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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 7, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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hello again. donald trump's unlikely climb to the white house wins him time's person of the year recognition and residents of gatlinburg, tennessee, get a first look at what is left behind after wild fires there. and america remembers japan's attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago today. now the details, we are in a transition type of day weather wise, yesterday's rain is gone but the clouds are sticking around. as we look at sky 6 hd from our temple university camera. if you have not dug out your winter hats and gloves, you'll need them before long, because it's getting cold. david murphy is outside with what is in store. >> cloudy out here now and a chilly temperature profile. lets go ahead and look at satellite 6 along with action radar you see the rain coming in overnight and really breaking down to just light mist and drizzle this morning. now a lot of clouds at the tail
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end of these pictures but there are breaks and we hope for sunny breaks before we are done. 46 in philadelphia and not a strong wind. in the 10 to 15 miles per hour range and that adds to the chilly feel and maybe you need a jacket or coat and 42 is what we have down the pike in washington and pittsburgh colder air is working its way in at 38. 14 miles per hour winds at the airport. a jacket or coat as you head out. here is where temperatures are going. they are going down tonight. 53 is your high. and then back down to 45 at dinner time and 30s by 10:00 and down to the mid-30s by k a.m. and continuing to drop from there, low to mid-30s in most of the region before we are done. so far this season the coldest air arrives friday into saturday
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and wind gusts especially high on friday. 35 miles per hour and both days we expect windchills in the 20s. and also instability cloud cover in the afternoon particularly on friday where we could wind up with a passing sprinkle or shower or flurries, we'll talk about what the numbers are doing over the next several days and a bounce back for the next several days. but it's coat weather as you step outside. donald trump is "time" magazine's person of the year. the president-elect trump says it was a great honor to be picked. it reads the president of the the divides states of america. he went from fiery underdog to winning the white house over hillary clinton. clinton was the number two finalist and number three was the hackers, a reference from the new cyber security attack, the hackers that attacked the
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election. it was lobbying by bob dole that led to donald trump's call to taiwan's leader. dole's firm receive money to represent taiwan and trump introduced his defense chief, james madis and more than a dozen progressive groups are calling for him to drop retired general, michael flynn for racist excellents during the campaign. >> he staunchly defends his strategy on terrorism and avoided large scale troop deployment. speaking of the command, president obama says it's possible to get the terrorist yet remain who we are. adhering to the law is not weakness but strength and noted it would be a big mistake to leave international coalition.
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now to the latest on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. they say that the search for victims 100% over. 35 of the 36 people who died in the fire have been identified and that they identified a refrigerator as a possible ignition point for the cause of fire. and most victims died of smoke inhalation and mostheir last moments comfortsing one another and texting loved ones. >> we found victims in the ruins that were holding each other and caring for each other as they waited to die. meantime oakland's district says that the criminal investigation could result in murder charges against the owners of the warehouse. the building was not zoned as a residence and had numerous code violations. this is an emotional day in gatlinburg, tennessee, as
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residents return after the horrific fires there. nearly 2,000 structures were destroyed. and 14 people lost their lives. a curfew is expected to be put in place and wild fires are burning across the south fueled by the worst drought in a decade. >> today marks the 75th anniversary of what president franklin roosevelt called a day that will live in infamy, the day that the japanese imperial army attacked pearl harbor. president obama and the first lady is joining americans in remembering the loss as well as the survivors. he will visit the uss arizona memorial along with the prime minister of japan later in month. chaka fattah lawyers are expected to file papers today spelling out the punishment they think he discovers for his corruption conviction. seeking 17 to 21 years at his hearing next month.
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the 11 term democrat was convicted of racketeering and fraud and it sounds a million dollar loan he abstained in a failed run for mayor. and a baby jesus stolen a nativity scene has been found. the woman is still at large, it was found along with an incoherent note in neighboring bethlehem township. the woman was seen walking a dog before she drove off. uber wants them to delay regulations until after the testing of driverless cars. they are testing the cars in pittsburgh for weeks. they want the state to access the data and dictate where they can be tested. the split could put the project in jeopardy. the university of delaware officially has a new president.
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dennis asanis was today in stoney brook, new york. vice president joe biden returned to his alma mater to welcome him to delaware. more than 100 volunteers were wrapping presents this morning at a church in south jersey. it's an effort to help needy families and a way to honor the memory of a loved one. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: christmas is coming alive in come alive church in medford during an annual wrapping party for the south jersey program spirit of the holidays. lisa o'neil and her family started the program in hire home in 1999 in honor of her brother kevin todd who died of complications from aids. >> i was afraid he would not be
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remembered. we honored him. >> it was eight members of this family 24 gifts and one food basket. next year she said our father died when need help and there is another family. >> we said this is how we honor kevin's memory. >> the number of families they help has increased but so is the number of volunteers. >> not only impacted by hiv or aids, they are living well below the poverty level. they are given a list from local health care providers and today they wrap 1400 new gifts and 95 food boxes, pastor harry thomas is happy to open his church's doors for the event. he backed the group even when people were just learning about hiv and aids. >> there was a time when people were hands off for people with hiv and aids. we don't believe that is our faith and the way we approach
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things. lisa had the vision and we said lets go for it. >> and she knows her uncle would be proud. >> he feel sozs so happy and grateful and would be so proud of my mom. >> nice story. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. protests teeter on the edge of violence at a college speech by the leader of a white nation
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passengers on a southwest airline from from houston scare in the air. the cabin was tense but mostly calm. >> your ears were really loud and ringing. and very painful. you could tell there was a drop
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in the cabin pressure. >> was half a sleep and woke up to the mask dropping and everyone looked at them for a second like a surreal moment. and then everybody started putting their masks on not knowing what was going on. >> when he finally got to houston, one passenger admitted he was calm seemingly on the outside to keep his girlfriend relaxed and inside he was freaking out. there is no word what caused the lost of pressure. it was their second aircraft the first was turned around on the tarmac in atlantic due to a mechanical problem of some sort. and a&m university has a speech by pay man that leads a white nationalist organization. people protested his appearance and at times almost erupted into violence. >> tensions running high overnight at texas a&m as thousands came out to protest
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this man. >> white people are ruling right now and white people have tremendous amount of power. richard spencer says he is not a white supremacist. he is known for an all white state. and he yelled hail trump. hail victory as atennessee es of his event gave the nazi salute. with controversial views of racial differences was drowned out by protests in texas. the vast majority of his audience was there in protest with multiple out bursts erupting during his speech. they had to deescalate several volatile exchanges and police in riot gear entered the student union but none took spencer off message. >> i see myself as mainstream and want to be mainstream and
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part of an elite. >> are you trying to normalize racism. >> yes. i do not want theality right to be a fringe movement but i want it to be a dominant movement. >> texas a&m says they did not invite him to speak, it was a former student that did that. after they denounced the move, they could not renounce his rights to free speech. and they have fined pfizer $114 million for hiking the cost of an epilepsy drug. they say that the drug giant rebranded the medication to up the price by up to 2600%. because of the hike britain saw the cost go 25 fold in one year. pfizer plans to appeal.
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seniors that want to change their medicare plan has to do it by midnight tonight. advantage plans include perks like fitness memberships or chiropractic care. many seniors may be searching for savings in part d because average monthly premiums are expected to rise 9%. drug laces candy sickened more than a dozen students in illinois. they are looking into teens eating gummy bear laced with liquidbationed marijuana. they questioned one student but did not file charges. 11 students spent the day at the hospital with symptoms of faster heart rate and dry mouth and dizziness. >> looking outside the sky 6 hd showing you the battleship new jersey there on the delaware.
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nasa's space probe is taking the first dive in the rings of saturn and the results are out of this world. it skimmed through the outer most rings sunday morning the closest any probe has gotten it will help tell scientists what is in the rings and expected to make 19 more or bits. david murphy is here and we are talking about the weekend plans, you plan to sit inside and look out the wi >> sit inside and read a book. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you are dry after a damp morning with activity outside. cloudy skies over city hall earlier when we were inside of the courtyard focused on the
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merry go round. it moves apparently it's pretty fast. your temperature currently before we get to that et cetera go over forecast highlights. only adding 5 degrees from where we are right now, thursday down in the 40s and friday and saturday the windchills make it feel like the 20s. so a big change coming up of the next 48 hours. 46 in philadelphia and winds north northern west at 15 miles per hour. they eased back but still on the breezy side and certainly on the cool and cloudy side. we are however keeping an eye on breaks from the west and hope to get sunshine coming back as the afternoon goes on and before sunset maybe we'll get a chance to see that. future tracker 6 toying with the idea breaks in the clouds by 4:30 as the sun gets ready to set. 53 is the high if philadelphia and wilmington and same in allentown and trenton and cooler in through here and slightly
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milder to the shore but not by much. 49 degrees is your 2:00 temperature and at 3:00 we hit the high of 4:00 and sunshine there and 40 by 8:00 and we head back down into the 30s tonight. 10:00, 38 degrees. tomorrow we start in the mid-30s and wind up with a high of just 48 degrees, as the front gets past us the winds pick up later in the day and it's blustery and a late day or evening sprinkle or shower or flurry around and behind that system for friday and saturday, again this colder air starts to march down in the direction and moderates a bit on its way and we'll see high temperatures only around 40 and upper 30s on friday and saturday and windchills both days making it feel like it's 20s, bundle up by sun we get an improvement with temperatures getting up to 42 degrees, have you the big time cold air up there in places
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like sioux falls and rapid city, i am there to see mt. rushmore but right now not so nice. 11 degrees below zero there in south dakota. mostly cloudy and 50 degrees today and as i said the temperatures out west will moderate a bit as they head toward the east, we are still at 45 degrees tomorrow with a late sprinkle or shower and tomorrow blustery and cold and a high struggling to get to 40 degrees and we bottom out on saturday with a high of 38 degrees and cold feeling like the 20s. and looks like it's dry for the eagles game but still chilly for you eagles fans. and then we get a little bit of rain at night on sunday. in the northern and western suburbs overnight in the predawn hours on monday there could be a wintry mix. that is something to keep in mind and it looks like warm air will shoot back in hopefully in time for the morning rush hour and it's all rain by then with
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the way things are looking. and clouds and sun on tuesday. >> thanks david. on the people scene, the battle over sophia vergara's frozen embryos, a right to life lawsuit is filed on behalf of the fertilized eggs. her ex already sued for the right of the embryos, lobe's lawsuit says that the embryo is deprived of an inheritance create ford them. prince harry is coming under fire for a 1700 detour to his long distance girlfriend on his way back to london after living the caribbean he when to canada to see his girlfriend meghan markle. it costs the taxpayers and flaunts the tradition that official working trips are not
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to be mixed with personal travel. two indiana crackers hope their newest duet is their biggest hit yet. ♪ ♪ >> yes, they are contractors,er ran gray and josh arnet like the song married did you know. they decided to record it in a garage last week after singing it together once. their last duet has 15 million facebook views. they hope it's the most watched yet. >> we had one video go viral and a year later we have this other video go viral and it's been crazy ever since. >> arnet and gray have the opportunity to sing at
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one final quick check of your accuweather forecast. >> we are hoping for sunshine later on and upper 40s today and a little bit of a breeze glowing. cruising through philadelphia and the i-95 corridor high temperatures around 50 and down the shore a couple of spots may get milder. jackets required as you head outside. >> thank you. a look now at stories coming up on "action news" beginning at 4:00. with two popular football teams heading to bowl games there is a new warning about ticket scams, make sure are you not duped by con artists and the baby born on the plane that left philadelphia over the weekend hear how the newborn is doing and the family's connection to our area today at 4:00. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00
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and 6:00. >> for meteorologist, david murphy, sara bloomquist and the "action news" team. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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