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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 23, 2016 2:10am-2:40am EST

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it's an all new show today "right this minute." >> carrying a giant bag of money, like the drug deals that go down. >> a youtube star arranges a high-stakes trade to rescue two elephants from captivity. >> they have been chained up for most of their lives. >> the incredible moment they savor their first taste of freedom. a new film looks at skiers in an avalanche. why this fourth and down is a whole other ball game. a kid gives the shoutout heard around the internet.
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>> i thank grandma. >> the world flocking to his channel in a big way. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini and a little game of pictionary among friends. >> we see in the videos, we know like the drug deals that go down. >> this is christian leblanc, a canadian blogger and filmmaker. he has thousands of dollars with him to rescue two elephants. he's in thailand working with elephant nature park. they have gone with this money to release two elephants who have been in captivity, one for 50 years the other 80. they have been in the logging industry or elephant trafficking trade. they have been chained up for most of their lives. >> they are buying them out, essentially. they have been put into bondage.
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these guys have got enough money they can take them some place where they can hang around with elephants and play. >> you can see these two trucks outfitted for this. >> a lot of trunk space. >> there is a lot of trunk space for both of them because they are pretty big. >> where is this place they are taking them. >> elephant nature park. we've seen lots of videos from there. they are going there to rehabilitate. this is their first taste of freedom. >> they just took the chain off, because obviously they feel confident enough she's not going to run. >> that one looks happy. >> that's everything you want to see from the whole video. >> welcome to your new home. welcome to your home. have you ever outrun your own mortality? no. nick mcnutt has. this part of the tight, loose video put together. in the cascades national park in washington. right at the very beginning of this run, things look sketchy.
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skiing at the precipice there. >> yesterday conditions were a little tight. >> still, they go forth. >> seeing my first turn, everything at that point take off speedy cam and get out of this thing. >> no. no. >> boom, the whole mountain cuts loose. he basically just points his skis downward and hopes his speed is greater than the avalanche. >> oh, my gosh. no. >> go nick, go nick, go nick, go. >> he outruns this thing. >> he does. thankfully he skis out of this. and the radio call after that. >> after that we might need to reassess what we're doing. >> i think he has nerves of steel. >> i can't believe that happened. >> so many red flags. >> the casual meeting, my favorite part. >> good stuff. if your clip is that thrilling,
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tight loose is going to be great. known for their shoutouts. they let everybody know, we did it. >> colin firth will blow up half the country. >> this kid is no colin firth. his name is dave. but he is blowing up the internet. a special. >> that's a big deal. >> it is a big deal. >> my grandma's prescription finally came through. >> then he got this one special subscriber, hard to shout her out. >> i thank grandma so much for subscribing. >> he does have an infinity percentage of subscribers more than before. it's a reason to celebrate. >> thanks, grandma, for subscribing to me.
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>> there's grandma sitting in the background. >> i want to subscribe to him right now. >> it's dave. subscribing right now. >> i'm sure his subscriber base has blown up, right? >> it is. yes, it has blown up, because he recently updated his page. >> this going to be my 20,000 subscriber special. i'm at 19,771. >> here it is. it all blew up after the post went viral on reddit. everybody went to his page. just like you're smiling here, you can't help but love this kid. >> thanks for helping me 19.8,000 subscribers. almost there. >> in chicago, alexander watches on fox 47 in lansing, michigan are the latest winners in "rtm" ipad mini give away.
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>> you can, too, with the buzzword, 21-year-old and resident of u.s. or canada. stand by for "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you won't believe -- >> happened fast. >> yeah. >> talk about being checked out while riding a bike. >> this is in australia from dash-cam owner in australia. you can see it slowing down and somehow even though it's right in front of you, you're looking. i had no idea what was going through this rider's head. >> it was the rear wind screen. >> going through it. >> it was so weird. looked like slow motion, like 60 feet. >> to prepare for that, a couple two, three seconds. >> all we know is the person was pretty banged up, was taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. do not blink.
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>> what, ride a motorcycle down the ride flying through, he barely can see it. >> is there a second one that blitzes by, too. >> no, it's a car. just a bunch of people doing real dangerous stuff on this road. >> that rider would have just flown 5, 600 feet. >> several bad decisions happening all at once by several different people. >> yeah. >> if you're looking for ways to liven up your holiday party, someagor you. >> see what they are next. shredding without snow. >> when i first saw it, i thought, this has got to be fake, deposited somehow. now that i'm looking at it, i'm not sure. >> see if you can figure it out.
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closed captioning provided by -- e shea butter. skin is soft, smooth, silky. gold bond. >> they know something is going on. >> oh. >> avalanche, did the roof collapse? >> the roof did collapse. looked like smoke. that was snow. the roof collapsed because they say the snow so heavy in kazakhstan it hasn't been melting. it accumulated on the roof and
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collapsed. two people were injured but unbelievably this is what happened just because of all that weighted snow. >> did you see the action movie here, the one as we start going managed to stay ahead of the entire thing. >> that's crazy. >> you're saying james bond caused this. >> i'm saying james bond survived it. it's one of those things especially with flat roofs and tin roofs, accumulation, it compounds and can completely crush. >> emily caught this rustler in action in downtown minnesota. >> he's preparing himself for -- he's weight cutting now. >> he did it to go viral. can you see maybe he lost the bet. >> a combination there. >> is this where you're headed for the -- >> maybe a bit more than what he's wearing.
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>> belly rub. ♪ this video i've been watching all morning, it made my head hurt. i can't figure it out. put together by nitro team russia. the filmmaker here has snowboarders and skiers cruising down these trails without any snow. we've seen videos like this before where i've clearly said video trickery. >> they will take skiers with speed on snow, erase the background and put it on something like this. >> easy to do with a hill but this has trees in the way. >> when i first saw it, i was
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like this has to be fake. has to be composite somehow but now that i'm looking eight it, i'm not sure. >> you ever slid down a hill with leaves, it's slick. you can get wood and go. i can see this happening. >> in and out of the trees. >> that guy -- >> this is amazing. if it's true, it's remarkable. >> i want to believe it's real but i don't know that it's legit possible. >> i honestly can't figure this out. i had one of our editors look at it and he wasn't so sure about it. i had one of the guys in the office that snowboards, he said, yeah, i think this is real. i don't know. >> can we just enjoy it. i barely enjoy this. >> i'm going with you. maybe that's all we're meant to do, enjoy a really cool video of showing, guys, you don't need to wait for snow to get on your
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they say if you stay ready you never have to get ready. little darla here, she is ready. >> a look. >> you see her here with her puff power, taming her little afro puff, slathering on her conditioner, getting ready for the day. >> see me get dressed in the morning, very early. >> the focus i've seen in my daughter. she's nine. i'm like, come on. >> she wraps it. >> she's happy. i did it. i don't need your help, dad. >> nailed it. >> are you ready? she's like -- >> take me to school, i'm ready. >> you can't fix it. you've got to leave it like that because she's so proud of it. >> this little one, she's 2
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years old and she's sending out christmas cards. >> wow. >> snail mail style. >> i think you're good. >> she's so focused, though. she's like, all right, i'm going to close it and it's ready. >> another one, goes to town. >> i think i had -- >> it's adorable. it's a kid sealing an envelope. i love it. >> especially with this video. >> she's super cute. for her, these are invitations, not christmas cards. 2 years old, they do to a lot of birthday parties. they know all about invitations. so you're all invited to christmas. >> there's definitely going to be presents. >> if you're looking for a way to be the life of the party, magic tricks. pick it up, it's all mixed up. how do you fix it?
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these ones this way, these wobs this way, basically mix-up the entire deck. suddenly with a little flourish, fans them out, they have all been put the right way. >> how do you do it? >> once you've got them bent up add the curve while you're talking to people. the trick is all about how you're mixing them up. >> push off a few cards from the top. you're going to rotate. >> every time you rotate you're slipping cards under your thumb or slipping under your finger. when you separate those you've got two halves facing in opposite direction. pick from one goes this way. then from the back. a simple flourish, put them back the same way. the next one, two of the five girls you really like. call out these names. as you're doing it, write them down on piece of paper. you say i'm going to make a prediction. you write one name down, you steal it and put where everybody
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can see. dump out the paper. whichever one is face down you end up taking off the table until only one left. then, well, my prediction was the same name. when you're getting the name, pick one. all you do is while people aren't really concentrating you write it on both sides of the piece of paper. that name you write on prediction piece of paper, leave it in front of everybody and everyone blown away when you get your prediction. you ripple through the deck, stop any time you want, pull that card out, give it to them, show it to them. nine of hearts. tasty pie right there and attack it. >> don't do that. >> suddenly addition in, what's the card he pus out? nine of hearts. get a card from identical deck, pick that card. get your self a pie, place that card inside, close up that card again. put it on the top of the deck.
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this the magic trick. flip the top card up and pull them out which makes that the card you cut to. hand the card to them, the trick is performed and people are mystified. sounded like a lot, it was. if you want to catch the video in its entirety, check the mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. the buzzword, at least 21 years old and to be a legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> head to and click on win ipad button. >> facebook, twitter both enter each every day. >> tuesday's buzzword, it is -- >> click on win ipad and enter buzzword hunter, h-u-n-t-e-r. >> later this week we'll have a bonus giveaway day where we give away a flat screened tv. good luck, everybody. a game of pictionary gets
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complicated. >> they have been friends for eight or nine years and their game night gets intense because everybody is so competitive. >> see the secret message her friends can't quite figure out. >> i (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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you're fancy. >> pumpkin mix and you've got a delicious, fancy, pumpkin pie. living the life.
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these friends playing pic pictiona pictionary. she says they have been been friends eight or nine years. their game nights are pretty intense because everyone is competitive. >> daylight. >> moon. >> day. >> sunday. >> a new day. >> a new life. >> a person. someone is pregnant. >> right, yes. but day pregnancy. >> day baby. >> day baby. >> now we've got day baby. >> birthday. birthday. really? >> sunny side up. eggs over easy. >> is it something to do with like the


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