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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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havoc. there say whole set of rules for those drones, an understanding of restricted air space but the understanding is that a college student violated all of that and more last night. 20-year-old joseph roselli a drexel student united with his parents after being arraigned after risking a catastrophe in the air over philadelphia. after protesters marched in center city it's alleged that roselli piloted his drone from his apartment building on chestnut. >> the drone came directly at the front of helicopter and the pilot was unsure whether it hit the windshield of the helicopter before it veered off and another time it approached to the helicopter from the side and then at the last minute it drove and went under the helicopter.
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roselli was taken into custody last night and was operating in restricted air space and over 400 feet. >> how can a 5 pound drone be a tlelt to a 3,000 pound helicopter. it could be sucked into the turbine or hit the rear rotor used for directional control. >> it could be totally out of control and dropping into center city. >> his parents described him as a bright kid who made a bad decision and he has to face consequences. >> he is just a geeky 20-year-old kid and playing with his toy and unfortunately it ended up in the wrong place. that is basically it. he didn't have intentions of hurting anybody. >> reporter: roselli's father says he had no criminal intent when he put up the drone and authorities checked the boy's
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computer be cell phone and found no evidence of political ov overtone, but he is charged with reckless endangerment and risking a catastrophe and that is a felony. >> a lot for other drone operator to learn as well. a philadelphia man is recovering from a shoot that left him wounded in the arm and parts of the terrifying incident were caught on camera. surveillance video at 53rd and market captured two men running from the gun fire after bullets sprayed this west philadelphia block at 2:30 this morning. police say that the men just bought pizza at a late night spot be heard the shots, one man a 30-year-old was struck and didn't realize it right away. philadelphia police are investigating, so far no arrests are made and a motive for the shooting is unknown. three men are under arrest and facing charges today for a theft at a local mall.
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surveillance video shows them grabbing armfuls of jack egt etm this macy's. and there is a possibility that this is linked to other high-profile thefts in philadelphia. gray hall is live with more. >> reporter: well, brian these crooks were bold, they targeted this macy's behind me during regular business hours and the criminals got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise but the question is are they part of a bigger crime speak. >> cameras are rolling but the crooks don't seem to mind. three men walk in and head for the coach section and within they snatch 5,000 there's worth of polo jackets and make a dash to the front door. >> it's embarrassing you have people going in and stealing things. >> if this crime looks familiar.
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we told you about two robberies last month targeting high end misdemeanor, targeting boyd store along chestnut street and a suv backed into the store and several suspects rush inside to go on an illegal shopping spree and got away with thousands of merchandise like mens suits and accessories. >> you are kind of like wow, not in the sense that nothing surprises me anymore. and days later this macy's store in northeast philadelphia was hit. three men wearing hoodies smash a jewelry case and they get away with $13,000 worth of watches. they believe it's connected bought the same gray mercedess seen leaving the scene what is not clear is if the morristown
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operation is related. but they were able to capture three men in the morristown incident. >> someone can just walk into the macy's and grab $5,000 worth of merchandise and just run out. >> we can tell you that philadelphia police and the fbi are working together to try to determine if all of these cases are connected and as for the three suspects in this most recent case, they all had philadelphia addresses. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right, gray thank you. the faa is continuing to investigate the hot air balloon landing. only chopper 6 hd was there last night when the balloon came down in a baseball field in the kensington section. it encountered high winds and witnesses ran to help holding on to the basket keeping the 80 foot balloon from dragging on
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the ground there. the pilot calls this a textbook landing. president-elect donald trump spent the day in meetings at trump tower. and sat down with henry kissinger ahead of a meeting with the prime minister of japan. trump tweet that his transition team is doing a fantastic job but another potential appointment is causing waves. according to reports, his son-in-law jared kushner could be taking a formal role in the white house and the legality of that move is being questioned. today though trump aides are denying the reports. and vice president mike pence is in washington meeting with lawmakers from both parties. >> i'm confident as we move toward inauguration bring together a great team and work in concert with the house and senate and we'll rebuild our military revive our economy and
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in a word make america great. >> and more calls for trump to ditch white house counselor, steve bannon who has tied to the white naturalists. >> and he will meet with mitt romney, they are set to discuss a potential role for romney in his cabinet. >> we are waiting to hear about that one. but hillary clinton's former running mate, tim kaine, will not seek the white house in 2020. he will run for re-election to the senate in two years time but definitely ruled out a run for the presidency. he says as a member of the democratic minority plans to be a key check on president-elect donald trump. >> it's a beautiful day around the region time for a check of accuweather. >> adam is on an adventure but
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first cecily tynan with the first word. you are lucky to be outside too. >> reporter: great day to be outdoors, loads of sunshine and we continue the mild trend. philadelphia 61 degrees and many areas cooler than that. allentown and reading 67 and atlantic city airport 59 and trenton currently 61. this really tells the story of the changes on the way. there is a powerful cold front slicing through the center of the nation and ahead of it you get the surge of winds from the south with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and behind it though you get temperatures in the 30s and between the two, we have really the first winter storm of the season. some areas in the rockies and the plains under blizzard warnings, some places could get 6 to 12 inches of snow. that is blasting through over the weekend and bringing us dramatic changes. as we look ahead the next two days feeling like spring, close to 70 degrees, the powerful cold
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front moves through saturday night and sunday it will feel like temperatures in the 30s and the windchill could have flurries around and we'll talk about the dramatic changes in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily thank you. a police cruiser was involved in a three car crash in gloucester county. chopper 6 hd was overhead as first responders cleaned up the wreckage. the cars collided in front of kennedy hospital in washington township. two people including an officer were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. it's time on that note for a check of the traffic report today. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> reporter: plenty of accidents this morning and plenty of them this afternoon as well. lets talk about them on the big picture. one in frankford along kensington and one on the main line along montgomery avenue by grays lane. and as you look at the big picture no shortage of red zones
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and slow spots, speeds like 12 miles per hour on 95 northbound by the betsy ross bridge, and king of prussia lets focus on what is so often a red zone. the schuylkill expressway 422 and 222 a crash by the mall at mills boulevard and one this afternoon on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching 202, and eventually mall boulevard. the crash is off to the right shoulder and police remain on the scene so westbound on the schuylkill is extra heavy from the conshohocken curve through this point at 202. and big problems cropping up off the tacony palmyra bridge. this is 73 and the northbound traffic at hilton road heading towards the bridge and southbound all lanes are blocked because of an accident and downed wires, details are coming in and i would get in and out of new jersey by the betsy ross. and lets do the commuter report. problems many birmingham at 526,
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a lot of people stuck there as well. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. and up next on "action news" today. a murder mystery spanning three states including new jersey. we have details about the crime linked to a shallow grave at the shore. plus, if you are flying to see friends and family for thanksgiving, you'll likely be part of a record setting crowd. the tsa chief explains how its agency plans to keep security lines moving along. >> and adam joseph live today in montgomery county on another outdoor adventure. hey adam -- >> reporter: brian and sharrie thanksgiving is one week from today but we are not thinking thanksgiving, we are thinking christmas. we are at vardner farm, a christmas tree farm and a few other folks excited about christmas. so much to do on this farm, we'll give you a tour but you guys want to go on a horse drawn
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carriage ride. go, go, go. i'll take you on a wagon ride as well and giving the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns.
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two people are charged with murder in connection to a crime scene that stretches from new york city to the jersey shore 26-year-old joey comunale. disappeared from a new york apartment party over the weekend. investigators believe they found his body buried in a shallow grave buried in ocean port, new jersey, we learned he was stabbed 15 times after some sort of argument. all three states are part of this investigation. well, if you travel by air this thanksgiving, the tsa says
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prepare for what it believes is the busiest holiday travel period yet. and the tsa wants travelers to know that it too is prepared to handle the crowds. the agency as you know is under fire since the brutal lines in the spring that grounded passengers and some flights. but today tsa administrator, says they addressed the issues and tsa added 1400 new officers and made 2,000 part-timers full-time employees and beefed up the k-9 teams and the tsa started to work more directly with the airlines and the nation's top 30 airports. >> no security system will be 100% acceptable going through. but making it the most pleasant experience possible being that we have to screen people. and the tsa is work on the check
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point of the future. he says that some day and some day soon verified travelers can use fingerprints and facial recognition instead of boarding passes, paperless to speed up the security line. if you travel this thanksgiving season leave yourself extra time. >> alicia thank you. jp morgan chase is settling up big to settle a case. hiring chinese relatives to get deals in that country. they will get the u.s. federal government $264 million to avoid criminal charges. they have to know it was coming and how bad the hit of wells fargo. new accounts were down 44% from last year. they revealed that thousands of accounts were opened using
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customers names. the ceo is doing everything they can to restore that bank's reputation. today is the great american smoke-out. if you are quitting or plan to quit soon. from 4:30 until 5:30 we are hosting a facebook chat with ryan kauffman from the philadelphia department of health, a former smoker himself he know what's it's like to break the habit. >> all right time now for accuweather and another outdoor adventure. >> speaking of fresh air adam joseph is live at varner farms in collegeville. you were on a horse last week. >> this time i'm not going on the horse but we'll be drawn by the horses. you see how beautiful these belgium horses are. this is dina and trinity.
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they bow down to you. they are first time moms in the spring and they are pregnant. if you come to varner farms and cut your own tree, you get a horse carriage ride to the field and hot chocolate. it's all about the experience here. they are beautiful animals. you guys ready to go out into the field. look at the temperatures now it is beautiful and you are not thinking christmas but in a few days it will be cold enough to feel that way. right now 61 in philadelphia and 57 in allentown and 59 in millville and 61 in trenton. satellite and radar a couple of areas in control. one is situated south of atlanta and the second one near west virginia and the two emerge and become a massive high pressure that will dominate the forecast for the next couple of days. tonight clear and cool, dropping
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back to 34 degrees, 34 in millville and philadelphia 43. your day planner to round out of the weekend here on friday. 9:00 in the morning with the sunshine 50 and excelling to 64 degrees at lunch time and just thereafter. 65 by 3:00 and 5:00, 61 degrees. big changes come for the weekend. saturday as you take a look at the eastern half of the country here, 2:00, 67 nearing 70 in philadelphia, 70 in richmond but in central pennsylvania you see the drop in color and pittsburgh the same time is just 42 degrees and a powerful front passes through and 8:00 a.m. sunday morning temperatures in the 30s across the board for pittsburgh and 36 for philadelphia and at the same time windchills are only going to be in the 20s. so your four day at 4:00 forecast, sunny and a warm afternoon tomorrow. 66 degrees and saturday a warm breeze and beautiful at 70.
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and here it is sunday. what do you think of this? windy and cold with snow flurries and a high temperature of 48 degrees. and on monday windchills only in the 30s with a high of 46. a reminder tonight at 11:00 p.m. the winter weather outlook will be released of what we think for the upcoming winter season of how much snow we'll have and how cold it is going to be? anyone been on this before? the wagon ride. we have christine here she is the owner along with her husband, rob. rob starts the business when he was -- >> 18 years old. >> he used to sell trees out of the back a truck? >> there were no buildings here when he started and went to delaware valley college and graduated and worked at the gypsy rose and waited on tables. >> and you have 90 acres here and another farm where you grow the trees, it's all about an
4:22 pm
experience and you get hot chocolate and quite a display inside and we'll go in and check that out. and check out the tree. so maybe you guys can pick out the tree you like for this year? what do you think? >> yes. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> we'll show you the christmas tree farm and we'll go down the road and show you the trees in the next half hour. and we'll taste hot cocoa and farm animals and we have a lot to look over. a beautiful sunset happening behind you adam. still ahead here on "action news" if you think about buying a television on black friday, you may want to think again. we'll explain in what's the deal? and a cross country runner versus sprinting dear hx.
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dillworth park is getting decked out for the holidays, philadelphia's official tree is in place in city hall and mayor
4:26 pm
kenney was hoisted up to put on the first ornament. abc ceo and president bernie prazenica was there to help. you can log on to for the special live coverage next saturday november 26th, the festivities kick off at 5:00 in the evening. he is an expert in all things science, his passion is about the solar system and what we see up in the sky. and today he shared that excitement with a group of young minds. students at baldy middle school got a special visit from derek pits, the chief astronomer from the franklin institute and challenges the students to look up to the universe and take a journey among the stars and planets. it's part of the school's first science, engineering and math program. there was a celebration today for seniors that give back
4:27 pm
to philadelphia. mayor kenney honored those that took part in the foster parents program. it's ins 51st year and federally funding and puts low income senior in support roles for children with special needs. and people with allergies are finding relief by using a special toothpaste. i'm nydia han why you should hold off on buying a specific black friday sale items.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues, a bandit is on the loose following a robbery at center citibank. we have pictures that police want to you see. plus, president obama delivers a stark message to his success er today it's time to stand up to russia. and a deer cut into a runner in a cross runt race. this video is going viral today. an elderly woman had her purse stolen right from underneath her nose from a pair of crooks at a grocery store. they used the distraction tactic to get the goods out of her
4:30 pm
shopping cart. sara bloomquist has the details. >> reporter: well sharrie, police tell us this type of crime does pick up this time of year, in this case, the 84-year-old victim was doing her shopping here at the giant supermarket in the northeast. when she was targeted by a pair of thieves who targeted her purse. the surveillance cameras captured the young man and woman wearing sweats at 2550 grant avenue in the northeast. it was november 11th at 9:00 p.m. they approach the 84-year-old victim wearing the bright pink shirt while she is shopping the aisles. the young man started talking to her giving it his best efforts and at some point the young female took the victim's purse and walked away as if it's her own. >> they have no conscious whatsoever and just care about themselveses. >> i think they are shallow and horrible and have no
4:31 pm
consideration. >> watch as the pair walks through the store together and exited into the night never looking back. shoppers are aware of the crime of opportunity and try to take precautions with their purses and look for other seniors that may become targets. >> i keep it on hi shoulder here and never put it in the cart. i am aware of what is happening in the world today. >> a lot of older senior citizens like to keep it in the cart. i see them and tell them, don't put your pocketbook there. someone is going to see you and you know that is bad. >> the suspects came and went from the supermarket in this silver sedan. take a good look at the couple. police want to find them before another senior citizen or anyone for that matter is a victim. >> i hope they catch them. it's someone's mother, could have been my mother.
4:32 pm
>> the police tell us that car break-ins pick up this time of year as well as people look to find packages left behind inside of vehicles some time to be vigilant. if you know the couple in the surveillance video or perhaps where police may find them, you are asked to call northeast detectives. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> a lot of clear pictures of that pair thank you. philadelphia police and the fbi are asking for the public's help today in finding a bank robber that struck in center city yesterday. the surveillance photos were taken at the robbery at republic bank, police say that the man wearing a hooded adidas jacket showed a demand note to the teller and took cash and left. if you know who this man is, contact the fbi. the man accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend in south jersey is behind bars this afternoon. police arrested rashawn causy
4:33 pm
last night. police say he burst into 37-year-old marshal's home saturday night and causy stabbed herself times in the head and she died yesterday. they had a child together. president obama continues his final trip overseas. today he was in germany meeting with chancellor, and met with other european leaders and talked about donald trump's dealings with russia, he cautioned him on issues like ukraine and syria, moscow must be confronted head-on. >> i hope the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach finding areas to cooperate with russia and where our values and interests align. but that the president-elect is willing to stand up to russia
4:34 pm
where they are deinviting from our values and international norms. >> in a meeting last week the president reportedly advised president-elect trump with making deals with russian president, vladimir putin that could hurt americans. it's time to go to adam joseph as we set off on another outdoor adventure. adam joseph is live at varner farms. are you thinking past thanksgiving and into christmas. >> my family we get the christmas tree the first weekend after thanksgiving. but we are in the field now and scratching the surface as to how many acres of trees they have. they have five different kinds of trees, 70 acres of trees to choose from from all different sizes and we'll talk about the trees and then we'll talk about the temps, not feeling thanksgiving like and you see
4:35 pm
70s and 80s from st. louis to atlanta, notice the 30s in the northern plains and bismark, that is where temperatures are crashing and they will turn more winter like here in the upcoming weekend, we'll talk about the forecast. we got off the wagon and everyone is looking at the trees, what do you do when you get off the wagon. the first thing is go to the bin and grab one of our several hundred saws and search for the perfect trees. >> and muscles. >> these are brand new blades a couple of swipes and have you your tree. we bale it and wrap it and bring it back. >> we keep ours for eight weeks and check it every day for water and give it a fresh cut before putting it in the tree stand and they last. >> these are 18 to 20 foot
4:36 pm
trees, these are the big boys they have all different sizes and we'll talk about the seven-day forecast. this one for your house? >> what would mom and dad say? >> it's too big. >> here you go start cutting. be careful. >> put in the work adam. thank you very much. philadelphia police officers put their badges aside today to put their board games to the test. cops and kids squared off for a chess tournament in philadelphia. the youth alliance was launched by the irish pub foundation created in response to growing tenses with police officers and residents, the goal is to foster positive interaction with kids and cops. one delaware man is about to run the philadelphia marathon for the third time but this year he is going have a special partner with him for every step of the 26.2 miles. steve met 18-year-old preston
4:37 pm
through his work as a personal trainer. where he works held a fundraiser for him a few years ago and that lent the inclusion foundation, they pair up with a disabled partner for the rates. steve ran 13 marathons before but that is always solo. >> you push the chair you feel it a bit and it bits your legs up a bit more. and decline the chair pulls on you a bit and have you to be ready for that. >> steve and preston's training led up to this. we wish them the luck the both of them. >> you see how preston was holding steve's hand. two special guys, you want to breathe easier in allergy relief could be as easy as brushing
4:38 pm
your teeth. plus, a grandmother's accidental thanksgiving invite to the wrong teen goes viral. >> and adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast and more of his adventure in the woods today. "action news" at 4:00 will be right back. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. new on "action news" an arizona officer is being investigated after video surfaced showing him striking a woman in the face after an arrest. the incident occurred as the police arrested the woman yesterday. the cell phone video shot by an onlooker, one of the officers purged her in the face. she is eventually placed in the squad car, no word on what prompted the arrest. on health check there is a new method of treating allergies on the market. 5-year-old leon has so many
4:41 pm
allergies, he cannot join his brother and dad on the family farm. allergy shots were too painful. and drops were not effective. and missouri health care, gave him a custom mixed toothpaste. >> it does the same thing the allergy shots and drops do. it's a way to develop tolerance for what you are allergic too. everybody brushes your teeth that and is easy to fit into your life. >> leon is getting relief from this but it could take years before his immune system bills up tolerance. it's available now from a few doctors. big talkers now. at a time when athletes choose to sit out the national anthem, or go down on one knee, this team is taking a new approach. at kent state university at
4:42 pm
ohio. they celebrate diversity. each team member invited a person from the crowd. folks of all different races invited to sing together and the team member said we understand the issues going on in our world and it was important to show a sign of unity in our community. as you can see tears there they plan to keep the new tradition going on for avenue home game this year. all right this is the viral video everybody is talking about. a cross country race is coming to a crashing halt when a deer ran on to the course and took down a runner, and it all went down at the ncaa championship race at la salle university. senior justin versus the sprinting deer you would think that the deer prevails, knocking him down and striking him in the
4:43 pm
stomach, despite that impact. he gets up, and despite the bruises he finished the race finishing 224th. that is the one that everyone is talking about today. finally, the holidays, one grandma in arizona is adding an extra table setting after she accidentally invited a stranger who accepted her offer to holiday dinner. grandma thought she was texting her grandson and his girlfriend. and she was a few digits off and 17-year-old demartin got her text. >> i realized we were not related but why not ask for a plate. the offer was there. >> grandma replied of course you can come that is what grandma's do, they feed everyone. he is going and is now
4:44 pm
positively sure there are still nice people out there in the world. and i love this text from grandma. grandma's feed everyone. got to keep the tradition going. >> she found the cake and emoji but not the number right. another check of the roads right now. matt pellman is standing by with the traffic report. >> grandmas feed a lot. just keep eating. good afternoon brian and sharrie if your philosophy is the more the merrier you'll like the situation on 83 in burlington county. we are jammed packed in both directions and thanks to this, a crash with downed wires in the distance by riff road. 543 just off the tacony palmyra bridge. traffic is blocked in both direction as long busy route 73, this does not bode well for the evening rush, with the crash and downed wires it will take time to clear it out. you will want to use the betsy
4:45 pm
ross bridge for your travels to and from new jersey. across the river on the big picture, a crash at kensington and some along montgomery avenue and one in eastwick at 70th and lindbergh and plenty of red zones on the schuylkill, eastbound 41 minutes, those numbers should be reversed a 14 minute ride on the schuylkill eastbound. a crash on baltimore pike close to the old granite mall, and route 29 is closed because of a crash thorn bury road gets you around that one. check it again quite a mess in the next half hour. >> thank you. and adam griswold is still looking for a tree -- the seven-day forecast is coming up. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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you cut your tree down and they take you out in a wagon with the horses, not only do they have trees. you can probably hear them but they have farm animals here. those up there are called jacob sheep. and what is your name buddy? >> jacob. >> and that is my son's name how cool is that. you have sheep named after you. and they have scottish highlander as well. you take the family here there is a lot to do outside of finding the perfect christmas tree -- i love him. a pretty cool kid. it's beautiful out here we
4:49 pm
attracted the 60s and it's sunshine is in control and the sun is now about to set. mid-atlantic satellite and radar shows nothing going on and high pressure is in control locally here but there are changes developing in the northern plains in the form of a winter storm. you hear that donkey? you don't know if they did at home? they can hear it i'm sure, the storm is developing and bringing a change this weekend, tonight clear and cool and light winds and 34 in the suburbs and the jet stream is going to buckle way to the north and temperatures soar friday and saturday as the ridge builds in the east and we go into the 60s to near 70 degrees but the low in the north plains sweeps through here in the second half of the weekend and temperatures crash bringing the jet stream down to the carolinas, draining in that very cold winter like air the second half of the
4:50 pm
weekend. windchills by 9:00 on sunday morning, 28 in philadelphia. if you are running the philadelphia marathon, i had a woman come up here and say her daughter is running it for the first time. feeling like 28 here in the middle of the race, winds near 40 to 45 miles per hour creating windchills of 23 and just 12 in the poconos and 28 in wilmington so get out of the next couple of days if you enjoy this kind of warmth. sunny afternoon tomorrow at 66 degrees and saturday a warm breeze up to 70 and the big change comes in and 48 for a high of sunday and cold with snow flurries in the air on sunday. and monday windchills stay in the 30s as the winds whip up at 46 and then the big travel day on wednesday, sun to clouds and 53 and thanksgiving is one week from now and it looks cloudy with a bit of rain around and
4:51 pm
hopefully we can speed up or slow down that system with a temperature of 54 degrees, we see the farm animals and i see hot cocoa and hot cider. where did you get this? show me. you come here and get a free cup of hot cocoa or hot cider. i feel like the pied piper. you see this historic barn here this started over 30 years ago with rob varner, he sold christmas trees and now has a 90 acre farm and it all starts next friday when they officially open to the public. >> this is where we get it? hot chocolate or hot cider. which one would you like? >> one of each. >> you want a hot cocoa? there you go. get your order in, it's free, it's on the house. we'll go inside.
4:52 pm
now that it is getting dark it's all decked out guys for the christmas holiday season. we'll show you some pretty spectacular trees and the train display. you see that yet. >> it's upstairs. we are coming up in the next half hour. >> what a beautiful place. >> thank you adam. >> he just rubs it in for us. still on "action news" what's the deal.
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are you a big fan of black friday shopping? it's a popular day to get deals on all sorts of things but there is one purchase you may want to wait and buy later. >> we are hard at work on our play book, once again getting deals exclusive to our 6 abc
4:55 pm
viewers but one thing you won't see is a tv. black friday may not be the best time to get one. black friday bargains have changed. >> it's not just about black friday, it's black friday the week and month. we see deals creeping up earlier and earlier every year. >> this shift in black friday shopping is not all good. >> one of the downsides for black friday, for consumers it's a lot more work, you looked on the circular and picked the store. because of all the online activity you have to monitor the websites. and don't think because something istised as a black friday bargain it's the best price. consumer reports says there are better deals on tvs shopping closer to christmas or waiting a few weeks for super bowl sales. >> it's based on inventory
4:56 pm
levels. if they don't sell a lot of tvs during the year they have to build up an inventory. >> plan to buy at the end of february or the beginning of march, that is web stores clear out last years model at rock bottom prices. some tvs to keep an eye on include these 4 k model from samsung and lg and sharp. and don't miss the deals and freebies we'll have in our black friday play book we'll release next week. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for brian, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 a massive fire in delaware is still burning more than a week after it started. the safety concerns in the neighborhood as they continue to
4:57 pm
investigate a cause. and the two new jersey men facing serious charges after a party weekend in manhattan ended in tragedy down the shore. >> the note from a south jersey bus driver is gaining attention after the behavior of two of her passengers caught her eye.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it was one of the biggest fires in delaware state history. more than a week later, it's still burning up to 40 feet underground and we are getting the first look of the scope of the damage from the air. officials are monitoring nearby neighborhoods for toxins left behind. the big story is the fire investigation in wilmington. >> flames broke out last wednesday at an abandoned textile complex and vernon odom is near the scene with new details. >> reporter: good evening to you monica and to rick as well. for the most part the fire was out over a week ago by the fire department but there is still
5:00 pm
embers smoldering below ground. and also smoldering the concerns about the hazmats that may have been released into the air. more than a week after the mammoth fire. the fabric mill built in the early 19th century. the buildings along the brandywine were due to be redesigned as condos and retail. but that has gone up in smoke. it was one of the biggest fires in state history and still smoldering 30 to 40 feet underground. >> the wilmington fire department is on the scene to monitor hot spots and smoldering fires that are still not suppressed. in a civic meeting, city and state officials assured residents that the air quality is being monitored for any possible dangerous


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