been blocked for awhile now on the new jersey turnpike. this is as you're heading southbound on the turnpike right at exit four. that's right past route 73. and before we were seeing some speeds get by there on the shoulder but unclear looks like traffic is kind of stopping right there now. you can get off at route 73 and hop onto 295 instead because all lanes are blocked
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right now just some traffic squeezing by on the shoulder on the new jersey turnpike southbound here in that mount laurel stick to 295 instead. let's show you what it looks like out there. the roads are getting wet. this is i-95 at allegheny and look at this southbound traffic. it's not pouring here on 95, it's just damp but southbound jammed from academy to cottman and past the betsy ross bridge to girard. already a 24 minute ride, a bit of a delay from woodhaven to the vine. as we look at the big picture here we do have an accident over here in delaware county. we're hearing it's serious in upper darby on garrett road near clear brook avenue. someone injured on the scene. other than that, the blue route is looking okay, speeds in the 50's. schuylkill expressway some of your normal slowing about 38 miles an hour westbound as you head near bala cynwyd but you can kind of see the rain that's moving in here and starting to cross the city. let's look at storm tracker6 live double scan and some areas coming down pretty good. mostly in new jersey. and it's pushing in from the east so as we look at these you can see new jersey turnpike near woodbury you're starting to get wet.
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route 70 that area of yellow really coming down as well as you near trenton and i-95, the area of yellow. in berlin it's just damp and we could see now it's starting to push in from the city so it's moving east and we're going to get damp there. important though to look at the temps. we're all well above freezing. 51 degrees in the city. temps in the 40's even in the suburbs. i love that my kids have become mini meteorologists. my daughter said mom if it's 30 degrees like it was yesterday it's going to slow snow. no, it's 46 degrees in south jersey right now matt. >> it's a slow realization i guess. thank you, karen. new on "action news" here, an ohio judge has sentenced a former attorney to 12 years in prison for hypnotizing female clients for his sexual gratification. michael fine of the cleveland area was arrested after one of his clients contacted police with her suspicions. court documents say she agreed to go back and wear a body camera to prove the claims. fein's arrest prompted other accusers to come forward. the 59-year-old pleaded guilty to six counts of kidnapping, one counts of attempted
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kidnapping. he will have to register as a tier two sex offender. authorities wonder if a drone caused a midair scare for a flight carrying almost 60 people over canada. the porter airlines pilot noticed something in the sky and swerved the plane. the sudden jerk tossed around two flight attendants who were working the aisle. they're okay. the plane made it safely from ottawa to toronto. >> new on "action news" a former campaign plane for hillary clinton has been put to good use. the university of dayton's men's basketball team boarded clinton's plane in dayton yesterday. the university says they had no idea the team would be using it until they arrived at the airport. it's the first time the team has flown on a plane branded by political campaign though the squad has used the jets of pro sports teams before. dayton plays the university of alabama in tuscaloosa today. >> if you don't do mornings like us, maybe you can thank your dna. doctors say they have found out what makes some of us night owls and others early risers.
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david. >> work definitely makes us early risers anyway. >> sure. >> we do have some umbrellas with some of the kids as about half the region is looking at some showers this morning. it does dry out this afternoon but stays a bit on the cool side. i'll have your 12-hour forecast coming up next. >> in today tech bytes the world's big effort internet companies take on fake news. >> amid criticism that fake news sites made for some misinformed voters google will ban those web sites from using online ad service. face has followed with a similar policy. government regulators want electric autos and hybrids to make more noise. it will allow pedestrians to hear the vehicles as they approach. >> they say that could prevent 2400 injuries a year. first noisy electric are due with the 2019 model year. delta airlines is using a $50 million state of the art system to keep tabs on your baggage. radiofrequency in the tags are scanned as the bags move through the system. >> smartphone app flyers can keep track of their luggage
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>> new on "action news," college basketball fans took the mannequin challenge to a new level. the entire arena that's really cool took part. this happened during a timeout at the gonzaga game in washington state. wow, those guys -- look at that. >> you know what, it's jumped the shark now. >> karen was first. >> we were so ahead of the time. >> we were. >> we were. but we should have done some of those old cheerleading moves. it would have been fun much let's take a look -- maybe not. let's take a look at the wet weather here in deptford township gloucester county. this is route 42 at 41. starting to get busy. look at that traffic here jamming up from frown market street and that's because of an accident up ahead on the right shoulder so watch for this accident jamming up 42 at
6:22 am
this point as you're heading northbound coming in from deptford gloucester county. another new accident new hanover township this is new road at church road and mass transit is starting to see some delays. mostly minor but we've got one 24 minute delay with the west trenton line. dave. >> half the reason covered by rain, a lot of south jersey, this is trying to inch in this direction but it's not going to make it too much farther so it could be that center city maybe picks up a little bit of a sprinkle. there is some steadier rain though over parts of the new jersey turnpike and 295 in south jersey especially in burlington county, be careful of that. couple more showers out to the west that might try and sweep up. generally speaking this is all going get past us by probably later this morning up to about midday. then we're dry. so if you're dressing the kids some of you are going to want an umbrella in the morning, western suburbs probably don't need it and this afternoon still looking at jackets on the kids. here's how numbers are going to go. 47 degrees by 8 o'clock by 10 o'clock 53. some of you still under the threatt of at least some light
6:23 am
showers in through here. by noon most of us are dry 57 and by 3 o'clock, we get a high of 59 degrees and we'll probably see a little bit of sunshine breaking out by then. tam. >> okay, thank you david. if you can't sleep in past 9:00 a.m. or can't go to bed before 11:00 at night we have news for you. this could not be your fault it could just be your genetics. according to research from the genetics company 23 your dna determines whether you're a night owl or early bird. analysis found there are 15 genes associated with the body's internal clock and there's little a person can do to reset it. they say the data explains why many night owls feel hazy in the morning regardless of how many hours of sleep they get and why they tends to need more caffeine than early birds >> good thing i'm not a night owl. flyers host the senators tonight. eric lindros is now a hockey hall of fame erin ducted last night in toronto. lindros racked up 372 goals and nearly 500 assists in his 13 year career. he thanked his teammates
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coaches trainers and, yes, you, too, all you flyers fans. the new york giants keep rolling. they rallied last flight to beat the bengals 21 to 20's. eli manning threw three touchdown passes. the g men have won four straight games and are in second place in a very tough nfc east. >> ♪ what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests,
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>> new on "action news" crews are working to put together reading's new artificial christmas tree.
6:27 am
city officials opted to go with a 30-foot tall fake fir this year in place of a real treatment the decision comes two years after reading's choice of a scrawny charlie brown tree drew criticism from around the world. tree lighting ceremony takes place friday evening. >> 6:27. a child abduction case in virginia has caught the attention of police in our area because of a ping from a cell phone. >> donald trump's road to the white house has hit a speed bump. president-elect is getting a bit of backlash on a key appointment. >> ♪ afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> break now on "action news" a stabbing attack sends a woman to the know burke. we're live as information unfolds. >> a man has kidnapped his own daughter. a ping from the man's cell phone puts him in our region
6:30 am
in recent days. >> we're waking up to rain but your day will not be a washout. >> good morning. november 15. david as umbrella up and ran cops has a few problems. >> we've started to see the light rain arrive here at the station. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan this has been working its way across south jersey in toward philadelphia and at least some light rain now falling here at channel6 and in center city as well. the western suburbs mainly dry. there are a couple of other showers farther to the west that could be a hindrance a little later on and most is expected to push out of here in time for the lunch hour. there you see some clearing down to the south. in fact we might see sunshine returning into the picture later on in the afternoon. temperatures are cool. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. 45 in wilmington. 51 in cape may much slow it down where you have wet roads. little bit of moisture on the roads is enough to get you slipping and sliding especially if you happen to get oil or wet levers on the roads. winds dropping down out of the north and it will probably be
6:31 am
a tad cooler as a result. 47 degrees at 7 o'clock. 53 by 10 o'clock. in through here parts of the region will be looking at sprinkles and showers. by noon most of us are drying out probably still fairly cloudy 57 and your high today is 59 at 3 o'clock. by then we'll probably see some sunshine breaking out across a good deal of the region. 6 o'clock 53 degrees and overnight we clear out and cool down. karen we're looking at a really nice stretch of weather starting tomorrow. i'll have details on that in the seven day. >> all right dave the big problem this morning in traffic is right in new jersey. the new jersey turnpike southbound shut down right here in mount laurel burlington county. it's because of this tractor-trailer fire. it was a car carrier carrying lots of cars and some of them caught on fire so the fire is contained. there weren't any injuries but they still have the turnpike shut down. heading southbound south of exit four route 73 right here and you can see how jammed it is at times. they're allowing traffic to get by on the shoulder but it's a big mess out there. stick to 295 instead of the new jersey turnpike. that's a big problem. let's go outside live near
6:32 am
this area. this is mount laurel 295 at 38 so this would be a good alternate for you. it's wet here but no other problems so you could see the rain still coming down in this area. i-95 really jamming. look at this southbound traffic right here. already a 30 minute ride from that woodhaven to the vine. you're jammed past woodhaven to cottman and again past the betsy ross bridge to girard. you can see it's a bit wet here. we've got puddles out there on the side. it's not pouring in this area but wet nonetheless and creating a slow go for you this morning. here's a new accident or one that's been out here garrett road near clear brook avenue an accident in upper darby. hearing there are injuries on the scene and an accident in new hanover on new road at church road so a handful of accidents and problems and those roads are getting wetter tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we continue to follow breaking news a woman has been stabbed in burlington county, new jersey. her condition was serious enough when police got to the scene that medics had to air lift her to the hospital and let's go on over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live in mount holly. katherine, police had a lot to sort out.
6:33 am
what do they know at this point? >> reporter: well, it's still early on in this investigation, tam, so police are still looking for more details, but they've been here in mount holly on the scene throughout the night. you can see the road is still blocked off for this police investigation. we do know this woman was stabbed and assaulted and rushed to a hospital in trenton. this happened around midnight here on the unit block of west monroe street in that mount holly. police were called to the scene to investigate. they say the victim was stabbed, she was bleeding from her head, she was airlifted to capitol health regional medical center. there's been no word on her condition since other than hearing that she is alive. in terms of the circumstances of this assault and stabbing, what led up to it, what the motive was, that all remains under investigation here this morning. so far there's been no word on any suspects and the name of the victim has not been released but this morning back here live as you can see the road is still blocked off here in mount holly as police investigate. we're expecting to hear more
6:34 am
from the burlington county prosecutors officers later on this morning. we're live in mount holly, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks, katherine. and developing right now, the search for suspects in a murder mystery in trenton. police found a man shot dead on the 1400 block of edgewood avenue at midnight. grieving family members tried to push past the crime tape when they heard about the killing. it is unclear who pulled the trigger or why. a 16-year-old is suffering from serious stab wounds this morning and police say the boy knows his attackers. chopper6 was over the scene last night on the 1400 block of south vodges street in southwest philadelphia. police say two people stabbed the boy several times. he is being treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. it is unclear if the attackers have been caught. >> mike pence is headed to trump tower today to discuss cabinet picks with the and president-elect. former new york city mayor and rudy giuliani has emerged as the favorite to serve as secretary of state but trump's pick of steve bannon is causing sharp criticism.
6:35 am
they say the alt right media mogul will bring racist views to the white house citing the kinds of material regularly published through breitbart the site that bannon managed much the trump team responds that they've seen no such influence from bannon. >> he's people should look at the full resume. he's got a harvard business degree naval officer, he has success in entertainment and he certainly way a goldman sachs managing partner. >> anti-trump protests continue for a sixth day nationwide in portland oregon. students some not even old enough to vote staged a massive walkout. >> happening today, several philadelphia music legends will receiver the prestigious marion anderson award. grammy award winner patti labelle bell and music producers kenny gamble and leon hough will receive the honor during a gala at the kimmel center tonight. the award is named after the famous philadelphia opera singer and recognizes artists for their humanitarian efforts. >> breaking news.
6:36 am
police have just canceled an amber alert for a four-year-old girl. she is from virginia as we told you and moments ago we learned she actually turned up in our area. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the brand new information live from the satellite center. annie. >> matt, this is good news for this amber alert that was issued last night from virginia. that little girl is safe and sound. police have just told us moments ago that four-year-old annabelle doretha hope richardson is safe. we just learned her father dylan james richardson turned himself in within the past hour to monroe township in gloucester county to some sort of police station there we were told. now according to authorities in virginia this all started after the father who does not have custody was allowed to see annabelle as long as he stayed drug free and he was told by authorities that he needed to take a drug test. that was last week. it was at that time that police say he then fled with that little girl. among the time that he has been missing with her there were pings on his cell phone where they tracked his cell
6:37 am
phone areas in bucks county on a facebook page. he then said that he did not kidnap his own child. he planned to if i would file for custody and what he did was in the best interests of his daughter but the good news now is after that amber alert was issued in virginia out of virginia yesterday and there were alerts in pennsylvania and new jersey, people paid attention and somehow this man knew that he was wanted to be brought in with this little girl and they are safe and sound now in monroe township. we'll definitely have more details about what are the next steps in this coming up later in the newscast. for now reporting live from the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news. back to you. >> all right, thank you for that annie for that update. let's turn to dave murphy to talk about today's accuweather. >> there is some rain out there right now tam. storm tracker6 live double scan shows it to you and in a moment we'll take a closer look but you can see how south jersey is covered by this. it is shifting in from the ocean a little bit and now philadelphia also picking up at least some light showers and sprinkles a little bit more down south by dover and some additional stuff well to
6:38 am
the west that may just miss us. as we take a look outside cloudy skies over the airport and at the airport that's one of those areas where you might see a little bit of a light sprinkle. as we take a closer look on storm tracker6 live double scan, though, it's mainly from about center city to the west. you can see that it's still in the process of moving a little bit more to the east and storm tracker6, i just love this radar because it slows you even the light stuff and break away little showers. this is what i was standing in a moment ago. it's not really much but some light rain even out of that little puff of green. some steadier rain by wrightstown and trenton. every now and then you'll get caught in that. this is going to have a tendency to shift a little bit more to the west and then pull out to the north side and east as we go later into the morning and up to about midday. 51 currently in philadelphia, so cool but not as cold as it was yesterday. winds out of the north-northwest fairly light at 7 miles per hour. and future tracker six shows you between now and 9:00 we may still be bothered by some of these light showers but pretty quickly after that the rain pushes offer to the north and east. by 12 o'clock we're probably dry outside of maybe trenton and parts of bucks county. and then the rest of the
6:39 am
afternoon we not only dry out but there are breaks in the clouds and by 5 o'clock maybe even before then we could see some breaks of sunshine in parts of the region. temperatures well here we go. 47 degrees by 8 o'clock. 53 by 10 o'clock. some shower activity in through here. by noon, mainly dry, still cloudy, 57. and then some sun coming back later in the afternoon with a high of 59 degrees at about 3 o'clock. by 5 o'clock we'll be back down to 56 and probably the low 50's by 6 o'clock dinnertime. clouds starting to break up overnight. high temperatures very similar. upper 50's from allentown, down to the i-95 corridor, down millville and a little cooler down in cape may, 56 degrees there. tomorrow a nice bounce back. the rain maker pushes away from us. we get a little breezy but sun returns and a nice high of 62. even though there's another weak front popping through, we're still going to maintain highs in the 60's for the rest of the work week and into the first part of the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today's high 59. mostly cloudy skies with some sun possibly coming back later in the day after we get rid of the morning rain. and then tomorrow partly to
6:40 am
mostly sunny and mild, a high of 62. 62 again on thursday and friday gorgeous, sunny and milder, a high of 66 degrees on friday. saturday looks good, too. the philadelphia half marathon takes place. great weather. 66 degrees, partly sunny. be a little bit cool in the morning but in the 40's, not too bad. on sunday, for the full marathon, though, windy chilly a couple of showers and a high of just 49 so that will not be quite as nice and it looks like we stay in the upper 40's on monday. >> okay. thanks, david. 6:40 and next and brands new gunfire on a california freeway and police say it could be a case of road rage. >> a mine collapse in pennsylvania coal country. the substance nearly swallows up an entire home. karen. >> we've been talking about the wet roads in new jersey and now part of the city but we're dry right now on the 30 bypass here at 282. that's your eastbound traffic. pretty heavy from 340 to 113. we'll take you in new jersey, check out the rain and we'll take a live look at the schuylkill when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge and in the distance you can see that cloudiness kind of looks like rain out there and indeed it is raining in some parts of our region. >> let's go karen rogers. that means some people may have a little trouble with their commute. good morning. >> yeah, the big story lab the tractor-trailer fire. it was a car carrier and some of the cars caught on fire. the fire contained but this is happening on the new jersey turnpike southbound. it is still shut down. this is in mount laurel burlington county so it's shut down just south of route 73, that exit four and you can see how jammed traffic is. traffic is kind of squeezing by on the shoulder here. so you're jammed back to
6:44 am
14 miles an hour so stick to 295 instead of the new jersey turnpike. let's go on outside. we've noticed a problem here on the schuylkill. you see this accident mostly off to the shoulder but look how jammed you are on the schuylkill. this is eastbound near the boulevard as you head towards center city you're jammed from conshohocken to the curve and then from city avenue to the to girard you're stuck in this and eastbound that travel time jumped up. a 25 minute ride from the blue route to the vine. westbound is heavy as well 23 minute ride from the vine to the blue route and starting to get wet in spots. let's look at the big picture here. the first thing you notice, the rain that's pushing through the city on the map. you can kind of see that now. blue route you still are moving okay, mostly in the 50's. you see slow speeds we talked about on the schuylkill expressway. and i-95 as well just freezing rain miles an hour 25 at girard. the accident we had been talking about in upper darby has cleared so garrett road moving a lot better right now. let's show you storm tracker6 live double scan right now. the best way to see where this rain is. it's coming in from the coast. so, it's pushing in from the
6:45 am
east. we saw it was wet in new jersey. now you see those light showers moving in towards the city. it's not terribly heavy but those roads are getting damp through the city, through jenkintown and norristown you might be getting a little bit but it's a lot heavier over here. you can see trenton and florence township along i-95 there, the area of yellow showing it's pretty heavy but it's wet in cherry hill in woodbury and glassboro and that's why we're seeing more problems this morning, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, 18 passengers have filed a lawsuit in connection to last month's plane fire at slick's o'hare international. more than a dozen people went to hospitals after the right engine of the miami bound flight broke into four pieces on the runway. the suit names boeing and american airlines as defendants as well as general electric aviation claiming it sold a faulty engine used to assemble an unsafe aircraft. the companies declined to comment on the pending litigation. this is also new app possible road rage shooting injured one person on an l.a. freeway. california highway patrolmen say the gunman fired a shot at a red car.
6:46 am
the bullet shattered the windshield and hit the driver. that person was able to get off the highway and park until help could get to them. police are looking for a suspect driving a dark blue chevy suburban. >> part of an old mine collapsed in schuylkill county pa and nearly swallowed a family's home. the ground in the quick's backyard in mahony township gave way on saturday night. tracy quick and her husband were just sitting there watching tv while their three children were asleep. >> it started cracking, like the whole house just sounded like it was going to just go. it was horrible. it's devastating, it's absolutely devastating. it breaks my heart actually. >> everyone made it out safely but the family now fears they could lose their home. engineers are working to stabilize the house and fill in the hole.
6:47 am
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y254jy yi0y >> time now to see what they have coming up on "good morning america". >> let's turn to robin roberts. a lot of people starting to question a particular key hire by the president-elect. >> reporter: someone that is known very well here in new york city. yes, donald trump continuing to assign roles for what remains for his administration and megyn kelly will join us live this morning to talk about the and the election and
6:50 am
her own history with donald trump and what happened with her former boss roger ailes awful that is just ahead. google and facebook's plan to stop the flow of fake news stories on their sites. bench companies drawing criticism over how misleading content may have influenced the election all the details on that controversy. and should you be monitoring your child's cell phone? experts are here to weigh in on whether or not you should use apps to track your child's cell phone and social media use. we're cracking the kid code with abc's tj homes this morning and people's editor director jeff indication goal will join us to reveal people's sexiest man's alive the rest of this year's list including some brand new categories and were you ever our own is on the list. i'm not saying who and it's all coming up here on "gma." >> all right. >> not going to name any names but it's probably named michael strayhan. >> reporter: you would be wrong, sir. >> really. >> reporter: you would be wrong. >> oh. >> reporter: that was last year. >> we've eliminated one person. >> shocking.
6:51 am
>> george stephanopoulos. >> okay. [laughter] >> not even my family would vote for me. [laughter] >> your family would vote for you, george. >> all right, we'll see you shortly. all right. [laughter] >> there you have it. >> i would vote and i'm not even family. let's take a look right now, well, we're in the abc family. this is deptford township gloucester county look at the jam on route 42 at 41. there was an accident at market street which cleared but we're still jammed from college drive to market street so it's a slow go on route 42. on route 422 here approaching oaks also jammed eastbound past 29 to 23. we're dry right here and our we shall suburbs like 422. new problems coming in. west trenton line they've got slippery rails so 15 minutes delays and i was noticing another train on the west trenton line that was expressing due to overcrowding, dave. >> karen, light rain continuing to migrate from new jersey across the river into center city.
6:52 am
this is very light, just light sprinkle stuff. i've had a little bit up by the station as well. the farther west you go or east i should say you go into south jersey and up toward trenton, the better chance you have of seeing some steadier rain highlighted in darker shades of green and even some yellow. this is all going to push off to the northeast later this morning and by lunchtime most of us are going to be dry. dressing the kids this morning some are going the need an and well especially in -- need an umbrella. it does look like the rain tapers off by midday. up to 57 and we get a high of 59 at 3 o'clock and by 3 o'clock there could be the return of some sunshine. tam. >> oh, thank you david. veteran journalist and pioneering broadcaster gwen ifill died at the age of 51. she had been battling cancer. i've fill anchored the pbs news hour along with julie woodruff. they were the first pair of female co-cang ors. ifill was the first female host of the washington week in review.
6:53 am
her groundbreaking career spans decades including stints with the washington post new york times and nbc news. she was beloved in that washington as a woman of great humor fast wit high integrity and deep friendships. (vo) at friskies, no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. new friskies tender and crunchy combo.
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>> top stories at 6:55. a woman was found with a stab wound to her head in mount
6:56 am
holly burlington county. she was so badly injured medics had to air lift her to the hospital. there is no word on her condition or what led to the injury. police in virginia canceled an amber alert within the past hour. four-year-old annabelle richardson is safe and turned up in our area. police say dylan richardson took his daughter from virginia back on wednesday of last week even though he does not have custody and turned himself in to police in monroe township gloucester county this morning. >> let's take a look at the roads right now. schuylkill expressway this is eastbound at the boulevard and you see that accident penndot now on the scene assisting with that. eastbound schuylkill jammed in this area and the big story is the new jersey turnpike still shut down southbound just south of exit four because of this tractor-trailer fire. we've got a good mile delay. traffic crawling on the shoulder, dave. >> storm tracker6 live double scan again slows us rain in the eastern half of the area. this is managing to push into areas around center city. some of the northern and western suburbs just stay dry and then this all pushes out late this morning and up to
6:57 am
about noon or so. 59 is today's high, a little above average. beautiful weather starting tomorrow. we've got a string of days in the 60's. >> okay, well that's nice. all right. we'll see you in 30 minutes with updates. for karen rogers dave murphy matt o'donnell i'm tamala edwards. make it a good tuesday. instead of rushing to buy
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we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays.
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good morning, america. anti-trump protests escalate. a trump supporter caught on camera attacking a fellow student on a college campus as president obama tries to peacefully pass the baton. >> i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic. >> his advice to the president-elect as donald trump builds his team, the new role rudy giuliani may play in his white house. breaking overnight a massive manhunt for this accused killer escaped from a county jail. now authorities warn he may have stolen a truck with a rifle inside. the search for this man who could be armed and dangerous. caught on camera, this hot air balloon goes haywire at a festival catching fire as fireworks explode. firefighters on the scene as the crowd


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