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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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present time. down in savannah severe weather day number two. close to 30 reported tornadoes in the last two days south of this front. we will not see severe weather but as this comes through expect a round of heavy rain and a gusty thunderstorm is possible. so far rainfall totals from yesterday and today. 1.25 for philadelphia and 2 inches for allentown and 1.75 for trenton and millville picking up 3.73 inches. and the heaviest has been north and west of philadelphia and we'll add to the numbers before the midnight hour. temperature-wise 60 in philadelphia. but notice to the south how warm it is, washington 66 and richmond 71. before the cold front comes through a spike of southerly winds and that brings the temperatures up rather than down.
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we'll see a climb into the mid to upper 60s right up through the midnight hour, that helps to support the heavy rain and again the possibility of a thunderstorm. future tracker 6 at 1:30 in the morning, shows the front crosses philadelphia and baltimore and washington and pressing through the lehigh valley. and the best chance for thunderstorms with the most instability is through southern new jersey and southern delaware. we'll talk about the weekend call coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you. as the rain continues rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to know where the heaviest cells are heading next. it's one of many resources always available to you at and our meteorologists are constantly posting updates on their facebook and twitter pages. follow each of them. police are investigating the
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suspicious death a toddler in kensington. police say that a 2-year-old boy was found unresponsive at midnight at a home on the 600 block of east clementine street. the child was rushed to the hospital where he passed away early this morning. police are interview several people and no arrests are made and a cause of death is yet to be determined . an alert from police in camden county, a man wanted for sexual assault, detectives say this video shows the white van the suspect was driving before committing the crime. walter perez has the latest on the investigation. >> authorities did not reveal too many details about it case and simply said this crime was horrific and the person responsible needs to be behind bars. >> this was a brutal attack. we need to get the guy in custody and get the public's
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help. this the composite seven that police are looking for. it was 5:00 sunday night when the suspect driving this white vanna approached the victim along the 900 block of south 3rd street. the suspect becomes extremely violence with her and drug here into a we'd had area and at that point he violented sexually assaulted her. >> camden county police chief said that the attacker beat the victim with a weapon but offered no further details. police are rived after neighbors called 911. meanwhile, surveillance cameras captured this video of the same white van traveling down broadway a short time after the attack and spoke with people from the community that says that these kinds of cases make you scared to leave your home. >> all you see here are addicted
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walking around and buying things and doing crazy stupid thing. >> and they say that the ta tacker is approximately 5'5" tall. anyone with information is asked to call camden county police. >> walter, thank you. new at 4:00 a montgomery county pediatrician is facing child pornography charges. detectives found the images when kennedy gave an old iphone to a co-worker at pierson care pediatrics, bail is set at $1250,000. he is charged with five counts of sexual abuse of children. two philadelphia police officers are on the mend after being severely bitten by a suspect. it was at 1:30 this morning when police spotted a man possibly
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trying to steal a car on east atlantic street. the 23-year-old suspect is known to police from prior incidents. when they tried to take the man into custody. a violent struggle broke out and both officers were bitten. >> a bite is one of the most violent thing, we have seen officers receive bites that struggled for years because of the infections they received. >> the officers were treated and released the suspect will be charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police and possibly theft of auto. a delaware county man is under avest for threatening and talking a delivery driver. that keenan followed the victim around for two hours yelling racial slurs and threatening him with a gun. coming up vernon odom talked to the woman that intervened
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preventing the attack. a new jersey teenager plead guilty to hitting and killing the superintendant of robbins robbinsville schools. steven mayer was out on a run and the high school student was talking on her cell phone and running late for a class trip at the time. the 18-year-old faces three years probation and community service and lost her license for two years. police are not releasing her name because she was 17 when the crash happened. now to a story we are continuing to follow for you, wild fires are burning in tennessee as another fatality is confirmed in the town of gatlinburg this as the national weather service says that severe stormed spawned at least one deadly tornado yesterday. elizabeth joins us with the latest. >> reporter: right now in all nine people are dead in the
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south five are weather related and four from the fires. as you mentioned. teams from the national weather service are on the ground looking into reports of all of those tornadoes as crews go door-to-door searching for people still missing. heavy wind -- rain and fire -- wreaking havoc across the south. >> there is a tornado right there. >> lets go. >> from louisiana to tennessee a trail of destruction. in alabama the storms devastating and deadly. with home after home leveled and thousands left without power. >> it's about time -- >> more damage in mississippi but no one killed. >> we are really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. >> in tennessee -- >> i am happy that we still have
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each other. >> at least six people are dead and authorities are blaming both mother nature and the wild fires. >> i never seen anything like it a once in a lifetime disaster. >> overnight eight new fires before rain arrived which officials say helped but also created new challenges. >> we are experiencing some small mudslides and rock slides because there is no longer that follow yannarell holding aefrg together. >> the storms on the move on threatening new areas tonight. but the damage done. homes and cars are burned to the ground and hundreds are still in shelters. and the fire chief says that their work won't be finished for quite sometime. >> fort fatally officials in tennessee says that the worst is over. with more rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. but for the evacuated, there is still no time line when they can return home. here live in new york, channel 6
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"action news." >> so much devastation thank you. it's time now on a wet afternoon to get a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> for the second afternoon in a row lets go to matt pellman. >> our weather is kinder than that but still not treating us very well. it is slippery rail season for the septa regional rails means wet leaves on the tracks causes slippery conditions and we see delays and delays on the paoli regional rail line and near the stratford station is the reason. they resumed service on the paoli rail line but delays of 40 minutes. if that is your line are you out of luck again this afternoon with huge wait lines out of center city. meantime huge wait times on 309 in montgomery township. thanks to this accident emergency crews are on the scene and traffic is only getting by
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on the right lane, north of walsh road and the village a solid line of traffic. and red zones on the big picture, a crash approaching academy but now gone. schuylkill westbound 5 miles per hour because of police activity at 30 and street. on the boulevard at f street a crash on the indrive by seafood sensations. and swimming through plenty of soup out there this afternoon as we look at route 1 the roosevelt boulevard it's stuff to see anything. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, we are seeing a crash with the waze app did depford toward 22, just 22 miles per hour because of the accident. >> thank you matt. looking live now at our new sky 6 hd camera at philadelphia city hall. the tree is up and the
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decorations are in place at dillworth park and we are celebrating with the 6 abc special. rick and cecily tynan will host philadelphia celebrates the the holidays live at city hall tonight at 7:30. right here on 6 abc. >> and sure it's raining but who cares, we are in the holiday spirit now. >> still ahead on a wednesday afternoon it got a lot easier to take netflix on the go. details on the way to binge watch coming up. plus hundreds of new jersey workers are find out they are getting a pay raise and no charges. authorities clear a police officer involved in a deadly shooting that sparked riots in north carolina. we have reaction from both sides coming up. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part.
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hear the latest out of north carolina it was announced today
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that no charges are filed in the police involved shooting death of keith lamont scott. officer brently vincent also black acted lawfully when he shot and killed scott in september. this incident made national headlines and sparked unrest in charlotte. the da our andrew murray says that based on the investigation they found that scott was armed when police shot and killed him. scott's family maintained he was not armed. that scott's semi automatic gun was at the scene and the safety was off and the gun was cocked and released these images here where you can see the weapon at the ankle portion of scott's pants and that vincent acted accordingly and to code. >> he saw a man that drew a gun and when confronted by police
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exited the gun with a gun if hand and failed to comply with officers that commanded him 10 times to put the gun down. the reality is that scott could have raised his gun and killed officer vin vent or another officer. >> lawyers for scott are considering whether they will file a lawsuit. and if people decide to protest they do it lawfully and peacefully. a spokesman for president-elect donald trump confirmed today that he is down to four finalists for the next secretary of state. last night mr. trump dined with mitt romney on the short list with rudy giuliani general petraeus and bob corker. and another pick, former goldman sachs chairman, steve mnuchin for commerce secretary.
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and his businesses will be severed but to his children. and democrats are elected nancy pelosi as their leader after a challenge from tim ryan. pelosi won 143-64 and has run the caucus since 2002 and some criticize pelosi from leading democrats from out of power. and some say they need her leadership for the upcoming fights with president-elect trump and the republican congress. mcguire lakehurst is fixing a wage disparage. they were paid more at ft. dix or the mcguire area, and the office of personal management says that all civilian workers will be paid according to the
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new york area. that means all workers will see a boost in their salary at the first of the year. now a look at stocks on wall street today. the stocks closing mixed as the dow closed up 2 points today and the nasdaq down 56 points and the s&p posted the best month since july although it closed down nearly 6 points today. if you are one of those people that like to netflix and chill on the go. can you download the movies and shows to your mobile devices for places that don't have an internet connection or cell phone signal. free for all subscribers, you should see a download button, it works on mobile devices not on computers. >> good day to stay in and watch a movie or the news of course. time for the accuweather forecast. >> always a good day to watch the news. always.
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adam joseph is standing by on a rainy day. >> reporter: you know brian, i would give you $1,000 if you can tell me where liberty one is. >> ha, ha, ha. >> somewhere near -- everyone is trying. >> do you have the answer? >> no. i was hoping you could help me out. sky 6 hd from the temple university camera, looking towards center city not seeing a thing and visible is low here this evening, the low clouds and fog and the camera is up pretty high, it's not that bad as ground level. 38 in wilmington and 4 in millville and less than or close to a .25 mile for toms river as well as the atlantic city airport. the one thing going for us now is no steady rainfall across the area. a couple of light showers in northern montgomery county and parts of the lehigh valley. and mist and drizzle here and
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there and awaiting another round of heavier rain and maybe a rumble of thunder closer to the midnight hour. 60 now in philadelphia and 60 in millville. and mid-50s in the lehigh valley. and 68 degrees in dover. and the numbers they are not going to stop here and they continue to climb here during the evening and early overnight hours and that will lead us into the first day of december. so the warm and continues and in fact today is the last day of november if you didn't know that. temperatures this month in philadelphia running of 2 degrees above normal. and a more impressive fact here out of the last 20 months for philadelphia, 19 of those months were above normal in temperature so close to two years now numbers are running over 3 degrees above normal. the only month below normal is may of this year. >> as we look at satellite and radar a train of moisture to the south and another day of severe weather in the deep south, we won't see severe weather but the
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cold front is pushing through later on here tonight and at 9:00 tonight the line to the north and west heavy hitters. heavy downpours and again the crack of thunder arrives through wilmington and philadelphia at midnight and pushing into southern new jersey, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and drying out in the western suburbs, tomorrow morning for the rush hour the sunshine is back in full control. temperatures are going to start fairly warm in the morning near 51 and stay steady through the day in the mid-50s and cold air starts to filter in and again a lot of sun. the four day at 4:00 forecast, high temperatures are around 56 close to 5 to 6 degrees above normal and breezy here on friday with another day of gusty breeze tomorrow and 52 for friday and saturday 49 and sun and clouds and nice with high clouds on sunday and more seasonable at 47 degrees. we had your chance brian and you
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too sharrie. you don't have the answer so how do you know. >> brian may have been right. i'll wait for my payment. >> ahead on "action news" tonight the local ymca is unveiling their game plan for better serving their community. >> and new divorce laws are taking affect in our your life report find out how the adjustment will positively impact the children involved . have you ever wondered what it looks like in santa's and mrs. claus's festive lair we'll give you a tour of their home.
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women enduring domestic abuse will be getting a new life line they have set up collection boxes in each district where people with set up used cell phones and verizon will set up the phones to call 911 as
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needed. the effort called hope line is an effort against abuse. they respond to 100,000 emergency domestic calls each year. the university of delaware is getting creative in collecting canned food for the community allowing the canned donations to serve as payment for parking citations, each nonperishable item counts as $5 for a ticket less than 30 days old. the program benefiting the food bank of delaware runs through december 16th and are accepting donations at locations across the campus. two police officers served up a hot holiday meal in norristown. detectives powell and mazda lent a helping hand at powell street. it gave local children and adults a chance to share in the holiday spirit. 2017 is just a month away. believe it or not.
4:27 pm
and the new years resolution to get in shape is easier in the first state. these are rendering for the new brandywine ymca up there. the new expansion project adds 13,000 feet dedicated to youth programs. adaptive equipment and community education rooms for diabetes prevention classes and other kinds of classes and all sorts of local meetings. good stuff. >> still ahead here in the next half hour of "action news" today. a new company is giving muslim women the freedom to play sports and still uphold their cultural beliefs. >> and we have got tips on how to decorate your home to make it look chic will you using cheap items and techniques. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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stop cleaning. start swiffering. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams, and brian taff. >> hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the arrest of a man who stalked a delivery driver for hours in delaware county. and new state law for divorce will hopefully ease the pain for their children. >> and parking for santa's sleigh and a toy workshop. we'll take you for a tour of the big man's house and what else
4:30 pm
this cozy place has to offer. >> first, at 4:30, we get the latest on the forecast and it's a warm and damp day today and now the possibility of a thunderstorm. cooler air is moving into the region once we get through this mess. lets look live at sky 6 hd showing you the view of the platt bridge. a dreary one out there today. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see not much going on with respect to rain falling from the sky and a few light showers into parts of montgomery and buck county and we close into double scan live, near green lane and quakertown and the northeast extension, mr. drizzle coming out of cloud cover same for eastern. that is about it at the present time and we have a few more hours before heavier rain pushes
4:31 pm
into from the south and west. temperatures though ahead of this cold front, are extremely warm, we are talking 70s from richmond down to raleigh and charlotte and charleston and raleigh, and savannah 80 degrees, we are sitting at 60 and number goes up before they go back down before the front passes through. you see the steadier rain to the south and west. is yet to push back to the area, the timing is between 10:00 and 4:00 a.m. from the northwest to the south and east. that is when we could see a rum be of thunder. in fact temperatures go into the upper 60s before that midnight hour, after the cold front passes through, it will bring temps down and a front of rain and rumble of thunder you see an additional quarter to half inch of rain and 1 to 2 inches for some of us in the last two days. when i come back a brighter thursday or friday.
4:32 pm
and we'll let you know the temperatures for the seven day in just a bit. >> light at the end of the short tunnel. a delaware county man is accused of stalking a delivery driver and trying to run from police, the suspect allegedly followed the driver yelling racial slurs at him and threatening him with a gun and it ended when a neighbor stepped in to help. vernon odom is live outside of the state police barracks you have the details here. >> reporter: they are incredible details. state police say that the suspect launched a one man spree of madness earlier this week starting when he confronted an amazon deliveryman making deliveries, it took a while for state police to restrain him. >> this is joseph keenan of glen mills age 53, state police say he went on a rampage for several hours before he locked him up. they say enter rised a black
4:33 pm
deliveryman with racial slurs. >> at one point mr. keenan took his vehicle and cut off the victim and he did bring a shotgun out of the vehicle and pointed it at the victim. >> keenan tried to elude the police called to the scene. all in this concord development where he lived for decades. >> the troopers that gave mr. keenan a verbal command to stop because they saw him with a shotgun and fled his resident with a high rate of speed. >> saw him get out of the car with a shotgun and tried to, i don't know what? attack him. >> the deliveryman? >> yes. i waived the delivery guy to come over here and park in front of my house. >> others say keenan is a menacing figure in the neighborhood for decades. >> erratic behavior and abrace he behavior. to put it mildly, he doesn't
4:34 pm
play well with others. >> he came by my house and harassed my wife saying she was speeding up and down the speed, when she doesn't and threatened to kill her. >> he remains in the delaware prison his bail set at 1.5 million there's cash police are awaiting drug and alcohol results. sharrie as of tonight nearly 20 charges in all have been filed against keenan, stalking, assault and ethnic intimidation against the delivery man and aggravated assault on police say special crime and resisting arrest. live in middletown, delaware county, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. philadelphia police are asking for your help identifying two suspects that held up a pharmacy. this is surveillance video from inside of the rite-aid on the 5400 block of rising sun avenue in olney, police say it shows
4:35 pm
two suspects monday night enter the store and demand cash from an employee at gun point. the two suspects took off on foot with nearly $400 in cash, if you recognize the men, you are urged to call police right away. well, in this week's you're life segment we are talking about a difficult topic, more than half of marriages end in divorce but although the splitting of spouses is commonplace, the process of separating has not become easier but in pennsylvania a new law that intends to alleviate the stress associated with divorce. especially if there are children involved. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the details. >> reporter: hi guys, this is not a pleasant topic but one that so many families are forced to deal with. next week a new pennsylvania law goes into affect shortening what was a long legal process and exacerbated the time for people
4:36 pm
waiting for a divorce. >> it's when one party says the marriage is over. and the other one says i can't consent, the old law said you wait two years after the separation begins. >> but on october 4th governor tom wolf reduced it from two years to one. >> it was hurting the clientses and children and bogging down the legal system. >> not to mention the enormous legal fees that can accumulate over the 24 months. the original thinking was giving them a chance to reconcile. >> the reality is that reconciliation does not happen because of this delay. >> license marriage counselor says the opposite occurs. separation usually comes after years of conflict in the home. >> years prior and then another
4:37 pm
two years for separation that is a long time to be in that tension stressful stage. >> prolonging that tension and stress is shown to have a detrimental affect on children. often waiting years for courts to decide custody and living arrangements. >> in my work what we are taught is that a child's development is suspended while their custody case is in limbo. >> proponents of the new law says it's time to advocate for the new law and divorce is a last resort and making the process longer and causes the entire family to suffer. the new law goes into effect on december 5th and is retro active. go to my facebook page on how to talk to your children about divorce. not a pleasant topic but one that is relevant to a lot of people. >> erin thank you. well, one of the men seen in surveillance video of the the vandalism of a philadelphia market is identified.
4:38 pm
turns out he is actually a city employee, "action news" anchor, monica malpass has more from the "action news" newsroom now. >> reporter: that is right. we showed you this video yesterday at 4:00, on "action news." new at 5:00 tonight one of the city's top legal officers has confirmed that one of men seen in the video works in the city's law department. we have more coming up at 5:00. >> christmas tree growers from all over new jersey donate trees to military families, i'm nora muchanic in bordentown. >> more coming your way coming up tonight at 5:00. >> all right monica thanks. they are sworn to protect and serve and now officers in camden are going the extra mile for their community. sheriff gilbert wilson and his deputies are participating in the butterfly programs annual coat drive with the weather turning colder and the holiday season here, the sheriff's office wanted to help make a
4:39 pm
difference especially for families and children in the community that they serve. and still ahead on "action news" today. we have new information about the plane crash in columbia. that shed lights on how some passengers were able to survive the impact. >> and the that can be worn during sports.
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explosion upon impact and that could be p part why there were some survivors. >> police in england are investigating a violent road rage attack caught on camera. police say it all began after two work vehicles collided on monday. at first three workers seemed to have exchanged information peacefully and then things escalated into a fist fight. they locked themselves into the cab of their truck and the man rammed into theirs and the man take a shovel and breaks the window before driving off. nobody was seriously injured and there have been no arrests. we start with a movement to make sports easier and more accessible for muslim women who wear -- a sports one that covers
4:43 pm
head but is made for play. there shouldn't be a barrier as simple as clothing that keep people apart. >> through crowd funding they are able to bring this line of of sports wear to the market and sponsor more than 100 athletes wearing the new line of clothing. finally if you love the holidays and decking your halls perhaps you have wondered what it is like in the merriest adobe on the globe. the digs of santa and mrs. claus. it's not for sale but we are taking a tour and came up with the north pole. this home is built as a toy lovers paradise nestled on 25 acres spirited for reindeer games and the home is estimated at $650,000 and built in the
4:44 pm
1800s and recently renovated in 2013, it includes santa's toy workshop and reindeer stables and river rock fireplace and a sleigh parking garage, got to have one big enough for that thing. and obviously the gourmet kitchen. features an oven with 12 different cookie settings. because santa is busy delivering toys mrs. claus is making cookies. >> some rustic charm in the house. >> 650,000 you say? >> and the best christmas tree ever. lets get a check of the roads rights now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> the roads are horrible. this is the schuylkill the westbound side extra heavy through university city from there to 30th street.
4:45 pm
the police activity that caused the extra jam is now clear. that is one of several red zones on the big picture, several along 95 just 16 miles per hour southbound by academy. but the crash on roosevelt boulevard southbound at f street has cleared as has the one in montgomery township at strump road. but you are dealing with heavy traffic north of village. use 202 and take the 20s instead of the 8 miles per hour through montgomery township. and new london auto repair. a crash along 896 along state road and west cheffer tonight and tomorrow night they are closing market street to get ready for the big westchester christmas parade that of course adam is hosting. street closings in town because of parade preps. one accident out of delaware on 495 northbound where it joins 95
4:46 pm
and depford look for a crash at 55 northbound one lane blocked and just 15 miles per hour. use 47 or 295 instead. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right matt thank you. still ahead. adam has details on the rapy forecast. right now we take you live to philadelphia city hall and our new sky 6 hd camera. and we are celebrating with the 6 abc special. be sure to join rick williams and cecily tynan tonight at 7:30 as they host philadelphia celebrates the holidays, watch is live only here on 6 abc.
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4:48 pm
all right we knew it would be a lousy day out there. adam told us that.
4:49 pm
it is good news and sunshine is coming back. >> full force tomorrow morning, it will spill through the weekend and a nice stretch ahead and two days of rain means four or five days of sun. >> is that the formula? >> this time it is. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a few light spitting showers in parts of buck county and lehigh valley poconos and picking up showers and lancaster and southern chester and the cold front is pushing through and intensifying the rain once again. stormtracker 6 live double scan in addition to seeing rainfall we look at fog mode and fog concerns along the shore. a quarter mile from long beach island to atlantic city. and lancaster county to baltimore in the orange there a half mile visibility and a quarter mile in the yellow a couple of areas where the fog is thicker and in between it's fairly low when you talk about
4:50 pm
the visibility here in evening. temperatures are in the 50s across the area including philadelphia, trenton and allentown and atlantic city airport. 60 millville and dover, the numbers will go up before they crash later tonight. ahead of a cold front. in fact that cold front supplying severe weather in the deep south between yesterday and today 30 reports tornadoes mainly south of atlanta and mississippi and parts of alabama and louisiana as well getting some severe weather, all of this working to the north and east. we are not going to see severe weather but you see the line developing at 8:00, 9:00 in the western suburbs with heavy downpours and a rumble of thunder passes through the city at midnight and northern delaware and southern new jersey, and 3:30 in the morn weg dry it out to the west and lingering rain to the shore and parts of mercer county, and thursday looks beautiful again around here, a bit on the breezy side winds gusting to 25 to 30
4:51 pm
miles per hour and sun and cl d clouds in the afternoon. temperatures in the 50s above average for the first day of december. thursday, again a few clouds the westerly wind 12 to 25 miles per hour as the low wraps up in new england with snow and friday breezy out there with high pressure from the south and west and a lot of sunshine and a high of 52 degrees. those temperatures do step down through the rest of the week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 56 for the first day of december tomorrow, and then 52 here on friday and still on the breezy side and saturday looking great, 49 degrees, sun and clouds and a few high clouds on sunday 47 and still that sunny stretch mixing with some clouded here on monday. 50 before a chill comes in with some rain late in the day on tuesday. and it could spill a little bit into wednesday with temperatures still in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. as we go into the beginning of
4:52 pm
december we are not tracking any snow storms just yet. >> just yet. >> thank you. what's the deal is up next and alicia is showing us how to decorate for the holidays all for less. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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junk into gems. >> this is a white feather boa that all it is. grabbed a wire and for less than $10 a wreath. you can do pink or anything. for me it's a circle it's a wreath i don't care what is on it. >> these little pots 59 cents, spray painted them and put my extra leaves in them. >> take the swatch and make a triangle. and it fit. i bought these and glue it all to plain card stock and christmas chic. >> you made this christmas card. for holiday house guests, pick up slippers from the sales rack. i got all the cute stuff. stuff it in and grab a note like stay a while. for a stocking stuffer and a
4:56 pm
teacher's gift. >> this is a bottle of polish and a ribbon and a tab for your mistletoes. >> how cute you are. >> turn your centerpiece into a conversation piece. if have you an old jewelry holder put it to work, add green and ribbons. >> how cute on your holiday table. >> or a bathroom counter. cute right i love this. >> you just have to tap foo your imagination. >> it's good to have expert advice too, tina says the key to making a perfect bow not about the tie but the placement of the hot glue, you glue it down for fabulously drape the bows. we look to the pros for these tips and take them into our own houses. >> tina is great. tons of energy. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph
4:57 pm
i'm brian taff. i hope you'll join me along with sharrie tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now we head out to cecily tynan getting ready for the 5:00 show. >> reporter: hello guys, i tell you forget about this warm rainy weather, it is a winter wonderland here, i am at the west apron of city hall and this is really the centerpiece of this beautiful christmas tree. i want to show you the philadelphia christmas tree. the 40 foot colorado fir that came from a farm in york county. this is the centerpiece of a lot going on a winter wonderland. coming up in the next hour of "action news."
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. mother nature delivered a wet wednesday for the delaware valley. clouds dominated the sky all day long and our entire region got quite a soaking and it's not over yet. we are getting a break from the rain now. but keep the umbrellas handy
5:00 pm
northern round of wet weather is coming our way. >> rick williams is on assignment and brian taff joins us. adam joseph is tracking the rain now. >> the first round is into southern new england, that is what we saw this morning into the early afternoon hours, we caught a bit of a break and we see the radar fill back in through the south and west heading towards center city that along a cold front that is stretching to parts of atlanta and charlotte and in the deep south in parts of louisiana, mississippi as well as alabama they saw between 30 or so reported tornadoes in the last two days. we are not going to see severe weather with it but another soaking and a rumble of thunder as the front passes through at midnight. the rainfall totals the last two days, a 1.25 around here and


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