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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thanksgiving thursday. we are tracking showers on a couple of locations, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we have some light showers up in the poconos and some moisture along south jersey and central delaware. we go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan you see showers in hammonton and mays landing on result 49 between salem and millville and also smyrna a, heavier bursts of shower activity in between that region enclosing over the bay as we speak. temperatures for the most part relatively mild and one degree above where we should be for this time of year. 54 in the city and 53 in wilmington and chilly in the poconos and 47 in reading and at the coast in cape may 54 degrees. the evening planner looks like this, perhaps you have eaten already the big thanksgiving feast. perhaps headed back home or shopping early. the temperature 51 and stays
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cloudy throughout the night. 49 at 8:00 p.m. and 48 at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. still in the upper 40s and 46 at 11:00 p.m. and a stray shower is likely. the headlines look like this. cloudy again once again tomorrow with the possibility of a stray shower, it turns brighter as we get into the weekend and much needed rain as we get into next week. we'll go over the details in the full accuweather forecast. right now many people are leaving their families at home to head out and hunt for holiday deals. some stores gave the employees off for thanksgiving but plenty of retailers chose to open their doors today. annie mccormick live at the target in winfield heights. >> reporter: hi sharrie. happy thanksgiving, behind me you can see some people this is part of their thanksgiving tradition, you see that lady with her turkey hat on. some stores in the area were
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open all day and some ready to open later on in the evening and there were lines. the line outside of this winfield heights target before the 6:00 p.m. opening. at this best buy victoria was the first to accept up camp. >> she wants the 50 inch flat screen for $149.99. >> wal-mart was open all day and allowing deal seekers to accept up before 4:00. you can't look but not touch the advertised deals before 6:00 p.m. >> something for the kitchen tools and all of that. >> you think you may come back after dinner? >> maybe. >> inside of this port richmond kmart blue light specials began swirling before dawn. we close down for three hours
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and recoup and open back up at 5:00 a.m. >> sales on games and holiday decor like christmas trees and major sales on apparel filled the aisles. our drones go for $59.99. these big box stores are opening at varying times on thanksgiving day but some are not opening like tjmaxx, cabelas and home depot. here at kmart, manager diane says that her customers count on them being open. >> a lot of people look forward to coming in and shopping, they like the hustle and bustle. >> and this line is slowing growing here at this target. there is a number of places of course that open at dinner times throughout the day. head to our website at we'll tell what you open and what is closed and listen to million before you head out. there are a couple of rain drops now you may need your turkey hat or an umbrella before you head
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out to wait in any lines. walter back to you. >> thank you. the holidays would not be complete without one of the annual traditions, the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. ♪ ♪ >> lots of fun the big show stepped off bright and early with a big production outside of the art museum steps. giant floats and marching bands and music. thousands of people lined the parade routes and cheer on the floats and performers, for folks this is a long time tradition. >> we started with my niece stacey when she was 2 years old and then the kids started to grow we came with scaffolding
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and ladders and it started to grow. >> we came home from the parade and the elves helped my mom decorate the house. >> very cool. there was plenty to see of course for anyone that came out today. and for those of you that watched from home. and of course the parade is the spring board for which we kick off the holiday season. today's rendition of the holiday rock song christmas was performed by drew lachey. on the lady liberty float. every year the parade puts high school students on the stage and today they gave tribute to a music icon. ♪ tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 ♪ >> we know that tune, the students from philadelphia's
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high school for creative and performing arts brought their own prince impersonator. as they performed the late singer hits. well, the ai dupont high school marching band came in from delaware to march down the parkway. 75% of the band members are also varsity athletes including some football players, the tigers have a lot of experience of playing and being in front of big crowds, they have marched in three presidential inauguration parades and next up they are heading to new england for london's new year's parade. >> and thanksgiving is a holiday seeped in traditions surrounded by loved ones and having a full spread of food. getting it right is of utmost importance. gray hall takes us to south philly, to a bakery known to help families pull off their
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turkey dinner. >> if you don't want to bother cooking the thanksgiving turkey or don't know how. for years they have left the cooking up to casha bakery in south philadelphia. you bring in the bird in a pan of your choice and drop it off and get a number. and then workers toss it into the famous brick oven and hours lighter you pick it up and bring it home. >> it started in 1965, when my father-in-law and hi brother started a tradition. you have room in your oven for all of your thanksgiving goodies. >> it's as tradition as the holiday itself. >> it's the only way to get your turkey cooked. it's a great holiday tradition and they do an unbelievable job with the bird. >> i came here to get my turkey
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cooked. they do a great job here. >> lines start as early as 5:00 in the morning have the bakery cook the bird is great but taste is most important and customers say they are never disappointed. >> they are imaginitions back here. they are moist and juicy and delicious. they do a great job and keep our oven free all morning. >> absolutely delicious, we love it. >> it's not all turkey on thanksgiving, for many locals another holiday tradition is heading over to velari brothers and the meat potato pies. >> nice and fresh and no preservetives, good old italian bakery. >> my family is buying bread here for years probably before i was born. these are some of the best rolls in south philly, there is no doubt about it.
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>> on thanksgiving food say big highlight but being with family is what really matters. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> i love it. i'm still waiting for my thanksgiving dinner. >> it made my stomach rumble. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, 403 million reasons to add a power ball to your holiday shopping risk. and rumors are swirling for president-elect trump's transition as he spends the holiday in florida.
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from our delaware newsroom state police are working to determine what caused a deadly
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crash. two vehicles collided in the northbound lanes in wilmington at 9:45 this morning. one car flipped over and the other had heavy front end damage and one lane of traffic was getting by until authorities to clear the scene. >> a thanksgiving day tradition kick of with extra security measures in place. an estimated 3.5 million people came out for the macy's day parade there in new york city. the nypd had 3,000 officers on the street including bomb sniffing dogs and rooftop snipers. and used dump trucks at parade routes. and security was put in place because of an abunnance of caution. >> president-elect trump will be sworn into office in 60 days but now taking a short break at his estate in palm beach florida,
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last night he gave a video message in which he offering a prayer. >> on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> abc news has learn that trump is planning to name 78-year-old investors wilbur ross to head the commerce department. yesterday mr. trump tapped two women to fill top posts. south carolina governor, nikki haley u.s. ambassador to the united nations and betsy devos will lead the department of education. >> president obama had his own message to the country on his final thanksgiving day in office. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences we are still one people, something bigger than ourselves. communities that move forward together, we are neighbors, we
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look out for one another, especially those among us with the least. >> the president also thanked u.s. service members who are spending thanksgiving overseas away from their families. you may want to add a power ball ticket to your black friday shopping list. the jackpot for the next drawing jumped to a whopping $403 million. the ninth longest jackpot in power ball history, the next drawing is saturday night. >> that was a reminder to get my tickets. >> lets check in with melissa magee on this thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. it certainly wasn't terrible outside a mostly cloudy skies and a couple of showers overhead and we are tracking some activity right now, the picture outside. sky 6 hd looking from our penned landing camera, you can see the delaware river almost looks like glass and it's completely still
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and not a lot of wind to deal with, on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, tracking activity if we move well north of philadelphia up in the poconos for lake harmony along i-476 on eastward in strasburg and hacketts town and another cluster south of philadelphia. spotty showers here in the city and moisture here in south jersey along route 49s between salem and millville and west of route 301 at middletown at this hour. most spots should stay mainly dry. 49 in trenton and 48 out to the west in lancaster and 45 in allentown and cape may coming in at 54 and 54 in cover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, we have a mostly cloudy skies tracking activity in between sandwiched in between the i-95 corridor and expect showers on the way for the rest of tonight. for the next 12 hours the
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forecast holds like this, a few sprinkles overhead and 36 in lancaster and 41 in philadelphia and 42 in cape may for the overnight low, and black friday forecast, looking like this, perhaps are you getting ready to do some shopping, big time shopping for some deals. 43 is the number, 7:00 a.m. 52 by 11:00 a.m. and lower 50s friday night. down to the tropics because it's still active. this is hurricane otto it made landfall at 1:00 with maximum sustained winds at 110 miles per hour. south of nicaragua and will weaken into a tropical storm later tonight. here is the four day at 4:00, clouds and a spotty shower, high temperature of 56 degrees and breezy and the sunshine returns
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and partly sunny and high of 54 and brisk and chilly on sunday and 49 for the high and high temperature coming in at 54 degrees. more of the same tomorrow, it's not a washout but a spotty shower around and the shopper should not complain as we get into the weekend. >> thank you melissa. a northeast philadelphia family is opening their home to us, and sharing how they are celebrating their thanksgiving together. "action news" reporter, bob brooks is right there as several generations come together for a big feast. hey bob. >> reporter: hey sharrie, thanksgiving is all about seeing your family and spending time with friends and family and sometimes that means new friends and family that is sort of what i am doing now. wave everybody, you are live on "action news." this is the home of mary and charles. they have a wonderful spread
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here of goodies and lots of generations here. everybody wave again. celebrate. here is mary ann, thank you so much for bringing us into your home. tell us, what do you have going on here. >> we have two turkeys, my older sister and i both cook a turkey. hers is 26.5 and mine is 22.5 and we have stuffing and corn and peas and cole slaw and sweet po ties and mashed potatoes and baked mac and cheese, and the children are not big on turkey. >> lets go over to chuck. what are you most grateful for for this thanksgiving? >> grateful for my family, without family we would be nothing. i want to say hello to saint ann's center and the navy yard.
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>> we will continue to cook of thanksgiving dinner here and walter i'll throw it back to you in the studio. we'll be back in just a little bit. >> that is enough for surky sandwiches for two more days there. >> a whole bunch of people took time today owe offering a helping hand to the less fortunate will philadelphia. the lutheran church on sampson street where dozens of volunteers served meals to the homeless and organizers say there is no better way to spend thanksgiving than bless those in need. parishioners took time giving time in church where the faithful were joined by members at 50th and locust. ever year they join services alternated locations each year, presiding today was the doctor wendal jr. the start of a hlhealthy
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tradition for the two town turkey trot, it brought them to new hope on the pennsylvania side of the river, everybody got a chance to workup an appetite and burn calories and also for a good cause, the runners donated canned goods for the fisherman's mark food parentry and proceeds supports the town's chamber of commerce. >> two ton turkey trot. that is not easy to say. more to come on "action news" at 4:00, local high school football players brighten the day of young cancer patients by making them honorary captains. >> the way that viewers are spending their thanksgiving. i see familiar faces. >> whether you were out at the parade or at home with family and friends, we want to see your videos and photos, send them in using #6abcaction.
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a football tradition for team drexel hill football teamed kept rolling strong this holiday. but there was a special moments before the teams took to the fields, this is the 55th match-up between the saint dot's and saint bernadette schools, there were honorary captains, both teams are battling cancer and although the teams played against each other they stood behind thee two to let them know they are behind them in their fight for cancer. now teens woke up to help those who were battling illness. the manna kitchen was busing with 200 homemade meals. manna serves people suffering
4:26 pm
with cancer and hiv and other illnesses. officials came out to give a hand and the cost of the holiday meals are covered by peco. richard curtis, joined the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade, curtis rode a float with his wife lindsay along with singer estelle. he won a chance to cohost with kelly ripa, although that was the major highlight of his career this was just as exciting. >> look, all of this is a huge journey but now to be in the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. >> come on -- >> i couldn't be happier. >> curtis joined rick and cecily in the anchor booth today and after the parade he and his wife and children enjoyed a quiet family dinner together. >> today's parade watchers were treated to a performance from a smash hit musical.
4:27 pm
♪ ♪ >> the cast members from "mamma mia" performed dancing queen right there in front of the art museum. today's show would not be complete without an appearance with santa and mrs. claus, they took their seats at the top of the art museum steps as part of a successful parade. check out the show with all of today's highlights on our website at >> our thank gives day coverage continues after the break from the dinner table to the parade route. and a question that may divide your thanksgiving table. is sweet potato pie a side dish or a dessert? >> a dessert come on. >> some say some don't. you voted in our 6 abc twitter poll we'll have the results in big talkers.
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tradition in their hearts on the ben franklin parkway. though today marked the tappers 21st year it marked the 97th
4:30 pm
year of the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. nearly a day of dinosaurs princesses and families were right there. >> amazing all these years. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues our thanksgiving coverage, the oldest parade in the nation filled with balloons and floats and celebrities and thanksgiving is a day to give back. >> but first a few more sights and sounds from this morning's extravaganza. ♪ ♪ with number 97 in the book our team is already planning the 98th annual 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> from south jersey the south philadelphia countless family members spend the day giving
4:31 pm
thanks and giving back to the communities sara bloomquist spoke with people that spend the day give can back. >> reporter: for these volunteers thanksgiving is back giving back to others. they came from all over the region to the neighborhood center on cane avenue in camden, new jersey, who help on this day those that could not put a thanksgiving dinner on the table. >> it gives us something to be thankful for and not everybody can put together a dinner. >> i come out and each holiday and help to serve the community. one by one they piled the plates up high with turkey and gravy and veg tabs and of course cranberry. >> the neighborhood center is serving the thanksgiving meals to the needy for 103 years now.
4:32 pm
executive chef, lou wilson a graduate of the culinary institute of america, has a culture of serving healthy fresh food to the people in this impoverished neighborhood. >> we have childrens programs and after school teen programs and a noon meal open to the public. >> he and his wife who also works at the center hopes to teach their daughter how to help out even on thanksgiving. >> it was important to bring her here this morning to kind of show her what we do and how important it is to give back to people in the community, especially on holidays. >> i love what i do and love making them happy and serving good food. >> thank you. >> we heard thank yous again and again. those that came for the warm meal were so grateful to the volunteers, for including them at the thanksgiving table. in camden, new jersey, i'm sara
4:33 pm
bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." and in north philadelphia, hot meals were served with love right there at one day at a time. a program for drug and alcohol recovery as well as services for people affected by hiv aids and for people reconnecting with loved one to see that their moms and dads and loved ones are doing well in recovery. members of the police district joined for today's event. we know the parade say time honored tradition on "action news," another part of thanksgiving is being invite into a local family's home. bob brooks is enjoying the holiday in northeast philadelphia. all right bob we got a chance to meet the family earlier what is cooking now? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you what is cooking is two lovely turkeys here. who are you? >> i'm anna. what are you doing here? >> i'm getting the stuffing out of this turkey i cooked.
4:34 pm
>> it looks delicious. looks like an amazing job. >> we'll see. i'm sure it's fabulous. we have corn and peas and green bean casserole. everything in the oven here and then a wonderful family honestly, i just met them and they have been very kind and receptive and we have some of their children. >> happy thanksgiving! standing by live. and this little guy here what your name? >> jason. >> i heard you are going to say a prayer. >> what are you going to pray for? >> i have a prayer. >> you want to say it? go ahead. >> dear god we thank you for all you give for food, for love and a place to live, we thank you for our family too and we want you to know that we love you amen. >> round of applause! bravo.
4:35 pm
on live tv he say natural. so good. i'm going to throw it back to you in the studio. >> very cool. yes, they are ready to eat now. the prayer has been said now time to get to the food. bob, thank you. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> we talked about it before, fice today. >> temperatures were nice and mild and cloudy. the clouds are hanging on rather than that pouring rain. >> don't say snow. >> don't say it, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan looking at the center city skyline, 54 degrees in philadelphia, the dew point at 40, winds from the west at 5 miles per hour. the pressure 30.17, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d, we have the bulk of the rain in philadelphia and snow showers across the higher terrain and still just spotty activity for philadelphia and south jersey and central delaware. temperatures right now, you see where we have the colder air. 29 in caribou maine and 58 in
4:36 pm
new york city and 54 degrees in philadelphia. the 50s prevail as we get into our friday. so the holiday shoppers should be in good shape tomorrow but we are still tracking the threat of hours and we'll take a closer look at that in the full accuweather forecast. >> caribou, it's suppose to be cold. >> thanks. dreary weather made the trenton area soup kitchen feel kosier today. those in need packed in for a hot turkey dinner, nora muchanic found out today that this soup kitchen offers people much more than just a meal. >> hundreds of people packed into the trenton area soup kitchen digging into a hot and delicious turkey dinner. >> the food is real good. >> you have a favorite? >> the dressing and the turkey. >> it means the world to me they are helping us out. i love coming here with my husband.
4:37 pm
>> the soup kitchen served 300,000 meals through escher and their satellite division. each meal is delivered to the table. >> some people don't have families like mine, they like coming. >> i bring my kids out to enjoy with other people. me and my kids we are having a ball. >> i like the turkey and the corn. and i like the sweet potatoes. >> the population that we serve here are what we call the working poor. most of them about 25% of them are homeless. >> the soup kitchen offers more than just meals, they have an adult education program that helps the clients earn their high school eequivalentsy degrees. i am volunteering today because i feel i have been blessed over the years.
4:38 pm
don't have a lot but blessed. >> no part of this feast is wasted. everyone that eats at the soup kitchen go aways with a bag containing another meal. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." well, this day of thanksgiving is a day of service for some. the sunday breakfast mission held its 14th annual thanksgiving day celebration. hundreds of volunteers helped to prepare turkey and stuffing to feed families in wilmington, delaware and people that brought children were given special vouchers for christmas toys. volunteers with city teammate sure that everyone in the community made sure they had a meal to eat. they have grown to serve a variety of people and their needs. thanksgiving dinner was served to those that may not have anywhere else to go. more than 100 people were fed at this location in chester today. more to come on "action
4:39 pm
news" at 4:00, we'll look at stories making news across the delaware valley including a triple shooting. and the debate. is sweet potato pie a side dish or a dessert? and why are we even asking. real break down the argument and see the results of our twitter poll. next. >> and take a look how some of our viewers are spending their thanksgiving, we want to see your photos and videos, send them in on social media using #6abcaction.
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a night of hanging christmas decorations ened with gun fire in juniata park. they were targeted at howland street at 11:00 last night. the victimed told police that a
4:42 pm
dash gray chevy impala had driven by and backed up. there was a verbal exchange and a man in the passenger seat began shooting, the three victims suffered one gunshot wound and police are still looking for the shooters. the day started out with a horrible tragedy in south jersey, two people were killed in a head-on collision. joel hutton crossed the center line striking another car, his car flipped on impact flipping his passenger on to the field there they were both killed. no further information is released at this hour. firefighters quickly doused flames at the complex in voorhees, new jersey and nine people are displaced. they were forced from their home there on van buren road and the
4:43 pm
red cross is assisting some victims, the heater likely malfunctioned sparking the fire. on health check at 4:00 most people are having turkey but a new study may change what you have for breakfast. a japanese scientist find that people that eat three spoonfuls of ice-cream first thing in the morning had faster reaction times that those that did not partake and the ice-cream eaters were better at processing the information. they produced alpha brain waves, that helps to be alert. we turn to sweet potato pie in big talkers. it turns out the thanksgiving dish is a bit divisive. the debate boils down to a simple question, is sweet potato pie a dessert, a side dish or both. many contend the traditional dish is 100% a dessert because
4:44 pm
it's served in a pie crust but others argue that sweet potatoes is a vegetable, reguardless of the crust. and some people ask why sweet potato casseroles, are not thought of as dessert even though the greingredients are almost the same. >> 48% consider sweet potato pie a dessert. and 33 say side dish and 18% say both. >> the poll is open until 11:00 tonight. we don't know exactly sure what the answer is. >> it's a pie. a pie dish. a dessert. >> stepping outside sky 6 hd taking a live look at center
4:45 pm
city. meteorologist, melissa magee, has the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ ♪ well, the bands they came from near and far to march in this morning's 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. the talents ed musicians are part of the honor band from alabama they are rehearsing for a year to perform here in philadelphia. well the force was with these men and women wearing some familiar outfits. they are all members of the local chapter of the 501 legion a professional costume
4:48 pm
organization dedicated to the dark side list of characters and they entertained the crowds today. >> that is the sound of the bebeat tells. the beatles tribute band. they got people tapping and overall the performances were fantastic this year. >> i love it. seeing all the snippets great music and fun for the family for today. the weather it helps out. >> should we say. >> it was cloudy just a couple of sprinkles outside and tracking activity too right now fwis. we'll show you stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a couple of sprinkles here in philadelphia some spotty showers in the poconos and some moisture there in south jersey, even into delaware, we'll go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan and we have the rain in between medford lakes
4:49 pm
and glassboro and along the immediate coastline from surf city to atlantic city on westward into salem and cumberland counties this hour. and also tracking moisture moving out of central delaware pressing into the bay. temperatures certainly were not bad here on thanksgiving thursday, 54 in philadelphia, and 35 though in the poconos, 47 in reading and 48 in lancaster coming in at 53 and upper 50s in dover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got some activity across the region, and the bulk of the shower moisture today is north of philadelphia. moving into new york even some snow showers across the higher terrain, in upstate new york and portions of new england and a spritz or sprinkle to contend with and mostly cloudy. the call over the next few hours, more calls on the way and a few sprinkles as well. 35 in the suburbs and 41 in philadelphia for the overnight
4:50 pm
low, and then it's about the shoppers for black friday we have the forecast could haved for you, high temperature of 56 and we start the day out at 7:00 a.m. with a temperature of 44, 50 at 10:00 in the morning, 1:00 tomorrow afternoon 54 degrees and lots of clouds move on in and a similar day tomorrow to what we had today. mostly cloudy and a couple of showers around and 4:00 p.m. 54 and 51 at 7:00 p.m. the setup for us tomorrow looks like this, an area of low pressure to the north and one to the south and the clouds are locked in for the day on friday, high temperature of 56. the clouds move on out as we get into the start of weekend and saturday partly sunny with high pressure trying to control with the northwesterly wind at 7 to 14 miles per hour. highs in the lower 50s and quite breezy though by saturday afternoon. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds tomorrow and spotty shower and high temperature coming in at 56. on saturday, it is breezy and partly sunny and temple at home.
4:51 pm
54 for the high. by sunday it's brisk and chilly and a high temperature of 49 and future tracker windchill shows a change by sunday, windchills only at 40 in the city and upper 30s north and west and a different feeling day even though we have sun to enjoy it will feel colder than that. on monday sunshine and a few high clouds and high of 54, the eagles at home at the linc and a prime time match-up monday night. tuesday mild with rain and a high of 62. and on wednesday still tracking much needed rain with a high of 64. wet early and clearing later in the day and a high temperature coming in at 66 degrees. more of the same tomorrow and cloudy and spotty showers and not a washout and the sunshine returns in time for the weekend. >> all right melissa. we have tips to help you get the very best black friday deals online or in store. we have the 411 next in what's the deal.
4:52 pm
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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time now for what's the deal. for many of us thanksgiving day kicks off the holiday shopping season in fact more than 130 million americans are expected to shop between today and sunday. >> that is right as abc's rebecca jarvis tells us whether you are shopping online or in a line. >> it's on. more than 137 million americans expected to shop this weekend. on the hunt for the best deals of the season. like this 40 inch led tv on sale at wal-mart for $125. and at target this ipad pro, now $100 off, for $449. and hard earned dollars retailers are testing out new tricks.
4:55 pm
a lot retailers are competing on price but also competing is toy exclusivity, so wal-mart, target and amazon offering these exclusive toys you can only get online. >> but some stores are doing the opposite. like macy's, the world's largest department store rolling out the in-store exclusives on apparel and fragrances, have you to be there to get some of the deals. and jcpenney giving a more unique experience and select neiman marcus stores a brand new twist. partnering with rent the runway allowing clothes to be rented at their brick and mortar stores. >> and trying on for size this novel idea, staying close ford thanksgiving. >> for some stores the cost of staying open on thanksgiving was not worth it this year but offering multiple deals online to shop in your pj's or just
4:56 pm
spend the day with your family and enjoy thank giving the old fashioned way. rebecca jarvis, channel 6 "action news." >> gravy is the best part of a thanksgiving meal, if that describes you we have good news, the gravy train doesn't have to stop today. allow us to introduce you to, gravy candy canes. archie mcphees, brown and white meat flavored treats retail for just 699 online and they sell candy canes flavored with wa sabih and bacon and pickles. >> i'm not sure of the point. >> eat meat. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, coming up on "action news" at 5:00, we keep an eye on the shopping rush as several stores in the delaware valley prepare to open for christmas shoppers and health check a young mother in georgia
4:57 pm
is giving thanks for unique and successful surgery this holiday season. now more of your thanksgiving felt photos.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. ♪ ♪ happy holiday -- ♪ ♪ >> there it is a holiday tradition like few others, take over the ben franklin parkway today and the 6 abc holiday parade was one part of the holiday here in the delaware valley. some folks opted to volunteer their time and others decided to get a jump start on the christmas shopping. happy thanksgiving i'm walter perez. >> rick and monica are off and the big story is the holiday celebrations underway in the delaware and lehigh valleys. melissa magee is tracking spotty showers for thanksgiving night
5:00 pm
and bob brooks has an inside look at a family's holiday meal. first annie mccormick at the kmart in winfield heights. >> they have been taking advantage all day, this line behind me at the target has grown significantly since i last checked in with you at 4:00, give me a wave guys, we are on tv now. getting enthusiastic now. most of the people in this line ate their thanksgiving dinner and came out to shop. throughout the day we caught up with people that skipped thanksgiving all together and some that got in line at early as 7:00 in the morning. >> the line outside of this winfield heights target started before their 6:00 p.m. opening, look at the line at this northeast best buy, it began at 7:00 this morning. determined shoppers know what i want. >> toshiba has the 50 inch flat screen for


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