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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday november 30. we're following a breaking news story. >> a couple of philadelphia police officers are now nursing bite wounds after violent struggle with a suspectd car thief. we're live with those details. >> the victim of that center city envelope bombing is finally talking about the explosion that he says changed his life forever. >> the action cam is live in riverton, new jersey. you can see some of the details of the fog that is settling over the delaware river even though it's dark right now so be careful as you get out there and get going on your commute. >> more rain coming later but first that fog with meteorologist karen rogers in for david and matt pelman. >> it's such trouble for your
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morning commute to have wet leaves, wet roads and fog in the area. it's not quite as thick where i'm standing right now outside our studios but the national weather service has now posted this dense fog advisory for the entire region until 9 o'clock this morning. look at these latest reports here. fog is a big issue causing a half mile visibility in allentown, lancaster, wilmington but just points three of a mile in trenton, millville atlantic city, .8 of a mile in toms river. still might have file visibility a little hole in the fog right near center city itself. looking at the numbers right now, one of the reasons for the fog is the warm air that's moved in. 56 degrees. in the overnight hours we stayed above our average high for this date. it's 59, nearly 60 degrees in millville and in dover, delaware. satellite6 and action radar showing, yes, lots of clouds but there's the rain that's welling up from the south and we're going to get periods of rain all through the day into the overnight hours. so, let's run it down for you here what you can expect. it's a cloudy rainy day with a high of 68. fog is still an issue at 7:00
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a.m. by 10:00 a.m., part of our region especially south of the city will have some heavy rain. at lunchtime to 3 o'clock we'll be in a bit of a lull with lots of clouds a little damp and the showers return at 7 o'clock. it's 67 degrees. you'll be in and out of the showers at night with the heaviest rain in the overnight hours. matt pelman, you may even hear the rumble of thunder but all of this is not good for really the morning or the evening commute. >> no, that's for sure definitely less than ideal conditions. skies are not clear and the roads aren't either already this morning karen. we've got a broken down vehicle here along 95 and northbound side by girard. penndot is on the scene. it's kind of sticking out into the right lane so people are merging over to the left at the last minute. watch out for it as you travel northbound on 95 by girard avenue. if you're ducking offer onto the vine street expressway already there's a westbound backup headed toward the schuylkill. just some morning volume kicking in. of course overnight construction on the vine is long gone but crews do return tonight at 11 o'clock. on the big picture no red zones just yet. don't worry, they will come but for now, we're mostly in the 40's along the schuylkill
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expressway and our crash on lincoln driver southbound by rittenhouse is gone but watch out it is especially slippery on the drives both the wet leaves and the windy conditions really a treacherous commute on those particularly. lafayette hill our crash along jackson drive has cleared out. now there's a new one in montgomery township along horsham road at hartman road and we still have that crash in east norriton. actually that just cleared. swede at germantown was blocked off. things are reopening as we speak. upper merion watch out for a wreck by intel along beidler road. word of a vehicle into a ditch in christiana. this is the northbound side of highway one by 95 close to the mall but no issues at this point on 95, 295 or 495 on this wednesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. breaking right now on "action news" police say a confrontation between a man and two officers turned bizarre and violent. the officers witnessed the man trying to break into a parked
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car. as they tried to arrest him he fought back in fact biting both of them. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in hunting park with more details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam l while those officers were trying to control that suspect, he headbutted them and then he started to viciously bite them on their hands and on their arms. they were sent to the hospital where they are being treated right now. now, take a look at this video. this is video from the scene. attack started just after 1:30 in the morning. two 24th district police officers on routine patrol around the 1200 block of east atlantic street saw a man trying to break into a car. now, when police went to stop him, that's when the violent struggle began. the suspect tried to flee and punched kicked headbutted and bit both officers multiple times breaking skin and drawing blood. >> this particular 32-year-old suspect who was arrested is well known to the police in the area for not only selling drugs but also doing drugs.
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so, we want to make sure that now that this individual bit and broke the skin of both of these officers, that the officers don't get any type of infections because of the human bite, which can be very, very dangerous. >> reporter: and even through all that the officers did get the 32-year-old suspect into custody. he does face charges of aggravated assault against a police officer and resisting arrest and more charges could come. for now reporting live in hunting park, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you, tam. >> annie thank you for that. it is 6:05. new on "action news" an 18-year-old man is on the mend this morning after being hit by a car overnight. police say the driver took off after the crash. the accident happened shortly after 1:00 this morning in the area of 22nd and edgley streets. the victim was taken to hahnemann hospital with minor injuries. police say they're new searching for a black vehicle. >> the victim of last week's envelope bombing in center city is finally talking about
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what happened. jim alden was hit with shrapnel on his face chest and arms when he opened the letter on tuesday of last week. he released a statement to "action news" offering some thoughts on his recovery. alden says he is out of the hospital resting at home and called the attack life changing. alden was in his kitchen on the 1800 block of pine street when the envelope exploded in his hands. the atf, the fbi, the postal service and philadelphia police are all working together to figure out who sent the envelope. developing right now wildfires that are still burning have damaged or destroyed more than 250 buildings in tennessee. >> imagine this being your home. they are ravaging the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge and a least three people have died. >> more than 14,000 people were forced to evacuate the southern appalachian mountainside as about 14 fires raged on. some evacuees had to drive through the flames to get to safety. they reached the doorstep of the theme park dolly wood but
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it was spared significant damage. officials are not sure when evacuated residents might be able to return to their neighborhoods. a curfew goes into effect from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. a disagreement over what to do about the production of oil in the middle east could lead to a drop in gas prices at home. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. hello, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. first off oil prices are up sharply this morning in overseas trading. the spike comes on optimism that opec officials will agree to cut prices. opec is meeting in vienna this morning and some believe a deal may be reached later today. up until now the major oil producers haven't been able to agree on production despite a long slump in the price of oil. strong than expected report on economic growth last quarter sent stocks higher. futures pointing to a higher open. busy week for economic data with reports on consumer spending and a look at the private sector job market due out. patagonia rang up $10 million
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in black friday sales and the retailer is donating every penny to environmental groups. patagonian pledged to give away sales for the big shopping day. they were expected to bring in 2 million. the money will go to grassroots organizations fighting to protect natural resources. that's the latest in business news for nasdaq bat. ing to you matt and tam. >> always wanted to visit patagonia. >> it's on the list. >> chile. >> morning trip adventure. the bosses will definitely pay for it. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan around the region and we're starting to see how the rain has moved into our viewing area here getting close to dover. you can see some of it heavy, it's out there in washington, d.c. heading near baltimore and you can see that rain that's moving up through delaware right now will be hitting in dover and cape may within the next hour or so. let's go outside because fog is the other issue out there and you can really see it at this point as sky6 looks live
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over the commodore barry bridge. we'll have clear skies tomorrow but today not the case. fog and rain its a nasty day today. currently 56 degrees. temperatures are very mild so normally we have a high of 50 even in the overnight hours we were above our average high for this date and staying well above average all day. satellite6 and action radar showing we have the clouds. we had kind of that break in the rain. this is rounds two and it's really going to hit us hard. you can see some of the rain beginning to the south and west. we'll be in and out of it all day. it's not going to be steady but it's a lot of rain to deal with. the area of lope way down to our south. you can see they still have the watch boxes popping up near new orleans and atlanta. this area of low pressure tracking up the coast and it's going to hit us and bring some very heavy rainfall so future tracker6 showing at 9:30 this morning that rain kind of welling up from the south. we'll see periods of rain especially south of the city starting later this morning. we advance this until 2 o'clock. we get a bit of a break maybe lunchtime to 3 o'clock it's just cloudy and a little damp in the philadelphia area. you can see the poconos,
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allentown and reading a little closer to that heavy rain. we advance this to 4:30 and then we start to get in and out of the showers for the evening hours, not quite as heavy at times at 7 o'clock pockets of heavy rain but kind of in and out of the showers for the evening. then the heavier rain comes tonight when cecily tynan is on the air at 11:30. she'll be tracking very heavy cells in the overnight hours especially you might hear the rumble of thunder. i mean look at the strong storms that will be coming through the area. this is a look at 2 o'clock in the morning tonight. then it all clears out for tomorrow. so, all today and even into the overnight you're in and out of the periods of rain with very mild conditions. by 8:00 a.m. fog is still the big deal 58. by 10:00 a.m. it's 60 some areas with heavy rain. a little bit of a lull in the afternoon, cloudy and damp, 61 at noon, 65 at 3:00 and then in the evening on your you're in and out of the showers at 5 o'clock, 67 degrees. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a very warm high of 68. but nasty day with periods of rain all through the day even into the overnight hours. and then tomorrow it's breezy,
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partly sunny. what a change. highs just in the 50's, though, buts still above average. and then friday sunny and chilly, just 53. saturday mostly sunny skies, a nice day, cool, 51 degrees. it will be fine for the temple game in annapolis. sunday chilly and partly sunny, 49. and then rain arrives sunday night. monday and tuesday look wet at times. so, monday cloudy, some rain and 52. tuesday mostly cloudy skies and wet and 48 degrees. we really need the rain and we're getting it. so, yesterday we got about an inch of rain in some spots and another half an inch to an inch coming today. >> okay, fair enough. thanks karen. 6:11 now and developing now, moviegoers in california's bay area say a gunman waved a weapon inside the theater, the second such incident in that area in a week. >> later you don't bee dazzle with this hot glue gun you bake with it. that looks good. bring that over here matt pelman. >> that sounds good. ooh, look at that, salt's a
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look out across philadelphia international airport. the good news, it will be a little warmer than usual today. right now it's 56 degrees, we'll get up to 68. the not so good news, the rain is stick argue rounds. we've got some fog now and karen rogers is telling us we could see some pretty heavy rain as we make our bay through the day. >> let's try and fight through the fog matt pelman. >> november 30 is national stay home because you're well day which i think is a take on the mental health day when you take a day to decompress. >> yes. >> if you don't have the luxury of doing that and you have to head in this morning you are contending with some wet conditions, you're contending with some fog and you're contending now with just a little bit of traffic here along 422 on the eastbound side its a gathering crowd passing oaks heading in toward 23. construction crews are scheduled to come to 422 later today. we'll see if that happens with the wet conditions that are expected but between 202 and first avenue both ways from
6:16 am
11:00 to 1:00 they're and scheduled to block the right lane. that's pretty much each day this week. they'll also work westbound on the off ramp to armand hammer boulevard doing resurfacing there starting at 9:00 this morning. we have a bunch of accidents this morning with the slippery conditions. one by the sonic along swedes road is gone but there's one in upper merion by intel along beidler road at valley forge road and by teva pharmaceuticals a crash at horsham road at hartman road. no big issues so far on the pennsylvania turnpike. we do however still have that downed pole in lawrence township mercer county, it's a downed street light partially blocking the ramp from 295 northbound to one northbound. luckily you can squeeze by. and in christiana it's slippery there as well so a vehicle ran off the road way into a ditch along highway one northbound by 95 there by the mall. you can get by that as well. and overnight construction has cleared from 301 in middletown but crews do return tonight at
6:17 am
8 o'clock so at that point chop tank roads or cedar lane road would be better bets. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. developing overnight, san francisco police detained a man accused of waving a gun around at a movie theater. a witness says the man stayed seated while other people jumped up screamed and fled. no injuries were recorder. two days ago a theater had to be evacuated when a security plan shot a man who threatened to open fire first. >> new this morning hundreds of colombian soccer fans held a vigil for the victims of yesterday's deadly plane crash. this is new video from outside arena stadium. in rare show of solidarity fans of different teams came together for the candlelight ceremony. 71 people died on the charter flight carrying a brazilian soccer team. six people managed to survivor the crash. crews recovered the black box. authorities had originally suspected the plane suffered an electrical failure. now they are looking at the possibility that the jet ran out of fuel. >> it is 6:17.
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still ahead, a duck tale with a twist. this costume makes a nervous goat feel like a lucky duck. more on that at 6:30. >> in today's tech bytes. facebook has added instant games to messenger. >> you can now use the chat app for one-on-one action with pacman gallon galaga and much more. glee. >> google updated time lapse feature for several cities and landmarks adding new data going back to 1984 this was a time lapse 84. you can see how aunts antarctica. >> this is a fondue gun for cheese you. >> loads it with cheese that melts and squirt the cheese on to crackers or chips. a low tech device no matter how you slice it. >> think about how much better everything is with cheese.
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>> new this morning officials confirm a possible tornado in northern alabama has killed at least three people. take a look at new video. in this case all three people in the home were rescued before the winds managed to reduce it to rubble. and the weather service is on its way to the region to continue looking into exactly what happened here. >> there were nearly a dozen tornadoes in that general area out there and that same low pressure headed in our direction. >> wow. so we can handle a little fog and damp conditions. >> yes. >> it is just damp here along the roosevelt boulevard route one at broad street traffic moving fine. the taillights there head southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. don't forget new bridge work project started along north
6:22 am
broad street overtop the boulevard earlier this week and that's during the mid days from 9:00 until 3:00. you'll see restrictions there along north broad. no restrictions so far this morning on the trains and so far despite the fact that it's slippery rail season most trains are on time but trenton line train 7218 is going to be operating two cars short this morning. that never goes well. you might see some overcrowding there karen. >> you think? crazy warm, that's what i'm calling it today. 68 degrees for your high nearly 20 degrees above average but you're not going to be outside playing in it. it's a wet rainy day starting off with fog. you'll still be dealing with that at 7:00 a.m. the dense fog advisory doesn't lift until 9:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m., parts of our region especially south of the city in and out of some heavy rain. by noon to 3::i think we get a little bit of a lull where it's just cloudy very warm and damp at times and then by 6, 7 o'clock through the night we're kind of in and out of these showers with even heavier rain in the overnight hours. tomorrow is dry.
6:23 am
today is your wet day. not seeing any delays, i'm kind of surprised with that although philadelphia international airport currently seeing 5-mile visibility we're down to just .3 of a mile in some of some ofe other areas so check before you fly out. >> sixers face the kings. joel embiid is expected to play. sixers have dropped four in a row and have sunk to the bottom of the eastern conference. flyers worked extra hard to gain their second win. goalie steve mason made 45 saves through overtime. the flares face the senators senators -- flyers face the senators in ottawa tomorrow night.
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>> $45,000 reward as police search for the driver who killed an eight-year-old girl and ran from the scene. jayanna powell was struck and killed at 63rd and lansdowne in overbrook back on november 18 and she was walking home from school with her siblings. her mother has a message for the driver who took off. >> i had to lay my baby to rest yesterday. the hardest thing in my life. i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grand kids. no nothing. so just turn yourself in. make it better on everybody, please. >> i just don't know how this person like, you know -- how they're living with themself. i wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and i'm wondering what did we miss on this case? my investigators i can see the
6:27 am
toll it takes on them. >> surveillance cameras spotted the suspect's car a silver nissan altima. if you think you know who was behind the wheel, please call police. >> the truck driver who slammed into the back of a van carrying comedian tracy morgan and his friends had pleaded guilty and could avoid jail time. kevin roper was driving the wal-mart truck that crashed into morgan's van on the new jersey turnpike in june of 20's 14. one person was killed and morgan suffered severe injuries. under the terms of roper's plea he has three years to complete communities service and satisfy other conditions in order to avoid prison and a criminal record. >> it's 6:27 and we're following some breaking news. a suspect sends two philadelphia police officers to the hospital with bite marks. >> and later two women get hurt trying to cross a busy road in south jersey. police say they were not using the crosswalk.
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>> break now on "action news" a suspected car thieve a is accused of taking on two philadelphia police officers leaving bite marks breaking right through the skin. >> new this morning, an armed man is arrested for stalking an amazon delivery man during his route. >> the action cam is live in burlington county, new jersey. drivers are encountering areas of thick fog as we await another round of heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorms. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday november 30th. so of course it could be a bit of a rough commute. let's head over to meteorologist karen rogers in for dave murphy and matt pelman is taking a look at that commute. good morning. >> we've got fog, wet roads, wet leaves. what more could you ask for? let's take a look at this dense fog advisory. it has been posted for the entire region until 9 o'clock this morning and because we're seeing some really low visibility here. .3 of a mile in trenton atlantic city wildwood millville. a half a mile lancaster wilmington dover and allentown. there's a little hole in the fog near philadelphia where we
6:31 am
have 3-mile visibility but the fog is a big issue today and especially 'cause the roads are wet so it's easy to kind of slip and slide around when you can't see very well. 57 degrees, how about these temperatures. we stayed above our average high even in the overnight hours. 59 degrees in millville. 58 in dover. today temperatures are going to be about 20 degrees above average. but satellite six and action radar showing we already have lots of clouds, the rain not that far off. if you head out right now it's dry but it's not going to be the case in a few hours. let's take a look at what you can expect today. at 7 o'clock still dealing with the fog. at 10:00 a.m., some heavy rain at times, especially south of the city. and 60 degrees. by about lunchtime to maybe 3 o'clock, a bit of a lull where it's just cloudy and rather damp and then by 7 o'clock, we're certainly in the showers once again in and out of it, 67 so really periods of rain all day with a high of 68 degrees. so, matt, that doesn't spell good news for either your morning commute or your evening commute. >> to your earlier question what more could you ask for?
6:32 am
accidents. unfortunately we've got several of them already, karen and a new one is just coming in in the first state, in delaware. southbound on 95 in wilmington just south of 202 the concorde pike it's a crash with lane restrictions and speeds are dropping quickly. just 8 miles per hour now on approach to that accident scene. basically coming south of marsh road on down to the scene past 202, you're hitting a wall of traffic. i would stay over on 495. speeds there on the southbound side are in the mid 60's. much better than just 8 miles per hour. heading toward 95 we had a vehicle that ran off into a ditch along highway one by the christiana mall. that's been cleared out of the way so everything is opened there. and this is 95 in the great northeast. southbound side now very busy as you can see from academy on down cottman. again allegheny into girard and on the big picture you see the slow speeds there, just 18 miles per hour. northbound at girard there's a broken down vehicle but it's mostly off to the side. and speeds are dropping on the schuylkill just in the 20's now westbound there by city
6:33 am
avenue. have a crash in lower moreland along terwood drive at creek road. a new one in doylestown along almshouse road at easton. but if you're headed to teva pharmaceuticals the crash along horsham and hartman has cleared so everything is reopened there on this wednesday matt. >> thank you, matt. following breaking news here. two philadelphia police officers say a suspected car thief started biting them during a violent struggle and the bites were so deep they drew blood. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the 24th police district where the officers respect stationed. annie. >> reporter: and matt it was those bites that brought both of those police officers to the hospital where they were treated for those injuries. now, take a look at this video. this is video from the scene. the attack started just after 1:30 in the morning. two 24th district police officers on routine patrol around the 1200 block of east atlantic street saw a man trying to break into a car. when police went to stop him that's when the violent
6:34 am
struggle began and the suspect tried to flee and he punched, kicked, headbutted and bit both officers multiple times breaking skin and drawing blood. >> both officers, male and female officers were bit on the arm and hand where it actually broke the skin and drew blood. so, police transported both of the officers to aria frankford hospital. they are in stable condition. however, any time someone is bit, a human bite, it is really potentially very dangerous so it has to be very thoroughly cleaned. >> reporter: and police describe this as a vicious attack. they did get that 32-year-old suspect into custody. that suspect will be charged with resisting arrest and also aggravated assault against a police officer and more charges could come. for now reporting live in hunting park, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks annie. "action news" spoke
6:35 am
exclusively to a friend who witnessed 14-year-old ian wilsey's murder in the city's mayfair section on monday night. the child who wants to remain anonymous for safety reasons say he and ian were ambushed while walking to a corner store. two men jumped out of a car said nothing and started firing. ian ran a few feet before collapsing to his death. his ends unharmed ran for help. police are urging anyone with information on the killers to contact them. >> camden police are getting the word out about a wanted sexual predator. take a look at the sketch of the suspect. he drove up to a woman on the 900 block of south thirds street in camden on sunday evening. police say he forced the victim into a white van and then drove her to an abandoned building where he assaulted her. detectives are asking for your help if you believe that you can identify that suspect. and a driver injured two women trying to cross the street back to their office in cherry hill, new jersey. it's believed that the victims here are a mother and her adult daughter. the collision happened on greentree road near route 70 last night. police say the women had just
6:36 am
grabbed a cup of coffee weren't not using a designated crosswalk. the driver did stop at the scene. >> coming up on 6:36, a delaware county man is accused of stalking an amazon delivery driver and trying to run from police. it started in concorde township on monday afternoon. the 26-year-old driver tells police a man in a red car followed him for several hours yelling racial slurs and threatening him with a gun. state troopers traction 53-year-old joseph keenan to his house in glen mills later that night. that is when they say keenan took off. >> i heard the screeching of brakes. the car was going fast. screeching of brakes and then we heard this big bang and when i looked out the door, the police car was this way and the man's car was this way and they were on the man's lawn across the street. >> officers eventually took keenan into custody. >> ♪ >> president-elect donald trump is touting a new deal to keep american jobs from moving
6:37 am
to mexico. the air conditioning company carrier says it has reached an agreement with trump to keep a thousand jobs at its plant in indiana. trump and vice president elect and end governor mike pence will join executives there tomorrow. trump had campaigned on keeping these specific jobs at carrier from going overseas. mitt romney and dom trump dined at an upscale manhattan restaurant last night. romney says he has increasing hope that the president-elect can lead the country to "a better future". trump continues to fill out his cabinet. he tapped elaine chao who served under george w. brush. tom price a strong critic of obamacare will oversea the nation's healthcare system and steven mnuchin a goldman sachs banker who served as trump's finance chair is expected to be formally announced for treasury secretary as early as today. >> i know karen you're tracking a lot of stuff including the fog and some rain starting to move into the area. >> today would be a good day
6:38 am
to pull the blanket back over your head but if you have to get up and outlet us help you through it right now. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we're starting to see the rain mover into the region. i want to go closer to this right now. it's not in philadelphia but it's in delaware. bethany beach getting pounded. milford dover the vein just beginning pulling up from the south and west. not here yet in philadelphia. let's go outside and see what it looks like. fog is the other big issue. it doesn't look quite as bad at philadelphia international airport, definitely call ahead though because in some spots we're looking at fog causing real problems with visibility down to .3 of a mile. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia, 59 in millville, 58 in atlantic city and dover. temperatures today soaring well above average. and we have our always on day planner to help you out here. satellite6 and action radar slowing here are the clouds. here comes the rain pulling in from the south and west and we're going to be in and out of the rain today. it's not solid all all day but it stretches for awhile. area of low pressure well down to the south still causing
6:39 am
watch boxes down near new orleans and atlanta tracking up in our direction. it's going the take awhile for it to get through the area. future tracker6 kind of timing it out and this model's perspective of what we can see pockets of very heavy rainfall at 9 o'clock in the morning especially south of the city. we saw how it's already in delaware so kind of coming in from the south and west. and then at lunchtime we start to break up a little bit and we get a little bit of a lull from lunchtime to maybe about three or 4 o'clock. here's a look at 4 o'clock and we could see some of the heavier pockets of rain moving their way in. you're kind of in and out of the rain. this is a look at 7:30 for your evening commute. some of it heavy, some not so much. so just periods of rain through the day and then later on tonight that's when it really heats up in the overnight hours. look at this. midnight tonight we're talk something very heavy pockets. you're going to even hear the rumble of thunder. you can see the areas of red and orange indicating just how heavily the rain will be coming down in the overnight hours. this is a look at 2:00 a.m. but it all clears out nicely for tomorrow so even your morning commute tomorrow is looking good. but it's a day and night filled with rain.
6:40 am
i know i told you a lot. let's walk you through it hour by hour. by 8:00 a.m., fog is still the big deal. the dense fog advisory doesn't wrap up until 9 o'clock. by 10:00 a.m., some pockets of really heavy rainfall through the region. by lunchtime, little bit of a break. it's just kind of cloudy and damp and mild, maybe you can take a quick walk but keep the umbrella nearby. at 3 o'clock, same situation. but then in the evening hours, as you're driving home in and out of some of these pockets of heavier rain or maybe just a shower, kind of on and off. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 68 degrees warm with periods of rain. tomorrow breezy, partly sunny. we are dry and 58 degrees isn't bad. it's still 8 degrees above average so it will feel pretty good tomorrow. friday sunny and chilly 53. saturday mostly sunny skies, only 51 but know weather problems, no weather problems for the temple game in annapolis. sunday chilly and partly sunny, 49. looks like the rain comes again sunday night and monday and tuesday look wet at times.
6:41 am
52 degrees on monday. tuesday mostly cloudy and 48 degrees. we really needed the rain and we're starting to get hit by it pretty hard. yesterday parts of our region got about an inch of rain and we expect a half inch to an inch additional today. >> thank you, karen. 6:41. new and developing now cirque de soleil fans are turned away out west when a setup for the show goes terribly wrong. >> later the jersey coat with an identity crisis. we'll explain why it is wearing a duck costume. matt. >> things are not just ducky on the roadways that's for sure matt. as we look outside in south philadelphia a new crash on the ramp from the walt whitman bridge to 95 northbound. traffic can squeeze by but is doing so slowly. it's not our only ramp accident and there's a new crash on 295 giving us major delays. we'll show them to you live when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
6:42 am
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>> ♪ >> 6:44. good morning everyone. it is wednesday. taking a live look at sky6 philadelphia dealing with some fog, some rain later and for one school in philadelphia they will not be having classes today. john b kelly school at 5116 pulaski avenue has a power outage so school is canceled as well as after school activities. >> let's head on over to matt pelman. it's really foggy out there. >> oh, it is. it's foggy, it's a little bit damp. we've got wet leaves, jammed traffic. yeah, we're finishing offer this very interesting month of november with a very interesting morning commute, tam and matt. this is 295. check out the sea of taillights. all the parked traffic here by the black horse pike. it's because just up ahead by the north-south freeway
6:45 am
there's a crash taking out the right lane so 295 southbound is at a standstill as you can see from route 30 to the white horse pike on down to 42. i would really think about coming down the new jersey turnpike or even 130. 295 southbound is a mess right now. elsewhere on 295 southbound in mercer county a vehicle ran offer the roads way at arena drive. luckily the activity with that is all confined to the shoulder so you can get by there without too much of a problem and that downed pole in lawrence township that was partially blocking the ramp from 295 northbound to route one has been cleared out of the way. but this crash not quite clear yet in delaware. 95 and southbound past 202 the the concorde pike still giving us restrictions and therefore single digit speeds just 9 miles per hour on southbound 95. southbound 495 with its speeds in the mid 60's is definitely the way to go instead. and trying to get to 95 here in south philadelphia there's a crash. this is ramp from the walt whitman bridge to 95 northbound. police are on the scene.
6:46 am
you can see we're squeezing by but doing so kind of slowly. of course you also have all your normal delays on 95 like 15 miles per hour southbound by cottman avenue. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. developing now, cirque de soleil scrambled to turn people away because of a tragic accident before a show out west. a technician with the slow was struck by a lift and killed during setup last night. the show was scheduled for at&t park in san francisco. it was canceled. the company did not release the employee's name or provide any other details of how the incidents happened. the defense has rested its case in the murder trial of michael slager. the former north charleston police officer shared his version of a shooting on the witness stand yesterday. slager is on trial for the shooting death of walter scott during a traffic stop last year. scott was unarmed and video shows he had his back to the officer. slager who grew up in mount
6:47 am
laurel, new jersey, claims scott grabbed his taser in a fight but now admits scott did not run away while still holding the taser. >> newly released surveillance video shows a man stealing a bucket of gold flakes worth more than a million dollars. the heist happened in new york city two months ago. the video shows the suspect in a black vest taking the bucket from the open armored car and then quickly walking away. police say it was a 5-gallon bucket of gold flakes weighing 86 pounds. how did he hold onto it valued at $1.6 million. suspect remains on the run. >> ♪
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> 6:50. let's get a preview of good morning america. >> we're going to check in with robin roberts and a tough time for our friends to the south between fires and tornadoes. it's been a really hard time. >> reporter: oh, matt and tam, it certainly has been. those deadly tornadoes down south. three people have died as you know after one of the tornadoes ripped through alabama. multiple injuries reported after a day care was totally destroyed. we will continue to track the path of those storms this morning. also ahead donald trump's dinner last night making headlines after he sat down again with mitt romney. this as speculation grows that romney will be chosen for secretary of state. the possibility sparking controversy among some republicans and top trump
6:51 am
aides. how about that tennessee 20 those coworkers in tennessee got that powerball ticket. they've been doing this for about eight years now. won four 20's million dollars. you know, you split it up it's 12 million a piece. it's still good money. we will speak live with some of the lucky group this morning on their big win and their plan for the money and the plan that some of them are still going to continue to work there. >> that's what they say robin. check with them in six months from their boat in tahiti. [laughter] >> reporter: that's true. >> we'll see you. >> reporter: thanks. >> i would get board and i'm being completely honest. >> i'm willing to try being bored. i'm just saying. >> i wouldn't like it. >> i'd work just a little bit. >> you're coming with me. >> let's head outside this morning. you got to watch it on the ramps. they're slippery with these damp conditions. this is the ramp from the schuylkill westbound to 202 southbound right by the crate and barrel in the king of prussia mall. new crash on the ramp but traffic can squeeze by. concordeville lime
6:52 am
road. delays on the regional rails some up to 20 minutes. >> storm tracker6 live 3-d showing heavy rain about to move into our area so at 8:00 a.m. it's very warm, 58 degrees but fog is still an issue. by 10:00 a.m. periods of heavy rain especially south of the city. 60 degrees. by lunchtime to 3 o'clock a little bit of lull in the action. cloudy and damp. by 5 o'clock, showers, some periods of rain, kind of on and off into the overnight hours as well. but we dry out tomorrow. here's a look at what's coming your way. the forward forecast what's next. nice and dry tomorrow, something to look forward to. a chilly weekend, though and rain early next week. matt. >> okay, thanks karen. a new jersey woman is using an unusual technique to care for her rescued goat. she dresses polly the kid in a child's duck costume. leann runs the goats of anarchy rescue group in
6:53 am
hunterdon county. polly shows signs of severe anxiety. she bought the costume for a halloween photo op and believes the costume soothes the tiny goat. plus videos of polly have inspired people on social media. >> every day i get messages from people saying i'm battling depression, i'm battling cancer or i just lost, you know, a loved one and i look at your feed every day and just see these little goats and if they can do it, i can do it. >> she plans to expand her flock at the goat sanctuary. >> ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> ♪ >> a confrontation between a man and two philadelphia police officers turned bizarre and violent. police say they witnessed a man trying to break into a parked car in the city's port richmond section and as they tried to arrest him he tried to fight them. in fact biting them. the officers are expected to be okay. >> not moving quickly whatsoever along 295 here in camden county southbound from 561 down to 42 where there's a crash in the right lane. karen. >> fog is a real issue. you kind of saw it in that shot and it's widespread through the region. .3 of a mile visibility wildwood atlantic city, allentown, so really throughout the region.
6:57 am
let's take a look at your day ahead real quick because the morning it's very warm and then periods of rain through the day and night. >> we hope that you make it to work on time this morning. >> good luck. >> for your sake and your boss' sake. for tamala edwards karen rogers matt pelman i'm matt o'donnell. see ya'. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousands to flee through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. as trump's team announces a deal to keep hundreds of jobs here in the u.s. caught on camera,


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