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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone, 4:30 a.m. on this monday, december 26. tam is off, alicia vitarelli joins us, here's what we're following for you. >> christmas may be over, but not the shopping, as the retailers prepare for posthole day rush. a -- post holiday rush. >> pop star george michael has died, we'll tell you what we learned about his death. >> matt pellman is here along with karen rogers, did everybody have a great christmas?
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>> reporter: we did. we have a freezing rain advisory for allentown, reading, lancaster, up in the poconos it lasts until 4:00 p.m. we're dry in the region we're not seeing the freezing drizzle at the moment, but we have the potential for that. that's what we want to warn you heading to the north and west. in 4 in quakertown, 28. you see the temperatures below freezing. coatsville, 27. the i-95 corridor, levittown, 35, well above freezing in center city. 36. sitting at the freezing mark in chester. in south jersey, 32, 32 in hammonton, 33 in vineland, 37 in dover, delaware. as we look at satellite and radar you can see we're dry, we have the clouds that filled in. we start to see drizzle out to the west, currently near pittsburgh, as that heads through the area, that may be slippery north and west this
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morning. how about 50 degrees for the high temperature. that 50 happens late tonight we'll talk about what happens in the afternoon coming up in the seven-day forecast. in a few minutes, mr. matt pellman merry christmas day after. >> reporter: same to you, karen rogers i'm thinking this morning is going to be an easy one. rm who knows, as we look along the vine street expressway, no overnight construction because of the holiday. all lanes are open between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. on the big picture, speeds are great, the schuylkill expressway, the boulevard and i-95, in case you were wondering, off of i-95 in south philadelphia we have a water main break they've been working on the last few days, columbus boulevard southbound side at queen street the two lanes are blocked. you can get by on the the left lane. i expect volume to be light this morning. there's nobody out, one or two
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cars along the 42 freeway at creek road in belmawr, looking great so far on this holiday monday morning. >> now that christmas is over, the flood of returns begin along with shoppers out looking for something they didn't find under the tree yesterday morning. anne eafn is live in -- annie mccormick is live in south philadelphia with what to expect. >> reporter: hey, matt, a lot of stores are opening early, they have modified hours to head out. walmart opens at 6:00 a.m. there are major sales that are expected today, especially with electronics. take a look at the video of shoppers over the weekend, researchers tracking this year's shopping trend see a dip in sales across the board. many expected last minute shoppers since christmas fell on a sunday. november and december account for less than 21% of annual
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retail sales at physical stores. there are incentives throughout the year, many are waiting to buy big items throughout the holidays. gift cards make up a rouge part of sales. there are options if you do not want to use them, a lot of people are worried they will lose them, anyway, they want to figure out other uses for them. there are websites that offer to buy and sell them you won't get your full value or donate 0 them to a charity or church or school. a lot of malls opening at 7:00 a.m. most wall matters and jc pennies are set to open at 6:00 a.m., again a lot of big ticket items that are expected to go on sale today, like electronics, check circulars before you head out today. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> a 52-year-old man is in
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critical condition after he was shot in tioga nicetown section of philadelphia. the victim was shot multiple times taken to an area hospital and underwent surgery. coming up on "action news" this morning, hear from police why they believe the shooting could be an act of retaliation. state police identified the victim of a deadly hit-and-run in new castle county delaware of 54-year-old lisa bolden of new castle struck by car and killed saturday night crossing christiana road. investigators are searching for the driver who took off. based on on vehicle debris collected from the scene the vehicle is thought to be white with damage to the right front end. a delaware county family's christmas took a horrible turn when the house caught or fire. the flames were showing from the second floor.
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at one point the firefighter had to evacuate the home. >> the difficulty it was in the crawl space and attic of the second floor. >> the fire left significant damage, but no injuries were reported. the search for a murder suspect in south philadelphia continues this morning, police say 81-year-old marie buck was shot several times inside her store on south 6th and titan streets saturday morning, it is believed she was targeted despite being beloved in the community. the music world is in shock following the death of one of the world's biggest recording stars. george michael died at his home in england just 53 years old. we have more on the details released about his death. >> reporter: the stunning death of george michael brings a sudden end to one of pop music's
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most brilliant careers. he was just 53. he died peacefully at home, but offered no further information. george michael was one half of wham. he sold 100 million albums in a career that lasted almost 40 years. his first solo album, 1987 faith sold 20 million copies, he enjoyed several hit singles, including the raunchy i want your sex. >> my music replaces the music i listen to and some of my favorite albums would not be things anyone expected, i know who i am and what i am capable of and what my limitations are. ♪ >> reporter: his career included brushes with the law over dangerous driving and drug use and public sexual behavior.
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his death was unexplained, but not suspicious. abc news new york. >> just days after a carrie fisher was rushed to a los angeles hospital, the star wars actress is in stable condition. this was tweeted out by fisher's mom. fisher's mother said she was taken to the intensive care unit. she is known as princess lay i can't in the star wars franchise. kwanzaa festivities will be held from now until january 1. they will light the first of seven candles tonight. a holiday party ends with 7 people shot, what witnesses say happened at the party before the trigger was pulled. >> a 9-year-old boy gets more than he asked for on this
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christmas, his heartwarming reaction coming up. karen. >> reporter: temperatures are in the 20s in the lehigh valley, so we're watching are going for the chance of freezing drizzle not happening just yet. we'll check the accuweather forecast coming up.
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>> now, although we did not have a white christmas that was not the case in parts of idaho. check this out, blizzards caused several highways to close. another storm could hit idaho tomorrow. >> people might be out shopping and could experience a little freezing rain maybe out in the west. >> reporter: yeah, we're not seeing anything happen at this moment, but the freezing rain advisory lasts until 11:00. if you're heading out check out the storm tracker 6 live app to
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help you out. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry through the region, not much precipitation, just a little damp at times today. sky6 live hd looking live at the commodor barry bridge. you can see the sky cover occupy there. lots of clouds to start us off. the current temperature, 36 degrees. in the 20s in the suburbs. the dewpoint is 27. not a saturated at. the pressure is rising. the winds out of the east/northeast, pretty light, the ocean temperature, 43. satellite shows how the clouds have moved in. the drizzle is well out to the west, especially in pittsburgh. it's hard foray the car to pick up on drizzle. we might get a little bit of it. watch for freezing drizzle. we talked about the storm system in west. chicago they are getting rain, that front is heading our way. that will give us a wet tuesday, ahead of it, we have a warm front warm.
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that's why we have concern for freezing drizzle in the northwest suburbs until 11:00. otherwise, cloudy and damp, 50 degrees, we don't hit that until late tonight. through the afternoon you'll be in the mid 40s, expect cloudy skies, maybe a little mist and freezing drizzle to the northwest. in the poconos, the freezing drizzle could last until 4:00 p.m. kind of chilly, the high of 50 happens after sunset. let's take a look at future tracker 6, this is 11:00, there's freezing drizzle in the poconos, by 11:30 you should be warm up. it's drizzle in reading and lancaster. future tracker is showing us not a lot of precipitation coming our way. we advance this tomorrow, if you're commuting tomorrow morning, look at this, 6:30, heavy rain in spots with mild air it moves out. starting today, first day of
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kwanzaa, lots of clouds around. a little bit of drizzle ahead of a warm front that lifts through. afternoon temperatures in the 40s, late tonight, 50 degrees. very warm tomorrow morning, an early shower, 60 degrees for an early high. wednesday we go from 60 back to reality. 43 degrees for the high temperature. thursday, we get another shot of early rain, that's two morning commutes this week that could be a little wet. 49 is the high. wednesday, windy and cooler, even a chance of a snow shower in one or two spots, high of 40 degrees, it depends on when that happens. saturday, brisk and chilly, 39 degrees. sunday, 47 degrees. go to to check the weather, we write weather discussions to give you insight into the forecast and what happens with the models over the next couple of days. couple of days it is cooler, but
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we are above average. residents in chile have been given the okay to go home, the quake struck around 9:00 a.m. near the southern tip of the cal tolltiago. several people were hit after several masked men opened fire on a party at a lodge. it is believe they were at the party earlier after arguing they returned with ski masks and guns. >> we were arguing and everybody was about to leave and people started shooting. >> the victims suffered life
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threatening injuries. this is rescue of a ski lift in the italian alps. the lifts froze leaving skiers in cable cars for 9 hours. eventsly cables were brought in to lower people out. nobody was hurt. it was a very merry christmas for a 9-year-old boy from pottstown. >> congratulations you have the gift of the philadelphia union soccer team and be very excited you will be joining us. >> keep reading. >> that's ethan chambers opening one of his presents. the philadelphia union super fan got a gift he will never forget. he got a ticket pact for
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christmas. his reaction was pure joy he realized it wasn't for one game, he got an autographed photo from his favorite player. >> that's what it is all about. >> 4:47 a.m. deadly nightclub shooting in new york, we'll get details on the suspect and what we're learning about the victim on the christmas morning attack. many celebrate christmas with the george washington crossing the delaware. we'll be right back. >> reporter: very busy time of
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year, isn't it? , this morning not so busy, nice and quiet at phl so far. if you're catching a flight back open, go ahead, things look good this morning. hope you had a nice christmas. if you're returning christmas gifts along 202 king of prussia mall there's a couple of cars coming southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, later on around the area malls we expect there to be busy traffic. on the highways it is quiet. whistles coming home last night, good old lancaster, lots of traffic along the schuylkill expressway, i hope people made their trek last night and not
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today. the crews are off suspended for the holidays. they are working on the water main break, columbus boulevard southbound be one lane getting by. modified schedule on the september at that buses, it is a normal schedule on the subways. regional rails on a sunday schedule. patco running on a special schedule because of the holiday, as well. dart delaware, sunday schedule. roads in delaware so far so good speeds in the 50s and 60s. police arrested a man in new york for opening fire on a packed nightclub on christmas morning. two people including the nightclub's owner were killed, 4 others injured. officials have not named the suspect he is a bronx resident with a pending attempted murder case. last christmas as
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commander-in-chief, president obama paid tribute to the troopers overseas. >> it's hard to fully repay you for the sacrifices that you make. it's important to know what you do matters, we're grateful, and we'll stay grateful even when many of you end up being out of uniform. >> the president has made it a tradition to spend time at the marine corps base in hawaii, it is not far from the rented house, he and his family have made the winter home away from home. gas prices across the country are on the rise even during the holiday travel season. prices at the pump have reached their highest level since october. the national average 2.28 for a gallon of gas, it's higher, .45.
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it will jump by 18 cents gaws the gas tax -- because the gas tax goes up. delaware has the least expensive gas 2.24. for a lot of families the holiday tradition is to go to the movies and once again, the force rules at the box office, rogue one are $15 million yesterday alone. estimated to make 110 million during the long weekend. the new animated sing is expected to earn $50 million and the new sci-fi movie staring jennifer lawrence called passengers will likely come in third with a disappointing 19 million. >> it was heavily promoted, too. >> proof the old days are a margical time of the year. see a local girl a magic wand to light up a room. so cute. >> ahead a russian military
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plane crashes in the black sea, details on who was on board and what might have caused the crash.
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>> an estimated ten thousand people attended the anniversary of george washington crossing of the delaware river. it was the 64th annual reenactment of the event. washington made the crossing 1776 to surprise bold hesh
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mercenaries in trenton. >> watch this girl's discovery, the video is christmas magic. the cell phone video was captured at the girl's house in gloucester township, new jersey, 2-year-old knew she was holding a magic wand but didn't realize the kind of of magic it wielded. with the push of a button she was able to light up the whole christmas tree. >> i have to work on getting one of those for next year. >> how about the one that trvments your hole house for christmas. -- performs your whole house for christmas. >> karen rogers is looking at storm tracker 6 live radar next. winters storms are
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affecting roads and forcing police to shut down hundreds of miles of highways. >> a house catches fire and they come thank a woman who notified police while walking by.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, december 26. tam is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. >> a gunman out for revenge shoots a 52-year-old man in philadelphia. >> the return blitz is about to begin, stores are bringing back


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