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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  December 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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d sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. the eagles dismal season just keeps getting worse. the bird dropped another one this time to the bengals. also the death toll in the oakland warehouse fire rises as crews sift through debris by hand. but the big story on "action news" threat of snow showers in some parts of our air contract. while it will be cold and raw
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day for everybody, the north and western suburbs, are right in the cross hairs and it could make for a tough morning commute for some. meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> it is hard to believe we are tracking light snow showers for some because temperatures today were pretty seasonal. right now most spots are in the 40's. the it is 44 in philadelphia. forty-two in trenton. north and west are allentown and reading numbers are low of the 40's and hovering around the freezing mark there in the poconos at the 32. 42 degrees down in dover. stepping outside on the town for rest of the evening we have you covered with the planner. 7:00 p.m. mostly cloudy. temperature of 42. we will drop down in the the lower 40's at 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock tonight holding at 40 at ten and 11:00 o'clock underneath mostly cloudy skies and moisture that we are tracking comes in overnight and through the predawn hours. storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing you you there are two pieces of energy that we're tracking but one we are focusing in on is one that is currently bringing some snow across the great lakes
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and rain in cincinnati this will work its way eastward as we get the in the overnight hours and even as you wake up tomorrow morning. future tracker six showing 3:30 tomorrow morning we have got rain on that i-95 corridor but looking off to the north and west where allentown and reading and up through poconos we are track something light snow. if not the some snow showers. we will talk about what we can expect as we time out this precipitation. the arrival time looks to be between 2:00 and 8:00 o'clock in the morning. this is a mainly rain event, for philadelphia, areas to the south and east and south jersey and delaware. the grassy snowy accumulation in the north and western suburbs and up in the poconos you can find a quick coating to an inch of snow on the way. good news this system moves out and we have dryer skies as we get into monday afternoon. we will look closer with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, talk to you in a bit. moving to the eagles and oh, boy, bird dropped their third in a row this time on the road against bengals. eagles were scoreless until the second half. jamie apody has highlights.
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this was a pretty bad one, jamie. >> bengals only 13 games all season. for the first time in this string of losses, eagles looked like they gave up. now five-seven you have to wonder when or if they will win again this season. has doug pederson lost his layers. the that might be harsh but they were undiscipline and uninspired today. defense should have had their way with the bengals offense ranked 29th out of 32 teams but dalton through for 332-yard and two touch towns with the the passer rating of 130 and wasn't sacked a single time. dalton had 19 to nothing first half lead, 26 to nothing, lead this is third quarter. boom. carson wentz played without top weapon jordan matthews. he had nobody to throw to. little will time to throw. made poor decisions in addition to. that went pick off three times, threw 60 passes second most ever for nfl rookie with only one touchdown to show. eagles lost 32-four. afterward a downtrodden doug. >> obviously very disappointed in the the way we played. that is the first thing. it is a collective effort, all
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three phases tonight. it is something that, you know, we pride ourselves to play better. >> obviously the results are tough as of ovulate. we're on a skid. but, you know, i have been saying, this is a good group of guys. good locker room. guys are playing hard. we don't make plays. we have a lot of mistakes. we have to team up some. we lack discipline the at times. but there is no quit. you just got to stay positive. >> it is getting old, but then again this this is what we expected before the season. they advised us in the beginning. we will have a live report from jeff skversky in sports. >> how about happy foot the ball news. >> through go. >> i'll take that. >> after one of the most thrilling wins in big ten title game history penn state is heading to the rose bowl. they will face number nine u.s.c. january 2nd, penn state finished the season with a nine game winning streak. it all sound great on paper but many fans are upset that the selection committee left
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out the tonight any lions from the four team championship tournament. i agree. meanwhile temple is heading back to anapolis to face wake forest in the military bowl december 27th. owls clinched a ac championship with the win over navy, temple's first conference championship since 1967. temple and wake forest have not met the on the football field since 1930, when the owls beat the deem on duke36 to nothing. lets head out live to christie ileto on to temple's campus with reaction from fans from both teams, christie. >> reporter: that is right, walter. it has been a great season for both teams. the both heading to bowls. there is a lot of excitement. depending upon who you ask especially penn state fans there is a bit of the feeling of, being snubbed. >> it is bull. that penn state did not get the in to over ohio state. >> all people are talking about. >> you beat the a team and you win a conference and it seems conference simple to me that you should be in the final four. >> reporter: penn state may be
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big ten champs but saturday's win wasn't enough to ranked them one of the top four college teams in the country. >> very disappointed with that. >> reporter: over in happy valley penn state fans celebrated their win in the streets. only to the excitement to be eclipsed. >> i'm really upset. they should have made it. >> let's go temple. >> reporter: temple owls are bound for military bowl to play wake for necessary anapolis. after breaking in the top 25 in the college football playoff poll. >> excited to go back to anapolis for the military bowl. i think we will have lots of tremendous memories, of the championship game as we go down there. i think one thing i cannot let you lost from the game was just how great temple fans were. i thought our fans provided tremendous energy, and really, made it feel like a home crowd. >> ♪ the we are the champions ♪ >> reporter: for the lions fans. >> i would like to see them play alabama because i think they can beat alabama. i think they are the best team in the country. i'm looking forward to them playing against u.s.c. and
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rose bowl. >> reporter: now a lot of excitement and high hopes toward the end of this who will take season, and, penn state plays january 2nd. temple the december 27th. both games will be on our sister station on espn. reporting live from temple university christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> that is why they need an eight team tournament. real life story from the mayfair section of the city, he stole christmas toys during a home invasion. it happened 3:30 at a home where five adults and three children live. police say three men knock on the door, and then forced their way inside. they searched the home and eventually made off with the toys as well as jewelry and cash. nobody was injured. but no arrests have have been made. breaking news now a huge victory for native american protesters and their supporters in north dakota. army core of engineers has halted construction of the dakota pipeline. the short time ago the correa announced it will not the allow the pipeline to be built under the lake. the hundreds of people had been blocking that route
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saying it threatened their water source and native american cultural sites. officials now exploring an alternate route for pipeline in the days to come. moving on to the latest on the warehouse fire in oakland, california. the death toll has now listen to 30, and families with missing loved ones are being asked to preserve samples of dna. a complete search of the building could take days. world news sunday will have very latest on both of these developing stories coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news". well, memory of the three-year old was honored today in haddon township, new jersey. park bench and plaque were dedicated at coupe are river park in memory of brendon creato, toddler's body was found in the park on october of the last year. the his father dy creato, has been since charged with the murder. trial is expect to start in january. county officials say bench and plaque are meant to keep brandon's memory alive. ♪ >> peco is lighting up the holidays this season, "action news" brings you some of the best holiday programs, from the across the region these trees will soon ab darned with
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lights and decorations but for now they remain at buzzer's christmas tree company in lansdale this was all part of the tree for troops initiative to donate holiday trees to military families. since 2005, this program has shipped more than 176,000 trees, to families, here in the u.s., and across the country and around the world as well. much more to come on "action news" tonight, santa and his love liz wife gave the reindeer a rest today. we will tell you why the couple was in delaware county checking out these classic cars. also a new home for the holidays, lucky pups that will have a warm bed and lucky family, thanks to a giant adoption event today in center sit the eye. also we will move to jeff skversky live in cincinnati for more reaction after eagles tough loss against bengals when "action news" comes right back.
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some folks in montgomery county gathered to day to
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learn more about the syrian/iraqi conflict. action cam stopped by first presbyterian church of ambler where they were dirk out cuisine including soups, humus and deertz. department of defense liaison was there to talk about syria's refugee crisis and what led up to it. also in montgomery county, the world mission society church have of god hosted a day of comfort for elderly. event took place this afternoon at chelsea right there in jenkintown. church members gave neighbors there manicures and massages and then organized a few games of bingo. sanity and mrs. clause traded in the sleigh for a classic ride today. they joined car enthusiast in media, delaware county for tenth annual toys for tots cruise for kids. volunteers piled in their classic rides to deliver a mountain of toys with young patients at riddle and crozer-chester hospitals. believe we all can agree that nobody should spend the holidays alone and that includes rescue pets. that is why several local shelter came together to hold a huge adoption event, at the armory today in center city.
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"action news" reporter jeff chirico has more. >> hey, buddy. what is on my list. >> reporter: easy to understand why mason cannot hold back his kisses, excited shelter dog has found himself a family. he is one of the hundreds of cats and dogs adopted at this weekend's mega adoption event at 23rd street armory. >> we try to adopt a thousand animals, each event will have a different goal, but essentially it is our way of trying to cultivate a no kill community. through adoption. >> reporter: before doors opened long lines, at potential adopters wrapped around the building. volunteers unloaded pets from trucks and placed them in creates where they waited until the right family came looking. >> a dog need a home and we are trying to find him and give him a nice home for the holidays. >> i was going to buy one but my mom said i have to wait, i have to adopt one. >> reporter: haley of aston found herself a first best friend named hanna. >> we have a lot more space.
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we have to fill witt something fun. >> we came from florida this morning. >> jacksonville. >> which is where i'm from. >> reporter: organizers from the brandywine valley spca and other shelters reduced the adoption fee to $20, all of the pets are micro chipped and vaccinated and if not spade and newterd will be altered at no cost to the family. >> i just like she was starting to kiss me. >> reporter: this woman of north philadelphia said after grieving loss of her previous pup, the time is right to adopt again. >> it is not the same not having one. i felt empty. so, hopefully, you know, i won't feel that way anymore. >> reporter: by mid afternoon more than 800 pets had been adopted but advocates are quick to point out that across the country millions more are waiting for their turn. if you weren't able to make it today organizers remind you there are plenty of good cats and dogs like max here who are looking for a good home. you can find them at a shelter
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near you. at 23rd street armory jeff chirico for channel six "action news".
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well, jamie apody is in for jeff with sports and eagles have officially imploded. >> why do i have have to be bearer of bad news. >> my goodness. >> hard to fathom bird started three and zero. so what on earth happened to this eagles team since then? doug pederson was asked that and pointed, first the loss of lane johnson, then injuries, and then team has had tough starts. in their loss of seven of nine this latest to the team with three wins. nelson agholor back on the field. jordan matthews out with the sprained ankle. he managed to hang on the football but andy dalton looked like tom brady. he threw for 332 yards, passer rating of ten. led bengals to a 19 to nothing lead at half time. more of the same in third
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quarter as he hit brandon le fell to 26 to nothing. they allowed bengals to score on the first six possessions of the game. they got the on the bird in the end of the third when he hit zach ertz for a 13-yard touchdown. darren sproles followed that up with his first score of scrimmage this this season. it looked like they had life late in the fourth quarter when wentz pick off for his third interception of the game. wentz forced to throw 60 passes, second most in history for a rookie. completed half of those. eagles fall to five-seven, losing 32-14. lets head live to the scene of the crime, jeff skversky in cincinnati. jeff, there is reason this think they may not win another game this season. >> doesn't feel like they will win another game. the eagles have been one of the worst teams in the nfl since the beginning of october. they have lost seven of nine. today, beat up by a really bad bengals team falling behind 29 to nothing. carson wentz admits they were pressing out there led to a career high three
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interceptions. the most lopsided loss. it has become a very disappointing season. >> i'm hurting like players are. i'm obviously disappointed with where we are. we have had some opportunities to win some of these games. we had a chance to put ourselves in better position down the stretch with all of the adversity we have faced in the last few weeks. i told the guys in the locker room at the end, i said this can go one of two ways. i only know of one way it will go and that is up. >> no one likes to be on a skid like this. we don't plan for it. we had a hot start and things were looking optimistic, looking positive but that is the nature of this league. you have to come out to lay every sunday and we have struggled. >> much more from went and pederson on "action news" sports sunday at 11:35. hot shut out in the first half for the first time all season. and after the game eagles head coach doug pederson told his players to look in the the mir
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on and ask yourself as a hand are you doing enough, to help this football team win? hopefully they can figure it the out. next up, redskins. we are live in cincinnati, jeff skversky for channel six "action news", jamie. >> thanks, jeff. euphoria of last night turned to disappointment for penn state fans as team was snubbed from the playoffs despite winning big ten championship. selection committee announceddal bam, clemson, ohio state and washington are playoff bound and number five nittany lions just missed out. instead they are heading for the rose bowl with the nine-three u.s.c. on january 2nd. nice consolation prize but bummer nonetheless after their 21-point come back last night to beat wisconsin 38-31. >> we have had a great year. i'm proud of our guys. they would have love to have been in the playoffs. we all would have loved to be in the playoffs but we're very appreciative and honored for opportunities that we have. >> after the temple owls they are headed back to the wake forest and military bowl
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december 27th. temple annihilated 19th ranked high scoring navy yesterday 34-ten. to win the a ac championship. owls earned a spot at number 23 in the ap top 25 pole. matt rhule is excited to be close at home. >> they need a eight team tournament. >> or a playoff, period. >> but, four is not enough, that is just my opinion. >> thanks, jade i. snow is in the the forecast for some of us. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could...
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"action news" stopped by a holiday celebration for kid this morning right there in bensalem, bucks county. they enjoyed a wreck fast at bensalem high school while classic characters like frosty the snow man and mini mouse stopped by. the kid also received christmas gifts and at the end, they each spent sometime telling santa how good they have been this year. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. some snow, for some. >> that is right. >> yes. >> i like how you said that, light snow showers for some and rain for most locations. very busy weather pattern up ahead this week, walter. lots to go over. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry right now. no issues with precipitation. hard to believe there will be some rain and some snow showers, across portions of delaware and lehigh valleys and in fact our high today, pretty seasonal. forty-eight was the high, and normal for us this time of the year is 49 and tomorrow afternoon, ones we get rid of the early morning precipitation temperatures will be in the 50's. a lot going on in the short
6:25 pm
term and eventually as we look at that seven day forecast more unsettled weather to come. 44 degrees outside in philadelphia. thirty-two. chilly in the poconos at freezing mark. forty-two for reading and allentown. at the coast in atlantic city 41. down in dover at 41 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky across the mid-atlantic region but as we widen out there is two weather features we are tracking. one off to the south and one to the west moving off the great lakes where chicago is currently dealing with some snow. cincinnati does have some rain showers at the moment. so this is what we're watching, as we get in the overnight hours, and early tomorrow morning, as this works its way from the west/east direction. lots of cloud, rain and snow arriving after midnight during the predawn hours. we will drop down to 33 degrees in the suburbs, and 40 in philadelphia for the overnight the low. we will time it out precipitation for you, as that feature from the west works its way eastward, 1:30 or 2:00 n
6:26 pm
breaks out for philadelphia. areas to the south and east but for berks and lehigh counties there could be light snow showers, and by 6:00 o'clock in the morning a allowing some extra time as moisture will be around for city, areas to the south and east for allentown and poconos we are dealing with snow showers. by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning moisture quickly races off to the east and as we get in the afternoon hours clouds decreasing and breaking for some afternoon sunshine especially by 3:00 o'clock on monday have afternoon. as far as impact scale with the system it is a weak disturbance we are tracking. 6:00 in the morning moderate concerns, just because it is, just in time for that commute in the morning. allowing some extra time. it will be slippery surfaces on grass or elevated surfaces if you are north and west of philadelphia, with a grass accumulation. so here's the setup for our monday. slippery in the morning. high temperature of 53. high pressure works its the way in our region as we get this is afternoon hours, cloud breaking for some sun. ridge of high pressure moves off to the north and east.
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by tuesday it is mostly cloudy, high of 47 degrees. we will track this area of low pressure from the the south that will run in and period of rain on the way in the forecast, exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you morning rain, snow showers tomorrow, high temperature coming in at 53. sun by afternoon. on tuesday, cloudy with period of rain by the afternoon, high of 47, and we will stay unsettled, wednesday and thursday with rain in the forecast, and then much colder, walter next friday a high of just 39 and then next weekend temperatures only in the 30's. >> thanks, melissa. abc world news sunday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at is 11:00. for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we'll you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. our daughter home,
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that was it. now i have nicoderm cq.
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tonight, breaking news. the death toll rising in the california warehouse inferno. more than two dozen killed, the numbers expected to go even higher. >> people were trapped. people were trapped. >> new details about the makeshift staircase that went up in flames. the past complaints. were warning signs missed? now desperate families waiting for word. >> please just call us. we're all looking for you. also breaking, twin air scares. landing without nose gear. the passengers and crew using evacuation slides. the first pictures coming in now. and injured passengers after severe turbulence forced an emergency landing. pipeline halted. after months


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