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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 15, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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it's november 15th, time for videos going viral "right this minute." a woman dangles a small child over a busy overpass. what happens when the girl's child doesn't lift a finger to help. >> it was strange. >> a jet skier races to rescue an animal. >> okay, no. >> see why whatever it is, it shouldn't be there. model in justen bieber's hit video is starring in a video that cost -- >> more than a million dollars. >> the breathtaking scene around the bride's new role. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as we break down the best on the web, including a tough talking dude in his room rudely
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interrupted. >> mom, i'm doing my web cam, mom! >> what happens when he takes a shot, mom takes one, too. >> i'm calling the police on you right now, you lousy, pathetic, fool, clown, get out! this is one of the scariest stories you're going to hear about today. takes place in turkey. we see an altercation between a man and his wife. the woman is carrying a child and he's being particularly aggressive with her. he appears to kick towards her, then takes her handbag and swings it across, over a bring down to oncoming traffic. >> come on. >> with a child in her arms. >> as he did that, this woman walks across the street, a car manages to brake just in time to not hit her. she holds the child over the railing. the child appears to almost slip
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from her hands. she manages to grab on. the kid dangling upsidedown. bystanders see this and rush over to take the child away from her. >> was this her way of trying to protect herself from the guy? was this her way saying, look, if you continue, i'm going to kill our kid? >> so much wrong in this video. >> so much wrong. according to loose translations, that's exactly the point. she appears to teach him alesson, but at that moment, emotions are running high. fortunately, the bystanders saw this, moved in, and watched this man here grab the child, take it away from the woman. >> none of those people were there. it was strangers that had to run to save the child. how far down on the other side is it? >> this is pretty high. had the child actually fallen, for sure it would have been a fatality. authorities were able to take her away and placed her and her three children in a battered woman's home. >> okay, i'm actually surprised
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she got back. >> fortunately, sounds like authorities are going to be giving her the help she needs. >> her we are in western australia, somebody has a jet ski. obviously some kind of adventure, right? sort of. this is a rescue. what could they possibly be rescuing in the water? guesses, anyone? >> great white shark? >> no. >> cat? >> no. >> deer? >> no. >> captikangaroo? >> person? >> how about that? how now, brown cow? >> a ship somewhere? >> no word on how the cow got in the water. i think maybe the cow thought, you know what, i'm going to go for a swim. springtime there, probably wanted refreshment. the cow was in the water. they have a boat and a jet ski and they say we'll save animals and humans. >> looks like he's swimming just fine. >> not supposed to be there. sure it's tired at this point right now. >> i believe so.
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>> it was stuck under the jetty for a while, but eventually the cow finds a tiny path to get back on land. i don't know if it like some cats didn't need a rescue. one more time, time to rescue a cow. this time it's stuck in some muddy, tall grass. and i like how it really does start to sound like a cattle drive. he's like, all right, i'm going, i'm going. after you hear ya, ya. >> that's what they consider a rescue? >> right? that's not a rescue. that's a force out. well, can't stay in there. can't stay in that muddy, grassy area. eventually, she turns and looks out and says, all right, i'll fix myself. >> not so much a rescue as a coaxing in the right direction. >> look at it from this point of view. the cow is a lot shorter. had it done any direction apart from back towards the road, that cow would dip right.
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>> a famous destination for bugs bunny and offroad drivers. >> forerunner stuck in the ocean because they were a genius. >> this is off road, but not that far off. >> big mistake. luckily the tide is out. we all know how tides work. they come back in. right here you see a couple other vehicles pull up and start to offer help. the guy who owns the vehicle jumped into the back of the forerunner, through the back window to get back into the driver's seat. thankfully, you see another person pull out a towline, get the runner hooked up. the van tied to it is already starting to dig in. doesn't look like it's able to pull that forerunner out, but watch. here comes a big wave. see that? basically buoyed the truck out of the hole it dug. the van is able to pull that forerunner out. no word as to the extent of the
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damage. now, on over to china. watch this car in the middle of the road, just cruising on down the street when suddenly -- boom! >> holy cow. >> just leaps up off the road, comes bouncing back down, and continues down the street. >> super blurry. what are we missing? >> beginning of the video you'll see two people walking down the street. those two people had been changing a tire on the side of the road. one of the wheels they were working with just started it to roll down the street. they were walking to go retrieve that. the wheel managed to roll into the street. the car didn't see it and just hit it straight on. basically bounced the car up into the air. >> they got lucky, too. a lot of times that causes a bad accident. >> very lucky, because there were no reported injuries and the damage to the vehicle was minimal. >> get out. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. all you need is tuesday's buzz
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word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. people do and say really mean things on the internet. >> what? >> yes, oli. i know, it's shocking. we often say that a lot of those people who do and say those mean things are just folks living in their mama's basement. well, here's proof. this is video of a turkish man, loosely translated he's saying something to the effect of protect your country, the turkish military can't be defeated. the turkish police can't be defeated. he says he will defend his country. that's when he pulls out the gun from his waistband, then lifts a magazine in his hand. he pops it in. >> now you've chambered it. what's your intention? >> take your finger off the trigger, dude. >> didn't listen to you,
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christian. he fires, getting his point across. >> wait, where's his mother? >> here she comes, girl. she comes and lights him up. >> mom, i'm doing my web cam, mom! >> that's why people are cracking up, because this hard core dude is being all big and bad, but here comes mama. you pathetic -- you're going to shoot your gun into the neighbor's apartment? as a matter of fact, i'm calling the police on you right now you lousy pathetic fool, clown, get out! a prankster pulls a switcheroo in the drive through. see the hilarious joke that's anything but stiff.
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it appears. closed captioning provided by --
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minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. the world of warcraft, a world that exists within our world. a world you can go and live out another life, doesn't matter. you can be a hunter, druid. but while he's in the middle of the world, the real world tries to remind him it's still around. >> earthquake, earthquake, earthquake! >> he's sitting in the middle of an earthquake. the earthquake that struck new zealand over the weekend. >> i'm trying!
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it's huge! >> you can see him, he doubles up. you've got to give it to him. there he is in the middle of an earthquake and he's still trying to do what he can do. >> is he still playing? >> yeah. >> world of warcraft, everybody is working together, you have to do what needs to be done. >> you have to protect him. >> [ bleep ] huge one. [ bleep ]. >> to give you some sort of idea, as well, other videos have been posted. these are just of aftershocks. power lines here crossing and firing off. you can see, as well, some of the aftermath of the situation. this was a pretty severe deal. this video is getting a lot of attention because it is kind of unique but also kind of weird and funny. to tell us about it, we have live "right this minute"!
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rio, talk us through this whole situation as it happened. >> i was playing and normally i have a shake i do. i look at my screen, why is it wobbling? i look over to my girlfriend's screen. that shouldn't be wobbling. and i stopped shaking and that's when i feel it. i was like, oh, crap, it's an earthquake. my girlfriend, man, the reason i got into it, she's stronger than me when it comes to earthquakes. first thing she did was, came in, grabbed me. you need to come to safety right now. stop right now, you know? she waited till i died, then she grabbed me. she's a gamer, as well. totally gets it. >> rio, the most important question on my mind, how long did it take you to beat this boss afterwards? >> we ended up beating it. we did it last night. >> seemed almost more worried about your avatar surviving than you.
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let's leave it to the magic to give us endless drive-thru entertainment at the extense of the drive-thru employees. in this case he's actually showing up to the drive-thru as himself, but then in the middle there's a switcheroo and he becomes a cardboard cutout of himself. >> no. you need to bring that snapshot over here. for real! >> i love this girl. she has her priorities straight. she knows she's got to document this stuff. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness! it's fake. it's a fake. >> that's not right. it's not right.
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>> perfect. well done. >> funny. it is really perfectly executed. >> right here. we're here. >> i think they are so caught up in the monotony of the day, i think that's why it works. he comes in there, wait, what? >> i've been here, like, ten hours. i might be seeing things. >> what do you mean you're seeing things? >> oh, my god. >> i love that guy's reaction. >> there are a ton more reactions. if you want to check out the whole thing, go to, click on tv show, or see it on our mobile app. against the odds, one kitten's incredible survival story on the next "right this minute." and still to come, this little cutie's just plain sad. >> no! >> it is the end of the world.
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nothing will make me feel better. >> the simple solution that turns her frown upsidedown. >> yeah, i okay. plus, don't miss the tuesday buzz word you need for your shot to win an ipad mini. [ nutcracker instrumental playing ]
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dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. promotional considerations provided by -- new selsun blue full & thick shampoo. dandruff fighters with proteins and vitamins for fuller, thicker looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. do you ever wonder what exercise balls are good for? >> for nothing. >> wrong. >> sitting on it, people use them to sit at their desk at work. >> they are good for your back.
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>> but the guys at how ridiculous found another use for it. >> this is an exercise ball, yeah? and the most beautiful thing about this pink wonderful sphere is it is full of water. >> these guys are going to take it up the stairs. >> looks like a giant water balloon. >> and toss it. >> that's got to be at least 150, 200 pounds, if not more. >> you're right in the neighborhood. that ball weighs about 250 pounds. they have all the cameras set up and here we go. >> three, two, one. and there she blows. >> so satisfying. >> actually really was very satisfying. >> whoa! >> that's actually way cooler than i thought. >> held together quite a bit, didn't it? >> that is now the cleanest spot on the ground.
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people ask the question why do children cry, and the answer to that is, yes. literally nothing in the world a child will not cry about. in this case, distraught because mom has put her down so she can cook because she's not being held. >> look at that face, so cute, little curls and everything. >> beautiful. >> what's wrong? >> no. >> devastated. come on, look at her. how can you possibly get her to stop crying? >> grilled cheese sandwich? that makes everybody happy. >> while she's completely neck deep, 100% committed to this cry -- >> you want a snack? >> yes. >> food? >> yes. yeah, i okay. >> whole gamut of emotions. >> exactly. >> i'm going to tell men something, women are always tired and women are always
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hungry. >> feed them. >> feed them and let them sleep. >> i love the world and you love it. >> yeah! it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right, to enter you need the buzz word to be at least 21 years old and be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> get over to, click win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzz word, it's beach. >> click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, beach. >> later on this week we'll have a bonus give away day where one lucky winner will get a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. she notices something unusual on the dog's collar, but it's not what it seems. >> wait a second.
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dudes just love messing with their dogs. jason put something on the collar of their dogs. colleen going over to the dog. she's going to fix it. >> that's not staying on there. so ugly. >> wait a second. >> is your dog proposing? >> no, but jason is. >> will you marry me? >> so casual. >> you can tell because of the change in the camera angle he's now down on one knee looking up at her. takes the ring, comes over to her, puts the ring on her finger. >> from this proposal to a flamboyant over the top wedding
2:57 pm
in greece. a wedding that cost more than a million dollars. >> one of my places to go, absolutely astounding. >> so is the bride. in fact, she's a 26-year-old model. you've also seen her in justin bieber's "what do you mean" music video. her beauty isn't the shocker, not even the cost of the wedding. what people are really talking about is the fact she married a man 37 years her senior. >> because of the age difference or something that love is not involved, but quite clearly she loves him. >> not just any 63-year-old man. she's marrying egyptian businessman. >> look at that situation, though. if you've got a million bucks to spend on it. >> got married back in june and she just released this video of her wedding. that's a look at today's top viral videos. has more. and for always brararararararara
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jordan and dante are gonna be back here in a minute, so listen to me. you are not going to confess to that hit -- you were at the church. i already confessed. yeah, i know you did. i called diane. she's on her way. diane doesn't need to show up here... yes, she does. ...'cause there's nothing she's gonna do. i'm gonna plead guilty. no, you're not. you're gonna listen to me. i got ahold of your broker. mezzo got your message. he cancelled that hit you put on julian. you are not responsible for what happened to morgan. [ telephone rings ] tom baker, you are going to live to regret the day you were ever paroled. [ indistinct conversations ] hey. hey. wait. what are you still doing here? well, i could ask you the same thing. i thought you were booked into the o.r. for the next couple of hours. well, yeah, but my assignment changed. i don't understand. felix told me you were going home early, that you cancelled your last two patients 'cause you were sick.


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