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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 5, 2016 5:00am-5:27am EST

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we're working on sev>> includie died of a city of philadelphia overnight. police are looking their hands d batch of the drug. massive fire at atar hotel in packs stan, nea pakistan, nearly a dozen people are dead. arts of the delaware valley are seeing rain, other parts of the region are seeing
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snow. >> let's go over to david murphy with the snow, karen rogers has the morning commute. >> reporter: we can see rain on our at city hall. the rain is coming down lightly with the lighter shades o green across southeastern pennsylvania. ht snow in allentown, northern bucks county it's creating rain at the lower elevations. some slushiness is possible ingr allentown. we have heavier rain trying to exit the coast in south jersey, heavy stuff highlighted in across from surf city and clearing areas north of atlantic and brigantine and some down in cape may. it will beinutes, at least the steadier stuff.
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we have cloud cover behind the precipitation, but there are breaks in the clouds but we think we'll break back into no worse than partly sun skies. 43 degrees in philadelphia. freezing mark in reading and allentown. good news there. 44 by there's the return of sunshine during the day, high of 53 degrees, karen, will feature a couple of more spots of rain and colder air by the end of the week. details coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave we have an accident in an area snow. this is northeast extension northbound all lanes were getting by, traffic is crawlinge lehigh valley, the area is slick, you have to exit off at quakertown and use 309 instead of the northeast extension. on the big picture you can see n
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the blue route and the schuylkill expressway and i-95. you want to watch for the wet roads. we have an accident on lincoln drive at city avenue. watch for ponding and puddling. you can see the idea looking live on the schuylkill pr travel slowly with the rain out here, as we approaching spring garden. a big accident atlantic cityunay horses near hammonton, it caused three different accidents. horses runaway from a farm in wi township. the right lane is blocking traffic on the ac expressway. >> a series of her wayne overdoses -- heroin overdoses claimed 6 lives overnight. katherine scott is live with more on the investigation.
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katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, 6 fatal heroin overdoses laste , this morning, philadelphia police continue to investigate. let's go to video last night from the kensington area. five of these overdoses happened within blocks of each other in kensington. the latest fatal case was a man in his 30s on east indiana avenue. that happened around 8:00 p.m. five other cases before. police say a 24-year-old man overdosed and died on north broad. two people overdosed on kensington avenue including a 32-year-old man on the 3300 block. last two cases include a woman in her 30s on amber street and a man in his 40s on the 2800 block of d street. heroin circulatingvestigating a throughout philadelphia for the
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last they don't know if it is part of that particulary are investigating. 6 kensington area, and this morning the investigation continues. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. a barrage of bullets erupted in hunting park, someone opened fire leaving bullet holes in a house and parked car. it happened on north darian street. investigators say it is not clear yet what led up to the shooting. 5:05 a.m., a philadelphia couple said their family was robbed at gunpoint. the thieves took off with christmas toys. it happened in the city's mayfair section early yesterday. three armed men knocked on the door where the five adults three children live forced their way inside. the man said the thieves took jewelry and cash and christmas gifts.
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>> they kept saying they was going to shoot me. >> nobody was hurt, and no arrests have been made. that swept through a four star hotel in pakistan left 11 people dead and officials say 50 people were hurt, the fireted in the ke standards do not meetighrise ms regular standards against thesed in a car crash trying to flee the fire.ple were injured in a fire that destroyed an damagedtl investigate up in the
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city will hold telethon later this week. president-elect middle of a diplomatic flap. he ignored protocol by speaking directly to the president of taiwan. trump took to twitter saturday night live parity attempts saying it is selected for the college football lions get the consolation pri 9e se penn state won the big ten. many fans are upstate that the selection committee state. penn state beat the buckeyes during the are weighing possible celebration on
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championship got out ofeading bo annapolis to face wake december 27. the owls clinched aac championship saturday with a win over navy. it was their first conference championship victory since 1967. >> time to talk to david murphy, when you wake up, you'll hear the rain drops, it's starting to taper off. >> reporter: i have to mention i was in annapolis, we had the best time down there. when you pull in the parking lot, temple fans, it was a great turnout by philly fans. >> took over the house. >> reporter: we did. storm tracker 6 live showing there's rain out there. we'll take a closer look in a moment. you can see up north there's a little bit of light. we hav valley. let's get you outside and, sky6 live hd looking at damp conditions looking over penns
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boy we've had the open for a while and there's a lot of rain, that hams in -- happens in the early days. we have rain highlighted in the lighter shade of green. it pushing toward the east, places like chadds ford in the western edge of chester county drying out. as is delaware. if you go up north we have had light snow that's breaking a part a little bit. if you're in the areas where the snow or sleet line, you have to be careful while the roads are just wet, some may be slushy, we're seeing reports of accidents up in this area, as karen has mentioned. be careful up in the lehigh valley in case the roads are slushy. down the shore we have had the steadier rain bothering you for
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a while. looks like it's getting off the coast and the light rain should not last all that much longer. 34 degrees in philadelphia. 34 in reading. just above the freezing mark which is good for the main roads. upper elevations could be slick, though, 39 in wilmington, getting into the 40s across much of south jersey. looks like the rain gets out of here quickly as well as the lingering snowflakes. by 7:00 a.m. it's premp -- pretty much done by afternoon we'll have sun back in play. up in allentown, 46 with morning clouds giving way to sun. down the shore, morning clouds giving way to sun, afternoon high of 50. in philadelphia, 53 is the high, chilly conditions winds out of the west/northwest at 14 miles per hour. in philadelphia 36 degrees and 30 in the suburbs.
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tomorrow, 47 is the cooler high, rrives from thekies and another area of low pressure. 53 degrees clouds and sun today. chilly tomorrow, with late day and nighttime rain. 47. wednesday, mostly cloudy, cool, 52 degrees, thursday, cloudy and chilly for the most of the part, a shower possible, high of 45. friday the neck big change, a -- next big change. blustery and cold highs in the 30s. saturday, sunshine, in the 30s, brisk and cold., 42 degrees could see light snow for those who have not seen it. more stories you did not see last night. someone ambushed and shot an new york city corrections officer in new york city, we'll have the details on the officer who was murdered sitting in her car. a flight from philadelphia
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philadelphia international airport, business going on we se and other areas have snow. >> let's go over to karen rogers, you definitely need more time and distance from the cars in front of you. >> reporter: you can see from
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the camera shots it's wet out there. even though it's wet in the region, you have to be careful of that. exton, chester county, route 100 at commerce drive, traffic moving okay. you can get a sense of the ponding and puddling we have on the roads. people taking it slowly, right here in chester county it's just rain. one of the areas where it is icy where you had a wintry mix and snow is northbound on the northeast extension near quakertown. we have an accident blocking all lanes, the traffic is getting by on the shoulder northeast extension near quakertown, it's been a while that we've had no lanes blocked, then they were allowing the shoulder and now they are trying to get the left lane open, traffic is moving slowly through the area. watch for that, on the northeast extension you might want to stick to 309 instead. also here an accident in norristown, marshall street we know carson and markley.
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on the waze app i found someone talking about an accident in chester on 4th street him look for that to be a problem, as 7t. i want to show you storm tracker 6 live double scan, as david has been showing us it's just rain in the i-95 corridor. as you go to the north, allentown, light snow,i-78, i you're traveling near kutztown you have an icy mix. if you're traveling near quakertown an icy mix. as well as flemming ton and sommerville in new jersey. you have light snowfall on and off ending in easton. light snow in allentown. the rest of the area just rain, but slow it down, tam. developing overnight a drive by shooter executed a rookie new york city correction officer. the 42-year-old was shot sitting
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outside a car in brook gunshot wounds to her head and torso. the correction officers association issued a statement saying the corrections family is shocked and grieving, thehoific. a plane took off fro an extra passenger on board. a woman went into labor forcing the pilot to lands in charlie -- charleston, north carolina. the baby was born safely and the other passengers landed in orlando. a plane going to san antonio had problems with its landing gear. when it touched down, the nose of the name collapsed crews rushed people to safety. one person suffered a minor
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accident injury. georgia convicted of leaving his child to die in a hot car to die. he left cooper in a car for 7 hours in 2014, the affairs and reaching the high killed his son toental responsibilities. he is facing life in without parole. the birds didn't register a score in cincinnati until the second half. quarterback carson wentz threw h three interceptions, the eagles lose to the bengals 32-14 they fall to 5-7. they host washington, by the way everybody's favorite team the cowboys, the first nfl team to clinch a playoff berth. >> it's not our year this year
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so far. >> kind of looking that way. >> police are investigating several cases of armed robbers posing as delivery men. >> experts say don't go to bed anger, may have truth to it. e'vr
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new accident coming in, even though it's wet near philadelphia, you need careful. looking live at henderson road at gulph street in king of prussia. you see police blocking all lanes. the rain is coming down. take shoe maker road instead. we have three accidents in hammonton westbound caused by runaway horses. >> reporter: that may be a first, we've had sheep when trucks turnover. live double scan shows light rain is pushing off to the east. south jersey some heavy pockets.
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we have light snow in the lehigh valley where roads could be slushy especially at the upper elevation. on the bus stop, light rain around in parts the region between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. 49 degrees by noon, we start out with moisture, that doesn't last long, we'll break out in sun later in the day. 53 degrees a little bit of a light breeze. >> advice not letting the sun go down on your anger has a core of truth. holding on to negative memories can make it harder to suppress them. sleep helps us to reorganize information and store memories through a process called consolidation. after a night's sleep, the negative memories are reinforced. >> reporter: in this morning's "g.m.a." first look, one
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homeowner is eager to talk about this terrifying inv door, as son as iace. >> reporter: lawrence's home surveillance camera captured the scene when a man wearing a upstairs jacket and hat c when the man opened the door, the man and stormed the house. my wife grabbed the kids and hid >> reporter: one shot was fired lodging a bullet into the wall. nobody was hurt. as many are receiving new packages just because someone knocks on the door doesn't is mean youha trust your instincts. coming up on "g.m.a.," the hunt for the suspects. i'm lindsey davis, abc
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news story showing up with an assault the fire in oakland, firegh dozens of dead and they expect to find more asug the rubble. "action news" will be right back.
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"action news," 6 deaths in a single day, philadelphia police are tracing the death toll back to a certain batch of heroin. people gather to remember the many who died in a warehouse fire in oakland while the search continues for more peopletrker s picking up what's left of the overnight rain. up near the poconos it wasolow . >> good morning, everyone, 5:30 a.m., monday, december 5. let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: that early precipitation is clearing parts of the region. you can see it's raining, but lightly in southeastern pennsylvania. up to the north its begun to change over in in allentown. be careful of the roads where the stuff has fallen earlier.


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