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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new this morning cuba's future. what's ahead for the country following fidel castro's death? the nation in mourning. the celebrations here and the political fallout. president obama criticized for his statement. the backlash this morning and the warnings. >> raul is as repressive. >> breaking overnight, the bourbon street shooting. shots fired on the most famous street in new orleans. ten people hit. at least one killed. >> looking for witnesses. we are interviewing those victims. >> the arrests this morning. >> wisconsin recount. hillary clinton's campaign joining in. green party candidate jill stein pushing the move, already taking aim in two other key states. donald trump blasting it all.
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we'll tell you what's at stake. >> your cybermonday cheat sheet. becky worley has the biggest holiday sales online. no matter what's on your list, don't click until you see our report. good morning everyone. we thank you for joining us on a sunday morning. we start with fidel castro. as controversial in death as he was in life. >> we want to show you contrasting front pages here. this is from a pro castro paper in cuba. the headline, tor victory. always fidel. and just one word, dead. >> we want to show you scenes that could not be any more different. they were partying in the streets overnight in miami's havana neighborhood for a second straight night as prominent republicans are lashing out at president obama for allegedly quote, showering love on castro
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and his official white house statement. >> so many questions swirling about the future of cuba and the future of america's relationship with cuba. we have team coverage this morning and we begin with jim avila in havana. good morning jim. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. cubans on both side of the florida straits have been waiting 40 years for this day. rumors always fly about fidel's death. some hoping his demise would lead to another evolution. no sign of that. nothing spontaneous in view as the island waits for monday services to say its long goodbye. this morning the cuban flag flying at half staff in havana as the country begins nine days of mourning for fidel castro. students at the university of havana where their education is free apparently overcome with emotion. [ speaking foreign language ] >> this cuban woman calling the revolutionary leader's death painful saying castro helped the people.
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sentiments echoed by one of the country's most famous man elian gonzales. once the center of an international custody battle between the u.s. and cuba. >> translator: fidel began to be that father like all who start off as fathers but the difficult thing is for a father to become a friend. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the news announced by fidel's brother raul on state television late friday night. castro's body is set to be cremated and ashes taken on a three-day journey across the country before his burial on december 4th. a service for fidel's sister wanita castro who lives in the u.s. will not be attended. on saturday castro dividing world leaders in death as he did in life. this morning president obama under fire from conservatives for not including a single reference to castro's record in his 200 plus words in which he notes the enormous impact of this singular figure who altered
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the course of a cuban nation. the cuban/american exile community in the united states including florida senator marco rubio calling the president's choice of words pathetic. a sentiment shared by texas senator ted cruz who referred to castro as a murderer and a thug. and president-elect donald trump calling castro a brutal dictator while promising to do all he can to ensure cuba's prosperity and liberty. now back in the day, castro was a fire brand once delivering a seven hour harang against the u.s. but in the last decade after a stomach illness that left him frail he rarely spoke in public. still suspicious to the end of the americans and the new era of diplomacy. dan. >> jim in cuba for us. the reaction in south florida radically different from what we have been seeing in cuba. in havana home to so many people who fled castro's regime.
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sell briegsss and hope for a different cuba moving forward. abc's gio benitez is in miami with that story. good morning. >> reporter: these celebrations are filled with passion. so many people were forced to leave their homeland. some 50 to 60 years ago. this is the epicenter of america's exile community. florida's little havana. hundreds taking to the streets, some taking to their balconies banging pots and making noise to celebrate a turning page in cuban history. >> these people here are marching with that giant cuban flag chanting cuba, yes, castro, no. for them this is about hope for the future of cuba. >> something like goosebumps and i'm not happy because somebody is dead. it's not about that. it's about changing. hope that something is going to happen. >> this woman left cuba as a child but
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many celebrating here were born in this country. their cuban ancestors not living to see a cuba without fidel castro. >> i feel for people who lost loved ones who did not see this. that's why i'm here, to honor those folks. >> reporter: the passing of a man exiles considered a brutal dictator offering a glimpse of hope even as his younger brother still rules the nation and carries on the regimes practices toward political prisoners. >> raul is as repressive and they're not about to give up easily what they have had for nearly six decades. >> still, cuban americans hold on to the idea that some day the cuba they once knew will be within reach. >> we lost our country. maybe we're going to get it back now soon and i'm hoping for that. >> reporter: and here in little havana we can tell you the celebrations happen in front of one legendary cuban restaurant. this became the heart of the
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cuban exile community where the exiles would come and talk about their pain and strength paula. >> you can see the hope and relief on so many of their faces and we'll check in with you. heartwarming stories later in the show. hillary clinton's presidential campaign is acting in the recount initiated by jill stein in wisconsin. will do the same if audits are open in other states. gloria has more on the reasons behind this decision and the immediate backlash from donald trump. good morning. >> reporter: well the green party has raised millions of dollars for the recount effort and while hillary clinton has not weighed in personally, her legal team says it will also participate in battleground states pennsylvania and michigan if that's where jill stein takes this next. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. >> reporter: less than three weeks after hillary clinton's
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crushing defeat to president-elect donald trump, her team now announcing it's entering the recount. an effort pushed by jill stein. >> there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. >> clinton's general counsel says the campaign has received messages and calls asking for hacking claims to be investigated. writing in a blog saturday because we have not uncovered any evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves. adding now that wisconsin's recount is officially under way, clinton staffers intend to participate to ensure fairness. >> it's a rigged election, believe me. >> trump widely criticized for stoking fears about the election's integrity. >> we know it's rigged. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. >> now the president-elect accusing stein of using the fight as a fundraiser and in a
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tweet this morning trump going after clinton saying she conceded the election when she called me prior to the victory speech and after the results were in, nothing will change. >> here in washington a senior administration official said the white house did not observe or uncover any malicious cyber activity aimed at modifying election results. president-elect donald trump calling the entire recount effort a scam. dan, paula. >> let's bring in abc's martha raddatz who is also in washington where she'll be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. >> good morning. >> so the clinical pain has acknowledged they have not seen any evidence of hacking and very little chance this recount can change the outcome. why bother especially given the process has potential to stir up some difficult emotions? >> well, in the clinton camp's words, they're not bothering. jill stein is. clinton's lawyer says they did not plan seeking a recount but
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now that it's under way they want to participate to make sure the process is fair to all sides and they're represented in any legal proceedings. >> this is all on jill stein. why is jill stein who got less than 1% of the vote nationally, why is she leading the charge on this? given she has so little to gain. is she somehow doing team clinton's bidding? >> jill stein is doing it because of this. right now we're talking about her and her party, the green party three weeks after the election. but to be fair, stein says they're doing it to ensure fair elections and promote reforms but the publicity doesn't hurt especially as millions of dollars pour into the green party to support the recount effort. >> no such thing as bad publicity. rule number one. we know that ted cruz is on your show today martha. he's been extremely critical of president obama for quote, showering love on castro. why do you think that president obama worded his statement the way that he did? >> well, i think to president obama an important part of his legacy is reestablishing
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diplomatic relations with cuba. like the iran deal it's a corner stone of his foreign policy. it's something he campaigned on back in 2008, promising to sit down with america's enemies. so it's clear the statement is part of his effort to keep warming relations with cuba but to many including ted cruz not mentioning any of the atrocities of castro's regime is naive and offensive at worst, dan and paula. >> he talks about the enormous impact of castro and he altered the course of the cuban nation. you can understand how it would be offensive for some. martha, thank you. you have a big show this morning. >> see you later. >> she'll be talking with donald trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway, senator cruz and senator bernie sanders and more on the reaction of the death of fidel castro coming up on "this week" on abc with martha raddatz. >> we're going to move on to the new information we're getting on the case of the woman described as a supermom. sherry papini found alive three
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weeks after she vanished while on a jog. nick watt is in reading, california. good morning. >> reporter: well, right now authorities are searching for two has panic women driving a dark colored suv. that is the description papini gave. we are also hearing for the first time radio traffic from the first officer on the scene when she was found. >> chp is on the scene. >> reporter: the 34-year-old mom found on a rural roadside in northern california. >> she's saying that she jumped out of a vehicle. somewhere near 5 and yolo. >> reporter: it's 4:30 a.m. thanksgiving morning. a driver had spotted papini and dialed 911. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered and it is a
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confirmed kidnapping. we've got a phone number for you. i need you to call her husband. >> california highway patrol was able to connect sherry with her husband by sell -- cell phone almost immediately. >> she and keith have been reunited. >> she vanished while jogging three weeks ago. her husband called the cops when she failed to pick up their kids from day care. they found her phone with strands of her hair on a roadside near their home. 150 miles from where papini was found early thursday morning. >> sometimes those littlest finest details can be a major break in the case. >> she's chained with a quarter inch heavy chain and on her wrist. >> reporter: authorities are examining her clothing and restraints searching for any dna evidence that might lead them to her kidnappers. and the sheriff's department is also analyzing cell tower data and they hope to interview papini. once she's decompressed a little
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more. all we know so far is she says she did not know the women who she says took her captive. dan and paula, they were strangers to her. >> baffling case. >> very baffling. nick, thank you. we talked to investigators and they said this is so rare for the captive to be released and all the information they're hoping to get from sherry. she holds it all. she holds all the clues. >> she said they'll be interviewing her soon. there are a lot of other headlines on this sunday morning. we kick it over to ron claiborne. >> good morning to you. dan and paula, diane, robert, good morning everyone. we're going to begin with breaking news overnight from new orleans. louisiana, one person dead and nine others wounded in the shooting of the french quarter. police say one gunman opened fire this morning. no word yet on a motive. police arrested two people at the scene for carrying guns but it's not yet clear if they were connected to that shooting. >> totally unacceptable. i mean the violence just continues to spin out of control with people brandishing weapons. whenever they think they can.
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>> the french quarter was more crowded than usual because of a college football game at the time. more breaking news. our local affiliate reporting several people shot in missouri outside of kansas city. no officers were among the wounded. police said to be talking with several witnesses in that area. and the chicago police officer who fatally shot an african-american man has been relieved of his police powers and placed on desk duty. appointed a gun at him and police have not found a gun at the scene. ron glass has died. he played ron harris on the show "barney miller." a younger generation new him as a preacher on "fire fly." he died friday of respiratory failure. ron glass,
8:16 am
71 years of age. just released video of rescuers pulling two teens from a mountain in colorado. the high schoolers got stuck in whiteout conditions last week and spent two frigid nights in the wilderness. the teens were treated for frostbite but otherwise, they are said to be fine. and finally one of the most intense and long rivalries in college football led to one of the most dramatic games of the season, check it out. third ranked michigan, the wolverines against the buckeyes of ohio state going head to head saturday. the buckeyes mount add huge comeback, tied at the end of regulation and won that game in the second overtime. still heated after the game. michigan's peppers shoving an ohio state fan. >> he was shoved first. >> that's video. >> okay. >> at the crowd rushed the field in columbus, ohio. rough day for paula faris and jim harbaugh. he says i'm bitter. >> he says he's utterly bitter at the referees.
8:17 am
what can you say? i lost five years of my life watching that game. i always tell my kids be gracious in victory and defeat. but i'm not feeling gracious. i have to say. >> but you're not bitter, right? >> i'm very builter. i'm very, very bitter. they're mystified on that one day of the year that i watch that game. >> with my mother. >> basically yes. my husband was like stop. >> throwing shoes at the tv. >> they can still make it to the playoffs. they got a good team. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> i couldn't bare to watch ohio state's kicker miss another one. i was grateful for overtime. >> c'mon. you're a humanitarian. anyway, the ufc saw a lot of rain yesterday. as they make their late season this is the video out of los angeles, southern san diego got some, as well. there was a batch of rain there,
8:18 am
and another batch today. i-80. problems on i-90. i-5. big, big deal as we head home from the holiday weekend. we'll see issues along i-5, and higher elevations in southern california. and salt lake city under a winter storm watch. those high elevations could see feet of snow. ski resorts loving that. treacherous driving. wind advisory in southern california, as well. next batch of storms tonight and tomorrow across northern california and pacific northwest. the bulk of this stuff will be north. here's the snow we'll see across the all mountain ranges and the inter mountain west. that's what's going on nationally. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: that precipitation rob is talking about falling as
8:19 am
snow will be here later this week. it will rain not snow. get your jackets ready we're in the 0s yosemite -- 30s across the region. accuweather says 52. mostly sunny skies, chilly breeze. tomorrow, 56. increasing clouds, mild tuesday and wednesday, highs in the mid 60s, both days feature periods of much-needed rain. later in the broadcast. >> what we need to do is convince paula not to watch football anymore. >> her season is over. >> 364 days just saying. it's been a brutal 13 years. they have lost 12 of 13. >> i have some happy news to lighten the mood. one hallmark of most bar mitzvah's is the generosity of the guests. an el paso teen is making headlines by turning his bar mitzvah into an
8:20 am
extraordinary act of kindness. >> always had a love for sneakers. >> for his bar mitzvah drew frank wanted lots of sneakers but what he did is proving he's no ordinary 13-year-old. >> i got donations to pay for all of these. the smiles on their faces were amazing. when i gave it to them. >> raking in over $25,000 in cash donations drew gave it all to the foundation saying it was enough for 800 pairs of sneakers and 400 pairs of socks for students in need in local elementary schools. >> amazing feeling to give back to them. >> the foundation is volunteering it, orchestrating and organizing it. but it's all his donations. >> while drew didn't keep his gifts, he still enjoyed an amazing party. >> welcome to my man drew's bar mitzvah celebration. >> his dream complete with sneakers center pieces, ice sculptures and a cake.
8:21 am
>> my friends are supportive of this and they all came and helped me out. >> drew is not done. he and his brother are opening a sneaker store for the holidays and hoping to donate 10% of the proceeds to giving more sneakers to students in need. >> that's cool. very nice. >> i think my parents kept most of my bar mitzvah money. >> smart parents. >> have you gotten it back? >> i think maybe when they paid for college they made up for it. >> i think so. >> 13 years old. his brothers are 12 and 8. i'm feeling like a slacker this morning. >> he's incredible. kudos to his parents for instilling that generosity in him. in their children. >> and not taking his money. >> dan is still bitter. coming up on "gma." an intense manhunt happening now for two inmates who broke out of a san jose jail. we have a look on how they managed to escape. >> we have got your guide to cybermonday. keep it here. i was in shock when my dentist was explaining
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oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. this sunday, november 27 i'm nydia han. sky6 live hd is looking live at one of the runways at philadelphia international airport. it will be a busy day at the airport as thousands head home after their thanksgiving weekend. will they experience any
8:28 am
weather-related displays? delays, for that we go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: not likely, but you want a jacket as you step outside, we're in the 30s and a bit of a breeze. today, 52, breezy. tomorrow, increasing clouds, 56. highs in the mid 60s on tuesday and wednesday. we're looking at periods of rain both days, nydia. >> that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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we welcome you back to "gma" on a sunday morning. cuba has begun nine official days of mourning after the death of former president fidel castro. the streets of havana have been mostly quiet but many cuban exiles and their families in miami have been celebrating. for the second straight day. >> congress looking at plans with the approval process for new drugs and medical devices. the house is expected to vote this week on this bill. including a billion dollars to fight opioid abuse and funds for the obama administration's so-called cancer moonshot. somebody is very rich this morning. lottery officials say a single winning ticket for last night's $429 million powerball jackpot was sold in tennessee. nobody has claimed the prize. whoever won has the option of
8:31 am
taking a lump sum payout of 255 million bucks before taxes. >> were any of you in tennessee yesterday? >> not recently. >> i got excited until tennessee came out. and then -- >> that's all right. good luck to whoever won and enjoy your holidays. speaking of spending, we're sorting out the best cybermonday deals. don't click until you see what becky worley has to say coming up in our weekend download. >> first, the massive manhunt right now for two escaped prisoners. >> they broke out of a county jail in california before thanksgiving and there has been no sign of them since. authorities are calling them dangerous and desperate and abc's eva pilgrim has a look of how they managed to break out. good morning, eva. >> investigators are struggling to figure out how they escaped. no security cameras outside of the jail. but this morning new details. but these guys had an audience. people who stayed behind. not everyone in that cell tried to get out.
8:32 am
two fugitives described by cops as dangerous are on the run after a daring jail break in san jose, california. this morning abc news getting an exclusive look inside their cell. >> these are pretty tough and pretty strong. that's why i'm so surprised they were able to cut through it. >> these are the bars left behind by chavez and campbell, part of a group of four inmates. cutting through the window of their cell. repelling down two stories but tying together a series of blankets and bed sheets. left dangling alongside the building. >> you can see where the bars are missing and also they cut one of the horizontal supports and pushed the window out and the window is still hanging there. >> the other two prisoners involved in the escape quickly captured by deputies patrolling the area. chavez and campbell have evaded the massive search for three days. >> these are dangerous people. >> the window boarded up.
8:33 am
this room empty. but the night of the escape it housed 20 inmates. 4 tried to get away. the other 16 stayed behind. >> if there are 20 people in a dormitory and they were cutting the bars other people had to know. >> investigators say no one is talking offering no details on the escape plan. the sheriff says she's sure they had to use a metal tool to cut that window making it hard to believe that those other 16 guys didn't hear or see a thing. she's determined to find these two who have charges from burglary to firearm violations. but no one is talking. >> interesting, they didn't want to break another law by escaping but they also won't help them get caught. >> curious to see how much pressure they're putting on them. >> enormous amount. thank you. appreciate it. let's get back over to rob for another look at the forecast. >> if you are hitting the road across the northeast, a couple interstates a suspect.
8:34 am
what's going happen over the neck couple of days. this is a storm coming through the west, we'll get into the plains. snow across the northern plains and severe weather across parts of east texas and louisiana could be enhanced risks to see tornados. it's a quiet weather season so far this fall. beneficial rains coming from the system marching to the east. tuesday we get along the appalachians and i-95 corridor. there are two waves coming through where they need this rain. atlanta at that over 40 days in a row. not seeing any rainfall. look at this rain, 4 to 6 inches of rainfall coming where they could use it. that's a check on what's going on nationally. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: it's dry for now, rob we have nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan in
8:35 am
the way of precipitation. we're in the 30s, high of 52. tomorrow, 56. then comes the rain rob is talking about, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, morning. no. no. no. >> come back. >> coming up on "gma," open only when fidel dies. the champagne bottles celebrating the end of an era. the father's gift and the painful story behind it. >> "gma" helping you get the most for your money. this holiday season, your best bargains for cybermonday straight ahead in our weekend download. jared's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has helped bring my designs to life. each hand set ring in the vera wang love collection is my modern interpretation of timeless classics.
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there are countless stories of the castro regime's oppression of its own people. families torn apart by tierney. >> two women who lived through it. though many years have passed, the pain is still very fresh in their minds. let's go to gio benitez in miami. good morning. >> reporter: under the castro regime these two women were just children when their world and lives were turned upside down.
8:40 am
this is a champagne bottle that this woman waited decades to open. a gift from her late father. >> it was hidden for all those years. open only when fidel dies. >> fidel castro's death was highly anticipated, wished for because of the pain when families were forced to split. she shares the moment when she just 8 years old at the time said goodbye to her beloved father. a political prisoner in cuba. >> they took my father out in the balcony across the street and all i could do was bye papi. >> what was going through your mind? you were so young. >> that is what hurt so much. when i felt that i was not going to see him anymore. >> today in florida she's a county commissioner still struggling with memories of her young life in cuba. >> i couldn't understand why i couldn't say -- express my opinions or why i couldn't say that i believe in god.
8:41 am
>> childhood trauma defining a generation. this woman, now a psychotherapist remembers it well. at 11 years old she fled cuba. without her parents on what's been dubbed the peter pan flights. those parents sending kids to america when a bright future couldn't be guaranteed. >> i remember leaving my house kissing all my dolls, you know, and saying goodbye to everybody. it was very -- it was a very -- i'm going to start to cry. >> reporter: more than 14,000 children on those peter pan flights. there was one thing they wanted me to say. these two women say they are fiercely american. so grateful for what this country gave them. dan and paula. >> thank you very much for your reporting this morning. we really appreciate it. coming up on "gma," your guide to cybermonday, the best deals and where to find them. >> the excitement is building for the new "star wars" movie.
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a lot of people waiting for tomorrow because it's cybermonday. millions of folks looking to bag a bargain online. one of those shoppers is our deal hunting becky worley who is here to run us through the best things to buy. becky thanks for joining us. it is cybermonday. can we start with electronics? >> yeah. good morning. good news electronics deals, great. cybermonday is the day to get a deal. we'll start with this. on android phones, especially on locked phones.
8:46 am
gift cards and discounts, also external hard drives. now you can back up your data for less. here's a pro tip. the big chains will have good deals. also check out the tech specialty sites. i'm talking about tigerdirect, they have an hdmi cable for 99 cents. vh photo, $500 off of a a camera and lens. lots of deals are live now, paula. >> i bought that camera for less last year. thanks becky. this is a really good time to stock up on every day essentials, too. >> no doubt about it. we start with target. going through monday their entire store and website 15% off. let's move on to clothes. old navy and levis, 40%, 50% off. in my house, my son's pant legs are up around his shins, so i'm going to inventory their clothes and shop tomorrow. finally,
8:47 am
beauty, makeup not on sale often but we expect to see bundled sample packs and bogo's. i don't need to run you through these shopping acronyms. buy one, get one deals paula. big, big deal. >> yolo, you only live once, right? >> yeah. >> when to buy toys, any deals right now? >> we usually say wait until right before christmas because that's when they get sweeter. gurus saying snap up the toy deals now. i saw 50 bucks off at best buy. especially on cybermonday, amazon ruling out their flash sales including toys. it's really worth checking there to see what's available. >> sounds like there's going to be cybermonday madness. thanks to becky. we always love having you and we'll be right back with "pop news." "pop news." ♪
8:48 am
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>> time for "pop news." diane macedo, abc news reporter, what's popping? >> thanks, dan. we start off with the "gilmore girls". fans are at a loss for words over the series, last four words. for years it was teased there were four specific words she wanted to tends series with. fans couldn't wait to hear them. gilmore girls, a year in the life. some are satisfied. some are angry. just about everyone is shocked. it was such an emotional moment that only the chaos that comes from working on a tv set kept it from being a sob fest. you probably now want to know what were the final words? >> what were the final four words diane? >> i can't spoil it for you. you have to watch for yourself. >> it's publicly available. >> you'll have to go on netflix and watch it. i don't make the rules. just playing by them. >> i'm not paying 9 bucks a month.
8:53 am
>> maybe this will give you a payoff. "star wars" fans were treated to a thanksgiving weekend surprise. a brand new "rogue one" trailer. take a look. >> i'll be there for you. >> the captain said i had to. >> gentlemen. >> you are dealing with here is immeasurable. >> i will not fail. >> the new and final sneak peek has racked up more than 800,000 views on youtube. advanced ticket sales begin at midnight in most areas and "rogue: one star wars story" hits theaters december 16th. >> i'm excited about this. >> dan is stomping his tail. >> if it's not just because it produced by disney our parent company which writes our paychecks, i think it's going to be a good movie. >> they're focusing on normal people as opposed to the jedi. >> jedis are normal. what are you talking about?
8:54 am
they have emotions. >> rob is still waiting for the chewbacca series. >> still a mystery to me. i want the truth. >> and tom hanks settling a debate burning up the internet starting a few years ago when this photo was posted to the group reasons my son is crying. the photo has since resurfaced with viewers divided over the fundamental question, is this a photo of tom hanks or bill murray. >> tom hanks. >> you might want to look at it for a while and come up with your answer. >> definitely tom hanks. >> now we have the answer on the graham morton show he said it's definitely not him. >> what? >> that is incorrect. >> because he's tom hanks and awesome he made his own hilarious version with two other guests, check it out. >> there you go. there you go. squeeze in. squeeze in. >> like that.
8:55 am
>> like that, smiling. there you go! that is really good. >> so there you have it. mystery solved. investigative journalism for you. >> that is bill murray guys. >> it's bill murray. >> the eyes. >> i posted the photo on twitter when it came out and people were so sure, obviously it's tom hanks. people were convinced. >> i believe it is. >> it was like the dress all over again. >> it's not tom hanks. >> rob and i are going to start our own grassy knoll website. >> many wondering what to do with thanksgiving leftovers. i have brought you all some special dumplings from mimi chang's in new york city. filled with turkey, stuffing gravy and mashed potatoes. an entire thanksgiving meal in one bite. >> should just have this on thanksgiving. >> this is terrific. >> instead of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.
8:56 am
>> look at this. >> dumplings. >> i don't recognize the cranberry sauce. >> you like it in the can shape? >> uh-huh. >> the authentic cranberry sauce. >> don't forget martha has a big show coming up on "this week." dan. do you want to wave? >> bye everybody. >> have a good day. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. coming up on "action news" sunday morning. union cubans vow to carry on the castro revolution as the country mourns his death. >> millions of holiday travelsers are heading -- travelers are heading back home. we have sunshine from the mississippi east, the clouds will be coming in over the next
8:57 am
24 hours and we'll get much-needed rain. i'll have that including the afternoon call that's ahead when "action news" continues. >> 9:00 a.m., sunday,
8:58 am
8:59 am
november 27 in the news, fidel castro remains as controversial
9:00 am
in death as in life as cubans mourn and americans celebrate his passing. plus a man is stabbed during a home invasion in bucks county. now the search is on for his attacker. >> even physical's mayor turns out -- philadelphia's mayor turns out to support main street on small business saturday. good morning, if you're just waking up, meteorologist david murphy in with the accuweather forecast. it is chilly. >> reporter: it is chilly, we have sunshine and very little cloud cover over center city. as we roll through the day, we'll have little cloud cover popping in, but it's going to stay bright. satellite shows cloud cover overhead and there's holes in the cloud cover marching in over the mountains that will fall a part always it works in, as well. it is chilly, we're in the 40s


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