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tv   Action News  ABC  November 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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make them miss. he's a slippery runner. a guy to me who can do it all. the complete package and when you talk about next level, he fits the definition perfectly for the guy to play in the league. >> beth: syracuse is able to get it right back. another record was set today as well in the acc. james connor. coming back from his battle with cancer at pittsburgh, has set the new acc career touchdown record with 53 of them. he added a couple today. and then of course cook, one of the nice things too when a guy breaks a record, you also pay homage to the guy who had it before him. and no better guy really ever in a florida state uniform than warrick dunn, the guy he passed today. a record that has been around for 20 years. >> anthony: and jimbo fish erp, we asked him, tell us something about cook. he said this kid was one of the highest receruited running back
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they brought in and he came in as if he is in a position to earn it. he kept his mouth closed. he a team guy. he has put everything in his career with the team in front of him and then everything else that he has earned and accomplished on the field. and they are embraced that. and he has been one of the best florida state seminole players that jimbo fisher has coached in his career year v here. >> beth: very first 100 yard rushing game was here at the dome two years a i go. we revisit the career of warrick dunn at florida state. >> anthony: i me warrickdown's proud of him. that record stood for 20 years and there is is a reason why he stood it. he would be with his head held high.
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he would pass it on to a guy like dalvin cook. >> beth: they have so far made it a november to remember as jimbo talked about. they pick up the win today at syracuse. cook in the record books and now, the other things that jimbo talked about. leave a legacy and the young guys set the tone for the future and what better way to do it than to finish off the regular season with florida at the dome? >> anthony: it's going to be a monster game, and you know, i tell you, it's going to be a calling card move for the team moving forward. a lot of young talent that we talked about and i'm sure he wants to remember one 067 his few games and why not in state against a team that is one of your rooifivals in the florida gators. >> beth: and syracuse, they will travel to pitt and certainly what they will be preaching
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around campus throughout the week, 5-7 would look a lot better than 4-8 as you're working hard throughout the off season and in spring ball next year. >> anthony: it's funny. the funnest offensive play ever is the kneel down. the victory play. you don't see that much any more in college. they continue to hand the ball off to these guys. one guy that is enjoying the win is jimbo fisher and huge victory for them on the road. taking care of business and syracuse, dino babers, a young team, they have shown flashes today, beth, and great to see. in time, dino babers shows confidence they are going to be a difference maker. >> beth: coaches have the headsets off and that could do
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it. 45-14, florida state gets the win over syracuse. and a season-high 654 yards of total offense for the seminoles. led by dalvin cook. 28 carries, 226 yards. he ties his career high with four touchdown runs. he breaks the school career rushing record. he ties the school career touchdown record. cook in the books. don't forget, oklahoma/west virginia tonight at 8:00 eastern on abc.
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hamilton aaron burr ♪ action news, delaware valley's leading news program with melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez.
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saturday night, i'm walter perez. thousands of runners get ready to run the philadelphia marathon. and the cast of hamilton directed some unscripted lines for vice president elect mike pence who was in the audience. >> but the big story is a big change in the accu weather forecast. a wind advisory is in effect and that wind will usher in dramatically colder weather. we could be looking at windchills in the 20's. meteorologist melissa magee is right here with our first check of the accu weather forecast >> hard to believe this change is headed our way after a beautiful afternoon across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, but temperatures starting to take a bit of a tumble. in philadelphia, it's 50, but 43 if reading, 37 in lancaster, 52 in trenton, holding on to the mile air at the coastal. temperatures in the middle and upper 50's. but here's the changes that headed our way, storm tracker 6 by double scan radar show we got an area of low pressure over the lacks and an area of low
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pressure to the north of philadelphia. there's a cold front currently moving on through can and you can see the precipitation on the back side of this front. we've got snow across the higher terrain and even light showers. we tap into those westerly winds. wind advisory has been issued and stays up until midnight because we're calling for gusts as her hour across much of the region, and right now, we've got gusts in philadelphia up to 45 miles per hour. so this afternoon, we had a high temperature today of 72 degrees. a big crash coming as you wake up tomorrow morning, sunday morning, it's going to feel like windchills are only in the lower 20's, we're talking about a 48 degree temperature drop, just in 15 hours. so future trac 6 showing you wake up 7:00 for start of the philadelphia marathon, windchills will only be in the 20's, not much recovery as we get into sunday afternoon. we'll take a close look at that
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coming up with an exclusive accu weather forecast >> temperatures will dip. stay w as the mercury plunges. keep you updated hourly forecast handy whenever you get ready to go outside and use facebook and twitter for weather updates by following each member of the action news weather team. police in philadelphia have identified the little girl who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in the city's overbrook section and tonight the family of jayanna powell is pleading for the driver to come forward. jeaneatte is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the memorial continues to grow for little jayanna powell. she was the victim of a hit-and-run were you tossed 90 feet and would die at the hospital. her grieving parents spoke to action news and had a message for her killer. >> family and friends surrounded jayanna's inconsolable parents as they mourn or tragic and
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sudden death. the 8-year-old and two siblings were crossing the street at 63rd and lansdowne when a car hit her. her 12-year-old brother pushed his other sibling out of the way. he suffered minor injuries, but it was too late for jayanna who was found severely injured and blooded on the street. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition and would die three hours later. her parents say she fault hard but her injuries were just too much >> my baby fought hard and her heart stopped >> i kept on talking to her. trying to tell her to hold on, baby, daddy is here, mommy is here. hold on. >> reporter: police say that the car involved is either a gray or silver maxima or ultima. her brother got a brief description of the driver. however, police are really asking the community any
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witnesses especially to get involved and please call authorities. reporting live in overbrook, jeaneatte reyes. a 23-year-old man was killed when struck by an suv on roosevelt boulevard. it happened late last night near bustleton avenue. the man stepped into traffic and was hit before i a female driver who stopped her vehicle. the victim was taken to aria torres dale where he was pronounced dead. moving on to the presidential transition and donald trump spent the day holding a series of meetings with potential cabinet candidates. he met with retired james mat it is a. he's considered a contenderer to leave pentagon. president-elect met with mitt romney who said the two had a thorough and in-depth conversation. romney was a harsh critic. no word what if any position romney is being considered for. vice president elect mike pence was at the center of a
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stir last night during as performance of hamilton in new york city. >> there was audience members cheered and others booed, there were outbursts directed at pence during the performance. after the show, cast delivered unscripped lines to the incoming president. >> we are a diverse america. who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. will defend us and hold our inible rights. brandon victor dixon who place aaron burr. president-elect trump was not happy about the incident and tweeted that the cast was rudy and called for an apology. philadelphia marathon weekend kicked off bright and early this morning, the act cam
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on the scene at 22'nd and the ben franklin parkway where half marathon began 7:30 this morning, it was followed by a kid fun run all under comfortable sunny skies. the full marathon is tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. where the conditions are expected to be different. for a full list of the road closures check out 6 thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed in philadelphia. the policeman of a young man who donated his organs shared a meal with the recipients of his gift life. action news bob brooks has more. >> reporter: families gathered for a thanksgiving turkey dinner is as transitional as it gets, what's not is the way this family formed >> our 20-year-old son was killed tragically by a drunk driving accident in 2010. >> reporter: linda and ron lost their 20-year-old son six years ago, it's because of ethan's decision to be an organ donor
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that 72-year-old and 6-year-old get to enjoy this meal. >> i had them in the kitchen and every morning i look at it. >> reporter: make no doubt about it. this is a family now. >> just as close to us as love. >> reporter: she thinks about ethan and the lung he gave her every day >> i'mgrateful. >> he'll never forget when they found out they'd be getting parts of the liver >> we knew that the family gave up something to have our gain. so it was special. >> reporter: they say they also think about ethan every day, though he's gone he certainly lives on. allowing eli to continue her teaching job ands josie to grow up >> we're doing the gift of life
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5k about two years ago, the last quarter mile, she grabs my hand and walks into things, at that moment, i was like my god, it was just like having a granddaughter. >> reporter: you can see the joy organ brought here. the message is if you can, do it, reporting in old city, bob brooks, channel 6, action news. much more to come on action news, the mummers' big day, new year's day. it's been some time today stepping up for veterans. a field ofdreams, how the eagles help make this chip football game a reality. the birds are getting ready to take on the seahawks. jamie apody has sports when action news comes right back.
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volunteers in chester spent the morning delivering hundreds of thanksgiving food boxes to
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struggling families and the elderly. tons of turkeys partnered to deliver food and more than 900 families who preregistered got to take part. the organizers say these food boxes will provide each family with enough food to prepare several meals. dozens of organizations came together in south philadelphia to provide meals for families in need. the new jack thanksgiving community feeding took place on the 2100 block of dickinson. unit in the community teams up with 30 other organizations to serve up turkey mac and cheese and other thanksgiving favorite, the goal was to feed more than 1,000 people: the boy scouts were busy collecting donations for the duncan donuts holiday food drive. the action cam on the scene catching the scouts picking up loads of food. last week, these same volunteers dropped off empty plastic bags and returned to find the bags loaded with canned goods and
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nonperishable food items mummers spent the morning delivering items to those in need in south philadelphia. at the shooting stars club house on south 3rd as they packed set up a truck with clothing and makeup more. deliver those supplies to veterans. the murmurs plan to return to set up and provide a thanksgiving feast. ♪
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. they say this this championship championship game was special for a whole lot of reasons, primarily it was played right there at the novacare complex. the philadelphia eagles invited the youngsters to play there after the sharks organization was a victim of a robbery. the eagles say donating all that
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you equipment, they let the team play the championship game on the very field where the eagles practice. >> the flyers in action >> back in the lineup for the employers after a one game benching. they dropped the gloves. you figure after this kind of fight, these guys must hate each other. right? not so much. all smiles. see? friends. that's the only reason you saw from the flyers, second period down 1-0. andre gets the puck past steve mason, pass to jonathan. great goal. flyers shut out by the lightening 3-0. despite out shooting them. tampa doesn't have a top defense man. if you are a pessimistic. there's really not much, they had to fly cross country to play the seattle. they're 35 and five in the hostile home stadium in. the forecast calls for a 70
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percent percent chance of rain tomorrow. >> you can't worry about the circumstances, you know, might be raining. might be cold. might be loud. you don't worry about those things, take care of business >> i don't think i won there in my career. so i'm looking forward to changing that this week. definitely a tough place to play. but it's also i can imagine, a good place to win as well. >> temple owls will control their own did he say in any. owls fans had a fun on bumper ban street. woke up in the second. walker to bryant for the four, he caught nine passes today. later thomas on the screen pass. 100 all purpose yards and a touchdown on the ground as well. temple shuts out 31-0. they win next week against east carolina they play for the conference title. end of an era.
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regular season game for andy and this 11th season. a win there in the playoffs. 54 yards to matt for the four and the wildcats all over, 41-10. coach carried off on the shoulders of his players. what a moment for quite a legend. looking to win the ivy league title in each of first two seasons. there is nothing better when a line man gets to score a touchdown. the left tag, the big fellow bull dozes his way seven yards out, quakers can celebrate. they beat cornell 42-20 to capture the second straight ivy league title. i love that. >> and line men don't know how to celebrate. >> they deserve to celebrate. >> absolutely. thank you. >> much more to come, including the accu weather melissa magee. here's stormscan 6.
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it's dry in philadelphia but we're tracking light around showers from lancaster through the poconos and what snowflakes likely in the poconos. currently in philadelphia we're coming in at 50 after a high of 72. you can see the colder air rushing in. it's 45 in allentown. 37 in lancaster, 54 in cape may. the winds are already starting to pick up. we've got a wind advisory until midnight tonight. winds gusting anywhere from 40 to 5 miles per hour, we have a current gust that the city of miles per hour. a gust in wilmington of 43. and 38 miles per hour there in trenton. here is why satellite 6 along with action radar. we got this area of low pressure over the great lakes. essentially, that cold front is right along that 95 corridor and that precipitation is starting to pick up. so light rain showers pressing into philadelphia. and even some snow across the higher terrain and the wake of this fronts, however, we're going to tap into cold and blustery winds. so the next 12 hours, we do have
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light rain, otherwise windy and turning much colder, 35 in the suburbs for the overnight low and 38 in philadelphia. temperatures will be crashing tomorrow. even into monday as that cold air spills out of canada and moves into our region, it's not just the cold air, it's also the wind, we'll show you future tracker 6. you can see by midnight, lights poconos. as you wake up early tomorrow morning, we'll start to clear out. otherwise there could be a few flakes, north and west of town. we'll talk about what we can expect as we go throughout the day tomorrow. winds gusting anywhere from 40 to 50. that's one part of the story. other part, morning windchills will only be in the middle and upper 20's. afternoon windchills not much better, only in the middle 30's and poconos could pick up snow anywhere from a coating to an inch on the way. here's the exclusive seven-day forecast, we have a taste of december by sunday, brutal winds to deal with and flakes likely north and west of the philadelphia marathon, a high temperature coming in at 48 dressed windchills only in the 20's and 30's. monday, the still windy, pretty
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chilly, a high temperature of the just 45. mostly sunny and cold on tuesday, 48 on wednesday, if you're traveling. suns and clouds and late day rain, high temperature 53. on thursday, for thanksgiving, it's cloudy with rain, and at 54, we're dry on friday, 54, and 53 next saturday with showers possible. walter big changes coming tomorrow. >> thamelissa. > philly is next and don't miss action news at 10:00 on phl then back here again on 6 abc at 11:00. now from the entire action news team, i'm walter perez. see you back at 11:00. ♪ ♪
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of tomorrow possible. >> i'm karen rogers >> and i'm erin o'hearn. tonight on fyi philly. >> let's get his party started >> holiday season is here and it's time to celebrate. >> happy thanksgiving >> we've got thanksgiving covered, whether you're going out. soo good. >> or staying in. >> cheers. >> we sample a mommy and me holiday cookie class. >> feeds 2-3 >> visit two new must-see restaurants in the city! >> oh green cauliflower. >> plus, a discount food program that makes others feel good! >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the super-secret warehouse that houses all the floats for our 6abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> the guys are putting the final touches on these beautiful works of art. >> this is the first float you'll see at the parade this year, it's called the logo float. fitting name.


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