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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news, reports of possible gunfire on the the campus of one of america's biggest clemg ohio state -- colleges, ohio state university. 8 injured, perhaps one critically rushed to area hospitals there. abc news learned one suspect is dead, a shelter in place order was lifted moments ago. abc's elizabeth hur has been
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following this breaking news joining us live from new york city as we follow the developments on the shooting at ohio state university. >> reporter: within the hour, university officials announced shelter in place is lifted and the scene is secure. there's a heavy police presence on campus with 8 people rushed to the hospital. police and fire swarming the ohio state university campus responding to reports of an active shooter on the loose before 10:00 a.m. the university alerting students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. >> it was three gunshots that sounded like a handle gun. >> reporter: students left the scene, scrambling from cover and running. >> i started running out of 15. don't go to campus there's an active shooter. you never think something like that is going to happen. it's mind blowing. >> we've been asked to go
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further, you can see it's a tense situation right now. we've been told an active shooter is possibly inside the garage. >> reporter: police set up a perimeter keeping everyone away from the buildings where the gunshots rang out. the s.w.a.t team and the fbi on the ground as the situation unfolds. during the the incident law enforcement sources warned family members not to call students or employees on campus, because a ringing phone could compose them if they were hiding. shelter in place is lifted, but the investigation is continuing. litz -- elizabeth hush back to you. a teenager is shot in wilmington trying to get to school. katherine scott is live at the consolidated school district in elsmere, katherine.
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>> reporter: sara, the 15-year-old student is in stable condition. we spoke to a representative from the school district. they asked wilmington police for added police presence along the area where the shooting happened earlier. they asked for police dickenson high school where the student attends. >> we heard shots. >> reporter: shots fired in the wilmington neighborhood around 6:45 a.m., a 15-year-old boy was hit near west 27th anticipate north van buren avenue. the bus was heading to dickenson high school where the victim attendance. neighbors saw the ensuing chaos. >> we saw kids running this way we saw kids jump on the bus and the bus driver was telling the kids to get on the bus for their
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protection. >> five or six shots, i wanted to make sure my son was okay. >> reporter: the teen was hit in his arm and torso. the 9th grader was treated on scene by paramedics and transported to dupont hospital in stable condition. >> the extra staff went out to the school to make sure everybody is okay. >> reporter: patty nash said they have been working on a effort to expand their corner to corner program people walking students to school to make mornings safer. it would include the bus stops on this corridor. police had plans tonight to discuss going into local schools to spread a message of peace. >> if we catch them at an early age and let them know what this is about and what's going on in the city and how it affects all of us, their lives and
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everybody's lives, maybe changes will come. >> so far police have not released any information on potential suspect. live in elsmere, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. camden county metro police officer is recovering after he was hit by a car overnight. happened at north 5th and vine streets in camden while responding to another call. the car stopped was towed away, the officer was taken to cooper university hospital for treatment of minor injuries. no word if the driver will face charges. police are searching for two people in connection with the shooting in overbrook late last night. they discovered a 21-year-old shooting victim struck in the hip at the intersection of 66th and malvern. surveillance video from a corner store shows the victim inside the store with three people. they believe two of the people in the video are the suspects. >> for some reason one of the two males that was following the victim fired five shots striking
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the victim in the hip. the victim was able to run about a half block to their home. well, today is the deadline to get a vote recount going we'll have more on the story coming up. >> today is the deadline to get the vote recount going in pennsylvania. jill stein is hoping thousands of volunteers can make it happen. candidates cannot directly petition for a recount in pennsylvania. instead at least three voters per district must file an affidavit. jill stein for a recount in wisconsin, she said she is seeking to force a recount in michigan, as well. eagles battle the green bay packers on monday night football. you can see the game live on 6abc. hopefully a trend will continue for the eagles tonight. they are unbeaten 4-0 at the
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linc this season, winning against the packers is vital for the 5-5 birds they are in last place at the nfc east. they have a shot at making the playoffs. they know the mistakes in their game have to be eliminated tonight. >> we have a lot of young guys who are getting all the learning opportunities, we see them all. we're like right there. >> reporter: the defense has the challenge of stopping quarterback aaron rodgers. >> he throws the ball 70 yards in the air, he has the arm strengthening and the mobility and the accuracy. they are banged up, but finding ways to put up points. >> again you can watch the game right here on 6abc at 8:30 p.m. we'll have a special pregame countdown to kickoff at 8:00 p.m. stay with us after the game for a live post-game show. because of the eagles game we'll be airing the cma country
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christmas special on the live well network. sugarland hosts at #8:00 p.m. conviction at 10. time to talk temperatures and accuweather no snow in the forecast, but there's rain ahead. let's check in with david murphy over at the "action news" big board. david. >> reporter: all right, sarah, so far so good on double scan there's a shower around baltimore that appears to be falling a part. we don't have to worry about that. for the eagles, 8:30 p.m. kickoff. cloudy, wind out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. kickoff temperatures 48 degrees, 4th quart. 4th quarter, 46. we have cloud cover crossing delaware including wilmington and some parts of delaware county.
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as the afternoon goes on, the clouds will continue to take over and eventually we'll be on the look out for some of the rain not tonight more toward morning. 50 in philadelphia, 50 in allentown. very even numbers across the delaware and lehigh valleys. 51 in cape may and 51 in wilmington and dover. this afternoon we're going for a high of 56 under sun an clouds. that profile above. notice how we're five degrees over the average high of 51. 46 is the low that's botch the average low of -- above the average low of 35. by tomorrow morning's rush hour there could rain around, in fact we're looking at rain tuesday and wednesday, when i come back with the complete accuweather seven day. we're looking into how the rain comes in and how it gets out of here, rick, sarah? >> some of you may be spending your lunch break browsing cyber monday deals. an estimated $3 billion will be
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spent on monday. the line following thanksgiving is the busiest online shopping day of the year. that may not be the case any more. many retailers launched online sales weeks ago. 8 miles of conveyer belts are keeping amazon moving in delaware. thousands of workers are on the job some hired to handle the peak shopping season. nora muchanic will be along to take a closer look at amazon's operation. >> still to come on "action news" at noon, cuba begins its final farewell to controversial former leader, fedel castro. >> it's the hottest ticket out there, ticket sales for the new star wars movie, we'll be right back.
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and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. breaking news from ohio on the campus of ohio state university, a shelter in place warning has been lifted after reported active shooter situation on the campus here in columbus, ohio. one suspect we're told is dead, 8 other people were taken to area hospitals. one in critical condition at this hour, as we told you at the top of the hour, the incident
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happened inside watts hall, the material science and engineering building. the scene is secure. all classes have been canceled for the day, we'll continue to follow any developments and bring you updates from the campus of ohio state university. the official mourning period for former cuban president fidel castro is underway. thousands are paying tribute to the leader. abc's marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: many by the thousand paid tribute to fedel castro filing past this memorial, a somber reflex on this island -- reflection on this island nation ruled by castro for 49 years. >> his figure will remain cuba's biggest pride. where the normally vibrant music
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has been silent in tribute. the flag flies at half staff. a stark contrast to the celebration by cuban americans in little havana. >> i don't sell -- celebrate death, but i celebrate the death of a tyrant. >> reporter: president-elect trump threatening to undue president obama's recently renewed diplomatic ties to the country saying its administration will do all it can to insure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. tomorrow the urn of his remains will be brought to other cities across the country. abc news, havana, cuba. >> pennsylvania's 12 day deer rifle season opens today with 500,000 taking part. 27% of the deer harvest occurred
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on the first day of the season. similar numbers are expected today.
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>> tickets are on sale for the first stand alone star wars film called rogue one. if youif you want to get a seate theater you have to ask fast. the site for the tickets crashed. rogue one a star wars story hits theaters on december 16.
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the film is produced by a division of disney which is the parent company of 6abc. a new study finds the microbes in your belly may prevent you from keeping the weight off. researchers fed mice a high fat diet followed by a normal diet which triggered weight loss and weight gain which altered the microbes in the the word of the year is xenophobia which is fear of people from different cultures or strangers. police violence of people against color and serious refugee crisis and the presidential race forced people to look up the word but it
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spiked when brexit left the european union. the debate continues on when women should stop getting mammograms. women over 75 no longer need a mammogram. a skating rink in japan was forced to close after customers complained it was tasteless. see what the amusement park is doing to improve it's ice aquarium. "action news" is coming up after "action news" comes right back. >> good news for skiers and
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snow boarders, ski resorts across pennsylvania plan to open soon. officials at camelback mountain are facing on december 9. blue mountain will open in the second week in december. there i am, how did they get that video? last year, most pennsylvania ski resorts did not open until early january because of warm weather. >> reporter: how did they get that video of me. >> you ceability snow board. >> reporter: that's not how you snow board.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan we're not opening any ski resorts yet, because it's going to get mild and we're going to get rain. a couple of high clouds streaking in over the delaware river and the commodor barry bridge. we're bright and the temperature is improving, too. up to 50 degrees after starting around the freezing mark in the city and below freezing in the suburbs. the winds are not that bad out of the south at 8 miles per hour. it's pleasant, a good idea to have a jacket on 50 in allentown. 51 in cape may. wind everywhere on the light side. satellite and radar shows you how the clouds we've been waiting on all morning long is starting to push in. some of the high stuff is showing up over chester more the same over wilmington and the state of delaware. the rain is arriving along with the thickening clouds, the rain probably holds off until
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overnight tonight and close to tomorrow morning. up in the lehigh valley, sun and clouds, over the next several hours, light winds and a high of 54. not too bad for this time of the year. at the shore, 56 degrees, a little bit above average, sun and clouds through the afternoon and more clouds this evening. ocean temperature, 48. in philadelphia, 56. sun and clouds, chilly, certainly, but with winds out of the south only 6 to 12 miles per hour that's not too bad. just a little bit of a light wind. for the ride home tonight, well, maybe still shades there could be some sun poking through the clouds by 4:00 p.m. 54 there, sundown, 53 at 5:00 p.m., 351 at 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 49 degrees. we'll drop to 46 later this evening, and see the temperatures rise before we get to midnight tonight. overnight, the clouds continue to increase, 46 is the low, a lot better than this morning when we were in the 30s. winds out of the south when we
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were in the overnight. we can't rule out a shower tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m. after we're on the air we'll have showers to show you in the northern and western suburbs. during the rush hour, the showers push across the i-95 corridor. there could heavier cells that begin to develop. more of that as we go through the day, off and on rain all the way past 4:00 p.m. the way the model is suggesting now. kind of a dreary, cloudy damp day and we get into lull overnight and wednesday morning. wednesday morning starts out dry, as we go into the afternoon, more rain is on the way, looks like some of us could be in for a couple of inches or more by the time we done on thursday morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun to clouds today, 56. chilly, but good football weather for the birds tonight. breezy and periods of rain on tuesday, 65 mild. 68 on wednesday, clouds in the morning and another round of rain arriving probably in the late morning and early afternoon
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hours. that continues through wednesday night and might be around to some degree early on thursday morning. we're looking at quick drying, sun in the afternoon. 56 with temperatures falling in the day. friday, saturday, bright and chilly. thanks, david. a couple who just got married ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way to their reception. they turned the highway into their dance floor. jeff and rebecca were stuck in a multicar crash in dayton, ohio. others got out and took pictures of the happy couple. they made it to the reception two hours late. >> much more to come on "action news" 12:30. a minnesota teenager did not win the title, but made history while competing in pageant this weekend. >> the fill with pops are once again ready to entertain the holiday crowds in philadelphia. karen rogers has a preview of the christmas show.
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those stories and more next.
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>> we begin this half-hour with the latest details on the breaking news story out of columbus ohio. a suspect has been shot and killed after an attack that sent the campus of ohio state into lockdown. >> university officials sent out alerts to students saying
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they should run hide and fight. that's standard protocol in this types of situations. an hour ago the shelter in place was lifted and the scene was secure. there were various people sent to the hospital that included stab wounds and injuries from a motor vehicle. one person is in critical condition, two in stable. >> the campus is in columbus, ohio with nearly 60,000 students. ohio state is one of the nation's largest university. one suspect was killed, 8 people hospitalize. the campus secured. we'll follow the breaking news story on "action news" and online at now to a developing to her, delaware, teenager student remains hospitalized after being shot while heading to school this morning. shots rang out at 6:45 a.m. near west 27th and north van burne


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