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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m., on this friday, december 2 we're following a developing story. >> fire crews in allentown were out in the cold night fighting a multi-alarm blaze that tore through several homes and a dozen people are without a place to live. we'll have a live report. >> police say a woman whose toddler son who showed up to the hospital with several severe injuries and marijuana in his system will be charged with murder. >> temple owls face navy in an athletic championship. >> david murphy off, karen rogers is outside with the accuweather forecast.
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>> reporter: we're dry and we have clouds moving in from the west. it's a day where we'll see sunshine mixing with clouds today. look at the numbers, 34 in martins creek, 35 if pottstown, 38 in coatsville, 36 in ken net square, 39 in chester. 40 in center city. in the bushes in new jersey, 37 in ewing, 42 in surf city. 38 in glassboro. 41 in dover, delaware. look at the 24 hour temperature change. 16 to 18 degrees colder right now than it was at this point yesterday. that's a big change in 24 hours. you need to dress a little differently this morning than yesterday, that's for sure. 7:00 a.m., sunshine and clouds, 39. 10:00 a.m., 46 degrees. 1:00 p.m., 50, the high is 51 we'll reach it early in the afternoon and be coming down from that at 4:00 p.m., 49 degrees. 7:00 p.m., 45. if you have any plans for tomorrow morning, it's going to be colder, i'll show you the windchills coming up with future tracker 6 in just a few minutes,
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matt. >> reporter: apparently some of our vehicles are throwing in the towel with the colder temperatures. we have a disabled vehicle that's what the police activity was on the northbound side of 202 right in the turn lane of the king of prussia. as you can see the broken down vehicle is pushed out of the way. everything is reopened along 202 in king of prussia. not open yet is fulton street in allentown. overnight fire has it blocked. fulton is a southbound street, so stay on 15th as the alternate. no major issues in the lehigh valley. no issues on the schuylkill expressway. there's a crash on the boulevard. northbound at harbison in the outer drive by the acme. you can get by on the inner drive or busleton avenue would be an at in -- alternate. the vine street expressway gathering crowd moving toward the schuylkill expressway moving along okay. this is the ramp from i-95
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woodhaven road a broken down vehicle partially blocking the right lane. traffic can squeeze by, you have to watch because it's in the corner there. penndot is out there alerting people to the situation. i-95 in delaware looks better than it did yesterday morning, so far no issues as you travel between wilmington and newark. tam. >> thank you matt. developing this morning the action cam is live on the scene of a devastating four-alarm fire in the lehigh valley. the flames are out, but overnight we learned that 23 people from seven families have been displaced. take a look at the scene last night look at the flames and fire crews out there on the 400 block of north fulton street. the fire spread and caused damage to the 8 row homes that's the entire block. thick smoke and flames were billowing out from the buildings. crews fought for 8 hours before they got it under control early this morning. >> my daughter was in the back bedroom she came out and said the house next-door is on fire. i looked, i came downstairs and
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i grabbed things, she grabbed the animals, i look and there were big flames everywhere, shooting out everywhere. >> nobody was hurt. the red cross is providing assistance to those in need. the cause is under investigation at this hour. 6:04. a fire tragedy in west philadelphia has taken a man's life. it pushed 8 people into a cold night and damaged two businesses. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live from the 300 block of north 64th street. go to work, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, this fire was so intensity took 45 minutes to get it under control. you can see what is left behind, behind me there. viewer captured video with the sounds that sounds like an explosion, take a listen. firefighters just saying for the for the exploding sound it could be something like compressed gas cylinders possibly an oxygen
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tank. the blaze began at 8:30 on the 300 block of north 64th street. 50 personnel and 11 units arrived on the scene. firefighters found heavy flames on the second floor of the three story store front. when crews got in the buildings they discovered a 44-year-old man dead. >> while our firefighters anticipate medics do the best they can this is frustrating and unfortunate result for us, despite their best heroic efforts they were not able to get this particular individual. >> reporter: on this block there are a mix of businesses and residents, we're told two businesses are affected, 8 people are without their homes. the red cross has offered relief, but the 8 people were able to stay with family. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the mother of a kensington toddler whose life was cut short will be charged in connection with with his death. only "action news" was there as
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roughly 100 people paid tribute to zyair worrell outside his home last night. that is where the toddler was found unresponsive on tuesday night. he died two days later. officials say the boy had a atlantic city rated liver and bruises on his chest and face. he tested positive for thc, the main ingredient in marijuana. we're waiting to hear what charges the boy's mother faces. investigators want to talk to the person seen in the surveillance video in the search for a person behind the center city envelope bombing. it shows the man dropping off the explosive package on the 1800 block of pine street. two days later, the occupant opened it package fit blew up. they hope this will help catch the bomber. >> when i see people getting cars wrapped in bows for
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christmas, i thought who does that. new car sales suggest also maybe it will -- suggests maybe it will happen this christmas, i'm take your cookies over a gift wrapped cars. >> car sales surged, gm posted 10% gain in sales. ford 5.1% gain. black friday boosted sales. the auto industry has a chance to break the record for sales set last year. tech shares drive the market lower. futures pointing to a lower open. the big report is the november jobs report. the economy forecasted 180,000 jobs. the unemployment rate is 4.9%. howard shultz is stepping down
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from starbucks he will stay with the company focusing on a chain of high end stores. kevin johnson will take over as ceo. shares of the coffee chain tumbled in after hours in trade. >> maribel, thanks so much. she sent us gifts they just arrived today, very, very generous and great to see you everyday here. >> reporter: we have to do something back. >> we should get our act together? >> reporter: does anybody know how to bake? >> i know somebody. >> reporter: let's get rocco to do it. i bake a little, just not great. we're looking okay, let's go outside and show you what it looks like we've got a beautiful start to the day. sky6 live hd the skies peeking at the beginning of a sunrise here. it's a pretty start to the day with little cloud cover at the moment, at least. 40 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint way down there, not
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a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, kind of a dry air mass. the pressure rising. the winds west/southwesterly only 9 miles per hour. the wind will gust up at times. the oaks temperature, 50 degrees -- ocean temperature, 50 degrees. salt sat clear skies -- satellite and radar clear skies in philadelphia. we have a band of clouds to the northwest. it will be a day of sunshine mixing with clouds. a pretty day today. in the lehigh valley more clouds than philadelphia. sun and clouds breezy, 49 degrees for the high there. milder at the shore, sunshine and clouds, breezy, 53 degrees for the high there. how about the city, let's take it hour by hour. 1 hour forecast at 7:00 a.m. 39 degrees. good amount of sunshine mixing with clouds. 50 at 1:00 p.m. it will feel like the 40ss when you factor in the winds. 4:00 p.m., coming down from a high of 41, 49.
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7:00 p.m., partly cloudy skies and 45 degrees staying dry, sunshine and clouds. how will it feel? future tracker 6, a great tool to show you what it feels like when you step outside. 9:00 a.m., feeling like below freezing in the lehigh valley. feeling like 34 in the city and millville. let's advance this to 3:30 p.m., 40 in allentown. 38 in reading. 43 in philadelphia. even though we're talking about a high of 51 it will feel like the 40s. let's advance this to tomorrow morning. saturday morning it will feel like the 20s throughout the entire region. bundle bundle it up tomorrow morning for sure. high pressure in control for the weekend, giving us partly sunny skies, 40s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cool breeze, 51 today. we're dry, tomorrow, chilly wind gusting at times up to 25 miles per hour. 49 degrees for the high. you're fine for the temple game.
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sunshine fades behind clouds 47. sunday night we could have showers and it could bring snowflakes farther to the north allentown, poconos they could have snowflakes. we have to watch the timing of this, we'll see if the timing changes and impact you on monday. monday, dry, 50 is the high. tuesday, 48 degrees for the high temperature. wednesday, cloudy skies, 52. thursday, clouds and the possibility of rain and 53 degrees for your high temperature. so today and tomorrow, kind of a cool breeze making the numbers feel chiller than they feel. >> we'll bundle up. >> i'll be okay. >> school shooting scare coming the parents of a teen gunman saved the day when they noticed their guns were gone. a school district in the
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northwest gets backlash for going bah humbug on the holidays. >> reporter: phoenixville collegeville, the traffic is light. phoenixville big holiday festivities there tonight. we'll talk about a crash on the schuylkill expressway when "action news" continues on this friday morning. >> welcome back now, chopper 6
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hd was arrived after the aftermath of the four-alarm fire in allentown, lehigh county. you can see the block of homes, looks like from a distance everything would be okay. everybody in the 8 homes they have been kicked out of there, because the fire ripped the entire block. 23 people are out of the their homes. the red cross working with them now. the good news nobody was hurt. we'll have more on the neighborhood recreation at 6:30. >> matt pellman looking at traffic trouble. >> reporter: flashing lights at fulton street in allentown. 15th gets you around that. we have a new crash along the schuylkill expressway, end of the belmont on-ramp, the ramp coming away from manayunk to get
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on the eastbound side toward center city. a lot of emergency crews and the fire truck on the scene sticking out the right lane on the schuylkill expressway eastbound. this will cause delays east of conshohocken toward the city this morning. accident here at the belmont avenue on-ramp to 76. of course, we'll keep watching it. in addition to that, we've been watching a crash on the boulevard. northbound at harbison, outer drive blocked by the acme. stick with the inner drive or bustleton avenue. we have a broken down vehicle partially blocking the ramp i-95 northbound to woodhaven. you can squeeze by that. starting to slow on i-95 southbound by cottman. let's get you in the holiday spirit. tonight we have a christmas parade and tree lighting in phoenixville at 7:00. you will see restrictions along bridge close to star. in west chester it's the big christmas parade and jingle elf run at 6:30.
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adam joseph will host the parade. high street closes for parade prep and market street will be blocked. all the other downtown streets in west chester will close at 5:00 p.m. the big parade in lindenwald around 7:00 p.m. stone road will be and the white horse pike will be blocked. big parade in cape may tomorrow night. i will be down there held down the parkway and join me. >> utah officials are trying to determine students intentions for firing a gun at school. police say the teenager fired a shotgun into a classroom ceiling at the junior high. a teacher and student talked him down before his parents arrived to disarm him. his mom and dads were on the way to school because they noticed that a gun was missing from their home. a western pennsylvania
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teenager stands accused of two killing murders that police say he tried to pin on his father. jacob ramalley is charged in the death of his mother and brother. he walked into each bedroom and murdered them. the boy called police and said it was his father who pulled the trigger. the father was at work. police caught up with the teen and took him into custody. he told them he doesn't get along with his parents. happening today election officials in philadelphia will conduct a recount of the presidential vote in 75 industry precincts. this is response to petitions filed by jill stein. however, at a hearing, the election board turned down a stein campaign request to open up machines and look for digital hacking. philadelphia is one of seven counties where partial recounts are happening. stein is part of an effort that's underway in wisconsin.
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>> reporter: nokia is returning to smart phones. >> remember this ring? nokia was once the largest sellers of phones in the world. they will be available early next year. you can see niagara falls in a whole new light. led lights were switch on last night. it's this time when we start keeping tabs on santa. norad launch their countdown clock and video you can call in on christmas eve for santa's exacts location. >> those are tech bytes. have a great day.
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today is national special education day, when we think of those with special needs and thank those who educate them. >> thank you. >> reporter: let's head outside, schuylkill expressway you need patience here on the eastbound side a crash at the end of the ramp, belmont avenue manayunk. a lot of emergency crews on the scene. traffic is slow coming away from conshohocken through this point at belmont. we're seeing delays on the septa regional rails already, wilmington newark line, train 1295 is expressing from 30th to marcus hook because of equipment problems. and 15 and 20 minute delays. >> reporter: in the forward forecast looking to what's next. the next few days, dry and cool breeze. sunday we're looking for a chance of nighttime showers and flurries and to the northwest. tuesday is the big rain day
6:23 am
looking ahead to the seven sevey forecast. how about for the week, saturday, the temple game in annapolis, 47 degrees at kickoff. 4th quarter, 50 degrees, cheering on the eagles they are away in ohio, kickoff 40 degrees. 4th quarter, 41. showers throughout the game. i'll have today's forecast 1/2 minutes. >> temple owls will face off with navy they have made the title game for the second straight year. navy is making its first appearance. they are looking for their first conference win in history. we want the owls to win. they won 6 games in a row. ducis rogers will be in annapolis for the reports beginning today you can watch the temple navy game on 6abc saturday at noon.
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>> 6:23 a school in oregon bans santa claus and then as he is maybe we -- says, maybe we should not do that. >> fire tears through a building in philadelphia and a man doesn't make it out alive. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: a blaze that was tough to fight in west philadelphia, a man didn't wake it out and others are out of their homes. we'll have details in a live report. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. not to be focusingo finaon my moderatepe.
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more bodies from the tennessee wildfires increasing the death toll to is the fires have spread to 15,000 acres and destroyed hundreds of buildings. authorities are working to positively identify the human remains. oregon school district had a change of heart over a ban of santa. hill boroughs schools, teachers were instructed to refrain from religious decors over the holidays. the ban was lifted after it was argued that he was a symbol of folklore and americana. if you think santa should be banned from school. weigh in, many weighed in and said saint nick is fine at school. >> the car thieves who drove
6:28 am
new cars off the lot. >> it's a devastating fire in the lehigh valley, we have two dozen neighbors homeless, we're live with a look at the damage this morning. >> now on "actionn
6:29 am
6:30 am
dies in a west philadelphia fire that forced 8 other people out and left two store fronts in ruins. breaking right now, thieves damage a dealership as they steal two cars off the lot. >> winds of change snap a warm streak. accuweather is tracking cooler, more seasonable conditions. >> good morning, friday, december 2. let's go over to karen rogers with accuweather, and matt pellman has a huge flashing light behind him. >> reporter: we have a hint of sunrise, you need the coats this
6:31 am
morning, though. let's look at satellite and radar. you can see we have clear skies through south jersey and delaware and the i-95 corridor. the clouds are starting to move in from the north and west. we'll see clouds and sunshine. it's a pretty day, but a cold start. 34 in martins creek, 35 in pottstown. waking up in kennett square, 37. 40 in center city. the suburbs in new jersey, 36 in browns mills. 39 in cinnaminson. 35 in gandys beach in south jersey. 40 degrees in dover, delaware. when you factor in the winds, it feels like it's below freezing in allentown. 33 in reading, 34 in philadelphia. the windchill of 33 in wilmington, millville. 34 in atlantic city. quite a change from yesterday when you needed the light jacket. as you head out the door, 39. 10:00 a.m., 46. at 1:00 p.m., 50. the high today is 51. it's breezy, so it will feel like the 40s this afternoon. 4:00 p.m., 49.
6:32 am
7:00 p.m., 45 degrees it's going to be colder tomorrow morning details on this and the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> looks like twinkling christmas lights doesn't it? unfortunately it's not, it's the police officer and the penndot crews out here on the scene of a crash this was the ramp from the belmont avenue to the eastbound lanes. schuylkill expressway. the flashing lights from the fire trucks are gone, but other emergency crews are on the scene. you can squeeze by, but traffic on the schuylkill expressway eastbound is heavy from the curve through bell month. because people are slowing down to see what's going on with all the flashing lights mostly on the shoulder. just 14 miles per hour in fact as you come east of the curve. our crash on the boulevard northbound at harbison is gone. now we're getting one at adams avenue northbound, broken down vehicle has cleared on the ramp i-95 northbound at woodhaven. you're looking at speeds in the 20s through the work zone in
6:33 am
cottman. warminster heights we're getting a crash jacksonville road at county line road. eastbound past downingtown there's construction taking out the right lane on a the turnpike. fire crews on the scene in allentown. fulton street is blocked that's a southbound street. 15th is the alternate. live look 42 bell -- belmawr, camden county, gathering crowd, but delays are not too bad so far on this friday morning. >> we begin with breaking news, car thieves left behind a path of destruction at a dodge dealership in essington avenue. police say someone stole two vehicles from family dodge around 2:00 a.m. they are still out there on the scene investigating. an explosion goes off as a fierce fire consumes a west philadelphia buildings leaving a man dead last night. crews worked into the overnight hours searching for a cause.
6:34 am
annie mccormick is live on the scene on the 300 block of north 64th street. annie. >> reporter: matt, i want to give you a look at the damage left behind from the fire, it was 0 on the second floor that the man who died was discovered. you can see how much the flames were in that part, bihow damage it is -- by how damaged it is. a viewer captured video with sound of an explosion, take a listen. after crease -- and crews on the scene thinks the explosion could be a compressed gas cylinder or oxygen tank. the blaze began at 8:30 p.m. on the 300 block of north 64th street. when firefighters arrived they could see flames on the second floor of the three story store front. when crews got into the buildings they discovered a
6:35 am
44-year-old man dead. >> we had a 3 minute response, aggressive interior attack, search and rescue. there was a lot of fire, stem to stern through the entire occupancy you can see how much smoke that brings. >> reporter: it took 45 minutes to get the fire under control. the fire marshal will be investigating a cause. two businesses were affected, 8 people are without a home. we are told they did not need assistance from the red cross because they were able to stay with families. report be live from west philadelphia, and channel 6 "action news." >> another devastating overnight fire as we turn to our developing story. it left nearly an entire city block in allentown in ruins. the red cross is helping out 23 people from seven different families. fire forced them from north fulton street late last night. the blaze broke out around 8:00 p.m. and went to four-alarms. there was so much smoke several neighbors thought their homes
6:36 am
were on fire, as well. >> reporter: lots of fire. fire like nothing, fire, plaque plaque -- black smoke. people running looking, everything. >> the action cam gives us a live look at the scene. each of the 8 homes on the block have some sort of damage. no injuries were reported. the wilmington fire department plan to release details on the death of a approximate firefighter. ardythe hope had been in the hospital since she was burned in a september arson. two colleagues died on the day of the blaze. police have arrested a woman for starting the fire. hope was a single mothery woman was shotf through passengers and lift vehicle that happened in trenton wednesday night. the suspect hopped in the back of the car and demanded money. the man fired off a shot as the
6:37 am
lift driver sped away. the victim was 27-year-old amber dudley from collingswood. they are looking for the shooter. a middle school is under arrest for taking a firearm to school. she had the firearm in her locker at south mountain middle school nobody was hurt. donald trump has named retired marine corps generally with the nickname mad dog. he announced his pick of james mattis in ohio. he thanked the crowd for the 2.8 million votes he received on election day. he mapped out a broad agenda crics that rallied outside the arena. >> this campaign proves that anything we want for our country is possible. >> trump went on to condemn bigotry and hate crimes and promised something new to help the inner cities and coat. let's least we're
6:38 am
dry. we're in a dry stretch now. let's go outside and start this day out right. sky6 live hd looking from our temple university camera. 40 degrees, feels like the freezing mark. the dewpoint 29. the moisture down there in the atmosphere. you can see our always on day planner here. the pressure is rising. the wind west/southwesterly at 9 miles per hour. the ocean temperature, 50. i want to show you satellite and radar we've got clear conditions to our south and especially along the i-95 corridor, just a few clouds mixing in, a few clouds building in from the northwest. sunshine and clouds today. it will be a pretty day, but the winds will be breezy at times up to 20 miles per hour it's a cool breeze out of the west. 7:00 a.m., 39 degrees with sunshine. 10:00 a.m., 46 feeling a little better. 1:00 p.m., 50. at 4:00 p.m., 49 degrees, the
6:39 am
temperature at 7:00 p.m. we'll have partly cloudy skies and 45 degrees, the question is how far will it feel? let's check future tracker 6. this is a great tool to show you what it tease -- feels like hour by hour. feels like below freezing in the lehigh valley. windchills in south jersey in the low to mid 30s at 9:00 a.m. the kids coming home from school. 40 degrees in the city. 41 in wildwood. in the height of the afternoon feels like it's in the 40s today. tomorrow morning that's a big change. 7:30 a.m. if you're heading out early tomorrow, it feels like the 20s. that's the wism for -- windchilr the entire area. in the poconos feels like the teens. tomorrow morning if you have an early morning game bundle up.
6:40 am
saturday, 49 clouds and sun, 47 on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cool breeze today, 51 for the high. it will feel like the 40s. tomorrow, chilly windy. 49 degrees is the high. sunshine fades behind clouds on sunday, 47. there's a system that comes in sunday night. there could snow showers mixing in farther north and west. allen torn and mount pocono, we have to watch the timing to see if that changes and if we advance this could it lead to monday morning. monday is dry, partly sunny, 50. milder, tuesday, we're rainy and raw. 48. wednesday, mostly cloudy skies and 52 degrees, on thursday, clouds another shot of rain possible and a high of 53. kind of a chilly wind out there
6:41 am
the next couple of days. >> thank you, karen. 6:41. a social media stunt goes too far and too fast. a driver's facebook captures his antics and crash. >> santa is breaking the color barrier at one of the largest mall. >> reporter: we have a vehicle broken down on the westbound side of the boulevard. new problems on the boulevard and northeast extension comes your way when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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chopper 6 hd is live over the devastation left behind by a fire in allentown. it kneel consumed the entire block, this is the 400 block of north fulton street, again, in allentown. many people have been displaced. somehow nobody was injured. fire officials remain there as they begin to pick up the pieces from the devastating fire that displaced 23 people. >> let's go over to matt pellman and take a look at the traffic, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you tam and matt we have bad news on the schuylkill expressway, as well. this is an issue at the end of the ramp from belmont avenue to the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, pretty much off to the side now, but it has been attracting attention, therefore it is causing delays. now a 27 minute ride to get eastbound from the blue route to the vine. ideally that would be half of that, a 14 minute ride.
6:45 am
you can see the speeds 18 miles per hour, now a solid line of traffic coming east on the schuylkill expressway from the blue route into the accident scene at belmont avenue. on the westbound side there was a broken down vehicle right by the boulevard, they got that pushed off to the side, but if you're hopping on the boulevard, northbound watch out there's a new crash at dhams -- adams avenue, three vehicles involved in that. i-95 southbound 18 miles per hour dropping in the work zone. 28 southbound by allegheny avenue. meanwhile, getting word of new issues in the lehigh valley with a vehicle fire on the southbound side of the northeast extension past the lehigh valley interchange. we're hearing the right lane is blocked. speeds are not impacted yet, but they will be. because of the fire location in allentown, fulton street is closed, that's a southbound street 15th is the alternate. in warminster heights sounds like the crash that popped up at jacksonville road and county
6:46 am
line road cleared. there's a wreck in ridley township, delco. mcdade boulevard is the accident scene. delaware, new castle county, no problems along i-95 or 495 or 295. >> new on "action news," rhode island state police released video of a shocking social media stunt. the man live streamed himself on facebook driving more than 100 miles through providence. the 20-year-old's car flew into the center median and slammed into a garbage truck. >> phone in your hand, no seat belt traveling at a rate of speed, in and out of traffic. >> the driver is in the hospital with critical injuries and facing a string of charges. i have asthma...
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morning america" means lots of news and lots of fun. >> it's always fun when robin roberts stops in and she is doing just that, i know you're starting with donald trump in the midwest on his thank you tour. >> reporter: you are correct,
6:50 am
ma'am, president-elect donald trump thank you in ohio making a surprise announcement along the way picking general james mattis as secretary of state of defense. kelly and conway joins us today. the husband of the california mom who went missing for three weeks, speaking out about the experience. investigators are searching for her captors this morning. that story is coming up. you talk about fun, matt and tam, john legend is here. he is talking about his new album and he is going to perform for us. he has a movie coming out, as well. he is a delight. >> la la land is getting huge delays, and the new album. >> robin you got us sold, we're in. >> happy friday, everybody.
6:51 am
>> you too. >> reporter: a -- apparently some of our vehicles have call it a week. 422 off on the eastbound side by oaks. we've had worse mornings on 422. getting word of a bad crash allentown at road. on the regional rails, wilmington newark train, 212 half-hour late. >> reporter: 39 degrees, good amount of sunshine, clouds. 10:00 a.m., 46. 1:00 p.m., 50 degrees, the high is 51 degrees. it will feel like the 40 this afternoon when you factor in a cool breeze. 4:00 p.m., 49. 7:00 p.m., 45 degrees. looking ahead the forward forecast, dry, cool breeze the next several days. sunday night we break the dry
6:52 am
spell with a chance for a shower and flurries in the northwest that looks looks to be sunday n. tuesday is our rain date. now you have everything you need to know. >> the creator of the 90 sitcom full house has bought the homemade famous by the show. the house was on the market for $4 million. a typical price for is an from an. jeff franklin bought the three bedroom victorian. he plans to use it in the fuller reboot of if you recall house. he lance on renting the home at a later date. mall of america celebrating the holiday season for the first time since it opened in the 19. an african-american santa will hear the children's wishes at the mall. he is so popular he is fully
6:53 am
booked for the weekend and scheduled to appear at the mall.
6:54 am
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stories, a four-alarm fire left nearly an entire city block in allentown in ruins. 8 homes were damaged on fulton
6:56 am
street. nobody was hurt. >> reporter: fulton street is blocked because of the fire. we have a vehicle fire on the southbound side of the northeast extension past the lehigh valley taking out the right lane and bucks county back up starting to form on the northbound side of one, the super highway. getting reports of a crash around i-95. karen. >> reporter: let's check the forecast, a chilly start, 39 degrees, feels like the freezing mark. at 10:00, 46 clouds and sun, 1:00 p.m., 50, the high is 51 we'll be coming down from that at 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 45. it will feel like the 40s when you factor in the cool breeze today. >> we'll have updates today at 7:24, and when you see it, one of us will not be in it. for matt pellman, karen rogers, tamala edwards, make your
6:57 am
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good morning, america. president-elect trump shakes things up on his victory lap. makes a main ajouncement to the crowd. >> we are going to appoint mad
7:00 am
dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> as hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign teams clash overnight going head-to-head in a nasty post-election showdown. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform. >> it did. >> kellyanne conway joins us live this morning. wicked weather. the south reeling from that tornado outbreak and devastating wildfires. now new storms moving in. the urgent warning about rains and flooding in in the deep freeze on the way for millions. the former nfl pye


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