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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 6, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's december 6th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> an autistic student is overwhelmed with happiness. >> he starts hugging his teacher. >> see the surprise at school that made his day. >> simple but at the same time fantastic. >> a montreal police car falls victim to the first real snowfall of the season. the window seat view that shows what's coming next. >> holy [ bleep ]. get out. a stray puppy has serious skin issues. >> not sure where he's been but he is not right place now. >> how dr. matt got henry loving life again. we've got christian, oli, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web including what docs discovered in a woman's ear. >> this is how i'm going to sleep from now on.
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>> see what's in there, if you dare. >> people down south better watch out. this is what love, compassion and understanding looks like. this is a 16-year-old student with his teacher there and before you know it, the 16-year-old gets super excited. he starts hugging his teacher who is also clearly very happy himself and once the camera pans over you realize that his excitement is triggered because of this dump truck. omar is autistic and he is fascinated by these lories. so his teacher loving his students as much as he does organized a visit from this truck. >> yeah, so easy to do. on the teacher's part to be aware of his students' needs, to plan something so simple. >> it's so simple.
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>> simple but at the same time fantastic. like he's really gone the extra mile in understanding and he's really -- he really gets his student. i mean, you can see it in the way that he's being called by omar, it's really sweet, he's st stiming. that's a sign of excitement. >> the teacher walks omar over to the truck. not only does he get to look at it, he gets in the cab of this vehicle. look at that. >> ref the engine, make the dump go up. >> i would do this once a week for this kid. call up the fire department, have them swing by, even take it down to like a large machinery dealership and he would have a blast. >> even as the truck is driving away you can see that omar is not contain his joy. montreal, canada, no stranger to snow, but in this case the first real snowfall of
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the season caused some problems on this street. a large city bus just cannot get any traction as it slides down this hill, it looks like any car coming down it is now a victim of gravity. >> i see that. the cab did pretty well, he was pumping the brakes and turned, he was driving into it. don't lock up. don't lock up. >> that tradesman's truck crashes into the back of that bus. here comes another bus. this is just snowballing as they say. >> oh, man. >> sandwiches that pickup truck in between the two, now it kicks it out. police car trying to help out in this situation only makes it worse as that officer loses traction as well. he spins around, piles up into the bus. >> oh, no, the [ bleep ]. >> here comes a sanding truck trying to make the situation better, but that doesn't work, either. >> ironically he should have been driving in reverse. >> get out.
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get out. get out. oh! >> also in canada, in this case the roads have been cleared, that's great, however, what's not clear are the rooftops of some of the vehicles speeding down this road, including -- >> oh, wow! >> and that happens often, too. there's nothing you can do. >> totally shattered the windshield of this car. they pulled over, they claim that the truck saw what happened, but kept going. they also claim they had minor scrapes and cuts from this incident. a man that has his work cut ut or to him and as always he is up for the challenge. >> i'm dr. matt, this puppy is named -- he smells so terrible right now. >> wow. henry is in a bad way. >> he has mange. come look at these scabs right here. >> poor baby. he suspects this pup is 7 or 8
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months old. >> where has this puppy been. >> not sure where he has been. he is in the right place now. >> we're going to give him a batting, he is gross, and we will start treatment and get all of this mange off and he will be a healthy puppy. >> he's trying to get out. doggie, trust us, stay in there for a week. >> we have had henry for two weeks now and we have knocked the scabs all off him, his can is looking better, very few scabs left on him, his hair is starting to come back. >> his the scabs are mostly gone. we have some ways to go on there. >> maybe he's just stinky. >> this is six weeks since we first got henry, started treating him. he still has pretty thin hair on his neck, back, on the top of his head, but, man, he is a happy little puppy.
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>> he's so happy, full of joy. >> he is like i love you, matt, matt, i love you, matt. >> he's still stinky. >> no, he is not stinky anymore. >> we have had henry for two and a half months and he is looking amazing. >> henry is out and about, nice and healthy. they are probably going to neuter him and then he will be ready for a forever home. >> look at how much energy this thing has. >> he will definitely need to go to a home where he has somebody who wants to play and maybe a big backyard. >> a history has been bubbling around berlin since february. since subway workers were going about their every day business doing maintenance on subway lines unite when they came across, well, this, a completely furnished bedroom. there was a working television, there were working lamps, there were well looked after indoor plants, wallpaper on the wall, carpet down, hundreds of feet of cable leading to a nearby construction site to power all of this stuff. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> squatting in the subway tunnel. >> all kinds of speculation kicked off. turns out months later the mystery has been solved because this video -- >> that's where banksy lives. >> this machine shows you exactly how this got done with judicious usage of a reflective vest that just looks very efficient and that's all it takes for this guy, rocco and his brothers decided to get together and put this, you can see it, they just walked down into the subway carrying a bed. these same people now talking through the train tunnel. finding this place that they wanted to do it, sweeping it away and then getting to work, making it just a nice little heidi hole. it's gorilla art. when you said banksy you were on to the right line there. these guys are an artist collective, if you will, they go out and do things like this. it must have been so fun to hold on to this secret for almost a year. >> yes, because it was going to be something that by chance
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someone would find and that's how it would get lgits attentio which is exactly what happened, brilliant. >> it's cool but it's dangerous. >> why? >> what happens if that fan sparks. >> that you can get that kind of access to the subway system wearing a reflective jacket. >> these guys just said they've gone digital. this could be the first of many videos we will be seeing from rocco and his brothers. >> the guy down on one knee is up to something. >> can't be any more obvious. >> but see why his special someone is definitely taken by surprise. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. and four years of travel captured in breathtaking video. >> every bit of it is jaw dropping. >> now the drony master himself explains what it takes to conquer the world. >> are you crazy? are you mad? why am i even waving at you?
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beat the price because this guy on his knee can't be any more obvious, that's his girlfriend in the green dress, she is apparently in the middle of delivering a prayer during their thanksgiving dinner. >> attention -- >> hell, yeah. >> and i thought i was oblivious to certain things? she just swiveled her head right back. >> part of me is like are you okay with this. >> or horrified? which one is it? >> hell, yeah. >> yes! >> fortunately she does love herman and agrees to this proposal. >> that's the reaction you want. [ screams ] >> hell, yeah.
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[ applause ] >> this is stand by me for my mother. >> this next one also just as surprising for the girlfriend who is there with herman, they are from canada and they went over to cottage grove, oregon, where they wanted to find the bridge that was in the movie "stand by me" so he grabs his ukulele and started singing it, here is the thing, he row wrote the lyrics to the song. ♪ marry me, oh, marry me ♪ oh, markella, marry me she is literally recording her own proposal, i love that moment where it dawned on her like is that what it is? >> this is the first of many we can see like that, that moment of realization from behind the camera. >> he's serious and she is delighted.
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♪ markella, marry me the selfie has been around now for a while, then after the selfie we were introduced to the drony by alex but the drony now has become absolutely and 100% perfected by our friend alex chicone. he has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world to compile this epic drony video. >> that's incredible. >> compiled over four years of travel and every bit of it is jaw dropping. >> do you know what, it's because he needed to drop the mic. >> yes. >> it got famous because alex whipped it out. after that people have been putting it in their wedding and travel videos, and he was like, how about the whole world? >> he makes it look incredibly easy but we are not considering the hiking, traveling, logistics that alex had to endure to get to each one of these locations
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to get seconds of footage. >> look at the length of the video. he gets less than a minute of this video per year. >> oh, great. and he can juggle, too. >> i am proud to say that in this three-minute bit of epicness i have a second of it. don't blink. who is that guy? >> hey. >> that's me. thank you so much. alex chicone joining us "right this minute" via skype. >> hey. >> you have been working on this a long time. what was the most challenging part of it. >> it's been a crazy video to film. not just because i'm using one hand to drive the drone and another to drive. it was the laws and regulations in each one of these countries, that was the most important part of making this a legal video. >> did you just do it and ask for forgiveness after. >> regulations are being
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implemented, sometimes you have to shoot and figure out later, sometimes you have to prepare beforehand. >> you've been off gallivanting around the world for 30 years. for the people at home who want to have your life, what's the best way? where do they start? >> i'm going to say that my website conquer the is all about your guide to epic adventures, epic droning, epic lifestyle. >> how do you top this? >> what is next? i don't know. i started from the ground, i had the the air, i think the space or underground is next. >> satellite. >> how much did nick pay you to include a couple seconds in your video. >> nick got really lucky, he picked a gorgeous location to shoot at. >> you didn't pick that, your wife did. >> well, alex, we love watching you and it is fun. we can't wait to see what's next. >> great. all i can say is i hope everybody enjoys it. it's the how-to dad shopping
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holidays are coming up, are you worried that you might get coal in your stocking? >> i'm definitely getting coal in my stocking. >> here is a way that you might be able to get some presents instead. our elf stuart edge. >> walking up to people at a gas station and just offering some kindness and cash. >> no worries. >> i'm going to go take my kids out to chili's tomorrow. thank you. >> awesome. no problem. >> have a good night. >> there's nothing wrong with what he's doing. >> that is beautiful. >> he sneaks up, he's spotted. freeze. >> it's like the mannequin challenge. >> brother is like i don't know what to do here, should i chase or should i just smile. >> that better not be a parking ticket. >> that's the thing, people don't know what to expect especially when you creep up with them at a gas station. >> if you're from where i'm from
2:52 pm
you can't do that. >> stuart hands out happiness. i love the reaction in the end from the guys in the purple car. >> not a lot of stuff has gone right. >> maybe this is a little silver lining, you know, to end the day. >> yeah, it is. >> this isn't just a video, you can get in on this, too. you can do the same thing that stuart did, just use t the #lighttheworld and go out and do something nice. it doesn't have to be handing out $20, it can be an act of kindness, talk about it, hashtag it, see how far you can spread it. >> join with me in this challenge, use the hashtag and let's go make the world a better place. playing in the snow is so much fun and, well, when you do it right it's even better. >> if anyone is getting hit in the man plums i'm going to be very angry. >> no, viral video uk is about to show us the wrong way, a guy up on the roof and all his buds
2:53 pm
on the ground egging him on. >> oh, no way. this is like the perfect right way to play in the snow. are you kidding me? that was awesome. beautiful back flip. he didn't stick it but at least he landed in a nice big pile of snow. >> because he was practicing for next time. >> that is the right way. sorry, charity. we have to take you out and play in the snow some more. >> if we do can we do it like this. >> yes. >> on a banana boat. this is my kind of fun. >> [ laughter ] >> the new viral video, this dude also bites it hard, but it's worth it. >> that's the point of the banana boat is to have people fall off. let's be honest. >> so we can do that. >> please, with oli and i driving and you on the back. >> you would make me fall. >> it would sound like a fire truck coming down the street. >> i don't yell like that. okay, maybe i do.
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unique in their own special way. this is how i'm going to sheep from now on because after watching this video -- you're laughing now but you're going to look like this, too. this is in china and this woman had something in her ear. >> oh, god. >> that went in there when she was asleep. >> i need to breathe. >> when doctors saw what was in there, they were shocked. >> oh, god, the doctors are shocked. >> it was alive. >> it looks like some kind of alien birthing. >> it's a roach. is it a roach? >> it's a cockroach. it's a big old rock coach. >> people down south better watch out.
2:57 pm
>> don't shoot. >> i'm just going to leave my motorcycle helmet on now. >> apparently she knew something had crawled in there in the middle of the night in her sleep, she triegd to get it out herself with one of those q-tips but every time she went in there as a q kid what did the roach do? >> it went further in. >> it went further in. it coffin in her brain. >> she should have poured peroxide in there. >> they did have a throw in a liquid that would basically calm the coach down, but when this he first put it in there it actually aggravated the situation while the liquid, whatever it chemical was took effect. >> it was raid. yeah. [ laughter ] >> would you have said no? put the raid deep this there. >> that's terrible. thanks for watching. we will see you on the next "right this minute."
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