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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EST

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block of brows in the may fair section of philadelphia. the city, a family, and friends lost a 14-year-old boy to our latest incidence of gun violence. tonight police are desperately searching for the person who pulled the trigger. three of those pulls sending bullets into the body of young ian willsy. it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is the latest in the investigation into last night's murder of a teenage boy. action news reporter jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters. jeanette, you spoke exclusively to the teenager who was with him when shots rang out. what did you learn tonight? >> reporter: friends and family are still in shock over the murder of ian willsy. we spoke exclusively to his friend who was there with all of this happened. he shared with us the horrifying moments leading up to and after the shooting. >> they just started shooting. didn't say anything, they didn't stop to talk to us.
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they just started shooting. >> reporter: it was with a sudden hail of gunfire that a casual trip to the corner store turned into a horrific night that ended in the cold-blooded murder of the 14-year-old. his friend, who wishes to remain anonymous for his safety, was with him when the shots rang out. >> i seen two men walk up from my left. and they had guns. and we just -- we turned around and started running. >> it was just before 9 p.m. teenage boys were walking along the 6200 block and said two men got out of a vehicle and ambushed them. one of them opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun. >> he didn't make it in time to run. >> reporter: he was shot three times, one through his heart, he ran several yards and then collapsed. how did you know he got shot? >> after i heard the gunshots i heard him screaming. >> reporter: the friend was uninjured and ran for help and
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returned minutes later with his step dad to a grisly scene. >> we ran outside to go check on him and seen him get picked up by the cops. a scoop and ride. >> reporter: police rushed ian to the hospital. >> i thought he was going to make it. i was praying the whole time. >> reporter: but it was too late. >> that's a baby. i mean, when you really come down to it. we call them a teenager, but it's a baby. it's conceivable because of the hour and the eagles game was on, a lot of people may not have seen anything. but more so if you hear anything, don't hesitate to call. this could be your child. >> reporter: and he was a dear friend whose life he saw so tragically take. >> i just want him back. i miss him so much. >> reporter: and police don't have a motive and the suspects are still on the run. they do have surveillance video that they're looking through. they're hoping that'll help them with the investigation. but they need the community's help on this one. anyone with information is encouraged to contact philadelphia police.
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reporting live in center city, jeanette reyes, channel 6 action news. >> jeanette, thank you. two women are in the hospital tonight after being hit by a car in cherry hill. it happened at 7:15 along green tree road near route 70. there was no designateed crosswalk where the women, believed to be a mother and daughter, were trying to cross the road. one woman is reportedly in critical condition and the other is recovering at cooper university hospital. the driver did stay at the scene. the rain continues to fall on the tristate area. although much more lightly than earlier today. but heavier stuff is on its way for round two. meteorologist devontre'a cecilys live at the big board. what's the story? >> right now between storm systems. one moved through earlier today. another one on the way. but double scan live shows a break in the action. that's the good news. the bigger concern overnight will be the possibility of some dense fog developing.
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philadelphia visibility not bad. seven miles. but notice reading down to three and lancaster, the visibility down to less than a mile. so we do have a dense fog advisory for lancaster county, all areas to the west. if we get enough breaks in the cloud cover allowing temperatures to drop down to the dew point, get the saturation, that could allow some of the dense fog to push to the east. now double scan live showing the next system tracking for tomorrow. this is round two. this is from low pressure that's moving out of mississippi. nuclearly -- nearly a dozen reports of tornadoes from the system. very strong, very dynamic. it is heading in our direction. and this will bring us another soaking rain. this is what to expect. overnight, very mild. some fog developing. periods of rain tomorrow. perhaps a rumble of thunder. we're looking at an additional half inch to an inch of rain. i'll talk about the timing coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. philadelphia homicide detectives are searching for a kill tonight
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who gunned down a 56-year-old man on his porch inches from his front door in mantua. police say the suspect followed the victim as he returned home to the 800 block of north 41st street and shot him at point blank range. they don't have a motive, but it was captured on surveillance video. renewed pleas for information to find the hit and run driver who killed an 8-year-old girl. there is a $45,000 reward in jay anna powell was hit while walking home from school with her siblings before her mother has a message for the driver who took off. >> i had to lay my baby to rest yesterday. the hardest thing in my life. i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. so just turn yourself in. make it better on everybody. please. >> i just don't know how this
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person like, you know, how they're living with themselves. i wake up at 3:00 in the morning and i'm wondering what did we miss on this case? my investigators, i could see the toll it's taking on them. >> surveillance cameras spotted the suspect's car. a silver nissan altima. if you know who was mind the wheel you are being urged to call police. and lawmen in philadelphia yet to solve the mystery of last week's envelope bombing. but we're hearing from the target of the attack. we have christie ileto in center city. what are you learning about all of this? >> reporter: well, jim, he is breaking his silence a week from the day he was sent to the hospital. he penned a note saying he's now out recovering at his home. he calls last tuesday's incident life-changing. this latest photo of jim illustrates what he's calling a long road to recovery. he sent this message to action
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news and posted it on his crowd funding page raising money for his medical expenses saying my life changed on that day. the shrapnel damage to my face and arms and slowly hearing. a blister on my eardrum is affecting my hearing, but is supposed to heal. he was opening an envelope of what he thought was his asthma medication. instead it exploded in his hands. the atf, fbi, postal service and the philadelphia police are trying to track who sent the envelope. he posted online he didn't want to comment or interfere in the investigation, but is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. so far thousands of dollars have been raised to help with medical expenses and expenses. he is a full-time bartender at the warwick rittenhouse hotel. and al den says it will be a while before he can go back to work. he still has to have more
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surgeries on his left hand. and this incident is under investigation. reporting live in center city, christie ileto. >> thank you, christie. camden county police released this sketch tonight of a suspected sexual predator. investigators say that at 6:30 sunday evening he drove up to a woman on the 900 block of south third street in camden. police say he forced the victim into a van and drove her to an abandoned building building andd her. detectives are asking for your help if you know who the suspect is. donald trump continues to create his cabinet. and not necessarily with outsiders. not official yet, trump will name former goldman sachs executive steven menuchin to be the executive of the secretary. and chose tom price to run the department of human services. the republican, price, was one of the most ardent opponents of
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obamacare and proponents of arrivetizing medicare. elaine chow was labor secretary for four years under george w. bush and is the wife of mitch mcconnell. and this was dinner tonight in manhattan. president-elect trump, mitt romney and chief of staff reince priebus. the possibility of mitt romney being named secretary of the state caused enormous controversy within the trump inner circle. we will find out about perhaps his most important department in the next several days. lou barletta is on the radar. he met with the president-elect today at trump tower about the possibility of becoming secretary of labor. when he was mayor of hazelton he made national waves for implementing a crackdown on employers and landlords who hired or leased to illegal
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immigrants. donald trump may be or not verge of satisfying one of his campaign promises. the air-conditioning company carrier says it has reached a deal with the president-elect to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in indiana. trump spent much of his campaign promising to keep companies like carrier from moving jobs overseas or to mexico. >> protestors took to the streets of center city, philadelphia, tonight, to rally for $15 an hour minimum wage. the demonstration outside the mcdonald's was part of the so-called day of disruption. this is the fourth anniversary of the nays nationwide labor demonstration that included strikes. >> trenton state house getting a $300 million makeover if the money is approved. new jersey governor chris christie says the state of the capitol building is shameful with some parts of the building dating to the 18th century
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with no major upgrade since 1958. for example, part of the building does not have fire sprinklers. work will begin immediately. it's expected to take four years. christie's staff will be moved into other office space by july. only the executive offices of the state house are affected, not the legislature. easton, pennsylvania, is exploring an ambitious plan to build a $130 million water front aquarium, movie theater, restaurant, and meeting space. renderings of da vinci science city unveiled today. the 170,000 square foot complex would be built on the site of the current days inn next to easton city hall. officials expect it could create 200 full-time jobs. but before the site can break ground the city is going to research whether it will be able to attract 300,000 visitors a year. if the proposal works the
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current science center in allentown would refocus just for young children. the university of pennsylvania announced that president amy gutman will be at the helm for at least three more years. her new contract extended to june 30th, 2022. that would make her the longest serving president in penn's history. said the chairman of the board david l. cohen tonight, the selection of amy as penn's eighth president has proven to be one of the best decisions ever made in american higher education. still to come on action news tonight, the latest on the deadly tennessee wildfire that threatened dollywood and sent thousands fleeing through a nightmarish landscape. plus the husband of the missing california mom who was found on thanksgiving shares harrowing details of what happened to his wife. >> well, a system bringing tornadoes to the deep south will bring us wet, perhaps stormy weather tomorrow. details on the timing and when
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the sunshine finely returns in the accuweather seven day forecast. plus jamie apody with the flyers going to a shootout. that and more when action news returns tonight.
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a curfew is taking effect tonight in the wildfire-ravaged section of tennessee. the decidely blaze spread with startling speed fanned by 80 mile an hour winds in the tourist areas of the great smokey mountains and threatening dollywood. three killed, thousands forced to evacuate at a moment's notice. more than 100 structures lost or damaged including the mayor's home. >> it's gone. and the -- my business of 31 years is gone. it's a devastating time. >> fire officials believe the worst is now over with rain in the forecast. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected
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which should put out most of the blaze. fire fighters have finally extinguished the last of the hours that run rough shod over israel and the southwest bank. forces thousands to three their homes. 122 people had to be treated for injuries, mostly smoke inhalation. crews began the grim task of removing bodies from the wreckage of that plane that crashed carrying a brazilian soccer team. the plane went down in a mountainous region of colombia. 77 people were on board and somehow six survived. the flight radar showed the plane circled several times. there are even reports that the crew reported an electrical problem before the crash. the husband of a woman missing for nearly a month is speaking for the first time about his wife's harrowing ordeal. sharrie papini disappeared while out for a run.
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the mother of two turned up with a bag on her head and chains around her waist and wrists. keith papini said her hair was cut off, nose broken and covered with bruises. the sheriff said she was also branded. >> it is not a symbol. but it was a message. >> to who? >> it could be a message to her. it could be a message to others. >> some have called the 22-day ordeal a hoax. claims which the papini family have called disgusting. on health check at 11:00 you can raise a glass to this news. light to moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of stroke. to be clear, this means only a drink or two a day at most. researchers in europe found it had a protective effect for ischemic strokes, the kind caused by a blockage in the blood vessels that supply the brain.
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but the same study found heavy drinking is just the opposite. that can lead to an increased risk of strokes of all types let's get that accuweather forecast for the next serve days. of course, most are thinking about the next day. and, again, more heavy rain. >> exactly. more rain is on the way. tonight we're in between systems. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that mother nature finally shut off the faucet, at least for a few hours before it reloads tomorrow. so the action cam taking a look. by the liberty bell on this somewhat damp and somewhat warm evening. and this rain, where is the crack? must be on the other side. i can't see it there. this rain is beneficial. the wettest day in seven weeks. we received more than an inch of rain in philadelphia. this month, until today, less than a half inch. so really making up on a pretty good rainfall deficit. and with the winds out of the southwest temperatures really
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haven't dropped much at all. our high 60 today. that's 9 degrees above normal. we're holding at 58 right now. trenton, 59, cape may, 55, wilmington, 58, and allentown, 55 degrees. and temperatures really won't fall much at all tonight. part of the reason why, satellite 6 along with action radar showing although the moisture moved on, we have clouds. if we keep the clouds, that's a good thing. that will help dense fog from develop. but we will see some fog developing overnight. especially west of philadelphia. and this is the next system that's kind of down the pike. this will be rolling in in the mid to late morning hours. so that means the morning commute i really don't expect widespread heavy rain. lots of clouds, a little bit of drizzle. areas of fog. that's a bigger concern. at 6:00, 56, by 8:00, 58 degrees. so future tracker showing, again, some spotty, light drizzle at 7:00 in the morning. but then as we head to about 10:30, we start to see the heavier rain moving in from the next low.
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that's the warm front. lifts north of us by 5:00. so the evening commute, again, lots of clouds. some spotty drizzle. not widespread heavy rain. but then a cold front will move through. this will happen late tomorrow night, early thursday morning. and this actually could produce a squall line of some heavy downpours. perhaps a rumble of thunder. that's off the coast. and then we see the return of sunshine on thursday. temperatures tomorrow, very warm. a lot of these temperatures likely will happen tomorrow night ahead of the cold front. 69 degrees in philadelphia. dover, 70, allentown, 62. and generally a half inch to an inch of rain. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, keep the umbrella nearby tomorrow. you'll need it. periods of rain, perhaps a thunderstorm. 69 degrees. that high tomorrow night. thursday, sunshine is back. it's breezy. 58 degrees, not that cool. we drop down to 53 degrees on friday. and for the weekend, first weekend of december, it's going to feel like it. 51 degrees on saturday.
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mostly sunny. good weather for the temple game at annapolis. sunday, partly sunny. 49 on monday. back up to 52 degrees and tuesday looks like our next storm system. looks like it will bring us a chance of more rain with a high of 48 degrees. so another wet day tomorrow. not all day rain. i think the heaviest will be late in the morning and then we dry out on thursday. >> all right, thank you. members of philadelphia city council hit the runway tonight in a who wore it best fashion show. the evening benefits the non-profit organization men's fits. for the past nine years they have been helping low income job-seeking men with their employment needs. 46% of the 1100 helped remain employed.
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eagles player fletcher cox treated fans at a store in philadelphia. the defensive tackle signed pictures, miniature helmets and posed for lots of pictures. fans also got a chance to sign up for some prizes which
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included a grand prize trip to a major sporting event of their choice. flyers/bruins games, always memorable. but perhaps tonight more memorable than most. >> i have never seen anything like this one, actually. the flyers have been a picture of inconsistency. only managed to win twice consecutively this season. up 1-0, make that 2-0. claude giroux, the captain, putting them ahead. and back come the bruins, scoring twice in 90 seconds. go to overtime. they get this close. watch him for the win. rask gets his stick on it. now the longest shootout ever. 65 minutes, nine rounds later, converting one. and then steve mason with the save for the win. flyers, 3-2.
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yes, they finally win two in a row. >> we haven't been consistent after a win. and to be able to get this win we got to make sure we keep going. we can be a better team than tonight. >> we'll take it. you know, we have to find a consistent level of play that enables us to pile up the wins. >> for the eagles, it's been a tough stretch. they have lost four of the last five, now at 5-6. made things nearly impossible for themselves in the nfc. doug pederson talked about the wheels coming off. >> individually we're prideful in our jobs and what we do. and, you know, it's my job to make sure that doesn't happen and so we continue to communicate and talk with the players and you find out a lot about your football team in the next month. >> there's some good news. and they need it. carson wentz, nobody to throw it to yesterday. should have his only weapon back on sunday. negative for jordan matthews who injured himself on this play.
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his ankle sprain should heal in time for cincinnati. and more sports inc
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a big week for villanova. by big i mean big five as they play three rivalry games in the next eight days. penn's home opener, welcome in the second ranked team in the country. villanova, the first national championship to play there since villanova in 1986. end of the first half, josh hart, the breakaway. and the senior, chris jenkins
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from downtown. had 22. and the second ranked wildcats win it 82-57, move to 7-0. they have won a record 15-straight in the big five. temple owls facing navy for the aac championship. quarterback philip walker limping in a boot. questionable after injuring his foot against east carolina. he said he should be good to go. it's not enough to get back to the title game for the second straight year. >> once you get there, you got to win it. this is the mentality. you know, last year we got there. we were happy to be there. but, you know, at times we really were just happy to be there. this year it's more of a we ain't got no choice but to win this game. that's the mentality we have now. >> temple and navy battle it out for the aac championship right here. kickoff from annapolis, maryland on channel 6. ducis rodgers will be down there to cover the game. navy scored 75 points last week. the defense has their work cut
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out. >> keep it together. i know. yeah. yeah. make sure they don't score as many points. right. finally, an intimate dinner party held for a good cause. vince vitali joined a wine and cigar dinner at the madison in riverside, new jersey. all proceeds support the ronald mcdonald house southern new jersey. jimmy kimmel live next. and nightline. benedict cumberbatch, music from plat fish zombies. we continue at 4:30 with meteorologist murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night. >> action news is sponsored in part by bob's discount furniture.
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