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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new this morning, the dangerous travel. winter weather snarling the start of the holiday getaway. cars and trucks skidding on slick roads. unable to stop. trucked overturned. hundreds of flights canceled. plus, the life-threatening cold just around the corner. russian hack attack. president obama making it clear who he holds responsible. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> cybersecurity experts explaining all of the signs pointing to the kremlin. and why hillary clinton says vladimir putin was bent on revenge. the new twist in the robert durst saga. the real estate heir facing murder charges. allegedly making a shocking admission about the interviews he did with the film makers from the hbo documentary series, "the
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jinx." why he calls himself the worst fugitive the world has ever met. and sorry, wrong number. >> hello? >> a cuisinart recall is making one woman's phone ring off the hook. how she's processing this mixup madness. hey, good morning on a wintry december day for much of america. check out this live shot of the empire state building. believe me, it's there on the left-hand side of the screen. it's kind of visible, shrouded by clouds and snow. meanwhile, we do have a shot you might actually be able to make out something. the salt trucks plying the streets of new york city. in the back, a huge pile of salt. that will be deployed all over the streets of our fair city this morning. >> much more visible. and yes, they are busy this morning. we also have this beautiful shot from derry, new hampshire. looks so serene as we're sitting here in the studio, nice and warm here.
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nearly 60% of the country dealing with dangerous, wintry conditions. snow and freezing rain stretching across much of the nation, just as early holiday travelers are hitting the roads. we have team coverage. we start with kait parker, in for rob this morning. she has the big picture from a sugar-coated central park here in new york. hi, kait. >> hi, paula. you're right. believe it or not, this is happening along a warm front. that may seem counterintuitive. the temperatures that were bitterly cold on the east coast yesterday have actually gone up overnight. we have about two inches here. look at the radar. we're going to see a transition into rain after the warm front passes. it won't be all snow all day long. then, guess what? freezing rain, going to be something to be watching for. see the freezing rain advisories. the most dangerous kind of winter weather. dan, that's one to keep an eye on. >> not a friendly looking map. thank you very much for braving the conditions to give us the forecast. much more from you coming up.
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as the show progresses. as we have said, though, this storm is hitting a profoundly inconvenient moment. right as the holiday travel season is kicking off. after the snow, comes the deep freeze. let's get to eva pilgrim in minneapolis in front of a frozen water fall. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yeah, this water fall gives you a good perspective just how cold it is here. it's still snowing. the icy conditions all across the country shutting down roads. here in minneapolis, they're asking people, begging people to stay off the roads. as we're now bracing for round two. this morning, millions of americans from colorado to maine getting slammed with snow, dangerous icy roads, and temperatures way below freezing. >> this is as cold as i have felt in a lot of years. >> reporter: as the storm marches east, many major airports taking a hit. almost 1,000 flights canceled. the treacherous conditions slowing down the start of what is expected to be a record holiday travel season.
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along with freezing rain and icy conditions, roads across the midwest plagued by an invisible danger. black ice. even on roads that look completely clear. watch as this truck near st. louis hits a patch and spins out of control. overnight in minneapolis, heavy snow falling. with more than eight inches expected in some areas, homeowners getting ahead of the big dig. shoveling their way out, even in the pitch black. right here in minneapolis, it's just under 10 degrees. very balmy, especially when you consider tomorrow morning it will be colder. we're looking at wind chills that are 40 degrees below zero, paula. >> um, our apologies from the studio, eva. thank you for braving the cold. >> she doesn't mind. >> yes, she does mind. dan will send some hand warmers. i promise you'll have them next week. all right. thanks, eva. in politics, president obama is all but saying he believes vladimir putin was behind the
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hacking of the democratic national committee. this particular subject dominated the president's final year-end news conference on friday. mary bruce is in washington for us this morning. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, well, two days before the election results become official, questions are mounting this morning as to whether the results were influenced by russian hackers. president obama is stepping in, pointing a finger at russian president vladimir putin. >> come on. >> reporter: in his final, year-end press conference, president obama pushed back, defending his response to russia's hacking and interference in the election. >> everybody had the information that was out there. and we handled it the way we should have. >> reporter: obama said he told putin to knock it off at this summit in september. >> talked to him directly. told him to cut it out. and that there would be serious consequences if he didn't. >> reporter: that warning, he said, stopped future hacking. but critics are asking
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why the president didn't do that sooner. obama said that would have turned the issue into a political football. >> i wanted to make sure everybody knew we were playing this thing straight. >> reporter: russia tried to sway the election in trump's favor. trump continues to deny u.s. intelligence. questioning if russia was involved at all. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> reporter: weighing in for the first time, hillary clinton says she believes putin was trying to settle old scores. that he holds a grudge after she challenged the fairness of russia's own election. >> vladimir putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system. against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies agree. putin was personally involved. the cia director saying they're
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in synch on the scope, nature, and intent of russia's interference. president obama shopped short of blaming putin directly but made clear. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> reporter: now, one thing obama won't comment on is with whether hillary clinton lost because of the russian hacking. he says he'll leave that to the pundits. obama has vowed to retaliate against russia but he won't give specifics. dan? >> all right, mary, thank you. how did our intelligence agencies tie russia and president vladimir putin to the hackings? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has gained fascinating insight here. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, dan. with the russians demanding to see the proof. and donald trump maintaining there is no real proof, u.s. authorities say there is clear evidence that the russians pulled off this attack and did it to interfere with the election. much of it is evidence inside the computers of the democratic national committee.
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>> they get in by what's called a spear fish attack. >> reporter: among the experts on the case, cybersecurity analyst justin harvey said the russians first planted a dropper or a beacon to send material back to moscow. >> it's a tiny bit of software that calls back home and says, i'm here. i was successful. >> reporter: and it had a telltale russian signature. with experts saying it was written in moscow's time zone and seemed to have gaps on what were russian holidays. all entered by a distinctive keyboard. >> we saw the cyrillic alphabet being used in the compiler. >> reporter: and then, u.s. intelligence officials say, the beacon transmitted to an internet address overseas. >> it was an ip address that was previously seen in other russian attributed attacks. >> reporter: it wasn't just forensics. the fbi has joined the cia in the assessment that the russian president was directly involved
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in the attack. based on new highly classified information that comes from directly inside the kremlin. >> brian is here to talk more. is there any real ambiguity about whether vladimir putin was directly involved? does anything happen there without him knowing it? >> reporter: that's how the president put it. and more specific information that is highly classified that we may never see. >> that does tie him trektly to this. >> yes, that does. >> let's talk about the issue of retaliation. what are the options for the united states? >> the president has acknowledged he has yet to take any retaliation against the russians. though officials have provided him with a number of possible actions, including making public information the cia has that would embarrass putin and his deputies. or going after the secret bank accounts that putin has around the world. there's a possibility of sanctions on russian banks and commerce. the u.s. officials are advising against a cyberwar. officials fear that would be much more devastating to the u.s. than russia.
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given our advance reliance on cybercommerce or cybercommunication. >> it could open up a pandora's box. >> absolutely. very carefully scaled as to what the response should be. >> difficult days. tricky issue. thank you, brian. really appreciate it. cokie roberts joins us now from washington. good morning, cokie. we're talking about how can trump continue to deny? we know that republicans also calling for an investigation into russia's involvement. not trump. how long can the president-elect continue to deny the intelligence about russia? >> who knows. trump obviously has his own drum. the truth is that he has been very dismissive of the intelligence community. and he keeps saying these are the same guys who said that there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. and they were wrong. but, you know, he -- president obama said yesterday again that when trump actually sits in the oval office, that the weight of that job will take over. and perhaps it will. but you know, really, paula,
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this is a remarkable political development. think about it. for decades, we have spent billions and billions and billions of dollars developing weapons. aiming them at the soviet union and russia. this has been considered the american enemy for a very long time. and then, that enemy disrupts our election and the basic reaction is ho hum. particularly in the republican party. which had always been the greatest hawks against russia. >> history is interesting, isn't it? so let me just ask you, though, what does this mean for the confirmation of trump's choice for secretary of state, rex tillerson? the ceo of exxon. we have seen him in the champagne toasts with vladimir putin. how are these new revelations likely to affect his appearance in front of the senate? >> i think it will be fireworks
8:12 am
and lots of speeches made. but i think in the end, he gets confirmed unless something else happens. it would be extraordinary to deny a new president his secretary of state. >> cokie roberts. thank you. for your analysis on a saturday morning. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. want to send things over to ron for a look at the day's other headlines. good morning, ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the united states demanding that china return an underwater drone it seized in the south china sea. american officials say a navy research ship was conducting routine operations on thursday to collect ocean data when a chinese navy ship nearby sent out a small boat the take the drone. the crew ignored requests to return the drone. this incident happened in international waters. breaking overnight, a new agreement between the syrian government and anti-government rebels that could allow evacuation of the embattled city of aleppo to resume. some 8,000 people made it out before a previous deal broke down.
8:13 am
thousands including 47 orphans are still desperately trying to escape a furious attack on the the rebels in aleppo by the syri syrian officials. and we're just learning of a strong earthquake, magnitude 7.9 off the coast of the south pacific nation of papua new guinea. no word about daniel or casualties. and good news for anyone who needs epinephrine. a generic version of the epi pen is due in pharmacy this is week at half the price. mylan came under fire earlier this year when it was revealed that the price of epipens had gone up 500% in less than a decade. police in oklahoma releasing a disturbing video. university of oklahoma football player joe mixon hitting a woman. he agreed to plea deal. he was suspended for a full season. on friday, he apologized through his attorney. he and the sooners are expected
8:14 am
to play in the sugar bowl. against auburn. and finally, an armed robber, suspected armed robber, not sure what to call him. finds out it just wasn't his day. or had a change of heart. or something. take a look at this. he walks into a ft. worth texas liquor store. pulls out a gun. he approaches the clerk. they talk. the would-be robber puts the gun away. another clerk pulls a liquor bottle out from in front of him. in case he thought about stealing that. the man ends up walking outside of the liquor store. leaving. arms up in an apparent gesture of defeat or change of heart or something. >> it was a jedi mind trick. these are not the droids you're looking for. >> sometimes when i talk to my husband too much, he just leaves the room. maybe she just talked -- >> on those rare occasions. >> hopefully, he is not holding a gun in those discussions. >> no, he is not. that's a good clarifier. thank you for that one. >> thank you, ron. we're going to turn to a crime of a more serious nature. all four inmates who broke out of a jail in rural tennessee.
8:15 am
they're back in custody. >> while they were on the run two of them were caught on video in this attempted robbery. marci gonzalez is here with the story. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. investigators said they considered the men to be armed and dangerous. both trying to change their appearances as they spent nearly a full day on the run. that tense search finally ending overnight. this morning, these two escaped inmates are on their way back to a tennessee jail, after a dramatic 150-mile crime spree spanning two states. >> possible escape pea. southbound. passing through the state line. >> reporter: according to the jefferson county, tennessee, sheriff. at 12:15 friday morning, four inmates attacked their guards. slamming a guard's head against the wall and threatening another with a weapon made from a screw. the four prisoners making their get away. escaping in one deputy's personal vehicle. a service weapon believed to be stolen along with it.
8:16 am
within hours, deputies find two of the men and the stolen car. but lethco and porter remain on the run. just before 5:00 a.m., two men believed to be the escapees are spotted on this surveillance video, allegedly trying to rob this convenience store. just a mile from the jail. porter, at one point, jumping over the counter. and then, a break. authorities discovered the two men in this stolen truck. the inmates leading troopers on a high-speed chase and crossing state lines into georgia. just before 8:30. troopers blowing out the escapees' tires. >> he's stopping. he's stopping. >> reporter: and putting an end to their spree. lethco was spending eight years in jail. porter had a six-year sentence for reckless endangerment and evading arrest. this morning, we're learning what more charges will be added. >> they'll be undoubtedly be spending a lot more time behind bars. >> oh, yeah. >> marci, thank you. as we said, the big story of
8:17 am
the morning is the weather. let's get back to kait parker. lucky for her, we sent her out to new york's central park on the coldest morning of the year. kait, take it away. hey if you're trying to get the holiday photos go out early. the warm front will move up the east coast and the rain will melt it falling on top it. if you hear rumbling, we have snowplows going by. you'll see rain i would be on the look out for freeze rain. how about a cold bras, you thought it was cold now, 43 below in glasgow. sunday, 42 below is what it will feel like in minneapolis. feels like 11 in chicago. on monday, in chicago you'll drop down to 24 below zero. that's a rough start to the workweek getting the next week started.
8:18 am
we might get the coldest bears game on record on sunday, keep an eye out for that. howbl what's going on -- how about what's going on across the country. if you're looking for an escape, go down to florida. i was there earlier this week it was in the 90s across florida. let's take a look at what's going on in your neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, a little different here we're dealing with icing taking place through the heart of the delaware valley, actually. temperatures in the 20s, so we're dealing with freezing rain snow to the north north of allentown pushing into the poconos. let's get you outside and show you the view, mainly cloudy and freezing rain 90% of the viewing area right now. that's the view of the commodor barry bridge. you can see the ice starting to form on the camera lens. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the ice changing over to rain by mid morning. it can't be said enough. it definitely is going to be dangerous travel. as you're getting kids home from
8:19 am
school and from college. dan and paula, tell parents to take it easy on the roads. get the kids home safe. >> i think you just told them. thank you, kait. appreciate it. an odd story about a woman in virginia who has really been dealing with a tsunami of unwanted phone calls. >> you've been looking into that? you made a few phone calls yourself? >> i have. it must be horrible to have to field customer service calls after a recall. a newport news woman got stuck with the calls. the worst part? she doesn't work for cuisinart. >> hello? >> reporter: meet jacqueline mcdonald. a woman under siege by her telephone. >> hello. >> reporter: all because of this. >> i'm calling about my cuisinart. >> reporter: the barrage of calls started a few days ago, after conair recalled 8 million food processors. due to reports of broken blades. >> first off, i was answering the phone saying you have the wrong number. >> reporter: cuisinart customers were given a number to call for replacement blades.
8:20 am
but unfortunately for jacqueline, the first seven digits are the same as her home phone number. >> i have been swamped for days with calls. late at night. >> reporter: and those calls are coming in from all across the country. >> all i know is i get calls from all kinds of area codes. las vegas. puerto rico. >> reporter: in the spirit of the season. >> i talk pretty decent to people. i try to put myself in their shoes. they're just trying to find information. >> reporter: we did reach out to cuisinart. they say they have notified the company of jacqueline's problem. she says she would gladly accept of free cuisinart products as a consolation. this happened to us. we had a flower shop close to ours. in the end, i would answer the questions. i would say go for the pink roses over the red, for sure. >> that's why dan has a 900 number for his cell phone. make money off it. >> you figured me out.
8:21 am
as always, he's on to my tricks. coming up here on "gma," the robert durst bomb shell. the real estate heir allegedly making a shocking admission about an interview he did for a widely seen documentary series. wait until you hear what he's saying now. christmas and hanukkah are just one week away. are you ready? >> christmas-ukkah. >> is that an official term? >> i made it up. >> becky worley has a supersaturday strategy for you. for krchristmukkah. what is it? >> christmas-ukkah. >> let's not ever say that again. >> festivus. >> festivus. >> festivus. i have asthma...
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you, 8:27, december 17. i'm gray hall. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: good morning, gray, we're dealing with a lot of the ice this morning, stay home, do not venture outdoors until after 10:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. even that might not be long enough as we see surface
8:28 am
temperatures below freezing. ice to rain. that's taking place now. they are getting rain at the jersey shore and the delaware bay region. icing for everybody else. tomorrow we're up to 60 and icy rain and then it turns cold again with temperatures in the 30s on monday. >> "action news" continues in 30 minutes, i'm gray hall, stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the polar plunge. the central u.s. headed for a deep freeze. winter storm making its way from the midwest to the northeast. snow, freezing temperatures, and ice making for dangerous conditions. so be careful out there. the heaviest snow is expected in new england today. also right now, family vacation. the obamas are waking up in hawaii this morning. as they begin their 17-day getaway marking their final vacation as the first family. well deserved. but it is not just fun and play. the president is scheduled to make an historic visit to pearl harbor. to meet with the japanese prime minister during his stay on the island. and we want to say, happy birthday, pope francis, who turns 80
8:31 am
today. if you would like to send the pontiff a personal message. you can e-mail pope francis. or tweet him at #pontifex80. we have multiple languages. english, latin, portuguese, french, polish. any we missed? >> you got them all. >> you think he's going to read them all? >> approximately. >> what do you get the pope for his birthday? >> you pray for him. >> get him a nanopad. >> a nanopad? >> a nanopod. >> i think you were referring to technology from 2005. coming up, amanda knox, at the center of one of the most sensational murder trials of the decade, eventually freed by italy's highest court, as you may remember. she's speaking out this morning on why she thinks women are more likely than men to confess to crimes they did not commit. first here, new insights into the mind of an accused murderer. the real estate heir, robert durst.
8:32 am
>> it all stems from transcripts detailing what he told the los angeles d.a. when he was brought in for questioning. ron joins us with more on that. >> good morning, again. in an interview with l.a. prosecutors, the exessential -- eccentric real estate heir making shocking admissions. that he was high while being interviewed. this morning, new admissions from robert durst. in transcripts and interviews just released by the l.a. police department and obtained by the associated press. during questioning from the los angeles district attorney's office, durst allegedly admitting he was high on meth during interviews with the makers of the hbo documentary series, "the jinx." >> he was wanted for murder. in los angeles, and westchester county, new york.
8:33 am
>> reporter: the interview with the l.a. district attorney happened in march, 2015. while he was being investigated for the murder of his best friend, susan berman. durst asked why he did not split from the documentary makers after they presented him with an envelope. inside, an anonymous letter from 2000, tipping police to the location of berman's bodies. you saw the envelopes. why didn't you leave? it's mind boggling to me. i guess inertia. i guess i didn't think it would -- during the last episode, durst was caught saying this in the bathroom. >> what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: in the same transcripts, durst calling himself the worst fugitive the world has ever met. durst was acquitted of the murder in galveston. he's awaiting trial in the killing of susan berman. he's pleaded not guilty in that case. the trial expected to begin
8:34 am
early next year. he said he was the worst fugitive the world has ever met because he did not like life on the run. >> but he was on the run for quite awhile. >> quite awhile. >> ron, thank you. >> and kait parker back in studio now. back for rob marciano. the extreme cold on the east coast. mudslides on the west coast. >> yeah, all the rain in california. it's terrific news for the drought. this is try to sand fire we had rain on top of that looking like this, this is near los angeles, we have an unsettled southwest, very strong winds and gusting at tomb. we have snow in the lower sierra nevadas. look at the snow in the rockies, great news if you're trying to get out for winter sports. bad news the winds will be stretcher us and make driving hard. here's what's happening in the east, we'll be concerned with freezing rain, we've some in indi we have more of that to come stretching across kentucky and tennessee.
8:35 am
early sunday morning might be extremely slick and dangerous. beneficial rainfall to the southeast. with all the drought that's good news there. here's a look across the county. you have showers in the southeast, sunny in san diego. let's take a look in your neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with your accuweather update stay home over the next couple of hours, this is all freezing rain, back roads and bridges and overpasses sidewalks, everything is a sheet of ice this morning. we're up to 44 later this afternoon. >> well, i'm from grapevine, texas. >> i heard it through the grapevine. ♪ i heard it through the grapevine ♪ >> see? >> this is the grapevine. >> thank you for taking one for the team and going out in the cold. >> my hair might be a little damp still. >> it looks beautiful. >> as a parting gift, ron has a nanopod for you. >> thank you. ron, such a guy. >> the same one i'm getting for the pope.
8:36 am
>> did you mean ipod nano? dud owe mean ipod nano? >> no, the nanopod. i'll show you later in the show. >> it's 2016, right? >> it is. almost 2017. coming up, here on "gma," amanda knox. she was acquitted for murder after spending four years in prison in italy. why she says women are more likely to make false confessions than men. and how you may be able to trade in that unwanted christmas gift for a free whopper. this might go down as the best news ever. details in "pop news" with diane. >> we have food. >> we do have food. >> do we have french fries and soda as well? >> i'll look into it. ell? >> i'll look into it.
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so we're hearing this morning from amanda knox, the american who served four years in that prison in italy for the murder of a british exchange student. >> she was freed after it was found her confession was coerced and for a lack of dna evidence. now she's supporting women in similar cases. in a new essay, amanda knox is examining how gender roles can affect the outcome of interrogations that knox says disproportionately put women behind bars. she writes women are raised
8:41 am
under a different social incentive structure than men. knox's own 53-hour interrogation at the hands of italian police, leading to her conviction and imprisonment for the 2007 murder of meredith kercher. before being later exonerated by the italian supreme court. knox now fights for the innocence project. to help others wrongfully convicted of serious crimes. saying her experience means she knows the dark side of the criminal justice system all too well. >> it can be a very aggressive, intimidating, and psychologically coercive process. >> reporter: in particular, knox says when a day care worker was questioned, she stood little chance in the face of aggressive techniques. police say she confessed to accidentally killing the boy. >> didn't mean any harm at all. it was just frustration. >> something that happened.
8:42 am
>> reporter: but just hours later, recanting in the back of a patrol car. in an interview with "people" and entertainment weekly network, kalisinsky says the confession was coerced. >> when they interrogated me, it was horrible. >> reporter: kalisinsky was found guilty in the toddler's murder. a survey of female conflicts concluded family responsibilities and other social factors may make women feel under greater pressure to do the right thing after being charged. >> police are trained to accuse suspects whom they believe committed a crime and confront them, often times with made-up or false evidence. >> reporter: knox is calling on other researchers to examine the complex psychology of the interrogation room. writing, until then, many more women will confess to crimes that they did not commit. now, melissa kalisinsky is having her case taken on by kathleen zellner. that's the attorney taking on
8:43 am
stephen avery. amanda knox has been advocating with the innocence project. she knows all too well what it's like to be in that interrogation room. >> i have spent time with miss zellner. she's quite fierce. this is supersaturday. some call it panic saturday. we're a week out of christmas. beckley worley has your last minute strategies. and is selena gomez back in the studio making music? the story ahead. >> is she? >> i don't know. you'll have to wait for diane. do you have some patience today? >> we could make it. know. you'll have to wait for diane. do you have some patience today? >> we could make it. ♪ la vie est belle la vie est belle, the eau de parfum. lancôme. available at macy's, your fragrance destination. try theraflu expressmax,nd flu hold you back
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♪ supersaturday is here. it's the saturday before christmas eve. is your shopping all wrapped up? if not, becky worley is here with our weekend download and tips for last minute savings and
8:47 am
strategies as you check everybody off your list. becky, help, please. >> supersaturday or panic saturday. >> the latter. >> also known as that. let's talk free shipping. you can still buy online. yesterday was the official free shipping day. a few stores still give you free shipping today. but for reals, you gotta get it done now. do not procrastinate anymore. that said, if you do, there's one tip. you can subscribe to amazon's prime service for a 30-day free trial to get the two-day free shipping if you leave it till later this week. don't do that. if you do, that's your out. you have to cancel it in january. >> it's good for buying gift cards, if you're a procrastinator. >> gift cards are being discounted. because it's one of the hottest items. people know it's a good last-minute item. sometimes it comes with merchandise. l.l. bean, if you buy $50 worth of clothes, they'll give you a gift card. many give you 20% more on your gift card than in cash.
8:48 am
check your favorite sites. this -- in the days going up to christmas. because many will do another discount with their gift cards on their sites. >> discounts on gift cards. finally, a lightning round of buy or wait? first and foremost, toys, buy or wait? >> if it's a must-have item, buy now. if it's a plush toy, it will get slashed leading up to christmas. >> tvs. >> wait until after the super bowl. >> clothes? >> wait until you get grandma's gift card. and after-christmas sales. sales, sales, discount, discount. >> and hopefully, grandma waited to buy the gift card because of the discount. >> discount. >> thank you so much, becky. great advice as usual. happy saturday, everyone. happy shopping. "pop news" is next.
8:49 am
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♪ time now for "pop news." there's been talk of hamburgers. there's been talk of nanopods.
8:53 am
all that beef. >> not just any hamburger. a whopper. >> you have your -- it's an ipod nano. i was right about that, right? >> it's not a nanopod as diane pointed out. >> that is something different. we just found out the hard way. >> and i believe he's holding it upside down. >> this is what i'm getting for the pope. don't tell him. >> what you got? >> i have good news for selena gomez fans. i'm sure you're a huge fan. >> huge, huge. >> she has songs in the works that you can put on your ipod nano. songwriter justin tranter shared this photo of selena putting on makeup in what could be a studio. the caption is music and love. now, writer julia michaels is tagged in the post. she and tranter have collaborated with her before. on songs like "hands to myself" and "good for you."
8:54 am
perhaps her biggest fan, friend and fellow disney alum commented on the picture with a praise hands emoji. it's exciting for a number of reasons. for the muds sic. but also because she took a break a few months ago because she was suffering from lupus. people rooting for her to come back from that. >> none more than ron. >> nice to have a young person on the set to translate emojis for us. >> praise hands. christmas party season is in full swing. i'm sewer a very scientific study found that women spend twice the amount of time planning their outfits than they do at the party. a clothing retailer conducted a study that found the average woman will take eight hours to browse and purchase her makeup and outfit. all to only then spend 3 1/2 hours at the actual event. >> blame the shoes. >> you blame the shoes? >> i blame the shoes. >> and i say, what's wrong with that?
8:55 am
what's wrong with spending more time picking out the outfit? >> i thought only eight hours? wow. >> this is an area where my adding a comment will only get me in trouble for the rest of your life. here's something that will help you fit into your outfit. a whopper. >> speaking of. difficult fashion choices this morning. you may have difficult choices to make after christmas. no one knows what to do with those unwanted gifts. you don't want to offend somebody. you don't want them to find out you exchanged it. burger king, or at least one burger king location in miami beach has a solution. they're offering anyone who comes in on december 26th. the opportunity to exchange an unwanted christmas gift for a whopper. >> could i give them a nanopod and get a whopper? or could the pope do this? >> i believe anyone. as long as you show up to that particular restaurant in miami beach between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on december 26th. give them your unwanted gift. get a whopper. they're also doing a thing on instagram where if you post
8:56 am
interesting pictures of your unwanted gift, they'll select the first 100 and they'll get some sort of surprise. >> can i bring all of my gifts and get a -- a multitude of whoppers. >> thank you very much. great "pop news." i'll filibuster while you eat. thanks for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow morning with much more of this. >> whopper? be back tomorrow morning with much more of this. >> good morning, i'm gray hall and i am rezephyr jennette reye. morning snow makes it slick in parts of the area. >> chris sowers is on top of the timing of the freezing mix of rain. "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. is next.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, saturday, december 17. i'm gray hall. >> and i am jeanette reyes. here's what we're following on "action news." the snow is over, but freezing rain is pushing through parts of the area. watch out if you go out today. >> someplaces are getting plain
9:00 am
old rain, like so many of the storms, it's all will location, location, location. we have live team cover annual, "action news" reporter, bob brooks is out in the wintry mix. >> we begin with chris sowers who is tracking the winter storm as the moves through. chris. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys, as a meteorologist this is the worst kind of weather you ever want to forecast. it's straight ice. we had snow first thing this morning now we've changed over to freeze rain. this is a grill in in garnet county, the ice is a half inch thick. the exception of the rule is along the jersey shore like right on the water, places like avalon, stone harbor, sea isle, you have change over to plain rain. this is the scene for everybody's. here's double scan live, i'm make a couple of zooms you're seeing blue on the map. that's the freezing


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