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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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terrifying robbery. >> it happened on north third street earlier this week in the early evening hours. "action news" reporter bob brooks live at the scene now with the latest on that investigation. bob. >> reporter: monica and rick good evening. all we can say a luckily this woman was not hurt. she had a pistol pointed to the side of her head as you're about to see. this could have ended up much, much worse. it's one of those things you hope never happens to you. a suspect sneaks up behind two unsuspecting women this past tuesday. it's almost 6 o'clock. philadelphia police say they just got out of work. he pulls out a gun in his left hand and goes in for the attack. you can see the suspect chokes the victim. she's 28 years old. he puts the gun to her head and he steals her bag and takes off. she did not fight back and that's exactly what you're being told to do. >> don't fight. you know, give them whatever they're asking for and, you know, live to see another day. >> reporter: crime unfolding in the 400 block of north third leaving so many in disbelief. >> what time was this?
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>> reporter: 10 until 6:00 at night. >> really? >> puts everyone at risk. clearly like you have to keep your head on. >> reporter: police say the location time and brazenness of the crime proves just how dangerous this individual s that's why you're being asked to speak up if you know something about it. >> in the early evening hours on the street where people are walking possibly home. we're hoping somebody recognizes this individual. >> reporter: those who work and live around here say they just hope it doesn't happen to them. >> it worries me but, you know, i'm not going to change my routine but again, i just can't believe that it's happened in this neighborhood and at 6 o'clock at night. >> reporter: again the good news is this victim was not hurt and police say that is because she did not struggle. you never know what those suspects will do. reporting live in northern liberties bob brooks channel6 "action news." >> thank you bob. three-alarm fire in allentown left nearly two dozen people with nowhere to live. it broke out late last night on north fulton street and
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burned through several row homes forcing seven families to evacuate. it took firefighters more than five hours to get it under control. no one was injured fortunately and we'll have much more on this story coming up tonight on "action news" at 6:00. >> some would be car thieves hit a string of car deal slips along essington avenue in southwest philadelphia. but fortunately for the dealers the burglars had a string of bad luck. this is video of one of the suspects checking out corvettes inside chapman chevrolet after he had that smashed a window with ooh tire iron. you can see him looking for the keys but can't find them. investigators think he headed to the family chrysler dealership where they broke in through a glass door here. there he and several accomplices found a minivan with keys in the ignition. they tried to drive through a wall but the van broke down. they finally gave up and took off. >> camden police are looking to return dozens of stolen bicycles to their rightful owners. the bikes were discovered in a basement of bodega.
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here is a look at some of them. investigators recovered them at a small grocery store in the 600 block of broad way. camden county police say they think the bikes were stolen from a local area then sold to that bodega for as little as five dollars. the bodega would resell them at up to $200 each. >> we did check them all but really nobody who owns a bike knows their serial number so when they report them stolen so we did that contact area police departments and it's been difficult at this time to find anyone who -- the owner of the bikes. >> if you want to take a closer look at any of these bicycles camden county authorities have compiled closeup pictures of them and we have posted a link to those photos on our web site. >> it could be one of the biggest gains in school history. tomorrow temple takes on navy in the aac championship game in annapolis. >> that's right. temple is coming off a six game winning streak. expectations of course very high and "action news" sports director ducis rodgers live in annapolis with a preview.
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hey, ducis. >> hey, ducis. >> reporter: hey there guys. y-the showdown is at high noon tomorrow and this should be a very good game a-very competitive game. temple al completely different team after that three and three start as you mentioned. they've won six games in a row. navy on the flip side has not lost in this building since september of 2014. that's a span of some 15 games they've won at home. the two head coaches posed with the conference championship trophy early this afternoon. this is the owls second straight trip to the conference title game. they lost to houston last year so they're looking for a bit of redemption. make no mistake there will be a lot at stake when these two teams battle tomorrow. >> coach you guys have an opportunity to go a really good bowl game way win. is that a carrot you dangle in front of your players or you don't talk about that. >> you know me i don't talk about it. we're honored to be here excited to be here. with our guys we talk about the game. the only thing we talk about with the game is making sure we play as well as we can play
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and letting everything else fall where it may. >> reporter: you guys have had six straight wins. bats been the difference. >> i think we've got more confidence put some of that pressure to the side and went back to playing ball and having fun and really tried to play like that philly temple style of football that has been good to us. >> reporter: you can watch this nationally televised game here on 6abc tomorrow at noon. coming up next half hour in sports we'll give you an injury update on temple quarterback philip walker. live in annapolis with the owls, i'm ducis rodgers channel6 "action news." monica, back to you. >> thank you ducis. turning to our whether it finally felt like december today. sunny skies chilly winds though and you should probably keep your coats and scarves handy for the weekend. meteorologist cecily tynan here with our first check of the accuweather forecast. hi cecily. >> hi monica. that theme of dry conditions but cold winds will continue right into the weekend. right now the wind chill makes it feel like 39 degrees in philadelphia, so if you're
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heading out for your friday night you definitely do want to bundle up and temperatures definitely dropping from here. satellite6 along with action radar showing that we do have some high clouds but generally they're in the far north suburbs. some instability clouds and now that the sun has set they will be thinning out so tonight partly cloudy skies. we keep the breeze all night long. so, temperatures don't look that bad. temps in the 40's. 46 degrees at 7 o'clock. by 9 o'clock 43, by 11 o'clock 42 but you factor in the breeze, wind chills will be in the 30's for your evening so definitely do bundle up. as we head through the weekend, those cold winds will stick with us, seasonably cool this weekend. afternoon highs only in the 40's. still very windy tomorrow so that wind chills will be a factor. next week time to grab the umbrella. i'm tracking some damp dreary conditions and monday morning some areas could even see a few snowflakes. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> do you think this is december? >> yeah, i think it is.
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>> wow, all right. thanks cecily. time for a check of outer loop "action news" traffic report friday night. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. t.g.i.f. matt. >> happy friday to you game. a few unhappy spots as we look at the big picture though. there's an accident involving a pedestrian at broad and allegheny. emergency crews converging on the scene there. we have a vehicle that doesn't want to run on lincoln drive northbound by rittenhouse street so it's backed up as you head northbound there toward mount airy and plenty of red zones of course on the schuylkill expressway. here's a live look by the roosevelt boulevard westbound headlights all stacked up but the eastbound travel time is slower. in fact about a 20 minute delay as you head into the sixers game tonight. bunch of suburban accidents as well. one in lower moreland at huntington pike at welsh road. getting ready for the west chester christmas parade so lots of street closures and in west bradford a crash close to where they have been work this morning traffic circle along strasburg road at delaware road. delran has a crash along haines mill road on 130.
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just 8 miles per hour on 130 by the firestone as a result. a couple earlier accidents left us extra slow this afternoon on 42 southbound coming off the walt whitman bridge down toward 55f you're head down cape may for christmas parade weekend and tonight it's the christmas parade and tree lighting in lindenwold so over the next few hours expect closures along chews landing road park avenue and a chunk of route 30 the white horse pike. we'll check it again rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> okay. >> sounds good. thank you, sir. still to come on "action news" app special day for fans of wawa. they lined up early and cheered when they arrived at the store. we'll tell you why. >> also an abc news exclusive. we'll hear from the woman who says she was abducted by two women who left her battered and burned. the reporter revealing new details about the woman's time in activity when "action news" at 5:00 continues tonight.
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>> jurors told the judge they are unable to reach a verdict but the judge cents them back and said to keep working. jurors deliberating the case of former charleston patrolman michael slager. he's charged in the shooting death of walter scott who was shot five times in the back while running from slager
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during abtraffic stop last year. residents of fire ravaged gatlinburg tennessee were allowed back into town to take a look at what is remained -- what remains of their homes today. officials said the number of buildings that are damaged is close to a thousand here and the death toll is now up to 13 including a woman who died of a heart attack during the officials. officials admitted today that a text message telling people to evacuate went out on monday night but by that time the wildfires were raging and because of power outages and the loss of cell phone reception some people never got the message. >> now to the latest on a story that has grabbed the nation's attention and confounded experts the case that of california mother missing for three weeks until she was discovered on the side of the road bound up bruised and branded. now her husband is speaking out only to abc news. keith papini says when his wife sherri was found he was contacted by an officer saying he needed to remain calm and
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that's when he heard his wife's voice over the phone for the first time in nearly a month. >> oh my god honey and shores she's screaming very emotional and i love uh-oh my god you're here you're back where are you? and then the phone gets like taken away from her like super quick. >> keith then rushed to the hospital to find his wife beaten and multiple brands on her with messages on her body. sherri papini's hair had been cut off and she lost 15 percent of her body weight. abc's matt gutmann spoke with keith. >> she was being held and in shackles and hooded. she found a little swatch cloth and put it in her arms and start the rocking it thinking it was her baby violet and talked to her husband. those are the things that kept her going thinking about her family and i assume and keith tells me that these are the things that are actually going to help her heel and recover
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in the future. >> you can see the entire interview with keith papini tonight on 20/20's right here on aches citizens bank tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> the unemployment rate fell to four points 6 percent in november and that's the lowest level since 2007. the latest job report shows that 178,000 jobs were added last month. this is the last major employment indicator before the federal open market committee meets in two weeks to decide whether the economy has improved enough to resume a rate normalization cycle. >> plenty of happy hoagie lovers and coffee dinners center city today. folks clapped and cheered as they entered this knew what what store at 19th and market. before the opening there was a line down the street to get in. one woman said she got there at 7:00 this morning to be the first in line. people can now enjoy free coffee at this wawa store all day long today. you still have plenty of time. >> they are popular places for sure. still to come on "action
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news" tonight dancing for joy. you may have seen them making music with bells. >> this group of talented musicians is taking up another art form for a great cause. we'll have that story and more when "action news" comes right back. new jersey new jersey
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>> health check tonight. it is fitness friday. my safe segment by the way. they say variety is the spice of life is also the key to success when it comes to getting in shape. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us at the big board with more on that. >> hey guys. if you do the same workout every day chances are you'll get bored stop seeing results and you could face an injury. so i talked to an expert about the best way to mix it up. >> ♪ >> nice, nice. >> billy is a lawyer by day, certified fitness instructor by night. at philadelphia sports club, i tried his kick boxes class. modeled after ripped program. he also teaches spinning strengths training and is getting certified in yoga. >> changing up what you're doing it keeps it exciting, keeps it energetic and it's better for your body. >> better for your body because by doing different workouts. >> come on. >> it shocks your muscles which will lead to change meaning results. if you keep doing the same
5:19 pm
thing, your body gets used to it. you'll hit a plateau. >> and you're moving your joint in the same manner over and over and over again. that can cause injuries. >> so for optimal fitness kirby recommends three things. a high intensity interval cardio workout like this one. your heart right is up for several minutes then slow it down then back up again. next, resistance or strength training. it's vital to build and tone muscles and protect your bones. finally, yoga or stretching something to help your body recover. >> your body doesn't actually build muscle when you're working out. it builds muscle when you are actually resting so you need that restorative time. >> and if you're new to exercise ask a trainer or group fitness instructor for help h kirby says don't be intimidated to try something new. the goal is to find several options you enjoy and to keep your body guessing. monica, back to you. >> terrific ideas. thank you ali. group of talented
5:20 pm
musicians showing off their dance skills to help raise money. >> ♪ the action cam as the joy bells shot this music video. the bell choir is made up of members who have developmental disabilities. they took the music video to help raise money for new tour bus. good for them. >> looks like fun. much more still to come on "action news." a check of your weekend forecast first weekends of december. >> going live right now how gorgeous is that sunset. wow. philadelphia international airport never looked prettier. beautiful shot. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather five day when we come right back. >> prettiest thing is the traffic there. >> not so much. >> ♪
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>> peco lighting up the holidays this season of course and "action news" is bringing you some of the best holiday displays from around the region. these trees will soon be adorned with lights and decorations. first they're at the bustard christmas tree company. it's the trees to troops foundation. since 2005 the program shipped more than 176,000 trees to families in the u.s. and overseas. how about that. >> that's great. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan has a check of the weekend forecast but we're still enjoying the sunset out there on a friday night.
5:24 pm
>> yeah, the sun has set but fortunately i do have a photo cents to me by ray on my facebook page from richboro pennsylvania and you can see just enough cloud cover kind of reflect the longer wave lengths of the colors of the sunset as it sets so keep those photos coming on my facebook and my twitter account. i love to share them with viewers. wind gusts really tell a story. we've got wind gusts right now 29 miles an hour in philadelphia, 25 in wilmington, 24 in allentown with that that westerly wind and that's creating a bit of a wind chill factor. feels like 39 in philadelphia, feels like 37 in wilmington, 39 in millville. feels like 36 in lancaster so you definitely do that want to bundle up as you're heading out tonight but satellite6 along with action radar slowing this is great timing for the weekend. we've got really a double barreled high pressure system that will be moving in over the weekend. as it moves in, the winds still gusty tomorrow. they'll be diminishing on sunday but then part of a system that will kind of clip us on sunday night, monday morning, could bring us a few
5:25 pm
rain and snow showers. but we will be dry until then. tonight a dry night, partly cloudy but brisk and chilly, 38 in philadelphia, 34 in allentown. millville 34 and wilmington 36 degrees and future tracker showing tomorrow morning good amount of sunshine when you wake up a. don't let it fool you. wind chills in the low 30's and upper 20's so definitely bundle up tomorrow morning and then through the day we're looking at wind chills generally in the upper 30's and low 40's so it's definitely going to feel like december. if you're heading to annapolis for the temple-navy aac championship game, it's going to be sunny but it is going to be cool. kickoff temperature 47 degrees the fourth quarter 50. you'll have winds up to about 25 miles an hour so there could be a factor in the game. go temple. so future tracker showing as we head through the day on sunday we will be clouding up still dry at 5 o'clock but then overnight this actually looks a little bit more robust but we have some light showers
5:26 pm
around 6 o'clock in the morning, rain showers philadelphia on south but could be mixing in way little bit of wet snow in the northwest suburbs and the poconos could actually get a light accumulation of snow. society five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow good amount of sunshine but a chilly wind, 49 degrees. on sunday, sunshine to start then increasing clouds a little bit cooler 47 degrees. monday those rain and snow showers early in the morning, then some peeks of sunshine late, 50 degrees but tuesday a chilly rain arriving, a high of 48 degrees and wednesday we get rid of most of the rain but it's mostly cloudy with a high of 50 by the end of the week our first true taste of arctic air on the way. but tonight a great flight to head to west chester to see the west chester christmas parade and even better to see adam joseph who is there. >> reporter: oh, 10 years i've been doing this parade cecily and the 37th annual west chester christmas parade and not only do they have a parade but you can take a beautiful family photo right
5:27 pm
here as they are snapping a shot. i'm going get in on it. ready? i crashed a family photo. all right, so anyway you can see the people lining the streets here. you have 35,000 spectators to come out here to watch this parade that kicks offer at 7:15. we'll have that accuweather forecast and we'll give you some preview of the performance in front of the courthouse. >> hello. >> reporter: excited for tonight. >> i'm going to be singing for qvc real soon. >> reporter: there you go. she'll be singing. you will have you guys in the seven day -- how are you. >> good. i'm excellent. >> awfully friendly. >> millions of votes cast during the presidential electioneerly a month ago. >> ford issuing a recall on three of its popular vehicles after two people were hurt because of a seat belt defect. >> and it's not every day you go school to watch your principal kiss a pig. youngsters in one south jersey school got to see that and we
5:28 pm
will explain. pig doesn't look that excited. >> okay, school is different than when we went that's for sure. that and much more when "action news" comes right back. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam
5:30 pm
joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. president-elect donald trump is wrapping up the selection of his top administrative team which now includes retired marine general known for his gritty military strategy. live with the latest. also paramedics and police rush to the scene after a person is struck by a car in wilmington, delaware. and temple football is in annapolis tonight eyeing that conference championship title but they'll have to go through navy to do it. ducis rodgers is live with the preview. >> and now the details. donald trump is expected to announce more major cabinet posts next week during a stop on his thank you tour last night the president-elect made the surprise announcement that retired marine corps general james mad dog mattis is his choice to run the pentagon. abc's kenneth moton has the latest for us tonight from washington. hi, kenneth. >> reporter: hi, monica. president-elect donald trump finished up another day of cabinet or i should say transmission meetings to fill
5:31 pm
his cabinet but yesterday he was on the road free and unleashed. it was back to transition business at trump tower friday a parade of officials in the lobby 18th street performers and naked cowboy was spotted. also on the list former defense secretary robert gates. >> wide ranging conversation. >> reporter: gates also endorsed the man president-elect donald trump wants to be the next leader of the pentagon retired marine general james mattis a respected leader known for his tough and thoughtful military tactics. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about time. it's about time. >> reporter: trump made the surprise announcement at a raucous rally in ohio the first stop on his thank you tour. >> this campaign proffered that the old rules no longer apply. >> reporter: trump also touted a deal to save carrier air conditioning jobs in indiana. trump kept 800 jobs from going to mexico with the help of millions of dollars in state
5:32 pm
incentives but carrier's parent company united technologies is still sending 1300 jobs from its indiana plant south of the border. the president-elect is promising to build a dream team to keep jobs in the u.s. his pick for economic post billionaires and millionaires. senator david purdue met with trump friday. >> certainly you've got big business in there but we're trying get the free enterprise system going again. why not pick free people from the free enterprise system. >> reporter: the next big cabinet announcement secretary of state. trump is back on his thank you tour next week. he is expected to be on the road for four days hitting several states monica. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton channel6 "action news." >> thank you kenneth. election officials in philadelphia have begun an official recount of the presidential vote in 75 precincts. this in response to that petitions filed by green party candidate jill stein. representatives with the republican, democratic and green party will be present during that recount which will take a few days.
5:33 pm
stein is also petitioned for recounts in several other states. >> now to a developing story from wilmington -- delaware. a man was rushed to christiana hospital after being hit by a truck. happened just about an hour ago in the unit block of south market street. we're told the driver did stop. the pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries. still not clear what led up to the incident. a man is fighting for his life tonight after being shot three times in that north philadelphia earlier today. the person who pulled the trigger is still at large. this was the scene near sixth and butler just afternoon time. detectives tell "action news" the 31-year-old victim was that rushed to temple hospital in a private vehicle and remains in critical condition. so far police have not released information about a suspect or a motive. and it's still not clear what sparked this fire that killed a 44-year-old man in west philadelphia last evening. happened inside of a three story building that housed businesses and apartments along north 64th street. investigators say the flames
5:34 pm
started on the second floor. two businesses were damaged. eight people living in the building are being helped with their living arrangements or finding other living arrangements. the identity of the victim hasn't been leased. >> attorneys for a former pro wrestling star were in court today fighting for jimmy super fly nuke today. a jump ruled in june that the 73-year-old snuka was incomponent stand trial for the 1983 death of his girlfriend nancy argentino. prosecutors want his mental fitness re-evaluated now and they're reasking the judge to require snuka to participate in outpatient treatment. snuka was not in court but did testify from florida through face time. police in cherry hill new jersey say the man in these surveillance photos used a note tom rob a bank. it happened at 8:30 this morning -- this past wednesday rather at the republic bank on route 70's. officials say the man never showed a weapon. he just left the scene on foot after showing the note. it was wearing a two toned wool hat with the words zoo
5:35 pm
york on it. if you have any information about the suspect you're asked to call police. >> the city of philadelphia wants to make sure enough is being done to support veterans in the area. today the council held a hearing to investigate if the area's va medical centers are properly screening and treating veterans with brain injuries. medical experts veteran advocates and v a. representatives took part in the hearing. the v a. said they are doing what they can to screen, treat and support our veterans. >> meantime a chester county communities is getting ready for its annual holiday celebration. adam joseph is part of the festivities. >> he's been doing it for decade now and he's live in west chester getting ready for the big break. do they need anyone to come down and sing christmas carols or anything like that. >> say no adam. >> reporter: no,. no they are some phenomenal singers. you're talking over 100 different parts of the parade tonight two hours long. this is the bravo theater
5:36 pm
company of singers directed by don williams. they can sing anything from classics to new works. they are angelic voices here tonight in west chester. and we have quite the crowd coming out over 35,000 spectators for two hour parade and over 5,000 participants in the parade and mark yoder, this guy is a friend of mine. he's the president of the west chester chamber of commerce. you've got your boys your family here. >> i do. >> reporter: this is a family event. >> you delivered with the weather tonight. it's fantastic. to see all these people come out. the way the parade has grown to get to where it is today it's unbelievable. >> reporter: we thank the chamber for being a part of this every year and also todd marcoci the production team behind that who puts this together every year. >> absolutely. he does a great job. he gives out -- 5,000 people are participating in the parade. over 200 volunteers helping us out with parade marshaling.
5:37 pm
we have chick-fil-a out here giving away sandwiches hot chocolate. we have pretzels and these amazing singers. >> reporter: boys what's your favorite part of the parade. >> santa. >> reporter: san start. do you guys know what you're going to tell him you want for christmas? let me think about it is what he's saying. all right. rick and monica, we'll have -- mark thank you so much. much more with that seven-day forecast and also we'll bring you to the broadcast booth and check it out. >> ♪ >> oh, my. >> reporter: you're ruining it. >> love it. thank you so much adam. looks like fun. >> he needs to sing a solo. so low you can't hear him. >> matt pelman with an update tonight. >> bah humbug near bucks county. a crash you're not going feel so low because we're jammed up on the northbound sized route one the superhighway. they have both lanes blocked here approaching route 13 because of the accident. there's also a southbound accident on one coming out of trenton approaching the bridge
5:38 pm
so bottom line is i would stick with 95 and the crowd there there or even the turnpike connector. but speaking of construction in west vincent chester county it wrapped today along 401, the bridge over pickerring creek finally reopened there at saint matthew's road. that's good news. we've done without it for about a month and a half. chester county also a big holiday parade in phoenixville tonight so expect restrictions along bridge street. many streets in west chester are closed there are where adam is including portions of high and market. in west bradford a crash along strasburg road but our broken down vehicle on lincoln drive northbound at rittenhouse has cleared. however still have the crash involving the pedestrian along north broad at allegheny and because of the accident involving the pedestrian in wilmington that we just talked about, market street is closed. route 13 gets you around that. and enjoy your weekend, rick and monica. >> you two. >> thank you. >> thanks matt. much more coming up on "action news." we have important news for anyone who drives a vehicle
5:39 pm
manufactured by ford. coming up why the company is that issuing a recall involving three popular models of its vehicles. >> and it's a pretty safe bet no one missed class today at this south jersey school because the principal had to pucker up with a pig. kind of fun. we'll have that plus jeff skversky with eagles, penn state and a live report from ducis rodgers who is with temple down in annapolis for the aac championship game. >> live from the west chester christmas parade when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> detectives in a suburban new orleans town still trying to determine what led up to a road rage incident that ended with the death of a former nfl player. police say 28-year-old joe mcknight was killed after an argument with another driver identified as 54-year-old ronald gasser. mcknight was first drafted to the new york jets in 2010 last played in the nfl in 2014 for the kansas chiefs. family and friends are devastated that they will never see him again. >> this was not a troubled kid. young man. the boy was just trying to make it back in the nfl.
5:43 pm
that's all he wanted to do. that was his whole dream. >> police question and released gasser saying he's cooperating with the investigation. the sheriff's department says mcknight did not have a gun on or near his body at the time of his death. >> ford is recalling more than 700,000 cars most of them in north america because of a seat belt defect. it comes after at least two people were injured in two accidents related to the issue. the vehicles in question are certain fusion, lincoln mkz and models from 2013 to 2016. ford says the problem could cause a seat belt to snap during a crash. the company will notify the owners of the affected vehicles. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the ford recall as well as the deadly road rage incident involving that former nfl player joe mcknight and you can watch that tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. >> jeff skversky here with sports now. big game for temple against
5:44 pm
navy. >> your alma mater. >> can't wait. >> they were not able to pull it off this year. hopefully this year they'll do the job. who saw this coming. temple playing in their second straight conference championship. this has never happened in school history before. it's tomorrow on the road at navy. let's go live ducis rodgers in annapolis maryland where they'll need their defense which is among the best in the country to be at their best tomorrow ducis. >> reporter: jeff, navy is no joke. the midshipmen are a top 20 team. they have the nation's second rushing offense. in the last two games they scored 141 points but on the flip side as you mentioned temple has been very good lately at shutting other teams down. the two head coaches spent some time with one another earlier this afternoon and with that championship trophy. coach matt rhule knows what a challenge this will be. navy has not lost in this building since september of 2014. they share the nation's longest home win streak at 15
5:45 pm
games. on paper the two teams may seem different but coach matt rhule sees some similarities. >> this game presents unique challenges for a did he first that built ourself on speed and we're facing a team very much like ourself. they believe in body blows and attacking you physically for four quarters and feeling like eventually you'll break. that's our model, that's their model that's why i have so much respect for them. >> >> ♪ >> reporter: join us for temple football playbook tomorrow morning at 9:45 here on 6abc. matt rhule sits down with our own jaime apody then stick around for the game coming up at noon tomorrow also on 6abc. an injury note.who has been in t is out of that walking boo. coach rhule says it looks like he'll be good to go tomorrow. that's the story here from in
5:46 pm
annapolis, ducis rodgers channel6 "action news". back over to you. >> penn state they're playing for a conference championship tomorrow, too. the nittany lions if they can win the big 10 trophy they can find themselves in a four team college football playoff. >> we're really excited about being here. we're really excited about having opportunity to play for a big 10 championship. after that whatever happens that we will be very appreciative and we'll be blessed for whatever opportunity that we get. >> cody asche is out of here. the struggling outfielder designated for assignment to make room for david rollins who the phillies claimed off waivers from texas. jordan matthews did not practice did listed for questionable on sunday in cincinnati. eagles head coach doug pederson is not trod see receiver nelson ago schlor 100 percent playing against the bengals. >> his mind has been great
5:47 pm
attitude really good he's been working hard so right now nothing says, you know, not keeping him up, you know, keeping him out. everything is leaning towards keeping him active. >> and as you can imagine agholor is dying to get out of there after sitting monday night against the packers. he's ready to redeem himself. >> shave it off. that's what officers from the atlantic city police department did after growing beards for charity. two dozen officers stopped shaving for the month of november to raids money and awareness for cancer. they raised $5,000 for gilda's club of south jersey. today they let steven fitzgerald of smithville barber shop make them clean shaven again. by the way it was free. >> ♪ fly, gary, fly.
5:48 pm
...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> ♪ >> sometimes being a school principal requires you to do some rather unusual things like kiss a pig. here at gloucester county christian school principal don nets had to pucker up and kiss this big porker after the kids raised $10,000 for an education fundraiser. the money will be used to upgrade the school technology program. refusing to be pig head the principal kept his promise and everyone seemed to enjoy the smooch. although the pig seemed a bit disgruntled by it. sorry. >> backing up trying to get way. let's head back out to west
5:51 pm
chester meteorologist adam joseph. >> hey, adam is hamming it is up there in west chester the annual christmas parade. pretty though. >> reporter: this is honestly one of the most fun events that i participate in every single year for the last 10 years usually ride on the parade route. there's over 35,000 spectator that is line the streets of west chester. you're overlook the courthouse which is all aglow you got the christmas tree and we have the production booth this is where it will be broadcast tonight on qvc and also on christmas eve and christmas day. we'll talk to some of my co-hosts as well as the gentleman who produces this fantastic parade in just a moment but first let's talk about the temperatures. it feels a little winter-like but i tell you it's been a lot worse during this parade. today is absolutely beautiful. our wind chills right now 42 in philadelphia and allentown, 29 right now in some of the areas especially up towards the poconos. 39 is a pretty popular number
5:52 pm
for wind chills as you can see across parts of the area. satellite and radar as we take a look at some instability clouds that developed this afternoon across the great lakes and northwestern pennsylvania, those did break their way into the western suburbs but it did not mask a decent a sunshine during the day today. high pressure right now in control in southern parts of alabama and that high pressure is what's going to control our weekends weather so looking pretty good and overnight tonight partly cloudy, brisk and chilly. winds out of the west-northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour with lows between 34 and 38 degrees. wind chill tracker by tomorrow morning wind chills around 33 degrees in philadelphia. that -- it's not that bad, todd. 33. 1 o'clock in the afternoon low 40's. that continues through 3 o'clock with in northwesterly wind 12 to 25 miles an hour. we are tracking the first polar express. they're really -- the really cold air coming in from the north pole. it will be over alaska today
5:53 pm
through weekend and then by 5 o'clock on tuesday it breaks night lower 48 in the northern plains near billings montana and then it makes a beeline here for this time next week. so, thankfully the parade is not next week because there would be a whole lot colder as that arctic air blasts in. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast a chilly wind 49 degrees for tomorrow winds still near 30 miles an hour. clouds building late on sunday of 47 and there could be a little early rain or snow shower monday morning. 50 in the afternoon, partly cloudy and then rain arrives late on tuesday, 48 degrees. we do bump it back to the 50's wednesday, thursday. a lot of clouds. some rain late on thursday and then friday that's when the cold air comes in blustery cold, 42 and then 30's for highs by next weekend. all right, we are excited. we got some special guests here today. if you are qvc fan you recognize carolyn gracie here dan hughes they're my co-hosts and we have todd marcarc.
5:54 pm
>> he's the big cheese. >> with under the sun productions. you guys exciteed. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> had you had ling already because it's really chilly out here already adam. >> reporter: year four we've been co-hosting together. >> yes. >> reporter:. >> but year 10. >> reporter: a few years to make up, right. >> yeah. >> reporter: what are you excited most to see this year. >> santasanta claus duh and the shannahan band. that's where my grandson goes to school. >> reporter:. >> it's amazing having qvc and the level that we have, the talent, it's great. yeah we have five states representing 20's marching bands and let's part the sea for maintenance because you can see the crowd and so guys dum-dum downton night -- come downton night. this parade has become quite app spectacular event. >> u.s.a. today lists the west chester christmas parade as one of the top 10 places in america to welcome santa
5:55 pm
claus. >> reporter: and you can see why. >> yes. >> reporter: also it's the competition for the bands. 17 of the 20 bands are competing for money tonight. >> competing for over $5,600. >> there's money involved. >> reporter: you going join a band. >> yeah. >> they work very hard and that's our reword for them so they do that compete for over $5,600 of money. >> reporter: that's awesome. >> they march in their little sparkly costumes and it's so cold. >> reporter: i know they do. >> really amazing. >> that's why i didn't wear mine. >> reporter: rick, mon can the crowd behind me can you say hi to everyone. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: we'll see you when we see you. >> looks like fun. stay with of course for updates throughout your weekend for from accuweather from that storm tracker6 live double scan radar to updated hourly forecasts we have you covered. you can use facebook and twitter to get the latest from each of our meteorologists as well.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with
5:58 pm
these stories and more at 6 o'clock. the search is on for an armed bandit who attacked a woman on a sidewalk in northern liberties. >> that story coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night an great weekend. >> good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night thousands line up seeking jobs with the city of philadelphia. and the amore sculpture finds a permanent home in the city of brotherly love. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the search
6:00 pm
for app sidewalk bandit in philadelphia. police have released surveillance video of a.m. violent armed holdup of a 27-year-old woman in northern liberties. this happened tuesday but law men just released the video in the hope that it will help them track this guy down. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at the scene of the crime, the 400 block of north third street. bob. >> reporter: jim, good evening. as we're about to see in this video this could have happened to anyone. this was strictly the wrong place at the wrong time and luckily our victim is okay. the scariest part is there's not much you can do to stop this. you can see the suspect sneaks up from behind. it's around 6 o'clock it's dark. he's got a gun and strikes. choking the 28-year-old victim and pushing the gun into the side of her head. he steals her bag and takes off. the crime unfolding in the 400 block of north third in northern liberties. >> that's the gun. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: that's sara everett.


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