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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 20, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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have the details coming up. and thousands of toys making the holiday brighter for children in the hospital are on their way. we begin this half hour with the latest on the forecast, should you bundle up on this final day of fall believe it or not. we found lots of folks doing this in center city. people were wearing coats and hats. and winter arrives tomorrow and it will warm things up. a live look at sky 6 hd from our temple university camera, it's cold out there and things are getting milder, meteorologist, david murphy is outside on the terrace with the lightest from accuweather. >> it's definitely feeling like winter on the last day of autumn right now. as we take a look at satellite we have plenty of sunshine that is nice and cloud cover off the coast and not really making a run at us. and way up by williamsport additional cloud cover and west of harrisburg too. some of that pops up in the
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afternoon but in general we maintain sunny conditions the rest of the way. 32 in philadelphia and cold all wait up in new york where you are at 29 in central park and not much different in washington 34 degrees there and colder air in binghamton and buffalo. but the winds are not dropping straight down from the north and meandering of our area. we are no longer dragging on to the colder air and we expect the day to rise up 3 degrees over yesterday. sustained winds are not much either, there is a bit of a windchill to talk about but not a day with strong wind in your face and if you dress appropriately you should get out and get what you want to get done. we are expecting a temperature of 35 degrees and 2:00 i think we'll hit a high of 37 by 3:00 before dipping back down to the 20s. very likely holding at 28 in through the overnight hours. that is also a sign that milder
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air is trying to nudge its way in in the overnight. by tomorrow we wind up seeing temperatures getting milder. i mentioned this a half hour ago. when you look out to the west of us and north and west of us in fact, bismark, north dak is the same temperature as philadelphia. last week we saw the big cold crush of air on the way we were down to 0 in bismark. there is much milder air even as far north as bismark and we see a gradual rise in temperatures from now straight into the weekend and may even get a nice number on christmas day the way things look now. we'll look at that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the winner coat and extra gear a good idea. track changes in the holiday forecast at be sure to check storm tracker radar and the seven-day forecast is there to show you what the season has in store.
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well, there is a mystery surrounding the serious injuries that led to the death of a woman found on the side of the road in north philadelphia. she was found by a passing driver here on north 3rd street. the woman was rushed to the hospital with head trauma and bruises on her body and we learned a short time ago she has died. she did not have i.d. but police believe she is in her 40s, police hope that nearby cameras for businesses will help in their investigation. a german police officers say it's possible that the suspects after a truck attack in berlin are still at large. they have not found the pistol used to kill the truck's passenger and they don't know how many people were involved and six of the people killed were identified and all were german. president-elect donald trump has made statements about the market attack in berlin inch a
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series of tweets he linked the attack to islamic terrorists. here is more from washington. >> reporter: well rick we didn't hear much perfect the president-elect for most of the day monday until he collected more of the 270 votes he needed and then it was back to twitter. >> a celebratory tweet after texas made it official. >> tax now put president-elect trump over the top. >> president-elect trump tweeted we did it. thanks to my supsupporters we won the election despite the distorted media. the attempts to deflect did not work. >> hillary clinton who won the popular vote by nearly 3 million lost a handful of electoral votes, some who were suppose to
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vote for her voted for colin powell. bill clinton cast his vote for her in new york. >> and a local newspaper said quote, trump doesn't know much but he knows how to get angry white men how to vote for him. >> bill clinton stated i called him after the election, wrong he called me with a very nice congratulations, he doesn't know much especially how to get people even without an unlimited budget out to vote in the swing states and more. they focused on the wrong states. >> the president-elect is in florida. and we are waiting to find out who he'll pick for the department of agriculture and veteran affairs. 31 days out from the inauguration. channel 6 "action news." back here an early morning house fire caused major damage to a rowhouse in tacony, the
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fire broke out along the 6700 block of gillespie street and crew as rived on the street and found signs of heavy fire on the shore. no word on what may have caused the fire. the apartment building in queen village after a water main break, the break happened after 7:00 along the southbound lanes of columbus boulevard. the suv got stuck in the hole and had to be pulled out. lane closures remain in that area. and an emotional day in bustleton as students learned about the holocaust from an auschwitz survivor. he spoke to the students as part of the holocaust survival program. students were shown pictures as he told the story of survival. the one of a kind program shares lesson from the holocaust from those that experienced it. a south jersey family continues to give back for the holidays,
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they set up a troy drive in honor of a loved one that suffered a brain injury shortly after birth. in an effort to make others smile for christmas proved once again to be a success. annie mccormick has the story from marlton. sam's uncle and aunt created holeson's heroes who suffered a traumatic brain injuries at 11 weeks old. >> all the families and neighborhoods, it's great because we are getting so many toy zplz once the toys are loaded up on the truck it's head to the childrens hospital of philadelphia. >> this was the moment of inspiration when santa came to visit holdon. and santa claus came by and gave me niece and nephews gifts and
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it was i moments like someone cares and someone is thinking of us. >> holeton is her nevada knew, the 2-year-old lives in los angeles and is now mentally and physically disabled and they love his smile and thick head of hair. today the helpers wore t-shirts made to make money for the nonprofit. the toy drive is just one part of the organization's good work, it's a resource for families of children with traumatic brain injuries, the toy drive is as much for the kids as it is for the family. >> the idea of going out to get a toy is not even on their mind but the idea to go down and shop for free is an amazing gift for the parents. >> annie mccormick y. channel 6 "action news." >> still ahead a tennis start is
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attacked in her own home. what happened when she came face to if an is with a knife-wielding man trying to rob her. and everyone wants to eat better but hard to do when you are at work. how creating a lunch club could help your waistline and keep dollars in your pockets. >> i see you already finished your ugly sweater contest. >> rachel: our dollar store christmas showdown just
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north carolina's controversial bathroom bill could be repealed in the matter of dayed. house leaders are heating to consider stopping the house bill 2. yesterday the charlotte city council voted to repeal the bill. house bill 2 was passed earlier this year and resulted in high-profile businesses and sports boycotts of north carolina. and the judge in the high-profile sexual assault case was cleared of misconduct. he oversaw the case of brock
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turner, who was convicted of raping an unconscious woman outside of a party. he was sentenced to 6 months in jail and investigators say he was following guidelines and there wasn't clear or and convincing evidence of bias or abuse of authority. a two time wimbledon champion is shaken after being badly hurt by a robber that came into her apartment with a knife. she says she suffered damage to the tendons and fingers her left playing hand and the czech star said she tried to fight off the suspect. and the attack appeared to be random and the suspect who is believed to be around 35 years old is still at large. the flyers are trying to get back on track at home and won 10 straight until losing to the dallas stars and last again last night. that lead held until midway
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through the third and flyers lost in a shootout 2-1 losing their seg straight. they host the washington capitals tomorrow night. and eagles right tackle lane johnson starts against the giants on sunday. he served a 10 game suspension for violating the policy on performance enhancing drugs. what not to love about the holidays, especially all the food. if you have thought about thinking about your new years resolution, lunch swapping could not only help you lose weight but help you save cash. the office lunch hardly happy hour. the quest for that perfect desktop meal often expensive and far from healthy. the average spending on lunch more than $2700 a year with
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takeout costing almost double the price of a home cooked meal and bringing an average of 1200 calories half of what is suggested for an entire day. now an answer with this meal swap. these elementary school teachers are helping each other stay on track with a lunch club. >> everybody wantses to eat better but it's hard. >> one person prepares meals for everyone in the group for the entire week and then they switch. the cost is $35 per person each week, that gives them not just an adorable lunch but a healthy one. something their students notice. >> they said miss shannon you don't eat chocolate for lunch, i don't because i have a delicious kale and salmon salad to eat. >> this goes beyond the afternoon, they picked up
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healthier habits overall and kate losing 10 points overall. >> having a healthy lunch then leads to no snacking in the afternoon and leads to thinking i made healthy choices at lunch i'm not going to blow it at dinner. it inspired me to really commit. >> so how can you start your own lunch club? plan out your meals each week and buy in bulk when you can.
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two families have a merry christmas. today the families in need received dozens of wrapped christmas presents including clothing, games, gift cards and sweets. they also gave the school district 70 new and gently used coats to distribute. >> kids definitely need coats this time of year. >> and today is another day in
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the 30s rick. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that we are dry. as we take a look outside. the action cam back in a.c. and with a little closer view it looks like one guy that has all the extra gear on and the sails up and a cold day to be on the water but if you love it, you love it i guess. here is the forecast highs, we stay in the 30s and it's chilly. not all that windy but cold and a day to bundle up. wednesday we get up into the 40s and christmas we could be in the low 50s. today though still on the cold side. 32 in philadelphia and winds light at 5 miles per hour. and windchills probably stopping in the upper 20s in both neighborhoods this afternoon and not that much wind though. thicker clouds to the north and west of most of that holds off later tonight and we should enjoy better weather this afternoon. 35 in trenton and 37 in reading and not that much of a difference from allentown down through the i-95 corridor and
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down to the shore at the coast a couple of spots closer to 40 degrees, the rest of the way 35 by 2:00 and hit the high of 37 at 3:00 and 37 at 4:00, and you can see we are down below the freezing mark at dinner time and settling into 29 degrees by 10:00 and we hold steady in the overnight hours. and tomorrow morning winter arrives, almost here 5:44 in the morning, it's winter. this will be the day that we see the fewest hours of daylight. starting thursday we start to inch that later. we are already seeing the sunset go down later, the actual hours of daylight expand on thursday, 43 at the airport and 45 in areas away from the airport. not as cold tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds, we get milder with a front to the west and we circulate the air in from the south and sun mixing with
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clouds overall tomorrow and not as chilly. in terms of rain, not much of a chance of that, thursday just a slight chance of a shower here or there. and maybe another one late in the day on saturday. but no big rain events in our future and temperatures on the rise no snow events either. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 37 is today's high and mostly sunny and chilly and 35 tomorrow and winter arriving before dawn. thursday clouds mixing with sun and 47 is the high and a chance of a stray shower and for the eagles at night. sunday a breeze of 46, and busy weekend. more clouds on saturday when hanukkah arrives at sun down and of course it's christmas eve. and 48 for a high and stray showers around later in the day or evening but nothing to keep old saint nick from coming in town. a clouds and sun idea with a
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high of 51 degrees, i can't rule out a stray shower on sunday but we thought there could be a period where it's wet in the afternoon but i'm not seeing that now. monday mostly cloudy and 53 is the high for at rival of kwanzaa and shower or rain possible on monday as well. >> thank you david. topping our people scene now at 12:30, some of music's biggest names will be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. it includes pearl jam, journey, tupac, and the electric light orchestra and joan baez and the group yes. groups from the 60s to the 90s, an exhibit opens in cleveland at the end of the march and they will be honored at a ceremony in brooklyn in april. the obamas move out of the white house one month from
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today. they are now in hawaii but before leaving michelle obama talked to oprah winfrey in kind of an exit interview. >> welcome to my home. >> thanks for having me here. >> as michelle obama prepares to leave the white house she shares her reflections from the last eight years of being on the world stage. >> let me just tell america, this is hard. it's a hard job. >> for those that want michelle obama to run for office after the white house, sorry folks she says it's not happening. >> people don't understand how hard this is and it's not something that you cavalierly just ask a family to do again. >> mrs. obama in an emotional turn opens up how race and class still impact the country. >> we are so afraid of each other. you know color, wealth, these things that don't matter.
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still play too much of a role in how we see one another. and it's sad. because the thing that least defines us as people is the color of our skin. it's the size of our bank account. >> and during the interview president obama walks in. >> we were talking about hope and whether your administration achieved that. >> yes. absolutely. >> what are you hopeful about? >> the next generation. >> we talked about this history moves in cycles. >> as for michelle's mother that had a room at the white house the last eight years. >> where will your mother go. she is going back to chicago.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here with a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> the a chilly afternoon as we look at temperatures well gentlemen we are in the mid-30s in most of the northern and western suburbs. not all that windy but cold enough for coats and gloves too if you are out for a while. similar numbers up and down the i-95 corridor. the winds 4 to 8 miles per hour. down the shore not 441 degrees in atlantic city but more like 41 today. >> that is pretty hot in atlantic city. >> it's warm in the casinos thank you david. one player on notre dame's basketball team became speechless after the game but not because of their victory. take a look -- [ applause ] matt farrell was in shock when his brother beau showed up,
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first they played a video of beau on the jumbotron to make him think that was a surprise season his parents did not know he was home from afghanistan and the family was given the best surprise before the holidays. look at that. coming up tonight at 4:00, two former allies of chris christie are asking for a new trial and why they blame the jury for acting improperly. >> and the food court is an easy place to pack on unnecessarily calories and make the weight loss resolutions harder. we'll show you how to spot healthier options today at 4:00. i'm rick williams have a good afternoon we'll see you tonight.
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♪ today, christmas is only five days away. but don't panic. because we're showing you how to throw a fabulous last-minute holiday. i've got an easy meal you can have on the table in a snap. clinty claus is sharing quick sips and snacks. and mario's being put to the test by our audience. and it all starts right now on "the chew." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew." wow, you guys all look so relaxed. [ audience groans ] >> oh,


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