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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, the deep freeze. windchills plunging well below zero and blizzard conditions piling up the snow, plus, a mud slide. concerns as storms pound the west coast. >> new this morning, president obama threatening retaliation against russia for allegedly meddling in the u.s. election and overnight hillary clinton talking about reports of putin's involvement for the first time. breaking news, a police officer shoot during a standoff. the suspect shooting at other officers. an update just in from investigators at that scene. also breaking right now an explosion rocking a home. the neighborhood evacuated. details on the blast and the people inside. good morning, from the
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climate control studios in new york. i'm kendis gibson. i'm hoping you're staying warm. >> i'm adrienne bankert in for diane. from upstate new york in oswego. blinding snow and wind. and to make marys worse, temperatures there are dipping into the single digits this morning. >> the folks up there are quite used to it. morning lows zero in chicago and new york city. it's not much better. everywhere in between and it's minus 35, can you believe that, up there in caribou, maine. >> i don't think i could handle that the problems on the west coast, rain and snow sweeping off the pacific. mudslides are a concern. parts of the sierras could get four to six feet of snow and angelica spanos has details. >> reporter: whiteout conditions and blinding snow cripples drivers in upstate new york. >> it's brutal but it's -- you get used to it eventually but, yeah, it's real cold out. >> reporter: a dangerous windchill and gusty winds making
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it feel like 20 to 35 degrees below zero in parts of the region. in vermont, the cold will draw skiers and boarders to the slopes this weekend. >> on days like today it's some challenging working conditions, but they're taking lots of breaks and layering up. >> reporter: brave to be in the snow in early december some say fighting the cold is all in the clothing. >> there's the old norwegian saying, there's no sup thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. >> reporter: public safety officials from the midwest to new england warned to limit time outside. the bone-chilling air has new yorkers moving even faster. furry hoods, puffy coats and snow boots are on full display. >> i've heard it's a good plan to put on layers so i'm layered up. i mean like i look like one of those sandwiches that, you know, got three pieces of bread and you got the lettuce and the tomatoes. >> you got to stay layered up and you got to move real quickly, get from point a to
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point b. >> reporter: even the west coast is dealing with weather woes. heavy rain coming in overnight. california residents bracing for flash floods and debris flow across the state. angelica spanos, abc news, new york. >> boy, as you can see from all of that, today's national forecast is keeping many weather folks busy. quite a few problems. can be slick and slippery. let's get details interest accuweather's justin povick. good morning, justin. >> kendis and adrienne, thanks, good morning to you. tracking snow, sleet, freezing rain, virtually every time of frozen precipitation for today over the upper midwest and back into the great lakes. notice where it goes later on, toward the windy city of chicago. icy roads possible. big-time flight delays will be a possibility, as well. all makes its move into the northeast and potentially even some icing into the southeast as we head in toward friday night with several inches of snow north of i-80. kendis, adrienne, back to you. >> thank you. president obama vowing to
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take action after u.s. intelligence officials claim russian president vladimir putin was directly linked to hacking aimed at influencing the presidential election. >> we can expect to hear from him this afternoon. for now he tells npr he made it clear the russian interference will be addressed and said he's already put putin on notice. >> i think there's no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing, some of it may be explicit and publicized. some of it may not be. but mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this because i spoke to him directly about it. >> the president is awaiting a final report on the cyberattacks from the intelligence community. he's ordered an investigation to be completed before he leaves
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office. and the president will hold his year end news conference this afternoon at 2:15 eastern time and you did watch it live right here on abc. president-elect donald trump continued his defense of the kremlin on twitter questioning why the white house waited until after hillary clinton lost to complain about the lacking. however, we should point out the obama administration did bring up the investigation one month before the election with a statement 17 intelligence agencies saying only russia's senior-most officials could have authorize eyed the hacks. >> new reaction from hillary clinton saying putin was motivated by a longtime grudge against her. during a speech to donors in new york the former secretary of state said putin was upset because she had suggested russia's 2011 parliamentary elections were not free and fair. the democratic national committee and clinton's campaign chairman were the main targets of the hacks. the president-elect did not
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discuss the hacking claims as he held a thank you rally in pennsylvania last night. but donald trump did slam white house press secretary josh earnest calling him foolish. earnest has criticized imhitting he should stop attacking the u.s. intelligence agency and suggested he knew russia was trying to interfere with the election. trump fired back. >> you know, having the right press secretary is so important. because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. he could say, ladies and gentlemen, today we have totally defeated isis and it wouldn't sound good, okay. all right. i have a feeling they won't be saying it but i know we will be saying it. but -- >> one note, trump did praise president obama as positive and even cut off some boos in the crowd that were directed at the
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outgoing president. >> breaking overnight a suspect is now in custody after an armed standoff north of seattle. that standoff started after a police officer was shot. the officer we are told is in serious but stable condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. investigators say he was responding to a call in mt. vernon. the alleged shooter then barricaded himself inside a home while firing at other officers. a second officer had a minor injury and they believe he had taken hostages in the home. part of the neighborhood was evacuated and a nearby pledge placed on lockdown. overseas now and it could take several more days for rebels as well as civilians to evacuate war-torn aleppo as a shaky cease-fire holes on for now. an estimated 50,000 people have fled the opposition's final hold-out. this is in syria's bloody five-year civil war. president bashar al assad you see him smiling there calling it historic the event that's taken place. comparable he says to the birth
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of christ. a u.n. official calls it a black chapter in the history of international affairs. well, still ahead, if you plan to shop today you may want to do it online. details on free shipping friday. and breaking overnight an explosion leveling a home. two people inside escaping with their lives. what we're learning may have caused it. plus, the faa is warning about a trend
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breaking overnight a massive explosion destroys a house in suburban chicago. a father and daughter inside the home were burned. a cloud of smoke and flames could be seen for miles. that gas leak had been reported in the neighborhood and workers were going door to door evacuating residents when the blast happened. one of the victims critically injured.
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also in that area a huge scare for passengers on a flight from the chicago area to florida. the allegiant janet air jet had to turn back after a bird strike shortly after taking off from rockford illinois for punto gordo. one of the engines were damaged badly. some of the passengers began screaming but it landed safely and no one hurt. a bird strike forced a southwest airlines flight to make an emergency landing shortly after it took off. this time at chicago's midway airport. the 737 was heading for las vegas. it returned to midway and landed without any injuries, as well. bird strikes are an increasing problem. a growing danger to airplanes on the ground is coming from an unexpected source. festive holiday lights. they're reporting a strike in laser strikes targeting airplane cockpits as a result of christmas light displays on the ground. across the country laser light projectors like this star shower
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and similar brands are flying off store shelves. now the faa is warns them about the new projectors saying they could cause harm to pilots or aircrafts. >> there's a danger that you could injure the crew. >> star shower's parent companying telling abc news in a statement, the product complies with faa and fda guidelines. as an extra caution, the instructions recommends the user not project the laser lights at or within the flight path of an aircraft and to avoid direct eye contact. the faa advising homeowners to use caution when setting up projectors and make sure they're aimed at buildings not towards the sky. and this christmas season pilots on two commercial flights reported being hit with laser light displays. we'll have more on the faa's new warning coming up on "good morning america." facebook is taking a new step in cracking down on so-called fake news. the social media giant is teaming up with professional journalists to fact check
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controversial articles. it's also making it easier for users to report what they consider to be fake news. now, fact checkers partnering with facebook include the associated press, "the washington post" and right here, abc news. nothing fake about this one. today is free shipping day with more than 1,000 retailers taking part including target, best buy, toys "r" us and jcpenney. all participating retailers guarantee delivery by christmas eve which is really important. >> it is a crucial element of the shopping season. >> yeah. >> postage season. when we come back new details overnight about the water crisis in another american city. the blame game beginning. who the mayor says is at fault. and remembering a broadcasting legend. how nba players and many others are paying tribute to broadcaster craig sager. t this . hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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released from the underside of a jetliner. that is cool stuff. they are part of $157 million system that will measure surface winds in hurricanes. >> wow. back here on earth a look at this morning's road conditions. watch out for flooding in southern california. heavy snow from the rockies all the way across to the northeast coast we're feeling it and wet roads from the gulf coast up to tennessee. >> okay, if you're flying bets are you'll probably be delayed because a whole lot of cities are on the list including salt lake city there. the penalty phase will begin january 3rd for the man convicted in the charleston church massacre. >> a south carolina jury yesterday took only two hours to convict dylann roof on all 33 counts. in last year's mass murder of nine parishioners at a historic black church. the same jury will decide whether the 22-year-old white supremacist should be executed. roof intends to handle his own defense during the sentencing phase. well, deep into the holiday baking season more than 300,000 residents of corpus christi,
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texas, have been told to the to use their tap water indefinitely. a chemical used to emulsify asphalt leaked into the water supply and residents are being told to only use bottled water for everything from cooking to bathing and that boiling or freezing it will not make it safe. >> ah, how frustrating. well, the college holiday bowl between minnesota and washington state could be in jeopardy. minnesota players threatening a boycott now over the indefinite suspension of ten of their teammates accused of sexual assault. the incident happened back in september. the players involved telling police it was consensual. no charges were filed. no arrests were made. >> a longtime fixture on nba broadcasts has passed away after a long battle with cancer. sideline reporter craig sager died yesterday from a rare form of leukemia and spent 26 seasons on national broadcasts for turner sports. 65-year-old leaves behind his wife stacy and five children.
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the illinois native made a name for himself with his colorful wardrobe. as such the milwaukee bucks were among the teams that paid tribute to sager's sartorial style with last -- last night. they took the floor wearing warm-up shirts outlined with polka dots. >> what a sweet story, what a sweet man, really changing the broadcasting world with that. time now for sports including thursday night football. >> our friends from espn with the highlights. good morning, america. while you are getting up we have not yet gone to bed. >> exactly. >> special africa. he's kevin. i'm nicole. >> big night in the nfl. nfc west champion, they are seattle seahawks heading back to the postseason for the fifth straight year. that's john fossil making his interim head coaching debut after jeff fisher was fired by the rams earlier in the week. that's russell wilson. he can throw the deep ball. tyler lockett, 57 yards and they
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led. they get the rock back. jared goff, this is him scrambling and he is leveled by a sherman tank. you got richard sherman unhappy about playing on the short rest like you saw roger goodell and goff's helmet. 24-3, seahawks win. kings/warrior, they like to share taking on the knicks leading with 31 assists per game entering thursday. more sharing is caring. there was a point where they were 26 buckets, 26 assists. ian clark would get selfish at one point. some pretty passing. it was a good game for the warriors, 103-90. >> you know, college bowl season starts on saturday. >> it will never end. have a good morning. >> all right. good morning to you. well, up next in "the pulse," "rogue one" is hitting theaters and no spoilers, we promise. but we do have some of the first reviews. tom brady's scavenger hunt whipping boston into a frenzy.
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♪ it is friday. it is "pulse" time. >> yes. >> adrienne agetting down to it. one of the most anticipated openings of the holiday season. >> yes, it is. "rogue one: a star wars story" opened nationwide last night. it's a stand-alone film in the "star wars" universe from disney, our parent company. many fans dressing up as their favorite "star wars" characters as they do whenever you go see a film in hollywood and you're a super, super juiced geeked out fan. others chilled out literally spending days outdoors in washington, d.c. to see the movie. >> it was cold. >> it was the top trending subject on twitter all night. most of the reviews positive saying it's a must see for fans. >> peter travis was a fan of it as well. >> absolutely. new england patriots quarterback tom brady has some
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presents for a few obsessed fans but you have to find them. >> did he buy them at a store? >> no, apparently not. hidden three pairs of uggs around boston and leaving clues where to find them. the uggs may make you say ug. all are used and he posted do they smell and he's like, oh, yeah. >> they want to smell brady feet. brady toes. his new cologne. next, some new details on that big teddy bear news we've been following out of los angeles. >> we have an update to the story that's gone viral about the fault of a giant stuffed teddy bear posted by the tsa on its instagram account after its confiscated the big guy from its owner. >> it was reportedly apparently staged by youtube prankster. >> really? gosh. but the moral of the story remains the same. the tsa is still reminders travelers to common sense about
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they can reasonably expect to carry on to planes. also, yeah, anyways, i don't want to even say it. i don't want to offend teddy bear lovers. a keurig for wine? >> introducing the devine. it doesn't make the wine but can aerate earth and quickly cool it to perfection inschedule of a k cup they come in single serve tubes. >> nice. >> i'll take it in the box any time. more news after this. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, december 16. we've got several breaking stories. a traffic stop ends with suspects opening fire on philadelphia police officers. the officers were not hit. the three men who fired are facing serious charges. it's colder this morning than yesterday morning, meteorologist david murphy is tracking the biting dangerous arctic air that's due in tonight. a bucks county woman is behind bars wait until he tell you about the scene in their neighborhood, she ran into two homes with her car. not going to be a fun neighborhood association meeting there. we have those stories next up on "action news." finally from us the late night comics having fun with donald trump's meeting with kanye. >> here now your "friday
4:28 am
funnies." >> the president-elect met at trump tower with kanye west. you can tell it was a high-powered meeting because kanye is wearing his formal sweatsuit. >> he does know he's still not hosting "celebrity apprentice," right. >> kanye met with donald trump at trump tower. no word on what they interrupted each other about. >> that's the photo. >> they're calling it when cheesy met yeezy. >> what an amazing thing, to see our next two presidents side by side like that. it's remarkable. >> people were shocked. they didn't expect these two to meet until the first presidential debate in 202020. >> meeting like this, it's a security risk. gathering the two most powerful american narcissists in the same room. >> trump and kanye do have a lot in common, both fashion designers. they both go on twitter rapts.
4:29 am
they both use all caps. they both have very high self-esteem. they're both married to models. they both do reality shows with their families and they boat like to interrupt people and they're both people of color in donald's case, orange, so -- >> here they are ending their meeting with a bro hug in front of the cameras. i heard these two are going to drop an album together. it's called the deportation of pablo. can't wait. >> when asked what they talked about trump had kind of a weird answer. take a look. >> mr. trump, kanye, what did you discuss in your meeting today. >> just friends, just friends and he's a good man. >> the only time you answer just friends after leaving someone's place in the morning is when you definitely hooked up like. >> a walk of shame indeed. they had some fun with that. >> yes, they did. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday >> good morning it is
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4:30 a.m., friday, december 16 we're following breaking news. >> shots were fired at police officers in a philadelphia neighborhood this morning. we'll have a live report from the scene. happening now two philadelphia police officers are injured in a crash while on the job, of course we'll give you details on what happened and their injuries. >> this was the coldest december night in the region in 8 years. plus, another round of snow is on the way. >> i did not come to work in this, i had the heavy sweater and i was glad to have it, david murphy and karen


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